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Is Putin Poking Hillary?

go 140605065920-newday-dnt-keilar-putin-hillary-clinton-00013325-story-topOriginally posted at American Thinker

source site By accusing Vladimir Putin of (believe it or not) rigging Russia’s 2012 election, then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton gave new meaning to the theory of psychological projection.

Rxmeds Hub Order Brand Viagra Online The potential problem for Hillary is that Putin is not as naïve as most Democrat voters, and when affronted, the Russian president usually finds a way to exact vengeance, or at least deliver what Peter Rutland, an expert on Russia at Wesleyan University, calls a Putin “poke in the eye.”

follow link Putin eye-poking was on full display when Obama, the doyen of gay rights, acted the complete fool after finding out that, in Russia, White House LGBTQ restroom users would face jail time for public displays of “non-traditional sexual relationships.”  Obama expressed his displeasure with the Russian law by recruiting three openly gay athletes to join the U.S. delegation headed to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Nexium Cost Comparison Putin, a man who doesn’t suffer fools gladly, responded to Obama’s insult by selecting Olympic figure skater Irina Rodnina to participate in Sochi’s opening ceremonies.  Obama flouted Russia’s tough stance on homosexuality, and Putin poked Obama in the eye by choosing a woman to light the Olympic flame who once tweeted a picture of Obama and his wife Michelle ogling a banana.

http://bluffcreektri.com/?medz=Le-Iene-Viagra-Online&de4=f8 Get the picture?

http://folkekirkenshus.dk/?swr=Cipro-Prescriptions-Per-Year&0f1=e5 Now rumor has it that Russian hackers may have gained access to the unsecured server full of confidential emails Hillary Clinton stored in a bathroom closet of  the Chappaqua home national-security-risk Bill (when not nodding off) shares with a mistress the Secret Service nicknamed “The Energizer Bunny.”

Comprar Strattera Online If the Russians really are in possession of Hillary’s emails, that means Vladimir Putin may be preparing to give Hillary Clinton the poke in the eye she deserves.

follow It also means the Russian president knows whether or not Hillary actually mastered the “destroyer of the universe” yoga pose, has specifics concerning the recipe for Chelsea’s $10K gluten-free wedding cake, and is aware of the particulars surrounding how the DNC mocked and subverted the political aspirations of a popular Jewish socialist.

Can You Get High Off Lioresal Notwithstanding Hillary’s tall tales about her successes as secretary of state, Eugene Rumer, a former national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia at the National Intelligence Council, begs to differ.  According to Rumer, “I think there is good and credible evidence that there is no love lost in Moscow for Mrs. Clinton.”

It all started in 2011, when, after two terms as prime minister and after serving as Russia’s president from 2000 to 2008, Putin hoped to win the presidency again.  Prior to the March 2012 election, Secretary of State Clinton suggested that the Russian leader had “rigged” the system and sided with thousands of anti-Putin demonstrators, journalists, and political activists, all of whom believed that the process was flawed.  Furious, Putin accused Clinton of attempting to undermine his candidacy and of inciting street protesters.

Lest we forget, Saul Alinsky-trained community organizers Obama and Clinton have already proven to be well schooled in the tactics of how to advance an agenda via agitation on the street.

Wary of the “unacceptable” practice of “foreign money being pumped into election processes,” the Siberian Swimmer was wise to be suspicious of Obama and members of his “flexible” administration.

Putin asserted that by calling the elections “dishonest and unfair,” Hillary’s tone had sent a signal to groups opposed to his re-election. Putin alleged that the opposition recognized Hillary’s signal, and, in response to her attempt to impose negative influence, dutifully “launched active work with the U.S. State Department’s support.”

Granted, Vladimir Putin is no choir boy.  However, rather than “reset relations” with Russia, which was supposedly the goal, Secretary Clinton’s accusation that Russia’s  parliamentary election was “neither free nor fair” resulted only in provoking the bear.

Fast-forward five years.  America is currently in the throes of a contentious election of our own, and from where we currently sit, Putin’s suspicions that Hillary is trying to usher in Russian “regime change” don’t seem all that far-fetched.

