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Obama Spies on His Enemies in Congress

source site 30871_large_Obama_Watching_WideOriginally posted at American Thinker

http://centralcoastsurfschool.com.au/?fv=Buy-Lexapro-Online-Safely&059=47 Remember when Obama, the guy with big plans to resettle America’s neighborhoods, clashed with Bibi Netanyahu for refusing to abandon construction and resettlement plans in East Jerusalem? The president was so incensed that Netanyahu hesitated to comply with his demands that he left the prime minister sitting in a room alone while he went upstairs to eat.

inderal shards of order That’s when, out of fear of being wiretapped, Netanyahu and his delegation chose not to use White House phones.

http://whoisnickasmith.com/?medz=Can-You-Get-A-Rash-From-Bactrim&7e2=66 As usual, Bibi’s discernment was on target because recently it was revealed that Obama, concerned about his nuke deal with Iran, directed the National Security Agency to spy on Israel, American Jewish groups, and friends of Israel in the U.S. Congress.

Viagra Prescription For Performance Anxiety For eight years, in addition to displaying open hostility toward the Jewish state, here in America, the president has pushed the boundaries on everything from limiting First and Second Amendment rights to passing a failed stimulus package to ramming through healthcare reform to making a nuclear deal with Iran to promising amnesty to illegal aliens.

How Long Off Paxil Before Pregnancy Yet despite the U.S. Constitution being shredded, the law flouted, and domestic and worldwide chaos being stirred up by a philosophically driven Obama, time and again, the onslaught of detrimental policy pronouncements have been met with an insipid response from the president’s supposed political adversaries.

here Now, after learning that the Executive branch of the U.S. government spied on the Legislative branch, it’s less confusing as to why the former Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-OH), and his compadre in the Senate, Mitch McConnell (R-KY), seemed so reticent in resisting this president.

How To Wean Self Off Celexa At first, it appeared as if former Speaker Boehner acquiesced out of fear that Republicans would be blamed for things like government shutdowns, or accused of not showing compassion toward hordes of “unaccompanied minors,” or worse yet, perceived to be the “Party of No.”

Now we find out that although John Boehner was likely spared the wrath of the battery cables, the antique dental drill, and duct tape, before grabbing his Coppertone and heading back to Ohio, Chicago-style coercion may be what caused teary-eyed Boehner to consistently fold like a cheap lawn chair.

Next up: Kevin McCarthy the Republican from California who was the shoo-in to replace Boehner.

After receiving an email from a “conservative activist” that threatened to expose an alleged extramarital affair, McCarthy withdrew his candidacy to be Speaker.

Ironically, McCarthy’s decision coincided with a cryptic letter written by Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) to Republican Conference Chairperson, Cathy McMorris Rodgers. In the letter, Jones asked that candidates with “embarrassing… misdeeds … committed since joining Congress ” withdraw from running for positions of leadership.

What exactly did the North Carolina representative know, and what was his letter really alluding to?

Finally, there’s newly ordained Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan (R-WI). Paul’s the guy who, besides being Romney’s running mate in 2012, stood firmly against the Affordable Care Act. After being insulted publically by the president for daring to try to reel in the debt and deficit with actual numbers, Ryan had the guts to label Obama “the Campaigner-in-Chief.”

Unfortunately, somewhere between 2011 and 2016 Ryan lost his determination. Suddenly, the solutions the new speaker criticized so strongly in the past have become solutions he seems willing to live with.

Atrocities such as the $1.1 trillion Omnibus Spending Bill, which subsidizes the president’s plan to accept into America Syrian refugees who will likely be infiltrated by ISIS and leaves conservatives wanting on issues like defunding Planned Parenthood.

Worse yet, the spending bill contains provisions totaling over $1 billion to help fund the implementation of the same healthcare reform bill the new speaker spoke harshly against just five years earlier.

Speaking of surveillance and Obamacare, let’s not forget Republican Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ baffling decision that doubled down on defying the Constitution and helped pave the way for socialized medicine.

Now, The Wall Street Journal’s eye-opening piece titled: “U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress” may shed light on why two branches of the U.S. government have rolled over and accommodated Obama on every front.

According to the article, Barack Obama employed the NSA to spy on foreign leaders like Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Bibi Netanyahu, a practice he promised to discontinue doing to “friendly heads of state” two years ago.

An anonymous senior official quoted by the WSJ said that when the administration secured the NSA’s services the president’s goal was to ensure that Netanyahu did not stand in the way of Iran attaining the bomb they plan to use to annihilate Israel.

During the Iran deal negotiations, the NSA also listened in and reported back to the president conversations Benjamin Netanyahu had with friends in Congress. So, while targeting our allies, also “swept up …were the… content of private conversations with U.S. lawmakers.”

In other words, politicians that fit the president’s enemy criteria probably include any turncoat who attended Netanyahu’s March address to a joint session of Congress where Bibi argued against the president’s nuclear deal with Iran?

The 44 Democrat protesters who chose not to attend exempts only 8% of Congress from snooping.

