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‘Battery on an unborn child’ and other pro-choice conundrums


Originally posted at LiveAction News

In a story that could cause a commotion in the pro-choice community, on the Monday following Mother’s Day, a 39-year-old North Carolina man roughed up the mother of his unborn child, punched her in the stomach, and held a knife to her throat. If Mario Exequias Garay, whose middle name actually means “funeral rite” in Spanish, had gone any further it could have sadly resulted in an ‘exequias’ to be officiated  for both the woman and the unborn child.

According to the assailant’s estranged wife, Mario came home and attacked her, allegedly telling the woman, who is 22 weeks pregnant, that he was going kill her. Then Mr. Garay proceeded to punch the former Mrs. Garay in her pregnant stomach with a clenched fist.

In addition to endeavoring to commit murder, Garay also caused damage to victim’s car, living room wall, and cell phone. Aside from nearly slitting his wife’s throat and killing a child in the womb, the damage to the inanimate objects totaled about $1,200.

After being charged with assault on a female, communicating threats, and – here’s where the pro-choice confusion could come in – “battery on an unborn child,” Mr. Garay was locked up in the Cabarrus County Jail.

In America, one out of every 10 abortions takes place between 14 and 23.5 weeks. Abortion procedures performed in the second and third trimester sometimes require a chemical solution to be injected into the uterus to cause uterine contractions, but most times cervixes are dilated in a two day procedure, surgical steps are taken to ensure fetal death, and perfectly formed little babies are evacuated piece-by-piece from a mother’s womb.

Mario-GarayAnd despite all of that being legal in many states, thanks to North Carolina laws that protect the unborn, Mario Exequias Garay has been exiled to  jail for assailing a “member of the homo sapiens” in utero.  But isn’t that a tad unfair to Mario, especially when there are women in America who actually exercise their “reproductive rights” every day at similar gestational ages?

Why should a father be penalized for killing a fetus at this stage when the mother could have legally disposed of the developing child if she wanted to?

With that in mind, Mario Exequias Garay being arrested, hauled off to jail, and potentially convicted for harming an unborn child could cause the pro-choice movement much consternation and ultimately undermine their tried-and-true argument that an unborn child isn’t a life, and therefore can’t be ‘killed’ in the traditional sense of the word.

“Battery on an unborn child” or not, it’s unlikely that Garay’s North Carolina situation will rock the right-to-choose boat for die-hard late-term abortion advocates who pride themselves on being much more discriminating about what method they use when doing away with what’s considered a clump of nonviable cells.

Even still, what’s most interesting in this case is how the status of a pre-born baby can change from “fetus” to “child” based solely on an individual state’s determination and an individual mother’s wish.

In North Carolina, if mom cherishes her developing baby and dad sucker-punches mom in the gut, legally that’s considered “assaulting an unborn child.”

Yet, in more progressive states if mom has plans to dispose of the babe, but waits until the ninth month to allow an abortionist to literally tear the child limb from limb, that’s considered a woman’s right to choose .

Either way, North Carolina defining Garay’s crime as “battery on an unborn child” certainly leaves late-term abortion advocates with some explaining to do, and should make all of pro-choice America a little less comfortable.

Mother Arrested for Strangling Newborn Found in Texas Recycling Center


Originally posted at Live Action News

Nidia Alvarado lives in Texas, the state where Democrat State Senator Wendy Davis made a name for herself by filibustering an abortion bill that would prevent women from obtaining an abortion after 20 weeks.

Despite Davis’ herculean efforts, thankfully the bill to restrict abortion in Texas passed.

After listening to Ms. Davis stress that the right to choose should not be dependent on gestational age, Nidia Alvarado must have interpreted the message to mean that it wouldn’t really make a huge difference if she disposed of her baby after he exited the birth canal and left the hospital with her, wrapped in a receiving blanket wearing Pampers.


Now, after being taken into custody and charged with murdering the baby boy found stuffed into a blue duffel bag on the intake conveyor belt of a Waste Management recycling center (that’s right – a Waste Management recycling center) the dead child’s mother told authorities that she heard the dying child whimper as she strangled him and “watched him die.”

