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Shout-Your-Abortion-Feature-Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Gloria Steinem bragged on a T-shirt that 40-something years ago she had an abortion. As the end of Gloria’s pathetic life fast approaches, the feminist icon wants it made known that the killing of a child is a reason to rejoice. So too do the thousands of like-minded women who are currently taking to Twitter using the braggadocious albeit barfacious hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion.

The goal of the #ShoutYourAbortion Twitter campaign is to offset the disgrace of submitting your offspring to a horrific procedure wherein mothers dispose of their children in order to further their careers or to shirk personal responsibility.

If doing away with stigma and shame is the goal, why not a hashtag for pedophiles called #ShoutYourChildSexPartner? What about aged Nazi war criminals carrying around all that remorse? Don’t they deserve a freeing #ShoutYourMillionthGasChamberVictim?

Let’s not forget felonious illegals – they at least deserve a #ShoutMyMurderVictim. And as for the proponents of honor killings and female genital maiming, shouldn’t they at least be given equal time with a #ShoutMyMutilatedDaughter hashtag?

Placing genocide and pedophilia aside for a moment, the ‘I’m proud I slaughtered my baby’ campaign was started by an unholy trinity of abortion fans named Lindy WestAmelia Bonow and Kimberly Morrison. The trio is responding to the US House of Representatives voting to remove federal funding for Planned Parenthood, employees of which have recently been caught on video bartering the body parts of sometimes still-living babies that they butcher for profit.

shout 4If Lindy, Amelia and Kimberly want to put Planned Parenthood in a better light, maybe they should contemplate starting another abortion pride hashtag, only this time one that celebrates the sale of aborted baby livers. Then, after the ladies are finished heralding the merits of selling human flesh, maybe they can blow off some steam drowning a litter of puppies.In the meantime, to protest the vote to defund the federally-funded abortion mill, since last week the mothers of 60K dead babies have “shouted” their pride for participating in the government-sanctioned filicide currently responsible for the deaths of 60 million babies since Roe v. Wade was voted into law.

Amelia Bonow, one of the creators of the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag, said she first posted on Facebook about her experience of receiving an abortion “on a whim”, but also in order to “vocally align [her]self with Planned Parenthood.”

So Bonow, who views posting about slaughtering her unborn child “a whim” feels that in addition to aligning her uterus and vagina with forceps and a scalpel, she should also align her voice on Twitter with Planned Parenthood.

What’s interesting about Amelia is a Facebook profile tagline she had posted that has since been removed which read: “Entry Level at Not getting injured or caught,” which means self-preservationist Amelia doesn’t mind fatally injuring the defenseless, but is careful about not getting injured herself.

Either way, for almost a week now the abortion shouters have been shouting about vocations being fulfilled, freedom from unplanned motherhood, and expressing “gratitude” over having living human beings flushed from their wombs mostly for matters of convenience, which on Twitter is currently something to wear as a badge of honor.

Even if a person is filling red biohazard bags with the bodies of dead babies, according to those looking to alleviate an aching conscience, no one needs to be stigmatized or shamed. So rather than admit that what they did was wrong, the #ShoutYourBabyKilling crew is desperately trying to minimize the act of disposing of human life

shout 5That’s why, by shouting about one abomination or another, Lindy, Amelia and Kimberly may be trying to free women of the gnawing guilt that no one, regardless of how vile or selfish an act, should have to endure. Moreover, if shouting out this or that assists in helping the shouter believe that the unconscionable is actually something to be proud of, why not encourage everyone to shout?With that in mind, maybe the pro-abortion contingency can really illustrate their acceptance of personal choice by merging with another equally militant group who also feels justified in exercising the right to dispense of inconvenient human beings: ISIS.

How about an ISIS hashtag of #ShoutYourBeheading? Or perhaps #ShoutYourImmolation?

After all, if a saline, suction, or scalpel abortion can be called a “necessary medical procedure”, who’s to tell the Islamic state that burning someone alive in a cage isn’t a “necessary medical procedure” if that’s how ISIS chooses to define it?

And even if one day Lindy, Amelia and Kimberly find themselves being drowned alive in an ISIS-provided cage, if a simple hashtag elevates the murder of infidels in the eyes of the world, then the #ShoutYourAbortion crowd should be the first to applaud an equally proud #ShoutYourISIS effort.

Suspicious Pop-Tart guns versus scientific suitcase clocks

Originally posted on American Thinker

In an effort to assuage what is perceived to be the fragile sensibilities of Muslim-Americans, Barack Obama has once again bowed to political correctness by extending his usual partiality toward an individual based solely on skin color and religion.

This time, the person at the center of the controversy is Ahmed Mohamed.  Ahmed is the 14-year-old Sudanese-American aspiring clockmaker who has proven to be bright enough to impress his teachers with his engineering prowess – but apparently not bright enough to know that bringing a homemade digital clock to school with wires snaking out of it, stored inside a suitcase (or briefcase, if you will), isn’t a good idea.

As it turns out, Ahmed is also the son of Sufi Dallas imam Mohamed Elhassan, who once ran for the presidency in Sudan on the platform that, if elected, he would lift sanctions the U.S. imposed on Sudan in the late 1990s because of that nation’s alleged sponsorship of terrorism.  Mr. Elhassan was also embroiled in controversy when he acted as a defense attorney on behalf of the Quran when Florida Pastor Terry Jones threatened to burn the Islamic holy book.

