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Obama’s Unscrupulous Selma Speech

la-na-obama-selma-post-presidency-20150306Originally posted at American Thinker

Under the guise of commemorating justice, on the 50th Anniversary of the Bloody Sunday March in Selma, Alabama, Barack Obama engaged in his usual artful deception by exploiting the event to further his agenda.

While placing the subtext of blame upon the shoulders of racist white men, to make a self-serving point concerning illegal immigration Obama used black Americans as beasts of burden to haul the weight of his reprimand.

For starters, historical revisionist Barack Obama left out the fact that those doing the beating in Selma were members of the Democratic Party. The president dared not reveal that, 50 years later, both he and his political cronies are now politically and economically billy-clubbing the very people he pretends to defend.

Keynote speaker Obama opened the discourse by extolling civil rights leader/Martial Law advocate John Lewis (D-GA).  Predictably, before long, Obama’s words started to sound more like he was discussing his own struggles as a ‘fundamental transformer’ than commemorating a half-century old injustice.

Identifying with freedom marchers at Selma, Obama began to compare the struggle for civil rights with the need for unnamed oppressors to accept his “idea of a just… fair… inclusive… generous America.”

At one point, the president went so far as to side with phone-buddy Kanye West by mentioning that white newsman Bill Plante confirmed Kanye’s Beyoncé vs. Beck and Taylor Grammy assertion when he said that on the day of the original Selma march, “white people lowered the quality of the [hymn] singing.”

Then, what came across as a leftist jab to the jaw of those who disagree with his illegal immigration policy, Obama said, “We are well-served to remember that at the time of the marches, many in power condemned rather than praised them.”

“Back then, they were called Communists, half-breeds, outside agitators, sexual and moral degenerates, and worse,” Obama explained, “Their faith was questioned. Their lives were threatened. Their patriotism was challenged.

Then he asked:

What could more profoundly vindicate the idea of America than plain and humble people — the unsung, the downtrodden, the dreamers not of high station, not born to wealth or privilege, not of one religious tradition but many – coming together to shape their country’s course?

Rest assured that when Barack Obama names ‘dreamers… shaping [the] country’s course… [and]… America being not yet finished,’ and when he proposes “closely align[ing] with our highest ideals” what he is really referring to is a nation remade entirely upon progressive principles.

Moreover, know this: when this president speaks of “a more perfect union,” and then says this is “a roadmap for citizenship and an insistence in the capacity of free men and women to shape our own destiny,” the underlying theme is a cry for an America flooded to overflowing with illegal immigrants.

Take for instance his reference to “pick[ing] up torches and crossing the bridge,” which was followed by his hinting at the moral equivalency between coyotes on jet skis smuggling illegals across the Rio Grande and those who legally migrate to America.

By equating illegal immigrants with Iwo Jima and the moonwalk and obscuring insinuation behind commendation, Barack Obama managed to successfully use Selma to denigrate two of America’s greatest accomplishments.

Then, mid-speech, the president justified stirring racial tensions when playing the “race card,” brought up the “long shadow… [of]… this nation’s racial history,” the inequity of black incarceration, and the need for voting rights, something he apparently believes illegals deserve.  Subsequently, while skirting his own policy contribution to a situation he stressed was indicative of racial injustice, Obama broached the volatile subject of black poverty.

Quickly returning to illegal immigration, Mr. Obama introduced his own selfish agenda into a moral issue by sharing his skewed view of “American exceptionalism.”

The president seemed to suggest that individuals who cling to the rule of law simply do not understand that those who risk everything to realize the promise of citizenship are the ones who truly love and believe in America.

According to President Obama, American exceptionalism contains the “imperative of citizenship.”

That’s why Obama implied that border jumpers are somehow on par with black Revolutionary era heroes like Crispus Attucks or U.S. refugees such as Holocaust survivors, Soviet defectors, and the Lost Boys of Sudan, and why he believes true Americans “brave the unfamiliar” by doing things like “stowing away on ships.”

Forgetting to state that both freemen and black slaves as well as Scottish stonecutters built the White House, Obama, raised in Indonesia and schooled at Columbia and Harvard, said “We the people” are “slaves who built the White House.”

