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Obama embraces illegals with STDs

young-illegals-obama-291f7ce33d769c5bOriginally posted at American Thinker

Sadly, the latest segment in Barack Obama’s national makeover includes granting access to the U.S. to immigrants with venereal diseases.  Unlike the process on New York’s Ellis Island, where early 20th-century immigrants afflicted with benign non-communicable conditions like varicose veins, hernias, and poor vision were denied entry, this president must think humanitarianism is best exhibited by exposing healthy Americans to foreigners with contagious genital lesions.

What’s next – based on their skill set on the open sea, Obama unilaterally invites Somali pirates to be the official captains of America’s tugboats?

In 2009, the president pulled HIV from the list of diseases that bar immigrants from coming to the U.S.  Now, according to a report issued by the nonpartisan Center for Immigration Studies, Obama’s Health and Human Services has publicly stated that the cost of handling and treating immigrants with STDs does not impact taxpayers in a significant way.

Moreover, even though, by nature, venereal disease is contagious, the Obama administration has decreed that specific communicable diseases are no longer “of public health significance.”  Unfortunately, that opinion applies only to those who are thankfully not among the victims sexually abused by one of the 2,000 illegals in Texas, who, with or without a sore on their private parts, were deported because of sex crimes.

That “not … in a significant way” guarantee comes from the same government that had a virtual non-response when undocumented workers illegally employed in places like Chipotle passed along pathogens, which, sorry to say, were likely transported into customers’ intestines via Crispy Corn Tacos contaminated with human feces.

So, if having an oozing genital sore does not prohibit a person entry into the U.S., how is the Obama administration going to ensure that immigrants, who tend to gravitate toward food service, diligently follow proper hygiene protocol after manhandling their genitalia?

They’re not.

Law 360, a website tool for those in the legal profession, reported that under the new immigration rule, despite being infected with a sexually transmitted disease, persons will still be granted entry into the U.S. with things like granuloma inguinale, which is spread through vaginal and anal intercourse; chancroid, which produces a contagious fluid; and bloody/pus-forming lymphogranuloma venereum, a bacterium common in Central and South America.

HHS maintains that although these three bacterial infections are “transmitted through sexual contact, [they] have never been common in the United States and over the past two decades are observed to be increasingly rare throughout the world.”

That said, it appears as if importing individuals afflicted with abscesses on their genitals may just be HHS’s way of assisting Obama’s ongoing effort to level the playing field.  And if that’s the case, pioneering STD sufferers with a mind to relocate will have easy access into a country where, with the government’s help, they are free to pursue a vigorous sex life.  Then, after those who are currently uncontaminated become contaminated, Barack can pat himself on the back for making another thing that’s “never been common in the United States” common.

In any case, similar health- and wealth-sharing processes have already been underway for almost eight years.  By admitting what was once inadmissible, Barack Obama’s effort to turn America into a third-world hellhole has thus far been quite effective.  For example, syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, and leprosy are still on America’s list of inadmissible communicable diseases.  Nonetheless, along with the unmonitored influx of illegals came syphilis and gonorrhea, both of which are currently on the rise.  As for leprosy, that nasty organism has officially landed, as have plagues like the deadly multi-drug-resistant  tuberculosis (MDR-TB) and death-defying super-lice.  Maybe the president’s rationale is that in the ongoing quest to dilute what little is left of American culture, citizens contracting exotic third-world diseases, or being infected with an STD from a hardworking immigrant, is a tolerable tradeoff.

In an article entitled “Obama Opens the Border to More STDs,” Jon Feere of The Center for Immigration Studies said that the administration considers the STD rule changes beneficial because physicians who would otherwise be administering physical exams on incoming immigrants “will be able to devote more time and training to other, more common and/or more serious health issues.”

That’s brilliant!  If HHS is to be taken seriously, STDs are being permitted to arrive aboard the genitals of immigrants to further the common good.  In other words, rather than wasting time running a whole battery of tests on pilgrims with penile pustules, stressed out Obamacare doctors will be freed up to focus on more severe health issues.

