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Obama’s ‘Empty Chair’

5067315_GOriginally posted at American Thinker

At the 2012 Republican Convention, Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood addressed Barack Obama by speaking to an empty chair. The left was peeved, and the Obama campaign was greatly offended.

Four years later, for the 2016 State of the Union address, Obama, the Teleprompter Thespian, plans to emulate Eastwood’s stunt.  The difference is that instead of the sort of exploitation of the living the president typically indulges in, this time, as a prop, Obama will exploit the dead by leaving an empty chair in the First Lady’s skybox to represent those killed by gun violence.

Based on what he had to say to 20,000 participants during a recent Organizing for Action conference call, the empty chair is necessary because the president feels, although deceased, victims of gun violence need to be “seen and understood.”

Americans already know that, as part of his 8-year repertoire, this president never hesitates to employ manipulation to further policy initiatives. That’s why, in his last State of the Union address, Obama will stress that if one loses a life because of a gun it “means something to this country.”

So, although the vacant seat next to FLOTUS could be a safe spot to place one of her $5,000 designer handbags — it’s not.  Instead, the empty chair will “tell [victim’s] stories and honor their memory… [and] remind every single one of our representatives that it’s their responsibility to do something.”

Speaking of representatives, during this joint session, Obama probably won’t be taking any opportunities to thank the armed security for protecting and preserving the lives of every politician occupying a filled seat in the House chamber.

And while Obama’s fake show will undoubtedly be about as heartrending as his recent display of crocodile tears, one thing’s for certain, the people the president won’t refer to in his memorial are those who have died as a result of progressive ideals and goals being advanced.

Take, for instance, Border Patrol agent Brian Terry — it’s unlikely that Obama will venerate Brian’s death at the State of the Union. Brian was shot and killed in 2010 with a gun provided to Mexican drug cartels by the Obama administration’s failed Fast and Furious ATF gun-walking effort.

Is it important to Barack Obama that the death of Brian Terry be “seen and understood?”  According to the president, does Brian’s premature death “mean something to this country?”

Barack Obama will be clear about how he feels about empty chairs, but where’s his memorial to the empty boots that belonged to Navy SEAL “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and Chris’s friend Chad Littlefield, both of whom were shot in cold blood by a former Marine at a shooting range?

Despite Chris Kyle’s service to this nation, Obama never acknowledged his death, nor did he find the time to put his golf clubs down long enough to attend Kyle’s funeral.

So does the death of military heroes like Chris Kyle, SEAL Team 6, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, who died in Benghazi, and every soldier whose blood has been poured out in vain, thanks to Obama’s failed policies, ‘mean something’ to this Commander-in-Chief or not?

How about Obama including in his memorial empty chair show every victim of an illegal alien who currently is not sitting in a chair, but because of open borders and lax immigration policy, lies in a grave?

Why not mention victims like Kate Steinle, the 32-year-old woman who, while strolling on Pier 14 in San Francisco with her father Jim, was shot in the back with a stolen .40 caliber handgun, by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal felon who had been deported five times and was still wandering around loose in a sanctuary city?

Then again, based on his immigration stance, and his constant excuse-making for radical Islam, during the SOTU, it might be in the president’s best interest to avoid mentioning the violent extremists skulking around in the U.S. killing cops in the name of Allah, mowing down unarmed military, and blowing away defenseless citizens.

Moreover, in advance, it might be best for Obama not to concede to the empty chairs that will be needed to accommodate the deaths resulting from his dogged effort to impose an influx of ISIS-infiltrated refugees upon the Americans people.

In the meantime, when honoring and lamenting the losses caused by guns in Charleston, Sandy Hook, Oak Creek, Tucson, and Aurora, to avoid looking like a complete fraud, Obama best disremember the gun violence perpetrated on the victims of Nidal Hasan in the Fort Hood massacre, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez in Chattanooga, and the fatalities visited upon the 14 people in San Bernardino by the K-1 Visa, and “Jihadi Bride,” Tashfeen Malik.

