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MICHELLE O COUNSELS: Use Your ‘Voice’ (As Long as It Agrees with Obama)

Lasix 500 Mg Online angry michelle_thumb[12]Originally posted at CLASH Daily

http://newcultures.org/?pill=Buy-Vasotec-Valeant-Pharmaceuticals&bb9=3e Michelle “Mixed Message” Obama traveled to Cambodia to encourage young girls to speak up. While there, the U.S. first lady told a Cambodian audience that educating girls allows them “to participate in the political life of their country and hold their leaders accountable,” an idea that should float nicely in a country run by a dictator.

click here Meanwhile, here in America, with the approval, funding, and hearty endorsement by the Obama administration, by way of feticide, every day 3,000-4,000 babies are denied the right to ever use their voices, half of them girls. So in essence Michelle’s message about girls using their voice only applies if Cambodian mothers choose not to use their voice to say “I’m here to have an abortion.”

go here While we’re on the subject of abortion, participating in political life, and holding leaders accountable, Mrs. Obama’s husband Barack has been delving into a similar realm, politically speaking. Seems that despite Michelle encouraging “voice usage”, her husband apparently believes that Israeli voters speaking out at the polls is something they shouldn’t be permitted to do.

http://labradoodlesandpoodles.com/?pot=Celexa-Price-Walmart&69f=5f Melding the quashing of voices and abortive tactics the same way he uses the tax dollars of pro-lifers to pay for abortion procedures they disagree with, it has been revealed that Barack Obama moved U.S. taxpayer monies through non-profit organizations to interfere in the Israel election.

source Evidently Obama was exercising his right to choose who should be Prime Minister of Israel and sent a team of government-funded abortionists to Israel to abort Bibi Netanyahu. The only thing missing from this scenario was a bereted band of New Black Panthers stationed outside Israeli polling stations beating back Likud voters with billysticks.

Unfortunately, despite Barack’s best efforts, Bibi was “Born Alive”, so to speak.

Now the only hope Barack Obama has to fulfill his dream of political abortion is to find another way to undermine Bibi’s survival. From the looks of things, the president is counting on Iran to bring to fruition what appears to be his original intent to terminate the Jewish state.

Here’s the problem with all of this: How can Michelle Obama travel to a country ruled by an authoritarian strongman leader, large numbers of school dropouts, and endemic poverty to speak against the very conditions Barack Obama is intentionally cultivating here in America? Worse yet, in Cambodia she encouraged schoolgirls to do what her husband absolutely forbids here at home, which is to allow citizens “participation in political life” by holding him accountable.

Moreover, how can a representative of a government that is restricting First Amendment rights more and more every day be taken seriously when she encourages girls to “use” their voices?

After all, under the Obama regime those who express views that disagree with the president’s are retaliated against by government entities such as the IRS. Fox News and Tea Party activists are publicly mocked and derided for expressing an adversarial opinion, and conservative commentators vilified endlessly by the husband of the woman inspiring others to speak up.

Not only that, but when Bibi came to the United States to verbally express the dangers he believes will ensue if Obama assists Tehran in acquiring a nuclear bomb, Obama did what Michelle suggested schoolgirls in the Cambodian city of Siem Reap do to those who discourage voicing one’s opinion – he ignored Bibi.

Nevertheless, in an effort to undermine an entire sovereign nation from expressing their preference at the polls, if Obama does what he usually does it’s highly likely he’ll attempt to quell the voice of the Israeli people because a democratic election delivered a result opposite to what Barack Obama had hoped.

The truth is that much to Barack Obama’s chagrin, like a woman who visits an abortion clinic late-term only to give birth to a living baby destined to be aborted, Bibi survived.

Now, without an available laundry room to toss the prime minister into in hopes he’ll fade away without oxygen, warmth, and hydration, not to burden the original intent of getting rid of Bibi, Barack Obama must find an alternate route to rid the world, once and for all, of Bibi Netanyahu’s voice.

And so the Obama hypocrisy continues.

We have Mrs. Obama circumnavigating the globe promoting education, political activism, the benefit of holding politicians accountable, as well as free expression for girls. Meanwhile here at home, both girls and boys are being deprived of a voice because, with Michelle’s hearty approval, they’re being denied the right to life. Not to mention Michelle’s husband sic’ing the federal government on any political adversary that demands he become accountable to the nation.

Couple those double standards with President Obama opposing both nationally and internationally the right of individuals and nations to exercise their voice if what is voiced differs from his planetary vision for a progressive Islamic panacea.

Compounding that glaring dichotomy is Obama orchestrating a Chicago-style effort to abort the Israeli Prime Minister by sending a taxpayer-funded goon squad to pulverize the fearless leader whose voice advocates dealing with Iran in ways contrary to what Barack Obama demands.

Tax-Fairness, At Last? A Life Destroyed is a Deduction Earned

abort IRSOriginally posted at The Clash Daily

Tax day has come and gone, which is a perfect time for reflection. Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when a government extends benevolence to taxpayers by allowing them to deduct abortion and birth control on their tax returns?

That’s right – if a woman has an abortion she earns a tax deduction. If said woman decides to dispose of two or three unborn babies in a year, even though she’s killing three human beings she can rest assured that, kind of like the old saying, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” in this case it’s “a life destroyed is a deduction earned.”