And just because the immigration system will be less likely to protect Americans from communicable diseases, Jon Feere writes that when it comes to STDs, Americans are “not to worry” because:

HHS … explains that these ‘primarily tropical infections can be prevented through improved personal hygiene and protected sex’ and that if you do get them, the STDs can be cured ‘with a short, uncomplicated course of antibiotic therapy.’

Wait!  Can Cipro also cure beheading?  Because that sounds reminiscent of the reasoning behind accepting Syrian refugees with the full knowledge that the incoming group will likely be infected with a smattering of saber-bearing subversives.

Either way, notwithstanding the inevitability that ISIS will probably lop off a few heads, when did providing antibiotics and hand-washing seminars to sexually promiscuous immigrants become America’s priority?  Furthermore, aren’t our veterans dying on VA waiting lists, and isn’t there an impending antibiotic shortage?

Even still, Barack Obama, who knows better, obviously feels that spending $100 million a year to care for immigrants with STDs is a great way to invest the money of those who will ultimately end up suffering as a result of yet another in a long list of imprudent policies.

And so, on the path to “fundamental transformation,” it’s nice to know that if an immigrant with a seething chancroid ulcer should happen to rape an American, the ill-fated event can be promptly remedied by an “uncomplicated course of antibiotic therapy.”

Sebelius Spares No Expense to Save Money

kathleen-sebelius-to-congress-whateverOriginally posted at The Blacksphere

Health and Human Services, headed up by the always brilliant and vivacious Kathleen Sebelius, is once again making every effort to ensure good stewardship over the 30 million Americans without healthcare.

Even if it means canceling the policies of 100 million Americans who already have insurance.

Nevertheless, in keeping with that sort of logic, in response to foreseeable expanded needs and in order to reduce already-unaffordable Affordable Care Act costs, the HHS is planning on spending $7 billion to – you guessed it – look for ways to save money.

None of this makes any sense. That’s why to understand liberal reasoning it’s best to resist the temptation to interject logic and sanity.

It helps to think like this: In order to insure 30 million uninsured people, first uninsure 100 million people who already have health insurance. Then, in order to cut costs incurred for insuring the 130 million newly-created uninsured, propose a project that will cost taxpayers $7 billion.

Got it?

In the midst of the non-functioning marketplace website and subsequent cancellation commotion as well as ongoing budgetary constraints, HHS, in conjunction with ACA’s namesake, Barack Hussein Obama, managed to secure from God-knows-who an approval to petition for bids to develop a project called Research, Measurement, Assessment, Design, and Analysis (RMADA).

According to Solicitation Number RFP-CMS-RMADA-2014, this is what RMADA demands:

The work awarded …will involve the design, implementation and evaluation of a broad range of research and/or payment and service delivery models to test their potential for reducing expenditures for Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and uninsured beneficiaries while maintaining or improving quality of care.

The contract is an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity, or IDIQ, which means work quantity and time can vary and that quantity and time will determine the price paid.

Therefore, in keeping with the existing state of affairs, a $7 billion government-approved budget will demand that every second of the allotted time be frittered away, the quantity delivered short of projections, and the quality, at best, be substandard.

If $7 billion needs to be wasted administrating Obamacare, maybe Michelle Obama can hook-up her friend Toni Townes-Whitley a second time.

Senior Vice President of CGI Federal and Princeton classmate of Mrs. Obama, Townes-Whitley’s company was awarded the no-bid contract to build the still-unworkable $678 million Obamacare website. Unfortunately, Obama’s good friend, Mark Zuckerberg, must have been unavailable for consultation. Of late Zuckerberg has turned his attention from FaceBook toward furthering a civil right called amnesty.

Nevertheless, even if Toni Townes-Whitley isn’t given another crack at screwing things up, to everyday folk who are not scholarly economists, it still seems illogical to spend $7 billion to find ways to economize on a law nobody wants. And that same law was initially enacted to insure 30 million uninsured people, many of whom are either here illegally or who have exercised their freedom to do without insurance.

Moreover, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if insuring the uninsured was what the ACA was really all about, and fiscal frugality is of the utmost concern to Obama and Sebelius, it would be wiser to invest in pharmaceutical research for new drugs, educating new doctors, or even hiring professionals to address the broken-down Obamacare website.