Therefore, 92% of Congress may have had their private conversations wiretapped, which might explain why Republicans consistently grant a paranoid Obama unprecedented leeway on things they swear they oppose.

With that said, and although pure speculation, could the majority party’s consistent pusillanimous posture be based on their knowledge that America’s first black male president blackmails those he considers enemies in Congress? And didn’t Richard Nixon resign for much less?

Based on the seriousness of the spying accusation, if true, Barack Obama should step down or be impeached, which may require the Republicans in Congress to pull up their pants, place concern for self aside, and finally do something that’s long overdue — put the survival of America first.

WHITE HOUSE INDIGNATION: Did Bibi Spit In Obama’s Face?

عکاسی-با-سرعت-بالا-11Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Pay attention! Barack Obama, the autonomous, Constitution-defying president who pretty much does whatever he wants is livid because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to coordinate his March visit with the one who consults with no one.

That’s right – White House officials, on behalf of a man who “spits in everyone’s face”, have said that Obama believes that Netanyahu’s plan to speak before a joint session of Congress to address the dangers Iran poses to Israel and the world is tantamount to spitting in President Obama’s face.

In case you forgot, Benjamin Netanyahu is the guy who was left sitting in a White House meeting room when he failed to submit to Obama’s diktats concerning construction in East Jerusalem. Not only that, but talk about double-standards: Obama skipping Paris wasn’t “spitting in an ally’s face”, but Bibi accepting an invitation to address Congress is being likened to spitting in Obama’s face?

For years now, Obama has been looking for any excuse to publicly place Netanyahu in the same category that he’s placed the rest of his enemies. That’s why the president continues to regularly try to push the Israeli Prime Minister’s buttons – most recently to demand that Netanyahu tone down his rhetoric calling for sanctions against Iran. Bibi is smart and surely recognizes Obama’s attempt to set up a scapegoat to blame when the negotiations, which would never have worked with Iran in the first place, completely break down.

The problem for Obama is that clearly Bibi Netanyahu fears no one and is proving again that a fraidy cat like Obama does not intimidate him, and so, thanks to John Boehner’s newfound boldness, Bibi graciously accepted the invitation and has no intention of submitting to the president’s unreasonable demands.

According to a White House spokesperson, by accepting the Speaker’s invitation, Mr. Netanyahu did something “you simply don’t do. [Bibi] spat in our face publicly and that’s no way to behave.” Then, after calling out the Israeli leader’s behavior, Obama’s mouthpiece, on behalf of the president, issued a customary Chicago-style threat: “Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency, and that there will be a price.”

Thus far, there’s been no price, or only a minimal price paid, for ISIS beheading Americans, no price for al Qaeda spilling French and Jewish blood, no price for ISIS gunning down 14 year-old boys for watching soccer matches, and no price for Boko Haram allegedly slaughtering 2,000 people. But Bibi Netanyahu agrees to come to the US to speak about a threat Obama refuses to confront – for that, “there will be a price”?

Based on the president’s conduct, all his foot-stomping has accomplished is to prove that tyrants simply can’t be negotiated with. Yet Obama continues to warn both Bibi and the Republican Congress that a sanctions bill would negatively impact negotiations with Iranian leaders.

What’s different here is that Boehner, who has talked tough and then summarily backed down with predictable consistency, must have gotten the loud and clear message at the SOTU from the cocksure Obama and decided to take his job seriously. Realizing that negotiating with the one who plans to negotiate with Iran isn’t going to work, Boehner extended an invitation to an authentic world leader.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, the camaraderie between Bibi and Boehner is probably infuriating for someone used to always getting his own way.

What’s funny is that Obama can taunt, sneer, snigger, and abuse whomever he pleases, but let that be aimed back at him and Barack “I won twice” Obama throws a public hissy fit. Barack Obama’s unique governing style came back to bite the haughty one in the butt, and lo and behold, he can’t take what he dishes out.

How dare the Israeli leader speak truthfully about the all-but-nonexistent US-led nuclear negotiations with Iran? And how dare Netanyahu, whose country is surrounded on all sides by enemies, urge US lawmakers to ignore Obama’s threats to veto and impose a new round of tougher sanctions on Tehran?

In response to Netanyahu’s plans to bring just that sort of message to the joint session of Congress, officials in Washington – who it was is unknown – said that the “chickensh*t” nickname an anonymous administration official gave Netanyahu several months ago paled in comparison to the salty language used in the White House when the real “chickensh*ts” got news of Netanyahu’s planned speech.

Meanwhile, citing “departure from… protocol,” Obama, who parties in Gwyneth Paltrow’s backyard, invites Beyoncé and Jay-Z to the White House and grants interviews to individuals who thank him on YouTube for raising taxes to provide them with free healthcare, has refused to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu. That’s actually a good thing, because it deprives Obama of a second opportunity to be spiteful by leaving the Israeli leader sitting in a room somewhere in the White House by himself.

