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‘Handsy’ Joe Biden on non-consensual sexual contact

196164_5_Originally posted at American Thinker

Unfortunately, at this year’s 88th Academy Awards show, Bill Clinton was unavailable to make a public service appearance on behalf of problems associated with non-consensual sex.

Instead, Vice President Joe Biden took time off from groping women and smooching little girls so that he, Lady Gaga, and a horde of millennials with Magic Marker scribbled on their forearms could raise awareness concerning the problem of campus rape.

Joe and wife Jill followed Best Actor/green campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio’s lead and burned up tons of jet fuel flying to California.  Upon arrival, the vice president spent hours listening to liberals accuse Americans of everything from discrimination in Girl Scouts cookie sales to anti-LGBT bias to police brutality.

Near the start of the festivities, a guy with a really weird hairdo named The Weekend performed the salacious tune “Earned It,” from Fifty Shades of Grey, a movie that glorified sadomasochism and sexual control.

Two hours later, prior to Gaga angrily growling out “Til It Happens to You,” the tune nominated for the best original song from the campus rape documentary The Hunting Ground, Joe Biden informed the adoring audience that “too many women and men … are still victims of sexual abuse.”

And who better to speak on the subject than a touchy-feely kind of guy with hands-on knowledge?

Let’s face it: Joe Biden has never been known to squander an opportunity to grope, fondle, squeeze, and lovingly caress women who, when he does it, seem uncomfortable with receiving his unsolicited affection.

And while kneading various women’s necks is not considered “rape,” Joe infamously participates in a type the type of sleazy conduct that, if he weren’t vice president of the United States, most women would never tolerate.

Nonetheless, “Handsy” Joe still encouraged the audience to “[t]ake the pledge – a pledge that says, ‘I will intervene in situations where consent cannot or has not been given.’”  What the man with the wandering hands forgot to mention was that on more than one occasion, he’s touched women when “consent … had not been given.”

Despite his personal shortcomings, Joe Biden asked America to pledge to stop individuals like himself from sniffing the hair, and blowing hot breath into the ears of individuals who, while Joe is getting his jollies, appear to be visibly anxious and desirous to be released from his grip.

Take for instance Joe nuzzling Ashton Carter’s wife Stephanie at the secretary of defense’s swearing in.  During that episode, the woman didn’t utter one word, but, for a few seconds there, Mrs. Carter eyes were pleading with the new defense secretary to liberate her from Joe’s clasp.

Notwithstanding Mr. Biden’s powerlessness to keep his hands to himself, the vice president must have felt he was qualified to exhort 34 million people to change the culture so that abuse survivors never have to ask themselves the question: “What did I do?’”

Does Joe mean “survivors” like The Hill’s Senior White House correspondent Amie Parnes, the woman whom Joe, at a 2013 Christmas party, playfully hugged from behind while placing his arms in close proximity to her breasts?

Either way, Joe Biden can now congratulate himself for taking time out of his schedule to reassure the women who’ve been on the receiving end of his manhandling that they need not worry, because they “did nothing wrong” to deserve his inappropriate treatment.

And so, on a show honoring those who pretend for a living, it was apropos for Biden to get a standing ovation, because, knowing Joe, it’s likely he still managed to cop a feel at an after-party.

Joe Biden Cops a Holly Jolly Feel

Joe Biden

Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Joe Biden is at it again! Recently, while taking a photo in front of a Christmas tree and probably after dipping his ladle into the spiked egg nog one too many times, the randy VP put the squeeze on yet another poor defenseless woman.

As luck would have it, like The Letch who Copped a Feel for Christmas, Joe found himself flush up against a young female reporter in a holiday ‘grope’ photo.

Joe must have felt that in lieu of a grab bag, he’d get his holiday goodies by trapping The Hill’s White House Correspondent/Democrat Michelle Obama flack Amie Parnes with a firm grip uncomfortably positioned right below Parnes’ girls.

