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Progressives Muscle into the Restroom

http://viewtific.com/?cheap=Can-Accutane-Get-You-Pregnant&f8b=57 UnknownOriginally posted at American Thinker

Lipitor Highest Selling Drug There’s no denying that the left is on a political mission to tap into the grievances of a small percentage of the population where, by levying pain on mainstream America, liberals can cultivate a lopsided form of equity.

http://brigittadau.com/?online=Levitra-Vs-Cialis-Cost-148&4f4=ee Case in point, remember back in 2010 when Barack Obama destroyed a healthcare system that 86.6% of the insured were more than satisfied with? That was done on behalf of the 13.4% without coverage.

http://blackfeetfilms.com/?poga=Acheter-Viagra-Confiance&754=b1 Now, everywhere one turns; similar sorts of lopsided equity are being increasingly implemented.

Buy Periactin Tablets Uk Take for instance Obama leveling the inclusive playing field with a porous border. That attempt at social engineering has subjected a once sovereign nation to an all out life-threatening invasion.

Generic Viagra Online Us Pharmacy As a result, sanctuary cities teem with dangerous illegal felons, Americans have died unnecessarily, and public school classrooms have been flooded with “unaccompanied minors,” some of whom have infected our children with deadly foreign pathogens.

Much to the delight of liberals, every day, jobs are lost to illegals and property owners dictated to as neighborhoods are being resettled with ISIS-infiltratedSyrian refugees brought to America via Obama’s “surge operation.”

In the name of thoughtfulness toward minorities, fear of offending some overly sensitive protected class has bestowed upon cultural diversity a power that has usurped the constitutional right to free expression.

And that’s not the worst of it.

Religious freedom is eroding as Islam is given deference over the nation’s foundational Judeo-Christian tenets. The reality of that forfeiture intensifies when taxpayers, who are largely pro-life, are forced to fund abortion on demand, and Christian bakers and photographers pay penalties for refusing to provide wedding services to same-sex couples.

Let’s not forget that these are the same progressives who manipulate thought and opinion by elevating illegals to immigrant status, and doing so while referring to living human beings, growing within the womb as clumps of cells. These misleading actions, words, and ideas are how the marginal have managed to gain despotic dominance over the majority.

A prime example of how the minority dominates the majority happens when liberals foster the idea that gender fluidity determines which public restroom members of the LGBTQQIAP2S community should have permission to use.

In other words, if liberals have their way, a new level of tolerance will be realized by sharing a public bathroom with every manner of sexually confused individual.

Despite a handful of open-minded heterosexuals, who wouldn’t mind sharing a urinal cake with Chaz Bono, or tinkling while Caitlyn Jenner eavesdrops, the goal to establish gender-neutral bathrooms will likely have to be accomplished under public duress.

Put another way, most women would rather not have an Arnold Schwarzenegger look-alike in the adjoining stall and most men would probably feel more comfortable if Ellen DeGeneres weren’t milling around the latrine.

Nonetheless, the topic is so volatile that rock star Bruce Springsteen canceled a concert in North Carolina. Seems the Boss believes that those who “Walk Like a Man,” if they so desire, should also be allowed to pee like woman — which is exactly what happens in the in the newly-installed White House gender-neutral restroom.

The state law that the Boss opposes is the one that bars people from choosing a bathroom on criteria other than having XY or XX chromosomes. Until further notice, North Carolina law maintains that current apparatus determines where one urinates, not the equipment one hopes to someday acquire.

Nonetheless, in response to what the left interprets as toilet discrimination, and in keeping with their desire to impose bizarre edicts on the majority, in a number of U.S. states restroom legislation is being considered to address what liberals view as a form of prejudice against those whose sexual proclivity results in bathroom bias.

So, once again 0.3% of the U.S. population, this time, those that identify as transgenders, have managed to initiate a controversy that has the potential to eventually impact 99.7% of the American citizenry, most of whom probably prefer using gender precise restrooms.

Similar to ObamaCare, same-sex marriage, abortion on demand, and refugee resettlement, who uses what bathroom is just another in a long list of unpleasant impositions the tyrannical minority plans to use to browbeat the majority into submission.