Mohamed Elhassan, who calls himself a sheik, now has a son who in his own right has become an overnight social media sensation by managing to register on Barack Obama’s racial injustice radar.

Despite young Ahmed being treated more respectfully than other children half his age who’ve been punished for doing things far less alarming than bringing a suitcase clock to class, in reaction to the school taking routine precautions concerning Ahmed’s science project, the Mohamed family is accusing the Irving, Texas school district of Islamophobia.

One would think that since immigration has swelled the Muslim population in America to 6.2 million, the Mohameds would understand that because Ahmed is one of millions of Allah-loving students presently occupying desks in America’s classrooms, reprimanding their son doesn’t mean he’s being profiled.

Nonetheless, unlike in the case of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who also had an affinity for wiring up and transporting household items, being a Muslim with a digital clock in a suitcase has served Ahmed well.

For starters, Obama, who still hasn’t contacted Kate Steinle’s parents since their daughter was murdered by an illegal alien and felon in San Francisco, tweeted kudos to the studious teen.  In the tweet, the would-be horologist got an invitation to bring the ticking timepiece to the same White House that goes into lockdown over suspicious-looking coffee cups.

Above clock-making, Ahmed is being celebrated for his interest in science.  As a matter of fact, in his laudatory tweet, President Obama, who also inspires young Iranians to take an interest in nuclear science, commended Mohamed for his technical expertise by implying that kids making clocks that look like suitcase bombs exemplify “what makes America great.”

In addition to Obama’s invite, Ahmed also got a “like” from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg, was offered an internship at Twitter, and, after being pictured wearing a NASA t-shirt, was offered a summer scholarship at Space Camp USA in Alabama.

However, what this love fest has yet to reveal is how an all-American kid like Ahmed’s detention for bringing a suspicious-looking suitcase to school may have successfully paved the way for children with Muslim-sounding names to avoid being questioned if, in the future, they too decide to pack a “cool clock” or a pressure cooker into their backpacks.

Moreover, if liking science is an indicator of inspirational greatness, one can’t help but wonder why the president never commended young Josh Welch of Baltimore, Maryland for his exciting artistic expression.

Instead, Josh, the seven-year-old who maintained that his Pop-Tart “gun” was just an attempt to fashion a breakfast food into a mountain range, was suspended from school for two days because, instead of the Grand Tetons, Josh’s creation resembled something that looked like a Glock 19.

If only Josh had made a clock that looked like a Glock, President Obama might have invited him to the White House, too!

Not likely.

Then there’s six-year-old Rodney Lynch, also from Maryland.  In 2013, around the time of his run-in with the law, Rodney was a big fan of cartoons.  Seems the imaginative Mr. Lynch positioned his thumb and index finger into the shape of an “L.”  Rodney’s design did not say “tick-tock” like Ahmed’s, but after molding his fingers into a gun, the tyke was heard uttering the word “Pow!”  For that, and to ensure the school’s “sense of safety and security,” Rodney was suspended for a day and has yet to receive a tweet from the president.

There’s also the case of the five-year-old Pennsylvania girl who, in a debate at the bus stop, insisted that princess bubble-blowers are superior to Hello Kitty bubble guns.

When the princess bubble-blower girl suggested that the two friends test their claims by shooting each other with soapsuds, the barely-out-of-diapers five-year-old was accused of making a “terrorist threat,” mandated to attend counseling sessions with a therapist, and suspended for 10 days.

In 2009, an 11-year-old student was arrested, thrown in jail, and charged with a third-degree felony for bringing a plastic butter knife to school.  That same year, an eight-year-old Massachusetts boy was mandated to have psychological counseling for drawing a picture of Jesus on the cross while in school.

Not so with Ahmed.  After toting a homemade clock that looked like a suitcase bomb to school, the kid is a national hero, and the Irving Independent School District is under fire for investigating the digital clock in a suitcase as a potential threat.

What ever happened to the Janet Napolitano-coined DHS motto “If you see something, say something?”

At the end of the day, this isn’t about a presidential tweet or whether the authorities discriminated against a Muslim kid with an interest in science.  The crux of the issue here is why schools’ “zero tolerance” safety policy suddenly has two different standards.  Why, in the midst of the War on Terror, should a 14-year-old boy of Middle Eastern descent bringing a ticking circuit board to school in a metal suitcase be exempted from scrutiny?

Syrian refugees: ‘Trust not the horse’

195258_5_Originally posted at American Thinker

If one were to ask your everyday educationally challenged American what a Trojan horse is, the answer would probably include at least one reference to an equine-sized condom.

Conversely, on the Syrian-Turkish border, where ISIS militants are more interested in world domination than they are safe sex, soldiers of the Islamic State are well aware of the Trojan horse concept and are totally prepared to reprise the mythological scheme as a way to infiltrate enemy terrain.

In Greek mythology, the Trojan horse was introduced after Paris of Troy took Helen from her husband Menelaus, the king of Sparta.  During the legendary war that ensued, hidden inside a horse that was constructed by a master carpenter/warrior named Epeius, Greek soldiers were able to enter and overtake the city of Troy.

The Greeks deceived the Trojans by persuading them that the huge stallion was an offering to Athena and that by accepting an offering to the goddess of war, Troy would become impregnable.

Although the oracle Laocoon warned, “I fear the Greeks, even when bringing gifts…trust not the horse,” the Trojans chose to disregard wise counsel, fell for the ruse, and allowed the huge wooden structure inside the city gates.