All in the spirit of innocent good cheer of course, Biden clutched Parnes from behind with his huge, leering grin. Joe then forced the clearly uncomfortable reporter to try to control his wandering hands from inching up from her tummy to her breasts, which is where his lecherous paws appeared to be ‘accidentally’ migrating.

Joe is so good at fumbling for a feel that he’s clever enough to get his jollies in front of the woman’s male companion and oftentimes while standing arm’s length from a clueless Mrs. Biden.

The vice president seems to be immune from criticism, because when he’s not in a boozy state of Christmas cheer, Joe Biden passionately speaks out on behalf of ending rape and sexual violence.

Back in 2011, at the University of New Hampshire, hands-off Biden told male students this:

Look guys – all you guys in the audience – no matter what a girl does, no matter how she’s dressed, no matter how much she’s had to drink – it’s never, never, never, never, never okay to touch her without her consent. This doesn’t make you a man – it makes you a coward. A flat-out coward.

The problem is that Joe doesn’t take his own advice.

In his case it doesn’t matter what he does or how much he’s had to drink, it’s always okay to rub himself against a woman without her consent. And from the looks of things, Joe couldn’t care less how the woman is dressed when he does it.

Joe catches the ladies off-guard, swoops in for a quick feel in such a way that it could easily be interpreted as over-exuberance and affectionate warmth.

That’s what happened to Maine Senator Angus King’s wife, Mary Herman, at a White House ceremonial swearing-in.  Right in front of the woman’s husband, the Veep refused to release Herman from his  grip while she uncomfortably giggled and struggled to break free.

Another time, while on the campaign trail, Joe certainly behaved as if he had been sipping from his flask before stopping in at a diner in Seaman, Ohio, where he was photographed with a female biker perched on what appeared to be his lap. Excluding the two visibly displeased male bikers to his right and his left, Joe leaned in, hands on the female biker’s shoulders, looking like he was whispering off-color jokes in her ear.

Afterwards back out on the campaign trail, it was reported that Joe swooped in and kissed a less-than-glamorous woman on the lips, proving good ole’ Joe isn’t a man that hurts a girl’s feelings by discriminating against a woman based on her age or looks.

Here’s the problem; a six-year-old boy was recently accused of sexual harassment, but an oversexed, over-the-hill pervert ambushes and fondles women and liberals say nothing?

Thus, liberal double standards rear their predictable head.

And here’s the message: despite bad hair plugs and too much Botox, if a sexual harasser is a powerful Democrat and he’s got a high NARAL score, pro-choice females will gladly endure being felt up.

Even if the Vice President takes things way too far, as long as he assures his victim that after he’s done having his way with them they can always have an abortion if necessary, then Joe Biden is free to fondle any liberal woman he can get his mitts on!

Prez and VP’s Prayerful Handholding Session

prayerOriginally posted at Clash Daily

Some may find it heartwarming, others may find it disturbing, and still others might find it downright weird! The oddity in question is the picture, tweeted out by White House reporter Pete Souza, featuring the abortion-supporting Roman Catholic Vice President Joe Biden and Barack Obama, the crucifix-covering Commander-in-Chief, grasping each other’s hand in prayer.

The president and his main squeeze … er, I mean main sidekick, Joe Robinette Biden, Jr., gathered together with other faith leaders to discuss how to go about foisting thirty million gate-crashing interlopers on the American people.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama joined in circle time to beseech the Lord (whose name Obama chose to delete from his snippet of the video for 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address on YouTube).

The heartwarming moment took place while asking an unnamed higher power for blessings and direction on how to go about finding a way to allow criminals who broke the law to remain in America.

Marion Robinson, Mr. Obama’s mother-in-law, who allegedly is a woman of faith herself, was not in attendance, nor was her headless chicken. Neither was Mrs. Obama, whose newest Scriptural-style mantra on behalf of rescuing Obamacare is “there but for the grace of God go I.” Going forward, at least for a season, it looks like out of context New Testament Bible verses will be replacing Michelle’s usual “give up their piece of pie” Marxist gobbledygook.