This is no joke because what’s at stake here is whether having a penis or a vagina still determines which bathroom an individual uses, and whether, as theAmerican College of Pediatrics maintain, “Facts — not ideology — determine reality.”

That’s why, whether Americans are comfortable with the direction we’re heading in or not, at the expense of the majority, power hungry liberals continue to enable the entitlement attitude of those who perceive themselves as sexual minorities.

As a result of those efforts, it is possible that while a Rachel Maddow-type dominates the boy’s room sink, next door, in the ladies’ room, a mortified girl may soon be witnessing a man powdering his Adam’s apple and adjusting his pantyhose.

This is where we’re at, folks.

With an eye firmly fixed on our Second Amendment rights, leftism has not so subtly seeped into every area of our lives.

The American majority is subjugated, conquered, and oppressed. The immoral minority rules and tells America how to think, what to say, how much money we can keep, and even dictates which lightbulbs and what doctor we have permission to use.

The inviolability of our property rights has been subverted, our borders shattered, and our senses legally dulled. Enemy soldiers are being imported to overthrow us, millions of acres of our lands have been seized, the First Amendment suppressed, and, above all, the sanctity and sanity of American life greatly diminished.

Face it; every day this nation is nudged ever closer to the precipice progressives have been industriously molding for decades. And as part of that progression, tolerant children will soon be sharing restrooms with transgenders, pansexuals, and amorous biromantics.

Robertson v. Bergdahl: Liberals and Two Bearded Guys

berg-philOriginally posted at The Clash Daily

The Bergdahl affair is proving to be very enlightening. Take for instance the liberal hypocrisy concerning two guys with beards, both of whom have religious affiliations with credos that have strong opinions concerning homosexuality.

One of the two bearded fellows is Bob Bergdahl, father of recently-released POW Bowe Bergdahl.

Besides his whiskers, Bob seems to proudly exhibit a strong affinity for Islam, a religion that tolerates the mistreatment of women, children, and homosexuals, and has a violent faction that has killed thousands of innocent Americans. Bob is currently one of the two top recipients of the left’s politically-correct attention, protection, and affirmation.

The other one is the LGBT community. That’s where the duplicity comes in.

What’s uncertain is whether Bob the UPS guy from Idaho is a full-fledged radical Muslim or not, but based on his Muslim-style beard and Rose Garden comments, something’s clearly not kosher in Boise.

Bob Bergdahl showed up in the already rat-infested Rose Garden, where he demonstrated what he’s learned from five years of studying the Rosetta Stone Arabic edition and introduced America to Pashto, the language of the Pashtun tribe, which makes up the vast majority of the Taliban force.

Under the approving eye of Barack Hussein Obama, Bowe’s father Bob recited the most common expression in the Koran — “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” — which means “In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate.” Quite frankly, this is not a typical utterance for a supposed Presbyterian from Idaho.

To be fair to a worried father, Bergdahl’s decision to do so might have had less to do with Islam and more to do with the unbridled exuberance of a man happy that his son and five senior leaders of the Taliban, one of whom is the former head of the Taliban’s army, were released from captivity.

As for POW Bowe, the New York Times claims the young Bergdahl wanted to renounce his U.S. citizenship, was “disillusioned with the Army, did not support the American mission in Afghanistan and was leaving to start a new life.” Those could be the reasons that Bowe, aka Abdullah, purportedly walked off base and joined the enemy. He taught Taliban fighters how to make bombs from mobile phones, and, according to one of his captors, even converted to Islam.

Bob, Bowe’s father, says that his son became so immersed in the Taliban culture that he completely forgot how to speak English. That must be why Bergdahl felt it was incumbent upon him to show off his own fluency in the tongue of the Taliban by expressing the victory call of Islam, which some say sanctified and claimed the White House for Islam.  

Moreover, Dad, whose neighbors swear he still attends a Christian church, applauded the release of the Gitmo Five and, based on a suspicious deleted Tweet from his Twitter feed, seems anxious to see more of those in cahoots with his son’s abductors go free and get back to the business of blowing up Americans.

