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Hillary’s excruciating onstage ballet with Katy Perry

Originally posted at American Thinker

A week ago, in an effort to inspire Latino voters, women’s advocate Hillary Clinton stood by as J-Lo exposed her ample booty to a Miami crowd.  A few nights later in Cleveland, to encourage black hip-hop voters, Hillary stood by again as Beyoncé trivialized her femininity while her husband, Jay-Z, dropped F-bombs and tossed around the N-word.

Then, just days before the 2016 election, in the hope of rousing disinterested millennials to pull the lever for Grandma, Hillary Clinton, looking completely out of place, was joined by a disgruntled pastor’s kid for yet another melodious arm-twister.

On a stage in Philadelphia, Hillary joined pop star Katy Perry, who must have realized that if she wanted to convince people to vote for the frumpy woman in the pantsuit, she’d need to do more than strip naked for a “Funny or Die” video.

Hence, in the City of Brotherly Love, after delivering a boring “better, fairer, stronger America” stump speech, Hillary introduced one-woman-lover of a very long list of “brothers” – Katy Perry.

Zany Katy, who acts as if she’s the Lucille Ball of pop music, poked fun at Donald Trump’s “nasty woman” comment by strutting onto the Mann Center stage in time to Janet Jackson’s “Nasty Boys.”  A recovering evangelical, Perry, who is no longer with Jesus, wore blue leather leggings and a flowing cape emblazoned with the words “I’m with Madame president.”

If votes are what Hillary really wants, maybe she should have just followed Katy’s lead and donned a blue wig and a cupcake bra.

Meanwhile, a rhythmically challenged “Hilly-C” got so caught up in the heat of the moment she made the fatal mistake of breaking into what looked like a spastic jig.  In all honesty, as the promiscuous pop star yelled things at the audience like “Let me hear you roar for Hillary!,” a clapping, grinning Clinton looked less like a candidate for president and more like an over-enthusiastic senior citizen trying really hard to fit in at a teenage dance party.

In truth, the whole thing was excruciating to watch.

At one point, Katy, decked out in over-the-top regalia, held hands with Mrs. Clinton and a curtain call of uncomfortable-looking Democrat politicians who were awkwardly pretending to have a blast.

After that strange lineup exited stage right, Katy, who learned how to proselytize growing up in a Christian home, attempted to cajole the crowd to vote for the socialist, pro-choice maven by weaving Hillary into songs like “Part of Me.”

After she sang the lyric that says, “Find out who is really there for me,” Katy hollered to the crowd, “Are you there for her?”

Evidently, K.P. is unaware that the presidential candidate she wanted people to be “there for,” wasn’t there for four Americans who returned home from Benghazi in coffins draped in the type of flag the pop star slipped into for the second half of the show.

As the evening progressed, Perry;s Hillary-4-President song metaphors included tunes like “Rise,” which is what Hillary had trouble doing after she collapsed on a New York City sidewalk on September 11, and “Roar,” which is what the gravelly-voiced shrew does whenever she tries to convince voters that Donald Trump is affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan.

Offering no explanation of how Hillary plans to “make the world a better place,” at one point, Katy exhorted the crowd, shouting, “Shouldn’t we have some fun whilst we make the world a better place?”

Maybe a more appropriate question would have been, “Shouldn’t we have some fun whilst we attempt to convince people to elect the most corrupt politician in American history?”

Besides falling in and out of love faster than Hillary can deposit other people’s money into a private bank account, Katy told the crowd that when she’s not courting Orlando Bloom, she’s out “knocking on doors.”

So, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Katy Perry followed up J-Lo, but not before the cumbersome Lena Dunham danced her heart out in a rap video that paid homage to a “sensual pantsuit.”

Next up, Bon Jovi and Mr. and Mrs. “Hope and Change” will join Hilly in Philly on Election Day eve.

