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Obama coaches Ethiopia on honesty and political debate

obama-ethiopia_0Originally posted at American Thinker

Barack “Son of the Soil” Obama wrapped up his “Nudge Africa toward Gay Rights” tour.  Next stop: summer vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.  Before heading home, Obama shared insights that are not only contradictory, but downright terrifying.

It was during a joint news conference with Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, after pushing for peace in civil war-torn South Sudan, that Obama the race-baiter, responsible for stoking the flames of unrest in the U.S., urged Ethiopian leaders to refrain from imposing restrictions on the press and political debate.

Obama, who, when it comes to Tea Party activists, Fox News, and conservative talk radio doesn’t exactly practice what he preaches, reminded his hosts that “[w]hen all voices are being heard, when people know they are being included in the political process, that makes a country more successful.”

After a question from Darlene Superville about Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who recently said that Obama’s Iran deal is equivalent to marching the Israelis toward “the door of the oven,” it didn’t take long for the negotiator to contradict his own advice about the benefits of political discussion.

After an “all voices” soliloquy and after saying that the Iran debacle was a “good deal,” the president immediately exploited Superville’s question to criticize what he referred to as “rhetoric” from the other side.  Obama brought up Washington politics and called Huckabee’s comments “part of just a general pattern … that would be considered ridiculous if it weren’t so sad.”

On the topic of “voices being heard,” Obama shared with the press corps that “a sitting senator called John Kerry Pontius Pilate,” and because all roads eventually lead back to hypersensitive Obama, the president also shared that another senator (Ted Cruz) who “happens to be running for president suggest[ed] that I’m the leading state sponsor of terrorism.”

Acting more like he was on the campaign trail than addressing issues like civil war and freedom of the press, the hyper-partisan president continued to demean his political adversaries:

These are leaders in the Republican Party… there’s been a recognition that these issues are too serious, that issues of war and peace are of such grave concern and consequence that we don’t play fast and loose that way.  We have robust debates, we look at the facts, there are going to be disagreements.  But we just don’t fling out ad hominem attacks like that, because it doesn’t help inform the American people.

In other words, sound the alarm, use hyperbole to describe Iran’s genocidal intentions towards Israel, call Kerry out as the clown he is, and the predictable Barack Obama will use his bully pulpit to define political debate as “flinging out ad hominem attacks.”

When Obama opined that “rhetoric like this … may be … just an effort to push Mr. Trump out of the headlines but it’s not the kind of leadership that is needed for America right now,” the narcissistic attention-seeking president was directly denouncing Huckabee and Cruz.

The president then criticized The Donald for his negative comments about John McCain, whose Vietnam War torture and patriotism didn’t particularly impress Barack Obama when he recently defended Vietnam swift boat veteran John Kerry.

Obama claimed that Trump’s boldfaced honesty, which is primarily directed at Obama, “arises out of a culture where those kinds of outrageous attacks have become far too commonplace and get circulated nonstop through the internet and talk radio and news outlets.”

Even the Ethiopians had to be scratching their heads.  Wasn’t this the guy who just urged Ethiopian leaders to refrain from imposing restrictions on the press and to encourage political debate?

The Whiney One went on to say that he noticed that those who were upset about Trump’s “outrageous statements” about McCain stay quiet when similar “outrageous statements” are made about the outrageous one doing the whining.

Peeved that anyone dare criticize his horrendous Iran deal, Obama tore into Republicans, alleging that “[t]he point is we’re creating a culture that is not conducive to good policy or good politics.  The American people deserve better.”


The president also hinted that if the 2016 president-elect isn’t an adequate replacement, he might have to overstay his tenure.  In a hair-raising admission, the always honest and dignified Barack Obama told his Ethiopian hosts:

In 18 months, I’m turning over the keys — I want to make sure I’m turning over the keys to somebody who is serious about the serious problems the country faces and the world faces.  And that requires on both sides, Democrat and Republican, a sense of seriousness and decorum and honesty.  And I think that’s what the voters expect, as well.

That’s when someone, anyone, should have requested a clarification of what Obama means when he says, “I want to make sure I’m turning over the keys to somebody who is serious about the serious problems the country faces and the world faces.”

How Mr. Obama plans to “make sure” and what he’ll do if “somebody” doesn’t meet his seriousness measures should give every American nightmares.

The president also encouraged Ethiopia to pursue “ethical journalism.”  You know what kind of ethical journalism – the kind that Clinton Foundation contributor George Stephanopoulos embodies, or the type of fawning “ethical” professional journalism that gives the guy offering Ethiopia advice a pass.  Yeah, that kind of journalism.