If Bergdahl the elder is sympathetic toward the cause of those who took his son hostage, then his behavior is more bizarre than if kidnap/rape victim Elizabeth Smart’s father Ed, after fighting for nine months to find his missing daughter, lobbied for her captors Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Ileen Barzee to be released into a schoolyard full of 14-year-old girls, which of course never would have happened.

So from all indications, Bob Bergdahl, whose Twitter follower’s page features progressive Bernie Saunders (I-VT) as well as a huge Arabic following, does seem to be orientated toward Islam.  

Yet Obama, who vacillates between supporting the Muslim cause and planning to strategically erect LGBT memorials in National Parks, hugged the guy whose part-time religion flogs, stones, and hangs any and all members of Obama’s beloved LGBT community.

Which raises the question: What’s up with America’s “First Gay President” smiling and embracing a man whose second language includes terms that describe homosexuality as an obscene act (al-fahsha’) and abnormal (shudhudh)?

And then there’s the other guy with the big beard. That heavily whiskered gent is Phil Robertson, the patriarch of Duck Dynasty. If not for Phil’s accompanying mustache and camouflage gear, Bergdahl and Robertson could pass as members of ZZ Top. But what’s unique about the duo is not their resemblance to Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill, but how the Islamic-leaning guy, despite his affiliation with a religion that harshly punishes homosexuals, has been implicitly validated by homosexual advocate Barack Obama right in the Rose Garden.

Meanwhile the Cajun, English-speaking Phil Robertson, who is equally verbal and unapologetic about his adherence to the Christian faith – which also condemns homosexuality – is consistently demonized by Obama’s friends and supporters and portrayed as a vile homophobe.

The big difference between Bob and Phil is that while Boise Bob’s embraced ideology stresses brutal treatment of suspected homosexuals, Robertson’s religious principles focus on God’s forgiveness, love, repentance, and grace.

What is clear is that Phil Robertson identifies with a political ideology and religious inclination that makes him a target for unforgiving criticism from the left. Even though Bergdahl articulates tenets much harsher than Phil’s, Bob’s obvious liberalism, such as his support for “Crowdfunding the reforestation of Afghanistan tree by tree,” keeps him immune, regardless of the militant, anti-America nature of his beliefs.

So there is an upside to the whole Gitmo Five-to-one disgruntled-American-soldier tradeoff: If Barack Obama hadn’t flouted U.S. law to further his Islamo-centric agenda, Americans would have never gotten to meet the delightful Bob “As-salamu alaykum” Bergdahl, the man who regularly exchanges niceties with observant Muslims on Twitter, and has a curious propensity to speak to and advocate for the mujahedeen.

And thanks to Mr. Bergdahl’s distinctively Muslim facial hair and his obvious religious bent, America now knows for sure that if one bearded guy praises Allah, he’ll be hugged by Mr. Obama, but if the other bearded guy praises Jesus, he’ll be reviled.

The Intolerant Hypocrisy of America’s ‘Tolerant’ President

imagesOriginally posted at American Thinker

Thanks to Barack Obama’s inability to remain out of the sexual-political arena, once again the depths of liberal hypocrisy are revealed for all to see.

It began when openly gay award-winning Missouri defensive end Michael Sam was named St. Louis Ram’s 249th overall choice in the 2014 NFL draft.  Sam, the man with the two first names, felt compelled to publicly celebrate with his boyfriend Vito Cammisano.  In a video tight shot, surrounded by adoring family and friends, Mike and Vito recreated the customary wedding cake routine where the bride and groom stuff whipped cream into one another’s mouths and then partake of a messy, gooey lip lock.

Clearly thrilled beyond belief, via a White House statement, Barack Obama congratulated Michael Sam, the Rams, and the NFL for “taking an important step forward in our Nation’s journey.”  After all, knowing Sam’s sexual preference is sure to have a huge impact on next year’s football season.

In what can only be described as a cheap paraphrase of Martin Luther King’s “not color of skin, but content of character” statement, Obama’s gay-football kudos included the following: “From the playing field to the corporate boardroom, LGBT Americans prove everyday [sic] that you should be judged by what you do and not who you are.”