And amid the man’s constant speechifying, why hasn’t Barack Obama ever pointed to all the empty cribs?

Because this president doesn’t want the 4,000 victims a day killed in abortion clinics, with his approval, to be “seen and understood.” Nor does Planned Parenthood’s biggest defender want any of us to understand the tremendous impact the absence of 60 million human beings “means… to this country.”

That’s why, when a tearful Obama dramatically points to the empty chair in the Special People Sky Box at the State of the Union address, it’s important for Americans to remember that the uninhabited seat represents a small, select minority consisting of dead Americans whose demise has value only because their death advances the president’s agenda.

Either way, a stadium full of empty chairs is not big enough to accommodate all of Barack Obama’s empty rhetoric.

That’s why, at this year’s SOTU, murdered border patrol agents and victims killed in the name of Islam will not be esteemed. Neither will the cops shot in the head by a black man named Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, nor the innocent citizens slain by illegals currently walking the streets of America with Barack Obama’s approval.

Obama’s Politicized Indignation

081009_obama_budoffOriginally posted at American Thinker

America is still waiting for President Obama to share his insights on Kate Steinle. Kate is the woman murdered by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal felon who, after being deported seven times, managed to find his way back to San Francisco where he shot the 32-year-old in the back with a stolen gun.

To date: “No comment.”

Conversely, much as he does whenever there is a mass shooting, Obama nearly tripped over his wingtips sprinting to the podium to blame Second Amendment advocates and the Republican-controlled Congress for the mass shooting on a community college campus in Roseburg, Oregon.

Yet every day, 4,000 babies expire in abortion clinics and dozens of people die at the hands of inner city thugs and illegal immigrant criminals, none of which the president responds to with grief or concern.

Unlike his indifference to the deaths of Americans killed by illegal aliens or the dismissive attitude he has toward the 60 million human beings who have been ferried from the abortion clinic to the incinerator, and much like the way he portrayed 9-year-old Tucson shooting victim Christina Taylor Green jumping in heaven’s rain puddles, while exploiting the Umpqua Community College victims for political expediency the president sounded like he was describing DREAMers:

In the coming days we’ll learn about the victims, young men and women who were studying, learning and working hard with their eyes set on the future, their dreams, on what they could make of their lives.

What’s so disconcerting about all this is that from 2010 through 2014, 121 incarcerated immigrants released by the Obama administration went on to commit “homicide-related offenses.”

Moreover, being lectured about states with “the most gun laws tending to have the fewest gun deaths” by the person from a city with high body counts despite extremely stringent gun laws or being scolded by a guy who handed a genocidal Iran a nuclear bomb reveals somewhat of a dangerous disconnect in the mind of the person doing the reproving.

Speaking of minds, the president who usually doesn’t wait for the facts did point out that “We don’t yet know why [Chris Harper Mercer] did what he did. And it’s fair to say anyone that does this has a sickness in their minds.”

Meanwhile, people with equally sick minds have presidential carte blanche to run amok.

Take for instance those who sneak over the border and then go on to sodomize children, rape women, and murder American citizens. Nary a word. In like manner, Obama never questions the mindset of Islamic radicals who kill in the name of Allah or thugs who shoot police officers with wanton abandon, nor has he condemned the evil mentality behind federally-funded organizations that abort and sell babies’ body parts.

But after another mass shooting, the otherwise apathetic Obama is quick to speak of common-sense gun safety laws, bemoan mass murder becoming routine, and accuse America of becoming numb to gun violence. In addition, he does not hesitate to dredge up references to “Columbine and Blacksburg… Tucson… Newtown… Aurora and Charleston.”

In his comments concerning UCC Obama portrayed America as barbaric while citing stricter gun laws in more civilized countries like Britain, where shootings have been replaced by stabbings and beheadings. Obama even predicted his adversaries would be accusing him of politicizing that which he openly admitted he was politicizing.

