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President Obama’s Exceptionally Productive Week

NoneOriginally posted at American Thinker

In the midst of America grappling with the reality that veterans are safer on the battlefield than on a VA hospital waiting list, on Memorial Day, Barack Obama, lover of all things military, flew to Kabul to surprise our U.S. servicemen and women.

After Obama arrived at the troop rally at Bagram air base, Afghani President Hamid Karzai, who in 2008 pinned a medal on George W. Bush’s chest at the presidential palace in Kabul, sent word that because it was such short notice he would not be meeting with the U.S. president.

Looking spiffy in a brown bomber jacket festooned with American flags, the guy who effectively barred veterans from entering the WWII Memorial during the sequester promised the troops that their well-being was of the utmost concern: “We’re going to stay strong by taking care of our wounded warriors and our veterans. Because helping our wounded warriors and veterans heal isn’t just a promise, it’s a sacred obligation.”

To announce the impromptu drop-in, a press aide with the Obama administration — with exactly the level of competence you would expect — somehow forgot to remove the name of the top CIA operative in Afghanistan from the list of attendees provided to the media, putting the station chief’s life at risk.

So while Obama dazzled our servicemen and women with his awesomeness, his administration simultaneously ‘damaged intelligence operations’ and identified the person working undercover to thwart the Taliban’s plans to resume training al Qaeda.

A few days later Obama shared his vision to withdraw all 9,800 troops from Afghanistan and get those guys and gals home and onto a VA waiting list by the end of 2014, as well as by 2016 drawing down every service member remaining in the soon-to-be Taliban-repossessed country.

And if that weren’t enough action for one week, without notifying Congress and eager to get a soldier with a shady past released, the Obama administration suddenly thought it was a great time to make a ‘share the wealth’ exchange. America got back U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, rumored to have spent five years teaching the Taliban bomb-making techniques and infantry tactics, and the Taliban got back five senior leaders from Guantanamo Bay.

Meanwhile, Iranian/American pastor Saeed Abedini sits in an Iranian prison where he’s being intermittently beaten for wanting to establish a Christian orphanage and Marine Reservist Andrew Tahmooressi remains shackled to a bed in Mexico after making a wrong turn into Tijuana with lawful guns in his truck.

Clearly, in Barack Obama’s “sacred obligation” economy, when it comes to exchanging prisoners, the value of Bowe Bergdahl outweighs the value of two men falsely imprisoned, one a Christian pastor, father, and husband, the other a dedicated veteran of two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

Barack Obama has not yet called Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to appeal for Tahmooressi’s release. That’s likely because the president has been so focused on freeing Taliban terrorists and bringing home a purported Taliban sympathizer that he just can’t spare the time.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. McKeon (R-CA) and ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee James M. Inhofe (R-OK) issued a joint statement pointing out that because of the 5-for-1 trade-off, “Our terrorist adversaries now have a strong incentive to capture Americans. That incentive will put our forces in Afghanistan and around the world at even greater risk.”

Oh well!

Then, to add still more intrigue to the week of exciting events, Robert Bergdahl, Bowe’s dad, who enjoys passing along pro-Taliban anti-American “invader” tweets for Taliban spokesperson Abdulqahar Balkhi and whose Twitter feed is an odd mix of anti-American and anti-war sentiments, Bible verses, strange quotes, and hippie-dippy tree-hugging weirdness, took it upon himself to celebrate his son’s release by sending a Tweet to the spokesman for his son’s captors.

The Tweet read: “@ABalkhi I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners. God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, Ameen [sic].” The Tweet was quickly deleted, but not before being captured on the Twitchy feed.

Bergdahl the elder’s correspondence with the Taliban’s spokesperson certainly coincides with Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s alleged sentiments prior to his ‘capture.’ According to emails quoted in Rolling Stone magazine, Bowe told his parents he was “ashamed to even be American,” and that he was disgusted with the U.S. mission in Afghanistan and with the Army.

And all this drama happened the very same week Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki stepped down and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney decided to pass the baton to a more energetic lackey.

So there goes Obama, breaking the law — again — by refusing to give Congress the required 30-day notice before rescuing the soldier son of a man who appears to be Taliban-sympathetic — a soldier son who said, “The horror that is America is disgusting” and dreamt of walking to Pakistan.

