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Lollipops, abortion, and Sheila Jackson Lee

Lollipops_choice_of_corrupt_politicians_Originally posted at Live Action News

Judging from some of the things she says,  Democrat Texas representative Sheila Jackson Lee occasionally embodies Mark Twain’s quip, “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself. ”

In 2011, arguing against the Pence Amendment to appropriations bill H.R. 1, which proposed defunding Planned Parenthood and actually succeeded, Jackson Lee said: “This is not about abortion; this is about saving lives.”

That same year, during the House floor debate on the Protect Life Act, Ms. Jackson Lee defended abortion as a “needed action” and referred to the heartbeat of a fetus as a “sound.”

So – and this is just a guess – it’s very likely that Sheila Jackson Lee, being the generous person she is proving to be, as a show of support for the right to choose, would gladly hand out orange juice to teenagers recovering in an abortion clinic.

But on this occasion, it’s not orange juice Sheila’s handing out.

Instead, Ms. Jackson Lee was recently on the border handing out lollipops to immigrant children who fall into the same category as American babies who Lee would normally argue, based on poverty level and potential for a bleak future, deserve to be aborted. These are extremely needy children who, along with the fact that their parents handed them over to coyotes to be herded north across the border, certainly fall into the poor “ramen noodle/mayonnaise sandwich-eating” group that pro-abortion advocates like representative Gwen Moore (D-WI) think Planned Parenthood and abortion are here to deny the right to life to.


After her visit to the border, speaking at a House Judiciary Committee field hearing in Texas, Homeland Security Committee member Jackson Lee said this: “I always like to take things when I visit people who are detained for reasons that are not of a criminal nature, whether it is to visit with those in Darfur, or to be able to engage in Afghanistan, or to be able to talk to children wherever they are.  Homeless children.”

Holding up a plastic bag filled with lollipops, Sheila informed everyone who didn’t know what they were that “[t]hese are lollipops.”  Later, Sheila described her brief visit as follows: “I took lollipops along with my colleagues into those detention centers where children were. I wasn’t armed; I wasn’t fearful for my life.”

Wow! What a fearless, life-affirming declaration coming from a pro-abortion politician who also opposed Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks’s bill to put limitations on sex-selective abortions. At that time, Jackson Lee said that if the “draconian” bill limiting gender-based abortions was passed, it would mean “the next act will be dragging women out of patient rooms into the streets and screaming over their bodies as they get dragged out of getting access to women’s health care.”

Somehow Sheila Jackson Lee is able to ignore the children killed from her support of abortion based on economic level and gender as she is handing out lollipops to deprived Central American children.

With Jackson Lee’s approval, 3,000 babies a day in America are doomed when their mothers cross the threshold into the abortion clinics…where Sheila won’t be waiting with lollipops.

The ‘100th Day Ongoing Misadventure’ Press Conference

0430-obama-press-conference.jpg_full_600-300x200Former President Bush has been back in Texas for four-plus years, but for the last approximately 1,500 days, America has been listening to President Obama pass the buck and shift the blame onto GW for everything but the fly that keeps landing on his nose in the East Room.

The genial George W. is still getting blamed for Obama’s worsening economy, growing national debt and ongoing recession, not to mention stagnant unemployment, a continuing fiscal crisis, and bad feelings in the Middle East toward America.  There’s no doubt, if asked, Obama would say that President Bush is the author of the “extraordinary times” he keeps referring to whenever he’s confronted with his own ineptitude.

The president would have us believe that, rather than chopping away at those golf balls he shoots into the hazards, he spends every waking moment digging out of an “incredible hole that [he] inherited.”  In other words, when it comes to other people’s mistakes, if he needs to point them out Barack Obama doesn’t limit himself to measureable time frames.  If the president can twist what was done 10 years ago into an excuse for the multi-tiered “train wreck” he’s authored, he will.

However, any mistakes attributable to Obama are treated quite differently.  No long-term looking back for the Obama Administration, oh no.  Bygones are bygones and what went before is now part of history and deemed inapplicable to events of the day.  Like water that has passed under a bridge, sand through the hourglass, past issues are gone and never referenced again.

Take for instance the stimulus debacle, Obama’s big pull out of Iraq, and the ongoing war in Afghanistan.  When was the last time we heard about how the healthcare plan could bankrupt the nation?  What about the rapidly expanding food stamp rolls, or the sequester-cancelled White House tours disappointing children?

Even though Obama “jumps to conclusions” himself, especially on issues of race, and plays on racial tension every chance he gets, is any of it ever brought up?  What about the ‘Israel is our ally’ muddle, or Obama disrespecting various world leaders and inappropriately bowing to dictators?  Not a word!  Then there’s the oil spill/green energy mess, the president’s partiality toward Muslims, and open-arms attitude toward illegals.  Not to mention “Fast and Furious,” funding terrorism in Egypt, ignoring the Syrian “red line,” and having 12 domestic terrorist attacks on his watch.

