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Kermit Gosnell: Secret Hero to the Left

kermit_gosnell_APOriginally posted at American Thinker

Until the right-to-choose community fell victim to what the late late-term abortionist George Tiller called “sloppy medicine,” all was well in pro-choice America.  Then, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, proprietor and chief abortionist at the Women’s Medical Society, got busted and is now eligible for the death penalty after allegedly killing 41-year-old patient Karnamaya Mongar and murdering seven babies born alive in botched abortions.

Countless Americans falsely believe that disposing of a pre-born infant is more about women’s life choices than tiny crumpled corpses filling red biohazard bags.  Therefore, without much resistance, every day in America, 3,500 babies are aborted, discarded, and promptly carted off to the crematorium.  Now, much to the dismay of liberals, Gosnell’s murder trial is providing an up-close guided tour of a “baby charnel house” and in the process is exposing those in denial to the harsh reality that, regardless of gestational status, abortion means that babies die excruciating deaths.

It also means that, contrary to what Nancy Pelosi says, women in the throes of exercising the sacred right to choose occasionally muck up the works by dying on the floor.

Thus far, Gosnell’s wretched clinic, with its filthy speculums, jars filled with severed baby feet, and photos of female genitalia, has had a hard time piquing the interest of major news outlets.  After all, racy, sexy murderess Jodi Arias is much more intriguing than some twisted biracial abortionist carrying out Margaret Sanger’s eugenic ministry on vulnerable people of color.  Isn’t she?

But despite the left trying to suppress it, hard truth is seeping into the public consciousness and revealing that the process of abortion is indeed what the late “Tiller the Killer” called “sloppy medicine.”  Therefore, in response to public outcry, the media is being forced to feign shock over Gosnell’s flea-infested abattoir, which was home to stray felines that skulked about as women and babies lay dying on blood-stained examining tables covered with cat hair.

In addition to the deplorable conditions of the clinic, the Gosnell trial has also addressed the topic of sedation and cervical dilation, as well as vomit, urine, rivers of blood, and the proper disposal of infant cadavers — all of which, even in sterile settings, is ghastly.  The truth is that whether the public wants to face it or not, what went on at 3801 Lancaster Avenue in West Philly is akin to the federally funded feticide that is supported by a proud pro-choice president and approved of by his equally proud pro-choice constituency.

Yet even the most ardent pro-choice advocate would be hard-pressed to argue that flipping over a wriggling newborn and taking scissors to its spinal cord is not horrendous, but how much less painful is it for a 14-week-old fetus to writhe within its mother’s womb for 24 hours while being scorched to death by saline?  Or how different is it for a fragile infant to be torn apart by a suction device at 22 weeks in utero, or dismembered in the first trimester by a stainless steel scalpel?

And wasn’t it America’s renowned champion of choice, Barack Obama, who once said that caring for a child born alive in a botched abortion undermines the “original intent” of the abortion?  Hence, Kermit Gosnell’s actions could merely have been the West Philly abortionist’s way of adhering to Barack Obama’s philosophy to respect the “original intent” of the woman’s right to choose.

Who can forget the indignant racially charged comments Barack Obama made after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Gates, Jr.?  In defense of women, America’s über-concerned president even found the time between tee-offs to dial up free-birth-control shill Sandra Fluke.  Yet Kermit Gosnell packing a freezer with the body parts of fetuses has yet to elicit any response whatsoever from our self-appointed defender of minorities, women, and murdered children.

Therefore, if the president — who voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act as an Illinois senator — really does see himself as the self-appointed savior of little ones, maybe he’ll prove it by initiating a teary-eyed Sandy Hook-type memorial service for the butchered infants whose frail remains were jammed into Gosnell’s freezer.

Regardless of what Barack Obama chooses to do or not do, for lack of a better explanation, it could be that liberals have failed to speak up because deep down, some of them secretly admire Kermit Gosnell.  After all, Kermit epitomizes the post-abortion rights mentality.  The West Philly executioner even took time to master the “man-caused disaster” language of liberal-speak.  Brilliantly, Gosnell was able to downplay the horror of squirming babies dropping into toilets by calling them “precipitations,” and he referred to the brutal act of severing spinal cords as “ensuring fetal demise.”

Not only that, but wouldn’t it be a tad hypocritical for a media that supports a president who insists on funneling millions of dollars into the coffers of Planned Parenthood to turn around and openly condemn Kermit Gosnell, who served his community by killing babies for profit under the guise of providing medical care to poor women?  The only difference between the two is that Kermit’s digs were a little rougher, his victims a little older, and his freezer packed with something other than orange juice and ice chips.