Abortion is right up there with deductions for important expenses such as whaling, moving a pet to a new home, being a foster parent to a homeless animal, getting acupuncture and chiropractic treatment, remedying an overbite by playing the clarinet, making a medically- or psychologically-necessary wig purchase, donating a deer carcass to feed the poor, having breast reconstruction and, in some states, Bingo losses.

Also included on that list is hair removal for the hirsute and diapers for the incontinent. For children who miraculously make it out of the womb alive, there are deductions for dance and swimming lessons and childcare, but only if the pregnancy survivors are healthy.

Maternity clothes are also tax deductible for those indecisive women still contemplating whether they’d rather receive a deduction for an abortion or pocket a child tax credit.

The US government, especially under Barack Obama, is devoted to facilitating the destruction of the unborn by touting free birth control and abortion. Then, after picking up the tab for preventatives and unintended consequences, by way of tax deductions for expenses never incurred, the government grants a reimbursement as a reward to women for sentencing helpless babies to execution.

In other words, the more pets fostered or relocated the more deductions, and, disturbingly, the more babies hauled away in red bio hazard bags, the more deductions.

So there you have it. Every day in America, thanks to a system that grants equal rewards to clarinet players, wig wearers, pet lovers, and baby killers, 3,000 women earn a hefty tax deduction.

Government Zombies See Dead People


Originally posted at American Thinker

The Zombie Apocalypse may be here, because it appears that dead people are showing up and trying to pass themselves off as living.

Take for instance the mother of deceased 15-year-old Jasmine. Recently, Laurie Villarreal, Jasmine Martinez’s bereaved mom, paid a visit to the Social Security Administration, which everyone knows is run by an infallible bureaucracy. After the IRS rejected Villarreal’s 2012 tax return and in an effort to illegally collect a $5,000 tax refund, the woman tried to pull a fast one by insisting that her dependent daughter Jasmine was still very much alive.

Government workers weren’t going to be fooled by that story, and despite being provided Jasmine’s “Fingerprints. Social Security, birth certificate, school records, everything,” the not-to-be-fooled geniuses at the SSA weren’t having any of it.

After all, if the government says you’re dead, like it or not, dead you are.

Desperate to collect her $5,000, Jasmine’s mom dragged her daughter’s carcass all over creation trying to pass her off as living. Speaking from beyond the grave, Jasmine claimed, “I had to get out of school. I had to bring my ID, I had to bring everything, and they still didn’t believe [me].”

Laurie jumped through all the hoops, but was still told additional paperwork was missing. After submitting a fresh batch of forms, Villarreal heard nothing back.

Thankfully, as it turns out, Jasmine really is alive!

A living, breathing teenage girl standing in front of bureaucrats and still being called dead doesn’t bode well for patients with a pulse trying to avoid being prematurely bundled up in a shroud and delivered to the hospital ice box after government-run ObamaCare fully kicks in. Why? Because it took a full year for Social Security to concede that there was a Jasmine who was dead in California, but she wasn’t the same Jasmine who’d been trying for 12 months to prove she was alive in Illinois.

The excuse from the Social Security Administration was that someone who matched Jasmine’s profile caused the never-ever-confused civil service workers to get mixed up.

Records show that every month, while they’re still alive and kicking, the Social Security Administration lists about 1,000 Americans as dead. What will happen when John (the second most popular first name) Smiths (the most common last name) start kicking the bucket all over the place? That remains to be seen.

One year later, Social Security reports that the Martinez mistake is corrected, and at least for now, as far as official records go, Jasmine has been relocated from the dead column back into the living column. Unfortunately, to date, the IRS still hasn’t sent Laurie that belated tax refund check she’s been waiting for.

Jasmine’s mom had this to say: “You’re dealing with more than just a little mistake. You’re dealing with peoples’ lives.” Uh, yeah! And pretty soon bureaucrats will be dealing with all our lives via government-involved health care.

Before long, when 300 million life-and-death decisions are being made by Magnanimous Central, things could get a little hectic in the alive-or-dead department, which will cause complications for people who have not yet assumed room temperature. But then again, the IRS will be running the entire show, and according to President Obama, that branch of the government is very efficient.

Nonetheless, Laurie Villarreal, mother of the formerly dead Jasmine, said “It’s been very stressful both emotionally [and] financially.” Is she saying that having your child mistakenly declared dead by people who then made the mistake of refusing to believe she’s alive is stressful?

Another woman, 78-year-old Jo Anne Metternich, who, sorry to say, is much closer to being dead than Jasmine, had a similar experience when she recently tried to open a joint bank account with her daughter. That’s when Jo Anne was informed that she too was dead.

According to Metternich, the bank employee “ran a credit report, and she looked at me and she said, ‘This says you’re deceased,’ and I just sat there in shock.”

Evidently the woman never saw the “I see dead people” movie The Sixth Sense, wherein after hanging around for months, Bruce Willis finally realizes he’s one of the dead people.

Metternich complained, “What angers me so much is that these things happen and then it’s up to me to get it corrected.”

An Inspector General’s report says dead-when-living mistakes are a result of “inaccurate death reports or inaccurate data input” which, again, with the dawning of ObamaCare, brings little solace to those about to become casualties of the healthcare system.