San Antonio police Sergeant Daniel Gonzalez had this to say:

It should never get to a situation where you throw out a child like it was common trash. If something happened that you couldn’t care for the child, you could take the child to a police station. It shouldn’t end like this.

After Alvarado’s arrest, Sergeant Javier Salazar made the following statement: “It’s believed that the suspect gave birth to that baby boy, and shortly thereafter murdered him by strangulation.”

According to Sgt. Salazar, Alvarado made it to the hospital and gave birth under an assumed name.  Then, she left in a wheelchair with the baby in her arms, took him home, and instead of leaving him at a designated safe place, and in lieu of that late-term abortion she was seeking a few weeks prior, she garroted the child with a “ligature” right before Christmas and threw his fragile body into a dumpster outside her apartment building.

It was determined when he was found that the tiny boy was less than a week old when he was murdered.  For lack of a better explanation, maybe Nidia thought it was acceptable to exercise her right to choose to have an infant-free holiday.

Nonetheless, one of the reasons progressive Democrat Wendy Davis donned her pink sneakers and became a spokesperson for late-term abortion in the first place is because she believes, as do her ardent supporters, that women deserve access to safe, affordable abortions at any stage in their pregnancies.

Apparently, Nidia agreed with the “any stage” aspect of Wendy’s argument and told detectives that just a few weeks before her son was born, she tried to find someone to teach her how to perform a very late-term, very unsafe, self-induced abortion.

Bloomberg reports that in Texas, for lack of money, primarily poor and Hispanic women turn to other options like buying dangerous abortifacients at open-air flea markets.  The contention is that “Only people with money go to clinics.”

Obviously Nidia didn’t make it to the clinic or the flea market, so as an alternative she literally took things into her own hands.  For those who believe in late-term and even post-term abortion, in the words of Hillary Clinton after four Americans were murdered in Benghazi, “what difference…does it make?” – dead is dead.

Sgt. Salazar also said that “There were other children … that reside in the same place where the suspect resides” – a five-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl, both of whom miraculously avoided also ending up in the Waste Management recycling plant.  Those two children were turned over to Child Protective Services until it can be determined whether or not Nidia Alvarado is their mother.

Currently, the suspect is being held on $2 million bond.  If convicted of capital murder, 25-year-old Alvarado will likely face a premature death herself.

At this point it’s unknown whether or not the suspect has been appointed an attorney.  However, by seizing this opportunity and offering to defend Nidia Alvarado’s right to abort a baby at any stage, Harvard-educated specialized litigator/gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis could further her political aspirations and thrill her pro-choice constituents, by defending the woman in a capital murder trial.

Kermit Gosnell: Secret Hero to the Left

kermit_gosnell_APOriginally posted at American Thinker

Until the right-to-choose community fell victim to what the late late-term abortionist George Tiller called “sloppy medicine,” all was well in pro-choice America.  Then, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, proprietor and chief abortionist at the Women’s Medical Society, got busted and is now eligible for the death penalty after allegedly killing 41-year-old patient Karnamaya Mongar and murdering seven babies born alive in botched abortions.

Countless Americans falsely believe that disposing of a pre-born infant is more about women’s life choices than tiny crumpled corpses filling red biohazard bags.  Therefore, without much resistance, every day in America, 3,500 babies are aborted, discarded, and promptly carted off to the crematorium.  Now, much to the dismay of liberals, Gosnell’s murder trial is providing an up-close guided tour of a “baby charnel house” and in the process is exposing those in denial to the harsh reality that, regardless of gestational status, abortion means that babies die excruciating deaths.

It also means that, contrary to what Nancy Pelosi says, women in the throes of exercising the sacred right to choose occasionally muck up the works by dying on the floor.

Thus far, Gosnell’s wretched clinic, with its filthy speculums, jars filled with severed baby feet, and photos of female genitalia, has had a hard time piquing the interest of major news outlets.  After all, racy, sexy murderess Jodi Arias is much more intriguing than some twisted biracial abortionist carrying out Margaret Sanger’s eugenic ministry on vulnerable people of color.  Isn’t she?