Read the rest of the article at the Blacksphere

Republican Revivification – American Thinker – February 19, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

A Colombian woman declared dead moved one of her arms just as an undertaker was about to introduce formaldehyde into the femoral artery of her leg.

After suffering a heart attack Noelia Serna was rushed to Cali University Hospital in Bogota Colombia.  Surviving on life support Serna suffered what some thought was a fatal second attack and was then declared officially dead. Transported to a local funeral home Noelia was just about to be embalmed when a funeral home employee noticed the woman moving her right arm.  Mortuary technician Jaime Aullon, put the embalming fluid down and stopped the procedure.

A hospital official said, “On rare occasions, a person’s heart rate and breathing can drop to undetectable levels, leading doctors to erroneously declare a patient dead.”   Juan Mendoza Vega member of the Colombian National Medical Ethics Board said, “It can happen.  But it’s not a matter of coming back to life because the person was never dead.”

As it is in life, so it is in politics.  Just one year ago, the Republican Party was one-step from being lowered in to a six-foot grave and having dirt shoveled onto its face. For the greater part of a year a distressed political party barely survived on life support. In an article entitled, Republicans in Distress: Is the Party Over? Time magazine, hyperventilating with anticipatory excitement, asked the morbid question, “So are the Republicans going extinct? And can the death march be stopped?”

Republicans suffered damage from George W. Bush’s war effort, a lagging economy, a collapsing housing bubble and an unrelenting media’s diligent campaign to remove food and hydration prematurely and disconnect the ventilator from a patient struggling to stay alive.  The initial blow was followed up by the historic election of Barack Obama, which equaled a massive myocardial infarction destroying all the remaining heart muscle necessary to pump the Party’s lifeblood.

Losing the White House, Congress and Senate to Democrat control meant, for all intents and purposes, Republican vital signs were no longer conducive to sustain life. While a weak pulse could still be detected, fifty-eight percent of those polled in an online survey agreed it was time to plan the funeral.

So as Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in with his hand on Lincoln’s tattered Bible, a snide group of political nurse’s aids wrapped Conservativism in a white sheet and lifted the lifeless corpse into a body bag for a trip to the mortuary.

For twelve long months, Barack Obama swaggered around Washington DC destroying the economy, raising the national debt and jeopardizing national security, while a prone Conservatism occupied the back of a political hearse. Barry apologized for America on the world stage, made nice with dictators and ate Wagyu beef after asking Americans to sacrifice for the common good – and did so while the Republican Party was being prepped for embalming on a cold stainless steel table by political ghouls anxious to lay to rest the party of Reagan.

Conservative radio host and one-time Republican John Batchelor declared the Republican Party a corpse. “The GOP is a mummy-wrapped skeleton sitting in its own chilly mausoleum of bilious resentments and creepy sentimentality.”

But a flicker of life remained.

Cal Thomas said in USA Today, “I guess if you were a funeral director… you’d be sizing up the coffin for the demise and ultimate burial of the GOP… like the reported death of Mark Twain, stories of the Republican Party’s expiration and extinction are premature and exaggerated.”

Like Ms. Serna, right before being injected with chemical fluid, something stirred in a Party about to have the lid closed on its decomposing ideology.  Instead, much to the shock and dismay of liberal funeral directors the “right arm” of the Party moved indicating vivacity in what was thought to be beyond revival.

What was dismissed, as a post mortem reflex, now appears to have the makings of full-blown Republican resurgence.  Inexplicably, “when the body was buried and molding, along came the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections, followed by the Massachusetts Senate miracle. It’s a Republican resurrection, some would say.” New Jersey, Virginia and then Massachusetts, one breath after another, one heart beat after another a political patient destined for a cold crypt slowly gained strength and vigor.

What happened? Who used the defibrillator on a waning party quarantined to the confines of political hospice?  In an Op-ed column entitled, Why the GOP Should Give Obama a Prize, conservative columnist Rich Lowry said, “In nine months, [Barack Obama] has breathed life into the Republican Party, boosted pro-lifers, tarnished the reputation of regulation, bolstered traditional values, increased the public’s desire for immigration restriction and shifted independent voters rightward.”

A snickering left got comfortable anticipating the reading of the will, ready to greedily collect all the proceeds of the political estate, but Republicans resuscitated by Obama’s leftwing, liberal policies spoiled the wake. Not the god Barack Obama devotees fancy him to be, “No, Obama hasn’t turned back the oceans. But revivifying conservatism almost before books announcing its death could be published qualifies as a feat almost as miraculous,” and on par with rolling away the stone and raising Lazarus from the dead.

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