During the night, the Greek warriors hidden in the belly of the beast crept out, opened the gates, and provided entry to the Greek army the Trojans falsely believed had abandoned the battle.

Brilliant plan!  Persuade the enemy that something is taking place other than what is actually taking place.  Then, after successfully using the ploy to storm the city gates, proceed to conquer, assault, and obliterate as many gullible Trojans as humanly possible – which is precisely the tactic that ISIS has publicly disclosed is part of its world domination strategy.

Sort of like a mythological deception involving Greeks and Trojans, one year ago, almost to the day, ISIS announced that they planned to smuggle fighters into Western Europe disguised as Syrian refugees.

The Trojan horse/troop infiltration stratagem may be the only thing that explains why, unlike any other refugee crises, 72 percent of the hard-to-determine-from-Middle Eastern “Syrian refugees” are male, while only 13 percent are women and 15 percent children.

Moreover, from a battle strategy point of view, the reason this sort of subversion may be necessary is because, according to U.S. intelligence sources, ISIS is fearful of tight security at airports.  Thus, the idea is to abandon hijacking planes and switch to ground-based terrorist attacks.

Funny: inciting chaos for an ulterior motive sounds a lot like Alinsky-style community organizing.

ISIS foments a crisis.  Then, militants cleverly fake being victims of a war they’re advancing by assuming the guise of refugees, thereby ensuring transportation directly onto a battlefield that would otherwise be inaccessible.  Hence, ISIS secures safe entry into the midst of the very people they plan to massacre.

Last year military intelligence sources also warned that if interspersed within a wave of refugees, it would be nearly impossible to catch ISIS terrorists.

That’s why a master carpenter need not build ISIS a fancy but deceptive form of transportation and why it won’t be necessary for representatives of the Islamic State to stow away in the gut of a wooden horse.  Instead, disguised as downtrodden victims of a bloody war, all ISIS soldiers have to do is look sad and mingle with Syrian-Kurds seeking European refuge.

Relaxed Syrian-Turkish border controls and a frenzied refugee crisis are a modern-day Trojan horse perfectly suited to accommodate ISIS.  According to encoded messages U.S. intelligence intercepted and unraveled, once inside Europe, soldiers of the Islamic state traveling around Europe with fake passports will be free to decapitate, blow up, and wreak holy havoc on those falsely persuaded that liberal-style benevolence somehow ensures domestic security.

Worse yet, despite ISIS publicly announcing plans to ride a Trojan horse all the way from Syria to Europe, and despite Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper’s “huge concern” that ISIS militants will infiltrate the U.S., Barack Obama still felt that the eve of September 11 was the perfect time to announce his plans to fly in 10,000 Syrian refugees for resettlement.

Then, adding insult to injury, after wolves in sheep’s clothing stream out of the belly of a U.S. military cargo plane, sort of like Sharon Tate being forced to feed and care for Charles Manson before he had his minions carve her up, Obama will likely require that American taxpayers provide a safety net for ISIS soldiers while they devise a game plan to remove our heads.

That’s right!  Barack Obama, who can always be counted on to do the opposite of what is best for America, actually plans to transport, deliver, and sustain unknown numbers of the very individuals who’ve made it quite clear that once they arrive in America, they’ll “drown all of [us] in blood.”

Scary as it is, this is not Greek mythology; this is reality.  For that reason, while there’s still time, secure the gates and the borders – and above all, “trust not the horse.”

SAVE LIONS & KILL BABIES: The Moral Dilemma of a Dead Lion

Screen-Shot-2015-07-30-at-9.31.45-AM-300x180Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Call me hardhearted, but unlike late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who got choked-up talking about how Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer killed Zimbabwe’s beloved 13-year-old Cecil the Lion, when I weep, it’s for the 60 million human beings that have legally perished in a natural habitat called the mother’s womb.

Am I missing something here? Because in the moral outrage department something is sorely amiss.

Not that hunting lions is my thing, but here I was just getting used to the morally relativistic idea that there is no right and wrong and then, out of the blue, I find out that although killing babies is an acceptable choice, killing lions is not.

I thought it was the left’s modus operandi to measure every action against a personal moral compass. If it’s right to you, then it’s right – right? Wrong! Thanks to Cecil we’ve come to find out that there is no right and wrong – unless you shoot a lion. Then ethical relativists suddenly transform into self-righteous moralizers.

Actually, as harsh as it may sound, I’m kind of glad the lion issue happened at the same time the Center for Medical Progress/Planned Parenthood baby body-parts videos are being released. It’s very revealing what captures America’s attention.

Here we have Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, heading up an organization that hunts down marketable livers in the womb, and she gets kudos from Barack Obama for doing so. Meanwhile, a sportsman travels to South Africa to hunt, then unintentionally kills Cecil the Lion and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) call for Palmer to be “extradited, charged, and, preferably, hanged.”

Kill an unborn baby and get funding from the government. Kill a lion and you’re drawn and quartered by the ethical-treatment bunch.

ISIS beheads Christians and plows piles of bodies into unmarked graves and no one gives a damn, but Cecil is decapitated and the hunter becomes the hunted. Come to think of it, more tears have been shed for a dead lion than were shed for Kate Steinle, the woman shot in the back by an illegal felon in a sanctuary city. Then there was the indifference exhibited by Barack Obama, line dancing in Kenya after five unarmed American soldiers were gunned down in a terrorist attack on America’s homeland.