To wrap up this extremely productive week, Barack Obama managed to see to it that America-hating Bowe Bergdahl was exchanged for some of the most dangerous Taliban commanders in U.S. custody. Thanks to the president, the Gitmo Five are now free to make their way west, where they can board a Greyhound bus from Mexico to Arizona, illegally join the U.S. military, or even make history next September 11th.

Barack “Misinformation” Obama’s Mathematical Meeting

Oimage-300x157Originally posted at The Blacksphere

It was already common knowledge that the President, after visiting “57 states with one left to go,” not counting Hawaii and Alaska, was no whiz kid when it comes to geography.

Either that, or while campaigning in Oregon he was still occasionally riding the Choom wagon.

Since then, the president has made what some would consider even more glaring howlers. Take for instance the time in Kansas City, Missouri, when, via satellite, “global citizen” Barack Obama said “I’m …with the Girardo family here in St. Louis.”

And then there was that time he introduced Navy corpsman Christian Brossard as a “corpse-man,” and pointed out that the U.S. built the “Intercontinental Railroad.”

Despite priding himself on being the king of rhetorical communication, prior to the enactment of his signature legislation, Obama promised that healthcare reform would bring “greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system.”

Well, he certainly has delivered on the “inefficiencies” part.

Now, in addition to geography and vocabulary, it looks like arithmetic may also pose a challenge to the president.

It started when Obama mistook 12 people killed by a Kansas tornado for 10,000. That time he was off by 9,988.

More recently, while displaying his mathematical prowess, the president made an even worse mathematical booboo. This time he was off by about 99,900,000 when he mistook 100,000 for “more than 100 million Americans” having effectively enrolled in a health insurance plan via the Affordable Care Act.

The gaffe was allegedly made while talking to 200K Organizing For Action zombies, all of whom were, along with the NSA of course, enthusiastically listening to President Obama pontificate by way of a conference call.

According to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, the administration is “in a moment of time… where a lot of focus, understandably, is being directed toward the problems with the websites and other issues.”

During the one-way chat, the president attempted to address the “problems with the website,” which he said “have created and fed a lot of this misinformation.” Then he proceeded to do what he does best, misinform and make matters worse.

In order to give the troops in the “trenches” some valid data to present to the gullible, Obama clarified that “in the first month alone…100 million Americans already successfully enroll[ed] in the new insurance plans.”

The president was obviously mixed up when he told the 200,000 OFA members on the phone – who were actually 100,000 more than actually signed up for Obamacare – that almost 1/3 of the U.S. population had already braved and conquered the temperamental website.

That didn’t stop him. Bragging about the exemplary administrative skills that helped bring about this 100-million-enrollee success, Mr. Obama said, “You’ve got a million Americans who’ve completed an application for themselves or their families. And that represents about a million-and-a-half people.”

Like Clinton’s “it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is,” for Obama, it depends on the meaning of the word ‘counts’ that determines what counts. That’s why for 14 minutes the president was able to showcase his mathematical prowess by throwing around Medicare and Medicaid “security of healthcare” statistics.

It’s sort of like Mr. Obama’s Kansas tornado fatality calculation, where he included in his count the 9,988 Kansans who could have died. This time, he’s including those who discontinued the process after placing a policy in an online shopping cart. In addition, the President also counted a million Americans who completed an application but “have not yet selected a plan.”

After all, with liberals it’s always the thought that counts. And like the president said, this “isn’t a one-day sale,” it’s a six-month lollapalooza.

But what Obama forgot to mention were the five million “folks” that already had health insurance who were summarily tossed off of perfectly adequate and affordable health insurance policies.

Nonetheless, according to the HHS, as of mid-November 106,185 uninsured Americans had climbed aboard the impending Obamacare “train wreck.” So if that 106,185 number is correct, the president is doing better than first thought and is only off the mark by 99,893,815 Obamacare enrollees.

In all fairness, historian Michael Beschloss truly does believe that Obama is “probably the smartest guy ever to become President.” With that in mind, America should take into consideration that some people still insist that Albert Einstein was so brilliant he had difficulty comprehending basic addition and subtraction.

As the “misinformation” conference call wound down, unfortunately, none of the 200K OFA conference callers were able to broach other subjects. Short on time, Obama didn’t get to explain what ultimately did happen to corpse-man Brossard, whether he ever took a transcontinental train trip to the 58th state on the Intercontinental Railroad.

Or whether or not that 100-million figure is part of the “greater inefficiencies” he still seeks to bring to healthcare reform.