Does ‘No Impeachment’ Fulfill Alinsky’s Rule #4?

imagesOriginally posted at American Thinker

Lately it’s hard to take John Boehner and his Coppertone tan seriously. However, when it appeared that the House Majority Speaker was proactively taking the wind out of Barack Obama’s ‘they want to impeach me’ sails, there was a glimmer of hope that someone on the right had actually grown a spine.

Republicans reiterating that impeachment was not an option exhibited a rare unified spirit. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) even hobbled up to the mic to reinforce Boehner’s proclamation that impeaching Barack Obama was a talking point that Democrats, not Republicans, were going on about. Continue Reading →

Liberals Love to Get Liquored Up


Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Rumor has it that Liberal First Lady Michelle Obama loves “top shelf” vodka.

As for hubby, who comes from a long line of Uncle Omar-style alcoholics, well, he’s has been known to pound down…I mean sip… a martini or two with friends, raise a glass of champagne now and then, and chug-a-lug a frosty cold one.

Then there’s ultra-liberal Hillary Clinton.  Mrs. Clinton likes to tear up the dance floor with a nice Columbian-brewed Aguila in hand. Napa Valley vineyard owner Nancy Pelosi enjoys in-flight liquor (which may explain the slurred speech).

Even Max Baucus, the democrat senator from Montana, allegedly does not let inebriation prevent him from sharing deep thoughts on the House floor.

On the Republican side, John Boehner had almost succeeded in convincing America that drinking wine while mowing the lawn was a bipartisin pastime. But a new study, published by the Will Asacol Get You High Journal of Wine Economics, reveals that “alcohol consumption in American states rises as the population’s politics becomes more liberal.”

Pavel Yakovlev and Walter P. Guessford, of Duquesne University in Pennsylvania, ran a study whose findings show a direct correlation between liberal beliefs and alcohol use. The data show that people in states with liberal representatives tend to consume up to http://wsicycling.com/?sopa=Viagra-Shipped-From-Us&17f=86 three times more alcohol per person than politically conservative states.

In other words, by getting all liquored up, lefties evade the sorrows they create.

The study concluded that “[e]ven after controlling for economic, demographic, and geographic differences across states…liberal ideology has a statistically significant positive association with the consumption of alcohol in the United States.” Yakovlev and Guessford offer two possible theories to explain why there’s such variance in liberal and conservative alcohol consumption.

As verified by Choom gang member/cocaine user Barry Soetoro, who, unlike white powder-nosed, cigar-smoking Bill Clinton, actually did admit to inhaling, one theory is that liberals tend to be more “open to new experiences, such as the consumption of alcohol or drugs.”

The other theory Yakovlev and Guessford put forth to explain liberals’ liberal libation habits is their reliance on government health care and social welfare to come to the rescue.

And while all those notions are plausible, if I may be so bold, there are a few additional theories the authors of the survey failed to include.

Is it possible that alcohol consumption and debauchery rise in relation to godlessness and lack of patriotism. Remember, there is a marked increase in alcohol abuse in communist or statist regimes, which are notorious for heavy drinking.

Liberals support socialism. Then, as freedom wanes, they manufacture artificial freedom by living in an intoxicated state.

Here in America alcoholism is a problem in neighborhoods where liberal policies cultivate despair. Folks stuck in the urban ghettos would rather drink Thunderbird concealed in a brown paper bag than face the harsh reality resulting from policies they voted for.

How about those ‘drunk with power’ like the Obamas, the Clintons, the late Ted Kennedy, and whoever else is running up liquor bills for taxpayers to cover?

For those Lefties (aka Socialists) cocktail parties come in handy to drown the guilt over things like late term abortion, lying incessantly to the American people, and systematically dismantling the Constitution.

Makes perfect sense: rather than face the dreadful consequences of their failed policies, Liberals prefer to “become comfortably numb.”

Is John Boehner ‘A Man Taking a Walk?’

John Boehner

Originally posted at American Thinker

Newfound understanding as to why America is in the dire straits it’s in was gained when Speaker of the House John Boehner (‘Beener,’ ‘Bonner,’ ‘Boner’) Boehner (pronounced BAY-ner) finally appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The guy with the perpetual cottonmouth took to Jay’s couch to spout off on people like Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and Vladimir Putin.  But the real revelations came when Boehner explained why he refuses to do anything to counterbalance Obama!

It started when Jay Leno leaned in and asked the Speaker, “Ever think of running for president?”

“No!” Boehner shot back.

Then came the big reveal, the peek into what Barack Obama has on Mr. Boehner that keeps John on the president’s good side.

Boehner said this: “Listen, I like to play golf, I like to cut my own grass, I do drink red wine, I smoke cigarettes–and I’m not giving that up to be president of the United States.”


Whoa Nellie!  You mean that’s all it takes to get 64-year-old Boehner to sell out America to tyranny – a golf cart, a riding mower, a case of Ripple, and a few cartons of Marlboros?

Boehner also explained that his “orange” tan was simply the result of spending time outdoors. Bike-riding Boehner, one of 12 children, said, “My mother’s dark-complected so I’m a little dark. No tanning beds. No spray or anything. Not ever! Not once ever!”