Then, on behalf of worldwide terrorism, like Carly Fiorina challenging the left to watch the Planned Parenthood videos, Obama dared news organizations to report on the numbers of Americans that have been killed by terrorists as compared to numbers of Americans killed by gun violence.

Now that’s an excellent idea!

In fact, while the media is at it, maybe they could expand that public service by also comparing deaths resulting from illegal immigration with gun fatalities, gang violence, or better yet, abortion statistics.

During his UCC comments, Obama implicitly passed the blame on to the American voter for the carnage, saying, “This is a political choice that we make to allow this to happen every few months in America. We collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones because of our inaction.”

If that’s true, then Barack Obama is individually answerable to those who lose loved ones as a result of his multiple examples of inaction, like say for instance the family of Kate Steinle.

Then, despite Americans dying from imported diseases and our borders remaining open, and although ISIS threatens to use a refugee crisis to infiltrate America, Obama used the UCC shooting as a stage to tie saving lives through strict gun laws to the federal response to natural disaster, mine collapses, potholes, and seat belt laws.

Problem is, Obama’s liberal policies are responsible for much death.

Still, the president called on Americans to “get our government to change [gun] laws… to save lives. And to let young people grow up.” Obama must mean young people that are not aborted, or murdered by illegal immigrants like Prudencio Ramirez, who killed his girlfriend and burned her three-year-old son alive, ISIS style.

According to the man whose legacy is fast becoming “continuing death for innocent people,” seeing the gun issue his way “will require a change of politics on this issue” and should determine who Americans vote for. After all, Obama, the very person who dismisses the views of the American people on most every issue including gun control, feels voters — except in his case — should “expect… officials to reflect [their] views.”
The president then portended that before he leaves office, gun violence will provide him with additional opportunities to offer condolences to bereaved families, a gesture Barack Obama doesn’t bother to extend to the families of murdered victims of illegal felons, executed cops, unarmed military — or aborted babies.

In closing, the president called on the God he said couldn’t help with the gun violence problem, but not before dissing the NRA and promising that in addition to Tweeting children who make clocks that look like bombs, he will henceforth harp on altering gun laws and, as long as no illegal immigrants are involved, will continue to exploit gun tragedies to benefit his progressive political goals.

Kate Steinle and the untimely passing of Cecil the Lion

imagesOriginally posted at American Thinker 

It’s been about a month since, on an after-dinner walk with her father Jim and a friend, Kathryn Steinle was shot in the back while standing on San Francisco’s Pier 14.  After crying out, “Dad, help me!,” Steinle fell to the ground and, as a direct result of a gunshot wound that pierced her aorta, bled out almost immediately.

Steinle’s life was cut short by a drug-addled illegal felon named Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who, after being arrested and deported five times, returned to San Francisco to spend his free time roaming around a city that provided sanctuary for him – but not for Kate.

In the 30 days following Kate’s death, America has been sucked farther down into a bottomless pit of progressive horror and bombarded with an unending barrage of shock and devastation.

At a Navy recruiting station in Chattanooga, Tennessee, five unarmed soldiers were ambushed and killed by an ISIS sympathizer named Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez.  Then a pro-life activist group called the Center for Medical Progress released a series of undercover videos that have implicated government-funded Planned Parenthood for illegally selling post-abortion baby body parts tagged and displayed on a stainless steel tray.

There’s been disturbing talk about things like Planned Parenthood harvesting intact late-term fetal specimens, the failure of EMS to resuscitate Kate Steinle after her heart stopped multiple times en route to the hospital, and five military funerals taking place while the president was busy line-dancing in Kenya.

But despite all that, nothing reveals the desensitization of a culture more clearly than the public reaction to the king of a Zimbabwe animal preserve being hunted and killed by an American dentist on safari in Africa.

Not since the death of Princess Diana have there been so many tears and stuffed animals, and so much gnashing of teeth.In fact, after news of Cecil’s untimely demise, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel choked up while lamenting the unjust passing of the iconic lion.  Everyone from celebrities to animal rights activists to liberals who justify the right to choose are now demanding justice for Cecil.