America should know by now that all of this discussion is moot. Why? Because unfortunately, with slow-thinking Sebelius and Obama in charge, even entertaining rational ideas becomes nothing more than a frustrating exercise in futility.

Remember we’re dealing with government officials whose idea of a noble gesture is to spend $3.4 million in stimulus funds for a tunnel under a highway to preserve the lives of slow-moving turtles: common sense and logic never intrude in their decision-making.

Nancy Pelosi: Math Genius Extraordinaire

Pelosi, House Democratic Steering and Policy Cmte Holds Hearing On MedicareOriginally posted at The Blacksphere

Under much duress, Kathleen Sebelius’ Health and Human Services (HHS) finally admitted that, as of November 2, 106K Americans had managed to enroll on the broken-down Obamacare exchange website.

Of the 106K  who braved the healthcare.gov site, 27,000 enrolled through federal exchanges. That whopping 100K+ number proves that the 30 million “less fortunate” among us who Obama claims want and need coverage must have really been clamoring to sign up.

Aren’t these 30 million the very people for whom 270 million Americans had their perfectly acceptable healthcare system destroyed? Well, where are they? And don’t 106,185 people divided by 50 states over 30 days equal about 71 people signing up per day?

In response to the big reveal, Nancy ‘Check out My Big Gavel’ Pelosi, who has already proven to have a quite flair for the dramatic, felt it was incumbent upon her to publicly comment on what she views as impressive progress in the Obamacare exchange enrollment department. Exhibiting dumbfounding math skills, Mrs. Pelosi tweeted out her Common Core arithmetic reasoning when she interpreted for America what Ms. Sebelius said:

Wait! Does that tweet with Nancy Pelosi’s face up in the corner really say half a million? Was House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D- CA) interpreting 100K to be 500K, and isn’t 500K five times as many people as Secretary Sebelius claimed had actually enrolled? And does that mean that Mrs. Pelosi actually had five times the amount of skin snipped from her face than originally suspected?

To up the enrollment ante, Nancy didn’t stop at “already secured coverage.” Prior to that, she proudly opened her tweet with: “Despite website glitches 1m have applied.”

Now here’s a question for Nancy: Does that mean that every number liberals cite is actually five times higher than what they say? For instance, in the Affordable healthcare arena, the left keeps alluding to only 5% of Americans with coverage potentially being canceled. If we apply the ‘Nancy five times more’ standard to that number, is the San Francisco liberal suggesting that 25% of those currently covered may soon find themselves without health insurance?

Even though Nancy, while shilling for amnesty, loves to chant ‘Sí se puede!’ usually liberals like her downplay the real number of illegal immigrants by quoting 11 million. So maybe Nancy would like to correct that figure and take credit for the liberal policy of open, unsecured borders causing the nation to actually be flooded with 55 million illegal immigrants.

According to USDA.gov, as of November 8, 2013, 47,666,124 Americans, thanks to Obama’s economic policies, were forced onto food stamps. Would Nancy like to impress the nation by clarifying that the liberal entitlement mentality is hoping to grow that figure five times higher, to a whopping 238 million?

How about abortion, a subject that is near and dear to Nancy’s heart? Currently, 3,000 unborn babies are aborted a day. Maybe Ms. Pelosi can prove that liberals are winning the war on women by doing everything possible to raise that figure to a more impressive 15,000 per day.

And speaking of Obamacare, based on a study by the Lozier Institute, President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul stands to bankroll between “71,000 and 111,500 abortions per year.” Maybe Nancy can stress the left’s love and concern for women’s issues by pushing to get that number up to a half million too.

As of October 2013, the unemployment rate was stagnated at around a mere 7 percent. Seeing as how Ms. Nancy is in the habit of inflating the numbers for the benefit of impressing the American public, maybe she should announce that hopefully the unemployment number will grow so that 35% of the US workforce will be unemployed.  That way even more jobless people will be able to “pursue …happiness [and] follow …passion,” while collecting unemployment insurance.

