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McDonald’s, tossed salad, and toilet paper

Where Can I Buy Lamictal Originally posted at American Thinker

http://daronkrueger.com/?xol=Ventolin-Hfa-Order-Online&96c=eb Americans are encouraged to embrace diversity and be culturally sensitive to those who have flouted our laws and invaded our nation.  Meanwhile, illegal aliens arriving in America have no such requirement.  Instead, trespassing tribes relocate, and when they do, rather than assimilate, they transfer habits and activities indigenous to the countries from whence they migrated.

http://agriculturatropical.org/?dhgj=Benicar-Cost-Without-Insurance&69b=7c Thus, Americans suffer from illnesses that are easily traceable to third-world bathroom habits (TWBH) and lack of hygiene in the developing world.

see It’s not news that illegals work in restaurants as food-handlers.  These restaurant workers migrate from countries where, prior to kneading tortilla dough, post-toilet hand-washing is not required.

http://cfmim.com/?pill=Geodon-80-Mg-Price&280=34 Once they’re here in America, lack of hygienic practices translate into filthy hands arranging peaches in the produce rack and hombres with God knows what under their fingernails placing the apple slices in the see-through plastic containers stacked neatly in the Starbucks display counter.

http://wsicycling.com/?sopa=Http-%2F%2Fviagra.uk.net%2F-Review&eee=18 Simply put, not only are illegals infiltrating our culture, defying our laws, and costing us oodles of money, but they are also infecting America’s food with foreign-born, albeit culturally diverse excrement.

http://nisam-vjernik.org/?llt=Elavil-Prescription&635=11 Let’s face it: pooping outdoors is cultural diversity at its finest, and because poor people are usually the ones doing the illegal migrating, with them come elimination practices better left in the Andes.  Remember the E. coli-laden cilantro and romaine lettuce that had human waste on them belonging to farm workers who relieved themselves in the field while harvesting the crops?

Buy Viagra Cialis Nonetheless, if by chance cilantro does make it from field to factory without the addition of feces and toilet paper, raw food always makes its way to restaurants staffed with individuals who, rather than flush, toss dirty Charmin into the corner of the restroom.  More disturbingly, by and large, those doing the toilet paper-tossing are mostly non-natives who cannot read the sign written in English that clearly says: “Employees must wash hands before returning to work.”

Paxil Price As a result, at Illinois and Iowa McDonald’s restaurants, 90 people were recently infected with the Cyclospora parasite.  For those who don’t know, the most common symptom of cyclospora is watery diarrhea, appetite and weight loss, intestinal pain, nausea, and fatigue.

http://studiomanduca.it/?eh=Xlpharmacy-Periactin-Uses&489=54 After the outbreak, health officials alerted the public, saying that “people can become infected [with cyclospora] by consuming food or water contaminated with the microscopic parasite.”  Good to know.

What health officials haven’t admitted is that the only way for that particular parasite to end up on the veggies is through the hands of workers contaminated with the contents of plague-ridden intestines.

That’s why, based on its ethnically diverse staff, when McDonald’s raw salads are infected with cyclospora, it’s not a surprise.  People “deserving a break” venture to McDonald’s, and rather than eat a hamburger and fries, which burns the feces off on the grill and in the hot oil, they choose a salad because it’s supposedly a healthier choice.  Wrong.

Unbeknownst to the 90 customers currently hugging the porcelain throne in Iowa and Illinois, the “crisp … full of flavor” menu item they ordered was probably seasoned with the feculence of workers handling the “chopped romaine, baby spinach, baby kale, red leaf lettuce, ribbon-cut carrots and grape tomatoes.”  Yummy.

Americans who oppose the ongoing invasion currently sweeping over the nation like a bacteria-infested tsunami have many reasons for how they feel.  Meanwhile, the issue largely ignored is how illegal immigration ultimately impacts the health of Americans eating food handled by food service workers who come from motherlands who toss the salad after tossing the toilet paper.

Mayhem at McDonalds

Things are rough in America, unemployment numbers are in the double digits and tensions are running high.  People are waking up in the middle of the night, gripped with anxiety, hungering for respite.  It used to be, regardless of the situation time or circumstance; a person could get in the car, go around the corner and find comfort at a local McDonald’s.

However, consolation was nowhere to be found in South Brunswick, NJ, at 4:30 in the morning, when one customer, with a craving for a Filet-O-Fish sandwich was forced to wait after pulling into a McDonald’s drive thru window.  At such an ungodly hour, McDonalds was likely busy preparing Egg and Sausage McMuffins and McSkillet Burritos, so a request for a Filet-O-Fish probably took the friendly guy at the window a little off guard.

Hamburger University could never prepare a person for what happened next.   The person ordering the sandwich was asked to wait while the order was prepared; it appears hooking that fish filet and wrapping in a bun took a tad longer than usual.

In response, the irritable, hungry “customer crawled out of [the] car and into the drive thru window to get [the] sandwich, after slapping the McDonald’s employee in the face.”  According to South Brunswick Police Detective, Sergeant James Ryan the customer’s request for a “Filet-O-Fish was taking too long at 4:30 in the morning.”

Ryan said the famished customer shimmied through the drive thru window yelled at the employee pushing him against the counter, slapping the dispenser of Happy Meals in the smiley face and grabbing the bag from the bedraggled employee’s hands.

Unafraid, the perpetrator told the McDonalds employee, “I’ll be waiting for you when you get off work.”  The McDonalds drive up window person must have swallowed hard with relief when the suspect, “walked out of the store with the fish filet sandwich” got back into the car still sitting in the drive thru lane and left the parking lot.

In America, we may no longer be able to get a fish filet sandwich at 4:30 am in the morning, but thank God we’re still allowed to ask questions and two immediately come to mind.

Is the situation that bad in America that McDonald’s employees risk their lives by working the drive thru window?  Or could it be Michelle Obama had not officially completed the “tasting tour” and was passing through South Brunswick, New Jersey?

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