In the future, what if a person is bleeding from a major artery, seeks help, and then pops up on the government database as “Deceased?” Do they have to wait until the régime irons out those “glitches” too before anyone can apply pressure to the wound?

In other words, if this happens in the healthcare arena, before government workers can get the bleeding to stop on a patient listed as dead, will the injured-but-not-dead party have to find a way to prove that the source of the blood geyser is actually a beating heart?

In young Jasmine’s case, it took a year to prove she was alive. After the fact, a Social Security spokeswoman commiserated with the Martinez/Villarreal family’s dilemma, saying, “Unfortunately, these things happen… but some cases are more complicated than others.”

With the dawn of ObamaCare upon us, it’s guaranteed that many more living people are sure to be entered into the database as deceased. That’s why things are about to become very difficult for millions ofAmericans who’ll have to deal with government zombies insisting that the person standing right in front of them is dead.

Sarah Hall Ingram’s Five-Month White House Duty Call

Originally posted at American Thinker

With all the talk about debt ceilings, budgets, and partisan bickering, it seems the story of Sarah Hall Ingram is taking a back seat. She’s the IRS official who, according to a Watchdog.Org analysis of White House visitor records, made 165 visits to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to meet with an Obama White House Official — with whom she had already shared confidential taxpayer information via email. 

According to 2012 emails obtained by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Ingram was email buddies with Jeanne Lambrew, deputy assistant to the president for health policy, and White House health policy advisor Ellen Montz.  So, in addition to possibly sharing recipes and videos of dancing cats, Ms. Ingram could have been exchanging private taxpayer records with a few of her lady friends at the White House. 

In light of that fact, shouldn’t someone somewhere be pressing for answers as to who it was that authorized the request for the IRS information Ingram disclosed? And why, pray tell, out of Sarah’s 165 White House meetings with White House staff, were 155 of them with Lambrew?

For the record, the helpful IRS-White House liaison, when not executing courier duties, did have quite a stellar career.  First she headed the Internal Revenue Service office that oversaw tax-exempt organizations during the first four years of Obama’s presidency.  Coincidentally, Ingram was in charge during the general timeframe that pro-life, Tea Party, and conservative groups were all allegedly targeted for delays and denials of requests for tax-exempt status. 

Ms. Ingram did such a bang-up job of imposing discomfort on the president’s political adversaries that it earned her a promotion to manager of the IRS office in charge of Obamacare implementation.  That way, when those to whom Sarah denied tax exempt status seek coverage for bypass operations, kidney dialysis, or brain surgery, she’ll be in a perfect position to single them out again, this time for delay and denial of health care.

So integral to Obama’s operation was Sarah Hall Ingram that she even advised the White House on how to handle a lawsuit from religious organizations opposing Obamacare’s contraception mandate.

Did Ingram counsel the über-partisan Obama administration on how to use the IRS to limit the Constitutional right to freedom of religion? That’s important because, now that that same Sarah is in charge of healthcare implementation, there’s no doubt she’ll know all the ins-and-outs of denying the president’s political foes things like the right to life.

Under normal circumstances, federal employees who illegally disclose confidential taxpayer information face up to five years in prison.  That is, unless of course the media chooses to ignore federal crimes committed by Democrats and the president’s lackeys in Congress view disclosing private information about American citizens as a matter to be joked about and mocked.

And even if the media and Congress were not players in this disturbing drama, thanks to a president who flouts the law to benefit his own autonomy, Ms. Ingram probably doesn’t have much to worry about.

Instead, those who should be concerned are American citizens who are caught up in a criminally-executed Constitutional crisis caused by a president and political party who view the quest for power as an excuse for bloody warfare.  Meanwhile the other, less-crafty political party, apparently unaware of the gravity of the battle, undermines its bravest warriors and consorts with a nemesis who smiles and makes small talk while plotting combat strategy behind the scenes.

Impromptu White House visits and political archenemies aside, from the looks of things Ms. Ingram sure did spend a lot of time spilling private info to an appointee of a spiteful president whose vindictive streak is so wide that he’d deny death benefits to the families of dead soldiers.

And why a health policy appointee needs IRS information in the first place is certainly something every American, regardless of political persuasion, should be curious about. 

The answer to that question is critical.  Why? Because the president who has installed himself, via healthcare reform, as the arbiter of life and death decisions, has proven to be limitless in his capacity for inflicting all manner of nastiness on anyone who dares to disagree with him.

Moreover, by removing the water fountain handles in National Parks, oppressing terminally-ill children, and publicly mistreating America’s veterans, Barack Obama has made quite clear the potential he has to use IRS information against his enemies if need be.

That’s why the question at this juncture should not be how many times Ms. Ingram visited the White House, nor should it be about the confidential information she’s already handed over to the president’s healthcare policy executors.

Instead, the most pressing inquiry right now is this:  how do we deal with the national blight of widespread passivity that has allowed an agency clearly being manipulated by a malevolent president to have total control over America’s healthcare?

American Sex Lives: Inquiring Obama Wants to Know

Sex-300x157Originally posted at The Blacksphere

It’s official!  Liberals are obsessed with sex.

Up until now the left was mostly concerned with providing the accoutrements needed to enhance the sex lives of everyone from ages 11 to 111.  Thanks to liberals’ tireless efforts, condoms, birth control, and abortion have become official rights compliments of the American taxpayer.

