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Obama chillin’ in Chilmark

source president-first-lady-host-girls-scouts-at-first-ever-white-house-campoutOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

Where Can I Buy Viagra Over The Counter In Toronto President Barack Obama must have felt that after doing a decent amount of damage to the country this week, he earned the right to leave early for his 17-day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.  This year the president will be kicking back at the same $12-million Chilmark seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom estate that he and Michelle and their entourage rented last year.

http://studiomanduca.it/?eh=Buying-Viagra-Cheap&499=a8 The president’s convoy includes the usual tagalongs and top aides, among whom are the gravelly-voiced national security adviser Susan Rice and Obama’s Iranian-born senior adviser/muse Valerie Jarrett.

enter Also accompanying him on the trip are younger daughter Sasha and wife Michelle and her donut-shaped hair bun, which, of late, she’s been balancing like a bird’s nest on the top of her head.

go Oldest daughter Malia is still in New York City, where she’s summer-interning with Lena Dunham.

source Lena is the writer/producer/star of the raunchy HBO series Girls.  In addition to dreaming up Girls, Malia’s summer supervisor, whose father Caroll does giant-sized paintings of giant-sized women with giant-sized genitals, also admitted to sexually molesting her younger sister Grace when they were kids.

go here So while Sasha is learning to boogie-board and taking leisurely hikes with Mom and Dad, 16-year-old Malia will be doing more important things like watching Lena Dunham roll around nude on the set of Girls, learning how to get a woman to crawl on all fours before participating in rough sex, and getting a close-up view of things like flesh-colored pasties and prosthetic penises.

Ventolin Inhaler Prescription Australia As for the rest of the family, while Congress considers the shameful Iran deal, Dad Obama will be eating “Barack My World” ice cream at Mad Martha’s, donning a ridiculous-looking helmet to go biking, and, before tearing up the links, probably slip into those nerdy-looking khaki shorts and saddle shoes.

Also, while in between a few arm-twisting phone calls to Jewish congressman Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who is reportedly opposed to giving Iran nuclear bomb, Obama will undoubtedly join Sasha and Michelle and that huge bun of hers on outings to Oak Bluff for lobster rolls and fried clams at Nancy’s and delicacies like Fontina Ravioli at the upscale Sweet Life Café.

One potential highlight of the trip does include the prospect of Obama bumping into former secretary of state and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who will also be visiting the tony enclave for the annual birthday soirée for Ann Jordan, wife of Democratic adviser Vernon Jordan.

Last year the Clintons and the Obamas all self-consciously bit their bottom lips as they robotically danced the night away at Ann Jordan’s 80th birthday.

Speaking of dancing, while the five American service men killed in a terrorist attack in Chattanooga were being buried, Obama was line-dancing in Kenya.  So, who better than the Lipala expert to set an example for the partiers by demonstrating how efficient he’s become at conveying a message of coldhearted indifference.

Hopefully, this year there won’t be another hurricane, flare-up of Middle East unrest, ISIS beheading of an American, or a black thug shot by a white police officer to distract Obama from hanging out in a vacation spot frequented by those he disparagingly calls “life’s lottery winners.”

Either way, 17 days from now, before returning home to Washington, D.C., a fully rested and energized Barack will have had enough time to have thought of a way to exempt himself from his phony crusade against income inequality.

After he figures out a way to relate to the little people, the president can busy himself with illegally overriding any and all opposition to the Iraq deal and negotiating another crushing federal budget.  Then, in September, he’ll welcome to the White House a provocative pope who shares his obsession with nonexistent climate change.

As if all that weren’t enough, the president also has plans to roll out the red carpet for Chinese President Xi Jinping, who, unlike Obama, rather than purge and emasculate the Chinese military, is plotting future world domination by promoting his top military generals.

BEYONCE’S $345K SHOES: Obama’s BFF Shows Us the Duplicity of the Liberal Elite Read

image1Originally posted at CLASH Daily

For almost seven years now, those who are either unemployed or struggling to make ends meet have endured listening to Barack Obama imply that, as a group, Americans need to share more. As for the rich, or “life’s lottery winners,” as the president likes to call them, those people – while not “evil” per se – “pretty much have more than [they’ll] ever use and [their] family will ever use.”

