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‘Handsy’ Joe Biden on non-consensual sexual contact

196164_5_Originally posted at American Thinker

Unfortunately, at this year’s 88th Academy Awards show, Bill Clinton was unavailable to make a public service appearance on behalf of problems associated with non-consensual sex.

Instead, Vice President Joe Biden took time off from groping women and smooching little girls so that he, Lady Gaga, and a horde of millennials with Magic Marker scribbled on their forearms could raise awareness concerning the problem of campus rape.

Joe and wife Jill followed Best Actor/green campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio’s lead and burned up tons of jet fuel flying to California.  Upon arrival, the vice president spent hours listening to liberals accuse Americans of everything from discrimination in Girl Scouts cookie sales to anti-LGBT bias to police brutality.

Near the start of the festivities, a guy with a really weird hairdo named The Weekend performed the salacious tune “Earned It,” from Fifty Shades of Grey, a movie that glorified sadomasochism and sexual control.

Two hours later, prior to Gaga angrily growling out “Til It Happens to You,” the tune nominated for the best original song from the campus rape documentary The Hunting Ground, Joe Biden informed the adoring audience that “too many women and men … are still victims of sexual abuse.”

And who better to speak on the subject than a touchy-feely kind of guy with hands-on knowledge?

Let’s face it: Joe Biden has never been known to squander an opportunity to grope, fondle, squeeze, and lovingly caress women who, when he does it, seem uncomfortable with receiving his unsolicited affection.

And while kneading various women’s necks is not considered “rape,” Joe infamously participates in a type the type of sleazy conduct that, if he weren’t vice president of the United States, most women would never tolerate.

Nonetheless, “Handsy” Joe still encouraged the audience to “[t]ake the pledge – a pledge that says, ‘I will intervene in situations where consent cannot or has not been given.’”  What the man with the wandering hands forgot to mention was that on more than one occasion, he’s touched women when “consent … had not been given.”

Despite his personal shortcomings, Joe Biden asked America to pledge to stop individuals like himself from sniffing the hair, and blowing hot breath into the ears of individuals who, while Joe is getting his jollies, appear to be visibly anxious and desirous to be released from his grip.

Take for instance Joe nuzzling Ashton Carter’s wife Stephanie at the secretary of defense’s swearing in.  During that episode, the woman didn’t utter one word, but, for a few seconds there, Mrs. Carter eyes were pleading with the new defense secretary to liberate her from Joe’s clasp.

Notwithstanding Mr. Biden’s powerlessness to keep his hands to himself, the vice president must have felt he was qualified to exhort 34 million people to change the culture so that abuse survivors never have to ask themselves the question: “What did I do?’”

Does Joe mean “survivors” like The Hill’s Senior White House correspondent Amie Parnes, the woman whom Joe, at a 2013 Christmas party, playfully hugged from behind while placing his arms in close proximity to her breasts?

Either way, Joe Biden can now congratulate himself for taking time out of his schedule to reassure the women who’ve been on the receiving end of his manhandling that they need not worry, because they “did nothing wrong” to deserve his inappropriate treatment.

And so, on a show honoring those who pretend for a living, it was apropos for Biden to get a standing ovation, because, knowing Joe, it’s likely he still managed to cop a feel at an after-party.

Tripping the Light Fantastic with Lady Gaga and Obama

Originally posted at Pajamas Media

Just the other day Lady Gaga took another tumble, which indicates once again that the woman formerly known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, and Barack Obama, formerly known as Barry Soetoro, have a lot in common.

Lady Gaga and Barack Obama are overnight sensations, have huge cult-like followings, know how to pack a stadium, and do their best work communicating over a microphone.  Lady Gaga can play piano, drums and the keytar, and Obama can play an audience. Stefani talks to God and Obama is convinced he is God. One loves to sing about Judas, the other loves himself and labels his detractors Judas.

Ms. Germanotta does a blasphemous impression of Madonna and, try as he might, when it comes to channeling Ronald Reagan, Mr. Obama falls short.

Lady Gaga and Barack Obama both spoke insensitively about Special Olympiads and later were constrained to publicly apologize.  The only difference between the two is that to date, Obama has yet to show up behind the podium shod in a pair of Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes.