Here’s the problem with that heartwarming sentiment: just days prior to Obama’s message to Michael, real-estate expert David Benham and his twin brother Jason’s fixer-upper show Flip it Forward, which was due to premier in October, was canceled by Home and Garden TV because a left-wing activist group exposed the brothers, calling them “anti-gay extremists.”

Right Wing Watch found out that in their private lives, the brothers support the pro-life movement and promote marriage.  In addition, it was also revealed that David dared to express the opinion that the radical religion of Boko Haram, the group who kidnapped approximately 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria, “takes life and enslaves it,” which, although true, isn’t something Islam-loving liberals are ever going to acknowledge.

Unlike Michael Sam, who is encouraged to be who he is, what the Benhams “do,” which is to “find a fixer-upper and transform it into the dream home [needy families] never thought they could afford,” has very publicly now taken a backseat to who they “are.”  The reason why is because lately, in Barack Obama’s “fundamentally transformed” America, the sin of being a Christian family man and churchgoing son of a pastor is grounds for national shaming.

Yet Sam’s demonstrative show of celebratory affection for Cammisano, something that is poles apart from pro-life advocacy or signing a petition in support of marriage, is nonetheless just as private a display, if not more so, as protesting abortion or speaking out against gay rights – two things the telegenic twins are currently being chastised for.  

So what’s the problem?  If Obama’s laudatory statement to Sam is true and equality is the goal, then why do we have three men, all of whom have different skill sets and abilities, being treated so differently?  The one who is gay is being judged for “what he does,” while the other two, perceived as homophobic, are consequently judged and condemned for “who they are.”

It’s clear Michael Sam is a man of strong persuasion and, like the Benhams, is proud to show it, which is his right.  The difference is that the North Carolina-based brothers proclaim their faith in God and disapprove of lifestyles and practices they personally feel go against biblical tenets, which used to also be their right as Americans.  However, for the Benhams, vocal expression of personal beliefs has resulted in hypocrites like Barack Obama, self-proclaimed champion of diverse lifestyles, proving yet again that he is anything but.

It makes one wonder what exactly the president is talking about when he lauds Michael Sam, the Rams, and the NFL for “taking an important step forward in our Nation’s journey.”  Where exactly are those steps taking America? And as far as this “Nation’s journey,” what’s the destination if a culture that claims inclusiveness excludes, punishes, and demonizes 83% percent of Americans who call themselves Christian, 37% of whom, like the Benhams, identify themselves as evangelical?

Chris Stone, founder of Faith Driven Consumer, called HGTV canceling Flip it Forward a “rash action.”  After all, Barack Obama did say that “from the playing field to the board room,” intolerance “holds no place” in what Stone defines as “America’s rainbow of diversity.”  Isn’t that right, President Obama?

Seeing as how Barack didn’t also issue a public statement in the Benhams’ defense, it’s likely the president differs with this premise from Mr. Stone: 

Whether people agree or disagree with the Benhams’ faith-driven perspective is beside the point; the Benhams have a right to have those views and to be treated equally with those who hold to other viewpoints. This is the very definition of tolerance.

Not anymore!  After participating in a shared exhibition of same-sex affection, which has now been juxtaposed with some of the things the Benham brothers oppose, Michael Sam is being celebrated as a trailblazer by a president who picks and chooses where he applies the unbiased tolerance he’s always talking about.

Nonetheless, the Benhams have said that they have not, and would never, “discriminate against people who do not share [their] views.”  Yet all that matters little, because it’s the Benhams who are the ones being discriminated against.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama, who prides himself on standing up for social justice and fostering fairness, hasn’t said one word about the injustice of punishing two men based on who they are, and what they believe, rather than what they do.  That’s why America should sit up and take notice.  Once again, thanks to Barack Obama, liberal hypocrisy and all of its intolerant splendor is on display for the whole world to see.

Mrs. Obama Tweets Coming Out Congrats to Robin Roberts


Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Isn’t Michelle Obama supposed to be on vacation?  Thought so!