So, based on what he says concerning everyone other than himself, the president is clearly of the belief that “at a certain point you’ve made enough money,” and apparently feels qualified to be the one who decides how much money is too much money.

That type of thinking is indicative of totalitarian regimes where the useful eaters, otherwise known as those who contribute, are transformed into robotic drones who live only to work and supply an elite, handpicked upper class with the funds they need to live like kings and queens. Meanwhile, the “state holds total control over the society and… wherever possible… seeks to control all aspects of public and private life.”

For example, although he doesn’t want anyone else doing it, Obama has no problem living like a king off the sweat of the proletariat.

The president’s wife Michelle wears mind-blowingly expensive haute couture, and the family has spent approximately $50 million jet-setting all over the world on the taxpayers’ dime. Although he plans to desegregate America’s neighborhoods, the president vacations in the tony white enclave of Martha’s Vineyard, golfs in mostly-white Palm Springs, and when kicking back at home, has his personal chef grill up some Wagyu beef at $100 per pound.

So, the guy who thinks some of us have “made enough money” pretty much exempts himself from the “made enough money” category and lives a more opulent lifestyle than the hedge-fund managers he publicly criticizes.

Moreover, what is also clear is that Barack Obama also makes those sorts of exceptions for his small circle of exceedingly wealthy friends, one of whom is pop star/diva Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

While Obama lectures everyday Americans that “spreading the wealth around” is better for everyone, Beyoncé, his good friend and supporter of policies that demonize the rich, shamelessly exhibits a life of gaudy self-indulgence.

Recently, Queen Bey purchased for herself a $345,000 pair of gold-encrusted shoes to wear in an upcoming music video that is due out in the fall.

If my math is correct, the pop star paid about $173,000 per shoe.

Amazingly, there hasn’t been one peep from Barack Obama about how Queen B’s half-million-dollar decadence would be better applied to things like caring for sick veterans on waiting lists at VA hospitals, feeding starving children, or “keeping some of the brothers” in Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative.

Double standards aside, Beyoncé, who believes “poverty is sexist”, hopes to inspire music video fantasies by employing a pair of sexy shoes that the House of Borgezie owner Chris Shellis calls “the crown jewels of stilettos.” The Borgezie website also describes the sky-high heels as “Possibly the eighth wonder of the world”:

The Princess Constellation is a fully diamond set version of the Contessa Stiletto considered one ofH’s finest creations. The Princess Constellation is incrusted (sic) with 1,310 diamonds resulting in a massive diamond weight 65.50 carrats (sic), all set in to (sic) a choice of platinum or 18ct gold.

Barack Obama continually laments that the bottom segment of society receives a smaller percentage of wealth and blames capitalism for more of the nation’s wealth settling at the top. Yet, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t free-market capitalism the vehicle that made Beyoncé Giselle a multimillionaire?

Maybe Obama, who criticizes Republicans for being the “party of billionaires”, is setting Beyoncé up and will solidify his commitment to “sharing the wealth” by suggesting that instead of indulging her size 8.5 hoofs, Bey sell her $345,000 shoes and contribute the profits to the bottom segment of a society that he claims receives a smaller percentage of the nation’s wealth.

Meanwhile, as the president wags his finger at rich people for doing things like “ignoring poverty by sending their children to private schools” (the kind his daughters attend), Beyoncé, who also purchased an $85,000 gold belt from Britain’s House of Borgezie to match her shoes, gets a big fat liberal-elite pass.

Nonetheless, Shellis crows, “If you want someone to model your creations, you can’t get any better than Beyoncé.” After all, who other than “life’s lottery winner” Beyoncé could get away with announcing she’ll be headlining a global anti-poverty concert, and then spend almost a half-million dollars on a belt and shoes?

But why stop at Beyoncé? When it comes to modeling the double standard of the liberal elite, “you can’t get any better” than Barack Obama, who scorns the wealthy and then overlooks a good friend strutting around in a music video wearing $345,000 diamond-encrusted shoes.