But despite the left trying to suppress it, hard truth is seeping into the public consciousness and revealing that the process of abortion is indeed what the late “Tiller the Killer” called “sloppy medicine.”  Therefore, in response to public outcry, the media is being forced to feign shock over Gosnell’s flea-infested abattoir, which was home to stray felines that skulked about as women and babies lay dying on blood-stained examining tables covered with cat hair.

In addition to the deplorable conditions of the clinic, the Gosnell trial has also addressed the topic of sedation and cervical dilation, as well as vomit, urine, rivers of blood, and the proper disposal of infant cadavers — all of which, even in sterile settings, is ghastly.  The truth is that whether the public wants to face it or not, what went on at 3801 Lancaster Avenue in West Philly is akin to the federally funded feticide that is supported by a proud pro-choice president and approved of by his equally proud pro-choice constituency.

Yet even the most ardent pro-choice advocate would be hard-pressed to argue that flipping over a wriggling newborn and taking scissors to its spinal cord is not horrendous, but how much less painful is it for a 14-week-old fetus to writhe within its mother’s womb for 24 hours while being scorched to death by saline?  Or how different is it for a fragile infant to be torn apart by a suction device at 22 weeks in utero, or dismembered in the first trimester by a stainless steel scalpel?

And wasn’t it America’s renowned champion of choice, Barack Obama, who once said that caring for a child born alive in a botched abortion undermines the “original intent” of the abortion?  Hence, Kermit Gosnell’s actions could merely have been the West Philly abortionist’s way of adhering to Barack Obama’s philosophy to respect the “original intent” of the woman’s right to choose.

Who can forget the indignant racially charged comments Barack Obama made after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Gates, Jr.?  In defense of women, America’s über-concerned president even found the time between tee-offs to dial up free-birth-control shill Sandra Fluke.  Yet Kermit Gosnell packing a freezer with the body parts of fetuses has yet to elicit any response whatsoever from our self-appointed defender of minorities, women, and murdered children.

Therefore, if the president — who voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act as an Illinois senator — really does see himself as the self-appointed savior of little ones, maybe he’ll prove it by initiating a teary-eyed Sandy Hook-type memorial service for the butchered infants whose frail remains were jammed into Gosnell’s freezer.

Regardless of what Barack Obama chooses to do or not do, for lack of a better explanation, it could be that liberals have failed to speak up because deep down, some of them secretly admire Kermit Gosnell.  After all, Kermit epitomizes the post-abortion rights mentality.  The West Philly executioner even took time to master the “man-caused disaster” language of liberal-speak.  Brilliantly, Gosnell was able to downplay the horror of squirming babies dropping into toilets by calling them “precipitations,” and he referred to the brutal act of severing spinal cords as “ensuring fetal demise.”

Not only that, but wouldn’t it be a tad hypocritical for a media that supports a president who insists on funneling millions of dollars into the coffers of Planned Parenthood to turn around and openly condemn Kermit Gosnell, who served his community by killing babies for profit under the guise of providing medical care to poor women?  The only difference between the two is that Kermit’s digs were a little rougher, his victims a little older, and his freezer packed with something other than orange juice and ice chips.

So, based on the obvious lack of interest, it might be safe to assume that if poor black women and children should happen to die as the result of a botched abortion, the usually death-obsessed left isn’t all that upset.

Ultimately, Kermit Gosnell may end up being the abortion industry’s sacrificial lamb and find himself living out his remaining years on death row.  Meanwhile, what’s certain is that the always-predictable left will likely argue that henceforth, legalized killing must be carried out in cheery, hygienic, government-regulated facilities.  Then stricter mandates can be put in place to ensure that properly trained abortionists have mastered the fine art of ensuring that the mothers live and the babies destined for the biohazard bag emerge dead from the womb as intended.

