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Corndogs and a Disgraced Weiner

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Finally, Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) did the honorable thing: he folded up his towel and handed in his pass to the House Members Gym in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building. Weiner must have “heed[ed] calls from President Barack Obama,” who said that if he found himself in a similar position, “he’d resign.”

Besides the president, calls for Weiner to capitulate came from both sides of the aisle: House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) as well as a woman who, under different circumstances, would normally celebrate such a colorful display of sexual expression, San Francisco liberal House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). This time, however, both John and Nancy agreed it would be in the country’s best interest if Weiner headed back to Queens and remained there permanently.

Anthony Weiner’s long overdue submission to pressure ended nearly “three weeks of tumultuous political controversy,” which included “sexting,” lying, and lewd pictures.  Besides “a photo of a man’s crotch posted publicly on his Twitter account…and a tear-filled press conference,” also trickling out into the public were racy photos “including one of his naked genitals and others of him posing in the House gym.”

In addition, the nation was also subjected to an ongoing parade of women stepping forward and accusing Weiner of inappropriately communicating with them via the Internet.   Thus far the bevy of beauties included a black jack dealer, an aspiring nurse, a 21-year-old student, and a cheerleading coach, as well as a Pink Pony pole dancer/porn actress named Ginger Lee, who just so happens to be the very truthful client of feminist lawyer/opportunist Gloria Allred.

Before making any final decisions about leaving Congress, “Weiner had said he would wait until his wife Huma Abedin returned” from navigating the African continent for a week with boss and graduate of the School for Political Wives of Philandering Husbands, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Seems after his wife’s return the congressman made up his mind to resign pretty quickly, which means Obama, Boehner, and Pelosi had nothing to do with the decision and Weiner throwing in the gym towel had everything to do with his bride of one year, Huma, who was nowhere to be found during the congressman’s circus-like resignation press conference.

In spite of his belief that his New York constituents would forgive salacious indiscretions in return for a representative with a 100% NARAL rating, it appears that the mother of Weiner’s unborn child did not agree with cocky Anthony stubbornly subjecting her, Weiner Jr., or the Democrat party to additional humiliation.

Either way, it didn’t matter because supposedly even before Weiner’s decision to step down was made official, House Democrats were “set to strip [no pun intended] Weiner of his committee assignments.” Before publicly thanking his lawyer father and New York City public school teacher mother (which explains a lot) for having “instilled in [him] the values that have carried [him] this far,” Weiner called and informed Democratic Congressional Committee chairperson Steve Israel, “who had also called for his resignation,” to inform him he planned to cede his congressional seat.

Ironically, when Israel got the call from Weiner both he and Pelosi were enjoying ‘corn dogs’ and ‘chicken in a basket’ at the annual White House South Lawn picnic.

Prior to Weiner’s resignation, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) told reporters he was unaware of the congressman’s plans to quit, which was hard to believe because apparently John threw caution to the wind and in between handfuls of kettle corn actually smoked what could be viewed as a celebratory cigarette in plain sight of revelers at the White House annual picnic.

Verbose chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), who also encouraged Weiner’s departure, had no further comment about Weiner’s extracurricular antics and claimed she got all her updates directly from a Blackberry similar to the one used by Weiner to snap pictures of his naked manhood.

It’s hard to fathom, but Missouri Representative Lacy Clay (D-MO), after hearing about Weiner’s decision to resign, lauded the NY congressman as a “die-hard member of our caucus,” but apparently, that’s exactly what he said. Clay also said he hoped Weiner gets “needed help” and referred to the entire situation as “sad.”

Nevertheless, all is not lost! If Weiner’s post-sex-therapy political rehabilitation/national book tour doesn’t work out, the legislator can always go back to pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a weatherman.

And so another Democrat “weapon of war…perishes,” turns in his government-issued perks and the keys to his Congressional office. As a shamed Weiner heads back to Forest Hills in Queens to try to repair what little is left of his marriage, reputation and life, a poignant line of Scripture comes to mind from the Old Testament book of 2nd Samuel, Chapter 1 verse 27: “Oh how the mighty have fallen!”

Pelosi’s Planned Parenthood War

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

For peaceniks, Democrats sure have no trouble throwing the word “war” around. Jesse Jackson compared the budget impasse to the civil war and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi believes her colleagues across the aisle have declared “war on women.”