Sorry John, we don’t buy it.  You either eat too many carrots, overdose on beta carotene, or you’re dipping into the Coppertone, which means Obama the dealer may be funneling a membership to a tanning salon your way.

When Jay asked Boehner if he’d ever met Putin, “No!” he barked back, “And I don’t want to meet him. I think he’s a thug, and I think he’s treated his neighbors in a disrespectful way and, frankly, I think the president ought to stand up to him.”


Huh?  Putin’s a thug and the president should stand up to him?

The president is a thug too, John.  However, if the guy in the mom jeans attempted to stand up to Putin (who swims in the freezing Siberian Lake Baikal), the Russian president would say “Boo” and make him cry like a little girl.  As for Putin’s neighbors, Obama’s the one who said “Nyet” to missile defense in Poland.

Boehner called indicted whistleblower Edward Snowden “a traitor to the country,” but didn’t think to mention Benghazi, Fast & Furious, or the IRS.

On the NSA spying scandal, Boehner matter-of-factly advised, “Let’s just get over it. It’s been going on for thousands of years,” which means the last bottle of red wine Obama sent over must have been a fine vintage indeed.

As for the anti-Constitutional ACA fiasco, John Boehner reminded America, “It’s the law!”

Asked about the government shutdown over defunding Obamacare, the Speaker admitted that it was “tactically not the right way to do it.”  On the tactic-driven Tea Party members of Congress and the GOP infighting, “it’s bad,” he said.

Mr. Boehner explained that he had accepted Leno’s invitation because in two weeks Jimmy Fallon takes over, and “I thought I ought to get here before it’s too late,” to which Jay replied, “I was gonna say the same thing for you!”

Speaking of “too late,” maybe the Speaker should pay more attention to getting done what needs to be done in Washington DC “before it’s too late,” and less time golfing and scooting around the lawn on the John Deere with a cig dangling from his lips, drinking red wine out of a red plastic cup.

The Speaker revealed a lot about himself when he said, “you learn that a leader without followers is simply a man taking a walk.” Here’s a suggestion from a disappointed group of Americans who depended on you to represent our concerns: Walk on, Mr. Speaker, walk on!

A Plague on Two Political Houses

APTOPIX Mexico ProtestOriginally posted at American Thinker

In Shakespeare’s iconic love story Romeo and Juliet, Romeo’s friend Mercutio died after becoming an innocent victim of the feud between the Montague and Capulet families. Dying from a fatal wound, Mercutio declared, “I am hurt. A plague o’ both your houses!”

After enduring five years of Barack Obama and after watching and waiting in vain for the Republican Party to save America from ending up like Mercutio, “A plague o’ both your houses!” is an increasingly common sentiment for the two warring political parties presently holding the rest of America captive.

As Democrats offer up the nation as ransom in order to establish a lasting political power base and Republicans clumsily fumble around attempting to be all things to all people, the nation is being invaded by DREAMers whose vision for America is quite different from the one that Americans had hoped to pass on to future generations.

And as Eric Cantor, John Boehner, and Marco Rubio pass Barack Obama the bullets he needs to load the illegal immigration gun he’s got pressed to America’s temple, a 13-year-old girl was being gang-raped by a band of illegal aliens in Texas.  That’s right, 10 or more illegal aliens — part of the millions of illegals Obama and a battalion of immigration reformers want to make citizens of this once-great nation — cheered each other on while filming a little girl being repeatedly raped by a gang of criminals who had no right to be in this country in the first place.

According to police, the girl ran away from a group home and was picked up by three Latino men and driven to an apartment complex in Austin, Texas, where for hours she was raped by brutes who applauded themselves and each other while taking turns violating her and filming the offense for posterity using cell phones, possibly even “Obama phones.”

Two of the beasts that participated in the further psychological destruction of an already disturbed youngster, Juan Lozano Ortega, 25, and Edgar Gerardo Guzman Perez, 26, were picked up and have been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child.

There is a simple lesson here:  When standards for criminality are relaxed for one reason or another, the fear of recrimination for other criminal acts is further decreased, putting everyone in danger.  The problem is that there are 11-30 million illegals in this country, and we don’t really know for sure who these people are, what they are capable of, or what type of unacceptable behavior they believe to be acceptable.

Ortega and Perez are both currently being held in the Travis County Jail on immigration detainers, which are defined as “a tool used by ICE and other Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials to identify potentially deportable individuals who are housed in jails or prisons nationwide.”

The fact all illegal aliens, including the millions deemed harmless and hardworking, are considered merely “potentially deportable” is precisely the reason this young girl was ravaged by this roving pack of fiends.

Not to worry, though — thus far the other rapists are probably somewhere in Texas peacefully DREAM-acting, occupying limited seating in an Emergency Room, or busily doing all those jobs Americans won’t do.

As Barack Obama refuses to take no-to-amnesty for an answer, on one end of the illegal immigration spectrum food stamp recipients are sending groceries to family in foreign countries.  On the other end, children are being gang-raped and American citizens murdered.  Meanwhile, Republicans are talking about extending “basic fairness” to individuals who are in this country illegally.