In other words, while the news of the sale of baby body parts, the murder of Kate Steinle, and the Chattanooga Five murders were met with general indifference, Cecil’s killer, a dentist named Walter Palmer, is currently in hiding due to death threats.

What’s telling is that Planned Parenthood executives fantasize about Lamborghinis purchased with blood money collected from the once-living contents of a mother’s womb.  But for those mourning Cecil, the lion-killing dentist has become what the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo were to radical Muslims: marked for death.

The same liberal types who avoid illegal-immigrant comments about Kate Steinle’s third-world murderer will empathetically psychoanalyze a radical terrorist and justify selling baby body parts for some greater medical good.  Now many of these same people hope to avenge the untimely death of a lion by hanging a dentist.

There’s even a White House.gov petition with 180K signatures and counting, demanding that Cecil’s killer be extradited to Zimbabwe to face trial.

One can’t help but wonder how many of the people now demanding that the White House assist in accounting for Cecil’s death also signed the Kate’s Law petition demanding that Congress pass a bill to amend “the Immigration and Nationality Act to increase penalties applicable to aliens who unlawfully reenter the United States after being removed.”

Best guess?  Zero.

As for Barack Obama, we already know he has no problem with late-term abortion, or for that matter, leaving aborted “mistakes” that were born alive to die an excruciating death.   Moreover, after her murder, the president did all he could to avoid the subject of Kate Steinle’s death.  And then, while the soldiers killed in a U.S. terrorist attack were being laid to rest, Obama was busy sermonizing Kenya on gay rights.

In addition to all that, the president also ignores ISIS beheading, burning, and drowning Christians.  And although, with his approval, pro-choice America proudly aborts 4,000 babies a day, Barack Obama repeatedly reminds the nation that the torturous practice of splashing water in terrorists’ faces is not who we are.

That must be why, rather than address the illegal sale of harvested eyeballs, the Obama administration chooses instead to reassure the nation that it is “ready to take action” in helping Zimbabwe bring a lion-killer to justice.

And while the Cecil crew would be hard-pressed to admit it, the truth is that Kate, the five U.S. soldiers who were murdered, and 60 million aborted babies all died in a manner similar to Cecil.  Prior to their deaths, each one was completely oblivious to the danger that lurked, and were stalked and murdered in cold blood in what should have been a protected habitat.

So with that in mind, if ambushing and executing a male lion counts for something, it should also inspire anger over the fate suffered by Kate, the Chattanooga Five, and the second baby boy whose body parts were being cheerfully picked over by a “doctor” employed by Planned Parenthood.

Yet, when confronted with the evils perpetrated by the policies they support, the American left responds either with stubborn denial or a ho-hum “Golly gee” at the sight of brains and the crushed skulls of slaughtered babies being peddled for profit by a government-funded slaughterhouse.

Then, in the midst of loss and heartbreak, a well-known lion is slain by a hunter on safari, and suddenly, seared consciences rise up in an effort to assuage a nagging guilt for standing by while illegal felons, Islamic extremists, and serial killers disguised as health care workers butcher the innocent.

And so, in the weeks since Kate Steinle’s tragic death, motivated by a secular president with a reprobate philosophy, Americans display corporate outrage by blubbering over a dead lion.

SAVE LIONS & KILL BABIES: The Moral Dilemma of a Dead Lion

Screen-Shot-2015-07-30-at-9.31.45-AM-300x180Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Call me hardhearted, but unlike late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who got choked-up talking about how Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer killed Zimbabwe’s beloved 13-year-old Cecil the Lion, when I weep, it’s for the 60 million human beings that have legally perished in a natural habitat called the mother’s womb.

Am I missing something here? Because in the moral outrage department something is sorely amiss.

Not that hunting lions is my thing, but here I was just getting used to the morally relativistic idea that there is no right and wrong and then, out of the blue, I find out that although killing babies is an acceptable choice, killing lions is not.

