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Fat Heads – American Thinker Blog – April 21, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” healthy initiative was in danger of being derailed by a recent obesity study.  According to U.S. researchers it seems “a variant of an obesity gene carried by more than a third of the U.S. population also reduces brain volume, raising carrier’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Just when Michelle Obama was on the precipice of infiltrating candy machines, public school cafeterias and having her edifying picture on every bag of Doritos, out comes a study that blames the obesity epidemic on DNA.   The study purports one third of Americans have the genetic makeup that curses them with a proclivity to be portly.  Lo-and- behold thirty-three percent is exactly the number the Center for Disease Control claims makes up the 1/3rd chunkier demographic in America.

People with the FTO gene, a variant of the fat mass and obesity also suffer from brain deficits, which may make it hard to discern between a Happy Meal  and a McDonald’s, Quarter-pounder with cheese.

The result is that a  prevalent gene not only adds inches to your waistline, but brain scans of more than 200 people “found consistently less tissue in the brains of people who carry the ‘bad’ version of the FTO gene compared to non-carriers.”

Now if the FTO link between small brains and abundant adipose is valid, the FLOTUS could use the opportunity to provide a public service by suggesting to Democrat voters that it may be more considerate to purchase two seats, when flying Jet Blue to Barbara Boxer rallies.

On average, people with the obesity variant of the FTO gene had 8 percent less tissue in their frontal lobes – sometimes referred to as the brain’s ‘command center.’  They also had 12 percent less tissue in their occipital lobes, which is part of the brain that processes vision and other perceptions.

Michelle’s campaign could work around the 8% deficiency by reminding people that ideally Washington DC should be called “Command Central.” Doing so would eliminate the need for frontal lobes by ensuring orders issued directly from Obama to pudgy and svelte Americans alike.

As for occipital lobe insufficiency, visual problems and false perceptions could make one think they ingested a multi-grain bagel, when in fact it was an entire lemon meringue pie. Yet both Michelle and Barry maintain false perceptions and obscured sight are beneficial and should not be discouraged at this time.

Luckily for the First Lady, “added brain risk means it’s more important for FTO gene carriers to eat a low-fat diet and exercise regularly.”  Well thank God, because 300-million government subsidized hula-hoops are not something that can easily be returned for store credit.

In fact the Amish, who famously participate in barn raisings, and also have the FTO risk gene, “weigh about the same as non-carriers, suggesting physical activity overcomes genetic predisposition to obesity” The Amish component of the study has potential to further inspire community-minded Michelle to recommend Americans diminish girth by way of horse and buggy travel, and do so while simultaneously cutting down on CO2 emissions.

The study proposes, “In all the maelstrom of activities you do, exercise and a low-fat diet are genuinely saving your brain,”  in addition to sparing most people extra poundage, as well as insuring “Let’s Move” Michelle will likely be sharing organic gardening tips and Brussels sprout smoothie recipes throughout the summer.

The informative study ultimately serves to support the First Lady’s cause.  Nonetheless Mrs. Obama should exercise extreme caution when making recommendations.  Why? –Because if diet and exercise prevent brain shrinkage, Michelle’s healthy lifestyle crusade could end up costing Barack and the Democrats the next two elections.

FLOTUS tries to motivate Mexico – American Thinker Blog – April 14, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

First Lady Michelle Obama officially “kicked off…[her] international agenda” by making Mexico City her first foreign trip. Besides underscoring President Obama’s “commitment to advancing mutual interests… respect and …responsibility between nations and peoples around the world,” Michelle plans to focus on “youth engagement.”

According to the White House, 1 million people cross the U.S-Mexico border every day, which means Michelle may be addressing future beneficiaries of redistributive wealth who possess the power to keep Barack firmly ensconced in the White House.

Recently the First Lady, who has “made the welfare of children the centerpiece of [her] agenda,” expressed the motherly belief that, “as a society we have a responsibility to support and nurture “the largest percentage of the world’s population who happens to be under the age of 25.  Evidently, Mrs. Obama plans to fulfill that responsibility by “amplify[ing] and articulat[ing] a singular message … [of] self determination.”

The “act or power of making up one’s own mind about what to think or do, without outside influence or compulsion,” is the definition of self-determination. Michelle’s use of superstar power to influence freethinking in Mexico’s youth is somewhat of a dichotomy, especially in light of the FLOTUS’s strong views on everything from America’s “downright meanness” to sugar content in soft drinks.