Obama shared that the U.S. government is committed to “nurturing” journalists “for democratic discourse” – which in itself is a scary thought – “young journalists,” he said, “to come up and help this country [with the help of the government] understand what’s going on.”

Then, the guy who nearly bit off chief CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett’s head over a valid question and who just spent an inordinate amount of time complaining about those who suggest he’s made mistakes or has limitations said, “And for us, it’s very important to be criticized because we also get feedback to correct our mistakes and limitations.”

Does Obama plan to transfer Ebola to the U.S.?

imagesOriginally posted at American Thinker

As children all across America infected with an imported Enterovirus from Latin America struggle to breathe, rumor has it that Barack Obama has plans to continue “sharing the health” and “leveling the playing field.”

According to Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Barack Obama is so concerned for the health and well-being of the victims of the Ebola virus that he’s planning to shuttle the sick and dying from West Africa to the U.S. for hands-on management.

One of Goodlatte’s aides told Fox News that “someone in one of the agencies” contacted the congressman’s office, saying that Obama’s Ebola importation plan would apply to non-U.S. residents. Although no one said for sure, it’s highly likely that those whose tax monies regularly fund this president’s hare-brained ideas would probably be the same ones paying for the transport and treatment of patients who will in turn expose those footing the bill to the deadly disease.

An alarmed Goodlatte warned that expanding America’s supposed “at the source” Ebola policy to include importing the most deadly of all third-world diseases could put citizens already struggling with MDR-TB, swine flu, and Enterovirus D-68 at even more risk.

So concerned is Chairman Goodlatte that he wrote a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Secretary of State John Kerry asking for confirmation of the story.  Thus far, Goodlatte says he has yet to receive a response, which is a strong indication that Goodlatte’s feeling is well-founded.

And Goodlatte is not alone in his concerns. Conservative watchdog Judicial Watch concurs and claims that the administration that’s vigorously looking for ways to destroy America is doing so by “actively formulating” plans to ferry Ebola patients into the U.S. to treat them “within the first days of diagnosis” – which is when they are most highly contagious.

But not to worry, because ever since Barack Obama remodeled the health care system, although Americans with cancer and other fatal diseases have been kicked off their insurance plans and had their premiums skyrocket, the nation has never been better-equipped to take on the burden of a deadly virus that has the potential to wipe out 70% of the U.S. population.

Not only that, but as an added bonus, when renegade Obama grants amnesty to 34 million illegals, if the West African Ebola patients have not died or returned home, they and their large extended families will be in a great position to hit the U.S. citizenship jackpot!

On the irrationality of purposely seeding America with a lethal virus, Goodlatte pointed out:

This is simply a matter of common sense that if you are concerned about this problem spreading – and this is a deadly disease that we’re even concerned about the great health care workers when they come back not spreading it — we certainly shouldn’t be bringing in the patients.

Quite frankly, the congressman should keep those sorts of cautionary insights to himself, because that remark might cue Obama to put his yea and amen on the idea based purely on its potential to wreak holy havoc.

In the meantime, Goodlatte, the one sounding the alarm, is also the one who originally attempted to convince the president that a temporary ban on non-U.S. citizen travel to the United States from the three African countries hardest hit by Ebola would protect U.S. citizens.  From Goodlatte’s logic-based point of view, a travel ban would be “plain common sense … [and] … a practical way to stop this disease from spreading,” which is probably why President Obola has chosen to disregard Bob’s wise counsel.

Instead of “plain common sense” being applied to a treacherous problem, the president continues to maintain that travel bans are a bad idea because the most effective approach is to stop Ebola at its source in West Africa.  Then, quite predictably, he does the exact opposite by clandestinely planning to transfer the source of the problem to the U.S.

In Syria, Urkel and Lurch Plan to Wage a ‘Cojones Campaign’

Remember when Joe Lockhart, a senior strategist in John Kerry’s presidential campaign, said the Democrats “can swagger and chew gum at the same time?”Presentation1-e13777009357541

Well now it looks like those swaggering Democrat peaceniks plan to bomb Syria in an effort to prove their ability to multitask, and the gum they’ll be chewing is Nicorette.

That’s right – Barack Obama is hiking up his mom jeans, adjusting his bicycle helmet, and preparing to act all macho in order to get America to view him as something other than what he is: President Urkel.

And to assist in the effort, Urkel is asking Secretary of State John ‘Lurch’ Kerry to assist him. In fact, the Syrian situation has become so dire that to address the crisis, Secretary of State John Kerry has actually been forced to put down his Heinz ketchup and cancel his windsurfing plans.

According to China and President Bashar al-Assad’s ally Russia, community organizing rebels are the ones who staged the attack to make it look like the government did it in hopes of provoking intervention. Urkel and Lurch emphatically disagree…

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