The two men, although lacking that feminine touch, seemed fully aware that divine intervention would be needed to convince the uncooperative American public who pay their salaries to submit to an illegal invasion. Which may be why the meeting ended in prayer and supplication.

Anyhow, unbeknownst to the contemplative duo, while Joe and Barry held hands with heads bowed, Souza zoomed in and snapped a close up of the men clinging tightly to each other while agreeing in prayer.

The result was a historic record of two great leaders, unabashed in their devotion to God. America’s momentous half-black Muslim-raised president Barack Obama and Joe the Irish-Catholic guy with the bad hair plugs simultaneously displaying affection for each other while humbling themselves before the Almighty in the name of comprehensive immigration reform.

Pelosi and Biden Eat and Drink Judgment

20130320-104619Over the years, newly installed Pope Francis has been a staunch defender of life.  When the Pope was just Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he spoke clearly and without hesitation that “abortion is never a solution.”

Bergoglio’s view is that abortion is a “death sentence” for the unborn.  In 2007, during the presentation of the Aparecida Document, a “joint statement of the bishops of Latin America,” Bergoglio said about communion and abortion that “Eucharistic coherence” was something that should be adhered to.

At that time the Pope said this:

People cannot receive Holy Communion and at the same time act or speak against the commandments, in particular when abortion, euthanasia, and other serious crimes against life and family are facilitated. This responsibility applies particularly to legislators, governors, and health professionals.

In other words, politicians and healthcare providers who are Catholic cannot support anti-life policies and then throw on a mantilla and strut up to the altar to receive communion, in defiance of both God and church teachings.

Read the rest of the article on The Blacksphere

Joe Biden, ‘Practicing Catholic’

Originally posted at American Thinker

Amid all the smirking, chortling, and “give me a break, kid” sniggering that ill-mannered Joe Biden exhibited at the 2012 vice presidential debate, when he piously explained his stance on abortion, he exposed in totality the hypocrisy of liberal thinking.

Toward the end of the debate, Biden’s friend and one time houseguest, moderator Martha Raddatz, posed the following question to the candidates: “We have two Catholic candidates … [a]nd I would like to ask you both to tell me what role your religion has played in your own personal views on abortion[.]”

After Paul Ryan expressed how personal faith impacts his pro-life views, Joe Biden sobered up for a second and said, “My religion defines who I am, and I’ve been a practicing Catholic my whole life.”

Like many liberals, whether it’s a game of constitutional Twister or flexible religious creed, Joe fashions his faith to accommodate his personal beliefs.  Therefore, the vice president and the enthusiastically pro-abortion Barack Obama both feel comfortable calling themselves Christian.

Mr. Biden identifies with Roman Catholicism but doesn’t let that identity get in the way of his support of policy that directly contradicts church teaching on the sanctity of life.  Joe may believe he’s been “practicing” Catholicism his whole life, but he’d better keep those training wheels on his theological bicycle.

Echoing fellow Catholic Nancy Pelosi, Joe told Martha that except when it comes to the legally sanctioned death of innocent human beings, Catholicism has “particularly informed [his] social doctrine.”

According to Joe, “[t]he Catholic social doctrine talks about taking care of those who-who can’t take care of themselves, people who need help,” which Biden agrees with except when he’s approving of brutally dismantling helpless innocents “who can’t take care of themselves.”

But isn’t that what liberals do?  Quote Scripture and fund Planned Parenthood?  Talk about caring for the “least of these” and then lobby for dilation and curettage?  Receive communion and vote “yea” for partial-birth abortion?

After attempting to convince America of his firm commitment to the largest Christian church in the world, Joe Biden repeated twice that, “with regard to abortion,” the church’s position that “life begins at conception” is de fide, or “belonging to the essentials of the faith, by virtue of a papal ruling.”  Happy-go-lucky Joe said he accepts “divinely revealed teaching,” but only in his “personal life.”