In hopes of propelling the former secretary of state to victory, angry Michelle will play the sexist race card; sniveling provocateur Barry will scold and demand that the crowd “focus” entirely on him, and then John Bon Jovi will probably dedicate “Livin’ on a Prayer” to a woman suffering from seizure.

But in the end, if all the ballyhoo still doesn’t get out the vote in Philadelphia on Election Day, Obama can always stem the tide of Trump voters by dispatching a band of billy club-toting New Black Panthers.

GRAMMY AWARDS 2015: Grannies, Gays and God’s Grace

beyonce_perfOriginally posted at CLASH Daily

If you’re a hedonist, this year’s Grammy Award show rocked! For starters, last year Madonna, dressed like a cowboy, officiated a gay wedding; she showed up this year wearing a Granny-ass hammock and not much else.

An aging Angus Young in his traditional schoolboy outfit helped open the worship service with AC/DC’s very fitting “Highway to Hell” anthem. Then, not to be outdone, Hozier and an embarrassingly enthusiastic Annie Lenox, before segueing into “I Put a Spell on You,” sang the disturbing ode to gay sex, “Take Me to Church.”

When the Sovereign Queen Beyoncé won a Grammy for her song “Drunk in Love”, which features the lyrics “I’ve been drinking, get filthy when that liquor get into me,” and “Last thing I remember is our beautiful bodies grinding up in the club,” she thanked God in her acceptance speech.

Sam “Stay With Me” Smith, the openly gay Brit and Boy George of 2015, ruled the night, winning four Grammys. Accepting the record of the year trophy, Sam said “I want to thank the man who this record is about, who I fell in love with last year. Thank you so much for breaking my heart because you got me four Grammys.” Then he sang with Mary K. Blige.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some not-too-objectionable things going on, such as Kanye and Kim dressed in Jean Paul Gaultier on the red carpet, discussing West’s Yeezy Boost sneakers. Kanye promised that, at $300 a pop, the footwear would address classism.

L.L. Cool J hosted, and there was the high-spirited exhibitionist Taylor Swift dancing with such obnoxious abandon it’s easy to understand why the girl has trouble getting a date.

John Legend and his irritating wife model Chrissy Teigen, who admitted on the red carpet that they once had sex at an Obama event, were mouthing the lyrics to songs they clearly didn’t know.

Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine did an elegant duet, and the always “Happy” Mr. Pharrell Williams and his canary yellow sneakers livened up the show.

The singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and fashion designer seems like a nice enough guy. But when did Pharrell, who seems happily unaware that, thanks to Barack Obama, most of America is unhappy, trade his signature Royal Canadian Mounties hat for shorts?

Speaking of #‎ItsonBarackObama, he appeared via video to give a public service message to America about rape and domestic abuse with his #‎Itsonus‬ campaign. Barack’s the guy who’s fine with women being genitally mutilated, married off at nine years-old, beheaded, shot, burned, stoned, and above all aborted – just don’t hit ’em! Not to mention his being unperturbed about the looming prospect of Iran acquiring a nuke and blowing the state of Israel off the map.

Dressed in white, pastor’s daughter Katy Perry backed her hero up. Katy, the girl who was wearing devil’s horns and flashing the satanic salute during AC/DC’s performance, sang “By the Grace of God,” a ballad supposedly about domestic violence.

And all this took place as the violent, misogynist ode to sadomasochistic sex, “50 Shades of Grey,” is about to hit the big screen. The movie’s soundtrack includes songs by Beyoncé, Annie Lennox, and Sia in a ginormous white wig, all of whom were featured at the same Grammy Awards show that spent an inordinate amount of energy denouncing violence against women.

Disregarding old men being abused by young women, Jessie J, dressed in a see-thru black fishing net, sang “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling” to Tom ‘Cialis’ Jones, and Lady Gaga, who left her meat dress home, sang standards while rubbing her ample décolletage on a delighted 88 year-old Tony Bennett.