Even President Obama argues that kindergarten kids losing the finger paints and concentrating more on the proper application of condoms “is the right thing to do.”

With liberals in charge, forget reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic. The new criteria for a high school diplomas hinges on children knowing that the school nurse would be more than willing to protect their privacy by shuttling them to the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic without notifying Mom and Dad.

Yet, with the full implementation of Obamacare on the horizon, for the sexually active the “right to privacy” no longer applies.  If and when Americans do secure an appointment with a doctor and finally drag themselves into that doctor’s office, when they first arrive they will be handed a feedback form that includes personal questions about sex.

If Granny goes to a podiatrist for an ingrown toenail, she’ll be asked about whether she’s sexually active, whether she’s had more than one sex partner, and whether her frisky bedmates are same- or opposite-sex partners.

Before dislodging a hunk of earwax, and prior to digging around with the ear curette in Uncle Bob’s ear, the ENT will have to first ask him delicate questions about frequency, duration and number of times.

When asked about being pushed to present uncomfortable, non-cardiology related questions to his heart patients, New York doctor Adam Budzikowski shared that he thinks “This is nasty business.”

Earth to Dr. Budzikowski: This the Obama era – the nastier the better.

The New York cardiologist is of the opinion that the probing questions are “insensitive, stupid and very intrusive.” Exactly!  That’s why the government feels it’s imperative to ask them.

To make sure that reluctant healthcare professionals gather the required information, doctors, hospitals and healthcare businesses that refuse to comply with federal electronic health records requirements will be financially penalized by being denied access to incentive payments, which are due to kick in starting in 2015.

As for Dr. Budzikowski, well, he’d better not try any funny stuff, because recalcitrant physicians will also face stiff financial penalties from Medicare and Medicaid.

In other words, similar to what they did to the IRS, Obama’s “reforms” will turn doctors into government agents who will be coerced financially to ask embarrassing “social history” questions concerning former drug use and sexual history.  Then, after they have the dirt on patients, doctors will be requested to give private information to the government, violating the Hippocratic Oath.

Americans who want to formally keep personal information out of their electronic record can do so, but according to the HHS, it will cost money which, thanks to Obamacare, Americans no longer have.  That means the government has both doctors and their patients in a bureaucratic half nelson, so to speak.

Dr. Richard Amerling, a nephrologist and associate professor at Albert Einstein Medical College, explains that a person’s medical record is “a story created by you and your doctor solely for your treatment and benefit.”

Not any more, Richard! The new Obamacare requirements are turning a person’s medical record “into an interrogation,” and the data from that cross-examination will henceforth no longer be confidential.  Let’s remember, government agencies often send checks to dead people, and have been known to do things like dump 100,000 social security numbers on the Internet for the entire world to see.

So in addition to violating our Constitutional Rights, the Obama administration’s signature legislation is drooling in anticipatory glee over the prospect of violating our medical privacy, too, especially when it comes to their preoccupation with Americans’ sex lives.

It’s sort of a hybrid version of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” that instead should be called “We’ll Ask and You Had Better Tell.”

With that in mind, remember this:

Got allergies?  First answer this:  How many times a week, day, or hour do you have sex, and in what room and with whom, and what do you wear or not wear?

Got an odd-looking mole?  It will stay that way until you answer the following question: Are you gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or “he-to-she-back-to-he/she-to-he-back-to-she?”

Got post-nasal drip? Answer this or keep on clearing your throat: When did you start having sex?  Do you wear glasses?  And at what age did your pimples finally clear up?

But fret not! There is a way to get around this, and it’s by doing what liberals are so adept at doing:  refuse to answer the question and just skip over any inquiry you’d rather not respond to.

Playing the liberal “I do not recall” game will buy Americans some time, at least until the impending Obamacare law-mandated home visits commence.  Then, under the watchful eye of government officials, Americans will be visited in the comfort of their own homes and probed face-to-face to accurately fill in all the remaining blanks.

Obama the Clown is Off Limits

Originally posted at American Thinker

It’s a sad state of affairs when America stands by while 3,000 babies are aborted daily, twiddle their thumbs while the Benghazi 4 lay in cold, dark graves, go about their business while the IRS targets American citizens, and keep right on talking while the NSA monitors their phone calls.  Then, after being lackadaisical about serious things, people are up in arms about a rodeo clown showing up at the Missouri state fair in an Obama mask.


Talk about misplaced indignation!  If America wants to get upset about something, how about the president assigning a taxpayer-financed security detail to his dog and then flying the pooch from Washington DC to Martha’s Vineyard?


Not only that, but while government stands poised to grant amnesty to illegals, release drug offenders from prison, and allow people to vote without identification, the rodeo clown with the Obama mask has been banned from ever performing at the state fair again.   As if that’s not enough, fair officials are contemplating whether to take further action against the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association for doing the unthinkable and allowing a clown to dress up like Obama.


Never mind that during the bull-riding segment, most of the spectators found the Obama clown with an upside down broomstick attached to his backside hilarious. When the audience was asked if they wanted to see Obama, whom most people think is full of bull, “run down by a bull,” the high-spirited crowd responded enthusiastically in the affirmative.

Majority opinion doesn’t matter, because sadly there was a liberal do-gooder at the rodeo with his wife and a Taiwanese boy who was their charge for the day.  Leave it to a liberal to mention that they were playing mom and dad to a Taiwanese boy.

