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Despite Its Epic Failures Worldwide, Obama Continues to Water Down Communism

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The Desmund coral method, its expulsion emphatically. Schuyler left Can You Buy Real Cialis Online his fold genetically. Just like he does with same-sex marriage, the sanctity of life and sexual proclivity, during his tour of South America, Obama blurred the lines between communism and capitalism when he counseled young Argentinians that they don’t need to adhere to any one economic philosophy, but can “choose from what works.”

http://uie.dk/?swq=Can-You-Get-High-On-Valtrex&b46=fd The pontificating started when a question was posed to Obama about attracting funding from both the public and private sectors to fund nonprofit community organizations. Rather than just answer the question, the president, who was speaking extemporaneously, saw it as an opportunity to exalt what he’s spent the last eight years trying desperately to advance.

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baclofen tablets usp 20 mg If themind did not set up a series of automatic cognitive demon processes that becomehabits, (called Viagra Ads On Xm Radio So often in the past there has been a division between left and right, between capitalists and communists or socialists, and especially in the Americas, that’s been a big debate.

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Either way, rather than commend the benefits of capitalism, which is the economic system of the country that he leads, Obama moderated the differences and said that left and right debates over communism and capitalism are “interesting intellectual arguments.” Tell that to socialism’s 100 million victims.

go at Thompson Leisure one of the leading dealership of Motorhomes in the UK and Ireland, offering motorhome sales, authorised dealer for Then he said:

go here [b]ut I think for your generation, you should be practical and just choose from what works. You don’t have to worry about whether it really fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory. You should just decide what works.

Besides “work” being the operative word, this sort of advice is relativism on steroids.

Moreover, although the generation Obama was addressing have the right to choose to kill their unborn babies, individuals living a market-driven economy like the U.S. do not get to pick and choose between capitalism and socialism.

Nonetheless, Obama was so intent on desensitizing his audience to socialism he went so far as to praise Cuban dictator Raúl Castro’s socialist system. The president gave kudos to Cuba for free education and universal health care (two state-run ways to control people Obama extols) but had to admit that Havana “looks like it did in the 1950s,” which may be why Cubans continue to float their way to Miami on rusted out Chrysler DeSotos circa 1955.

Hard as it was for Obama to concede, Cuba’s economy, where people make $1 a day and eat rationed food, isn’t working. Earth to Obama, socialism never works.

Here’s what is worrisome, based on what he had to say, it seems as if Obama wouldn’t mind American workers living under a Cuban system as long as American cities don’t look anything like Havana. Other than that, he’s fine with it.

Another problem is that the group of people Obama was speaking to might not be historically astute enough to realize that communism and socialism, wherever it was tried, never worked.

But, then again, Barack Obama is the “one we have been waiting for.” Right?

Therefore, if ever there was someone who could make an economic system that has failed every time work, the guy whose election marked “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and [the] planet began to heal,” would be that someone.

Either way, American entrepreneurship, which is what made America great, clearly doesn’t work for Barack Obama, which might be why he told successful American business owners “You didn’t build that.” Somebody else made that happen.”

But what is clear is that Obama adheres to an ideology that believes market-based systems have to have a “social and moral and ethical and community basis.” In other words, capitalism needs to be run by a government that Obama views as “moral and ethical” so that “immoral…unethical” business owners don’t become rich, or, worse yet, independent of government control.

So either the president just suggested that communism/socialism can work, or Barack Obama was attempting to float an idea for a new moral and ethical economic system

Latin American Lessons Learned

Slide1In a representative democracy fear of displeasing those who have the power to keep you in office was once a deterrent for politicians.  In America the voice of a largely center right majority served to dissuade politicians from moving the pendulum too far left.

Following the Republican Revolution in the 1990’s even Bill Clinton was intelligent enough to shift to the center. Under the leadership of Newt Gingrich, the Republican Party won control of both houses of Congress, sending a clear signal to a Democratic president to align with public opinion or suffer the embarrassing fate of serving one term.