Other Grammy 2015 highlights included Sir Paul McCartney looking out of place, strumming his guitar with no mic and watching as Kanye adjusted his droopy drawers, and Rihanna, sans a Chris Brown-administered black eye, bounced around the stage singing “FourFiveSeconds.”

Stevie Wonder got a standing ovation he had no clue he was receiving, and an aging Prince, dressed in an orange-is-the-new-black jumpsuit, made a curious reference to the late Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri fame, saying, “Albums still matter. Like books and black lives, albums still matter.”

Clearly, Prince didn’t think through his wardrobe choice. Either that or he was unaware that if Michael had managed to steal Darren Wilson’s gun and shoot the police officer, a similar outfit is what Mr. Brown would be wearing in jail.

The show included lots of hoodies and ignorant “hands up” protest references, but not one mention of the two NYPD officers blown away in their police cruiser by Ismaayil Brinsley.

At one point, Madonna was introduced by that sweaty “badass…bitch’” Miley Cyrus and her cohort Nicki ‘Bloated Butt’ Minaj. Thankfully, “All About That Bass” Madge donned some much-needed shorts.

The decrepit diva attempted to relive the 1980s with a horde of horned men and did an embarrassingly clumsy number that looked more like she was auditioning for a Tena pad commercial than performing on the Grammys.

An out-of-place looking Beck, who beat Beyoncé by winning album of the year, was publicly dissed by Kanye and sang with Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex-husband Chris Martin.

Gwyneth, who refuses to be upstaged, dragged her girly parts away from her steam-cleaning machine long enough to introduce her “beautiful friend” Beyoncé, who went from being “drunk in love” to singing the sober Gospel song “Take My Hand Precious Lord.”

Beyoncé took to the stage in all her majestic glory to prove to the world that she, not Ledisi, should have played Mahalia Jackson in the movie Selma.

Wrapping up, country superstar Miranda Lambert cursed and was censored while singing “Little Red Wagon,” Nicole Kidman still can’t move her face, and the 2014 dead people slide show touched many hearts. But more importantly, for degenerates, gay rights activists, Obama fanatics, and cop-killer sympathizers, as always, this year’s Grammy Awards show really delivered.

IGNORAMUS MICHAEL MOORE: Tweeting More Foolishness

Michael-MooreOriginally posted at Clash Daily

A few days after the CDC admitted that the “overseas” imported measles epidemic that is creeping across America with the same determination as Enterovirus D-68, which killed 15 and paralyzed and sickened hundreds, like grease rising to the top of chicken soup America-hating Michael Moore has reared his obnoxious head again. This time it’s not to slam American heroes; it’s to give travel advice to illegal aliens hoping to sneak across the border unimpeded into Arizona.

After watching a colorful Katy Perry, dressed like a flame-thrower riding a red-eyed tiger that looked like a demonic Transformer, sing “I Kissed a Girl” to a confused Lenny Kravitz, having what appeared to be fireworks shoot out her butt, and riding a shooting star rivaled only by Gwyneth Paltrow’s genital steam-cleaning apparatus, Michael, aka Jabba the Hutt, seized the opportunity to criticize border patrol agents and endorse illegal immigration.

Here’s what the bloated buffoon said this time:

So apparently in @MMFlint’s opinion, border patrol agents are “vigilantes” that “harass” innocent illegals who, if they could only be flown directly into Arizona, could bypass the whole ordeal.

First Michael Moore took to Twitter and accused military snipers of being cowardly murderers on a joy ride, implying that a Navy SEAL’s idea of good time is to shoot innocent people in the back. Then he accused Clint “Make My Day” Eastwood of threatening to kill his sorry ass.

Now, sitting somewhere in one of his nine homes, praising Marxism and thinking up incendiary things to say, Michael, who clearly despises America and the military, makes the snide suggestion that Third-World types should skip sneaking into Arizona and instead bypass border security by being airlifted.

As outrageous as Michael’s idea may sound, while that other illegal-loving liberal, Barack Obama, is in charge, flying in illegal aliens is a maneuver that is not out of the range of possibility.