America is also being transported to an unrecognizable place, and the nation is being pillaged by a band of politicians who, in a quest for power, are participating in a gang-rape of America for their own selfish gratification.

In the process, amnesty-obsessed Democrats will continue to force 30 million illegals down America’s throat, some of whom, in addition to raping the system, are more than comfortable raping our daughters.  Meanwhile, the anemic Republican Party’s calls for compassion and promises of “common sense solutions” deliver neither compassion nor solutions to citizens being victimized by politicians who are basically aiding and abetting a massive invasion.

In Austin, in the early morning hours after the little girl was abused and used up by a posse of hoodlums who satiated themselves at her expense, she was driven by men (perhaps without driver’s licenses?) to a nearby neighborhood and told to “find somewhere to go.”  Isn’t that ironic, trespassers who shouldn’t be in this country, let alone this girl’s neighborhood, after raping her told her to “find somewhere to go?”

Subsequently she made her way to a nearby hospital and submitted to an examination which, based on her injuries, corroborated her story. As politicians in Washington were busy advancing America’s desecration, scarred and traumatized with her life changed forever, the girl ultimately made it home.

Sadly, when America attempts to crawl home there will be no recognizable home to return to.  The harsh truth is that if the Republicans and Democrats have their way, America, just like the tragic Mercutio who said, “Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man,” will be relegated to history’s graveyard.  So a dying Shakespearean character’s final words, “[a] plague o’ both your houses!” is a fitting wish to be visited on the two political houses cheering each other on during the ongoing rape of America.

Michelle Obama Substitutes Eye Rolling for Politics

barack-michelle-obama-boehner-luncheon-reuters_uni_1358812239Originally posted on American Thinker

On Inauguration Day there was lots of talk about laying aside partisan differences and coming together as a nation.  However, during the inaugural luncheon Michelle Obama’s body language indicated that if she has anything to say about it over the next four years, laying aside and coming together will include rolling her eyes.

The day started with Obamacare advocate/Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts swearing in Barack Obama, a man who vowed to defend a Constitution he’s in the process of dismantling, and did it with his hand on a Bible the president mocks Christians for clinging to.

Besides paying homage to a large activist government, the President delivered a speech short on specifics that defined “our journey [as] not complete until” liberty is defined his way and the “precise path to happiness” takes America in the direction he wants us to go.

Then the President ‘laid aside’ and ‘came together’ by accusing political adversaries who were genuinely wishing him well of being those who trade “absolutism for principle…substitute spectacle for politics…[and] treat name-calling as reasoned debate.”

After the swearing-in ceremony the President and his entourage attended a ceremonial luncheon hosted by the Congress.  The midday event featured comments from people like New York Democratic Senator/shameless opportunist Chuck Schumer as well as Nancy Pelosi who, if she had worn a hat with a celery-green feather, could have easily passed for a Bloody Mary.

Part of the ceremony included freshly-tanned Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner presenting the Capitol flags to the President and Vice President Joe Biden.  Laying aside differences and coming together for the day, Boehner closed his remarks by graciously wishing the President, as he commences with finishing the fiasco he started, “Congratulations and God speed.”

It was during the luncheon, while gorging on a sumptuous 3,000 calorie feast that included lobster, bison and apple pie, the newly-coifed healthy food advocate Michelle Obama revealed how she, as first lady, lays aside differences and comes together with political foes.

With her leftist husband sitting on her right and the right-leaning Speaker of the House sitting on her left, as John Boehner leaned in to tell the President a joke Mrs. Obama turned away, exuding an unattractive level of palpable derision by shaking her head and rolling her eyes.  That’s right, acting more like Sasha and Malia than the first lady of the United States, Michelle actually rolled her eyes.


As a friendly John Boehner chatted up the President, Michelle ignored him and kept right on eating as if he wasn’t there.  At one point, while John was speaking, the first lady peeked out from under her new bangs, looked at him out of the corner of her eye, and made a face that dismissed as silly whatever it was the Speaker was saying.

Boehner kept talking to Barack and at one point lifted his hand to make a point. To shield herself from being grazed by his hand, in a move that would give body language expert Tonya Reiman plenty to analyze Michelle turned her shoulder and elbow toward the Speaker.

Then, void of any hint of subtly, while chewing a mouth full of food, the first lady shot Boehner a disgusted look, rolled her eyes, turned forward and shook her head disapprovingly.

Sitting to her right, unaware of what was going on, the president was doing something weird to his nose that looked as if he was in dire need of a 57th inaugural monogrammed handkerchief.

So there it is.  During the inauguration, barely a mention of our national debt, the President laid aside differences and came together by rebuking Republicans for thwarting the journey toward big government, clean energy, gay marriage, amnesty for illegals, extended entitlements, and engagement with international tyrants.

In support of that progressive agenda, after laying aside differences and coming together, Michelle Obama rolled her eyes at the man who represents the party that she believes “mistakes absolutism for principle… substitutes spectacle for politics…[and] treats name-calling as reasoned debate” – things that neither Barack nor eye-roller Michelle would ever think of doing.