In other words, Joe Biden’s liberal form of religion says that in the political realm he can grant himself dispensation to approve of, fund, and justify the murder of the unborn, all of which he claims he shuns when he’s at home or attending Mass.  Sorry, Joe, but Pontius Pilate found out that personal disapproval doesn’t erase the stain of innocent blood from guilty hands.

Biden further extended Christian charity to Raddatz, Ryan, and the Sandra Flukes of the world, as well as to “equally devout Christians, Muslims, and Jews,” whom Joe believes also condone abortion on demand.  Joe Biden explained that as a Christian, he cannot impose his unwavering devotion to Catholic doctrine on others.  However, he is perfectly comfortable with imposing an agonizing death on those whom, if he’d walk in the faith he professes, he could save.

For the entirety of the debate, Joe hid his Roman Catholic “light under a barrel,” especially when, referring to Paul Ryan, he said that “unlike my friend here, the-the congressman, I-I do not believe that we have a right to tell other people that — women they can’t control their body.”

Winding down his touching soliloquy on faith, Joe stressed that when it comes to abortion, “[i]t’s a decision between them and their doctor.  In my view and the Supreme Court, I’m not going to interfere with that[.]”  And Joe Biden is certainly not going to let God or the Catholic Church sway or interfere with that opinion.

In light of Biden’s lopsided philosophy, one can’t help but wonder whether the form of trendy religiosity he professes also believes that Jesus had no right to tell the adulterous woman to go “and sin no more.”  After all, she was a woman, and it was her body.

In the end, Joe Biden can smirk, sneer, and disparage Paul Ryan and his stance on abortion that marries truth, core conviction, and selflessness with personal faith all he wants.  For those who had ears to hear, Biden’s apostate theological view concerning abortion confirmed during the debate that, as Peter said in 2 Peter 3:3, “in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires.”  And those scoffers occupy the pews of the liberal Democratic Party, right alongside “practicing Catholics” like Joe Biden.

‘Deadly Earnest’ Joe Campaigns for Mitt

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

The reason Joe Robinette Biden is sort of endearing is because whenever he tries too hard to relate to the little people, he always tells the unvarnished truth. One Biden supporter, described Joe Biden this way “He’s honest, he’s forthright and he says what’s on his mind.”  That’s for sure.

It was at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina where Joe Biden warned voters that if elected, out-of-touch Mitt Richie Rich Romney would raise taxes on the middle class.  Biden’s reference to tax cuts for the rich drew jeers from the crowd, but in classic Joe Biden style, the Vice President told the hecklers to “stop all the malarkey.”

Then “deadly earnest” Joe explained how higher taxes would be devastating for the middle class after being “buried” for four years under Barack Obama’s economy.

The logic behind that astonishing statement goes something like this:  Obama has “buried” the middle class for four years. So, vote for Barack Obama a second time because being “buried” for eight years is a whole lot better than fixing the economy and putting America back to work.

Prior to making his main point, an animated Joe, pleading man-to-man, emphasized the seriousness of the situation when he said, “This is deadly earnest, man. This is deadly earnest.”

Capturing the attention of 1,000 supporters, Biden, who seems to love saying everything twice or more, asked: “How they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that has been buried the last four years – how in Lord’s name can they justify raising their taxes with these tax cuts?”

Even if it were true that Romney planned to raise taxes, which it is not, after being buried by Mount Vesuvius it’s highly unlikely the citizens of Pompeii would grumble about a tax hike.

Therefore, a better question for Joe to have had asked would have been:  “Hey man, the largest tax increase in history is about to knock out what’s left of the middle-class, why in ‘Lord’s name’ was I sent out here to criticize Mitt Romney?”

Kirsten Kukowski, spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, and Romney/Ryan campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg were quick to agree with Mr. Biden’s unabashed truthfulness.  Amanda said:

Vice President Biden made a stunning admission today and we couldn’t agree more: the middle class has been ‘buried’ under the last four years of this President’s policies. Under President Obama, the middle class has suffered from crushing unemployment, rising prices and falling incomes. They can’t afford to be ‘buried’ for four more years.

