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More Than Coincidence? ‘The Lindsey Vonn Effect’ Keeps Steamrolling Trump’s Critics

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Sign Up; Log In; Discount Buy Valtrex Walmart, Online ventolin uk buy 🔥 New year, new efficiency – how to save time in your business in 2018 Karma is defined as “destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.” In Christian circles, it’s the Biblical principle of “sowing and reaping.” Time and again this simple cause and effect pattern seems to afflict those who publicly deride our current president. The trend started to emerge soon after a bevy of Republican candidates systematically were eliminated from the race for the White House and Hillary was roundly KO’d on Election Day.

Lasix M 20 Mg unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough in successfully meeting this goal http://mil-tac.com/?ert=Does-Lasix-Get-Rid-Of-Potassium&f7d=1a i am writing in regard of ets paper-based Take for example US skier and Olympic gold medal hopeful, Lindsey Vonn. Before the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang Lindsey proudly announced that she would represent the American people in South Korea, but not President Trump. Soon after that presidential proclamation, Lindsey found herself slipping and sliding and crashing into walls.

Avodart Online As a result of Lindsey’s hubris, the injured Olympic darling failed to medal in her event. The disaster that followed Lindsey publicly renouncing Donald Trump should probably be called “The Lindsey Vonn Effect” for that which occurs whenever Trump-bashing culminates in an unfortunate event.

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click “The Lindsey Vonn Effect” began before the election but kicked in fully after Hillary lost and started hawking her explanatory book. In fact, in October of 2017, Mrs. Clinton while on a “What Happened” book tour in London, broke her toe after falling down a flight of stairs. The undefeatable woman who Democrats think had the election stolen from her hobbled around in a boot for months.

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| Discounts🔥 |. What You are Looking Best pill? watch ,Know the uses, side effects, price, composition, substitutes,. Check More recently, in India, while dressed in an ethnic outfit that looked like a cross between hospital scrubs and traditional Indian attire, Mrs. Clinton was touring the 15th-century Jahaz Mahal in Dhar’s Mandu mere hours after trash-talking Donald Trump. That’s when Hillary slid down the stone staircase. Was Hillary the victim of “The Lindsey Vonn Effect”?

🔥 | Best Deals | ☀☀☀ Propecia Online Au ☀☀☀. Buy Cheap Pills with Discount. Viagra Online Prescription Uk The Lowest Prices Online. And, to make matters worse, this “crash and burn” event took place just days after Hillary criticized white women for leaning on white men.

http://talkaboutlasvegas.com/?pot=Clomid-And-Arimidex-For-Sale&8ec=cc Tripping and falling isn’t Hillary’s only affliction. In fact, while out justifying her profound loss on the liberal speaking circuit, Hillary will frequently be shut down by uncontrollable coughing fits.

Hillary’s not the only one who has felt the sting of “The Lindsey Vonn Effect.”

For one, Trump-hating comedian Jimmy Kimmel has been unrelenting in his criticism of the President, especially on issues such as healthcare and the Second Amendment. Apparently, Kimmel was so busy hating the POTUS he didn’t take time to notice the negative critics-versus-Trump pattern.

Thus, after hosting this year’s Oscar show, Kimmel fell victim to “The Lindsey Vonn Effect.” Despite being directed to avoid the topic of politics, during the broadcast, Kimmel oozed Trump-revulsion whenever he could fit it in. The next day, Kimmel delivered the Academy viewer numbers that reflected “an all-time low”.

Let’s just say that Kimmel experienced ratings on par with Hillary Clinton’s gymnastic tumble midway down a flight of stairs in India.

In other words, sort of like Lindsey found out; it’s never a good idea to publicly go mano y mano with Donald Trump, especially if you don’t want to experience mortification in front of the entire world. Just ask comedian Kathy Griffin. Kathy is a woman who attempted to behead Trump in effigy, and in the process beheaded her career in real-time.

The pattern is uncanny. Add to that list Trump other critics like the NFL and Starbucks. Also feeling “The Lindsey Vonn Effect” are Trump-hating rapper Eminem who is bleeding fans, and postmenopausal pop star Madonna whose album sales tanked after ranting on about blowing up the White House.

In politics, Trump detractors like Nancy Pelosi suddenly can’t express a coherent sentence. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) criticized the president and ended up also wearing a boot that matched Hillary’s. Even Arizona Republican “Jeff Flake(y)” got caught gossiping about Trump on an open mic. Also in the mix is the perpetually peeved Trump advisor Steve Bannon, who is no longer at Breitbart, and “reality show legend” Omarosa Manigault Newman. Soon after dissing the Trump White House in an attempt to boost ratings, the occupants of Celebrity Big Brother house evicted Omarosa.

Next up in the long list of “Lindsey Vonn Effected” Trump denigrators are the always- “inspirational” Obamas. Currently, Michelle and Barry are in late-stage negotiations with paid video streaming service, Netflix, to be paid big bucks to host an open forum where they can insult Trump in front of an audience of approximately 120-million paid customers worldwide.

One week after announcing the money discussions, Netflix fell victim to an Obama-induced “Lindsey Vonn Effect.” Seems Netflix stock, which had been steadily climbing, has been increasingly diminishing in price since subscribers heard the Obama’s were going to be paid to set up camp at Netflix. The announcement met with boycotts and subscription cancellations.