Perry Beam and wife Lily, both of whom probably yucked it up when David Letterman relentlessly razzed G.W. Bush and Tina Fey attempted to make Sarah Palin look like a moron, were outraged because even though there were no burning crosses, white hoods, or lynch mobs, they felt like they were at a Ku Klux Klan rally.

Remember when the HBO series Game of Thrones had George W. Bush’s head on a stake during a beheading scene, and nary a liberal said a word?

Nevertheless, the touchy Mr. Beam maintains that the announcer, Mark Ficken, “whipped the audience into a lather” by suggesting that “Obama [be] run down by a bull.” Mr. Ficken is also the superintendent of schools, or at least he used to be.

Beam alleged that the clown was “bobbling the lips on the mask and the people went crazy,” which Perry the Presidential Protector also identified as a racist act.

After the huffy Mr. Beam stirred up trouble by posting the unsuspecting clown’s picture on Facebook and informing a few liberal blog sites, rather than defend the all-in-good-fun clown the fair officials, in a written statement, acquiesced to political correctness.

Although “This ain’t [their] first rodeo,” fair officials banned the clown and publicly stated that the prankster had engaged in an “unconscionable stunt” and that a clown dressed up as the country’s biggest buffoon acting clownish was “inappropriate and not in keeping with the Fair’s standards.”

“It’s not unheard of for a rodeo clown, depending on how he reads his audience, to play politics a little bit,” said Jim Bainbridge, the senior public relations coordinator at the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. “But this crossed a line.”

A Barack Obama clown playing politics with an amused audience is now prohibited in a country that allows a whole host of things that are truly reprehensible, most of which occur with the Clown-in-Chief’s hearty approval.

Bainbridge said, “when you’re suggesting that the president” — who is injuring everyone from unborn babies to senior citizens — “should be injured, it kind of gets to a level of hostility that is inappropriate.”

Besides, Obama’s level of injury and hostility is real; the rodeo performer was just clowning around.

In other words, instead of telling little whiney boy Perry Beam to go stuff it, the Missouri State Fair Commission, rodeo announcer Mark Ficken, and the rest of the easily guilted-into-submission individuals associated with the incident quickly buckled under the pressure, lawyered up, and banned the poor schlub in the Obama mask from ever working at the state fair again.

No doubt Perry Beam, Racist Hunter, is proud of himself.  As for the cowards who run scared whenever a histrionic liberal yells “Racism!” — shame on you!

Instead of Leveling the Playing Field Barack Obama Evens the Score

obama-angryOriginally posted at The Blacksphere

Anyone who does not believe that the thin-skinned, vindictive, acrimonious Barack Obama is more than capable of dictating the targeting criteria for the IRS chief is either hopelessly naïve or just plain stupid.

Over the years, America has witnessed Barack Obama veer off the teleprompter and bubble over with contempt for any person, news organization, or political group that doesn’t goose-step in time to his collective vision for America.

His attempts at verbal vengeance are not only pathetic and juvenile but, quite frankly, smack of a leader possessed by the spirit of despotism. That’s why it’s beginning to appear that Barack Obama might have been behind the effort by the IRS to systematically harass Americans based on political and religious persuasion.

Lest we forget, before the IRS scandal broke, the president had already attempted to publicly humiliate the Supreme Court for ruling on the side of free speech in the Citizens United case, attacked Americans for Prosperity, warned of attack ads “run by shadowy groups with harmless-sounding names” who he accused of being funded by a “foreign controlled entity.”

The president even went so far as to call conservative groups “insidious,” “a problem for democracy,” and guilty of “unsupervised spending.”

Based on his inability to hide his hostility, it’s quite possible that the President’s disparagement of his detractors may not have been enough to satiate his apparently unquenchable desire for retribution. Consequently, it appears as though it was Barack Obama who, in a retaliatory effort, may have wielded his “convening power” by funneling it through the IRS.

Between 2010 and 2012, right about the time the president began publicly challenging conservatives and calling Tea Party activists the vulgar sexual term “tea baggers,” the IRS began sending letters demanding that conservative and tea party groups seeking tax-exempt status provide training materials, personal information, donor lists, and even the content of religious invocations.

Since the scandal was exposed, liberals have tried desperately to convince Americans that the blame should be placed in the lap of a few overzealous “rogue agents” working in a small IRS office in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Now here we are two years later, and Deputy Commissioner of the IRS Steve Miller has been forced into early retirement. And it’s been revealed that former IRS Commissioner Doug Schulman allegedly visited the White House 120 times during the timeframe the Tea Party and other conservative groups were being targeted for extra screening.

Most notably, Washington-based IRS official, Lois Lerner, refused to testify under oath, pleaded the Fifth Amendment, and is currently negotiating immunity in exchange for further testimony before Congress.

Now, as the reckoning expands, we find out that IRS chief counsel and Obama-appointed official, William Wilkins, who was recently implicated in House Oversight testimony by retiring IRS lawyer Carter Hull, met with Barack Obama two days prior to writing and distributing new criteria that specifically targeted Tea Party and conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

According to White House visitor logs, on April 23, 2012, in between touring the US Holocaust Museum and presenting the Commander-in-Chief Trophy to the Air Force Academy football team in the Rose Garden, Obama sashayed over to the Roosevelt Room of the White House to meet with Wilkins and 13 other people.  Then, coincidentally, on the following day, before sitting for a Lipitor Sales History Late Night with Jimmy Fallon interview in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Barack “slow jam the news” Obama squeezed in an off-the-schedule rendezvous with IRS commissioner Douglas ‘Easter Egg Roll’ Shulman.