Then, after likening the plight of MS-13 gang members to Holocaust survivors, Obama related DREAMers in the military to “the Tuskegee Airmen, Navajo code-talkers, and Japanese-Americans who fought for this country even as their own liberty had been denied.”

The black civil-rights crowd, who view equal rights for sexual orientation as vastly different from race, must surely have appreciated the mental imagery Obama concocted when he identified Selma with the LGBT community saying, “We are the gay Americans whose blood ran on the streets of San Francisco and New York, just as blood ran down this bridge.”

When paraphrasing, “You are America… Unencumbered by what is, and ready to seize what ought to be,” America’s first community activist president again paid homage to his late mentor, Saul Alinsky, who often spoke of “the world as it is and the world as it ought to be.”

Before suggesting that “Yes We Can” belonged in the same context as “We the People… [and]… We Shall Overcome,” the Mt. Rushmore hopeful mocked those who revere an iconic American identity when he said that America is “Not stock photos or airbrushed history or feeble attempts to define some of us as more American than others.”

Barack Obama ended his sermon by once again reminding those in attendance that our “union is not perfect,” and by quoting Isaiah 40:31, a Scripture he botched at the National Prayer breakfast in 2013.

Renewed in strength, tireless transformationist Barack Obama said he considers himself among the “we”… who “abhor unfairness, and despise hypocrisy… give voice to the voiceless, and tell truths that need to be told.”

And while that sounds magnificent, underneath all the flowery rhetoric, this president promotes inequity, personifies hypocrisy, funds and supports silencing the voice of the voiceless and, even if his life depended on it, is completely incapable of telling the truth.

‘ORIGINAL’: Sadie Robertson–Dancing With God

sadie-robertson-300x249Originally posted at Clash Daily

The same week that Mrs. Kanye West was so hungry for media attention that she thought it was a good idea to grease up her derriere and expose it to hundreds of millions of people like a freshly baked loaf of challah bread, Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson was preparing for her next appearance on Dancing With the Stars. Sadie spent the week working together with courteous dance partner Mark Ballas, figuring out how to replace what would typically be suggestive dance moves with decorum and age-appropriateness.

Miss Sadie is on a show renowned for sexy dance moves, twitching butts, hair flinging, and sensuous interaction between dance partners. At times, Dancing with the Stars can make even the most avid double-step pasodoble fan blush and look away from the TV screen.

However, Sadie’s presence on the show has made a bold statement on how unnecessary some of the popular dance show’s suggestiveness is. And as an added benefit, the Duck Dynasty sweetheart is also providing a stark contrast to the likes of Kim Kardashian’s 19 year-old half-sister Kendall Jenner and others like her, all of whom are the antithesis of everything the young Robertson represents.

Sadie Robertson is 17 years-old and epitomizes what a fresh-faced lass should be: lovely, vivacious, talented, and unabashed in her expression of love for God and her desire first and foremost to please Him.

At five years-old, Sadie was nicknamed “the Original” by her dad, Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson. Sadie even titled her first book Live Original: How the Duck Dynasty Teen Keeps it Real and Stays True to Her Values. The deep-dimpled A&E star explains that the word “Original” in this case “means being the person who God made you to be and not trying to be anybody else.”

In other words, there’s no chance Sadie will ever emulate a Beyoncé pelvic thrust, or be caught lusting after Justin Bieber.

In fact, lights, glamour, and celebrity have not changed this girl in the slightest. Instead, Steadfast Sadie is committed to the philosophy of God and family. Seems Sadie takes after Grandpa Phil, a controversial figure who is unflinching in his adherence to the Word of God and his devotion to truth. Similarly, Miss Robertson adamantly insists on wearing modest costumes on the show, makes it clear when she’s uncomfortable with a dance move, and publicly references her relationship with God with forthrightness and pride.

On the “daddy-approved” costume issue, Sadie had this to say: “That annoys me when people say they’re ‘daddy-approved.’ It’s not that it’s a rule, it’s just out of respect – not just for my dad, but God.”

Imagine that — notwithstanding the opinion of her parents, Sadie is concerned with respecting God.