Unfortunately, laughingstock Nancy Pelosi can’t prove that the Obamacare exchange enrollment is five times higher than Kathleen Sebelius originally claimed. But what Pelosi did confirm, once again, is that liberals like her are 100% more ignorant and misleading than ever.

Medicare Reimburses the Deceased and the Illegal

greentoetag1Originally posted at American Thinker blog

The  Washington Times headline reads: “Medicare paid millions to dead patients, illegal immigrants, probe finds.”  While this subject has been broached before, it is imperative that it continue to be stressed.  Why?  Because the government reimbursing dead people and providing drug subsidies to illegal immigrants underscores the ineptitude of a bureaucracy that, despite its obvious inefficiency, is determined to make decisions that impact life and death.

Health and Human Services, the department headed up by Kathleen ‘Whatever‘ Sebelius, in a report issued by its own inspector general revealed that in 2011 Medicare paid out $23 million for dead patients and from 2009 to 2011 subsidized the cost of drug benefits for illegal aliens to the tune of $29 million.

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), also a physician, said the report was troubling because Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) had been warned there were problems five years earlier.  Not to worry — Barack Obama, the man who assured Americans that the Obamacare website launch would be ready to roll out on October 1st, can surely come up with a plan to address bankrolling medical treatment for dead people and supplying illegal aliens with free pharmaceuticals.

In the meantime, HHS investigators claim that Medicare has built-in safeguards to prevent paying dead patients, which explains why it gave away $23 million anyway.  If, when fully implemented, Obamacare makes 23 million healthcare mistakes, an error of that magnitude would affect 76.67% of the 30 million people the law was supposedly established to help.

Marilyn Tavenner, administrator for CMS — the same agency clumsily attempting to resolve the malfunctioning Obamacare website – admitted to paying dead people and illegal aliens and, like Secretary Sebelius, said the agency will try to take steps to fix the $52 million problem. Emphasis on “try.”

Ms. Tavenner conceded:

We agree that in cases where the information indicates an individual is not lawfully present in the United States, that individual should not be permitted to enroll or to remain enrolled in a Part D plan during the period where he or she is not eligible to receive federal benefits.

Yeah, Marilyn, illegals shouldn’t be permitted to enroll, and yet they are.  

Sounding like Obama chalking up the humiliating Obamacare website launch to “glitches,” the agency stressed that although 4,139 illegal immigrants filed 279,056 drug benefit claims, which amounts to 67 prescriptions each, in total the payouts were just a fraction of what Medicare pays out annually in prescription benefits.

Using that reasoning, if 4,139 individuals die annually as a result of government-run healthcare errors, expect to hear that 4,139 people are but a small percentage of those who somehow manage to survive.

The investigators explained that while CMS has policies in place that prevent illegals from getting most Medicare benefits, policies are not in place to prevent illegals from abusing the prescription drug program.  Likewise, it’s highly likely that in the future a few lifesaving healthcare policies will be in place, while others will not.

As for the dead people collecting benefits, investigators maintain that oftentimes the practice is linked to lost or incorrect dates of death.  Not only that, but over a three-year span, dead doctors were also compensated with $25 million, which works out well because when doctors and patients want to kill themselves thanks to the obstacles placed in their way by Obamacare, at least they’ll have a monetary incentive.

Senator Coburn stressed that “Every individual wrongfully awarded benefits, be it the deceased or undocumented, diverts scarce resources away from those who need it most.” That’s true, but what it also proves is that the last thing the government is equipped to do is oversee healthcare.

Barack ‘Corleone’ Obama – the Boss of Bosses

CoreloenOriginally posted at The Blacksphere

Michael Corleone is the lead character in the The Godfather, a film trilogy based on the novel by Mario Puzo of the same name.

In the story, after the death of family boss, Don Vito Corleone, and the assassination of older brother Sonny, baby-faced, brainy Marine Michael was forced against his better judgment to ascend to the head of the powerful New York Mafia family.  The favored-son/war hero turned out to be a cold-blooded murderer determined, at all costs, to maintain power.