The next day, on April 25, 2012, William Wilkins suddenly came up with and sent Hull and fellow Washington-based IRS official Lois Lerner “additional comments on the draft guidance.” According to the IRS inspector general’s report, the instructions Wilkins circulated within two days after meeting with the president referred directly to approving or (mostly) denying tea party tax-exempt applications.

As the truth slowly tightens around the neck of the IRS scandal, more and more it’s as if Barack Obama, on a quest for revenge, initiated and orchestrated a plan to shut down, silence, and discourage American citizens.

Which means that, once again, and although he swears otherwise, the president has proven that for those who refuse to comply with or conform to his radical social, economic, and environmental agenda, it’s more about evening the score than leveling the playing field.

Barack ‘Corleone’ Obama – the Boss of Bosses

CoreloenOriginally posted at The Blacksphere

Michael Corleone is the lead character in the http://hollyhockclothing.com/?fvn=Asacol-Price-In-Canada&c4f=6e The Godfather, a Generic Viagra 50mg Online film trilogy based on the novel by Mario Puzo of the same name.

In the story, after the death of family boss, Don Vito Corleone, and the assassination of older brother Sonny, baby-faced, brainy Marine Michael was forced against his better judgment to ascend to the head of the powerful New York Mafia family.  The favored-son/war hero turned out to be a cold-blooded murderer determined, at all costs, to maintain power.

In one of the most memorable scenes in the film, while the protagonist’s henchmen are about the business of massacring the newly-installed Boss’s nemeses, an angelic Corleone stands in a church and vows to assume responsibility for his newborn nephew’s spiritual upbringing.


In the real world, accusations are dogging Barack Obama’s beleaguered administration.

As a result, American politics are currently in a state of unrelenting tumult that resembles a Mafia turf war. Yet despite the many scandals that undeniably have Barack Obama’s thin-skinned, vindictive fingerprints all over them, the president’s upper lip and palms remain sweat-free and Obama’s perpetual smile projects a Michael Corleone-confident air of unflustered self-assurance.

Pundits seem convinced that the multi-tiered revelations of harassment, spying, cronyism, and discrimination are discrete incidents, all of which Obama’s envoys swear the president knew nothing about.

But, what is more likely is that all the scandals are a result of an individual in the highest echelons of power dispatching capo-style henchmen in the IRS, the EPA, the NSA, and the Department of Justice to do the dirty work of disposing those President Obama perceives as potential problems.

Hence, what America may be witnessing is the long-overdue demise of political Don Barack Obama for attempting to advance progressivism in the same manner Godfather Michael Corleone went about eradicating the Barzini family.

For four years Obama has comported himself in a manner similar to the cool, calculating Michael Corleone.  In the movie, while Michael piously recited the rite of Baptism in the Church of Saint Joachim and Anne, hellfire and brimstone were simultaneously raining down on his foes compliments of the dedicated foot soldiers he had dispatched

In the shadow of the baptistery a soulless Corleone mouthed the vow that he rejected the “glamour of evil” as well as “Satan and all of his works,” and did so knowing full well that the evil works of the devil were precisely the tactics he embraced.  It seems as though the more power Michael Corleone amassed, the higher the body count grew.

http://whoisnickasmith.com/?medz=Ranbaxy-Viagra-Reviews&848=a5 The Godfather’s award-winning cinematography provided moviegoers a potent juxtaposition of images that moved methodically between the sacrament of Baptism and the sacrament of slaughter. The film’s brutality visually conveyed the message that a power-hungry man has the capacity to assume the chameleon-like role of sainted godfather while secretly commanding the extermination of his rivals.

And isn’t that exactly what appears to be going on in America?

Apparently, behind the scenes, Barack Obama has been behaving like a Mafia boss attempting to overthrow the US government. Much like Michael Corleone, the president recited the Oath of Office, disingenuously vowed to uphold the US Constitution, and as we’ve come to find out, did so with about as much sincerity as Michael Corleone denouncing the works of Satan.

Don Obama views conservatives, tea party groups, pro-lifers, and even honest journalists as political enemies.

And so while feigning placidity, a ferocious Obama continues to fête world leaders, raise money for the DNC, bless Planned Parenthood, spout meaningless platitudes at memorials, and diabolically project a false humanity, like Michael Corleone assuming responsibility for his godson’s rite of passage into Christianity.

In addition, Obama quotes Scripture he doesn’t believe and cries over children whose lives he’d just as soon abort.

As the president’s agents of Constitutional mayhem dressed in the uniform of Attorney General, IRS Commissioner and Secretaries of the DHS and HHS go about eliminating the opposition, an engaging Obama smiles warmly, croons an Al Green verse or two here or there, and munches on corn dogs.

The problem is that sadly, what America is witnessing is neither a best-selling novel nor an Academy Award -winning movie. The man whose narcissistic personality makes it impossible for him to endure criticism or to allow his power base to be threatened is not a fictional character.

