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Kim Jong-un Cruelly Executes His Ex-Lover

maxresdefault-300x168Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Talk about having bad taste in men!

In a story that would send shivers down any civilized person’s spine, Hyon Song-wol, former lover of megalomaniac leader of North Korea/epitome of evil, Kim Jong-un, was rewarded for 10 years of devotion by being dragged before a firing squad.

Hyon and 11 other well-known North Korean pop music performers were recently arrested and, three days later, lined up and gunned down in a hail of machine gun bullets.

Like his father before him, Kim Jong-un is a merciless dictator with homicidal tendencies.  Take for instance the matter of vice minister of the army Kim Chol.

In October 2012 Chol was executed for “drinking and carousing during the official mourning period after Kim Jong-il’s death.”  Kim Jong-il’s little boy gave orders to leave “no trace of [Chol] behind, down to his hair.”  After being forced to “stand on a spot zeroed in for a mortar round,” Chol was “obliterated.”

Apparently Kim Jong-un has eclectic tastes in execution methods. Hyon Song-wol wasn’t blown up: she was taken out with gunshots.

well-known singer and performer with the famous revolutionary and propaganda band Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble as well as the Unhasu Orchestra, Hyon Song-wol and the other performers were arrested for violating domestic laws against pornography.

After some of the prisoners were found to be in possession of Bibles, they were immediately considered political dissidents. What’s wrong with this picture?  The Supreme Leader couldn’t come up with something better than porn and Bibles?

Either way, in North Korea, it’s the law:  No Bibles and no pornography.

To drive home the ‘no Bibles and no pornography’ point, immediate family and key members of the Unhasu Orchestra, Wangjaesan Light Band, and Moranbong Band members were forced to watch the executions, forbidden to look away.

In Hyon’s case, present at her killing were her husband – an officer in the North Korean military – and her small child, both of whom were sent, along with the family members of the rest of those killed, to a prison camp for the barbaric crime of guilt by association.

Hyon became well known for the song “Excellent Horse-Like Lady.” In addition, her band is known for patriotic hits such as “Footsteps of Soldiers,” “I Love Pyongyang,” “She is a Discharged Soldier,” and “We are Troops of the Party.”

According to an intelligence official, Kim and Hyon have “known each other since they were in their teens, [when] it came to light that rumors about the two having an affair have been circulating among Pyongyang’s top elite.”

Although they were friends and lovers for about 10 years, the late Kim Jong-il forced his son to break off the relationship with the singer.  Allegedly, Hyon went on to marry and have a baby, but after Kim Jong-il’s death was believed to still be seeing Kim Jong-un.

Coincidentally, before their marriage, Kim’s wife, singer Ri Sol-ju, was also a member of the same Unhasu Orchestra.  Now the belief is that Bibles and pornography weren’t the issue, but that Ri wanted to dispose of her husband’s former lover and he complied.

Word to Ri Sol-ju: Whatever you do, in the future, it might be wise to refrain from nagging or irritating hubby.

Toshimitsu Shigemura, a professor at Tokyo’s Waseda University and an authority on North Korean affairs, says that if pornography was really the case, “They could have been made to disappear into the prison system there instead.”

Professor Shigemura believes that based on the severity and cruelty of the punishment, “There is a political reason behind this.” It’s either that or, he concedes, “it is possible that these executions are more about Kim’s wife” having a problem with her husband’s ex-lover having such a high profile.

Prior to their marriage, Mrs. Kim Jong-un was forced to give up her singing career and endure six months of special training, which may be why the diminutive first lady had the stomach to demand that 12 people be machine-gunned to death under false pretenses.

So, by evil North Korean dictator standards, Ri Sol-ju was clearly an excellent student, and has proven herself to be the perfect mate for the cruel and vicious Lil’ Kim.

America’s Indifference to Pervasive Decay

imagesOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

After a visiting 21-year-old Canadian student named Elisa Lam was sadly discovered in one of the metal water towers on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, one guest, Sabina Baugh, a tourist from Britain, described the taste of the water as variously “horrible… funny, disgusting,” and “strange,” which means Sabina had been drinking it.