Outsmarting a Chicago Smarty at His Own Game

Originally posted at American Thinker

It’s a week since the 2012 election, and personally, I’m totally disoriented.  I mistook Friday for Wednesday; I live on an island destroyed by hurricane Sandy; and my overall mood borders on despondent.  For me, anyway, it’s depressing that left-wing academes, women in vagina suits, illegal aliens, liberal progressives, 85% of all Muslims living in America, and Hugo Chávez, Vladimir Putin, Fidel Castro, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are all equally ecstatic about the re-election of Barack Obama.

While disconcerting to most, those types of accolades have not been wasted on the president.  He has mistaken a non-mandate for a mandate and is wasting zero time frenetically fast-tracking policies guaranteed to further limit the constitutional freedoms of every American, including those who were twirling around like Deadheads after the November 6 election was called.

And even though the Republicans retained control of the House, in the bleakness and disappointment that remains, there seems to be little hope left for those who thought the election would turn out differently.

The truth is that while the last vestiges of freedom hinge directly on state representatives who attest to conservative principles, hearing Barry’s favorite golf partner John Boehner saying that ObamaCare is now “the law of the land” has made many, including myself, want to throw ourselves off that “fiscal cliff” that’s currently the topic of alarmed discussion.

On the day following the election, Speaker Boehner politely acquiesced to the effect that the people’s choice indicates that indeed this is Barack Obama’s “moment.”  However, Boehner did maintain that while he’s committed to assisting the president in reining in entitlement programs and is anxious to support serious spending cuts, Congress is not open to punishing small business owners — i.e., “the rich” — with tax increases.

Sorry, but John Boehner feigning bravado coupled with Barack Obama’s self-assured swaggering has only added to the pervading depression that has gripped half the country.  What America is currently being subjected to by Barack Obama is the same “I won” attitude he had in 2009 when he proposed and implemented his failed $787-billion stimulus package.

Nonetheless, John Boehner has encouraged the president to take the lead.  Yet for the sake of the future of America, at this juncture, John is the one who should be doing the leading.

Instead of immediately extending an olive branch, what the speaker of the House should recognize is that he’s the one who holds the power when it comes to everything the cocksure Obama believes he now controls.  If Mr. Boehner spent more time paying attention and less time at the tanning salon, he might realize that the key to hamstringing Barack Obama’s goals is to outsmart a Chicago smarty at his own game.

How?  Well, before election week ended, the retired four-star general/civilian CIA director General David Petraeus admitted to an extramarital affair and promptly stepped down.  Petraeus’s shocking resignation took place one week prior to being compelled to testify before Congress about the seven-hour terrorist attack on the Libyan consulate in Benghazi that took the lives of four Americans on the anniversary of September 11.

As a group, most Obama voters have proven to be generally oblivious to the more serious issues facing America’s future.  Perhaps David Petraeus’s suspiciously timed resignation will be the thing that finally captures the attention of those who, thus far, have been more concerned with Big Bird and birth control than an American ambassador being raped, tortured, and killed.

Therefore, instead of allowing the haughty Barack Obama to continue calling the shots, House Republicans could use General Petraeus’s resignation as a catalyst to wrest control from the president and place it back into the hands of the American people.

To do so, it would be necessary for congressional Republicans to muster up the temerity to use the Benghazi cover-up as clout; then, once they’re hit in the paycheck, even those who supported the foolishly reelected Two-Term Terminator will be demanding answers about what went down in Libya.

In lieu of Petraeus’s testimony, the first step would be for Republicans to promptly petition the White House to hand over all correspondence relating to the Benghazi event.  John Boehner could then demand pertinent evidence including e-mails and videos from the Situation Room, from which place the terrorist attack was taped as it unfolded in real time.  If Barack Obama and his minions choose to continue to stonewall, the speaker will be justified in countering the president’s refusal by publicly refusing to comply with budgetary negotiations, including discussions about tax cuts, rates, and revenue.

If Mr. Boehner manages to effectively utilize the incident in Benghazi for political leverage and the nation subsequently careens forward over the “fiscal cliff,” the president can then be held accountable.  Moreover, Boehner will at least have a fighting chance to make the argument that the nation’s economic woes are a result of the White House refusing to come clean.

In other words, if, on behalf of the American people, Republicans in Congress suck it up and grasp the optimal set of circumstances currently before them, then, caught between a “fiscal cliff” and Benghazi, Barack Obama will be the one doing the surrendering, not the other way around.

Tea Party Terrorists and other Patriots

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Starting any conversation with “it’s not ideal” is a lead-in as disingenuous as the breakup line “It’s not you, it’s me” — both excuses are a pusillanimous way to look better by candy-coating the truth.  Yet that is exactly how Republicans in Congress — save a gang of 21 Congressmen and one woman who refused to submit to the President’s pressure — verbalized the imperfections of a debt deal that they claim to have made for the benefit of the nation.