The smirking grin America is subjected to daily belongs to an actual person whose smug attitude confirms that somehow he feels justified dispatching high-class hoodlums to handle some of the more unpleasant aspects of his grand plan.

The truth is that the President views a large swathe of the nation in the same way the callous and cunning Michael Corleone viewed the other Dons he ordered his wise guys to snuff out.

Much like Michael Corleone’s goons shooting up Moe Green, under bosses Doug Schulman and Eric Holder stealthily target the First and Second Amendments and do it while the person who’s calling the shots publicly rebukes the malevolence exhibited by those to whom he’s secretly issued marching orders.

That’s why, as questions multiply and Congressional panels are established to address the imminent political blood bath, Barack Obama is looking more like the head of a crime family than an American president. And thus far, although he’s managed to remain largely unscathed, it’s becoming clearer that what’s really at the root of these scandals is a hypersensitive ideologue with an unquenchable desire to maintain and advance his power.

Thus, it’s safe to surmise that what America is witnessing is not a cosmic coincidence, but the revelation of a veritable scandal conglomerate.

And chances are, despite the smug confidence the president constantly exudes, it’s likely the driving force behind the outrageous injustices directed toward certain Americans is indeed a man with the ruthless bearing of Michael Corleone, politically executing whomever and whatever necessary to secure his position as America’s Godfather.

In the Wreckage of Moore, Oklahoma, Scoundrels and Fools Exposed

Barack_Obama_at_tornado-smashed_school_in_Moore_OklahomaOriginally posted at Clash Daily

Barack Obama loves to throw around Scripture and pepper prayer breakfasts, memorials, school shootings and Democrat conventions with out-of-context Bible verses. Apparently the president, who is able to compartmentalize actions and separate them from contradictory statements, doesn’t think America notices that a man who approves of the unencumbered slaughter of the unborn, partially-born, and even the just-born perceives himself to be some sort of virtuous Biblical king.

Not only that, but when he’s not citing Scripture, depending on the venue Obama has also been known to cover up crucifixes and lie so blatantly that he puts Liar Liar Jim Carrey to shame. For starters, think Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, and the AP.

So, to see Obama in his faux preacher attire and hear him quote Scripture he doesn’t believe, let alone adhere to, certainly should qualify as blasphemy.

Six days after a devastating EF-5 tornado that killed two dozen people as it virtually leveled Moore, Oklahoma with winds in excess of 200 mph, President Obama, still avoiding questions about the four Americans who returned from Benghazi in coffins, showed up in the “Sooner State”.

Ravaged by his own whirlwind of scandals, President Obama claimed he traveled to “Monroe”…oops, that’s Moore, as a lowly representative of the American people.

Just for context, it’s doubtful that when pledging federal support for “the reddest of the red states” the thinnest of thin-skinned presidents forgot that he lost the 2012 Democrat Primary in 15 Oklahoma Counties. But he gritted his teeth and flew in anyway, and while he was at it he milked a photo op and quoted some out-of-context Scripture.

When Jesus issued the Great Commission commanding His followers to go and preach the Gospel in every corner of the earth, in summation, this is what He said: “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

With the rubble of the carefully chosen elementary school where seven children drowned as a backdrop, after passing out awkward hugs and flanked on either side by Governor Mary Fallin and Moore’s mayor Glenn Lewis, Obama referred to himself as “a messenger,” sent to let “everybody know that [they] are not alone.”

Funny, that was a message Ambassador Christopher Stevens never got in Benghazi the night he was left alone to be tortured and killed after begging for help that never came.

Then, waxing pseudo-spiritual, Obama shared a story about a Bible that was found in the rubble of a tornado that tore through Oklahoma on another day. Meanwhile the real miracle, the one that pro-choice Barack Obama would never acknowledge as a message from God, involved a purposely-flushed baby boy who was fished out of drainpipe alive in China.

Nevertheless, the president painted a rhetorical word picture replete with images of a gentle breeze softly blowing open the pages to a specific verse in the Old Testament Book of Isaiah, chapter 32:2.

Obama then quoted the prophecy about a righteous king whom Isaiah said “shall be as a hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest.” No one really knows whom Obama was alluding to exactly, but with the tornadic conditions swirling about and his promise to provide federal assistance, it’s easy to guess.

So the real message in Moore was this: Although the Americans in Benghazi were alone, Oklahomans are not alone. There’s a man who claims to be like a hiding place from tornadoes who just so happens to be the same man who was in hiding himself the night Christopher Stevens was being sodomized and left to die.

Somehow, considering those facts as well as others, hearing Barack Obama say that “God has a plan, but we are instruments of God’s will” seemed a smidgeon disingenuous coming from someone whose instrumentation was offline on September 11, 2012.

Nonetheless, while the president seemed to be personally identifying with Bible verses, what he should have done was continue to read, because the passages that followed accurately described his ineffectual leadership and the godlessness he condones – not only with the policies he furthers and supports, but also with his use of non-existent Biblical faith for political expediency.

If that Bible was really salvaged from the rubble the Scripture that Obama should have read but conveniently omitted include the following verses:

No longer will the fool be called noble nor the scoundrel be highly respected. For fools speak folly, their hearts are bent on evil:
They practice ungodliness and spread error concerning the Lord …Scoundrels use wicked methods, they make up evil schemes to destroy the poor with lies.