House Speaker John Boehner promised religious leaders he would “win the war not just win a battle” over Planned Parenthood and abortion. After all, someone has to have the temerity to step forward, pull the plug on the death camps and discontinue funding organizations that pretend to care for women in one room while killing offspring in another.

Scripture quoter and crusader for the aged and reproductive rights, Nancy Pelosi sees the Republicans’ fight to defund Planned Parenthood as a “war,” and to defend abortion she seems more than willing to lace up her combat boots.

At the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Women, Money and Power Summit, Nancy Pelosi clarified the dispute: “Abortion is one issue, but contraception and family planning and birth control are opposed by this crowd too. We have a big fight on our hands, in terms of respect for women, and … what is right for our country in terms of our family decisions, in terms of Medicaid and Medicare. We have to create a drumbeat across America.”

Kindly old Grandmother Nancy Pelosi believes “respect for women…and…what is right for our country” is why Americans should be forced to bankroll an organization that destroys the lives of future Americans.  Majorette Nancy proposes the creation of “a drumbeat across America” on behalf of fetal genocide.  Well if ever there was a quintessentially American cause, Grandma, apple pie and funding Planned Parenthood is certainly it!

According to Nancy, the supposed war on postnatal women began earlier this year when Mike Pence (R-IN) audaciously proposed a bill in the House to cut off 40 years of funding to Planned Parenthood.  The Congress made it clear that Republicans were done coercing moral people to pay for ethically repugnant abortion procedures that cost taxpayers $363 million a year and in 2009 ended the lives of 332,278 Americans.

Thus far John Boehner (R-Ohio) has said that in the budget fight his caucus has not backed “down from [their] efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.” However, Boehner admitted abortion is “a major sticking point in budget negotiations between the House GOP” and a pro-choice White House.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Barack continue to use abortion as protective armor to preserve a radical voting base, and do so with the approving applause of a political party more than willing to go to war for the right to fund America’s most celebrated abortion mill.

In the interim, Nancy apparently felt moved to officially anoint herself St. Nancy de Abortion Rights. Pelosi is speaking out and has rallied a brigade of warmongering females ready to follow her into battle. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) declared that refusing to fund Planned Parenthood is “the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians.”

The Republican budget rider that prevents DC from spending money on abortion for poor women was met by an “absolutely outraged” Norton, who also said it’s time DC told the “Congress to go straight to hell.”

Holmes said: “If …Republicans insist that, if they don’t get the whole pie they’ll take the whole country down with them…then we have got to make them pay the price.” Whoa Ellie!

There you have it – on behalf of the abortion “pie,” Nancy and company are more than willing to subject Americans to “paying the price” and the “hell” of a protracted political war, if winning makes certain that Planned Parenthood funding continues.

Scott Walker’s ‘Difficult Choices’

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

At the 9/12 Taxpayer March on Washington, regular Americans were treated with derision by the President of the United States as they gathered to voice an opinion on high taxes, out of control government and the loss of traditional values.

Last year Obama dared the Tea Party by saying: “So the challenge, I think, for the Tea Party movement is to identify, specifically, what would you do? It’s not enough just to say get control of spending. I think it’s important for you to say, I’m willing to cut veterans’ benefits or I’m willing to cut Medicare or Social Security benefits or I’m willing to see these taxes go up… some of these are very difficult choices.”

In response to Barry’s “challenge,” the newly elected Wisconsin governor, Republican Scott Walker, “identified and specified.”  In the face of a $3.6 billion budget deficit and in an effort to rein in out-of-control spending, Walker made the difficult choice to cut state worker benefits 8%, as well as curtail the power of unions in the collective bargaining process.

After Governor Walker responded to Obama’s provocative confrontation, rather than praise the effort to address the deficit the President stood with unions and state workers storming the Wisconsin state capital in opposition to the Walker’s proposal. The President sided with the wrong crowd by befriending unruly protestors whose signage conveyed the antithesis of the President’s moving civility-first message in Tucson.

Quite contrary to his criticism of the Tea Party, the President endorsed the DNC’s “Organizing for America – the remnant of the 2008 Obama campaign -playing an active role in organizing protests” that are raining bedlam down on the Badger State.