After deciding to vote for a disappointing deal, riddled with guilt and refusing to make eye contact with the camera, Republicans explained the decision by commencing with rueful disclaimers.  From Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) to Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) and right on through to Eric Cantor (R-Virginia), each one halfheartedly defended a bill that raises the debt ceiling, authorizes trillions in new debt, and while lowering discretionary spending stands to potentially leave the government $20 trillion in debt by the end of the decade.

Gone were the vibrant passion and firm indignation of a week earlier, when John Boehner and his caucus acted as if they had an actual backbone.  Cowed by Obama’s threats of default, starving seniors, and a government shutdown, the champions morphed into cowards and then offered the lame analogy that “the way Washington spends taxpayer dollars is a lot like redirecting or turning an aircraft carrier.”

Rather than disembark from a doomed jetliner headed south, Republicans en masse agreed to give Captain Barack Obama trillions more in Monopoly money and put him in a perfect position to do what he does best:  Place the blame elsewhere after the crash.

After resigning themselves to proudly voting “Yes,” Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison felt compelled to explain the rationale behind Republicans settling for removing a pinky toe from a gangrenous leg and calling it “better than nothing.” Kay Bailey Hutchinson said:

This is the best agreement we could have hoped for now, with Republicans in control of just the House of Representatives, and Democrats still controlling the Senate and White House. The agreement takes a series of small but significant steps in the right direction, which is better than big steps in the wrong direction.

Clearly, there remains a large group of Republicans in Washington DC who still don’t know which direction is the  “right direction” and apparently fail to comprehend that small steps deliver the same end if heading over a cliff — only at a more leisurely pace.

The only Republican caucus able to remain faithful to the constituency that placed them in power during the last election was comprised of 22 congresspersons all of which align themselves with the Tea Party movement.

The Tea Party is a grassroots group of Americans from all political viewpoints, economic classes and income groups who believe in strict Constitutional principles, smaller government, less taxes, American sovereignty, and a balanced budget.  The political faction is so committed to the idea of rescuing America from the clutches of the likes of Barack Obama that they managed to incite a groundswell of support during the 2010 election season.  In turn, America was partially freed from the Democrats’ grip by an army of newly elected Republican/Tea Party favorites sent to Washington DC to slow President Obama’s liberal goose-stepping march toward European socialism.

Nonetheless, thanks to the left, an occasional RINO or two, and the media all working in tandem, the Tea Party is viewed as an assemblage of fringe-element radicals — unreasonable fanatics whose goal during the debt debate was to use difficult demands to spoil a bipartisan negotiation process that would otherwise be abounding in convivial compromise and cordial conciliation.

Middle-grounder, Senator John McCain (who looks a little like Gollum himself) called the Tea Party activists, refusing to compromise, “hobbits. ” McCain accused Tea Partiers of undermining the debt debate process by insisting that Republicans do what every Democrat, including the one leading the current charge to raise the debt limit, Barack Obama, did when G. W. Bush wanted to do the same thing, which was to vote against it.

In addition to Senator McCain’s insightful comments, Vice President Joe Biden provided his usual lucidity, calling Tea Partiers “terrorists,” and in so doing likely felt he was assisting the Department of Homeland Security while simultaneously providing clarity for moderates who have hungered for someone to blame for keeping the nation divided.

What Joe didn’t realize is that by saying the Tea Party is “acting like terrorists,” he misidentified a surviving faction of patriots who menace Democrats merely because they thwart the left’s plan to create a bankrupt, Godless, demoralized America void of liberty and burdened with bureaucratic bondage.

In the end, because of an anemic dedication to what they claim to profess, Republicans helped implement a compromise Obama’s big spending White House is lauding as a “bipartisan deal that is ‘A Win for the Economy and Budget Discipline’,” which explains the apologetic attempt to defend caving under pressure.

In essence, for lack of a better plan, rather than dump the proposal into the proverbial harbor, faint-hearted Republicans requested surplus tea served with a spritz of lemon and lots of sugar.  Instead of joining Congressional representatives who have no problem being identified with an earlier group of Tea Party “terrorists” who refused to give in to the oppression of a king who lived to regret the words, “The colonies must either submit or triumph,” John Boehner and his conciliatory caucus of congressional cowards rejected Tea Party anti-tyrannical terror and submitted.

“Big Deal” Barack Breaks it Down

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

Based on Barack Obama’s comments on the debt discussion breakdown, it’s clear that the President placed blame for the impasse squarely on the shoulders of John Boehner and the Republicans. At his testy post-debt negotiation press conference, “Big Deal” Barack conveniently forgot to mention that the impetus for John Boehner “walking away” from the negotiation table was the President’s insistence on fewer spending cuts and the $400 billion tax revenue surprise he foisted on an already strained process.

Who better than Barack Obama knows that “when it comes to actually doing something difficult folks do sometimes walk away?” In a spoiled, childish fit of anger, Obama has rudely pushed away from a table or two himself, stood up, and without explanation “walked away.”  The President did it with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, and he did it again recently in the midst of heated debt-limit talks with Eric Cantor (R-VA), one of a few governmental grooms he has accused of “leaving [him] at the altar.”