NO TIME FOR KATHRYN STEINLE! Obama Focused on Martha’s Vineyard

gty_obama_vacation_ordering_jc_140711_4x3_992Originally posted at CLASH Daily

While the Obama family packs for their summer vacation, Kathryn Steinle’s devastated loved ones are preparing to pay their final respects to the girl with the winning smile.

Kathryn is the San Francisco woman murdered by a five-time deported illegal who was munching on Cheetos when he was arrested for firing a bullet that landed in the late woman’s back. After enjoying a meal with her father Jim and a family friend at Perry’s restaurant on San Francisco’s Embarcadero, Kathryn made the fatal mistake of taking an evening stroll in a sanctuary city.

To escape federal immigration law, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez was also there, only he was skulking around the City by the Bay waiting for the day when he could vote without having to provide proof of citizenship or ID.

Totally oblivious to the impending danger, Ms. Steinle was snapping photos when the illegal alien with multiple aliases and several birth dates showed up on Pier 14. That night Juan Sanchez came to Pier 14 to shoot sea lions which, although a moot point, also breaks federal and state law. After being arrested and released seven times before, Sanchez must have figured, and rightly so, that American laws, whether crossing the border or shooting sea lions, were nothing he needed to worry about.

In the end, protected wildlife was not harmed. Instead, a lovely 32-year-old woman minding her own business was mortally wounded with a bullet in her back, and bled out begging for her father’s help.

After being arrested and admitting he shot Steinle, Juan Francisco now sits in a prison cell dressed in a taxpayer-provided Hillary-Clinton-orange pantsuit with matching jailhouse crocs.

Since his arrest, the accused has revised his original sea lion story. Sanchez now claims that he is an innocent victim of happenstance. In broken English, Juan Francisco explained to a reporter that he found a gun under a bench wrapped in a T-shirt, and how, when he picked up the T-shirt, the gun accidentally fired three bullets, one of which severed Kathryn Steinle’s aorta.

So now Americans are expected to believe that Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is clever enough to find his way back across the border five times, savvy enough to have multiple aliases and birth dates, but too dense to realize he picked up a gun and shot someone in the back?

Then again, in fairness to a newcomer, maybe the alleged shooter, here to do jobs Americans won’t do, just got mixed up. That would explain how after being deported five times Sanchez ended up back in the US. It could be that just like he picked up a gun, he picked up a map, and instead of ending up in Juarez, Juan Francisco misread it and fortuitously ended up in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, safely hidden behind a fence with reinforced spikes, the president has more important things to attend to than runaway guns “acting stupidly” and causing innocent illegals to be accused of murders they didn’t mean to commit.

Although he has time to breathlessly do everything from appearing at the mic to opine on things like gangbanging thugs dying at the hands of law enforcement to making personal phone calls to free-contraceptive activists like Sandra Fluke, thus far Chief Law Enforcement official Barack Obama has had no time to publicly acknowledge or offer condolences for Kathryn Steinle’s murder.

Instead, Obama is busy lobbying for bad guys, stirring up racial animosity, promoting nonexistent climate change, preparing to “fundamentally transform” the criminal justice system, celebrating the US Supreme Court’s overthrow of the US Constitution, and coming up with a half-assed alibi for why he authorized more than 30,000 violent illegal felons of Sanchez’s ilk to be released onto America’s streets.

Moreover, it’s summer, for God’s sake.

That’s why, despite Barack Obama’s reckless immigration policies being responsible for Kathryn Steinle’s coffin being slowly lowered to her final resting place, neither the president nor his family, entourage, or personal manicurist have allowed reality to deter them from eagerly looking forward to their upcoming annual multimillion dollar getaway in Martha’s Vineyard.

Barack Obama’s Chilly Water Dilemma

introductory-titlesOriginally posted at American Thinker


America’s anti-atrocity president is on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard again. This year he is a little disappointed that the water of the Atlantic, unlike Hawaii, “is still a little cold.” Regrettably, for most people in the world, the icy beach water of Martha’s Vineyard is not the most pressing problem. Why? Because while the president takes time to decry the unfriendly surf and spend “time with… seals on the beach,” in Iraq a genocide similar to the one Obama identified as evil while visiting the Holocaust Museum two years ago is currently playing out on the world stage.