In response, a Biden spokesperson was immediately sent out to translate JoeSpeak into English.  The aide explained that what the Vice President was really trying to convey was that regular Americans suffered because of – you guessed it – President George W. Bush’s failed economic policies.

Yet, despite another in a long list of gaffes, there is one redeeming factor for Joe in all of this — a “queasy stomach.” Biden’s plane aborted an attempted landing in North Carolina and nausea may turn out to be the perfect excuse for Mr. Biden’s forthright rectitude.

In the end, what Gotta’ Love Him Joe apparently didn’t realize was that his “the middle class has been buried the last four years” comment provided priceless debate ammunition for Romney.  Therefore, if Obama chooses to relegate “deadly earnest” Biden to a long overdue timeout, maybe Republicans can convince Joe to spend that down time starring in an upcoming Romney/Ryan campaign ad.

Joe Biden Peddles Free Colonoscopies

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Talking up Barack Obama’s commitment to Medicare in Florida, Joe Biden delivered a promise to seniors that he must believe will sew up the Sunshine State for Obama: free colonoscopies.

Although free contraceptives would normally be tantalizing bait for the bridge/billiards/ bingo set, what Sandra Fluke deems important might not cut it for the residents of the Century Village Clubhouse in Boca Raton.  So, remaining in the same anatomical vicinity and speaking from a general area of expertise, Joe reassured seniors that doctors could embark on a tour of their lower intestines for a zero co-pay.

In addition to promising free colonoscopies, full-of-it Joe also offered a “firm testimonial for the president when it comes to his stewardship of the US relationship with Israel.”

Adapting his stump speech to appeal to the religious persuasion of some of his audience, Biden said “Although I was raised by a righteous Christian, my dad, I was raised by an awful lot of folks back home politically who taught me early on, along with my pop, that we have certain special obligations around the world. One of those, one of those, is Israel.”

After mentioning Israel, Joe said, “I’m not going to talk about Israel today.” Then the Vice President, sounding like he might be the one suffering from senile dementia himself, said “I just want to say one thing. I just want to tell you how proud I am, how proud I am to stand shoulder to shoulder with a guy who has done more for Israel’s physical security than any president of the eight I’ve served with.”

Joe should have first asked for a show of hands from those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease prior to declaring: “Everyone knows, everyone in this room knows that President Obama has increased the benefits available to people on Medicare by the action he took.”

Although Obama gutted Medicare to keep Obamacare “deficit neutral,” Mr. Biden stressed that seniors are “[n]ow able to go get a wellness exam.”  What Joe didn’t elaborate on was what Obamacare covers if that wellness exam found them…er, not so well.  Vice President Biden also neglected to explain the President’s view on end-of-life care and whether those exhibiting a “joy of life” would be more likely to get the pacemaker or the pain killer.

Then, the Vice President explained:  “and guys, if you conclude you need a colonoscopy because of the feeling you had or you need a breast health examination, you don’t have to pay a co-pay for that.” The 69-year-old Vice President implying personal knowledge of a “feeling” many seniors have concerning colon health probably introduced a dose of relatable familiarity into an already thrilling event.

Biden went on to hammer Romney/Ryan’s credibility when it comes to issues of Social Security and Medicare and warn how seniors would be negatively affected if the Republican team was elected.

Joe Biden implored: “A lot of you who are my age, you know one of the things we learn is, it’s not just what you say, it’s what you’ve done. And ladies and gentlemen, I’d just ask you, who is likely to be telling you the truth? Someone who’s spent 40 years of his life defending Medicare… or these folks who’ve already demonstrated what they’re prepared to do?”

Bingo Joe! But what about President Obama?  Hasn’t he proven to Americans of all ages that whether it’s healthcare, Medicare cuts, or his dismissive and sometimes contemptuous treatment of the nation of Israel, “it’s not just what you say, it’s what you’ve done?” Therefore, despite a “righteous Christian” like Joe Biden promising free colonoscopies, hopefully, clear-thinking senior citizens already know that what Barack Obama has both said and done is the surest indicator of “who is likely to be telling the truth.”