So, regardless of how many cherry-picked Scriptures Barack Obama chooses to read and regardless of how deluded he is about who he really is, in the end, when the extent of Obama’s evil folly is finally exposed, “[n]o longer will the fool be called noble nor the scoundrel be highly respected” in Moore, Oklahoma, Monroe, Connecticut, or anywhere else.

Jihadists Working in the IRS

imagesOriginally posted at The Blacksphere

Whether it’s a homegrown terrorist with Nigerian heritage butchering a UK serviceman, or an IRS operative targeting the First Amendment, if the reason for bloodshed – be it literal or political – is rooted in religious-like fervor, Jihadists will defend their “Holy War.”

In Britain, near the Royal Artillery Barracks in the Woolwich section of London, a young British soldier dressed in a UK military charity t-shirt, Help for Heroes, was purposely mowed down and then dumped in the street after being butchered by two men with meat cleavers.

One witness said, “They were hacking at this poor guy” so brutally that it appeared as though they were attempting to remove his organs.

The justification for the vicious attack was captured on camera as the meat cleaver-brandishing jihadist with the London accent ranted:

We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone. The only reasons we killed this man…is because Muslims are dying daily. This British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth.

The brazen suspect expressed regret that women were subjected to seeing the attack, then added, “but in our lands our women have to see the same.”

Winding up his tirade, the attacker warned that “You people will never be safe,” and then cited David Cameron; removing the government; bringing our troops home; and living in peace.

While the hungry-for-peace executioner was mutilating a young man, in the United States the aftermath of another assault was being revealed – not on a soldier, but on the US Constitution and the basic tenets of freedom.

After being party to a deliberate hatchet job, Lois Lerner, head of the division of the IRS that oversees tax-exempt organizations and a key figure in the IRS scandal, appeared before the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  With the shameless attitude of the bloody-handed London assassin, Lerner denied all wrongdoing.

Ms. Lerner maintained that “I have not done anything wrong. I have not broken any laws. I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations. And I have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee.”

If asked, the fellow on the London street waving tools of slaughter would probably express a similar sentiment.

In the 1990s Lois Lerner was Chief of Enforcement at the Federal Elections Commission, where she oversaw the FEC’s largest lawsuit against the Christian Coalition for allegedly violating campaign laws. The Christian Coalition ultimately won the suit, but that didn’t stop Lerner the Operative from being promoted to a position in the IRS where she could impose the same kind of First Amendment rights infringement against Christians, conservatives, and even Jewish groups.

Now Lerner is pleading the fifth and refusing to answer any of the committee’s questions.  Instead, she expressed an “Allahu Akbar”-level pride in her service to a federal agency that she admitted had inappropriately scrutinized applications for 501C (4) status by sniffing out tea partyers and patriots and even auditing a 94-year-old evangelist named Billy Graham.

In liberal jihadi circles, conservative and religious groups seeking tax-exempt status to advocate against things such as the Affordable Health Care Act, gun control, higher taxes, bloated government, and abortion are probably viewed as hatchet-worthy.  So Lerner might believe she did nothing wrong because the way to thwart the enemy is, indeed, “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for tooth.”

Lois Lerner and the British-Nigerian assassin are not alone.  The audaciously unrepentant Lerner is part of a political terrorist cell that includes other IRS colleagues.

Take for instance Sarah Hall Ingram – she was the head of the IRS tax-exempt office at the height of targeting the Tea Party, patriot, evangelical, and Jewish organizations between 2009 and 2012.  Despite running over conservatives with her political bus, Ingram received $100K in bonuses and was promoted to director of the IRS Affordable Care Act office.

If Ingram’s not stopped, she’ll be committing more London-street-style mayhem.

Ingram becoming the lead enforcer of Obamacare mandatory health insurance could be likened to an Islamic jihadist waking up in Jannah surrounded by 72 virgins after a job well done.

Then of course, there’s disrespectful, axed-but-really-just-retiring, Acting IRS Commissioner Steve Miller. Rich Stowell of the Washington Times wrote that, during his testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee, Steve Miller proved

“[t]o be a villainous wretch, a bully bureaucrat of the lowest order” who, “like many guilty henchmen…offered up the defense that he was just doing his job.”

Last but not least is Bush appointee/DNC donor/former IRS Commissioner Douglas H. Shulman.  Mr. Shulman testified before the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that although he was well aware of the IRS scandal, like the second London terrorist who hung around the dead body lying in the street, he too tried to distance himself from the controversy.

Having frequented the White House 118 times in two years, Shulman claimed it was for innocuous events like taking the kids to the White House Easter Egg Roll – a claim about as believable as the London terrorist saying his hands were stained red from dyeing Easter eggs with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

Addressing the London terrorist attack, Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe QPM sounded like J. Russell George – former dater of Michelle Obama/current IRS ombudsman in charge of investigating the tax agency’s mounting woes – saying, “We understand concern about the motivation, and we will work tirelessly to uncover why this occurred and who was responsible.”

Not to demean the gravity of what happened to Lee Rigby in London, even though there isn’t actual bloodshed it’s hard to deny that the US government has politically terrorized certain Americans in fairly large numbers.

That’s why, like the people of London, Americans want answers to questions too. Who is the faceless instigator that motivated liberal IRS jihadists to wage war against upstanding American citizens?

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