I thought it was the left’s modus operandi to measure every action against a personal moral compass. If it’s right to you, then it’s right – right? Wrong! Thanks to Cecil we’ve come to find out that there is no right and wrong – unless you shoot a lion. Then ethical relativists suddenly transform into self-righteous moralizers.

Actually, as harsh as it may sound, I’m kind of glad the lion issue happened at the same time the Center for Medical Progress/Planned Parenthood baby body-parts videos are being released. It’s very revealing what captures America’s attention.

Here we have Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, heading up an organization that hunts down marketable livers in the womb, and she gets kudos from Barack Obama for doing so. Meanwhile, a sportsman travels to South Africa to hunt, then unintentionally kills Cecil the Lion and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) call for Palmer to be “extradited, charged, and, preferably, hanged.”

Kill an unborn baby and get funding from the government. Kill a lion and you’re drawn and quartered by the ethical-treatment bunch.

ISIS beheads Christians and plows piles of bodies into unmarked graves and no one gives a damn, but Cecil is decapitated and the hunter becomes the hunted. Come to think of it, more tears have been shed for a dead lion than were shed for Kate Steinle, the woman shot in the back by an illegal felon in a sanctuary city. Then there was the indifference exhibited by Barack Obama, line dancing in Kenya after five unarmed American soldiers were gunned down in a terrorist attack on America’s homeland.

All of this is not surprising, because if I remember correctly the Lion of the Tribe of Judah was nailed to a tree and the lion’s share of the crowd that called for His crucifixion cheered.

Still, I don’t get why Palmer is getting death threats for killing a well-protected animal while currently 4,000, count ’em, 4,000 baby humans are aborted daily.

As far as well-protected environments go, isn’t a mother’s womb supposed to be a protected environment? And if it is, then why do incinerators turn thousands of aborted human beings into ash while the outraged fuss over one dead lion? Maybe it’s because America has been ‘fundamentally transformed’ into a nation where hunting for sport is a no-no, but killing for convenience is a yes-yes.

Sadly, based on the reaction to Cecil’s untimely demise, America is now a place where a dead lion equals hysterical weeping and gnashing of teeth while dead baby parts tagged for sale on a cold stainless-steel tray results in a corporate shoulder shrug.

The dilemma is that as a society we’ve successfully devalued life in the womb. Unfortunately for poor dead Cecil, when one life loses value all lives lose value as well, even a lion’s.

The hunter/dentist isn’t to blame; our culture is to blame because we’ve indoctrinated almost two generations to believe that having a choice trumps the sanctity of life. Now a guy who likes to hunt for sport exercises his right to choose to stalk prey, takes out that prey, and those who ordinarily justify child sacrifice being peddled as women’s healthcare get all apoplectic.

If 60 million living human beings can be legally scalded, scalpeled, and suctioned from the protected environment of the womb, maybe Walter Palmer was under the impression that shooting a lion with a bow and arrow, if he chose to do so, was not a big deal.

Moreover, how is Walter’s quest for personal fulfillment different than a woman seeking a convenience-driven abortion? Both are selfish desires that are satiated by the death of an unsuspecting victim.

Unlike the non-reaction to babies being extricated from the womb in a “less crunchy” manner in order to finance Lamborghinis, the reaction to the dead lion was best witnessed on the CBS show The Talk where host Sharon Osborne’s sentiments bordered on histrionic.

Mrs. O said that as punishment for the dentist hunting and killing “magnificent animals” he should go bankrupt and lose his dental practice. Host Sara Gilbert responded to Sharon’s outrage by waxing philosophical, opining that cows lose their lives every day, and from a cow’s point of view a cow’s life is no less important than the life of a lion.

In other words, in some circles people have the ‘right to choose’ to kill babies but lose the ‘right to choose’ if they’re hunting lions or butchering cows.