What’s more, self-determination is defined as “the right of a people to decide upon its own political status or form of government, without outside influence,” which provides Michelle the chance to share firsthand knowledge on how blatant disrespect for opposing political views wreak havoc on presidential poll numbers.

The First Lady does retain the liberal right to set sane limits on Mexican self-directed thinking, especially if it involves choosing to eat junk food, pursuing personal interests versus serving the community or rebuffing H1N1 vaccines after a president declares a national emergency.

With obesity on the rise in Mexico Shelley’s autonomy tour is arriving in the nick of time. “Mexicans are eating more and exercising less. By some estimates, more than 200,000 people die each year in Mexico because of heart disease, diabetes and other diet-caused illnesses.”

Mrs. Obama possesses a plethora of experience encouraging healthy self-determination.  Take for example the innovative “Let’s Move” initiative, which promotes self-regulation of food choices through mandated removal of every other option than those approved by Michelle.

With zero intention to sway an amnesty-voting bloc and just prior to the President addressing the issue of immigration reform Michelle may decide to take a page from Barack’s act of contrition book. It wouldn’t be out of character for the First Lady to offer compensatory apologies to Mexico for a greed induced American recession that impeded the free “flow of money into Mexican villages and towns” by “drying up the jobs” Americans wouldn’t do.

Presidential-spouse historian Myra Gutin contends, “As the first lady, you have a chance to assert in a quiet way, I speak for the government. Or to say, I don’t speak for the government. You can have it both ways.”  Navigating the northern hemisphere, preaching self-determination, while advancing repressive policies that quell self-rule at home, exemplifies having it “both ways.”

Maybe after completing a self-determination excursion to Mexico the “uniquely influential” First Lady can venture further northward and clarify for America why the Obama collective vision seems resistant to individual thought, political debate and hostile to those who defy the shackles of government compulsion?

Going to Mexico to advocate self-determination is just another exercise in hypocrisy for the intrusive Michelle Obama who supports government, not self, as the seminal authority.

Docs tell the president to quit smoking, lower cholesterol – American Thinker Blog – March 1, 2010

Originally posted on American Thinker Blog

After a routine physical examination President Obama was found to be “in overall excellent health.”Although deemed fit for duty Obama continues to struggle with two avoidable health issues, elevated cholesterol and holding the title of America’s most historic Marlboro Man.

This most recent medical exam indicated Obama’s cholesterol levels have risen since 2007.  Why? The President appears to have a penchant for Chicago “food desert”favorites like cheeseburgers and fries, which likely contributed to Barack’s elevated low-density lipid profile. The President’s, “latest exam found his overall cholesterol was 209, slightly above the normal level of 2007. His level of LDL, the so-called bad cholesterol, was 138 and his doctor recommended that he try to reduce that to 130 through changes in his diet.”

What more opportune time than the present for Barack to volunteer to be poster boy for what happens if America fails to implement lifestyle choices promoting physical health? “Good for you living” spokesperson, First Lady Michelle Obama can refer directly to her husband when warning the nation that “small dietary changes” are futile if self-destructive men continue to smoke and take junkets to local fast food restaurants.

Then again maybe it’s not Barry’s noon time visits to Five Guys that negatively impacted his LDL, but the Wagyu beefsteak indulgence the Obama’s have partaken of for the past year.  If that’s the case, “Let’s Move” representative Michelle Obama can apologetically explain to America she was unaware extensive fat marbling was the reason that the $300.00 a pound steak Barack eats every week appears as if it’s “covered in snow.”

In addition to being a potential candidate for high cholesterol therapy, Obama was also told by chief White House physician Dr. Jeffrey Kuhlman to continue stocking up on the Nicorette gum he has been chewing for over two years.  It seems the “health care reform President”  still seems to be struggling with an ongoing problem with sacrificing Marlboro Reds for the “common good.”

As an aside, I wonder if Michelle finds Barry’s cigarette butts in the White House vegetable garden?

Either way, revelations about Obama’s health would be rectified if as a husband,Obama embraced the healthy eating and non-smoking suggestions his wife firmly encourages the rest of America adopt.

In an article entitled, “Study: Men Hard-Wired to Ignore their Wives,” Tanya Chartrand, a professor of marketing and psychology at Duke said, “People with a tendency toward reactance may nonconsciously and quite unintentionally act in a counterproductive manner simply because they are trying to resist someone else’s encroachment on their freedom.”