All of this is not surprising, because if I remember correctly the Lion of the Tribe of Judah was nailed to a tree and the lion’s share of the crowd that called for His crucifixion cheered.

Still, I don’t get why Palmer is getting death threats for killing a well-protected animal while currently 4,000, count ’em, 4,000 baby humans are aborted daily.

As far as well-protected environments go, isn’t a mother’s womb supposed to be a protected environment? And if it is, then why do incinerators turn thousands of aborted human beings into ash while the outraged fuss over one dead lion? Maybe it’s because America has been ‘fundamentally transformed’ into a nation where hunting for sport is a no-no, but killing for convenience is a yes-yes.

Sadly, based on the reaction to Cecil’s untimely demise, America is now a place where a dead lion equals hysterical weeping and gnashing of teeth while dead baby parts tagged for sale on a cold stainless-steel tray results in a corporate shoulder shrug.

The dilemma is that as a society we’ve successfully devalued life in the womb. Unfortunately for poor dead Cecil, when one life loses value all lives lose value as well, even a lion’s.

The hunter/dentist isn’t to blame; our culture is to blame because we’ve indoctrinated almost two generations to believe that having a choice trumps the sanctity of life. Now a guy who likes to hunt for sport exercises his right to choose to stalk prey, takes out that prey, and those who ordinarily justify child sacrifice being peddled as women’s healthcare get all apoplectic.

If 60 million living human beings can be legally scalded, scalpeled, and suctioned from the protected environment of the womb, maybe Walter Palmer was under the impression that shooting a lion with a bow and arrow, if he chose to do so, was not a big deal.

Moreover, how is Walter’s quest for personal fulfillment different than a woman seeking a convenience-driven abortion? Both are selfish desires that are satiated by the death of an unsuspecting victim.

Unlike the non-reaction to babies being extricated from the womb in a “less crunchy” manner in order to finance Lamborghinis, the reaction to the dead lion was best witnessed on the CBS show The Talk where host Sharon Osborne’s sentiments bordered on histrionic.

Mrs. O said that as punishment for the dentist hunting and killing “magnificent animals” he should go bankrupt and lose his dental practice. Host Sara Gilbert responded to Sharon’s outrage by waxing philosophical, opining that cows lose their lives every day, and from a cow’s point of view a cow’s life is no less important than the life of a lion.

In other words, in some circles people have the ‘right to choose’ to kill babies but lose the ‘right to choose’ if they’re hunting lions or butchering cows.

And while righteous indignation over Cecil becoming a wall trophy rages on, today in abortion clinics all across America, living human babies will be viciously yanked from the womb and discarded like pieces of garbage.

Jihadi John is Smarter than the Average Liberal

Jihadi-JohnOriginally posted at American Thinker

Who would have thought that the notorious ISIS remover of heads, the man behind the ski mask, Jihadi John, would prove to be smarter than the average liberal?

Remember John?  He’s the guy who struck fear in the hearts of the world when he was pictured on video carving off the heads of ISIS prisoners/journalists and aid workers like James Foley and Steven Sotloff, David Haines, Alan Henning, and Peter Kassig.

Clad entirely in black from head to toe, Mohammed Emwazi, aka Jihadi John, would stand in the hot desert sun beside kneeling victims dressed in outfits similar to Hillary Clinton’s infamous Home Depot orange pants suit. Head cocked to the side, knife in hand gesturing and pointing at the camera, Jihadi John would calmly speak perfect English with a distinct British accent and then would patiently wait until his victims were done spewing a forced propaganda spiel. Then, with the cameras rolling, John would saw off their heads.

Now, British and American Special Forces are searching for and want Jihadi John dead or alive.

It seems the ISIS executioner, who enthusiastically participated in beheading prisoners of the Islamic state, worries his own head will be removed and he is running for his life. Apparently the publicity he’s gotten has made Jihadi John quake in his Ninja boots, fearful that the militant ISIS murderers are done with him and will kill him and bury his headless body in a mass grave.

Sounds like liberalism: use up supporters and then visit upon those useful idiots the very terrorism they endorsed.

Prior to mastering Butchery 101, Mr. Emwazi was a student at the University of Westminster studying information systems and business management. Then Emwazi was radicalized and became the masked face of ISIS terror. Now, to avoid suffering a fate similar to the ones he inflicted on others, Jihadi John is somewhere in Syria hiding from both the good and bad guys both of whom are searching for him across the Middle East.

So why is Jihadi John smarter than the average liberal?

As a group, liberals believe that their support for progressive policies such as ObamaCare, climate change, the right to choose and so on somehow exempts them from the blight liberalism creates when those policies are implemented.

Liberals rally around high taxes but hate paying them; they applaud ObamaCare, but will be the first ones to whine when they’re denied health care services or evaluated by a death panel.  Liberals love Obama’s plan to forcibly integrate neighborhoods, as long as it’s not theirs; they’ll march on behalf of illegal immigration until someone they love is killed by a drunk illegal driving without a license, and they will champion an Iran deal until Iran gets the bomb, at which point they’ll be found quaking and quivering in a renovated bomb shelter somewhere.

In other words, like Jihadi John, liberals can dish it out but they can’t take it.

Never realizing that the end result will involve the devaluing and maybe even the loss of their own life, liberals decry the so-called racial profiling of potential terrorists, defend the right to choose abortion and, of late, even justify selling the organs of aborted babies. Then when terrorism threatens their life, or in the future an Obama organ collector suggests that to promote fairness liberals should volunteer a spare kidney to one who has none, the liberals who rallied for organ sharing will be the first to protest.