After mocking the Tea Party for “waving tea bags around,” the President has said nothing about Organizing for America “Filling buses and building turnout for the rallies…in Madison organizing 15 rapid response phone banks urging supporters to call their state legislators, and working on planning and producing rallies.”

This arm of Obama’s operation – campaigning against conservative change – is predictable. Organizing for America‘s support for the protesters is right in line with the President’s “clear stance against Walker.” History tells us that when it comes to dealing with Republican governors, Obama’s policy is poles apart from his positive response to progressive disorder.

In Arizona, Barack defended illegal aliens, sued the state, and abandoned Governor Jan Brewer in her fight against a relentless invasion from the south. The President remains nonchalant about the war on the border as US federal and border patrol agents and US citizens are murdered daily by drug cartels.

Moreover, if challenged on any level, Barack refuses to budge. After he “won,” Governor Walker came up with a plan to address Wisconsin’s huge budget shortfall and despite opposition has not faltered. Obama should be praising the governor for “ignoring Wisconsin voices today and asking for the power to drown them out permanently tomorrow.” Doesn’t Walker’s stance typify the Barack Obama pay-no-heed-to-those-who-oppose-you style of governing?

In response to the Wisconsin unrest, even House Speaker John Boehner implored the President to get Organizing for America to retreat from inappropriately organizing the disruptive political protest. Boehner said: “I urge the president to order the DNC to suspend these tactics.”

Regardless of the outcome, it is unlikely President Obama will respond to Boehner’s plea in a mature, bipartisan way. In fact, if Scott Walker’s bill passes, Barack will likely retaliate by suing the state of Wisconsin and then turning his negative attention to yet another Republican governor and go after the reputation of, oh…let’s see…maybe someone like New Jersey’s Chris Christie?

Congressional Cowboy Hat Caucus

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Step aside Nancy and Barney – lurid loudmouth Alan Grayson (D-FL) may be history, but here comes a flamboyant 68 year-old grandmother dressed in rodeo gear who, when it comes to the fine art of bonnet acquisition, puts the Duchess of Cornwall to shame. Congressperson-elect Frederica S. Wilson is headed toward Washington DC, ready to fill Kendrick Meek’s vacated Florida District 17 Congressional seat and bound to become the talk of the town.

In addition to elaborate hat-wearing, fashionista Frederica also prides herself on being one of the first elected officials in Florida to endorse Barack Obama, a man known to don a snappy hat or two himself. Wilson’s resume includes being one of Barry’s campaign surrogate speakers, hat and all, and one of Florida’s 27 electors pledged to the Obama presidency.

Frederica is a self-assured woman who, before tossing her hat into the political ring, was a teacher, principal and school board member.  Frederica worked her way up to the Florida State Senate and from there to the halls of Congress.  The chapeau-wearing Congressperson considers herself a “progressive politician,” who focuses on “minorities and low-income people…AIDS awareness,” and “reintegration of former prisoners.”

Once in Washington, Frederica plans to continue that tradition, as well as lead the brigade in the battle against what ails our nation, specifically as it relates to 200 year-old proper-head-attire rules. If Congressperson Wilson has her way, her hats are destined to go down in history alongside the late Paul Simon’s bow ties, ex-con/ex-Congressman James Traficant’s bouffant hair-do and Nancy Pelosi’s basketball-sized pearls.

Once her fashionable pumps hit Washington DC, Rep. Wilson had planned to overturn what she calls the “sexist” no-hat rule. The ten-gallon hat wearing Floridian believes that just like women wearing head covering in church, “decorum dictates that men remove their hats when inside,”  but exempts women from that rule.

Rejecting any form of discrimination herself, Wilson sets the example by refusing to show favoritism toward any one hat.  In fact, her collection of 300 has a room of their own in her home and, to be fair, Frederica exercises a “well-honed system of rotating out seven or eight hats at a time.”

The Florida representative owns every type of hat imaginable:  Sequined cowboy hats, Sunday-go-to-meetingEaster Parade bonnets, Lady Diana memorial remakes and Kentucky Derby headwear.  Who would have thought that in making her way from the school board to Congress Frederica’s millinery displays would be banned from the House floor?

A proponent of change, Frederica once said, “Change only happens when someone rolls up their sleeves and takes a stand. And it’s that determination and commitment that I’ll take with me to Washington.”  In that spirit, resplendent in a rhinestone helmet the late New York Congressperson Bella Abzug would envy, Frederica had earnestly planned to head into a heated battle.