Throughout most of his press conference, an undignified President pointed his finger at Republicans and blamed everyone but himself for the current stalemate, saying “I’m not interested in finger-pointing and I’m not interested in blame, but I just want the facts to speak for themselves.”

In case Americans haven’t noticed, the nation is presently being led by a reckless individual who excels in political posturing while saying things like, “I think [Americans are] fed up with political posturing and an inability for politicians to take responsible action as opposed to dodging their responsibilities.”

The President’s obvious lack of self-awareness, coupled with his immense capacity for self-delusion, must be the reason he doesn’t recognize that saying the House of Representatives’ “inability…to arrive at any kind of a position” is based on refusal to compromise “any of their ideological preferences,” is actually an accurate description of himself.

As the rancor drags on, it’s hard to find anyone, regardless of political persuasion, who would disagree that the debt crisis is serious.  However, what is even more troubling is having a President who refuses to recognize his own culpability for an already-stressed economy being further burdened by the added weight of healthcare reform, not to mention his stubborn determination to move the nation toward a European-style socialist system.

Typically, whenever the President doesn’t get his way, he shifts into irritated victimhood mode. During the self-exalting, adversarial attempt to pass blame, Obama implied the reason for the impasse hinged on Boehner caring more about partisanship and political posturing than the well-being of the nation, which was a strange accusation coming from a proud “progressive” ideologue like Barack Obama, whose “partisan” wouldn’t recognize a “bi” if it tripped over one.

Wait! In fairness to the President, although his comments did include 93 instances of “I,” he did cite Ronald Reagan twice, which could be considered a form of bipartisanship.  In addition to referring to a conservative icon, Barack Obama also boasted of personal “consistency” which, granted, he does exhibit when it comes to self-praise, perseverance on raising taxes, and spending money the nation doesn’t have.

Nonetheless, during the press conference an angry President peppered his Republicans-never-say-‘yes’-to-anything comments with standard class warfare allusions. Obama intimated that Boehner and Co. favor corporate jet owners and oil and gas companies, and go easy on prosperous individuals “making millions or billions of dollars,” like himself.  Always sensitive to struggling unemployed Americans, Obama took another opportunity to remind the nation that he’s “done extremely well and can afford to do a little bit more,” but curiously still hasn’t.

Obama’s crotchety podium manner abounded with descriptions of seniors “being deprived of meals, Social Security and Medicare.” The President painted images of poor children rushing toward the entrances of emergency rooms for lack of Medicaid, disabled Americans “hanging by a thread,” people “thrown off the health care rolls,” and a future where only the children of corporate jet owners get to go to college

It doesn’t stop there; the press conference doubled as a quasi-stump speech. The President – who has taken no breaks in campaigning since 2007 and has scheduled his combination- 50th birthday celebration/$30,400 a ticket campaign fundraiser for the day after the nation officially runs out of cash – began by accusing the Republicans of not agreeing to his demand to raise taxes as “[a] campaign ploy going into the next election.”

The President even brought up talk radio and blamed the Tea Party for not wanting the debt ceiling raised, and for being at the root of Republicans being “stirred up” and drawing  “sharp ideological lines” that have made the deadlock impossible to break.

Obama said, “I mean, the American people are just desperate for folks who are willing to put aside politics just for a minute and try to get some stuff done.” Does Barack Obama believe that “moving goal posts,” crossed arms, pouts, immature vitriol, edicts to “get here at 11:00 am,” and refusing to go easy on an already-unstable economy and job market are also in the “stuff done” category?

Whenever boxed into a corner the President never fails to use the buzzword “fairness,” which suggests that everyone is unfair other than the benevolent Sheriff of Fairville, Barack Obama – America’s generous dispenser of limitless entitlements.

So adept at manipulation is Obama, that when he said “The hard part is actually dealing with the underlying debt and deficits, and doing it in a way that’s fair. That’s all the American people are looking for — some fairness,” the implication was that America still sees Obama-style “fairness” as the answer to the problem.

Based on his remarks, Obama must want the nation to believe he spends a large part of his day reading mail from fair-minded Americans, who believe “neither party is blameless,” and who want a just President like him to solve the debt/deficit problem without “balanc[ing] the budget on the backs of seniors.”

The President’s comments at his post-debt-negotiation-breakdown press conference imply that he perceives himself to be that “somebody” the nation is “looking for…to look out for them.”

Bordering on deluded, the President, who must assume that “leading” is what he’s doing, challenged Republicans by saying that “at some point, I think if you want to be a leader, then you got to lead.” Happy to rise to Obama’s challenge, Congressional leaders did just that, and did so by choosing to exclude Obama from post-press conference debt negotiation talks. Boehner and McConnell summoned a clueless Pelosi and a “very angry” Reid in an attempt to solve the debt crisis without “Big Deal” Barack who, instead of leading, points fingers, pouts and projects onto others his own pugnacious behavior.

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