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OBAMA’S VETERAN’S DAY: Humiliating America in China

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http://jeannie-ology.com/?fvn=Viagra-Free-Online&68f=b0 For Veteran’s Day, “Economically Uncooperative” Barack Obama was in China for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. While there, he apparently felt it was the perfect time to weigh in on government oversight of the Internet. After all, to ensure that political protest would be held to a minimum, the Chinese have successfully banned social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

How To Get A Prescription For Valtrex Now that’s an inspiration if ever there was one.

Cheap Xenical Orlistat As Ted Cruz so rightly put it, if Obama has his way “Obamacare for the Internet” will “operate at the speed of government.” Cruz may be onto something, because after the midterms trouncing the Democrats took, Obama is probably hoping there will be a regulated, government-controlled Internet in time to influence the next election.

http://straightupcigars.com/?mec=Zithromax-Powder-For-Sale&fed=cc Meanwhile, back in China, in addition to taking direction on how to tamp down dissent on the Internet, Mr. Obama appears to be taking fashion advice from Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is apparently taking fashion advice from his wife, the fetching Peng Liyuan, by choosing Mao-style tunics for the “national costume” tradition started by Bill Clinton in 1993. And even though leaders could choose between purple, green, or brown tunics, Vladimir Putin, who usually prefers to spend his time shirtless, surprisingly chose the same purple version as Obama.

go to site The purpose of the APEC getup is to take a group photo similar to the one where Obama blocked a dignitary’s face as he goofily waved at the camera. The hope is that the matching ensembles will promote an image of solidarity between world leaders, three of whose only commonality is enjoying dressing up like Mao.

follow link With the Internet issue nailed down and the clothing conundrum worked out, there remains but one problem – Barack “You Can’t Take Him Anywhere” Obama seems incapable of comporting himself like a grown-up Communist.

get link In anticipation of the APEC summit in Beijing, the Communist Party initiated a “manners” campaign where residents of Beijing were given six months to learn how to act civilized. Now it seems as though they shouldn’t have bothered, because despite the purple silk shirt, Barack Obama was so ill-mannered that even people unfamiliar with etiquette were mortified.

Flagyl Die Off Symptoms It started when the president decided to ride around in the Beast, a Chevrolet Kodiak-based, Cadillac-badged limousine that is more like a tank. By doing so, Obama shunned the pride of the People’s Republic, the Hongqi, or “Red Flag,” a 55-year-old limousine resurrected as part of China’s effort to rescue the auto market share from foreign automakers.

Heck, Putin knew enough to leave his stallion in Russia. Moreover, how would Obama feel if Xi Jinping eschewed his offer to ride around Washington, DC in style and chose a rickshaw instead?

The other leaders graciously agreed to be transported, one-by-one, to the banquet, cultural show, and fireworks in a Hongqi. Ramping up the pageantry, China’s top state-run channel even televised all the other leaders of the 21 APEC member states arriving at the Water Cube, the Olympic swimming venue, in the iconic socialist limousines along red-lit avenues.

In China, where cigarette smoking is ubiquitous, especially among men, Obama then added insult to injury when he stepped out of his souped-up hot rod chewing Nicorette gum. Horrified Chinese Internet users branded the gum-chewing, purple-shirt wearing, American automobile-riding president as boorish and cavalier, calling him an “idler” and a “rapper.”

Yin Hong, a professor of journalism at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, said about the president, “We made this meeting so luxurious, with singing and dancing, but see Obama, stepping out of his car chewing gum like an idler.”

Now the Chinese know exactly how America feels. Hong should thank his lucky “five stars” that Michelle didn’t come along on the trip toting a hula-hoop.

Either way, when it comes to Communist ideology and government control of the Internet, at least in China, America’s “Idler” president is among like-minded comrades.

And just one week after sending a gracious note to Iran’s Ayatollah, the president, seeking out yet another new friend, told the president of China that he wants to “take the relationship to a new level.”

And although rude, crude Obama chews wads of nicotine-infused gum and rides around Beijing in his own version of a Sherman Tank, at least he was wise enough to avoid World War III by choosing not to feminize the purple blouse Putin is also wearing with a pair of Mom jeans.

Obama and Der Führer

hitler-and-childDaring to suggest that there may be even a remote similarity between Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler is considered by many to be a comparison that is extreme.  But ever since the president acted unilaterally and chose to push through his $500 million anti-gun package with its 23 executive orders while surrounded on all sides by young children, there is one parallel that makes Barack Obama’s interaction with youngsters similar to that of Germany’s Führer, Adolf Hitler.

In their nearly identical fondness for staged expressions of compassion about issues affecting their citizens, both men posed with children in one location while sanctioning their murder in another.  Therefore, when it comes to the exploitation of little ones, it should not be considered irreverent to weigh the president’s calculating tendencies against those of Der Führer

In fairness, it must be said that it is common for most politicians to use children as accoutrements to advance a given agenda. Notorious totalitarian dictators like Mao and Stalin did it, and Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro still do it too.

On occasion, former president G.W. Bush was known to include children in policy-based photo ops – but he did it to advance pro-life policies that supported the dignity and sanctity of life. Adolf Hitler’s intent was quite the opposite. Germany’s leader exploited certain children for propaganda purposes, and did so while other children he believed were subhuman were being executed.

Therefore, during the first phase of the dismantling of the Second Amendment, when Barack Obama pretended to take counsel from four schoolchildren, in essence what he was doing was chillingly similar to what Hitler did.  Why?  Because at the White House while the President was advocating for child safety, in abortion mills across the nation clinicians were carrying out the grisly work he supports.

After the Sandy Hook shootings, as well as at the White House signing of his two dozen Executive Actions, NARAL 100-percenter Barack Obama shared with Americans the following words: “This is our first task as a society, keeping our children safe. This is how we will be judged.” Adolf Hitler said similar things; in source site Mein Kampf, Der Führer declared that the “folkish state…must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people.”

The problem with both those statements is that during the height of World War II, while Hitler posed for photographs with tow-headed liebchens, his minions were busy “grabbing the legs and smashing the skulls of living babies” against the sides of cattle cars.  For Adolf Hitler, his young targets were Jewish children below the age of 12. For “Above My Pay grade” Barack Obama, it’s pre-born, partially born, and born-alive babies of any race, creed, or color.

At the White House signing of his anti-gun executive orders, while Obama passed out awkward hugs to children who, no thanks to him, somehow managed to get out of the womb alive, abortion providers across the country were sucking the brains out of living, partially-born infants.

According to Ian Kershaw, professor of modern history at the University of Sheffield, Adolf Hitler initiated and demanded the killing by gassings, shootings, and beatings. Yet much like Barack Obama, Der Führer managed to keep his hands clean by remaining “aloof from the dirtiest work of his regime.”

In America, eighty years after Germany was defeated, national teams of well-funded Planned Parenthood SS squads scald, dismember, and suction pre-born infants to death. As with Hitler’s “Final Solution,” the ongoing American Holocaust has Barack Obama’s political and financial support. That is why, although the hand that recently high-fived an 8-year-old girl in public is a hand drenched in innocent blood.

In pursuit of an Aryan race, it took Adolf Hitler six years to exterminate six million Jews, millions of whom were babies and young children. Barack Obama, on behalf of freedom of choice, endorses and funds the mass destruction of 1.2 million pre-born infants per year.

In the end, despite the harsh nature of the Hitler/Obama comparison, when it comes to the simultaneous exploitation and extermination of tiny children there is not much difference between history’s most famous master race-maker and America’s master guardian of state-sanctioned genocide.

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