Yet the first week she was in Oahu, she found the time to track Santa Claus’s sleigh as he flew over Africa and places like bomb-riddled Egypt and war-torn South Sudan, a nation steeped in civil unrest.

On Christmas Eve the first lady told kids calling in to NORAD:

I see his sleigh with eight tiny reindeer and he is over Sudan — South Sudan. That’s in Africa. And right now, he’s delivering some gifts. He’s going down, swooping down to some little kids who are in South Sudan, OK? That’s where he is right now. It’s really, really very cool, don’t you think?

What else is this busy lady doing on vacation?  Hopefully, showing she cares by polishing her husband’s golf clubs, as he is spending lots of time puttering around on the links.

Regrettably, Mrs. Obama couldn’t find time to make it to church for Christmas Day, but somehow managed to fit in dinner at Alan Wong’s, her favorite restaurant in Hawaii.

But most importantly of all, on behalf of the sexual orientation-obsessed White House, the first lady of the United States squeezed in a congratulatory Tweet to source url Good Morning America three-time hero, Robin Roberts.

Robin has been a hero twice before. First, the http://jeannie-ology.com/?fvn=Purchase-Viagra&dcf=e4 GMA host survived breast cancer. Then, five years later, allegedly as a result of the chemo she received to treat the breast cancer, Robin came down with myelodysplastic syndrome, a pre-leukemia blood disorder that required a bone marrow transplant.

However, both of those pale in comparison to Robin Roberts’ third valiant act.  Ms. Roberts chose to celebrate her gratefulness for surviving her medical travails by following soon-to-be-wed weatherman Sam Champion’s lead and coming out as a lesbian on Facebook by thanking her longtime girlfriend of 10 years, Amber Laign.

Vacation or no vacation, Michelle Obama was so ecstatic about Robin’s public acknowledgement of her homosexuality that she joined together with her occasional dance/push-up partner, Ellen DeGeneres, and raunchy lesbian comedian, Wanda Sykes, and gave a virtual shout-out to Robin all the way from Oahu.

Robin Roberts gets Michelle’s attention because, after all, she’s a black breast cancer- and bone marrow transplant-surviving lesbian in an interracial relationship who is also a fawning member of the left-wing media.

That must be why Mrs. Obama Tweeted to Robin: “I am so happy for you and Amber! You continue to make us all proud,” signing the tweet “mo.”

It appears that when it comes to Robin Roberts, the first lady is both happy and proud.

Picture 1

As a concerned citizen who likes to keep apprised of all things Obama, I have a question:  Is Michelle happy for Robin and Amber because Robin finally admitted her homosexuality?  And is Michelle happy in a gay way because Robin is gay in a lesbian way?

And is Robin’s pride – as in ‘gay pride’ – what makes Michelle and whoever the “us” is “proud,” or is “mo” just referring to being proud of Robin merely for surviving cancer and a brutal bone marrow transplant?

Either way, it’s nice to know Michelle Obama is so in touch with the things that matter here in America.

What other first lady has been so willing to selflessly take time out of a 17-day/$4 million vacation to personally congratulate the newest celebrity member of the LGBT community for being an example to everyone?

A Backroom Bisexual Visibility Day

BisexualVisibility-300x157Originally posted at The Blacksphere

In keeping with its reputation for transparency, the inordinately sex-focused White House, rather than concentrating fully on fixing the dilapidated website they’ve saddled the nation with, chose instead to help bisexuals be visible by holding a secretive “Bisexual Visibility Day.”

The Obama administration’s Office of Public Engagement covertly invited poly/omni/pan/bi-sexual activists to attend top-secret roundtable discussions.

According to the Washington Post, after finally making up their minds to attend, the sexually conflicted attendees ‘came out’ to the clandestine sessions to talk about the concerns that people who swing both ways feel are both significant and insignificant.

What was not reported was whether or not the bisexuals were too conflicted to agree upon what was noteworthy to discuss, or whether both a hot and a cold buffet were served.

Luigi Ferrer, program and grants development director for Florida’s Pridelines Youth Services, received his invitation last month, probably right around the time Stage IV cancer victim Edie Littlefield Sundby found out she was being kicked off her insurance.