Buy-a-Brick for Barry

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Republicans are calling it the Buffett Rule Act, but they should have called it the Call-the-Liberals’-Bluff Act.  Democrats and Republicans in the House agreed that wealthy Americans who want to voluntarily pay more taxes to reduce the deficit can “check a box on their taxes and send in a check for more than they owe the IRS.”

Billionaire Obama supporter Warren Buffett was the inspiration for the Buffett Rule tax the Democrats, led by Obama, proposed based on Warren’s statement that he shouldn’t pay a lower tax rate on his gazillions of investment dollars than his secretary Debbie Bosanek, who earns over a quarter-million dollars a year.

According to Forbes magazine, Ms. Bosanek “served as a stage prop for President Obama’s State of the Union speech. She was the president’s chief display of the alleged unfairness of our tax system – a little person paying a higher tax rate than her billionaire boss.”

The President should have spared Debbie the 15 minutes of fame and paid his own secretary, Anita Decker Breckenridge, overtime to attend the State of the Union.  After all, Anita makes $95,000 a year, and like Debbie Bosanek, she also paid a higher tax rate than her famous tax-fairness-obsessed boss.

It was Barack Obama who pushed the “Buffett Rule.”  The goal was to force millionaires to pay at least 30% of their income in taxes.

What the President forgot to mention was that Mr. Buffett’s “investments are taxed at a lower rate than salary or wage income under the theory that they are spurring economic growth, so wealthy investors usually pay less as a percentage, though they end up paying far more in real dollar terms,” which for Democrats is a minor detail.

In response, Republicans led by Steve Scalise (R-LA) crafted the Buffett Rule Act because he and his colleagues felt that the tax code didn’t need to change and that what was needed instead was an efficient vehicle for those desiring to annually contribute more to the government.

Few would argue – especially eager-to-give liberals – that Congressman Scalise came up with a splendid idea:

If Warren Buffett and others like him truly feel they’re not paying enough in taxes, they can use the Buffett Rule Act to put their money where their mouth is and voluntarily send in more to pay down the national debt, rather than changing the entire tax code to inflict more job-killing tax hikes on hard-working Americans.

Scalise’s Buffett Rule Act, which simplifies the process for those willing to pay 50, 60, or even 95% of their income, is perfect for someone like President Obama, who keeps reminding struggling Americans about how well he’s doing and often says he doesn’t need a tax break.  So he can lead the way by giving above and beyond his fair share.

The bill presents endless possibilities for pandering liberals. This may be the opportunity the left has been waiting for.  Just think of all the wealthy Obama supporters who contributed $40K-a-plate to attend Obama 2012 fundraisers.  If he wins the election, to pay down the deficit he ran up, next year power couples like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin can send in the $35,800 each that they spent to attend a campaign fundraiser this year.

Millionaire politicians like Nancy Pelosi could do things like forego a couple of sets of Tahitian pearls for the greater good.

George Clooney, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, border security expert/Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria, Vogue matriarch Anna Wintour, ‘Jay and Bey,’ Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and all the rest of the President’s Hollywood friends can voluntarily forfeit their salaries for awhile and instead of buying a chateau in France, they can check the extra money box on the tax form and send the loot to Washington DC.

The Buffett Rule Act could even inspire a nationwide Buy-A-Brick-for-Barry program where, in honor of Buffett-Rule Barack, Bill Gates, actors like Matt Damon and Will Smith, and horror author Stephen King can buy a brick with the money they’ve been so eager to hand over to the government for years.  Either that, or Tom Hanks and Kanye West can host a Stand Up for Government telethon or perhaps a Live Aid for Bureaucracy benefit concert.

In the meantime, despite the opportunity to act instead of talk, considering the paltry amount of charitable giving liberals are notorious for – like cheapskate Joe Biden’s $369 per year – it’s highly unlikely that any time soon ‘pay down the deficit’ money will come rolling in from the left.