The Butcher of Germantown Strikes Again


Originally posted at Live Action News

When Nancy Pelosi talks about Republicans wanting “women to die on the floor” for lack of reproductive services, she never mentions recently deceased women like Jennifer McKenna-Morbelli. Jennifer was a 29-year-old woman who, together with her 33-week-old in-utero daughter Madison Leigh, according to their obituary, “passed away suddenly” on February 7.

The truth is that Jennifer and Madison Leigh died as a result of a late-term abortion at the hands of a renowned Germantown, Maryland executioner named LeRoy Carhart.

Jennifer was married to her “college sweetheart,” TJ Morbelli, and worked as a substitute kindergarten teacher at Church Street Elementary School in White Plains, New York. A few weeks prior to her death, Jennifer was informed that the “wanted” child whose birth she was anticipating suffered from a fetal anomaly that caused seizures. In other words, unlike the picture-perfect children Jennifer taught every day at school, the little girl she carried in her womb was flawed.

So, rather than raise a child who didn’t fulfill the dream of what Jennifer had imagined her baby would be, she, her husband, her parents, and her sister decided to drive to Maryland and pay a visit to Germantown Reproductive Health Services so that a Maryland butcher otherwise known as Dr. LeRoy Carhart could relieve the McKenna-Morbellis of a defective inconvenience named Madison.

The entourage arrived at Dr. Carhart’s clinic on Sunday, February 3. After signing in, filling out papers, and leaving her anxious family in the waiting room, Jennifer allowed a lethal injection to be shot through her belly into the heart of the unborn baby she had registered at Jennifer Morbelli & TJ Morbelli’s Baby Registry.

For the record, a late-term abortion is done in stages, so Jennifer and her family returned on Monday to begin the second phase of dilating the young woman’s cervix. The plan was that with the help of hormones, she’d expel the dead baby from her womb by Wednesday. Visibly weakened, Jennifer returned again on Tuesday. Then, on Wednesday – delivery day – a lethargic and ashen Jennifer returned to the clinic to deliver Madison Leigh. It took nine hours to rid her body of the lifeless baby.

By Thursday, Jennifer was experiencing chest pains. The family tried repeatedly to reach “circuit abortionist” Dr. Carhart, who was unavailable probably because he was off terminating babies in another state. Jennifer’s condition deteriorated so much that at 5:00 am, her mother and father, husband TJ, and sister Kristin chauffeured her again, only this time it was to Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Rockville, Maryland.

As Jennifer’s life was slipping away, LeRoy Carhart was called but was unavailable to provide “informational assistance” to medical personnel. According to Bruce Goldfarb, a spokesman for the Montgomery County Medical Examiner’s Office, “Jennifer Morbelli … bled to death after amniotic fluid in her womb spilled into her bloodstream,” making it impossible for her blood to clot. Jennifer coded six times before dying. Carhart did eventually check in by phone, but he failed to make it to the hospital before Jennifer died.

At 9:30 am, three and a half hours after arriving at the emergency room, someone had to inform Jennifer’s “adoring parents” Lisa and Kevin that the beautiful daughter they drove to the abortion clinic would be leaving in a hearse.

Jennifer’s death was the result of a ruptured uterus and “massive internal bleeding into her abdominal cavity.” Madison Leigh expired from a lethal injection through the heart. In Jennifer’s memory, her family wrote a telling obituary, which read in part: “Jennifer McKenna-Morbelli of New Rochelle, passed away suddenly on Thursday February 7, 2013 at age 29 with her baby girl Madison Leigh.”

It took the death of a daughter, sister, and wife to get a grieving family to finally acknowledge as human the damaged baby they were willing to dump into a red biohazard bag in Germantown, Maryland the week before.

After a wake at Coxe and Graziano Funeral Home, Jennifer was honored in a Catholic Mass at the Holy Name of Jesus Church. Then, the mother and the baby girl were laid to rest together in a grave at Greenwood Union Cemetery in Rye, New York. In lieu of flowers, the family requested that contributions be made to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in memory of those lost.