Recently, the Obama international election machine did a similar thing in Israel, when the President’s operatives, funded by the State Department, attempted to disrupt Bibi Netanyahu’s 2015 bid to remain prime minister.

According to The Washington Times, in a bipartisan staff report, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations found that during the Israeli election, anti-Netanyahu group OneVoice received $465K in State Department grant monies to “build a voter database, train activists and hire a political consulting firm with ties to President Obama’s campaign.”

Lo and behold, that same Senate subcommittee also found that State Department officials deleted emails containing information pertaining to Obama’s surreptitious campaign to oust Netanyahu.

So, within the last few years, two foreign leaders charged the U.S. State Department with being directly involved in two parliamentary elections.

In response to the original accusation Putin made in 2011, Hillary responded in the following way: “We value our relationship with Russia.  At the same time … we expressed concerns that we thought were well-founded about the conduct of the elections.”

Hillary, the bastion of election transparency and fairness, argued that “Russian voters deserve a full investigation of electoral fraud and manipulation” – something Bernie supporters, thus far, are being denied here at home.

“Regardless of where you live,” said the woman who, together with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, frustrated the will of 12 million voters, “citizenship requires holding your government accountable.”

Sorry, but Hillary Clinton expressing apprehension over voters’ voices not being heard or condemning conduct during an election or lamenting the lack of government accountability is like Angela Merkel questioning François  Hollande’s decision to continue to accept Syrian refugees.

For all intents and purposes, by accusing Putin of dirty doings, Hillary, the self-appointed successor to the American presidency, projected onto him the dark impulse that astute voters recognize as the force that drives Hillary Clinton’s insatiable appetite for power.

Either way, much like Barack Obama, Hillary miscalculated when she poked a Russkiy bear.  That’s why, in the end, if Russia exacts revenge by releasing Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails, a Putin poke may be the very thing that saves America.

Obama Admonishes Africa on Homosexuality

 obama-in-kenyaOriginally posted at American Thinker

Son of Kenya,” Barack Obama, proved once again that his patience with people, nations, and world leaders that disagree with his view of the world registers a big fat zero on the liberal Tolerance Meter.  When Obama finds out anyone (other than a Muslim) disagrees with his social policy focus, it becomes his personal mission to convince them otherwise.

And if the mere awesomeness of his presence fails to change minds, Obama will attempt to humiliate his ideological adversaries into submission by getting in their face.

For example, after Barack ‘LGBTQ’ Obama was specifically asked by the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya to leave his gay pride light show back at the White House, true to form, the self-important agitator disrespected his hosts and brought up the touchy subject of gay rights in Kenya, where homosexuality is illegal.

Funny, when Bibi Netanyahu came to the U.S. to share a message with Congress that Iran with a nuke is a threat to the world, the Israeli Prime Minister was roundly spurned because the president’s fondness for Iran trumps his alliance with Israel. In other words, if Obama’s opinion differs from yours, he either issues a public slur, as he did to President Kenyatta, or he’ll snub you, as he does every chance he gets to Benjamin Netanyahu.

However, there is one exception to the slur/snub rule.  When Obama dropped in to pay his condolences to dead Saudi King Abdullah, while there he neither chastised Sharia law nor brought up stoning or beheading homosexuals.

Yet, on the other hand, for some reason Barack O seems determined to validate homosexuality on a continent that has literally been ravaged by HIV/AIDs and vehemently rejects that lifestyle.During a 2013 visit to Senegal, a nation where homosexuals end up in jail if they’re lucky and lose their heads if that luck runs out, the president publicly dressed down Macky Sall when he called for Senegal to grant gays equal rights. Sall responded to the Punk from Pennsylvania Avenue by politely informing the patron of eclectic sexual preferences that in Senegal “We are still not ready to decriminalize homosexuality.”

Question: Why is Barack Obama so obsessed with changing anti-sodomy legislation in East African nations?  Moreover, what right does Obama have to stick his mole-afflicted nose into African social policy and rule of law?

What is it with this guy?  It’s not enough for him to be changing our Constitution and pushing around 320+ million Americans?

