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Baltimore Burns while Barack Obama Drinks Sake

indexOriginally posted at American Thinker

Rome might not be burning, but Baltimore sure is, and if partying in the midst of a crisis could be considered fiddling, President Obama would be quite the fiddler indeed.

Just one month after Michelle Obama visited Japan, lunched on an ornate bento box and wailed away on the Taiko drums like “Mr. Bongo” Jack Costanzo, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe and his wife, Akie Abe, were guests of honor at the White House’s eighth state dinner.

As journalists in Baltimore suffered broken bones, bloodied lips, and muggings, glittering groups of elite guests dressed in black tie arrived in limos.  And what a celebration the evening turned out to be.

Cascades of pink cherry blossoms and orchids abounded.  In fact, cherry blossoms graced everything from the red chopsticks to the table’s centerpieces.  If only Laura Dowling, the head florist who was suddenly and dramatically escorted from the White House back in March, were there to supervise, surely the first lady would have been honored with a flotilla of F-Lotus blossoms.

Celebrity Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto joined the White House staff in the kitchen, and under the pink twinkling lights, to the delight of all the guests, the new “Kailua blue” Hawaii-inspired china was unveiled.

Meanwhile, as Barack Obama recited a haiku, in Baltimore, reporters and cameramen were dodging bricks and broken glass while police in riot gear tried to hold back angry rioters.

As firefighters battled the work of arsonists in West Baltimore, the first course of Toro Tartare and Caesar Sashimi Salad wrapped in clear acetate and tied with a Mizuhiki cord was served right on time.

Luckily, neither feast nor appetites were affected by the 15 police officers injured in the riots, nor were the festivities negatively impacted by Maryland governor Larry Hogan declaring a state of emergency and activating 2,000 National Guardsmen.

In fact, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, when the second course of Vegetable Consommé En Croute and Shikai Maki arrived, according to White House state dinner watchers the focus was not on why 1,000 Baltimore police officers were being told to “stand down” by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake; it was on paying homage to Michelle’s kitchen garden.‎

Displaying an unprecedented level of sensitivity to the plight of joblessness and poverty that the president implied earlier in the day are partially responsible for the violence in Baltimore, instead of serving Japanese Kobe beef, which sells for $300 per pound in Japan, the main course was American Wagyu Beef Tenderloin, which sells for a much more affordable $137 per pound in the U.S.

The Wagyu paired with Spring Vegetables and Maui Onion Veal Jus had to be pure perfection.

For dessert, new executive pastry chef Susan Morrison threw together a blown-sugar teapot decorated with edible cherry blossoms and surrounded by petit fours, and for the dairy/gluten intolerant in the house, Morrison unveiled a cheesecake made of silken tofu and soy milk that she served with Florida berries and White House honey.

Despite burning police cruisers and pillaged taverns and liquor stores, the state dinner included American wines from California and a sake toast, which should have been dedicated to Toya Graham, the badass “Mom of the Year” who was captured on video clobbering her hoodie-wearing son for participating in the Baltimore riots.

From a state in close proximity to where people were disregarding the 10:00 pm curfew that police in riot gear were trying desperately to enforce, and as smoke grenades ignited in the streets of Baltimore, the stars of the film Jersey Boys entertained Mr. and Mrs. Obama’s guests.

All in all, and considering what was going on just 35 miles away, the evening was a – pardon the pun – smashing success.

The only thing lacking was the president sharing with his Japanese visitors how he, like a less-famous emperor before him, also sets fires and fiddles around while Baltimore burns.

‘No show’ Sasha and Malia teach America a valued lesson

imagesOriginally posted at American Thinker

The highly controversial Valentine’s Day ski trip with Mama Obama to Aspen must have been a real doozy, because Sasha and Malia, who were slated to travel to Japan with the FLOTUS for Spring Break, decided to stay home.

Last year Michelle justified another high-priced spring junket to the Far East by announcing that it was “very rare” that she and her daughters had the “opportunity to travel outside of the United States.” At the time, Shelley said, “It is no accident that one of our first trips as a family is here to China,” whatever that means.

Anyway, with Granny Marian Shields Robinson in tow, the girl-power travelers graced China with their presence. They gawked at panda bears, visited the Peking opera, and somehow managed to run up an impressive $222K hotel tab for a two-day stay.

Then, back in February, Japanese news organization Asahi Shimbun reported that Michelle, Malia, and Sasha would be traveling to Asia again in March, this time for sushi and stuff.

The girls were to accompany Mom to Japan, but instead of her two daughters, the people in Michelle’s entourage included a seemingly anorexic ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, Caroline’s 22-year-old Kennedyesque son “Jack” Schlossberg, and the fetching YouTube makeup artist Michelle Phan.

Couple Sasha’s and Malia’s absence with the media’s deafening silence surrounding the girls’ decision to be no-shows, and one can’t help but wonder what can be gleaned from the first daughters’ decision to decline Mom’s Asian Spring Fling proposition.

For starters, based on the contemptuous body language and obvious eye-rolls unique to teenagers, it was clear that when Obama pardoned “Cheese” the National Thanksgiving turkey, Sasha and Malia had clearly been coerced into a perfunctory photo op and would rather have been anywhere else.

Judging by their disdainful facial expressions, it may have been that the girls realized, among other things, that having one national turkey pardoning another national turkey was pretty ironic, to say the least. In fact, that paradoxical scene might explain the first daughters’ refusal to smile for the camera and say “cheese.”

All turkeys aside, what transpired between February and March is anyone’s guess, but at this juncture what we do know is that those youthful sneers were nowhere to be seen when Mom tripped and almost fell, nearly crushing the diminutive Japanese Emperor Akihito. Thanks to their decision to sit this one out, Sasha and Malia also spared themselves the humiliation of having to smile while Mom played a Japanese version of “Babalu” on the traditional Taiko drums.