Back home in Louisiana Sadie keeps in touch with her 18 year-old churchgoing boyfriend Blake Coward, who agrees that sex is for marriage and who she says “is a great guy who really has a heart searching for God.” Miss Robertson doesn’t describe Blake as hot or mention his fashion sense or his hairstyle, because for Sadie, Blake’s kindness and having a heart for God is what impresses her.

What’s also surprising is the deference and respect Sadie receives from her dance partner Mark Ballas. In addition to Mark’s concern to not put Sadie in a position she’d feel uncomfortable with, the DWTS judges have repeatedly commended the teen for how her outstanding ability on the dance floor has never once compromised her strong religious convictions.

Recently, Sadie mentioned in an interview in the Boston Herald that “When I was little, I would pray and ask God to give me opportunities and a platform to be able to share my faith…I would never have imagined it would be this, but it’s been incredible.”

What’s incredible is a child’s being as bold as a lion in her faith and utterly unshakable in her devotion to what is right.

Clearly the Lord is using this young girl to make a statement about chastity, purity, and innocence, and in a world of what Sadie calls “hoochie mamas”, this 17 year-old is a rare and priceless gem to behold. Whether TV viewers realize it or not, God is sending a message to America by juxtaposing Sadie’s light against the dark idolatry and over-sexualized culture American children marinate in.

Face it – America is a nation inundated with Miley Cyruses and young divas like Kendall Jenner, who at 19 years-old lives in her own $1.4 million LA high-rise condo. Kendall, like half-sister Kim Kardashian, publicly bares her nipples on behalf of “fashion,” and as a beverage choice sips bubbly with Hollywood types and rock stars. And then there are the unsupervised, confused celebrity teenagers like Willow and Jaden Smith who, rather than glorify God, espouse Prana energy and “imprinting oneself on everything in this world.”

And then there is the rare and inspirational girl named Sadie twirling and pirouetting on Dancing with the Stars. This well-adjusted, family-oriented kid simply refuses to compromise her principles, respects herself enough to maintain her virginity, and is showing a jaded nation what a happy 17 year-old girl with a pure heart and a wholesome attitude really looks like.

Hey! Doesn’t Barack Obama Care About Brown People?

Originally posted at American ThinkerFINAL_Encarni_Pindado_006

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, George W. Bush’s second term was tainted with accusations of racism.  The former president and his government’s slow response to Katrina fostered comments in the black community that Bush later said were the “the most disgusting moments” of his presidency.

At the center of the debate was rapper Kanye West, who publicly declared that the government’s slow response to the hurricane’s damage indicated that Bush, the president with a solid record of positive involvement in African policies concerning Sudan and South Sudan and HIV/AIDS and malaria, “[didn’t] care about black people.”

Bush later said, “I faced a lot of criticism as president… But the suggestion that I was racist because of the response to Katrina represented an all-time low.”

Nine years later, in a June 2014 GQ interview, Austin Powers comedian Mike Myers, the man who stood beside West when the rapper accused the former president of racism, defended his friend by saying that after watching Katrina news coverage on television, he too believed that “had that been white people, the government would have been there faster.”

Now there is a similar controversy crying out for attention from the likes of those who implied that G.W. Bush was a racist.  This time it concerns not black, but brown people from Central America journeying illegally over the southern border.

White House Press Secretary Josh “Not So” Earnest announced that, because the president receives his information from a chain of senior advisors, he will not be traveling to the border, nor is there a need for him to drop by detention centers to visit with warehoused “unaccompanied” brown children.

Mr. Earnest reassured the White House press pool that notwithstanding his avoiding places like Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio like the proverbial plague, the president is being kept up to date from afar by a “whole range of senior officials in this administration [who] over the course of the last three or four weeks have spent a lot of time in the southwest border.” 

Yet even as Earnest claims that the president, who had no idea what was happening in Benghazi the night four Americans were murdered by terrorists, “has a very good sense of what’s happening on the border,” the silence is deafening from those who vilified Bush for not touching down in New Orleans sooner.