For years to come, memories of Jennifer McKenna-Morbelli will be evoked, but not for her smile or “living every day to the fullest.” Instead, young Jennifer will be remembered as yet another woman who died at the hands of late-term abortionist Dr. LeRoy Carhart – a woman who lost her own life as a result of subjecting her unborn daughter to a brutal death for the sin of being imperfect.

Maryland Abortion Horror Leads to Murder Charges

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

In Elkon, Maryland, two abortion doctors were filling ice chests with viable human beings. Local authorities are aghast after discovering freezers full of fetuses, some full term, in a clinic in Elkon County. The doctors accused of disposing of viable infants are Dr. Steven Brigham and his associate Dr. Nicola Riley. The duo was arrested subsequent to difficulties that arose after they “performed part of an abortion in New Jersey [and] then transferred the patient to Maryland” to complete the procedure.

After exercising her reproductive rights, an 18-year-old woman suffered complications and was taken to the hospital. Maryland officials were alerted that something illegal might be going on in Elkon, “searched the abortion clinic looking for [the women’s] medical records, but they found something else in the freezer” – discoveries eerily similar to the Gosnell Women’s Medical Society “house of horrors.”

Apparently, Brigham and Riley would “start” the abortion process in New Jersey, where the state laws are more restrictive. Then, in order to circumvent New Jersey’s late-term abortion limitations, women would be shuttled to a secret Elkon County clinic where the ‘late-term’ portion of the abortion procedure is legal.

Admittedly, it does take a strong constitution and a high level of commitment to flout the law and believe so much in a woman’s right to choose that you’d be willing to conceal the crime by filling a freezer with dead fetuses. And while some may view killing full-term babies as ghastly, it’s really just abortion with a Dr. ‘Death’ Kevorkian twist.

In pro-choice circles, regardless of how grisly it may seem to others, women reserve the right to seek out doctors like Brigham and Riley who, like Gosnell and Tiller, are willing to go the distance to ensure the freedom and dignity of women wishing to exercise autonomy over their own bodies.

Unfortunately, now neither Brigham nor Riley enjoys the freedom or dignity they sought to provide others.  Subsequent to the discovery and autopsy of three dozen frozen fetuses, Dr. Brigham has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder, five counts of second-degree murder, and one count of conspiracy to commit murder. His cohort, Dr. Riley, faces one count each of first- and second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Why? Because although Maryland supports a woman’s right to have a late-term abortion, there’s a catch.  Maryland is one of 38 states with a fetal homicide law, and unlike many other states, does not “define when it is too late to perform an abortion.” However, under a 2005 Maryland law, “it is illegal to abort a fetus deemed viable, or showing signs of healthy development,” which would seem to be a good definition of “when it is too late to perform an abortion.”

Hailing from the Garden and Beehive states, the irony was lost on Brigham and Riley as they stuffed fetuses into the freezer. Were they unaware of Maryland’s “viable, or showing signs of healthy development” clause?

Either way, somewhere along the line someone put two and two together and figured out that nine-month-old fetuses, also known as babies, are generally able to survive outside the womb.  So, if 36 dead children end up in a freezer, 13 of whom were said to be full term, there’s a good chance one or two of them could have complicated matters by daring to be born alive.

Babies “breathing unaided” after an abortion is a crucial detail, which may explain why the two crusaders for choice are presently in police custody awaiting extradition to Maryland from Camden County, NJ and Salt Lake County in Utah.

As of 2009, in the United States there were “13,000 late-term abortions annually done after 21 weeks of pregnancy,” which is equivalent to wiping out one 13,000-seat arena of full-fledged, viable infants per year. And therein lies the dilemma for doctors. Why should five or ten minutes make a difference when it comes to choice?  Why such a fine line? Shouldn’t what was legal 10 minutes before also be legal if an uncooperative baby should dare to survive an abortion?

Even President Barack Obama, who opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, contends that to give medical treatment to children born alive in botched abortions “simply…burden[s] the original decision of the woman and the decision to induce labor and perform an abortion” — a moral quandary that has left dedicated late-term abortion doctors like Brigham and Riley in a bit of a pickle.