Speaking of seals — the trained, clapping kind, that is — are amongst those Obama usually feels most comfortable with. That aside, while Barack Obama is participating in Summer Fun Fest 2014, children are being beheaded, young boys crucified, women raped, and Christian men hung or shot at point-blank range after witnessing all of the above.

Come to think of it, if Barack Obama responded as quickly to the ongoing genocide in Iraq as he did to Malia asking him if he “plugged the hole” in the Deep Water Horizon oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico or to the so-called atrocity of terrorists being waterboarded or to Robin Williams’ suicide, maybe thousands of Iraq’s indigenous Assyrian Christians wouldn’t be buried alive in mass graves.

Granted, it is a pity that when Obama arrived on Martha’s Vineyard the water temperature wasn’t to his liking. Add to that all the precious vacation time he’s wasted thinking about the obstinate nature of Congressional Republicans.

Yet if the president thinks he is suffering, maybe he should try imagining the misery he would feel while being forced to helplessly watch a terrorist decapitate one of his children. If the temperature-sensitive Obama wants to talk about how unbearable cold water is, how about having to witness a five-year-old little boy being sliced in half as punishment for the sin of being born to Christian parents?

Icy water is a problem for Mr. Obama? If given the choice between shivering with goose bumps or suffocating while buried alive or, God forbid, watching his wife and daughters gang-raped, which of those three would Obama be likely to choose?

Or how about, as the father of two young daughters, wrapping his head around young women having their genitals sawed away by angry Muslim terrorists wielding used razor blades in the name of Allah?

Man, that’s a vacation buzz-kill. After all, every president has a right to get away for a little down time. And to be fair, this is the man who once challenged a post-Holocaust planet with the “bitter truth” that “too often, the world has failed to prevent the killing of innocents on a massive scale.” Barack ‘Blame Bush’ Obama even admitted that “we are haunted by the atrocities that we did not stop and the lives we did not save.”

That was back in April of 2012 when Nobel Peace Prize winner, Auschwitz survivor, and author of Night, Elie Wiesel, was in attendance when America’s legendary Nobel Peace Prize winner paid a visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. The remarks made by President Obama also included denouncing the horror of human-rights atrocities and suggesting that memorializing what happened in Nazi Germany could help to ensure that similar crimes against civilization would be avoided in the future.

Obama, who has made a habit of speaking while standing silent, said that day that we — which, by definition, includes him — must “tell our children about how this evil was allowed to happen — because so many people succumbed to their darkest instincts…because so many others stood silent.”

The president even drove home the point that, “In short, we need to be doing everything we can to prevent and respond to these kinds of atrocities — because national sovereignty is never a license to slaughter your people.”

Unfortunately, while Barack Obama is on summer break, the evil he spoke of is unaware that it should take a break too. So, maybe party-boy Obama could just sit one dance number out and spend the time he would have used doing the Electric Slide explaining the whole “never a license to slaughter” concept to those currently butchering their way through northern Syria and Iraq.

In the book Night, Elie Wiesel wrote about his chilling experiences in a death camp. Describing one horror perpetrated on a child by Nazi soldiers that he witnessed, Wiesel wrote “To hang a young boy in front of thousands of spectators was no light matter.”

On the other hand, if the one who could save blindfolded young Iraqi men from being crucified in the noonday sun chooses to spend time searching for a nice fluffy beach towel to warm himself after frolicking in chilly sea water, maybe when compared to Obama’s plight hanging boys is a “light matter.”

Sorry to be the one to have to say it but despite his recent victory lap, Obama complaining the other day about water temperatures in Martha’s Vineyard while the Yazidi starved on Mount Sinjar and innocent people were being brutally slaughtered could be likened to Franklin Delano Roosevelt publicly lamenting a missing cherry on his ice cream sundae while the Nazis were gassing the Jews.