And while righteous indignation over Cecil becoming a wall trophy rages on, today in abortion clinics all across America, living human babies will be viciously yanked from the womb and discarded like pieces of garbage.


f_chattanooga_shooting_funeral_150724Originally posted at CLASH Daily

After its 15 minutes of fame, the deadly shooting in Chattanooga has officially been relegated to the annals of Barack Obama’s disastrous history. So-called “domestic terrorist” Mohammod Abdulazeez, who worked on behalf of international terrorism, is dead and his autopsy is complete. The five soldiers cut down at the Naval Marine Reserve Center in Chattanooga have been, or are in the process of, being laid to rest.

After having his arm twisted for five days to lower the flag to half-mast in honor of the five American soldiers who died in that gun-free zone, rather than attend a handful of military funerals the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces decided, prior to his Martha’s Vineyard vacation, to jet off on a two-day trip to Kenya right after a terrorist attack.

The ongoing display of rude indifference toward tragedy is not at all out of the ordinary for Barack Obama. After all, this president is notorious for ignoring situations that reflect upon his incompetence, especially if his glaring ineptitude ultimately results in the death of innocent people.

Yet, Obama does find time to attend the funerals of those whose demise either affirms or advances his progressive aspirations.

For example, Barack Obama cried at civil rights activist’s Dorothy Height’s funeral. Then, for President Nelson Mandela’s stadium wake, Obama flew to South Africa for ten hours took a selfie with a sexy blonde and had his funerary remarks translated by a mentally ill, fraudulent deaf interpreter.

The president also made time to attend former Democratic Speaker of the House Tom Foley’s (D-WA) funeral, dropped in on Hawaiian liberal Democrat Senator Daniel Inouye’s memorial, and showed up to pay his final respects to former KKK member Robert Byrd (D-WV).

More recently Obama eulogized Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden and also eulogized and sang “Amazing Grace” at the service honoring the life and death of Senator Clementa Pinckney, the murdered pastor of Charleston, NC’s Mother Emanuel AME Church.

But when the body of Carson Holmquist, a 27-year-old decorated Marine Sergeant, husband, and father to a two-year-old son, was returned home to Grantsburg, Wisconsin for burial, Barry O’Bama, who identifies as Irish when visiting Ireland, was nowhere to be found. Instead, the president was in his ancestral homeland of Kenya, identifying as Kenyan, basking in adoration, and dining with African relatives.

In Massachusetts, as people waving American flags while the hearse carrying the remains of 40-year-old fallen Marine Sergeant Thomas Sullivan passed paid their respects by lining the streets of Springfield, Obama was otherwise engaged – lecturing President Kenyatta on how Kenyan anti-sodomy laws are discriminatory.

In Georgia, around the time a funeral cortège escorted the body of 21-year-old Marine Lance Corporal Skip Wells from the Atlanta airport to his home in Cobb County, Obama was in Nairobi making jokes about his detractors wondering whether he came to Kenya to look for his birth certificate.

And while U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith’s body slowly approached his final resting place in Chattanooga National Cemetery and the body of 37-year-old husband and father Marine Staff Sgt. David Wyatt headed toward National Cemetery in Madison, Tennessee, Barack Obama was 7,500 miles away partying at a state dinner with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

As taps were being played for five murdered soldiers in Tennessee, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Connecticut and Georgia, Barack Obama was on stage accompanying popular Kenyan afro-pop band Sauti Sol.

Then, as Sargent Carson Holmquist’s widow tried to explain to her weeping two-year-old son that daddy was never coming home again, accompanied by his sister Auma, the president was enjoying the Nairobi youth orchestra and choir, making numerous self-congratulatory toasts, and participating in an impromptu line dance.


Unfortunately, Barack “My Brother’s Keeper” Obama’s brother George, who lives in a shack in Nairobi on $2 a month, was not on the guest list.

Speaking of Obama’s brother, Kenyan family relations call to mind the president’s colorful Luo tribe descendants. Luos have a male rite of passage wherein, as a sign of virility, men voluntarily have six bottom teeth pulled. If removing half a dozen teeth enhances the testosterone level of men with a backbone deficit, maybe before Barack Obama heads home he should submit his six to voluntary extraction.

