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Originally posted at CLASH Daily. If it concerns illegal immigrants, Democratic National Committee Chairman, Tom Perez, strongly believes in sanctuary cities making sovereign decisions. On the other hand, Perez also strongly believes “That [abortion rights are] not negotiable and should not change city-by-city or state-by-state.” Judging from their 55-page, pro-abortion …

Buy Kamagra Online In The Uk

Originally posted at American Thinker. Sadly, the latest segment in Barack Obama’s national makeover includes granting access to the U.S. to immigrants with venereal diseases.  Unlike the process on New York’s Ellis Island, where early 20th-century immigrants afflicted with benign non-communicable conditions like varicose veins, hernias, and poor vision were …

Ventolin Evohaler Online

Originally posted at American Thinker. Thomas Jefferson was aware that “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Now, by doling out what little is left of America’s wealth to foreign interlopers, those that fit into the tyrant category are shaking the …

Levitra Kostenlos Online

Originally posted at CLASH Daily. Of late it seems fecal matter is everywhere. First it showed up in public pools when Cryptosporidium, a hard-to-kill bacteria, made an appearance across America. Ironically, this nasty parasite is the same fecal-to-oral microorganism travelers to Mexico are regularly afflicted with. According to an article written …

Fincar Teilen Online

Originally posted at American Thinker. President Obama defends the right of American women to abort their children and thus far has refused to denounce Planned Parenthood using “less crunchy” techniques to harvest baby body parts to help pay for Lamborghinis.  And yet, approximately 7,000 miles away, members of the Islamic …

Us Pharmacy Online Cialis

Originally posted at CLASH Daily. Being a lifelong New Yorker, I was troubled recently when I saw people who appeared to be illegal applying for public pool passes at town hall. Notwithstanding an acute awareness of the health risks associated with the recent influx of illegal immigrants, it was quite …

Celebrex Annual Sales 2011

Originally posted at CLASH Daily. Well, it’s official –illegal immigrants that were hiding in the shadows last year have come out of the shadows and are now happily walking the streets in broad daylight. And what a cultural carnival of absurdity that coming-out party is turning out to be. As …

Flagyl 500 Mg Online Pharmacy

Originally posted at American Thinker. As a “pencil protrusion” reinforcement is about to be placed on the top of the fence encircling the White House, far off on the other side of the enclosure an illegal immigrant from Guatemala was arrested for exposing himself to an eight-year-old girl in Pennsylvania. The …

Voltaren Patches Online Australia

Originally posted at American Thinker. Voilà!  In addition to handling a private/official email problem, flying coach, and carrying her own luggage, Hillary Clinton may now be able to add to her list of outstanding accomplishments singlehandedly resolving the contention surrounding immigration reform. Recently, on a tightly stage-managed listening tour Hillary, …