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Polar Bear Putin’s Refusal to Extradite Snowden

vladimir_putin_and_botox_640_06Originally posted at American Thinker blog

At the G8 Summit in Ireland, Barack Obama had an opportunity to quell tension with Vladimir Putin over Syria by stepping aside and allowing the Russian president to use the exercise facilities that the president’s people had reserved first.

Wasn’t it Barack Obama who leaned in and whispered to Dmitry Medvedev to deliver the message to Mr. Putin that after the 2012 election, he’d be more flexible?  Then why, when given the chance to prove it, didn’t Obama forego the gym and allow Putin to use the workout space?

Instead of exhibiting diplomatic graciousness, me-first Obama favored himself and proved once again that his inflexibility in the little things is indicative of his inflexibility in larger things.

Prior to the Ireland gym standoff, Putin was already visibly annoyed with the man-child president.  Consequently, one can only guess what was running through Polar Bear Putin’s mind as the Russian muscleman chopped his way through the frigid waters of the lake surrounding Co Fermanagh’s Lough Erne hotel.

Thankfully, while Obama was doing curls with three-pound weights, Putin didn’t decide to make a show of force by working out his biceps and triceps chopping frozen wood for the hotel fireplace.

Nevertheless, it didn’t take long to find out what Putin was plotting while aerobically exercising in that ice bath!

Recently, Russia was presented with a perfect opportunity in the form of ex-CIA employee/NSA leaker Edward Snowden seeking asylum.  In response, Putin seems to be responding to American requests for Snowden’s return with the same level of inflexibility Barack Obama showed when he pointed toward the lake and told Vladimir to “have a great workout!”

Obama himself is probably one of the main reasons that while Russian immigration authorities review his plea for asylum, Edward “the whistleblower” Snowden is safely hunkered down in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport.

Much like Obama enjoyed his time in that temperature-controlled gym, now, compliments of the Kremlin, Snowden is safely in the bosom of Putin-provided refuge.

Meanwhile, regardless of how authoritatively the U.S. begs or how earnestly Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder promises that if they send Snowden home, he won’t personally arrange the execution of the whistleblower, Putin has dug in with the same type of obstinacy Obama displayed when refusing to give up the weight room in that Irish hotel.

Not only that, but from the geriatric ward also known as the U.S. Senate comes the laughable threat that if Snowden is not extradited, sanctions will be imposed against Russia that include “revocation or suspension of trade privileges and preferences.”  Well, that certainly must have caused Putin to quake in his frozen swim trunks.

Come on, now — does anyone really believe that America’s Mom-Jeans President, or Senator Harry Reid or John McCain, intimidates a judo champion who swims in Siberian rivers and reels in pikes as big as crocodiles?  I think not.

Vladimir’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov maintains that Snowden’s request for temporary asylum is not on the Russian president’s agenda.  Yet Vladimir did find time to take a break from ice hockey to send a friendly message via Peskov to Obama saying that “Russia … never extradite[s] anyone, and will not extradite” Snowden.

That’s why the same flexibility Obama demonstrated when he had the chance to spare Putin an early-morning swim in Lough Erne is being shown to him with regard to Edward Snowden.  Now it’s the Kremlin that has dibs on what Obama wants, and it’s Putin who is refusing to back down.

Red Onion Rings Trump Red Spy Rings – American Thinker – June 30, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Picture this: you find out your neighbor is wearing night goggles and spying through your window after dark.  What do you do?  Invite him over for a barbeque, give him a bear hug and tell him you’ll leave the venetian blinds open to provide the neighborly voyeur easier access to peer through your window.

That is exactly what Barack Obama did this week.  Apparently, Mr. Obama wasn’t all that bothered about a Russian spy ring, made up of eleven agents, attempting to gather and use intelligence against the United States of America. A Russian spy ring “infiltrating policymaking circles” and sending “secrets back to the Kremlin” wasn’t going to mess up the warm bond and growing amity between two regular guys just attempting to cultivate a budding friendship.

The courtship started when Obama signed a “major nuclear arms control agreement that reduced the nuclear stockpiles of both nations.” Heck, the duo even had hamburgers and fries in Ray’s Hell Burger just the other day. “They both had burgers, of course. And yes, they shared fries.”

Although Obama knew about FBI plans to bust the New York Russian spy ring for passing information about the U.S. government to Moscow, the President chose not to raise the subject at last week’s scheduled talks nor with the Russian leader over hamburgers.

Just a few days after Barry and Dmitry simultaneously dipped French fries into shared ketchup the alleged operation was busted.  Spy ring aside, how can you “bury lingering Cold War tensions” if you focus on the fact that a close buddy is furtively gathering intelligence to use against you and the nation you lead?

It would be better to ignore talk of fake passports and secret online networks and instead order and scarf down a “Let’s Get It On (We are All Sensitive Burgers With So Much To Give)” burger.

The FBI said it intercepted a message from SVR’s headquarters, Moscow Center, to two of the 10 defendants describing their main mission as “to search and develop ties in policymaking circles in US.” Intercepted messages showed they were asked to learn about a wide range of topics, including nuclear weapons, U.S. arms control positions, Iran, White House rumors, CIA leadership turnover, the last presidential election, Congress and the political parties.

White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs agreed with Obama’s decision to disregard the espionage controversy.  Gibbs said, “I do not believe [the spy issue] will affect the ‘reset’ of our relationship with Russia.” Exactly why should someone equipped with night vision goggles gazing through your bedroom window on Wednesday be excluded from attending your pool party on Saturday?

Phil Gordon, assistant secretary of state for European Affairs, claims “We’re moving towards a more trusting relationship. We’re beyond the Cold War; our relations absolutely demonstrate that.”  Except of course “vestiges of old attempts to use intelligence” apparently at work in the 11 recently arrested Cold War-style spies.

The U.S. Justice Department said the spies “received extensive training in coded communications, how to evade detection and how to pass messages to other agents.” The more pressing issue, however, is who voluntarily sacrificed the last French fry at Ray’s Hell Burger, Barry or Dmitry?

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