Somewhere inside their hollow, empty souls, liberals like to inflict, but hate to be inflicted upon.

Those on the left like to force others to give, never thinking that the implication of compulsory giving will also affect their own lives. Liberals are ardent supporters of government, but seem to think supporting the government edicts being imposed on the masses somehow exempts them from the negative impact of what they’re helping to promote.

In other words, liberals are the Jihadi Johns of a government version of ISIS: they believe they can support what progressivism imposes on America and never become a victim of those oppressive policies themselves.

Liberals believe they can lop off heads and keep their own — but they’re wrong, and the real Jihadi John was wise enough to recognize it. That’s why he’s smarter than the average liberal: Jihadi John hightailed it into the desert and is currently on the run somewhere trying desperately to keep his head.

Are ‘The Cubs of the Caliphate’ Headed for America’s Classrooms?

347Originally posted at American Thinker

President Obama defends the right of American women to abort their children and thus far has refused to denounce Planned Parenthood using “less crunchy” techniques to harvest baby body parts to help pay for Lamborghinis.  And yet, approximately 7,000 miles away, members of the Islamic State would rather not abort their sons and daughters.  No, instead ISIS chooses to raise up an army of lethal combatants its members refer to as “Cubs of the Caliphate.”

In a video recently released by ISIS’s media wing in Iraq entitled “The Cubs of Dijla,” young members of the caliphate army dressed in military fatigues recite verses from the Quran.  Boys as young as three years old look directly into the camera and issue fair warning to the Islamic state’s enemies that pint-sized death and destruction are headed their way.

One cherub-faced little one asks the question: “Where are the martyrs?  Where are the suicide attackers?”  Then the same lad, who should be playing soccer, not shooting rifles, before firing a gun that’s taller than he is, says, “Give me my weapon.”

While America disarms our military and our complacent president all but ignores five soldiers being gunned down by an terrorist here in the U.S., the approximately 10-minute propaganda clip released by ISIS features young cubs training with rifles and sitting in a classroom being indoctrinated with sharia law.

ISIS is shrewd, and undoubtedly determined to get suicide bombers into the U.S.  Therefore, in addition to learning AK-47 marksmanship, how to pack a sandwich-sized bomb into a Ninja Turtle backpack, and how to decapitate with a plastic picnic knife, there’s a good chance the cherubic cubs being trained in Syria and Iraq – who could easily double for Central American refugees – are also learning how to speak Spanish.

Talk about schooling!

Back home in America, besides implicitly supporting the abortion of children and the harvest of baby body parts, having his arm twisted for a whole week before finally lowering the flag at the White House in honor of the five soldiers murdered in a terrorist attack, ignoring illegal felons shooting bystanders in the back with stolen guns, and tweeting kudos to Caitlyn Jenner, Barack Obama is doubling down on throwing the door wide open for the young ISIS cubs depicted in the video to practice what they learn in school right here in America.

According to the U.S. Border Patrol, between October 2014 and March 2015, 15,647 unaccompanied children attempted to enter the country illegally.  Last summer, more than 30,000 unaccompanied children were processed out of federal facilities and into the United States to live with sponsors, many of whom are illegal, too.  Thousands of little angelic-looking boys and girls came to America as refugees, not all of whom were Spanish-speaking.

Many of these mini-migrants were then placed into classrooms with our children all around the nation.

All ISIS would have to do is transport an adorable Cub of Dijla to the U.S.-Mexican border.  Little Abisali can then cross over into the arms of an Islamic extremist sponsor who may or may not be legal, and with the help of the same administration that is fine with aborting 4,000 babies a day, Abisali will end up in a classroom sitting next to Dylan and Cheyenne.

Either that, or after learning how to speak Spanish, Abisali could just pretend to be a refugee named Guillermo from Guatemala.

Whichever – as the school year commences, besides worrying about the threat of Latin-American-imported Enterovirus D-68 paralyzing dozens and causing more fatalities, as chilling a thought as it might be, with the help of the Obama administration, American children could be getting a public-school education with a child soldier/aspiring suicide-bomber who is hell-bent on entering paradise a martyr.

Over in Dijla, Iraq, school-age children are being groomed to shoot, behead, and, as long as they take a few infidels with them, blow themselves up for Allah.  Meanwhile, here in America, our president is practically begging for ISIS to export their adorable Allah-obsessed kiddies.  And after these loveable little jihadis meander over the southern border into our classrooms, American youngsters who somehow managed to evade having their aborted livers sold by Planned Parenthood will now be at risk for schoolyard executions carried out by their new playmates.

So the next time Barack Obama uses the words “children” and “urgent humanitarian situation” in the same sentence, keep in mind that, among the hordes he’s beckoning over the border, there could be a few “Cubs of the Caliphate,” who, after beheading Syrian soldiers, managed to master Spanish.

Winning ‘Hearts and Minds’ with Obama and Geraldo

Heart-and-BrainOriginally posted at American Thinker

Recently, two well-known public figures made massively ludicrous comments, both of which laid bare the amazing inconsistency of how liberals think. The first of the two remarks issued forth from the mouth of President Obama, who, while on a visit to the Pentagon, shared deep thoughts about a battle the world is currently in the process of losing.