For lack of a better explanation, what Sasha’s and Malia’s absence may indicate is that Barry and Michelle cannot get their own children to obey, which may be why the FL/POTUS spend most of their time bossing Americans around and treating grown adults like adolescents.

No, I mean really. From the looks of things, unlike Caroline Kennedy, it appears that Michelle can’t get her children to do what she wants them to do, which may explain why she takes out her frustration on 300 million strangers by issuing unreasonable decrees ranging from what we should eat to how much our children should weigh.

Sasha and Malia refuse to go to Asia, and the next thing you know, Michelle endeavors to re-establish a sense of authority by mandating that American children who aren’t hers be weighed like piglets at government-funded daycare centers.

Question for Michelle: if government provision dictates weighing those being sustained with tax dollars, then on behalf of the common good, shouldn’t certain occupants of the White House also be regularly hoisted onto an adult-sized scale for public weigh-ins?

Either way, sometime between February and March, Mom must have reminded Sasha and Malia about the Asia trip, to which the girls rolled their eyes and said, “Forget it. We’re not going.” Mamma’s reply: “You’re going! End of discussion.”

Following that pronouncement, there must have been a lot of sulking, stomping around the executive quarters, multitudinous angry tweets to their Sidwell Friends friends, and, to drown out all the ranting and raving about disobedience and public duty, loud anti-cop Pro Era gangsta rap music blaring away on iPhone ear buds.

For lack of a better explanation, Sasha and Malia must have told Ma and Pa to stick it, and, in this particular case, the Obama-girl-power that Mom’s always cheering about actually won the day.

And although it’s purely speculation, could it be that because the first daughters cross their arms and insolently roll their eyes, Barry and Michelle, having lost all control at home, have turned their attention to bossing around the rest of America?

That may be. But in the end, although Sasha and Malia may very well be unruly teens, Americans could learn a thing or two from these kids about how to respond when Barry and Michelle insist on taking America on yet another costly trip we’d rather not take.

#DearMe! Michelle Obama in Japan Strikes Again

Michelle_Obama_Jap_3238169bOriginally posted at American Thinker

It’s official! Mrs. Obama has gone #hashtag crazy. Remember when she pleaded with Boko Haram to release the 276 kidnapped girls using the hashtag “#Bringbackourgirls?” Well, that didn’t work! The girls were either sold into slavery, murdered, or married off to terrorists, and despite Michelle Obama’s solemn effort haven’t been seen or heard from since.

Moving right along, using the excuse that she’s promoting a #letgirlslearn education initiative, FLOTUS has taken a break from dancing the “Uptown Funk” with Ellen and sponsoring her #givemefive campaign.

Instead, as part of her usual spring fling, Mrs. Obama decided to take Asia by storm.

Stopping in Japan before heading toward Cambodia, Michelle gleefully ran up exorbitant bills on travel and car service, tripped over her own feet, and scared the hell out of a few small-statured Asian people.

In addition to revealing her clumsiness on the world stage, while in Japan Mrs. Obama worked out her biceps on a Taiko drum, counted red gates at the Fushimi Inari Shrine, had tea at the Kiyomizu-Dera Buddhist Temple, and ate raw fish out of a dainty Bento box. Then Mrs. Obama, who refuses to let the failure of #Bringbackourgirls stop her from dreaming up yet another girl-power #hashtag campaign, took time to record a note-to-self /#DearMe video message.

Michelle broke from lecturing Japanese schoolchildren  — who run rings around American students in cognitive learning skills — to deliver a cheerful video message of personal pain transformed into future empowerment.

The first lady, who got things wrong when she stumbled in her shiny silver kitten heels while approaching to shake hands with 81-year-old Emperor Akihito and improperly hugged and nearly crushed to death the wife of the current Japanese prime minister, began the video message by reminding herself: “Dear Michelle, stop worrying so much about getting things wrong,”

Then, sounding like she was writing a #DearMe letter to her husband dear Barack, Michelle said “Success has nothing to do with perfection. Stop being nervous. Raise your hand. Use your voice. Get it wrong. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving on.”

Besides lecturing people about education in a country whose people excel in education; ignoring the millions of women worldwide who suffer from things far worse than lack of schooling; and spending nearly $80,000 for car service to shuttle her and her elitist entourage around Kyoto and Osaka, there were a few problematic messages transmitted home during Michelle’s latest trip.

For starters, in Japan the first lady made a ‘girls should feel good about themselves’ #hashtag video. Meanwhile, in conjunction with the USDA the first lady has mandated children be weighed at U.S. daycare facilities that receive government funding. According to the feds, the justification for placing children on scales is in the “context of heightened concern about adequate nutrition, diet quality and obesity in young children.”

Question for Michelle: Are chunky little girl babies, getting weighed starting in daycare, going to be made to feel bad about their tummy rolls? And then are they going to be encouraged by you to participate in a future #hashtag campaign where they recite the words “Success has nothing to do with perfection?”

Another glaring problem that Michelle obviously didn’t foresee occurred when she posted pictures of her sumptuous Japanese lunch on Instagram. Why? Because back home in America, while she indulges lavishly in whatever food she wants, a school lunch revolution is brewing where, thanks to her, in addition to being weighed like cattle children are eating moldy, skimpy lunches that leave them both hungry and disgusted.

So here we are again, getting more of the same from our #hashtag/travel log ambassador Michelle Obama. It’s spring 2015, and both she and her husband are still focusing on trivial things. They continue to use shallow slogans to advance superficial ideas that accomplish absolutely nothing, spend our hard-earned money on personal indulgences, and assume the American people don’t recognize flagrant hypocrisy when we see it.

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