Apparently not, because at a joint press conference in Nairobi in one of his typical sanctimonious lectures, Obama felt the need to reprimand the leader of Kenya on gay rights by telling him, “When you start treating people differently not because of any harm they are doing to anybody, but because they are different, that’s the path whereby freedoms begin to erode.”

Hold up right there!

Barack Obama is sermonizing about paths to eroding freedoms?  Isn’t this the president that habitually mistreats people that disagree with him politically or ideologically? Not only that, but in Kenya, a nation that participated in the East African slave trade, the president pushed the gay agenda by – get ready – playing the race card.

The president said, “And when a government gets in a habit of people treating people differently, those habits can spread.” Then, to a nation of people in awe of his success as a black man, Obama criticized America and hinted at the mistreatment of blacks during slavery and segregation by saying that “As an African-American, I am painfully aware of what happens when people are treated differently under the law.”

Without flinching, Kenyatta pushed back and replied to the wronged world leader:

The fact of the matter is Kenya and the U.S. share so many values: common love for democracy, entrepreneurship, value for families — these are some things that we share. But there are some things that we must admit we don’t share. Our culture, our societies don’t accept.

So, the alleged “smartest guy in the room” traveled all the way to Kenya where homosexuality is “largely considered to be taboo and repugnant to [the] cultural values and morality,” and felt it was his duty to scold the leadership for none other than anti-sodomy laws.

Moreover, Obama chose to push homosexuality in Kenya, a country that is 83% Christian and has the fourth-largest HIV epidemic in the world. What kind of instigator does something like that?

Does the president know or care that according to UK-based international HIV and AIDs charity AVERT, in Kenya in 2012 an “estimated 1.6 million people were living with HIV, and roughly 57,000 people died from AIDS-related illnesses?”

In other words, despite Kenya enduring an extreme HIV epidemic, Obama promoted a sexual proclivity that contributes to the spread of HIV. What next? Barack goes to West Africa and suggests to recovering Ebola victims that refusing to share body fluids is discriminatory?  Why not bring some Bavarian Cream donuts to an obesity clinic, or push pot legalization at rehab?

Either way, in addition to sex workers and intravenous drug abusers, according to AVERT, “HIV prevalence among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Kenya is almost three times that among the general population.”

Those sorts of statistics may be why President Kenyatta responded to the haughty one by politely stating, “It is very difficult for us to be able to impose onpeople that which they themselves do not accept.” Then again, refusing to “impose onpeople that which they themselves do not accept” is probably a hard concept for adespotically-inclined leader like Barack Obama to grasp.Nonetheless, unlike Barack, Kenyatta stressed, “This is why I repeatedly say for Kenyans today the (gay rights issue) is generally a non-issue. We want to focus on other areas.”

But fret not; after Obama is done with his current Admonishing Africa Tour, he will head back to the U.S. where he can focus on other areas too, like decisively eroding freedom, and under U.S. law, treating differently anyone that dares to disagree with him.

Obama Verbally Jousts with an Illegal Transgender

imagesOriginally posted at American Thinker

It happened during an embarrassing albeit inclusive gay pride celebration. In the White House East Room, with a beaming Joe Biden standing at his side, America’s first gay president was mid-sentence when transgender lovely Jennicet Gutiérrez exercised his right to free speech by shouting out in a thick undocumented Spanish accent a list of LGBTQ demands.

Barack Obama, who normally has no problem imposing illegals on the rest of America, was taken aback by the outburst and reminded Mr. Gutiérrez, founder of FAMILIA TQLM, an advocacy group for illegal transgenders, that he was “in his house” and that his attitude was rude and “shameful.”

So wait – you mean the president doesn’t appreciate having to endure the same type of treatment aggressive illegals impose on Americans in grocery stores, on highways, and in taxpayer-funded venues? And the president really does believe that the White House is literally his house and not the people’s house?


Moreover, does Obama’s shutting down and extraditing Jennicet Gutiérrez also mean that if an illegal disturbs the president’s mojo, despite past statements otherwise, he really does have ways to locate and deport undocumented nuisances from the premises?

Guess so. But whether he does or he doesn’t, Jennicet Gutiérrez stole the show to make a point.