The Whitewashed Sepulchers of Washington, D.C.

Originally posted at American Thinker

Liberal-style designer spirituality is a combination of moral relativism and a hybrid form of pseudo-Christianity.  Pious liberals mix together a dash of New-Ageism, a sprinkle of secular humanism, a bit of out-of-context Scripture, and a large dollop of liberal social policy, all topped with some compassionate acts of look-at-me mercy and, if it fits into their busy schedule, a very slow and public stroll to the local church.

Take Nancy Pelosi, please — I mean, for instance.  Nancy Pelosi, a self-described “ardent practicing Catholic,” is the perfect example of a designer Christian.  This is a woman who purports to be committed to her Catholic faith, but condemns the church she supposedly loves for opposing contraception, abortion, and gay marriage, and for having that pesky “conscience thing.”

Ms. Pelosi expressed her support for gay marriage when she said, “My religion has, compels me — and I love it for it — to be against discrimination of any kind in our country, and I consider [not allowing gays to marry] a form of discrimination. I think it’s unconstitutional on top of that.”

Vice President Joe Robinette Biden is also a “devout” Catholic and “long-standing supporter of Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose.”  Joe said this about gay marriage: “Look, I am vice president of the United States of America. The president sets the policy. I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men marrying women are entitled to the same exact rights.”

Liberal designer religion is the dogma that Barack Obama adheres to.  He, like most on the left, creates his own belief system as he goes along.

In 2008, an “evolving” Barack Obama expressed a favorable view of same-sex unions when he said, “If people find that controversial, then I would just refer them to the Sermon on the Mount, which I think is, in my mind, for my faith, more central than an obscure passage in Romans.”

People like Barack Obama — members of the First Church of Designer Christianity — conveniently overlook Psalm 119, which says that “[t]he sum of Your word is truth, and every one of Your righteous ordinances is everlasting.”

But that’s neither here nor there.  Liberal Democrats who exploit Scripture to justify anti-biblical principles and behavior don’t really take what Jesus said all that seriously; they use Scripture out of context to support a corrupt creed and adapt Bible verses to their way of thinking.  For instance, take the time Barack Obama referenced the name of Christ and then used it as a battering ram to push the point that God wants the federal government to tax the rich.

At the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast, quoting a parable that refers to the level of accountability God demands from those blessed with a greater measure of truth, Barack Obama misapplied Jesus’ words to material wealth when he said, “But for me as a Christian, [taxing the rich] also coincides with Jesus’ teachingthat, ‘for unto whom much is given, much shall be required.'”

So “above his pay grade” Barack Obama, like God, has decided he’ll require much from whomever he pleases.

Barack Obama has proven to be an excellent hearer and outstanding speaker, but a poor doer of God’s Word.  He, and the current party in power, pick and choose from a buffet of beliefs and have cobbled together a reprobate, conviction-free religion designed especially for themselves and their constituents — devoid of core conviction, conscience, and moral integrity.

For example, after lying about economic policy, alluding to gay marriage by mentioning loving whomever you please, and appealing out on the campaign trail to the Sandra Fluke contraception contingency by promoting pro-abortion policies, apparently Barack Obama decided he was about due for a photo op/stroll on over to the local Episcopalian Church.

While attending services at St. John’s Episcopal Church, the president and his family heard a sermon from the 6th chapter of the Gospel of John delivered by Reverend Michael Angell.  In the sermon, the reverend suggested to congregants that they “inwardly digest Christ’s message of self-surrender,” a concept quite alien to the abortion-on-demand platform Barack Obama proudly maintains — 98% of which are performed purely for convenience.

Yet, despite supporting the violent killing of the unborn and the redefinition of traditional marriage, Barack Obama stepped forward to receive “holy communion.”  And while it is impossible to read another person’s heart, it’s best to be aware that partaking of the Lord’s Table is as treacherous an endeavor for an abortion rights advocate as it is for anyone to do in an “unworthy” manner.  But not to worry — designer Christians, be they “gay-affirming” reverends or abortion-advocating laypersons, are all expert at exercising self-absolution.