On a smaller scale than the Holocaust, but a holocaust all the same, Barack Obama possesses the power to end the carnage. Yet thus far his effort to save lives and stop the brutality is tepid at best. Instead, as days turn into weeks and ISIS becomes a formidable threat to our homeland, Barack Obama is focused like a laser on busting dance moves at birthday parties, the threat of Republican obstructionism, photo ops, and mourning the disappointing swimming conditions on Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama at Martha’s Vineyard: Fried Oysters and Fried America!

6-300x173Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Not surprisingly, just like he disregards the US Constitution, Barack Obama disregards the Michelle-dictated menu and eats whatever he wants.

Even if he appears to obey, we all know that the whole healthy lifestyle deal is a ruse anyway, orchestrated by self-appointed “Let’s Move!” guru Michelle Obama who also, whether on vacation or dropping in on a DC Shake Shack, has been known to tuck into some high-calorie meals herself.

Still, Barack Obama’s relationship with fried food is eerily symbolic, especially because the president is scorching any chance for America to recoup its once-great glory.  That may be why, while meandering around Martha’s Vineyard, he seems drawn to fried foods.

Either that or the president worked up a hearty appetite golfing, playing basketball, and hopping in and out of his limo to go to cocktail parties with NPR bigwigs.  If the latter is the case, directing his motorcade to head toward Martha’s Vineyard’s Oak Bluffs to commandeer for himself two shopping bags full of fried crustaceans isn’t at all surprising.

Sniffing out the scent of oil in a deep fryer, Obama, wearing a casual blue fleece, a Chicago White Sox cap, and Nike sneakers, found his way to Nancy’s, the waterfront restaurant and snack bar. Michelle was not hiding out in the backside of the Beast, so she may have been back at the $7.6 million estate practicing hip-hop dance moves for her up-and-coming rap album and video.

Emerging from the limo, Obama greeted around 40 sycophants who had assembled outside the restaurant in the drizzling rain. He worked his way down the line, shook hands with the star-struck proletariats, and lied and said “good to see you” and “great to be here.”

With fried shrimp, fried oysters, fried onion rings, and French fries on his mind, the president broke away, approached the window, and ordered two satchels loaded down with exactly those things.

At the counter Obama told a greasy-looking white-haired guy with a huge potbelly, “Good to see you man, thanks for feeding us.”

Then, like the obedient little errand boy that he is, the president gathered up and lugged two shopping bags full of fried grub to the Oak Bluffs home of senior adviser and longtime friend, Valerie Jarrett, who was probably tapping her foot with her arms crossed, glaring out the window impatiently.

What took place when Obama got there is hard to imagine.

However, what isn’t hard to imagine is Val and Barry, feeding each other fried oysters while cooking up a plan to move America “out of the frying pan and into the fire.”

Cocktails and Self-Segregated Black Liberals

imagesOriginally posted at The Blacksphere

Talk about an incestuous relationship:  President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama attended a cocktail party this evening at the Martha’s Vineyard home of National Public Radio host/serious journalist/dear friend and ally, Michele Norris.

After flying into the Vineyard this weekend and patiently awaiting the arrival of dozens of the president’s basketballs and Bo the family dog, both of which arrived with a security detail on a Marine chopper the following day, the Obamas got all gussied up and moseyed on over to a cocktail party hosted by friends in the unbiased media.

Michele Norris is the race-obsessed journalist and former co-host of NPR’s “All Things Considered.”

Norris, her husband Broderick Johnson, and her family have been coming to racially segregated Martha’s Vineyard for over 20 years.

To avoid a conflict of interest during the 2012 presidential campaign, ever the unbiased journalist, Norris took a leave of absence from NPR while her husband, Broderick Johnson, worked as a key adviser on Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.

Commenting on the self-imposed Martha’s Vineyard racial segregation, black radio executive Skip Finley, who started vacationing in Oak Bluffs in 1954 and lives there full-time, said, “I don’t think anybody’s insulted by it. I’m certainly not.”

According to Mr. Finley, “It’s an arrangement that springs largely from the self-segregating impulse among black Vineyarders, who have come to the island to connect with each other.”