It took Elisa’s body drying out at the mortuary for Baugh to finally admit “When you turned the tap on, the water was coming black first for two seconds and then it was going back to normal.” Sabina and husband Michael chalked up the tar-colored, nasty-tasting H2O to being “just the way it was here.”

Weak water pressure and a flood in one room are what finally elicited complaints from a resident, leading a maintenance man to climb up on the roof, where he discovered the body of a woman missing for three weeks putrefying in one of the four water tanks.

The Director of Environmental Health for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Angelo Bellomo, was called in and reported that the “recent cold weather might have limited bacteria production in the tank.” That must have been a relief! In lieu of a morgue refrigerator, according to the public health department’s implication,  a drop in California temperatures cryogenically prevented bacterial reproduction in the water, thereby making it safe for human consumption.

According to Angelo, between 10 and 14 samples all supposedly came back “negative for fecal coliforms, and total coliforms,” which makes one wonder why the Cecil ‘Hotel California’ has put a do-not-drink order in place while they flush the whole water system.

Nonetheless, reassured that the rooftop water tank that housed a decomposing dead body did not contain harmful bacteria, hotel patrons can relax in knowing they can soon go back to gargling, washing hotel linens, and freshening up just as they did prior to the shocking discovery.

LAPD Sergeant Rudy Lopez said that although foul play or an accident has not been ruled out, the cause of Lam’s death is still uncertain. An accident? What, was Elisa headed toward Six Flags Magic Mountain and made a wrong turn on the roof?

Situated in close proximity to “Skid Row,” the Cecil Hotel already has a history that’s right up there in the hotel horrors competition. Serial killer Richard Ramierez, aka the “Night Stalker,” stayed at the Cecil, as did notorious Austrian serial prostitute killer Johann ‘Jack’ Unterweger. There were also many murders and suicides committed there.

Now besides jumping deaths, cockroaches, and cigarette burns on the bed sheets, the Cecil can proudly add having guests unknowingly drink and bathe in a broth of decomposing flesh to their list of attractions. But the story here is not so much a mysterious death as it is the ghoulish reality that the hotel guests and residents, regardless of what public health officials are saying, were drinking water infused with tissue and bodily fluids from a rotting corpse.

What’s even weirder than that is that for two weeks Elisa Lam floated in a 4 ft. x 8 ft. tank that supplied a “600 room boutique hotel” with water, and only one patron bothered to mention that what they were drinking tasted funny. Then, after the grisly discovery was made, rather than move out, many of the hotel occupants chose to stay.

The sorry truth here is that what happened in Los Angeles at the Cecil seems indicative of a larger problem endemic to America as a whole.

Unfortunately, although shocking to hear, it’s not so hard to believe that there were Americans living in this hotel and soaking in bathtubs filled with liquefied remains of a dead cadaver and not noticing. It’s also not hard to believe that it took not getting the foul water from the faucet fast enough for someone to complain, simply because they weren’t able to instantly get more of what they shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place.

This is America! Nuclear tanks are leaking in Washington State, drug-resistant TB is spreading amongst the poor in LA, mysterious bright lights are streaking across the night sky in diverse locations, and a multi-generational lunatic in North Korea is testing a nuclear bomb delivery system aimed at this country with nothing being done in response. In the meantime, as the country slowly rots from within, Americans are busily checking their iPhones for emails, reading Buzzfeed, preparing to fill up their gas tanks with $5-a-gallon gasoline, and drinking corpse-water in the Cecil Hotel as if nothing is going on.

And while what’s taking place in America has nothing to do with dead women floating in water tanks, in a way the situation is similar, because most Americans can discern that something is very wrong but go about their business as if everything is fine. In fact, when the nation was presented with an opportunity to fish the metaphorical corpse out of the tank and drain the water in November, Barack Obama was reelected.