However, those who support the right to choose shouldn’t worry, because as always, in their stead another champion of choice will emerge from the ash heap of hell – men and women whose idea of choice includes stuffing freezers with the fully-formed bodies of helpless infants.

Will Kermit Gosnell Meet the Executioner?

In a world full of bad news, it’s great to occasionally get some good news. That good news came when the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office announced they were seeking the death penalty for abortionist Kermit Gosnell and three of his assistants: Lynda Williams, 42, of Wilmington; Steven Massof, 48, of Pittsburgh; and Adrienne Moton, 33, of Upper Darby.

Gosnell’s assistants were the loyal employees who stuffed the dead babies into the refrigerator after Kermit helped poor women exercise their right to choose by snipping the spinal columns of seven (that we know of) full term, born alive, viable infants.

The only bad news was that prosecutors “officially notified defense attorney Jack McMahon that they plan to seek death by lethal injection if a jury finds Gosnell guilty of first-degree murder in the abortions that took place at his Women’s Medical Society clinic.”   Don’t get me wrong; it’s not bad news that Kermit is being escorted to the death chamber, it’s just disappointing that Doctor Gosnell has to be administered a humane execution.

Gosnell should be thankful that an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” is not the law of the land because if it were, the fiendish physician would have been subjected to the same “grisly” saline, suction, scalpel and snipping procedures that he frequently conducted on the most helpless and vulnerable among us.

When “ensuring fetal demise,” Gosnell did not discriminate.  The doctor administered extensive physical damage and death to grown women too.  Kermit is charged with the third-degree murder of Karnamaya Mongar who, while participating in what pro-abortionists call a “safe, legal and rare” procedure, was over-anesthetized by one of Gosnell’s unqualified helpers.

In another case, after looking around the doctor’s “filthy…poorly run” operating room, one woman who sought an abortion and then changed her mind alleges Kermit anesthetized her and carried out the abortion anyway.

Besides unsanitary conditions and women dying from massive drug overdoses and sepsis, Gosnell has also been the subject of numerous lawsuits, including an incident involving a 13 year-old girl who obtained an abortion from Gosnell without the required parental consent.

America’s most famous “sloppy technique”-fixer Gosnell, although operating out of a filthy, blood-splattered clinic full of fetal body parts and cat litter, is basically just the City of Brotherly Love’s version of Dr. George Tiller, the deceased Kansas late-term abortionist. Both Gosnell and Tiller formed their reputations on being available to the needs of women who believed their lives could only be saved by killing unborn children “a day before delivery.”  The only difference was that Kermit Gosnell’s clientele were almost exclusively poor, minority women.

Now Kermit and his staff are confined to a prison cell awaiting a decision that determines whether they live or die. Gosnell has deprived the right to life of many an unborn child, and now finds himself in an ironic situation: His life hangs in the balance, and choice – albeit a judge and jury’s – will ultimately determine this abortionist’s destiny.

Little Shop of Horrific Choice

In the mid 1980’s, Melody and the late Keith Green traveled the United States with Last Days Ministries, accompanied by a guest of honor named Baby Choice.  Baby Choice was a tiny girl with wisps of red hair on her head complete with apricot eyelashes and eyebrows. In a glass coffin shared with only a single red rose, a perfectly formed Baby Choice was frozen forever in the fetal position.

Baby Choice’s face was reminiscent of a small baby doll. After 4 months’ gestation, the only imperfection on the child’s frail frame was charred paper-thin skin that covered her body from her neck to her ankles. Skin as thin as tissue paper was scorched with deep, blackened burns, the result of a saline abortion that blistered its way through tender skin after 16 weeks in her mother’s womb.

Thirty years later, the impression of the greatest injustice mortal eyes ever beheld, trapped within a glass shoebox, is an indelible image seared within my mind.

Of late, it has been revealed that a criminal-abortionist named Kermit Gosnell hoarded a gruesome collection comprised of  “dozens of apparently late-term unborn children who were killed in abortions as long ago as 30 years ago.”