Cigarette smoking, burger eating  Barack Obama proves even presidents don’t take kindly to being controlled.  Which begs the question – Why is healthy lifestyle rebel Barack Obama attempting to control the rest of us?

Huck and Her Highness

Sorry people but the Mike Huckabee Show is just too painfully corny for me.  Weekly, a misty eyed Mike stares dead on into the camera extracting emotion and support from cheesy viewers nationwide.  The Governor does this, while a live studio audience of wholesome people clap as if Emeril Lagasse was about to toss out Spinach Empanaditas to a pod of weddell seals.

Couple Huckabee’s cult like studio audience together with a house band, composed of a hokey cacophony of folks from the FOX News crew who all either like to “play music or sing”– and things couldn’t get more painful. The Little Rockers close out the hour with the former Arkansas Governor, complete with Huckabee guitar strap, gleefully slapping away on the bass.

On Saturday, after six loads of wash, scrubbing two bathrooms and shopping at a grocery store that has zero parking by 8:00 am, the dimpled Huckabee’s poetic soliloquy that inspires the audience to mindlessly applaud even when Mike apologetically says, “Going to commercial break” is more than one person can bear.

Although a reluctant watcher, a few weeks ago the ex-governor, who championed a hundred pound weight loss, appeared to be sporting a noticeably deeper dimple.  In fact, it appeared as if Mike’s facial indentation could double for the Pillsbury Doughboy’s missing belly button.

Mike “Ahhh Shucksabee,” author of Quit Digging Your Grave with a Knife and Fork: A 12 Stop Program to End Bad Habits and Begin a Healthy Lifestyle appeared as if the girth that ” 12 stopped off” was beginning to “12 stop on.”  Passing my hubby with the dust mop, I commented, “Honey, Mikey looks as if his tent pegs need to be widened a tad” a comment that was met with a “Ugh huh, whatever you say dear.

I believe that for me, the beginning of the Huckabee downward lack of credibility spiral began when Paula Deen, “the queen of Southern cuisine” paid a visit to share cooking tips and talked about “big fat chickens” to “Y’all.” But what really took the red velvet cake was Fox News announcing Michelle Obama would be joining the Huckster for a bipartisan discussion on childhood obesity.

I’m just wondering, is Fox News now becoming “unfair and unbalanced?”  It used to be Larry King was the only mildly respectable sycophant on cable.  The Michelle on Huckabee announcement makes this woman yearn for Geraldo Rivera reporting live from hurricane central or former news correspondent hoarse-throated, “my sources tell me,” Rita Cosby to be reinstated to Fox’s blonde brigade.

Admit it, Mike and Michelle are a combo only a mother could love…every mother but this mother that is.  Michelle with stationary, over-plucked eyebrows, fixed smile and gaze and an emotionless, marionette speech pattern, coupled with an avuncular, bass playing, Conservative ex-governor in touch with his feminine side is a Saturday night lineup sure incite channel surfing for old Lawrence Welk reruns.

Michelle, official representative of the “Let’s Move” anti-childhood obesity campaign, will appear on Obama nemesis, the Fox News network.  Shelley will present solutions to a porkulent problem the government has been hankering for years to use as entrée into universal health care.  And here Mike Huckabee sets paper plates and plastic cutlery out on the governmental buffet table for Michelle to fill with bureaucratic celery sticks made with Democrat fat-free sour cream.

When asked why the First Lady would be appearing on the show, Huckabee explained, “It is not a left/right, liberal/conservative, and Democrat/Republican issue. This is an issue that falls beyond what I call the ‘horizontal’ issues of left and right and rises to the ‘vertical’ level of up or down.” I give the whole idea a really big Siskel and Ebert, thumbs down!

I can see it now, after an insincere on camera hug, First Lady Michelle and Mike hold hands and commiserate, while the Little Rockers play show tunes softly in the background.  In a bipartisan effort the duo may be able to pinpoint why people who preempt, “most cravings by avoiding sugar entirely [and] flavor coffee with Splenda,” no longer find it possible to squeeze between the left and right side of an oversized host’s chair.

Mike could equally counsel Michelle because, try as she might to hide it with designer dresses and tight J. Crew sweaters, Mrs. Obama seems to have added some poundage to her “lithe frame” since changing locations from Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Pieville to Wagyu Beef Township.