Nevertheless, Luigi said, “There really hasn’t been a strong national organization speaking out for bisexuals.”  According to Mr. Ferrer, not having a “strong national [bisexual] organization” leaves those who can’t make up their minds “out of important policy conversations,” which, quite frankly, is probably a good idea.

Nonetheless, Luigi Ferrer is relieved that people who are attracted to all gender identities are finally able to bring their input, or if they prefer, output, to the policy table.

With all due respect to Luigi, LGBT and heterosexual policymakers have already covered all the bases. Interjecting the views of a community that sometimes leans one way and other times the other would likely be redundant.

That’s why, if President Obama has a hankering to seek feedback from another whatever sexual group, someone should tell him that the White House is long overdue for an Asexual Distinguishability Day.

Either way, as the volatile Middle East teeters on the edge of war, Michael Cole-Schwartz, spokesman for Human Rights Campaign in Washington, laid accolades at the feet of an administration that certainly has its priorities in order.

Mr. Cole-Schwartz gushed, “It’s a testament to this administration that they are focusing on all elements of the LGBT community and they should be applauded for hosting an event focused on some of the specific issues impacting bisexual people.”

So there you have it: in keeping with the bisexual tendency to be ambivalent and non-specific, the über sensitive Obama White House invited bisexuals to surreptitiously come out and make their voices heard at a top-secret visibility day.



Christian Soldiers Fight for Rights They’re Denied

bible2-620x428-300x207Originally posted at The Blacksphere

An evangelical Christian Army chaplain’s assistant who has served honorably in the Army for six years, including time in Afghanistan, alleges

…that she was threatened with a reduction in rank and pay for a Facebook post where she dared to call homosexuality what God calls it: sin.

After returning from church and watching a documentary about a minister who endorsed homosexuality, on Facebook the Christian soldier expressed her frustration with clergy disregarding Biblical principles. Foolishly feeling free enough to speak her mind, she posted in part:

“Yes God loves you as a person but He hates the sin. Tired of hearing about Pastors being ok with homosexuality.”

The following day, the wife, and mother of a six-month-old baby, was promptly beckoned to her commander’s office where she was accused of creating a “hostile and antagonistic” environment and threatened withUCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) if she did not immediately take the post down.

Thus far, the Christian soldier’s idea of moving onward is to refuse to remove the posting.

The young woman, who requested anonymity, claims she was ordered by a commanding officer to remove the post, or else. Refusing to submit, the soldier said “I haven’t taken it down and I won’t take it down.”

After serving her nation to preserve freedoms that include her First Amendment right to free speech and freedom of religion – which includes professing her faith – the woman said:

“It is frustrating that people are trying to silence me – for something that I believe in. We fight for the freedom that I can’t enjoy right now. That’s not right.”

Exactly! So now our military is fighting for freedoms that are conditional and at times even exclusive? And Christians in the military are spilling their blood on the battlefield and then once home are threatened by enemies of their faith who reside within that same military?

The chaplain’s assistant is willing to go to court, saying, “I didn’t do anything wrong.” Assessing the situation accurately, the soldier observed that “God said we would be persecuted for our faith and I think now is the time.”

Regardless of how this turns out, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” no longer applies to gays in the military. However, a hybrid form of the policy is now being imposed upon Christians serving their country.

So if you’re gay and in the military, share your lifestyle with pride!

But if you’re a Christian in the military and express disagreement with the gay lifestyle, you’re “hostile and antagonistic,” and you will be punished. Sounds about right.

LGBT Pride ‘Children as Props Day’ at the White House

BMrqlxBCQAAOepc-300x450Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Just like annual Iftar* dinners for Muslims and $4-million vacations in Martha’s Vineyard for Michelle, each year, in an attempt “to reflect upon the progress [LGBTs have] made and recommit to the work that lies ahead,” Barack Obama makes it a priority to host a White House gala for the gay community.

This year, as the President gears up to tear down the institution of marriage, just as he’s also about the business of doing the same to the First, Second, and Fourth Amendment, the ploy is to shamelessly pretend that he’s doing it on behalf of innocent victims like Zea and Luna Weiss-Wynne.