So, based on the obvious lack of interest, it might be safe to assume that if poor black women and children should happen to die as the result of a botched abortion, the usually death-obsessed left isn’t all that upset.

Ultimately, Kermit Gosnell may end up being the abortion industry’s sacrificial lamb and find himself living out his remaining years on death row.  Meanwhile, what’s certain is that the always-predictable left will likely argue that henceforth, legalized killing must be carried out in cheery, hygienic, government-regulated facilities.  Then stricter mandates can be put in place to ensure that properly trained abortionists have mastered the fine art of ensuring that the mothers live and the babies destined for the biohazard bag emerge dead from the womb as intended.

The measure of a man – American Thinker Blog Post – January 17, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

During the Henry Gates Officer Crowley racial controversy there was a telling picture of Crowley assisting a disabled Henry Gates as both walked a few paces behind the ever haughty and imperious Barack Obama.   As Obama was strutting before the cameras championing racial equality, the Officer, who had been portrayed as a racist by Gates, relinquished pride and exhibited compassion for his accuser.  If what Michelle Obama professes is the truth and “actions speak louder than words,” the picture of Crowley compassionately aiding and guiding Gates down the Rose Garden steps said a mouthful. Officer Crowley’s empathy, as compared to Barack Obama’s self-obsessed concern, was evident without a word.

Yesterday, America witnessed a similar display of humbleness.  George W. Bush, criticized, mocked, humiliated, blamed and dishonored by both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, put the needs of the Haitian people before personal feelings and pride.

One of the many thousands of things Obama demeaned G.W. Bush for was his handling of Katrina.   Sharply criticizing the ex-President Obama vowed, “We must ensure that the failures of the past are never repeated.”  Then Obama has the unmitigated audacity to call the supposed failed hurricane president in to assist in the relief effort to Haiti, a disaster of mass Biblical proportion.  If Obama believed G.W. Bush was such a failure during Katrina, why enlist a bumbler in the Haitian effort? Or was Obama in need of an inclusive photo op before Tuesday’s special election in Massachusetts?

Not only did Bush respond to Obama’s invitation to assist the Haitian people, the former President  “heaped burning coals upon Obama’s head” by respectfully commending the standing President for a “swift and timely response to the disaster.” Quite the opposite from the fiery darts Obama has been lobbing for years in Bush’s direction.

For political expediency Obama continues to diminish G.W. Bush in the minds of the American people.  In response, the ex-President reciprocated by building up Barack Obama’s wounded reputation before the nation.  George W. Bush behaved like Officer Crowley; only this time Bush assisted a political cripple who may talk a good talk, but if you watch closely has trouble walking without a crutch.

In the Rose Garden lofty rhetoric came from Barack Obama before heading off to Massachusetts to campaign for Martha Coakley, while action was displayed on the part of George Bush.  To even stand there in the company of unrelenting accusers means that Bush possesses the strength of character to put aside demeaning accusations and refuse to dwell on personal feelings in order to address the needs of a devastated nation.

Speaking about America’s commitment to rebuild the Gulf Region three years after the hurricane, Obama did not squander an opportunity bolster himself by demeaning Bush.  Professing faith in skills and abilities far above the Bush administration’s failures Obama said, “The American people are watching. They need this plan to work. They expect to see the money that they’ve earned they’ve worked so hard to earn – spent in its intended purposes without waste, without inefficiency, without fraud,” which is pretty much what Obama says about everything.

In the meantime, with humility and grace G.W. Bush’s compassion and concern for the dignity of the dead and the dire circumstances of the living surpass the awkwardness of having to appear in the Rose Garden next to someone whose main concern is self.  George W. Bush, like the modest Officer Crowley, seems more than willing to walk in the shadow of hubris if it means helping Haiti.  Yesterday, George W. Bush illustrated to the people Barack claims are closely watching—the grace and character of a deferential man of integrity.

Commander-in-“Chief Speaking Bull”

wip081307President of the United States, Barack Obama oftentimes publicly articulates profound moral indignation. Speech after speech, Obama has shown deep offense for everything from corporate executive earnings and bonuses to socio-economic, racial and cultural injustice.    On occasion Obama has been known to exude righteous anger when attacked by detractors or criticized by popular news organizations. Barack Obama has exhibited ire at past administrations, political Neanderthal vice presidents and conservative leaders.