Last week Netflix stock was $331.44 a share. Then, after Netflix announced they would provide Trump-bashing Barack and his bitter Bride a soapbox to spread their signature, racism, gender identity politics, socialism and community activism the “stock dropped nearly 3% in value…down & 9.35.” In other words, “The Lindsey Vonn Effect” appears to be paying a visit to Netflix and very possibly depositing itself into Obama’s ever-swelling bank account.

In the end, the sowing and reaping occurrences are probably coincidental. However, as someone who neither skis, tours Lodi dynasty period resorts, appears on Netflix, nor hosts the Academy Awards, my best advice to those who do is to tamp down the Trump criticism lest “The Lindsey Vonn Effect” come knocking at your door.

Madonna, the diva of debauchery: Reaping what she’s sown

article-0-026CF86E00000578-443_468x676Originally posted at American Thinker

Anyone who does not believe in the Biblical principle of “sowing and reaping” – which is known as ‘karma’ in certain circles – should have a chat with aging 1980s pop icon Madonna.

It seems the Diva of Debauchery is reaping the harvest of heartache that she has so diligently sown for almost thirty years.  Ms. Ciccone has negatively etched vulgar lyrics and images into the impressionable minds of children; purposely tainted the innocent; and, like a parasite, burrowed into the psyche and spirit of an entire generation.

It was Madonna who spent the greater part of the 1980s, and most of the ’90s, expressing her sexuality at the expense of America’s children.  When not parading around naked in pornographic picture books, Madonna Louise Ciccone defiled young minds by blaspheming via Christian symbols and extolling the merits of losing one’s virginity.

As we all know, “what goes around comes around,” so it should be no surprise that the female exhibitionist who robbed millions of their innocence is currently being bitten by a very different, but equally painful, kind of karma.

A little background: In 1986, Madonna married actor Sean Penn, and then she divorced him in 1989.  Since then, every five years or so, Madonna assumes a new identity.

In the 1990s, Madonna went through a Hispanic spell.  That was when she morphed into Eva Perón, mated with a Cuban actor Carlos León, and gave birth to his now 19-year-old daughter Lourdes.

Soon after, Madonna abandoned her Evita image and became enamored with English accents.

In 2000, she married Guy Ritchie, an English filmmaker ten years her junior with whom she had a male child she named Rocco.  Madonna relocated to London, where she refurbished her persona from sleazy pop star to a lady of the English manor.  She became best friends with one-time Londoner, who also play-acts being British, Gwyneth Paltrow; feasted on haggis; wore riding chaps around the house; and wrote British-themed children’s books.

When Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie fell apart in 2008, the “English Roses” author returned to New York City with her children, Lourdes, Rocco, and David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie, the first of two children she adopted during her Malawi phase.

Before long, and instead of aging gracefully, the self-absorbed attention-seeker resumed begging for validation and, in the process, forgot that she’s a mother.

Here’s where the karma comes in.

Trying to shield her own children from what she subjected a generation to in the 1980s and ’90s, Madge banned from her home magazines, television, and picture books featuring nude women hitchhiking.

The problem for Madonna’s brood is that mom just can’t control her impulses – she is still Madonna.

For example, in 2015, she showed up at the Grammy Award Show with her exposed derrière covered in fishnet held up in a Givenchy couture butt bra.  Then, at the Brit Awards, while trying to assume the image of a Spanish matador, the former English lady tripped over her cape and took a tumble on stage.

Meanwhile, Ma-Donna repeatedly embarrassed her 15-year-old son with topless pictures of herself and humiliated her teenage daughter Lourdes by insisting on exposing her behind at red carpet events like the Vanity Fair Oscar party.   Moreover, the word is out that Menopausal Madge’s refusal to tone down the explicit actions and lyrics continually “horrifies” her teenage children.

Then, in a shameful example of an unquenchable pursuit of attention at a child’s expense, Ma-Donna mocked her son Rocco on Instagram.  First she posted a picture of the boy with his hair in pigtails, and then she called attention to the size of his penis.

In response, Rocco made a radical choice that millions of children mesmerized by Madonna’s three-decade long antics were deprived of.  In the middle of a tour she dragged her son around on, “Old Granny’s” “trophy” boy packed his bags and went to live in London with his father Guy.

Ironic, isn’t it?  Rocco does not want to be subjected to continued embarrassment or abuse, so the woman who brainwashed, and continues to try to brainwash, young people accuses Guy Ritchie of trying to brainwash the boy.

The upshot to this fiasco is that Madonna is now embroiled in a custody battle in London’s High Court.  The woman who debauched millions of children claims that son Rocco, now living a happy, “stable life” in England with Guy Ritchie and his wife Jacqui Ainsley, has been illegally retained by his father.

Madonna’s lawyer, Eleanor Alter, argues on her client’s behalf that Guy choosing not to return Rocco to the loving arms of his lascivious mother was a “reckless move in teaching him responsibility.”  After all, everyone knows that the epitome of teaching children responsibility is when a 56-year-old mother of four is so desperate for attention that she exposes her breasts and implies that her son has #nosausage.

So, in the end, what is the moral of Madonna’s “sowing and reaping” tale of woe?

Madonna will likely lose custody of a son who moved to another country to get as far away from her as possible and refuses to come home.  And so, as the woman who for 30-plus years has influenced millions of children to rebel and disregarded the wishes of their parents loses control of her own child, one can’t help but wonder if Madonna likes how it feels.

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