Cornball Huckabee can alternate between bottom lip biting and dimple exposure when discussing the threat chubby kids pose to the future of Type II diabetes—a struggle the ex-governor personally relates to.  Michelle can bring a basket full of fresh organic, home grown garden vegetables and like Adam and Eve in a garden free from political bickering, Mike and Michelle can simultaneously bite into a shiny Gala apple, on live TV.

Michelle can highlight the problem of America’s couch potato; soda pop and video games addicted children and at the same time address a backslidden governor shamelessly sitting there with cheesecake smeared all over his jowls.

Midway through the show, to boost ratings, a bicep bare Michelle Obama can play Sergeant Carter to Mike Huckabee’s, Gomer Pyle and whip “Jim Nabors Huckabee” into shape with a Frank Sutton rendition of Marine Corps level hula-hooping – demonstrated by a woman with a physique characteristic very few would argue doesn’t provide an unfair advantage.

Pretending not to be portly, Mike Huckabee said he “commends” Michelle Obama for taking on the problem and recognizing that it is not a “crisis of the month.”  Which is true–Michelle’s appearance on a station formerly untainted by Obama political posturing constitutes my personal “crisis of the month.”

The only thing that could make the whole scenario more unbearable would be Michelle agreeing under duress to join the Little Rockers for an impromptu rendition of the Yes We Can Obama Song by will.i.am, while jolly Mike Huckabee keeps perfect time on the bass guitar.

“Let’s Move” the Obama’s Back to Chicago

It was just last year the clarion call went out that “Rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat.” Now, military family supporter Michelle Obama claims chubby kids join the ranks of ex-military personnel and pro-life advocates by presenting a menace to national security.

Addressing the problem, the First Lady launched a campaign to end childhood obesity an “epidemic” Michelle believes is “costly” and threatens military readiness. Attending Michelle’s White House memorandum-signing ceremony was the Commander-in-Chief, as well as many of President Obama’s generously proportioned Cabinet members–national security proponents all.

Speaking on behalf of the ‘Let’s Move’ campaign the First Lady said, “This epidemic impacts the nation’s security as obesity is now one of the most common disqualifiers for military service.” Does Michelle mean the same military service that threatens national security?

Joining together with Barack, who called for the repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, the Obama’s work in tandem ensuring the military well staffed with individuals who, if not for closets, fresh fruits and spring water, would normally be disqualified from service.

Some of the initiatives Michelle proposed are ending “food deserts” [not to be confused with desserts] assigning $400 million a year to a “Healthy Food Financing Initiative.” The monies slated to bring  “grocery stores to low-income neighborhoods” and “help places like convenience stores carry healthier food options.”  If Shelley O has her way Big Gulps and truck stopper sandwiches will henceforth be banned from 7-11©.

Emphasizing the need for physical exercise, famous hula hooper Michelle expressed sympathy for adipose afflicted children “who spend too much time watching TV or playing video games because their neighborhoods are unsafe for playing outside.”

Coincidentally, Michelle’s concern for safe outdoor play pairs perfectly with the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act (HR 1388), whose goal is to “reauthorize and reform national service laws.”  In preparation for military service, Michelle can woo willowy kids to volunteer for a civilian military to police low-income neighborhoods ensuring jump ropers and rollerblade enthusiasts safe outdoor activities.

Addressing parental victimhood with maternal sympathy, Michelle explained why parents choose Captain Crunch over Wheaties. “So many parents desperately want to do the right thing, but feel like the deck is stacked against them.”  Michelle contends, “They know their kids health is their responsibility but they feel like it’s out of their control.  They are bombarded by contradictory information at every turn, and they don’t know who to believe.”   If that’s true additional funding for literacy programs should be top priority not banning Twinkies from bodegas.

Michelle is well versed in victimhood philosophy asserting, “Our kids did not do this to themselves.”  Michelle Obama’s view of clueless victimized parents is similar to how Barack views the whole nation. Obama dictates policies demanding submission-making choices for us like rotund offspring. To Shelley and Barry kids are mere microcosms of a macro group of naive Americans.

A dictatorial First Lady’s eating edicts are strangely similar to Barack’s policy decrees. Articulating the essence of authoritarian attitude Michelle pledged, “No matter how much they beg for pizza, fries and candy, ultimately, they are not and should not, be the one’s calling the shots at dinner time.”  Sound familiar?

Thus in “Let’s Move” Obamerica Americans insisting on maintaining personal responsibility, begging for relief from authoritative edicts, young or old, fat or skinny, regardless of what they eat or don’t eat, all are sure to be viewed national threats to socialistic security.

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