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Originally posted at The Blacksphere Joe Biden is at it again! Recently, while taking a photo in front of a Christmas tree and probably after dipping his ladle into the spiked egg nog one too many times, the randy VP put the squeeze on yet another poor defenseless woman. As …

Buy Kamagra Online In The Uk

Originally posted at Clash Daily Some may find it heartwarming, others may find it disturbing, and still others might find it downright weird! The oddity in question is the picture, tweeted out by White House reporter Pete Souza, featuring the abortion-supporting Roman Catholic Vice President Joe Biden and Barack Obama, …

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The only explanation is that before eating the bread and drinking from the cup, despite Francis’s opinion, Nancy and Joe deluded themselves into believing that God is prochoice and abortion a perfectly acceptable activity. Either that or the hypocritical twosome couldn’t care less that Almighty God and the Pope disapprove of supporting Planned Parenthood on Saturday morning and then partaking of Holy Communion at Sunday mass.

Us Pharmacy Online Cialis

Talking up Barack Obama’s commitment to Medicare in Florida, Joe Biden delivered a promise to seniors that he must believe will sew up the Sunshine State for Obama: free colonoscopies.