So, according to “Not So” Earnest, between golf games and confusing law-abiding immigrants by shilling for amnesty at a July 4 naturalization ceremony, Obama gets “regular reports about what [officials are] seeing on the border and how resources that are being devoted to processing those who have appeared at the border are being used to effectively administrate justice.”  Administrate justice?

So here’s a question that maybe Mr. Earnest, who also seems very concerned about justice, might be able to answer: why wasn’t the senior advisor “chain” that is good enough for Barack Obama good enough for George W. Bush?

And where is the justice in the guy fomenting the border crisis having planned neither a flyover nor a drop-in while attending three Democrat fundraisers in Texas – one in Dallas and two in Austin?

Remember just days before the 2012 election when, despite his tight schedule and regular updates from advisors, Barack Obama somehow managed to fly into New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy to hug lots of white people, including RINO Governor Christie?  Now, for some reason, Obama the “fundamental transformer” can’t find a couple of hours or muster up the desire to accept conservative Governor Rick Perry’s invitation to come to the border and hug brown people.

Meanwhile, according to reporters who did stop by, besides detention centers stinking to high heaven, illegal children are being warehoused like animals and segregated behind chain link fences according to age and gender.  If Bush were in the White House, those conditions would be conveyed as abuse, racism, and gender and age discrimination.

But fear not!  FEMA is on the scene, as well as swine flu, head lice, and whooping cough, plus a few culturally-diverse Third-World favorites like MDR-TB, scabies, and Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

With those types of communicable diseases being spread, Barack Obama could certainly remediate his sagging poll numbers if he suited up in a mask, gown, and gloves and visited with sick Border Security agents infected with the swine flu and TB they caught while changing the diapers of unaccompanied children they were warned not to turn away.

As the chaos continues, the president will travel to Texas to fundraise, but don’t expect to see photos featuring a detached Obama flying over the southern border looking out the window of Air Force One like the one of Bush flying over post-Katrina New Orleans.

Wait!  While Obama is fundraising, maybe Hollywood will save the day, just as they did with Bush, and host a primetime “Shelter from the Storm”-style telethon for the little urchins wrapped in aluminum foil blankets, housed like those in the Superdome after Katrina.  While liberal activist Ben Affleck mans the phone bank raising money for bus tickets, Kanye West and sidekick Mike Myers can rant and rave.

The telethon can feature brown stars such as Hispanic comedian George Lopez, actress/Border Security brainstormer/Obama adviser Eva Longoria, actress Jessica Alba, and Latino White House Super Bowl Party Guest and Insatiable “I Luh Ya Papi” Jennifer Lopez.

By expressing outrage over the president’s unwillingness – even though he was in Texas already – to personally evaluate the state of affairs at emergency shelters, Hollywood Obama acolytes will have a chance to repudiate their reputation as out-of-touch liberal fantasists. 

By speaking out against Barack Obama for ignoring the border crisis, Hollywood can prove it’s really all about the people and not the politics, because according to Kanye’s standards, Barack Obama doesn’t care about brown people.

A Jackass Messes Up

boulders-beach-jackass-penguins-cape-town_0809_gettyimages_largeIn an unprecedented prime time event Kanye West, together with Barak Obama, will be appearing on Jay Leno’s new program in a segment called the Rapster and the Shyster. Kanye will provide a hip-hop backdrop while Barry raps out his non-coherent plan for health care reform.

The President and Kanye, a huge supporter of Obama, have been old friends from way before the election.  Obama met several times with the star to address the problem of bubbly, blond, White, teenage girls receiving undeserved MTV Music Awards, all of which should be going exclusively and hence forth to Jay Z’s wife Beyonce.

I’ve met with Jay-Z; I’ve met with Kanye. And I’ve talked to other artists about how potentially to bridge that gap. I think the potential for them to deliver a message of extraordinary power that gets people thinking (is massive),Obama told Jeff Johnson during BET‘s political special What’s In It For Us?

Before the prime time performance Obama will also be taking some time to explain to Jay Leno how his “jackass” comment was taken out of context and the disturbing racial undertones connected with the public’s response to how an aggressive Taylor Swift treated his misunderstood comrade, Kanye.