In one of the most memorable scenes in the film, while the protagonist’s henchmen are about the business of massacring the newly-installed Boss’s nemeses, an angelic Corleone stands in a church and vows to assume responsibility for his newborn nephew’s spiritual upbringing.


In the real world, accusations are dogging Barack Obama’s beleaguered administration.

As a result, American politics are currently in a state of unrelenting tumult that resembles a Mafia turf war. Yet despite the many scandals that undeniably have Barack Obama’s thin-skinned, vindictive fingerprints all over them, the president’s upper lip and palms remain sweat-free and Obama’s perpetual smile projects a Michael Corleone-confident air of unflustered self-assurance.

Pundits seem convinced that the multi-tiered revelations of harassment, spying, cronyism, and discrimination are discrete incidents, all of which Obama’s envoys swear the president knew nothing about.

But, what is more likely is that all the scandals are a result of an individual in the highest echelons of power dispatching capo-style henchmen in the IRS, the EPA, the NSA, and the Department of Justice to do the dirty work of disposing those President Obama perceives as potential problems.

Hence, what America may be witnessing is the long-overdue demise of political Don Barack Obama for attempting to advance progressivism in the same manner Godfather Michael Corleone went about eradicating the Barzini family.

For four years Obama has comported himself in a manner similar to the cool, calculating Michael Corleone.  In the movie, while Michael piously recited the rite of Baptism in the Church of Saint Joachim and Anne, hellfire and brimstone were simultaneously raining down on his foes compliments of the dedicated foot soldiers he had dispatched

In the shadow of the baptistery a soulless Corleone mouthed the vow that he rejected the “glamour of evil” as well as “Satan and all of his works,” and did so knowing full well that the evil works of the devil were precisely the tactics he embraced.  It seems as though the more power Michael Corleone amassed, the higher the body count grew.

The Godfather’s award-winning cinematography provided moviegoers a potent juxtaposition of images that moved methodically between the sacrament of Baptism and the sacrament of slaughter. The film’s brutality visually conveyed the message that a power-hungry man has the capacity to assume the chameleon-like role of sainted godfather while secretly commanding the extermination of his rivals.

And isn’t that exactly what appears to be going on in America?

Apparently, behind the scenes, Barack Obama has been behaving like a Mafia boss attempting to overthrow the US government. Much like Michael Corleone, the president recited the Oath of Office, disingenuously vowed to uphold the US Constitution, and as we’ve come to find out, did so with about as much sincerity as Michael Corleone denouncing the works of Satan.

Don Obama views conservatives, tea party groups, pro-lifers, and even honest journalists as political enemies.

And so while feigning placidity, a ferocious Obama continues to fête world leaders, raise money for the DNC, bless Planned Parenthood, spout meaningless platitudes at memorials, and diabolically project a false humanity, like Michael Corleone assuming responsibility for his godson’s rite of passage into Christianity.

In addition, Obama quotes Scripture he doesn’t believe and cries over children whose lives he’d just as soon abort.

As the president’s agents of Constitutional mayhem dressed in the uniform of Attorney General, IRS Commissioner and Secretaries of the DHS and HHS go about eliminating the opposition, an engaging Obama smiles warmly, croons an Al Green verse or two here or there, and munches on corn dogs.

The problem is that sadly, what America is witnessing is neither a best-selling novel nor an Academy Award -winning movie. The man whose narcissistic personality makes it impossible for him to endure criticism or to allow his power base to be threatened is not a fictional character.

The smirking grin America is subjected to daily belongs to an actual person whose smug attitude confirms that somehow he feels justified dispatching high-class hoodlums to handle some of the more unpleasant aspects of his grand plan.

The truth is that the President views a large swathe of the nation in the same way the callous and cunning Michael Corleone viewed the other Dons he ordered his wise guys to snuff out.

Much like Michael Corleone’s goons shooting up Moe Green, under bosses Doug Schulman and Eric Holder stealthily target the First and Second Amendments and do it while the person who’s calling the shots publicly rebukes the malevolence exhibited by those to whom he’s secretly issued marching orders.