The Bible says, “For out of the overflow of his heart the mouth speaks.” Just as indignation gauges what fosters anger in a person, lack of indignation is indicative of lesser priorities.  Take for example the incident in July where, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was arrested by Cambridge police Officer Sergeant James Crowley.  Lacking a full understanding of the circumstances, Obama did not hesitate to weigh in expressing an opinion.  And when he did, out of Obama’s mouth spilled the assertion that Cambridge police, “acted stupidly.”

Taking the occasion to further articulate personal indignation against past racial offenses, Obama added that, “just as a fact,” police disproportionately stop African-Americans and Latinos. The statement “…that race remains a factor in society,” exposed a hint of indisputable heartfelt resentment on Obama’s part.

A recent event at Ft. Hood, Texas where a Muslim-American soldier screamed “Allahu Akbar” before opening fire and instantly killing and severely wounding American soldiers received quite a different reaction from Obama. Hours later, after extended comments at a Tribal Nations Conference & Interactive Discussion with Tribal Leaders, the President halfheartedly mentioned the incident, “devoting little more than 4 minutes over two separate appearances to the 13 dead and 30 wounded.”

Speaking on behalf of Native Americans Barack’s statements indicated introductions, acknowledgments, thanks and shout out’s take precedence over American soldiers being ambushed in a domestic terrorist attack. Obama’s tepid acknowledgment of the Ft. Hood episode uncovered a disturbing mouth-to-heart connection. A judicious Obama, who had zero qualms when responding to a sketchy racial incident, cautioned America to “…avoid drawing quick conclusions.”

Understandably the whole dicey incident puts Barack Hussien in a bit of a quandary.  The President openly flaunts righteous indignation about American treatment of Muslims and here a Muslim who felt “mistreated” killed a dozen American soldiers–what’s the Man of Peace to do?  Obama repeatedly entreats America to extend the, “… principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings” especially when dealing with the Muslim world.  An Islamic extremist bestows upon American soldiers the dignity of pigs being led to slaughter and the first thing Obama has to say after being apprised of the situation is, “I heard that Dr. Joe Medicine Crow was around, and so I want to give a shout out to that Congressional Medal of Honor winner. It’s good to see you.”

Obama’s superficial comments reveal a huge disconnect between the guiltless carnage of unarmed American soldiers lying in pools of blood at Ft. Hood and pre-rehearsed remarks for a Native American audience on the teleprompter.  Nothing, not even a bloodbath at an Army staging area, could break Obama’s stride in addressing deep, sincere convictions concerning the plight of North American indigenous people groups.

Sandwiched between intermittent applause, the President expressed solidarity with the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs, while Private first class Michael Pearson, of Bolingbrook, Illinois, shot in the spine and the chest, was on the operating table struggling desperately to stay alive. At the tender age of 21 Private Pearson, expired as Obama disciplined himself to stay on point and avoid distraction stating, “My understanding is that you had an extremely productive conference.  I want to thank all of you for coming and for your efforts, and I want to give you my solemn guarantee that this is not the end of a process, but the beginning of a process and that we are going to follow up.”

Fully informed of the tragedy at Ft. Hood, 19-year old Amber Bahr was being rushed to a medical facility and Francheska Velez, 21 and her unborn child were being zipped into a military issued body bag, while President Obama chose to speak about challenges that lay ahead for Native Americans. The President took time to reassure conference attendees of his priority to make certain, “…first Americans get the best possible chances in life in a way that is consistent with extraordinary traditions and culture and values.” Once again, cool composure and unhurried reaction exposed what the Bible claims is the essence of the heart.

The President spent the afternoon doing what he does best, which is separating the country into ethnic groups and calling to mind past discriminatory injustices.  Obama was working hard to destroy unity as an American policewoman, Sergeant Kim Munley singlehandedly took on Major Malik Nadal Hasan in the midst of a jihad-style execution spree.

Obama then proceeded to address the dead and wounded soldiers ambling toward the issue as an afterthought by saying “…but as some of you might have heard.” Based on what took precedence, Obama acted more like Chief Speaking Bull than Commander-in-Chief, broaching the subject of the Ft. Hood, Texas annihilation as if he was giving instructions on how to quickly access the post conference coffee and donut table.

The President’s short compulsory statement was not made with a heart filled with righteous indignation for the injustice and horror experienced by the soldiers who serve at his command.  Instead, Obama’s brief remarks were “…wildly disconnected and inappropriately light” from a man whose heart appears far from issues and people that truly matter.

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