Either way, teeth in or teeth out, the president choosing to travel to Kenya while five American heroes lay stretched out in flag-draped coffins again demonstrates President Barack Obama’s stunning level of contempt for the American people.

Dying on the Sidewalk of Nancy Pelosi’s Sanctuary City

image33-420x260Originally posted at American Thinker

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) once said that regardless of legal status, “north and south in this hemisphere… we are all Americans.” Based on that absurd statement, it stands to reason that Nancy Pelosi would be the Grand Diva of the sanctuary city that gave 45-year-old illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez asylum from deportation.

In the past, Pelosi also warned America that if Republicans stopped ObamaCare funding for abortion ‘women would die on the floor.’

Thus far, not one woman has “died on the floor” because of Republican policy. However, what has happened is that in Pelosi’s very own Democrat-controlled sanctuary city, on a warm summer evening, a young woman perished on the sidewalk after being shot by an undocumented alien who found refuge under the wings of Nancy Pelosi-approved lax immigration policy.

It seems that while Mrs. Pelosi was actively trying to warn prochoice women about the dangers of being denied funding to murder their unborn children, with her approval, illegal menace Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez was lurking around San Francisco.

After being deported and dropped off south of the border five times, thanks to Obama’s nonexistent border security, Juan, like a boomerang, kept returning.

Apart from being in the U.S. illegally, “Sanchez has seven prior felony convictions, four of which were for drug charges.” The Mexico native’s felony “convictions took place in states including Texas, Oregon and Arizona.” Yet somehow, San Francisco Bay authorities released Sanchez.

With that in mind, here’s a question for Obama:  Um, excuse me Mr. President, but did Sanchez happen to be one of the 36,000 criminal illegal-alien violent felons awaiting deportation who were released by your empathetic, illegal immigration-loving administration?

As we wait for that answer, maybe America should contemplate the fact that if Juan Francisco was one of the thousands released, then there’s a good chance armies of similar undocumented menaces are rambling around in all “57” of the states Barack Obama managed to drop in on.

Nonetheless, in Lopez-Sanchez’s case, despite all the time and money spent on him and his repeated felonious actions, the illegal alien must have felt confident in his ability to continue to defy the law.  In fact, so secure was he that, on a walk in the evening light on Pier 14 in San Francisco, with plans to shoot sea lions from the bridge Mr. Sanchez brought along an illegal firearm.

By the way, sneaking into the U.S. is illegal, and so is shooting protected marine wildlife.

Nevertheless, Sanchez, who thus far has seen no need to remain in the shadows, keep a low profile, or obey American laws, pressed on with the plan to lean over the side of a bridge and illegally plant bullets in a sea lion or two –- or as Barack Obama might more sensitively describe it, share the many layers of ethnic diversity by fishing Mexican-style in a city that appreciates colorful cultural contributions.

Sadly, at about the same time, 32-year-old sales rep/Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student Kate Steinle, after finishing dinner with her father Jim, decided to also take an evening stroll on the same bridge.

That’s when the 5x deported Mexican illegal’s gun, which may or may not turn out to be ill-gotten contraband compliments of Obama’s Fast & Furious scheme, accidentally discharged, and instead of a bullet landing in the head of a sea lion, it hit Kathryn square in the back.

After Steinle’s heart stopped twice, she died, not on the floor like Nancy Pelosi predicted would happen to women thanks to prolife policy, but in a hospital in her parents’ arms.

An illegal immigrant barred from having a gun shoots at sea lions and accidentally kills a young woman minding her own business and Obama, who lives in a constant state of indignation about the Second Amendment, has nothing to say?

Equally silent is San Francisco’s very own Nancy Pelosi. Nancy conjured up a fantasy scenario about imaginary women dying on the floor and vowed to protect a woman’s right to murder children, and did it while bestowing symbolic citizenship on and asylum to illegals whose major contribution to America thus far has been ever-mounting death and destruction.

Hence, without further ado, Americans have a moral duty to demand that liberal Democrat apologists who support illegal immigration finally account for the gross recklessness that has resulted in yet another senseless, untimely death.

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