That’s why, as questions multiply and Congressional panels are established to address the imminent political blood bath, Barack Obama is looking more like the head of a crime family than an American president. And thus far, although he’s managed to remain largely unscathed, it’s becoming clearer that what’s really at the root of these scandals is a hypersensitive ideologue with an unquenchable desire to maintain and advance his power.

Thus, it’s safe to surmise that what America is witnessing is not a cosmic coincidence, but the revelation of a veritable scandal conglomerate.

And chances are, despite the smug confidence the president constantly exudes, it’s likely the driving force behind the outrageous injustices directed toward certain Americans is indeed a man with the ruthless bearing of Michael Corleone, politically executing whomever and whatever necessary to secure his position as America’s Godfather.

Kathleen Sebelius Advocates for GaybamaCare

Kathleen Sebelius

Originally posted at American Thinker

This is June, and Barack Obama has transformed a month that used to be about fatherhood and dragging out the barbeque into 30 days of homage to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (and Questioning) pride.  That’s right, count ’em: 30 whole days to rejoice in LGBTQ-ness.

Along with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Barack must feel it’s time that fairness be extended to the gay community.  That’s why, for those who tend toward melancholy and depression, if ever there were a time to be gay, this would be it.  Why?  Because in addition to reassuring college grads that free birth control should give them peace of mind and sharing the roster at Girl Scout conferences with late-term abortionists, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wants to commemorate LGBTQ month by making it one of her priorities to actively advocate on behalf of the sexually confused, conflicted, and/or questioning.

When not sending out clandestine e-mails on her secret Obama-established e-mail account, Mrs. Sebelius is about the important business of spreading the word that she’ll be doling out privileges to the LGBTQ community based solely on non-traditional sexual preference.  And although she doesn’t expound on exactly how they’ve been pushed to the side, Sebelius feels that “for too long … [LGBTQ people] were pushed to the side.”

To prove how committed she is to preferential treatment for homosexuals, Sebelius has refused to override a policy that will deny help to a dying 10-year-old girl with cystic fibrosis in need of a lung transplant.  Because of government regulation concerning adults getting first dibs on adult lungs, the woman who has been integral in directly benefiting victims of HIV/AIDS has declined the opportunity to intervene.

Sebelius concurs that in the case of Sara Murnaghan, it is an “incredibly agonizing situation where someone lives and someone dies.”  So in other words, if you’re 10 years old and your name is Sara Murnaghan and, through no fault of your own, you have a deadly lung disease, you will be “pushed to the side.”  On the other hand, if you’ve participated in promiscuous, risky lifestyle choices and simply refused to join the Rubber Revolution or attend Condom University, or if you’re a 12-year-old girl trapped in a 12-year-old boy’s body and desire sex reassignment surgery, by way of GaybamaCare, Kathleen Sebelius will override any policy obstacle that might stand in the way of realizing your dream to be prom queen.

In the meantime, in order to determine who the government decides will live and who the government decides will contribute to providing shovel-ready jobs for cemetery workers, a careful compilation of “gender status” queries is required, which will be included on health surveys and questionnaires.  Gone are the days of basic check-boxes that say “male” or “female.”  Now, even the “other” category no longer suffices; expansion is needed to include Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender categories.

Wait!  What about transsexuals in the process of “transitioning” from male to female who are temporarily neither male nor female?  What box do they check?  Not to mention intersex individuals, formerly known as hermaphrodites.  Where do they fit into all of this?

Nevertheless, despite the wrinkles that still need to be ironed out, if all goes well under ObamaCare, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said it is starting a new analysis that could lift the spending ban for sex-change operations for individuals requiring surgical treatment for Gender Identity Disorder.  In other words, if your pre-existing condition was a raging case of Chaz Bono-itis, you will not be penalized; you’ll be penis-ized.

In addition, standard things like preventative services, HIV screenings, vaccinations, mental health screenings, contraception (God knows why), intimate-partner violence screenings, (can people who are generally “gay” be violent?), and well-woman visits (for both males and females?) will also be part of GaybamaCare.

If you’re a homosexual, all this is wonderful.  However, Americans who are happy, but not gay in a “gay” way, may be at a bit of a loss.