Barack is of the same mindset and has already proposed giving refugee status to certain groups.

Obama’s genius idea is that, rather than have criminal interlopers endure the dangerous trek across the border trying to avoid the coyotes and the human smugglers, why not send cargo planes to pick up what he calls “refugees?”

Using refugee status as a cover would ensure that individuals with MDR-TB, Enterovirus D-68, measles, scabies and other Third World goodies to spread around, as well as culturally diverse MS-13 gang members, drug addicts, child molesters, rapists, and an occasional Islamic terrorist thrown into the mix can be dropped off all across America.

So, as far as liberal insanity goes, Michael the Hutt is on the same page as the president, who wants to seed American neighborhoods and classrooms with every possible type of disease and danger he can dredge up and dump off.

So with that in mind, not that Katy Perry’s steam-powered, Gwyneth Paltrow-inspired flying machine could lift that large lump of lard, but if it could, maybe it could pick up Michael Moore by the seat of his stained boxer shorts and fly him directly to Cuba and drop him off.

And maybe, while the Super Bowl half-time flying machine is at it, how about doing America a solid and making a double-duty stop at the White House to pick up another pusillanimous passenger for the trip?

Creepy: The Grammy Award Marriage Cantata

Queen-Latifah-Grammy-Gay-MArriage-CoverOriginally posted at Clash Daily

Every churchgoing person who raised kids in the 1980’s and 1990’s remembers attending church programs where believers with the goal of evangelism were told to “bring a friend to church.’”

Let’s just say oftentimes it didn’t go well. Guests would get fidgety, roll their eyes, and after a pressurized “altar call” would head straight for the exits.

As for the hosts who tried desperately to prove that Christians aren’t weirdos, well, they did it by acting freakishly joyous and embarrassingly hyper-spiritual. For the most part the effort didn’t work, and all it did was ensure that those strong-armed into attending the Christmas service would be unavailable for the Easter Cantata.

Strangely, that was exactly the awkward feeling that was conveyed at the Grammy Awards when disgruntled and tattooed 20- and 30-somethings raised in Pentecostal/Evangelical homes attempted to send a message to Mom, Dad and Pastor Rolex that no one, not even Jesus Christ Himself, was going to impose restrictive religious constraints on them, their sexual orientation, or their propensity for casual sex.

The way the message was sent was via a high-tech tent meeting at a music awards ceremony that turned more evangelistic and in-your-face obnoxious than any well-meaning Christian parent has ever subjected their quiver-full of little arrows to in a less-than-perfect church.

Not counting Jay-Z thanking God “a little” for allowing his bethonged wife to sexually demean herself in front of millions of people, the three worst offenders were country star Kacey Musgraves, (speaking of arrows), pop-star Katy Perry, and singer/song-writer/LGBT newcomer Mary Lambert.

Kacey Lee Musgraves got her start at eight-years-old singing in church. Now Miss Musgraves writes lyrics that seem to express angst over unwanted religious coercion.

In “Merry Go Round” Kacey sings, “And it don’t matter if you don’t believe/Come Sunday morning, you best be there in the front row/like you’re supposed to.”

Far from the front row of the Texas church where she apparently sat against her will, this year the Best Country Album Grammy winner had a message for those stodgy church people during the Grammy Awards. Kacey Lee took to the stage in light-up cowboy boots and performed her non-traditional “I Kissed a Girl”-type hit song “Follow Your Arrow,” which says in part:

Kiss lots of boys
Or kiss lots of girls
If that’s something you’re into
When the straight and narrow
Gets a little too straight…
Roll up a joint, or don’t
Just follow your arrow…

Then there was Katy Perry, whose father is preacher Maurice Keith Hudson.

Rebelling against all things Keith Hudson Ministries, Katy has “followed her arrow” – first by rising above her gospel roots on the wings of a song entitled “I Kissed a Girl,” and then by marrying and getting dumped by admitted alcoholic/drug-addicted/sex-addicted Russell Brand.