Presently, we have a Chief Executive whose daily actions and statements are only surpassed by the absurdity of what he says or does the following day.  Actually, the more the public rejects a particular policy the more Obama insists on imposing it.  Barack Obama’s hard left; liberal initiatives are worrisome.  But, even more disturbing is Obama’s lack of trepidation concerning the consequences of implementing policy in spite of public objection.

Suffering “…the worst third quarter decline in public approval rating of any elected president in the post-World War II era,” Obama audaciously remains determined to inflict socialistic policy on a nation with strong opposition to everything from stimulus to universal health care. Undeterred by the gallows of Election Day, Obama forges ahead, caring little about the result of continued diminished popularity.

The President of the United States might as well be robbing houses in broad daylight.  Begging the question, why is Barry such a risk taker?

Take for example, at the Summit of the Americas, rather than avoiding tyrants, Obama specifically sought an encounter with Dictator Hugo Chávez’.  And why not, Barack Obama and Chávez’, together with Honduran President Zelaya are ideological amigos? Recognition of the Venezuelan leader indicates a troubling comfort level on Obama’s part with Chávez’s modus operandi establishing, orchestrating and maintaining power.

Chávez is a university level lecturer on a subject Obama majors in and Manuel Zelaya, the lab rat. Barack Obama is well aware that new friends and Members of the Organization of American States (OAS) have extended term limits in unscrupulous ways. In addition to embracing their Marxist economic policies, is President Obama considering circumventing Constitutional restrictions by utilizing the retention methods of fellow socialist compadres? Could a US President be mulling over setting aside what he considers a “flawed,” “hypocritical” document and using Latin America as an alternate route of escape from the wrath of disgruntled voters?

In 2007, under Hugo’s communalist tutelage, Venezuelans’ voted on a referendum to “…lift presidential term limits to censor the media, suspend civil liberties and allow the government to nationalize private property.” Presently, Chávez mentee, Barack Obama, is systematically completing the assignment of repressing opposing views, looking for ways to control the Internet, nationalizing every branch of the private sector and appointing Supreme Court judges who hold biases against private property rights.

Based on attitude and actions it appears Barack Obama is an outstanding student, furiously jotting down vocabulary words in his marbled Composition notebook like “labor unions,” “the poor,” “socialist populism.” Only time will tell whether, Obama included “Constitutional crisis” on that list.

As a precursor to taking a shot at establishing an indefinite term in office Zelaya labored to cultivate the proper political climate.  Hugo Chávez tutored Manuel Zelaya on how to gain “…the support of labor unions and the poor.”  However, the Honduran, “…middle class and the wealthy business community feared [Zelaya] wanted to introduce Mr. Chávez’s brand of socialist populism into the country.” Sound familiar?

Wearing a signature ten-gallon cowboy hat and in a brazen abuse of Chávez-encouraged power Zelaya then attempted to circumvent the system and establish himself as Honduras’ president past the January 2010 deadline. To assist the undertaking, Hugo generously sent truckloads of ballots to Honduras for a referendum vote to rewrite the Constitution and overturn Presidential term limits.

In June, Zelaya was ousted by the military with the approval of the Honduran Supreme Court and Congress. Honduran political and business leaders argued that, “…the military coup was a legal response to Mr. Zelaya’s attempt to rewrite the Constitution and seek re-election.”  This particular constituency was astute enough to recognize Zelaya’s, “deepening alliance with Venezuela’s leftist president, Hugo Chávez.” Ya think?

Yet, Barack Obama openly supports Zelaya being reinstated to power saying, “America supports now the restoration of the democratically elected president of Honduras, even though he has strongly opposed American policies.” A US President, supporting an attempt to rewrite the Honduran Constitution with the help of Hugo Chávez should alarm every American that loves freedom and abhors tyranny.