Attention junkie Lady Gaga and imperious amateur Barack Obama are bound to fizzle out.  The past tells us that media creations launch into the stratosphere and then, lacking endurance, swiftly sputter and fall. Yet, despite recent Easter and Passover hubbubs and various and sundry ongoing controversies, meteoric icons Gaga and Barack continue to press on.

Barack is a politician and Lady Gaga a pop star, both notorious for unstable footing – Gaga literally, Obama politically.

With nary a shred of embarrassment, Gaga fell while making her way through Heathrow Airport, got up and kept going.  Recently, “while trying to straddle” her flaming piano bench, she slid off, hit the floor, and then bounced right back up, never missing a beat.  Then, weeks later, Miss Germanotta danced up a storm, threw off her jacket, swung her bleached blonde hair around, stomped sexily in the direction of her dance troupe, and again hit the floor – hard.

According to TMZ, “Just like the last fall … Gaga got right up and trucked on like nothing ever happened.” Effie Orfanides at the Gather Entertainment Channel made the following observation about Lady Gaga’s resiliency:

The great thing about it is that she just falls over and doesn’t miss a beat. In fact…Gaga tried to incorporate the fall in to her routine, which is very hard to do…especially when everyone knows that you’re prone to toppling over during your shows. Anyway, no one seems bothered by her constant dropping…It’s actually less funny to watch now that it has happened a bunch of times!

Which brings the conversation back around to Barack Obama – both Barry and Steffi fall over, struggle to stand, and subject the world to a never-ending show that’s downright painful to watch.

Barack is the Lady Gaga of politics, all glitz and hype and totally overexposed.  The President may not be dancing around in a meat suit, but politically, the man slips and slides all over the place. Much like Lady Gaga, Obama benefits from the affection of a youthful audience.  These days, his approval rating continues to drop and flop, like Lady Gaga attempting to simultaneously stand erect and maintain coolness.

Afghanistan; Libya; tax cuts then tax hikes; raise the debt ceiling, then regret being against raising the debt ceiling; offshore drilling on again, then off again; Defense of Marriage Act then no Defense of Marriage Act; against lifting Don’t Ask Tell, then time to lift DADT.  Is Guantanamo prison open or closed?  On all these issues and many more, Obama straddles a blazing political piano seat and the public is noticing that the guy who often mentions “God and gays” keeps hitting the floor with a crash.

Barry’s slide in the polls is so embarrassingly dramatic that in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake, instead of filling out basketball brackets the President might fare better if, in the future, he takes to the stage and purposely topples over à la Gaga.

Unfortunately for America, much like Lady Gaga Obama “falls over” yet “doesn’t miss a beat,” and of late, based on the content of his oblivious speeches, is clearly attempting “to incorporate the fall into [his] routine,” but the audience, filled to the rafters with formerly ardent fans, are wising up to the con.

In 2008, voters sang along with Lady Gaga: “I want your everything as long as it’s free/I want your love, love, love, love.” After enduring the President’s klutzy governing style and witnessing his inability to keep from stumbling on the world stage, the nation is finally starting to comprehend that they’ve been involved in a “Bad Romance” with someone who is dangerously out-of-sync with the rhythm of the nation.

So, in the end the Gaga/Obama duo remains alike in a lot of ways, except for one huge difference: as clumsy Lady Gaga continues stumbling about in packed arenas, Barack’s audience is slowly drifting out of his amphitheatre.

A Jolly Jennings Christmas


Kevin Jennings being named Safe School Czar is as ridiculous as appointing Lindsay Lohan to the position of anti-Drug Abuse Czar, or Tiger Woods Marriage Fidelity Czar.

President Obama’s “safe schools czar” is a former schoolteacher who has advocated promoting homosexuality in schools, written about his past drug abuse, expressed his contempt for religion and detailed an incident in which he did not report a [sixteen year old] student who told him he was having sex with older men.

Perpetually concerned about “inclusiveness,” Obama appointed a “Safe School Czar” whose greatest accomplishment is the founding of GLSEN The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. GLSEN’s mission statement says the organization “strives to assure that each member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.”

Eradicating Christianity from the school community, while encouraging homosexuality in children has become an urgent priority in America today—homosexual cultivation even trumps being able to make change for a five-dollar bill, knowing U2 is a rock band not a molecule, and being able to write a coherent sentence.