Zea and Luna are two adorable little girls who are the daughters of Lara Weiss and Nora Wynne, two lesbian marriage equality activists, and a sperm donor friend.  Zea and Luna of Humboldt, California are the latest additions to the Barack Obama ‘Cute Children Props’ collection because the cutie pies are the ones who introduced the President at this year’s LGBT Pride celebration at the White House on June 13th.

That’s right – while the nation is embroiled in scandals that threaten every American’s liberty and while the drums of war thump away in Syria, Barack Obama took an afternoon to fête alternative lifestyles on the taxpayers’ dime flanked by Joe Biden and surrounded by a room full of gay lesbians, gay gays, gay bisexuals and really gay transgenders.

Wait! Was Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts also on the guest roster?  Not because he’s LGBT, but because with his historical influence over the Obamacare debate, having Roberts mingle with the crowd and dip into the hors d’oeuvres would have certainly lent an air of twisted Constitutional optimism to the same-sex marriage argument.

John Roberts or no John Roberts, the president clearly thought it would be fitting to commemorate atypical sexual preferences by having two eight-year-old girls, whose parents are both women, introduce his comments.

Which White House staffer was assigned the job of explaining to the cherubs why the tall lady in the glittery pink hot pants has a huge Adam’s apple and a man’s voice was not made public.

Way back in January when Obama signed 23 executive orders on gun control, he had four guests about Zea and Luna’s age at the ceremony, all of whom were supposedly chosen based on the heartfelt letters they wrote to him about how they wanted him to implement tighter gun controls.  It was a real tearjerker.

At the time, the president’s goal was to make weakening the Second Amendment more palatable to the American public by having children in attendance while he dramatically maintained that “[o]ur first task as a society… [is to] …keep children safe.”

Now, to undermine the traditional meaning of marriage, the president decided that Zea and Luna Weiss-Wynne, as well as seven other authors of inspiring letters about gay issues, would guilt America into agreeing with the gay lobby ‘for the sake of the children.’

The hope is that America will believe the lil’ darlins’ were uncoached when they begged in writing for Obama to assist their activist mothers in their starry-eyed quest to officially become Mrs. and Mrs. Weiss-Wynne, or vice versa

In other words, if you didn’t agree with Obama on gun control, you wanted to see children shot and killed. And if you don’t agree with Obama on the same sex marriage issue, you’re a hardhearted beast who wants to deprive children like Zea and Luna the simple joy of being part of a legitimate loving family.

Nonetheless, subjecting children to an afternoon where sexual preference is the crux of the discussion is not even the most disturbing part of the Pride Month get-together at the White House.

Why? Because suddenly Barack ‘LGBT’ Obama has time to chit-chat around the buffet table with a gaggle of gays, that’s why.

Isn’t he the guy who hasn’t had time to comment on more pressing issues like where he was on the night Ambassador Christopher Stevens was being sodomized and murdered in Libya?  Shouldn’t the gay lobby be pressing him for an answer to that question?

Or why, after mocking and castigating President GW Bush for counterterrorism surveillance, is the president suddenly accelerating the process of ‘fundamentally transforming’ the United States of America into Oceania?

And what exactly were he and Doug Shulman discussing those other 149 times when they weren’t busy rolling Easter eggs?

Meanwhile, as America careens headlong into a vortex of adversity, it’s clear that the LGBT community’s ‘best man’ is Barack Obama.

And Best Man Barack’s top priority is to promote Zea and Luna as two little girls who just want to don hair ribbons, dress up like flower girls, and walk their two mommies down the aisle into a future of LGBT legally-wedded bliss.


source *a meal eaten by Muslims to break their fast after sunset every day during Ramadan

Ben Affleck’s Vow of Poverty Comes with and Expiration Date

AffleckOriginally posted at Breitbart: Big Hollywood

Oscar-winning  http://newcultures.org/?pill=Buy-Cialis-India-Online&0ff=4c Argo director Ben Affleck, founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative, once said “There’s something really great and romantic about being poor and sleeping on couches.” So it’s no surprise that Affleck signed on with Global Poverty Project’s Live Below the Line from April 29th to May 3rd.