The ‘100th Day Ongoing Misadventure’ Press Conference

0430-obama-press-conference.jpg_full_600-300x200Former President Bush has been back in Texas for four-plus years, but for the last approximately 1,500 days, America has been listening to President Obama pass the buck and shift the blame onto GW for everything but the fly that keeps landing on his nose in the East Room.

The genial George W. is still getting blamed for Obama’s worsening economy, growing national debt and ongoing recession, not to mention stagnant unemployment, a continuing fiscal crisis, and bad feelings in the Middle East toward America.  There’s no doubt, if asked, Obama would say that President Bush is the author of the “extraordinary times” he keeps referring to whenever he’s confronted with his own ineptitude.

The president would have us believe that, rather than chopping away at those golf balls he shoots into the hazards, he spends every waking moment digging out of an “incredible hole that [he] inherited.”  In other words, when it comes to other people’s mistakes, if he needs to point them out Barack Obama doesn’t limit himself to measureable time frames.  If the president can twist what was done 10 years ago into an excuse for the multi-tiered “train wreck” he’s authored, he will.

However, any mistakes attributable to Obama are treated quite differently.  No long-term looking back for the Obama Administration, oh no.  Bygones are bygones and what went before is now part of history and deemed inapplicable to events of the day.  Like water that has passed under a bridge, sand through the hourglass, past issues are gone and never referenced again.

Take for instance the stimulus debacle, Obama’s big pull out of Iraq, and the ongoing war in Afghanistan.  When was the last time we heard about how the healthcare plan could bankrupt the nation?  What about the rapidly expanding food stamp rolls, or the sequester-cancelled White House tours disappointing children?

Even though Obama “jumps to conclusions” himself, especially on issues of race, and plays on racial tension every chance he gets, is any of it ever brought up?  What about the ‘Israel is our ally’ muddle, or Obama disrespecting various world leaders and inappropriately bowing to dictators?  Not a word!  Then there’s the oil spill/green energy mess, the president’s partiality toward Muslims, and open-arms attitude toward illegals.  Not to mention “Fast and Furious,” funding terrorism in Egypt, ignoring the Syrian “red line,” and having 12 domestic terrorist attacks on his watch.

Read the rest of the article at the Blacksphere

Barack Obama: Doing the Lord’s Work?

Originally posted at American Thinker blog (addendum to Rick Moran post: ‘Obama says God wants House to pass his jobs bill’).

The President does many things that incite ire in a large percentage of the American population. But the most repulsive thing a left-wing liberal ideologue like Barack Obama can do is quote Scripture, take fake photo-op strolls to church, and use a feigned relationship with God to influence those he thinks are easily manipulated.

Here’s the thing — before the President decides to refer to God when promoting unpopular policy, someone should tell the nouveau Bible scholar that on occasion even Satan quoted Scripture.

With that in mind, the President should probably refrain from dragging God to the podium and using personal conversations with the Lord as a billy club to beat into submission the congressional opposition to Stimulus II, better known as a 10-year, $400 billion jobs bill.

Recently, on the D.C. side of the Key Bridge, Barack Obama called “attention to America’s crumbling infrastructure and the need to put more construction workers back on the job.”

The President, whose political philosophy indicates that, as a rule, he can ignore Judeo-Christian values, “criticized House Republicans for ignoring his legislation, while approving a measure that reaffirms ‘In God We Trust’ [remain] the national motto.”

With the bridge in the background, Barack Obama proceeded with promoting his legislation by informing the bill’s opponents that keeping ‘In God We Trust’ as the national motto, while commendable, does not put “people back to work.”  Then, speaking on behalf of God, the sporadically devout Mr. Obama said “I trust in God, but God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people back to work.”

If Barack Obama thinks jobs are God’s priority and that Yahweh is on his side, he’s sadly mistaken.   God is much less concerned with repairing bridges and blacktopping highways than He is with the dignity and sanctity of life, neither of which the pro-choice President defends.

History has proven that a personal relationship with God infuses leaders with Mosaic boldness to instruct nations what God would have us to do. The danger occurs when a man like Barack Obama comes down from the mountain and then joins those who hammer out and dance around the Golden Calf of government funding and unfettered access to partial-birth abortion.

Barack Obama maintains “God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people back to work,” proving the man is confused. Because the Biblical tenet “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat,” is a principle America’s ‘share the wealth’ president faithfully rejects.

Truth is, rather than focusing on self, anyone who truly ‘knows’ God defends the defenseless; protects the innocent; and helps those who can’t help themselves.