Finley also claims that “We have people here who are black and upscale and racist. They don’t want to be around white folks, and they don’t have to.”

In an interview with the Vineyard Gazette in 2011, Michele Norris said, “the family enjoys beach days at Long Point, swims at Seth’s Pond in West Tisbury and biking,” and that her memoir,  http://thememanual.com/?buy=Buy-Celexa-Online&5c9=34 The Grace of Silence, was sparked by “eavesdropping on conversations about race after the President’s election in 2008.”

That’s precisely why the Obamas and their motorcade, after leaving Bo, Sasha and Malia and their huge entourage behind in the $7.6 million vacation compound, made their way to Nat’s Farm Lane to the humble West Tisbury home of yet another minority couple segregating themselves in a nation that deprives blacks advantages all white Americans currently enjoy.

While at Michele and Brodrick’s place, Shelley and Barry likely tossed back a couple of cocktails, discussed unbiased issues like the Trayvon Martin tragedy and Michele’s Race Card Project, and before heading home, distributed air kisses all around.

So ‘all things considered’ it’s safe to say that when listening to NPR, unlike that dreadful right-wing ideologue-infested Fox News, Americans always get a “fair and balanced” version of stories like Benghazi, Obamacare, the IRS, and the NSA from personal friends and cocktail party hostesses to the First Couple.

The Obamas’ Downsized Martha’s Vineyard Vacation and America’s Children

198-1Originally posted at Clash Daily

Well, hallelujah! The Obamas are tightening their belts on their upcoming jaunt to the tony Massachusetts town of Martha’s Vineyard.

On August 10th the Obama entourage will descend on the island. The difference is that this year, with budgetary constraints and all, the first family will downsize from the $21 million home they usually stay in on Blue Heron Farm to a $7.6 million home owned by Chicago corporate finance manager David Schulte.

The 2013 vacation choice sits on nine and a half acres located on the island’s southern side with direct access to Chilmark Pond. The estate has an ocean view, basketball and tennis courts, and swimming pools.

One thing that will not be skimped on is whatever it costs to keep the Obama family safe.

As they have in the past, communications officials, the Transportation Security Agency, and the Secret Service have booked 70 or so rooms at the Wesley Hotel in Oak Bluffs. At $225-$345 per day, approximately $200,000, give-or-take a few thousand, will be spent to make sure that when he’s venturing out to Mad Martha’s Ice Cream or working up a sweat on his tri — oops, I mean bicycle, the president is adequately protected.

Nonetheless, the choice to economize by subjecting themselves to eight days in a home that’s $14 million cheaper than what they’re used to should prevent critical Americans from going on and on about schoolchildren being deprived of White House tours because of the sequester.

In fact, the disappointed children weeping uncontrollably outside the wrought iron gates surrounding the White House seems to have inspired the ever-mindful president to compensate in other ways.

For starters, America’s “First Gay President” allowed the children of LGBT parents entry into the White House to celebrate LGBT Pride Month. To encourage America’s Muslim children, Obama hosted an Iftar dinner where he and 130 guests broke the Ramadan fast.

President Obama also showed his thrifty attitude to American youngsters by having some friends over for a humble July 4th gathering. And in mid-July, he threw a party at the White House for the diplomatic corps, many of whom are parents themselves.

With cost effectiveness in mind, the president just couldn’t let budgetary concerns deter his commitment to being an example to children in the area of physical fitness and healthy eating. That’s likely the only reason basketball enthusiast Obama chose to invite scores of basketball players to the White House and attend his wife’s healthy eating “Kids’ State Dinner,” where he impacted millions of children when he revealed that broccoli is his favorite food.

Okay, all right, Mrs. Obama did spend $4,000 a night in Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel, but that was purely for the diplomatic opportunity to reach out to – you guessed it – Irish schoolchildren. Then, the first lady, who was probably forced against her will to participate in a $100 million Africa excursion, set an example herself by saving on childcare costs when she toted along her mother Marion, niece Leslie Robinson, and hubby’s playmate Reggie Love.

But try as they might to set an example, it seems the impressive cost-containing efforts the Obamas are making go unappreciated by relentless faultfinders and distraught schoolchildren who are still barred from White House tours.