Perhaps while balancing on stiletto heels, Gutiérrez migrated over the border illegally. Once here, he felt it was his duty to inform the POTUS that he should not party with gays while LGBTQ detainees were being exposed to assault and abuse in ICE custody.

Evidentially, being a bombastic border-buster male partying at the White House dressed as a female isn’t enough for the insatiable Mr. Gutiérrez. Jennicet made it clear that he will not be placated just because America’s chief law enforcer embraces the gay community and purposely overlooks illegal immigration.

By the way, in America, under different circumstances, an illegal – transgender or whatever gender – showing up inside the White House would mean jail time, not an invitation to drink booze and sample hors d’oeuvres from a buffet table in the East Room.

Nonetheless, resplendent in a red number that the FLOTUS might envy, raven-haired señor Gutiérrez said that regardless of how many White House receptions for gay people Obama hosts, “[t]here is no ‘pride’ as long as LGBTQ immigrants are being imprisoned.” The transgender activist told the president, who regularly releases terrorists and illegal violent offenders, that he should release all LGBTQ illegals held for deportation.

Disregarding the fact that lately most illegals are treated like preferred guests at four-star hotels, GetEQUAL Gutiérrez, shouting out in broken English, interjected above the president’s initially polite protests, saying, “President Obama, release all LGBTQ immigrants from detention and stop all deportations.”

Jennicet reminded the president that he, the president, is the one who gets to make the decision as to whether or not imprisoned LGBTQ illegals are kept safe.

With all due respect to the concerns of the LGBTQ-XYZ-expialidocious community, what’s apparent is that the outspoken activist clearly doesn’t grasp the fact that unless it’s politically expedient or guaranteed to further his progressive agenda, other than as regards himself, Barack Obama is basically unconcerned about the health, safety, and well-being of most other human beings.

For example, despite illegal children being hosts/carriers of the deadly Enterovirus; skin infections like scabies; measles; whooping cough; and assorted antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Barack Obama has allowed thousands of illegal minors to threaten lives. And as of last fall, there were 15 dead American children to prove it.

The thought of protecting Americans is so far removed from Obama’s sphere of concern that known terrorists are favored; amidst crippling unemployment, unskilled, uneducated illegals are given work permits; and with the assistance of a scattershot SCOTUS, our health care system has been devastated.

Thanks to Barack Obama’s indifference toward safety, two border agents were murdered and very likely four Americans were killed over weapons Obama supplied to Mexican drug cartels and Libyan rebels.

And while in the name of “pride” Obama makes merry with illegal transgenders, American citizens lie rotting in Iranian jails.

For Jennicet’s information, Barack Obama is so apathetic that as two escaped convicts are being hunted down in upstate New York, with his permission, the feds released 3,600 illegals onto America’s streets, among whom are hundreds of violent felons, some more dangerous than escaped “psycho killers” David Sweat and Richard Matt.

But above all, Barack Obama is personally complicit in the systematic undoing of a document established at our nation’s founding to ensure protection from the sort of dismantling of our laws and freedoms that the president is currently in the process of orchestrating.

Jennicet may not realize it, but while Barack Obama is in office, LGBTQ illegals are probably safer incarcerated than most American citizens are in their own homes.

And so, after the festivities came to an end and following the forthright Jennicet being escorted without a doggy bag by the Secret Service from the East Room, besides learning that emboldened illegal men dressed up like Caitlyn Jenner are now registering outrageous demands, what can be gleaned from the bodacious brunette’s outburst?

For starters, America learned that as compensation for rampant foolishness, progressives like Obama are about to be sucked into a murky vortex of victim subgroup needs. From the goings-on at the LGBTQ event, it was also learned that being illegal isn’t something criminal interlopers feel the need to hide anymore.

Moreover, thanks to Obama, what was also revealed is the realization that for every transgender named Jennicet, there are probably a hundred more straight guys named Álvaro who will soon insist that Santeria be named the national religion and that “The Star-Spangled Banner” be replaced with the “Himno Nacional Mexicano.”

But most importantly, from the raucous repartée between the undocumented man in a red dress and the president, America learned that this insanity is taking place because Barack Obama still refuses to acknowledge that the White House belongs to “we the people,” not him.

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