Obama cannot vote against legislation that provides warmth, hydration and oxygen to infants born alive in botched abortions and then tell America what God, whose hand the Bible says placed and “knit us together in our mother’s womb,” wants us to do.

Before installing himself as an oracle for the Almighty, establishing the precedent that all life issues forth from God and that God alone should dictate when it ends is a priority that should trump finding a way to get people in reflective vests a place to stand at night on roads in disrepair.

Maybe the most pro-choice president in the history of United States should rethink the contradiction posed by claiming that God supports fixing pot holes and replacing expansion joints on bridges and roads that are traveled by women visiting abortion clinics funded with government monies.

Nonetheless, Obama’s God/jobs comment was so out of character, it cried out for further explanation.

At a press briefing, when asked to expound on whether the President was implying God stands in solidarity with him on job creation, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney attempted to explain that Obama was simply “trying to make the point that ‘we have it within our capacity to do the things to help the American people'” — most of whom, if not for Obama making it literally impossible to move forward, would be perfectly capable of helping themselves.

Carney arrogantly corrected those who questioned the connection between the jobs bill and the Deity, citing as Scripture a phrase that is nowhere to be found in the Bible, saying “I believe the phrase from the Bible is ‘The Lord helps those who help themselves.'”

No, Jay!  Scripture does not say “God helps those who help themselves,” but it does convey the all-encompassing message that God expects His people to help those in the womb who, thanks to Jesus-and-Me job-creator Barack Obama, are destined for destruction and cannot help themselves.

Therefore, the President should be cautious when mentioning God to promote ‘shovel ready’ jobs while millions of unborn children are being aborted and shoveled into unmarked graves with full liberal approval. Before lackadaisically telling America what God ‘wants to see us’ do, maybe Barack Obama should reflect awhile on whether God ‘wants to see’ him legislatively assist in the murder of the unborn.

If the President of the United States seeks divine blessings on the national economy, rather than manipulating Congress to finance gassing up asphalt trucks with 400 billion dollars’ worth of diesel fuel, God would undoubtedly prefer that Obama spend his time “burdening the original decisions” of pro-choice women and doing the Lord’s work by putting an end to the tragedy of legalized abortion.

Uninvited Wedding Watchers

The Obamas were probably disappointed when they realized that the pile of the world’s most coveted wedding invitations didn’t include one with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue embossed on the front of the envelope.

When visiting England in 2009, Michelle broke with protocol and gave the Queen of England an impromptu back rub.  According to the British press “It was an electrifying moment of palpable majesté: A breach of centuries-long protocol when the friendly and outgoing Michelle Obama put her arm round the Queen.”

In addition, the First Lady carefully chose and loaded videos, queenly travelogue photos, and show tunes, including the very appropriate ‘Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend,’ onto an IPod to give to the technologically savvy 85 year-old Queen.  Not only that, but in lieu of tossing the bust of Briton Winston Churchill headlong into a box, the Obamas took the time to swathe the sculpture in bubble wrap before shipping the Prime Minister back to Britain.

And for what? One would think that all the extra effort would have ensured the first couple a seat between Posh Spice and Elton John at the royal wedding ceremony.

Then again, after hearing the President doesn’t frequent church to avoid disrupting churchgoers, maybe the royal family didn’t want Kate and Wills to be eclipsed by a higher profile couple igniting the Abbey with excitement on their special day. Instead, second only to the bride and Beatrice, Queen Elizabeth II stole the show dressed in Tweety Bird yellow.

The Obamas may not have been “invited to the royal wedding,” but if White House press Secretary Jay Carney isn’t being disingenuously diplomatic, then the President “didn’t miss it.” After recovering from the crushing blow of a rejection surpassed only by the Syrian Ambassador being invited and then disinvited, Barry and Shelley politely accepted being relegated to the ranks of regular folk watching the nuptials on TV.

According to Carney, the President “watched some of the wall-to-wall television.”  Thanks to Jay giving America an intimate view into the President’s sentimental nature, the world got a rare glimpse of a side of Obama never before seen.

If the President purposely set the alarm clock so as to not miss the wedding, that means the usually dispassionate Barack Obama, deep down inside, is really a hopeless romantic.

The British wedding gala started around 6:00 am EST. If Barry wanted to catch a glimpse of the soon-to-be Duchess of Cambridge’s dress, that would mean he’d have to be plopped down in front of the boob tube with his bowl of Wheaties® at the crack of dawn.