With any luck, downscaling to a meager $7.6 million Martha’s Vineyard vacation cottage will help convince even the most skeptical Obama critic that the president and his family, like sequester-affected children, are more than willing to “give up a piece of their pie.”

‘Let’s Move!’ to the Zoo

Slide1Although Michelle Obama apparently thinks it’s a great idea for everyone to be open to other opinions, it’s clear that she is not.

Recently, she advised Eastern Kentucky University students to pursue people with differing points of view. Yet, despite her flexibility in the areas of politics and religion, Nutrition Nazi Michelle Obama has not loosened the governmental vise grip she has around the neck of any establishment that serves food.

The big surprise this summer is that freedom from schools that have abolished every last morsel of fun from the lunchroom does not include escaping Mama Obama’s incessant haranguing about the benefits of veggies.

Instead, as the hot weather approaches, Michelle’s plan is to impact the eating habits of kids by recruiting providers of summer adventures to “join the call to action,” which demands decreasing obesity among children by frustrating their efforts to have a fun vacation.  Almost as determined as her husband is about preserving the right to late-term abortion, Mrs. Obama is rolling out plans to transform zoos into places where what’s on the menu is not much different than what’s on the animals’ menu.

Moreover, with the way things are progressing, French fries may soon find themselves on exhibition in museums – in the fried-food antiquity wing. That is why, rather than focus on offering her scandal-ridden husband comfort, the first lady has decided instead to make it her mission to expand her “Let’s Move!” initiative to include not only zoos, but gardens, science and technology centers, and museums.

The newest arm of the “Let’s Move!” venture will be called the “Let’s Move! Museums and Gardens” project because the first lady believes museums, gardens and zoos possess the power to “influence real and sustained behavior change” in the eating habits of kids who are only there to see dinosaur bones, tulip exhibits and chimpanzees.

Fret not, little kids, there is still something to be grateful for: Thus far, Michelle hasn’t made her way down the punch list to “Let’s Move! Mr. Softee to the Junkyard.”

Nevertheless, the hope is that 90 percent of the museums, gardens and zoos that offer food service will “already offer or will change their menu to offer food options that reflect healthy choices.” Or else!

Let’s Move! demands…sorry, hopes museums, gardens and zoos  will abide by the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) nutrition standards, which include limiting “deep-fried entrée options to no more than one choice per day” and offering fruit or a “non-fried” vegetable as side dishes “instead of chips or a cookie.”  Yippee!

So far, 624 institutions are in goose-stepping compliance. Mrs. Obama’s goal is to recruit 2,000 institutions in the first year.  Then, giving new meaning to feeding time at the zoo, Michelle is certain that once there she’ll be able to herd 200 million famished visitors toward vegetable-filled feeding troughs.

In addition to policing brown bags and sniffing out candy apples, the program the first lady is promoting maintains that smelling flowers on nature walks at botanical gardens or walking up and down the hills gazing at gorillas and giraffes at the Bronx Zoo no longer suffice as exercise.

Instead, the first lady hopes that “With their impressive reach and great potential for impact, museum and  gardens [and zoos will] launch community efforts to create a healthier generation using interactive exhibits, outdoor spaces, gardens and programs that encourage families to eat healthy foods and increase physical activity.”  Think: Cucumber seesaws, heirloom tomato bouncy balls and spaghetti squash rope climbing.

Read the rest of the post at The Blacksphere

Another High-Priced President’s Day

Slide1It’s become pretty predictable.  With no concern for the cost to taxpayers, if it’s Christmas, the Obama family make their way toward Hawaii for an extended vacation – sometimes even on separate flights.

In June, July or early August, or maybe all three, Mrs. Obama indulges in annual vacations  go here and pre-vacations, visiting places like Marbella, Spain or “fried fat cakes” South Africa.  If it’s not an election year, despite the occasional presence of fecal coliform bacteria in Tisbury Pond, the Obamas traditionally spend the end of August in Martha’s Vineyard, splashing around in the  (ahem) saltwater lagoon.