Therefore, while Kathleen Sebelius is busy helping gays be gayer, here’s some survival advice: if you’re a straight guy or gal, to circumvent the obstacles in ObamaCare, in case of an emergency, invest in and never leave home without a pair of Christian Louboutins or Doc Martens — the Louboutins for the gentlemen, of course, and Docs for the ladies.

Then, one day, if by chance you should you find yourself sitting in a clinic spurting blood from a main artery and a busload of stragglers from the Gay Pride parade pull up and unload into the waiting room, to avoid being punished for the sin of being straight, slip on those Louboutins or Doc Martens.  Then, grab the nearest person of the same sex, drag them over to the triage nurse’s station, and plant a wet one on them, because starting on January 1, 2014, it looks like gender-bending footwear and passionate same-sex kissing will be a surefire ticket to the front of the Kathleen Sebelius GaybamaCare line.

Graduates Promised Contraceptive ‘Peace of Mind’

health-sec-kathleen-sebelius-100110Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

 Liberals are obsessed with sex. That obsession includes other people’s sex lives and outfitting them with all the accoutrements to ensure that sexual activity is worry-free. In the mind of a liberal, college = sex; if you’re a 14-year-old, that = sex; and even elementary school = the need to learn about sex. In the military there’s ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ sex; in the Oval Office there used to be cigar aficionado sex; and let’s face it, politics always = sex.  Not to mention the potential for illicit mayoral sex with Anthony Weiner emerging in NYC as a contender.

Now, thanks to Obamacare, which everyone already knows is all about sex, liberals are fulfilling their patriotic duty by facilitating opportunities for Americans of all ages to indulge in carefree sex.

Imagine! You’re graduating from high school or college and the President of the United States’ Health and Human Services Secretary sends congratulations your way via a HealthCare Blog post, wherein she assures you that you’ll be outfitted free of charge for an activity humans have somehow managed to master without the help of either a high school or college diploma.  Go figure.

Those are exactly the sort of salutations that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius issued when she extended kudos to the class of 2013 in a HealthCare Blog post entitled “Class of 2013: Graduate with Peace of Mind.”  Question: Since when did mindless sex have anything to do with your mind?

Either way, whether it does or it doesn’t, sex-obsessed Sebelius has promised grads “protections and benefits” that afford amorous alumni “greater control” after they remove their mortarboards.  Those “protections and benefits,” in addition to abortion on demand, include free birth control.

In the mind of a liberal like Kathleen Sebelius, having “less to worry about” doesn’t mean securing a job (because that ain’t happening) – it means having something fun to do between trips to the mailbox to pick up unemployment checks.Sebelius’s graduation 2013 post read, “Bottom line: Because of the Affordable Care Act, you’ll be able to begin this next chapter of your life with the peace of mind and security health insurance provides.” Clearly, that means despite a bleak job market and the country going bankrupt, thanks to the taxpayer-funded Affordable Care Act debauchery is still doable.

Why?  Because, according to Kathleen Sebelius, Obamacare “provides protections and benefits that give [Americans] greater control of [their] health care.” These include “requiring most insurance plans to cover proven preventive services–like birth control and certain cancer screenings–without you paying a penny.”

In her  post, Sebelius didn’t mention responsibility, success, or the future; instead the graduates of 2013 were told how Obamacare guarantees ex-students who are unemployed or without health insurance the security of remaining on their parents’ health plan until they’re 26.  Yippee!

That’s because the liberal mindset is such that mooching off Mom and Dad is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged.  It’s similar to the entitlement approach socialist types like to foster for the collective.  Therefore, if you graduate high school at 18 and choose to forego college, Sebelius is saying that as a reward you get to copulate with wild abandon for eight years compliments of the US government.

The liberal lexicon defines immaturity, focus on frivolity, and sexual promiscuity as “flexibility to make choices about your future without worrying about where you’re going to get health insurance.”  That’s why the left’s idea of “flexibility” really has more to do with positions used in activities that require free birth control than it does with worries about having or not having healthcare coverage.