Carney didn’t mention where Michelle was while Barry was caught up in the pomp and ceremony. Even after finding out Mr. Bean, Madonna’s ex Guy Ritchie, recording artist Joss Stone, and maybe even Kanye West were invited, rumor has it that the “Obamas didn’t seem to harbor any hard feeling about not scoring an invite to Will and Kate’s big day.”

Missing the opportunity to wear “Kenya,” a hat even more fascinating than Princess Bea’s, and prior to knowing she’d be in the colonies on the day of the wedding, First Lady Michelle Obama told Regis and Kelly Rippa, “Marriage is a personal, private thing. They should invite who they want to invite.”

Seems the couple took Michelle’s advice, because neither she, Barry, nor renegades like the Duchess of York were amongst the 1,900 who received a gold-gilded invite.

Nevertheless, prior to the festivities, Michelle must have secretly thought she’d be one of dignitaries panned by the camera singing the hymn “Jerusalem” out of sync, because she added, “And if I get invited, I’ll go.”

Clearly, Michelle had no idea she’d be left off the guest list and was as shocked as anyone to find herself watching the ceremony with the President, eating cold cereal in a nightgown and slippers, and in all probability wearing that fabulous never-to-be-seen British-inspired “fascinator” balanced proudly atop her head.

Obama’s Tactless Diversions

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

One thing’s for sure, when an opportunity to celebrate arises, America’s biggest partiers never hesitate to promptly board Air Force One. An irradiated Japan melts and Libyan freedom fighters die while in Cidade Maravilhosa, the “Marvelous City” of Rio de Janiero, President Obama will ponder no-fly zones.

After sharing NCAA picks on ESPN, “global citizen” Barack Obama is taking the teleprompter to Latin America. On the agenda: Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro for a public speech in Cinelandia Square.  It’s almost certain Obama will be “perfectly clear” when offering condolences to Japan and hollow warnings to Muammar Gaddafi. Extending friendship to the Brazilian people, Obama will talk oil, nuclear power, and probably attempt a joke about that famous girl from Ipanema.

At a recent press briefing, White House spokesperson Jay Carney reassured news commentators that despite thousands of bodies washing up on Japanese shores the diplomatic/sightseeing tour was right on schedule.  Carney stressed: “You have to remember that economic growth in the United States is the president’s top priority. This trip is very focused on economic opportunities for the United States and the trade relationship.”

The Brazil-Chile-El Salvador tour is being touted as an effort to revive the US economy. At a time when, over the next decade, the President’s budget plan is predicted to double the national debt to $26.3 trillion, Barack hopes the trip will help rectify the mess he is in the process of making. Moreover, traveling to Brazil presents a perfect opportunity for the Obama family to “take in the sights in Rio.”

With any luck, a hike up Corcovado Mountain to visit Christ the Redeemer statue will ignite the healing miracles that the Eighth Wonder of the Modern World promised would manifest if elected.

Regardless of the outcome, with a planet in crisis, the US economy in shambles, a bleak job market, housing starts down and food prices up, many Americans need a morale booster. For some, the Obama Rio Tour is tactless. For others, watching the First Family wiggle their toes in the white sand of Copacabana Beach provides respite. Travelers Michelle and Barry might just want those filing for unemployment insurance to know that at least someone is enjoying Barra da Tijuca.

By suggesting the nation participate in March Madness, an unsolicited Obama acknowledged that Americans need a “diversion.” The President’s recommendation:  Make charitable contributions to tragedy-torn Japan while simultaneously having a “great time” penciling in NCAA brackets.

What seems to work for Obama is to follow earthquakes, tsunamis and subsequent nuclear meltdowns with a few rounds of golf and maybe even a shot of the Brazilian liquor Cachaça.  In fact, four New York Times journalists missing in Libya could inspire the President to take a calming stroll through Rio’s Botanical Gardens.

Despite global upheaval, the trip to Brazil may be more about finding the balance between calamity and contentment and doing so by canceling out negativity with international cuisine.

Barack’s adept ability to detach from reality provides Americans the unique opportunity to live vicariously by observing the benefits of an extravagant, elitist lifestyle free from concern and adult responsibility. America may criticize Obama’s approach to crisis, but in the midst of cataclysmic tragedy, the President of the United States has proven to be a world class leader when it comes to preventing dire circumstances from affecting merry-making in his own life.

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