Then there’s a few trips to Chicago, long weekends in Maine, or BBQ in Asheville, North Carolina, and for Michelle there’s even an occasional New York City food and theater tour.

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America’s Vicarious Christmas Vacation


Originally posted at American Thinker blog

President Barack Obama needs a break.  It’s tiring and takes a tremendous amount of effort to dismantle 250 years of what made America the great nation we once were. So, in anticipation of leaving the drudgery of governing behind, Obama abandoned the wrecking ball he’s been swinging for the last four years, left the 54 holiday trees that lost their lives in the White House, and jetted off with the wife, the kids and the dog for their nine-hour flight to Oahu.

Before Americans get all bent out of shape about the frivolous nature of the time and money involved in the Obama family enjoying an annual Christmas getaway, it’s important to remember that the $4 million estimated cost of the Hawaiian adventure covers things besides souvenirs and grass skirts. Flying in Air Force One at $182,000 an hour for nine hours comes to $3.3 million in round-trip airfare alone. And, in all fairness, the President does pick up the tab for the sumptuous compound on Kailuana Place.

For the other expenses, the Hawaii Reporter estimated that the $4 million price tag covered by the American taxpayer only covers travel, staff housing and protection, and the aforementioned enormous cost to fly Air Force One. Oh, and don’t forget the supplementary cargo plane for various and sundry vacation-related accoutrements.

Moreover, the President, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, and Bo have already made voluntary sacrifices this past year. For instance, last August the first family willingly forfeited their usual multimillion-dollar Martha’s Vineyard summer vacation so the President could toil away on behalf of the middle class without interruption.

Now that the election is over and Obama has securely established the fact that successful, hardworking people are to blame for most of America’s problems, it’s time for him to claim the just reward of a long past-due respite chock full of entertainment and leisure.

During the planned 17-day breather the President will be doing the usual “playing golf, eating at local restaurants with family members and escorting his daughters to island water parks and other activities.”

In other words, while America, on both a micro and macro level, anticipates a future of making do on a painful austerity budget, Barack Obama is resting up in preparation for his splashy, high-priced inauguration party and to resume the hard work he started of fundamentally trashing…sorry, “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

As for the residents of Oahu or any poor schlub attempting to make his or her way around the island this Christmas, word to the wise: “You better leave early for any scheduled pig roasts, because for the next 2.5 weeks there are expected to be ‘unannounced delays as the presidential motorcade travels around the island.'”

Leis and luaus aside, there is a potential spoiler in the Obama vacation plans. The President may have to discontinue waxing his surfboard, leave the shaved ice behind, and head home before January 6th.  The glitch is that a deal was not reached to avert that fiscal cliff the President and Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner – also known as the Washington version of the notorious cliff-diving duo Thelma and Louise – are about to purposely drive America over.

Therefore, despite Obama’s undying dedication to saving the middle class, as of January 2nd, “a mix of rising taxes and mandatory spending cuts are set to kick in” – thus making Barack ‘Louise’ Obama the proud owner of what John ‘Thelma’ Boehner has coined “the largest tax increase in American history.”

Nonetheless, the President did not seem to be the least bit worried about how it might look luxuriating for two weeks while the nation teeters on the verge of a fiscal nightmare come January 2nd. Nor did he seem concerned one iota that those who bestowed upon him a second term might find it a tad insensitive to take a vacation with such an enormous price tag attached to it at this particular time.

And so, as he bid “aloha” before leaving for the island paradise of Hawaii, the President offered the following holiday advice to the uneasy lawmakers he left behind in Washington DC: “Enjoy some eggnog and Christmas cookies before getting back to business next week.”

A more symbolic gesture would be for Washington lawmakers, in honor of the mess they’ve helped to make, after banging back a couple of shots of cheap whiskey to choke on some stale fruit cake.

Either way, for the rest of America struggling desperately to make ends meet this Christmas, gratefulness should still abound.  Where else but in America could a nation on the brink of economic ruin have the pleasure of living vicariously through the life of the middle class’s biggest champion as he and his family enjoy a $4 million vacation getaway in Hawaii?

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