The Philadelphia offices of Gosnell were raided earlier this year after a woman was injured during an abortion performed in a clinic said to be “deplorable and unsanitary.” Shocked authorities reported, “There was blood on the floor, and parts of aborted fetuses were displayed in jars.”

What is more shocking is the level of shock. What do people think an execution site is? Shangri-La?  Since when do murderers, in an effort to preserve and protect life, assure sterile surfaces?

Besides storing dead infants in jars, Kermit Gosnell has a history of women dying at his hands. Marie Smith is one woman who survived a Gosnell-administered botched abortion.  After allowing Kermit to execute her unborn child, Smith “developed a high fever and slipped into unconsciousness a week after her abortion. She was rushed to the hospital where the source of her condition was confirmed.”  Apparently, “X-rays indicated [Gosnell] left an arm and a leg inside.”  After the fact, X-ray images exposed Marie to the reality of the “amorphous” arm and leg that were left behind in her womb.

Besides unsanitary conditions and women dying from massive drug overdoses and sepsis, Gosnell has also been the subject of lawsuits, including an incident involving a 13 year-old girl who obtained an abortion by Gosnell without the required parental consent.

Twenty years later, the woman involved in the underage abortion claims “she could see bottles and jars filled with the remains of ‘little babies’ and that after her abortion she saw Gosnell cradling a bottle that contained the remains of her fetus.”  Apparently, after a fatherly Gosnell pulled infants limb from limb, the late-term abortionist coddled dismembered bodies stuffed in jars, in a macabre effort to ease a seared conscience.

On the Last Days Ministries website, a woman working in an abortion clinic, struggling with the moral aspects of late-term abortion, explains her own abortion epiphany:

I looked inside the bucket in front of me. There was a small naked person in there, floating in a bloody liquid.

He was purple with bruises and his face had the agonized tautness of one forced to die too soon. I then took off the lids of all the buckets and with a pair of forceps lifted each fetus out by an arm or a leg—leaving, as I returned them, an additional bruise on their acid-soaked bodies.

Finally, I lifted out a very large fetus and read the label—Sex of the item: Male; Time of gestation: 24 weeks (six months)… So, this was Master Atkins—to be burned tomorrow—for the sake of his mother.

Storing dead fetuses in Ball Mason jars is not exclusive to the perverse Kermit Gosnell.  More recently in Maryland, Drs. Steven Brigham and Nicola Riley were “ordered to stop practicing abortion” after a woman was severely injured submitting her unborn child to a brutal execution.

Much like the Gosnell treatment center in eastern Pennsylvania, Brigham and Riley’s clinic was raided. Police “searching for medical records…to their horror…discovered dozens of unborn babies stored in a freezer.”  Authorities also found “frozen aborted fetuses and medical-waste records showing fetal ages up to 36 weeks. (A pregnancy is considered full-term at 38 weeks).”

Baby Choice was a heartrending memorial to a life never lived. Yet aborted fetuses, whether treated with reverence or stacked on a shelf as human refuse, guarantee to deliver a life-changing message.

Almost forty years after Roe v. Wade became law, America continues to justify the unfettered murder of a generation of never-to-be-born children.  However, keeping the remains of aborted fetuses interred in glass could end up providing a life-saving tool.  Pro-choice America is overdue for another countrywide tour starring jar after jar of Baby Choices, collected from abortion clinics all over the nation.

Cornhuskers Choose Life – American Thinker – April 9, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

A bill put forward by the state of Nebraska, hoping to impose further limits on a woman’s right to choose, has the Cornhusker state once again embroiled in debate, this time over abortion.   The proposed Abortion Pain Prevention Act seeks to address the issue of late-term abortion by making the procedure “illegal after the 20th week of pregnancy…because of some medical evidence that a fetus can feel pain at that stage of gestation.”

The controversial legislation garnered national attention from pro-choice groups who view the potential ruling a direct challenge to the 1973 case that made feticide lawful. Truth is the First Church of Molech considers any action that even remotely admonishes extreme abortion practice on equal par with pillaging Vatican City.