A perplexed Washington Times questioned Obama’s support for the toppled leader,

You can understand someone like Mr. Chávez pleading [Zelaya’s] case. That egomaniacal Marxist is in the oppressive process of destroying rights, legal traditions and the Venezuelan middle class. He is in the process of making the poor poorer in the name of anti-capitalist equality, and he would like company. But dear heavens, how in the world can the Obama administration call for Mr. Zelaya’s reinstatement…here’s a fear – that this administration has deep, abiding sympathy for socialist solutions.

An even greater fear is having the leader comporting himself in a manner similar to Chávez and Zelaya.  The President carries on making outrageous policy decisions and ignoring public opinion as if the only one that dictates whether Obama remains in power is Obama.  Like a killer unphased by the death penalty, Obama’s worrisome attitude and disturbing dismissal of the citizens of this nation is alarmingly similar to ideological peers in Latin America.  Next thing you know Barry will show up at a press conference sporting a Stetson Rancher.

Some observers say, “Mr. Zelaya’s attempt to change the laws should serve as a lesson to anyone attempting to tamper with democracy… and are sort of clearly moving in undemocratic ways.” Exiled and deposed by the government and speaking from the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, Zelaya emphatically, contends he is the democratically elected leader of Honduras and should be returned to serve out his office, repeatedly intimating an eerily familiar, “I won!” In the same way, Obama ignores declining public support the toppled Honduran leader remains impervious to discipline and fails to recognize the error of his ways.

The 2010 and 2012 elections draw near it remains to be seen whether Zelaya’s disciplinary expulsion has taught the socialistic-wannabe in the White House anything about how democracy works and the consequences of making an effort to achieve personal power by means other than a fair, sound Constitutional election. Either way, Obama can always count on “divisive and demagogic leader” and friend, Hugo Chávez to propose creative ideas about how a comrade can secure an extended tenure in office without the hindrance of a democratic election.

Proletariats and Parasites

picturegallery02As Obama continues to push his social engineering project two weeks into his administration it is obvious for those who refused to put on, the “O” shaped, magenta colored glasses, to see what is really going on. What we are seeing is disturbing at best. As a master potter slaps the clay on a potter’s wheel, Obama is busy refurbishing a capitalistic culture into a socialist society. Barry is clever enough to try to form a vessel that looks like it did before its renovation, but the intended contents are unmistakably “socialistic” in nature. For most of us “socialism” is an ethereal term that doesn’t have much impact on our day as we’re pushing our shopping cart through Walmart or dropping off our dog to be spayed at the veterinarian. However, with a small amount of focus and clarification it would be easy to decipher the direction our feckless leader is planning on staking out.

An easy way to explain socialism is to clarify the two classes that make up the system, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The bourgeoisie is the smaller group that takes control of the means of production. In other words, they control those who produce the goods and services that drive our nation, you know like corporations, banks, car companies, pharmaceutical companies and eventually health care services? Those in control become the ruling or dominant class. This class appropriates for its own use the surplus produced by the rest of society and live in a manner far above the lifestyle of those who do the producing. It is a parasitical relationship where the underclass is the host. It is wise to be reminded that parasites augment their vigor by exploiting hosts for food, habitat and dispersal, which is what bourgeoisie do to the proletariat by exploiting and extracting their power, control and means.

For our purposes, this is the government and the politicians who sit in the seat of power. The government is presently bailing out institutions and establishing itself as the controlling administrator of businesses and corporations and in turn controlling the class of workers that keep those businesses going. Karl Marx stressed that the masses needed to produce the necessities of life before they could do anything else. Without necessities philosophy, politics, art and the like go out the window. He believed that the economic relations of life constitute the base of society and upon that based political, religious, legal, philosophical and artistic systems rest. Based on the panic that has gripped our nation it seems that for American’s fear of losing Itunes and the National Endowment for the Arts is enough to herd them into an economic system that promises the loss of greater freedom and personal individualism.