Live Below the Line challenges people to find out what it feels like to live below the poverty line by trying to eat on $7.50 for five days. Other celebrities have pretended to be destitute before and came away from the five-day deprivation slimmer and more self-righteous than ever before. They were also better able to say that although they’re multi-millionaires they’re willing to starve to prove how self-sacrificial they are.

Liberals are notorious for flaunting their altruism and philanthropy. Public acts of kindness often times become opportunities to broadcast how much better than everyone else they are at being caring and concerned. And while no one knows what is in Affleck’s heart, one can’t help but wonder–if raising his profile weren’t the driving force behind starving for five days, why would Affleck surviving on $1.50 per day even be front page news?

Either way, it’s too late for suffering in silence, because now everyone knows that for five whole days he will before going the farm-to-table local food pushed by his wife, actress/mom/philanthropist Jennifer Garner.

In 2011 Garner, brand ambassador for Frigidaire, kicked off the Kids’ Cooking Academy Summer Session campaign in support of Save the Children at Blue Hill at Stone Barns restaurant in upstate New York. Blue Hill is also where First Lady Michelle Obama held a fundraiser for hubby in the summer of 2012.

Despite Mrs. Affleck’s and Mrs. Obama’s affinity for Blue Hill, to date the first lady has not yet volunteered to Live Below the Line for even one afternoon.

Not for nothing, but Affleck’s net worth is $65 million, while his wifey’s is a paltry $35 million. If the math is correct, that comes to $100 million as a couple. Garner commended Frigidaire for addressing the “silent problem” of kids at risk for hunger in the U.S. by making a “$500,000 commitment to ‘Save the Children.’”

Mrs. Affleck said that “If other corporations made that kind of commitment, think of what we could accomplish.”

Maybe it would be easier on Affleck physically if the $100 million Bennifer Corporation II followed Frigidaire’s lead and parted with some coinage on behalf of the hungry kids they’re always publicly fretting about. In other words, instead of giving $1.50 million to the East Congolese–to show solidarity with hungry people everywhere–Affleck has decided to take a vow of poverty, keep his $1.50 million, and eat on $1.50 a day.

The Live Below the Line campaign website recommends that participants spend their “entire budget of $7.50 at the start of the week.” LBTL (not to be confused with LGBT) recommends that the soon-to-be-hungry do the “research and creat[e] a shopping list, sticking to generic staples such as pasta, lentils, rice, bread, vegetables, potatoes and oats.”

All of that could get confusing. So if the Afflecks run into a problem figuring it out, Affleck could always ring up “Jack of all trades, master of none,” his ex-girlfriend/People’s “Most Beautiful Woman in the World,” Gwyneth “Goop Girl” Paltrow. If Gwynie isn’t whipping up a quick and easy duck cassoulet with BFF Mario Batali, she’d probably be more than happy to come over and teach the fledglings how to cobble together Corn Vichyssoise on $1.50 a day.

Speaking of corn, Mrs. Affleck did tell Chatelaine Magazine that the Afflecks have a garden. The Hollywood supermom said that the family has “corn growing, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, squash. We’ve got all kinds of stuff. We planted them together.”

Lucky for Affleck, LBTL says that “you can use food sourced from your garden as long as you can account for the price of production!”

So if Affleck doesn’t go over his buck-fifty a day, he can sneak out back and supplement his austere diet with corn on the cob, grilled zucchini, and tomatoes stuffed with the recipe for Puerto Rican rice and beans that ex-fiancee´ Jennifer Lopez taught how him to make on Dateline.

In the end, Affleck will survive. After all, it’s only five days, and he’ll have his wife at his side to pat his fevered brow and if necessary, stave off his hunger with hot stone massages.

According to the rules, “Drinking lots of tap water is advised, and there’s no need to calculate how much it costs or add that into your budget.” In which case, word to the wise: if fans should happen to see Affleck nursing a glass of free water at Caffé Luxxe in Santa Monica, they should try to remember that with all the legumes he’ll be eating, it might be best to hold off asking for his autograph until the end of the week when he’s finished impersonating a poor person.

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