Since Roe v. Wade’s inception individual states have intermittently proposed laws that have successfully placed restrictions on abortion. As a result, activists on both sides of the issue wonder whether a bill, which seeks to institute a time specific ban on the procedure, could potentially work its way through the legal system all the way to the Supreme Court and become the subject of abortion’s next litigious battle.

National Right to Life spokeswoman Mary Spaulding Balch said, “This bill is about recognizing that the state has an interest in an unborn child who is capable of feeling pain.” If the law passes, Nebraska will be the first state to ban late-term abortion, “based on the controversial notion that a fetus can feel pain at 20 weeks.”

Dr. Jean Wright, an anesthesiologist specializing in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, offered an illuminating metaphor in congressional testimony.
”[A]n unborn fetus after 20-weeks of gestation, has all the prerequisite anatomy, physiology, hormones, neurotransmitters, and electrical current to close the loop and create the conditions needed to perceive pain. In a fashion similar to explaining the electrical wiring to a new house, we would explain that the circuit is complete from skin to brain and back.”

Despite the obvious, if acknowledging fetal pain means curtailing late-term abortion, legal groups like the Center for Reproductive Rights who tout “reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right” remain determined to ignore the “human right” a living fetus possesses to be spared excruciating pain.

While some medical experts testified at the Nebraska hearings that a fetus is able to feel pain at 20-weeks, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists released a statement saying it knows of “no legitimate scientific information that supports the statement that a fetus experiences pain.

One wonders, does the Hippocratic Oath grant dispensation to doctors to ignore the fact that at 20-weeks, unborn babies breathe and swallow?  Do some obstetricians and gynecologists feel morally justified, in light of “no legitimate scientific information,” to execute children with four full layers of epidermis, including ridges for fingertips and layers that form palms, feet and future fingerprints?

If there is even one scintilla of likelihood that fetuses experience any pain during abortion, shouldn’t those whose vocation is to bring children into the world err on the side of sparing human suffering?

Although no one disputes that at 17 – 19 weeks of gestation a baby can hear its mother’s voice and move around — pro-choice America still question the extent of the ordeal a 20-week fetus experiences when being suctioned or burned during instillation saline abortion. Harvard Medical School anesthesiologist Roland Brusseau told the “Omaha World-Herald that the topic was ‘complicated and controversial’ [because] when a fetus undergoes a medical procedure in the womb…doctors usually use an anesthetic.”

What an innovative idea! If the infliction of undue torment is a concern for women committing murder, maybe forced miscarriage advocates can circumvent the effect of the Abortion Pain Prevention Act by proposing anesthetizing unwanted infants, in utero, before forging ahead with dismemberment. What’s more, an anesthetization proposal could serve to alleviate maternal guilt by ensuring doomed offspring expire by way of pain-free execution.

Administering anesthesia would be a tidy solution to the debate–sort of like the humane method of death by lethal injection.

It’s either that or denial similar to the type Democrat Nebraska State Senator Danielle Conrad exhibits when refuting, “the issue of fetal pain [as] a misnomer,” contending, “medical evidence is inconclusive.” Is the esteemed state senator so committed to “choice” she refuses to admit pain is involved when babies are flayed alive by high concentrations of salt laced amniotic fluid? Possibly Senator Conrad is not privy to the knowledge that fetuses thrash around for an hour or more before expiring.

At 80 years of age would Ms. Conrad welcome “inconclusive medical evidence” determining octogenarian pain thresholds?

As support for abortion in American society continues to wane, it’s obvious a devoted segment remain undeterred in the quest to dispose of as many children as possible.  Pro-choice activists reveal shocking levels of barbarism when accusing “this particular Nebraska bill [of not being] subtle at all,” based on language explicit in its intent to shield viable human beings from agonizing death.

It is highly unlikely the “pain” debate will result in placing further nationwide limitations on an unjust law. However, in the interim one thing has been accomplished, the discussion surrounding Nebraska’s Abortion Pain Prevention Act has confirmed, without question, that those void of feeling and humanity are not abortion’s victims, but its advocates.

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