Prior to the taping, over a power lunch early in the day, Obama explained to personal friends and advisers Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Sheila Jackson Lee and newly ordained racial activist Jimmy Carter the true story surrounding the “jackass.” Obama felt it his duty as  racial healer to meet with a coalition of politicians and spiritual counselors who were concerned about how Kanye was treated by known racist, Taylor Swift who, by the way, wrote the racially insensitive song, White Horses.  Obama clarified to the group that his statement was cut off before he could finish speaking about the Taylor Swift-Kanye West incident.  He said, “I got as far as…he’s a jackass and the tape cut off!

Obama went on to explain that he did not call Kanye a “Jackass” and that Terry Moran implying he did was typical racist behavior on the part of a White journalist, which was met with a hearty “Amen” by all in attendance. Barack took the occasion to make clear to those attending the impromptu Sharing While Supping Racial Sensitivity Luncheon that he has spent the last two days discussing the incident with Kanye and can’t wait to make the truth “perfectly clear” to America.

Obama explained that Kanye’s behavior was clearly connected to his benevolent animal activism and in defense of Jackasses “Yes,” but Jackass….Penguins! Sheila Jackson Lee, clapping her hands together in glee and removing her tangerine Pashima from the pot bush stew said, “You mean the penguin part never made it to the tape?”  Obama, nodding back to Congresswoman Lee replied in Afrikaans, “Ja!” The President continued, “Apparently  I said, ‘He’s a Jackass’ before I got the opportunity  to  go on with with, ‘Penguin representative’  the tape cut off prematurely making my statement appear to be something that it was not.” This revelation was met with a group, “Ahhhhh.”

Obama told his rapt audience that Kanye West is a Jackass Penguin representative.  Kanye works on behalf of Jackass Penguins or African Penguins the only nesting penguins found on the African continent, a little known fact that evoked a sigh of relief to those dining with Obama.   Barack announced that they are the first to know that Kanye West will be officially appointed by Jackass International, to the position of official Sphenicus demersis spokesperson.

All of them were proud as could be to find out that Africa actually had its own penguin and discussed how all penguins probably originated in Africa and maybe Kanye, as a spokesperson, could bring that fact to light giving Jackass Penguins the credit they deserve.   The President said that the Jackass Penguin could be the vehicle to  stem the racial divide as a sensitive black and white  diverse penguin, appealing to every race as well as bi-racial individuals like himself.

The President, advocating for Kanye, told his circle of confidantes that his good friend literally spent the weeks prior to the awards ceremony in the warmer latitudes on islands offshore between Namibia and Port Elizabeth South Africa and was disoriented and was merely in need of libation to rehydrate.  They all agreed, with a chuckle, that Kanye West is the perfect person to represent the Jackass Penguin because just like Jackass Penguins he has been known to lay two or three eggs at a time too!  Something the President candidly admitted he could easily relate to.

Obama went on to enlighten his listeners that Jackass Penguins make their nests in hardened guano same as their spokesperson who has found himself in some deep doo-doo on more than one occasion, a knee-high experience Obama also shares with compadre Kanye.  In addition, the most inexperienced President in American history shared that Jackass Penguins have a low percentage of reaching maturity because only 40% of them ever do and who better than Barack Obama or Kanye West to represent immaturity?

Interrupted by a bustling, running over schedule Jay Leno camera crew, the President was being beckoned to by Valerie Jarrett waving from across the dining room.  Waving back to Valerie and wiping his mouth with BO’s In the House embroidered napkins and in an “I’m outta here” kind of way Barry slapped the table with two fingers and pushed away. Standing and hovering over them he shared with his guests’ one more interesting tid-bit about the Jackass that is also evocative of both Kanye and himself and that is that,“Jackass Penguins communicate by squawking and braying like a jackass and thus the name.

Obama then said he had to run because after taping for Leno he was heading back to the Oval Office to review the text of his next speech on the teleprompter.  The communiqué would be written by his newly appointed  personal speech writer Van Jones and in honor of all misunderstood jackasses from South African Penguins to Kanye West to the East Wing of the White House–where methods of communication, whether at the MTV Music Video Awards or to a Joint Session of Congress reveal asses wherever and whoever they may be

[This is Parody]

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