Abortion- and gay marriage-supporting politicians like Catholics Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and part-time Episcopalian Barack Obama misquote Scripture, turn church attendance into a photo op, and even shamelessly receive communion, falsely believing the whole time that dead men’s bones somehow disappear from whitewashed sepulchers just because a liberal says so.

Liberals’ Illegitimate War on Women

Originally posted at American Thinker

Willingness or unwillingness to prevent or terminate a pregnancy appears to be the sole criterion upon which liberal women judge how well they’re being treated.  It’s stunning that the left actually embraces the idea that taking a stand for life instantly translates into hostility toward, or contention with, the female gender.

The right to abort the unborn is so precious to left-leaning women that they are even willing to overlook the fact that 50% of the fetuses losing their lives in abortion clinics are of the gender they believe Republicans are currently waging war against.  The truth is that it’s pro-choice women who discriminate; they’re fine with liberal men being womanizers, perverts, and adulterers, and if women like Juanita Broderick consider what Bill Clinton did to her a “legitimate rape,” then the men they admire can even be alleged rapists.

But if the offender is a Republican, liberal women react quite differently.  Take for instance the beleaguered Republican congressman from Missouri, Todd Akin, who messed up big time when he attempted to explain his pro-life position by saying that it’s never right to abort a child conceived as a result of a rape.

When asked to explain, Akin fumbled and, in the process, suggested that oftentimes pregnancy does not result from rape.  Asked to elaborate, Akins explained his flawed logic: “It seems to me first of all, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

As a result, the same liberals who refuse to acknowledge the racial undertones in Joe Biden’s “they gon’ put y’all back in chains” remark immediately interpreted “legitimate rape” to mean that Republicans don’t take rape seriously and that the right is truly at war with women.

It’s certainly perplexing how pro-death liberals, all of whom choose to believe the lie that an infant growing in its mother’s womb isn’t a living human being, are now attempting to reinforce the case for their fictional Republican war on women based on one man assuming that the trauma of violent rape could prevent pregnancy.

Scientific verification or not, there’s nothing that gets liberal ire up more than perceived disrespect for the sacrosanct right to choose.  That’s when abortion-loving leftists like Barbara Boxer sprout horns and breathe fire.

Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that at a Planned Parenthood event in California, radical abortion advocate Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) referenced Akin’s “legitimate rape” statement and used it as gotcha fodder to stir up the abortion-obsessed women in attendance, saying, “There is a war against women, and Romney and Ryan — if they are elected — would become its top generals.”

Boxer linking Akin’s poorly thought-out comment to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is as ridiculous as Republicans claiming Joe Biden’s “chains” rant implies that Southern Democrats want to reinstate slavery.

Absurdity doesn’t matter, because even logic couldn’t stop Babs from exploiting Todd Akin’s faux pas and using his misstatement to whip up the girls’ outrage by calling the remark a “direct outgrowth” of the “extreme positions on abortion held by Republicans.”

In Barbara Boxer’s irrational pro-choice world, wanting to save the lives of the innocent is “extreme,” and the desire to add to the 60 million human beings who have already been aborted since 1973 is considered measured “moderation.”

Warming up the crowd in anticipation of the big pro-abortion celebration due to take place in Charlotte, NC, Barbara inserted snarkiness into the discussion when she said, “There is a sickness out there in the Republican Party, and I’m not kidding.”  Barbara Boxer is correct; the extreme “sickness” she’s referring to is called respect for the sanctity of life.

Senator Boxer finished up her down-with-Republicans comments by asking: “Where’s the outrage by Mitt Romney?”  Democrats may not be aware that Republicans are outraged, all right, and have been for decades.  The difference is that, unlike liberals, most Americans disgusted with the ubiquity of violence don’t differentiate, and are just as outraged over the vicious horror of rape as they are the unnecessary savagery of abortion.

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