Here’s some of what Mr. Obama had to say:

Ultimately, in order … to defeat terrorist groups like ISIL and al Qaeda it’s going to also require us to discredit their ideology [and] the twisted thinking that draws vulnerable people into their ranks[.] … Ideologies are not defeated with guns; they’re defeated by better ideas [and] a more attractive and more compelling vision.

Obviously, misguided mega-narcissist Barack believes that with “heart and mind”-altering techniques, the threat from ISIS, whose goal is to bring to pass a 1,300-year-old apocalyptic prophecy, will ultimately be neutralized.

And trust me – no one is going to convince this dude otherwise.

One would think that if the president were working on a generational “hearts and minds” campaign, somewhere along the line he would have had his own “heart and mind” changed about at least one of his deeply held yet delusional left-wing beliefs. Instead, unbending Barack is notorious for digging in, doubling down, and being virtually immovable when it comes to having his “heart and mind” changed about the nonsensical philosophies he ardently clings to.

And while winning “hearts and minds” is important, Obama is concurrently engaged in conveying messages about the issues he, like ISIS, is religiously devoted to.

Case in point: within the body of his Pentagon speech, after discussing winning “hearts and minds,” Obama exhibited his usual dogged determination to placate Muslim-American sensibilities. So rather than laying out plans to conquer ISIS, the president made sure to insert a goodly amount of commentary wherein he alluded to right-wing extremism and placed Americans on a par with terrorists.

Then, proving again that Obama’s “twisted thinking” will never change, the president made mention of the shooting in Charleston.

By infusing a speech about “winning hearts and minds” with references to racism and xenophobia in America, and by insisting on sticking his finger into festering wounds rather than winning people over, the guy with the better ideas accomplished the opposite.

Nonetheless, a poised and self-assured Obama undoubtedly feels that he alone possesses the verbal skills necessary to morally convince ISIS that beheading infidels is “twisted thinking.” The problem is that the one doing the moralizing seems to have forgotten that he supports the slaughter of 4,000 unborn babies a day, and does so with the same religious fervor as ISIS hacking and burning their way through Syria and Iraq.

In other words, unless the plan is to replace one bad idea with another, how in God’s name is a “twisted thinker” like abortion advocate Obama, of all people, going to discredit a perverted line of thought that involves cutting out beating hearts and detaching heads?

Moreover, this is a president whose “more attractive and more compelling vision” includes a virtually open border that gives Muslim extremists easy access to massacre members of the community that he celebrated by lighting up the White House in rainbow colors in honor of gay pride.

And Barack Obama feels he’s qualified to pontificate to ISIS about better ideas?

Never mind the fact that the “heart and mind” of America’s Grand Progressive Philosopher shall not be moved when it comes to things such as “sharing the wealth,” climate change, and the “fundamental transformation” of America. Not to mention a multitude of lawless endeavors to institute undemocratic initiatives that include the ever-unpopular Obamacare, the forcible diversification of America’s suburban neighborhoods, and Obama’s ongoing attempts to hamstring the First and Second Amendments.

Moreover, what’s apparent here is that this president doesn’t grasp the concept that by his own rigid adherence to liberal ideology, he proves that changing “hearts and minds” is an approach bound to fail. After all, if a better idea were all that is needed to eradicate toxic belief systems, liberalism would already be long forgotten. But it’s not.

Speaking of the blight of liberal thought, there’s the other half of the dumb-and-dumber duo of liberal contradiction: Fox News senior correspondent Geraldo Rivera.

Typically, Geraldo Rivera can be found physically assuming a 90-degree angle in gale-force winds or donning riot gear while being lowered by helicopter to interview thugs who assault police officers with bricks.

In addition to being Fox’s man on the scene, Rivera is also notorious for offering the contrarian view to all things conservative. That’s what the senior correspondent did in the wake of Kathryn Steinle’s murder when Sean Hannity hosted the grieving parents of three victims also murdered by illegal immigrants.

After hearing that two died in drunk driving accidents and one was shot in the head while sitting at a stoplight, Geraldo, whose “heart and mind” position is just as dogmatic as Obama’s, persisted in defending illegal immigration.

World-class debater Geraldo argued that if we “put up a wall 100 miles high people like this murderer in San Francisco will get a 100 mile [and] one foot fence to climb it.” Geraldo asserted that determined Mexican criminals would always find a way to circumvent a border wall.

Wait! Doesn’t Geraldo also maintain that gun control would prevent determined criminals from gaining access to guns? Much like “heart and mind”-winner Barack Obama, Geraldo’s position on a border wall contradicts his argument about guns.

So, notwithstanding Geraldo’s self-negating points of view concerning guns and borders, without a wall to keep criminal cretins out, the determined will just continue to cross the border and, once on the American side, will continue to kill innocent people with illegal guns.

As for the obstinate occupier of the White House, when not busy stirring up trouble inside America, the winner of “hearts and minds” is determined to advance his doomed mission to deter ISIS from crucifying and beheading their way to world domination.

Obama deports the peas from the guacamole

920x920Originally posted at American Thinker

Totally unconcerned about ISIS’s stated intent to put American heads on spikes, sitting in the White House safely behind a newly reinforced spiked fence, Barack Obama felt moved to weigh in on the heavy issue of a concoction credited to the ancient Aztecs: guacamole.

Coincidentally, the Aztecs were notorious for beheading sacrificial victims with the same gusto as modern-day ISIS.