However, after the media hat hubbub, Frederica agreed to put the issue on the back burner and submit to House rules by officially being sworn in naked from the neck up.  Regardless of the rules, Frederica is confident that one day she’ll convince Speaker John Boehner (R-Oh) to waive the ban on Stetsons and issue her a “hat pass.”

A resolved Frederica said, “I am going to go into Congress and whatever the rule is now, I will abide by that.” But crusader that she is, Frederica refuses to give up the hope to one day wear a hat onto the House floor. In true Democrat Party priorities-in-order/never-say-die tradition Wilson, referring to the hat kerfuffle, vows to “look at [her hat] options and …proceed from there.”

Michelle’s Marlboro Man

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Healthy kid spokesperson Michelle Obama is on a one-woman mission to restrict personal food choices and monitor American grocery lists.  Yet, there is an issue that screams “hypocrisy” to the sugar addicts Michelle deprives of Twinkies®.

Fact is, the dilettante of dietary purism is married to a man that furtively breathes out second hand smoke. While Michelle is out touting “vegetable cleanses,” Barry is mucking up presidential pulmonary tissue with hydrogen cyanide and staining the White House porte-cochere a shade of nicotine yellow.

During Obama’s tenure, the First Lady could have chosen to represent the “Stop Smoking” campaign.  Instead of jumping through hula-hoops and planting organic gardens, Michelle could have been traveling the country, dousing smokers with fire extinguishers, crushing half-finished cigarettes with designer shoes, and sharing first-hand accounts of being forced to pick cigarette butts out of the South Portico flowerbeds.

Let’s face it, hawking a hale-and-hearty America while married to a man addicted to Marlboro Reds is on par with Giada De Laurentiis’s hubby slipping out nightly for dinner at Denny’s.  Maybe Michelle could convince Barry to ditch the butts by talking COPDs instead of BMIs.

It’s hard to imagine the imperious Barack Obama, purveyor of nudging, controlling and dictating, being pushed around by a 4-inch entity stuffed with tobacco and lit by a flickable Bic®.

Who supplies the President with the contraband?  Is there a Secret Service special detail that buys cartons of Marlboros which are stored in the bottom drawer of the Resolute Desk? Does the President squirrel away an extra stash in the Oval Office closet next to the last remaining bundle of Bill Clinton Memorial cigars.

Instead of supporting Haiti relief, Michelle should change gears and switch to smoking cessation infomercials. The First Lady could request a backdrop featuring Barry making smoke rings and practicing a French inhale.  The campaign slogan could be: “If you want to preserve your life, whatever you do, don’t follow Obama.”

Recently, a top White House adviser suggested President Obama and John Boehner (R-OH) “would be good role models if both quit smoking.”  Suddenly, Barack needs John Boehner to help him be a “good role model?”  And how did John Boehner get dragged into this discussion anyway?  Was Obama waiting for the opportunity to say “John made me do it?”

Apparently, the White House plan is to deflect attention from Barack’s future smoker’s cough by sending an advisor out on the Sunday morning talk circuit to call attention to John Boehner’s Camel Lights.

On CBS’s “Face the Nation,” host Bob Schieffer asked White House aide David Axelrod if Barry would be willing to quit smoking along with John Boehner.  What a brilliant idea! Obama can reach across the aisle in a spirit of bipartisanship and agree to give up cigarettes with John Boehner, which would be a perfect presidential welcome for Nancy Pelosi’s replacement.

Steering the conversation away from the Boehner/Obama SmokEnders suggestion, Axelrod asserted the Obama administration “wants to work constructively with Republicans on any issue.” Axelrod then pardoned the President for singlehandedly supporting Phillip Morris by reminding Schieffer that tar and nicotine-addicted Democrats have done more than “Republicans to rein in the tobacco industry.”

Obama smoking cigarettes while aides boast of “rein[ing] in the tobacco industry” is remarkably similar to the First Lady policing shopping carts while eating pulled pork at Dinosaur Bar-B-Q in Harlem.  Preaching one thing while doing the other is an Obama family trait that explains how Michelle can demand a healthy America while Barry secretly vies for the title of Marlboro man.

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