For a girl so anxious to escape church, Ms. Perry seemed right at home dancing in the first row of the rowdy worship service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Katy even donned in an illuminated Knights Templar cross and, to the delight of the Grammy audience, by way of her hit song “Dark Horse” did a little preaching herself in what the media called a quasi-Satanic Ritual.

Ms. Perry also celebrated the gay-and-straight marriage ceremony officiated by actress/talk show host/former Baptist Queen Latifah. Besides announcing that the LGBT community were her “peeps,” Latifah legally certified in Los Angeles County conducted the gay and straight wedding ceremony.

Jumping to catch the bridal bouquet, Perry seemed captivated by sickly-looking, grillz-adorned icon Madonna, a woman notorious for being unable to sustain a marriage for more than a nanosecond herself, singing an “Open Your Heart” wedding song backed by a fake gospel choir.

Then there was Mary “She Keeps me Warm” Lambert, the proud Grammy Award token lesbian whose anthem to gayness seems more about Lambert setting straight the evangelical Christians she feels judged her as a sexually conflicted teen than it was about entertaining the hedonists, be they gay or straight, cheering her on at the Grammys.   

While 34 couples exchanged vows, Mary sang with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis the marriage equality ballad she penned called “Same Love.” The lyrics to “Same Love” speak to the cultural divide over gay marriage with bitter lyrics that say, “The right wing conservatives think it’s a decision, and you can be cured with some treatment and religion.”

Clearly, Mary has the need to feel vindicated in her beliefs, and attempts to accomplish that goal by being around like-minded people who sway and cry when she sings gay anthems and uses gay people to alleviate her conscience.

That’s why Lambert assisted in a pseudo-church service that was orchestrated with the goal of correcting those she must hold responsible for making her feel bad for living the type of lifestyle she craved.

The whole creepy mass wedding, choir, huge stained-glass church windows, happy converts, passionate preachers, and forced look-at-me message rang hollow, cheap and sad. The stunt fell flat.

And, for lack of a better description, Mary Lambert and Co. starred in a Gay Marriage Cantata where liberals, fallen-away Christians, and same-sex marriage advocates took part in an over-the-top evangelistic crusade that converted no one.

Granted, there have been and still are some churches that lack authenticity and have nothing to do with Jesus. However, the sad truth is that people like Musgraves, Perry, and Lambert, all of whom were exposed to the Gospel growing up and who now use their careers as a platform to express disdain for anything associated with that past, are just as guilty of fanatical proselytizing as those they imply fueled their rebellion against God.

Katy Perry, the Simpson Sisters and Exchanging Faith for Fleeting Fame

Originally posted at BIG Hollywood

In preface to this critique, it’s important to say that there is no such thing as a perfect Christian; Jesus Christ, the God Christians follow, was the only perfect human being, which is why true Christians believe faith should be placed in Him alone.

With that said, it was after the Jesus Movement of the ’60s and ’70s, during the 1980’s that many non-denominational churches sprouted up all over America, some of them overseen by self-appointed pastors and leaders who were unaccountable to anyone but themselves. As a result, in the Christian community, young adults, desirous to serve God, were drawn into congregations with showbiz-style charismatic leaders who exploited the enthusiasm and commitment of individuals who, at that time, were too immature to differentiate the counterfeit from the divine.

Kids “raised” in many of these churches responded harshly to hype and unbiblical legalism and emerged from the experience tattooed, smoking, drinking, and toting around babies born out of wedlock. Lost between redemption and confusion were grossly cynical parents who realized they wasted precious years serving man and not God and a generation of kids who sang with Psalty, then grew up eager to partake of forbidden fruit.

Similar scenarios were common in churches across America and could explain the disturbing phenomenon presently on display where the worldly success Christian pop stars achieve is often accompanied by a public fall from grace. Two of the most obvious examples of church kid tragedy include the sorry lives of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson and train-wreck-waiting-to-happen Katy Perry.

In Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s case, they are the daughters of a former minister-turned-showbiz-pimp named Joe Simpson. Mr. Simpson began as a youth pastor at Heights Baptist Church in Richardson, Texas and, if one were to guess, probably aspired to heights at “Heights” higher than the youth ministry.

It’s probable some kind of disappointment caused Joe to drop the Bible, change from preacher to manager, and work toward elevating his singing daughter from the choir to reality TV. Problem is, ever since Joe made Jessica’s stardom his religion, nothing but disaster has followed the girl. Jessica ’s foray into the world of Hollywood notoriety may have made her a superstar/business mogul, but with success has come irreparable pain and humiliation.

Jessica Simpson’s climb to fame began when she revealed herself to be a bubble-headed ditz after mistaking tuna fish for chicken and ended soon after when she divorced wholesome, nice guy Nick Lachey. The star-studded Simpson divorce list also includes another failed marriage for younger sister/pop star Ashlee, whose marriage to Pete Wentz produced one son named Bronx Mowgli.

After her divorce from Lachey, Jessica Simpson’s romantic life read like a who’s who of unattached men.  The list included such notables as: Maroon Five’s Adam Levine, comedian Dane Cook, and blabbermouth pop star John Mayer, who described Jessica this way: “That girl was like crack cocaine to me… Sexually, it was crazy. That’s all I’ll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm.”

Then there was football star Tony Romo, Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan, and her latest, Eric Johnson, father to Joe Simpson’s unborn grandchild.

And let’s not forget Jessica’s breakout movie role in which she soaped up a Dodge Charger dressed in a pink bikini, as Daisy Duke in butt-exposing hot pants in the remake of “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

So while church life and church people are imperfect, the answer was certainly not for Joe Simpson to replace the flawed outworking of Christianity with dysfunction, promiscuity, divorce, and public ridicule which, in Jessica and Ashlee’s case, came disguised as fame and fortune. One can’t help but wonder: if and when Pastor Joe contemplates the cost of celebrity, is he proud?  Has it been worth it?

Either way, besides the Simpson sisters, in the church-kid arena, there’s also alleged teen father Justin Bieber, raunchy Tweeter Natasha Bedingfield, and bawdy Southern Baptist girl Britney Spears. Yet not one of them surpass the biggest disaster in the PK (pastor’s kid) department, former Christian singer turned flamboyant superstar, the shameless self-promoter Katy Perry.

Unlike Joe Simpson, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson’s father Keith would probably prefer that his pop-icon daughter not profit by gaining the world and losing her soul. However, hugely successful for all the wrong reasons and based on some of her blasphemous comments, outspoken jester Katy might disagree.

Cartoon Katy is indeed the consummate reactionary Christian school and camp/singing in church/no-TV-or-dancing kid. Katy rebelled by remaking herself into a gay activist/slutty pinup girl.  She sings songs like “Ur So Gay,” married ex-heroin and sex addict/comedian/Hare Krishna/80-women-a-month Russell Brand, and filed for divorce after just one year.

In her Rolling Stone magazine interview entitled “Sex, God & Katy Perry: The Hard Road and Hot Times of a Fallen Angel,” Katheryn Hudson said, “When I was a kid, I asked questions about my faith. Now I’m asking questions about the world.”

Hopefully, when the applause of the world Katy Perry is asking questions about stops – which it will – the klieg lights cease to reflect off her electric blue wig, and the cupcake bra is hung out to dry, Ms. Katy will stop singing “I Kissed a Girl” long enough to embrace the essence of truth she was raised to accept but thus far chooses to reject.

And rather than becoming another casualty of an imperfect church filled with imperfect people, perhaps Katheryn will one day have an opportunity to teach Pastor Joe Simpson a thing or two about grace, redemption, and what the God he purported to once believe in considers the true measure of success.

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