But this 4th of July, it isn’t ISIS threatening to emulate the Aztecs on American soil that has captured Obama’s attention.  Instead, it’s the audacity of the New York Times’ suggestion that peas should be added to guacamole.

Much like “Let’s Move!” Michelle’s gag-worthy ideas about ramping up nutrition levels by adding spinach to meatballs and cauliflower to scrambled eggs, out of the blue, someone at the New York Times proposed adding fresh green peas to guacamole.

As always, with priorities firmly in order, Barack Obama, who probably never noticed ISIS’s strong similarity to the guacamole-loving, head-chopping Aztecs, did find time on Twitter to extol “classic” guacamole dip:

The blasphemous pea suggestion got more of an emotional response from the president than barbaric ISIS soldiers in Iraq drowning prisoners in cages and detonating explosive devices wrapped around their victims’ necks.

Based on his emphatic all-lowercase-letter Twitter response, it’s clear that for Barack Obama that ISIS threats take a backseat to purist guacamole preferences, and when it comes to vegetable varieties, Obama has no problem with discrimination.

The glaring hypocrisy here is that Obama thinks peas should be banned from invading the avocado dip, but he allows guacamole-eaters to invade the U.S.

Although many Americans are probably charmed with a president who weighs in on the pressing issue of guacamole, in the meantime, the reality of ISIS potentially executing a catastrophic event on the 4th of July makes Obama’s insistence on the proper ingredients in guacamole somewhat of a moot point.

Then again, on the cusp of a revered American holiday, and considering the timing and theme of the debate, there may be método para la locura de Barack Obama.

Suddenly, when we should be discussing potato salad and hot dogs, a few days before the 4th of July, the debate is all about Mexican food.

Could offering up an inclusive tweet on July 1st that celebrates a bowl of Mexican smashed avocados, lime, and cilantro be Barack Obama’s way of reaching out to 11 to 40 million illegal aliens, commending the Supreme Court’s decision on undocumented voters, and showing Confederate flag lovers a thing or two about which flag has the president’s approval?

Sort of like insulting 40% of America by lighting up the White House to look like a gay pride rainbow, could the president be sending yet another screw-America message by purposely elevating tortilla chips and guac above jingoistic snack foods like potato chips and onion dip?

Sorry to have to say it, but this president is that spiteful, petty, and immature.

For whatever reason, in the midst of dire security threats, Barack Obama has chosen to take up pressing issues like deporting peas from dip and whether to a-peas or not to a-peas Iran.

And while Obama was busy tweeting his culinary preferences, on July the 1st, the FBI was constructing command centers across the U.S. to monitor ISIS, whose pea-less guacamole recipe for Independence Day includes a generous helping of gore and heads piled up like avocados.

EVERYBODY IN THE POOL! Deadly Microbes and Smoking Bans

imagesOriginally posted at CLASH Daily

Being a lifelong New Yorker, I was troubled recently when I saw people who appeared to be illegal applying for public pool passes at town hall. Notwithstanding an acute awareness of the health risks associated with the recent influx of illegal immigrants, it was quite off-putting to watch legal residents present every kind of proof of residency short of blood type while others carried only passports.

In case America needs to be reminded, currently MDR-TB, scabies, leprosy, Enterovirus, bacterial pneumonia, as well as other assorted health hazards are lurking on shopping cart handles, in restrooms, and all over the produce handled by low-wage illegal workers who now freely dwell and work among us.

In response to what I witnessed on the pool pass line, I felt it was my civic duty to place a phone call to my local councilman to inquire about the policy that allows illegals, who shouldn’t be in America in the first place, to swim in taxpayer-supported pools. My gripe was the sheer lunacy of allowing people, many of whom could quite possibly be carriers of the same deadly virus imported from Latin America that left dozens of American children dead and paralyzed last year, access to what might as well be an oversized Petri dish.

Xenophobe that some would accuse me of being, I was informed that if an illegal rents a home owned by an individual who pays taxes and shows up with proof of residence on a pool pass line, although the person producing the proof may be illegal, that person will still have access to the public pool.

So in other words, if ISIS manages to make it across the border and can come up with a telephone bill from a home whose owner pays taxes, at public pools across America there is a slight chance that the guy lurking around the Good Humor truck may have something more in his backpack than suntan lotion.

Aside from ISIS bloodying up the wading pool, just a few days after my frustrating telephone call to an equally frustrated Republican representative who informed me “all we can do is pray,” the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed my fears by issuing a warning that Cryptosporidium – the same parasite responsible for 90 outbreaks in 2011 and 2012 resulting in 1,788 illnesses, 95 hospitalizations, and one death – is managing to survive this summer in the treated water of America’s public pools.

What a surprise! Since 2011? That happens to be when the invasion of illegals really ratcheted up and unaccompanied minors were given an open invitation by Barack Obama to flood our borders and flout our immigration laws.

So, giving new meaning to “don’t swallow the pool water”, just as I predicted, a robust parasite endemic to developing countries has now taken up residence in our public pools. Just like illegal immigration apologists who forgot to mention that Enterovirus was imported from Latin America, the CDC also forgot to mention that Cryptosporidium, also known as “travelers’ diarrhea”, has likely migrated north in the fecal matter of those who crossed the border illegally from Mexico and are now cooling off in a public pool near you.

You’ve seen the signs that warn: “Persons currently having active diarrhea or who have had active diarrhea in the last fourteen days shall not be allowed to enter the pool water.”