So according to Kathleen Sebelius’s blog post, although employment prospects look grim, 2013 graduates need not burden themselves with spending one penny of their unemployment benefits on contraceptives.  Instead, sex-obsessed liberals, by way of Obamacare, will provide an array of contraceptive methods, sterilization, and emergency contraceptives, which will alleviate the stress of having to spend hours hanging around in abortion clinics.

In other words, if you’re younger than 26, Obamacare will give your sex life a boost by providing free birth control and, most importantly, eradicate the need to fret over incidentals like disposing of an unwanted pregnancy, finding a job, and venturing forth into the world as a full-fledged adult.

In closing, Sebelius reminded graduates that starting in 2014, health insurers cannot deny coverage “based on a pre-existing condition, like cancer, asthma, or acne, or mak[e] you pay more just because you are a woman.”

What she didn’t mention was whether repeated-abortion-damaged reproductive organs, genital herpes, antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, or Chlamydia would be considered a “pre-existing condition.”  Therefore, if sexually transmitted diseases are not game changers, then Kathleen Sebelius was definitely referring to more than graduation when she ended her 2013 post with “Congratulations on your achievement!”

Energizing the Dead – American Thinker – July 9, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

By way of Barack Obama the government is campaigning to convince 300 million Americans, give or take a few million, that bureaucrats are able to administrate, oversee and direct health care reform.    What Barry fails to mention while extracting support from mindless drones is that fraud and abuse pervade every molecule of anything within 500 feet of government.

Recently it was revealed that the federally financed, $5 billion a year, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) granted tax-payer funds from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to dead people, prisoners, and postal workers. LIHEAP is another benevolent program operating under HHS, which also oversees programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

However, instead of medical care, LIHEAP provides money to those who can’t afford to pay heating, lighting and electric bills. Good thing, because everyone knows dead people are in dire need of energy, and air conditioning is imperative for corpses to remain inoffensive.

Recently, the Government Accounting Office, better known as the GAO, conducted a study and audited “the risk of fraud and abuse in LIHEAP in certain states [for] fraudulent, improper, and abusive activity [as well as] key weaknesses in the design of LIHEAP’s internal controls framework.” In all seven states selected for review, improper payments were found in – you guessed it – all seven states.

Fraud and improper payments included everything from “invalid identity information” to benign offenses like “typographical errors.”  However, when it comes to health care reform nothing is benign. A clerk making a typo for a person seeking medical advice for the “shivers” could result in a person with the chills accidentally losing a “liver.”

Bulleted items on the GAO findings list cited: Energy funds for one year going to 11,000 deceased individuals totaling $3.9 million dollars.  In addition, 725 government-supported inmates received $370,000.00 in energy assistance dollars.

Besides financing refrigeration for the dead, LIHEAP also provided double benefits to individuals in Michigan, Maryland and Virginia.  Duplicate errors on the part of government health care providers makes HHS access to kidneys, lungs and anything else people need two of a precarious threat to human survival.

The GAO also found 1,100 federal employees that fraudulently received and pocketed monies totaling $671,000.  Federal employees of the same ilk as the ones who will be swabbing throats and administering sigmoidoscopies once health care reform is enacted.

One such case involved a Chicago-area Postal Service employee making $80,000 per year…[who]…claimed … she had no income.”  However, when pressed the woman admitted that although not entitled to benefits, “Times are tough and I needed the money.” The $80K postal worker also said that she saw “long lines” and wanted some “free money.” Can anyone say, “Obama’s going to pay the mortgageand gas up the car?”

Federal workers too dense or, worse yet, downright felonious meting out health care decisions can be likened to America submitting to emergency brain surgery administered by a first-grader with a Sawzall®.

The threat posed by HHS bureaucrats wresting the world’s finest health care from the private sector cannot be over emphasized.   A government agency that couldn’t properly identify 2,000 individuals working for the government, or identify less than 1,000 prisoners supported by taxpayer funds, is going to ably manage the well being of 300 million people?

Inevitably, government management of health care will be responsible for many tragic missteps, so many in fact that LIHEAP wasting $40 million dollars will be viewed as an enviable and efficient record. So as Nancy, Harry and Barry scrub up for national open-heart surgery, America can rest in the knowledge that after we die at least we get a check.

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