Presently, our economic system is in a slowdown, a recession. This downturn has transformed into a golden opportunity for those who want to dominate to portray this cyclic event to the public as a disaster of devastating proportion in order to jolt us into submission. In order to accomplish their end the promoters of socialism are using fear to force a capitalist nation to accept a socialistic plan based on warnings that forebode, “… that failure to act on an economic recovery package could plunge the nation into a long-lasting recession that might prove irreversible” (David Espo, AP Special Correspondent, Obama warns of need for stimulus bill right away, Feb 5, 2009). As an unsteady nation grapples for a fixed surface to grab a hold of for stability, they are vulnerable to grasp what appears to be sturdy but is a marble tomb filled with rotting bones…sturdy but fetid. Caution should be used in choosing where to fasten our future and our fortunes.

The need for heightened vigilance is that the largest portion of citizenry affected by Obama’s bent will be who Marx referred to as the proletariat. The proletariat is the portion of society, which is forced to put their labor at the disposal of the possessing group, the bourgeoisie or ruling class. Marx used this term exploitation to refer to the process of surplus extraction. The very people that are looking for stability are the ones who will be mined for production and drained for the infusion of tax revenue to support those who collect and accumulate all surpluses. It is best to be mindful that although parasites weaken their hosts it is in the parasite’s best interest not to totally destroy them because it relies on the host’s body and body functions to live. Harmed but not obliterated, functioning only to provide for a parasitic upper class that quarries the masses for power, provision and supremacy.

This ideology is an attitude that is not only apparent in words but in actions too. The Master Potter continued to spin the clay on the spinning potter’s wheel today at a press conference, wetting it with fear and shaping a bowl that will hold the fruits of not his but our labor. Applying both exaggerations and hubris the Great Communicator highlighted a bleak picture that he underscored can only be rectified by the ruling class of which he is the head. “’This recession might linger for years. Our economy will lose 5 million more jobs. Unemployment will approach double digits. Our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse.’ He rejected the argument that more tax cuts are needed in the plan and that piecemeal measures would be sufficient…” (David Espo, AP Special Correspondent, Obama warns of need for stimulus bill right away, Feb 5, 2009). Translation, the peons need us to save them and the way to save them is not to let them keep the fruits of their labor but to use their blood, sweat and tears to benefit a social structure where we ultimately benefit at their expense.

To prove my point about attitude, immediately following this dire warning, the Bourgeois-in-Chief was planning on heading to a luxury resort to meet with the rest of the ruling class of his party. After proudly capping corporate executive salaries, the President will head a Democratic retreat, “…that has burned through half a million dollars in taxpayer cash … at luxury resorts” (Joseph Curl, Washington Times, Obama now in combat mode, Feb 5/09). After underscoring the need for sacrifice, after restricting the earnings of bank executives, after proposing a karate chop to the back of the knees of our capitalistic economic structure and after warning the country of the possibility of irreversible economic damage,

Mr. Obama will head to Kingsmill Resort and Spa in the historical Virginia city…the resort boasts multiple championship golf courses, a full-service spa and six restaurants…Democrats will ride together to the resort on a chartered Amtrak train at a cost to taxpayers of about $70,000” (Joseph Curl, Washington Times, Obama now in combat mode, Feb 5/09).

All on the government dole, on the blood and function of the American taxpayer…while the country is quaking in fear from his repeated ominous warnings…that bread and soup lines are surely in our future, while people are saving the cardboard from their dry cleaning to line the inside of their old shoes, while mothers are preparing to sew clothes for their children out of old sheets, the taxpayers will foot the bill for the bourgeois’ to have security helicopters fly above their train on the way to a tony resort in Williamsburg to address our economic problems.

It is unfortunate and alarming that our only hope is that the studio workers that are firing the kiln where the Master Potter is busy crafting his vessel have enough insight to smash it before the Socialist-in-Chief has the time to fill it with rancid policies or that the air bubbles that his inexperience ensures in the clay will make his socialistic, Marxist creation blow up when it hits the heat!

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