Enforcing the “no diarrhea in the pool” rule would entail a screening process that would probably cut the number of applications for lifeguard positions in half. Besides, the swimmers who need to heed the chorro warning probably no pueden leer Inglés.

Meanwhile, one cannot say for sure that Cryptosporidium is in our pools because we’ve granted illegals access to public services. Then again, we cannot say for sure that it’s not. Wasn’t it just last summer that border officials warned of a looming infectious disease crisis that would be impossible to avoid as a result of the thousands of sick children, many of whom were suffering from diarrhea, crossing the border?

Granted, sick children swimming in public pools is worrisome, but in fairness to concerned public officials, there are politicians who are making a concerted effort on the national level to preserve the health and security of all our citizens.

According to the New York Post, even though being in America illegally doesn’t ban a person with scabies from splashing around in public New York City pools, “Smoking is already banned in public places, including bars and restaurants, workplaces, sports venues, and parks.”

And while the children of some of the illegals who rent from taxpayers are probably infecting New York City’s pools with Cryptosporidium, Mayor Bill de Blasio, via “One New York: The Plan for a Strong and Just City”, is partnering with health groups to “pressure landlords” by paying them $9,000 each to ban smoking in apartment buildings.

In other words, to ensure the health of those illegals who contaminate the city’s public pools with deadly microbes that chlorine cannot kill, Mayor de Blasio plans to prohibit smoking in NYC apartment buildings where illegals currently live.

So, that’s the new America: on behalf of common good, the privacy rights of American citizens are restricted, while illegals are given free rein to negatively impact health and safety.

BLACK LIVES MATTER? Prince Entertains the Pro-Choice President

prince-purple-rainOriginally posted at CLASH Daily

Remember George W. Bush? He’s the guy who wouldn’t even play golf during the Iraq War. Meanwhile Barack Obama has proven time and again that he is cut from a different cloth, and when things get tough, the tough start dancing. As the ISIS beheadings accelerate and the threat to America’s homeland increases, again Barack Obama quelled his anxiety by treating himself to a dose of star-studded entertainment.

This past weekend it was 80’s sleaze-pop icon Prince, who has decided of late not to curse in his songs, that took Barack and Michelle Obama’s mind off pesky things like antibiotic-resistant TB coming over the border, rapes and murders being committed by illegal aliens, and ISIS being in possession of WMD.

Prince, whose repertoire includes songs about used Trojans, masturbation, and assorted other sex acts, was on hand at the White House for African-American Music Appreciation Month and gave a private VIP performance for Michelle, Barry, both their young daughters, as well as a group of very important guests.

The 500-person guest list included stalwart Obama sycophants Stevie Wonder and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his date, singer Ciara, whose explicit “Ride” lyrics and use of the “N” word is something neither Sasha nor Malia should be exposed to.

Russell, although open about his Christianity, was just one in a long list of Christians in attendance who profess Christ while supporting the most pro-abortion, supposedly Christian president in the history of America. A troubling dichotomy, to say the least.

As global havoc raged on, the Obama family event also hosted part-time Christian TV & film star Tyler Perry, who also openly professes Christ while supporting pro-choice candidates and having children out of wedlock; Planned Parenthood supporter and abortion activist Connie Britton; and Angela Bassett, supposedly a woman of faith who also supports pro-choice politicians.

Just prior to leaving on another taxpayer-funded European jaunt, Michelle “Uptown Funk” Obama boogied far into the night with the likes of Oprah Winfrey’s BFF Gayle King and Black-ishstar Tracee Ellis Ross.

Tracee was probably invited not only because she is Diana Ross’s daughter, but because Black-ish is the sitcom whose father character, Dre Johnson, reminded black Americans that “Sure, the other side may trot out a token black face every now and again, but the fact of the matter is, being a black Republican is something we just don’t do.”

Oh, and also on hand was one of the first lady’s favorite high-end fashion designers, Naeem Khan, as well as J. Crew’s Creative Director and President, Jenna Lyons.

Jon Bon Jovi, who is planning a Hillary 2016 fundraiser in his New Jersey backyard, was there, as was James Taylor, who, after the terrorist attack in Paris, brought liberal love and hugs to France via an acoustic rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend.”

Apparently, to be among the VIPs at the private Prince concert at the “Party Hearty While the Whole World Burns” White House function you had to be either a black Christian willing to embrace the Democrat pro-choice platform, a staunch big-money fundraising supporter, a fashion designer, a Planned Parenthood abortion activist, or just all around Black-ish.

And while the partisan bias is telling, the most unsettling part of this whole event wasn’t choosing Prince, whose hit collection includes songs like “Do Me Baby” and “Lovesexy,” as the best person to pay homage to the rich history of African-American music.

No, the most troubling part of the whole affair was the fact that the same man who said at the 2015 Grammys that “Black lives matter!” can go to the White House and play a private concert for a president who supports the funding of a procedure that in 2009 killed twice as many black babies as all the other causes of death for black people that year.

So, Prince was there to extol African-American music and reinforce the message that “Black Lives Matter.” Michelle and her daughters were there killing time and dancing to “Little Red Corvette” while the butler loaded the aircraft in preparation to fly the women like royalty to Europe.

The quasi-Christian guests were there to buoy up the belief that you can talk like the church lady and still vote pro-choice.  But most disturbing of all was the president who was there agreeing with Prince that “Black Lives Matter,” but whose radical abortion stance proves that whether it’s white lives or potential African-American musicians’ lives, he feels otherwise.

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