More so with each passing day, much like the pipes in the Cecil Hotel, the nation is in dire need of a good flushing out. Yet there is no one willing to take the bold step needed to politically cleanse Washington DC of all the rotten politicians who’ve been floating too long in positions of power. Therefore, for lack of anything else, Americans are being force-fed the special Kool-Aid that Barack Obama continues to mix into the vile water he’s responsible for creating. What’s shocking is that there are still some who hungrily slurp it down like it’s the nectar of the gods.

So while the story about the guests at the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles bathing and drinking water from a rooftop tank with a decomposing body floating in it has to be, bar none, the most disgusting, disturbing, tragic story of the year, the decomposition of America is far worse.

Jimmy Carter Wishes Lil’ Un Success

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Some send flowers, others cards, but after hearing about the death of communist Kim Jong-il, most of the civilized world breathed a sigh of relief.  Yet, ever a friend to communists, former President Jimmy Carter was duty-bound to send condolences to Kim Jong-il’s heir, Kim Jong-un.

According to a Korean news agency, Jimmy Carter sent condolences to the newly-installed figurehead “Kim Jong-un and the Korean people over the demise of leader Kim Jong-il.”  Carter “wished Kim Jong-un every success as he assumes his new responsibility of leadership,” and said he was “looking forward to another visit to [North Korea] in the future.”

After sending the communiqué, Mr. Carter did not expound on the “every success” comment because, according to a spokesperson, he was “out of the office until the New Year.”  It was not reported as to whether his Christmas disappearance had anything do to with the return trip to North Korea that Carter said he was anxious to make.

While it’s so thoughtful of Mr. Carter to “mourn with those who mourn,” it would be interesting to know what the ex-president hopes ‘Un’ the successor will be successful at.

Is Mr. Carter hopeful that Kim Jong-il’s son will thrive as he carries out his father’s reign of terror against the North Korean people?  How about being just as loony as the old man?  Is Carter extending best wishes for continued brutal totalitarian oppression over 25 million people who subsist on grass and tree bark while Dear Leader and his cronies enjoy the finest luxuries money can buy?

When Jimmy extended fond wishes for every success, did that include Lil’ Un maintaining his father’s “military first” policy? Or the hope that, if another famine hits the socialist nation, only one million instead of two million people will succumb to state-induced death by starvation?

Jimmy Carter visited North Korea twice: once in 1994 soon after the death of Kim Il-sung, and again around the time of a huge famine. It was then that Nobel Peace Prize winner Carter participated in brokering the Clinton administration’s agreement to sign an accord with Pyongyang to “freeze” the nuclear program.

At the time, North Korea agreed to “dismantle its nuclear-weapons program in exchange for oil deliveries and the construction of two nuclear reactors.” The deal fell through during the Bush administration, and in 2006 North Korea became successful at becoming “world’s eighth atomic power.”

Fortunately, thus far North Korea has only been unsuccessful in terms of delivering what it has worked so hard to proliferate. But Jimmy isn’t concerned about that; he knows that persistence always pays off in the end.

Furthermore, in extending his heartfelt sympathy, Jimmy Carter avoided insult by not mentioning North Korean successes such as: launching missiles and reactivating its nuclear program; “reprocessing thousands of spent nuclear fuel rods;” withdrawing from the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty; or its continued flouting of Six-Party talks and ongoing aggression toward both the United States and South Korea.

Neither did Carter’s “every success” message touch upon former US Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates‘ 2011 prediction that North Korea was “within five years of being able to strike the continental United States with an intercontinental ballistic missile.”

Always the consummate statesman, in 2010 when North Korea attacked a South Korean island, the rarely competent but always compassionate Carter said that he believed Kim Jong-il’s belligerent and aggressive acts were merely “designed to remind the world that [North Korea] deserves respect in negotiations that will shape their future.”

With the military’s decision to share power with Lil’ Un, Carter’s wish for “every success” could very well come true — and soon — if North Korea gains “respect in negotiations” by finally attaining long sought-after success in the form of a rocket delivery system that can reach and “shape the future” of any nation it chooses.

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