Above all homosexual sensitivity, cultivation and promotion has taken precedence along with stamping out any hint of religion in the public school system.  In fact, students have been suspended for “Oh, no…not that,” praying! In 2007 a dozen Russian students were transported back to Soviet Union-style restrictions when they were suspended for praying at school. “Ten in the group were suspended for ten days while two received one-day, in-school suspensions for holding a morning prayer meeting.”

Maybe if Jennings were the “Safe School” czar in 2007 he would have come to the defense of the criminal Russian prayer partners.  But then again maybe not, Jennings speaks with open derision about his own religious upbringing and would likely view those who pray as part of the homosexual bullying problem saying,

What had [God] done for me, other than make me feel shame and guilt? Squat. Screw you, buddy — I don’t need you around anymore, I decided. The Baptist Church had left me only a legacy of self-hatred, shame, and disappointment, and I wanted no more of it or its Father. The long erosion of my faith was now complete, and I, for many years, reacted violently to anyone who professed any kind of religion. Decades passed before I opened a Bible again.

After the fact, Jennings said his comments were made during “low point” in his life (lower than what?).  Jennings says he now considers himself a “religious” person. Kind of like Obama-type religion, where pseudo Christian faith is nurtured by a racist, anti-Semite like the Reverend Jeremiah Wright?  After attending Trinity United Church of Christ for two decades, Barack Hussein expects America to believe he never once heard a hateful word spill from the lips of Wright who, Obama says he, views as a “father.”  Is that the kind of religious rebirth Jennings experienced?

Jennings claims to have recently returned to religion and sits on the board of the ultra-liberal Union Theological Seminary, which describes itself as “progressive and evangelical,” which is scary at best.

Do praying students have a friend in Safe School Czar Jennings?  Would he insure the safety of the iniquitous students in Washington State who were refused the right to launch a Bible study at Kentridge High School because, “students would have to pledge to Jesus Christ to vote in the club and that allowing the club in would bring religion into the school.” With Jennings in charge we know schools are “safe” if you are sexually conflicted, but are they equally risk-free if you are “openly Christian?”

Would Kevin Jennings be as committed to defend the right to “pledge to Jesus Christ” as he is to Boy Meets Boy being included on the GLSEN 7-12 reading list?

This holiday, in an attempt to make Christmas more welcoming to all Americans, the Obama’s did not intend to put the manger scene on display. Barack Obama obviously supports and agrees with the Czar’s views on safe schools, as well as, Jenning’s sentiment toward God, which says, “Screw you, buddy — I don’t need you around anymore.”  Hope and change Obama is attempting to convince America that at Christmas nothing is more off-putting or odious than displaying, none other than, the Baby Jesus.

Obama, who appointed the GLSEN founder, felt displaying a crèche undermined the inclusiveness of the holiday season and that keeping “Christ in Christmas” fosters a message of hostile discrimination. Fortunately, tradition won out this year and in spite of Obama’s first preference the crèche is in its usual East Room spot. Yet, if Obama had his way at the White House, gays would be beckoned out of the closet, while the Nativity would remain closeted with the Christmas tree in the attic.

So, in a spirit of inclusiveness, non-discrimination and to show solidarity with a controversial “Safe School Czar,” Obama can shield Malia and Sasha from the detrimental influence of the crèche at the White House by sending the girls to spend the holiday with Jolly Jennings or as the GLSEN kids call him, “Uncle Kenny.”

Over the Christmas break the Obama daughters can work their way down an age appropriate GLSEN reading list. Jennings can introduce Malia and Sasha to some friends and work with the young ladies to come up with creative ways to address students planning on launching treacherous, unauthorized Bible studies at the school they attend.  Kevin, having a religious background, can teach the girls how to recognize “Christian” signs like WWJD bracelets, pocket Bibles and students in the cafeteria bowing their head before eating Tater Tots .

Uncle Kenny can use the respite to recruit the first daughters to sponsor Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) History Month at Sidwell Friends School and get in touch with any latent sexual conflicts they may be struggling with. And for added fun, Jolly Jennings can ask David Hasselhoff to take the girls for a drive to meet up with bi-sexual, soul sisters Fergie and Lady Gaga for an afternoon of clothes shopping.

With Obama in the White House and Kevin Jennings watching over and guiding America’s children “It’s a jolly Jennings Christmas,” where everyone is welcome to the holiday party except Jesus and the rebellious kids who insist on believing in Him.

UPDATE:  Uncle Kenny suggests books to give as gifts to children.

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