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Mrs. Obama Schools ‘Confused and Bewildered’ Grocery Shoppers

Originally posted at American Thinker

I’m “confused and bewildered,” and here’s why: Does Michelle Obama think I’m stupid, or is she the stupid one for believing that intelligent, capable women are “defeated” by grocery shopping?

Moreover, should the wife of the person responsible for launching a health exchange website that really does have Americans, both male and female, “confused and bewildered” at best, and more likely totally “defeated,” really be teaching anyone about how to maneuver through 10 straight aisles and the perimeter of a grocery store?

Then why stop there?  There must be loads of things Michelle could teach.  How about addressing the bewildering dilemma of flossing our teeth?  Surely, the first lady could share shoe-tying techniques. Hospital corners on the bed, anyone? 

Personally, of all the Meddling Michelle annoyances, dictating to American women how to grocery shop has got to be right up there with her unsolicited breastfeeding initiative and her recommendation that women who need to know where every restroom is within a five-mile radius of home “Drink Up.”

If Michelle wants something to be confused and bewildered about in a grocery store, she should try finding an English-speaking clerk, or a cart without a bum wheel, or locating a deli line where, after waiting 45 minutes, some nudnick in a paper hat neglects to wave salami at you and ask if you’d like to sample a slice.

If I may be so bold, when was the last time Michelle Obama squeezed into a parking space at Sam’s Club, avoided a pothole in the parking lot, grabbed a shopping cart handle covered in e coli and headed for the ‘Please don’t squeeze the Charmin’ aisle? 

Nonetheless, in the White House kitchen, as an army of personal chefs creamed Michelle’s no-cream creamed spinach, the first lady held court, encircled by enlargements of the new nutrition labels soon to be on all the packages lining the shelves of America’s confusing and bewildering grocery stores. 

Mrs. Obama introduced new labels that will assist the “confused and bewildered” in the purchasing of healthy food. Because after all, how else will American women know that an apple is a healthier choice than two sleeves of Cookie Dough Oreos?

The size of the labels flanking Mrs. Obama were rivaled in size only by the colorful MyPlate Michelle unveiled in 2011, when she attempted to dictate what, where, and how much food Americans should position on their plates.

Walking her audience through an imaginary shopping experience, Michelle said: “So there you stood, alone in some aisle in a store, the clock ticking away at the precious little time remaining to complete your weekly grocery shopping, and all you could do was scratch your head,” perhaps because you’re infested with lice from taking heads-together selfies with total strangers.

You’re “confused and bewildered,” and after quelling the terror of losing your perfectly accessible and affordable health insurance, you focus long enough to “wonder, is there too much sugar in this product?” Or more realistically, “Can I afford baby food and still cover my quadrupled Obamacare premium?” 

Michelle talked of women pondering, “Is 50 percent of the daily allowance of riboflavin a good thing or a bad thing?” Well, it’s a bad thing, especially for those recently kicked off their health care plan.

Expressing what shoppers are surely wondering, FLOTUS asked, “How on Earth could this teeny little package contain five whole servings?”  But what’s really confounding Americans is how 40-hour paychecks end up so small.

The first lady told shoppers what they think, saying, “This stream of questions and worries running through your head when all you really wanted to know was, should I be eating this or not?”

No, all anyone really wanted to know was how long the torture of listening to this sort of drivel is going to plague this nation.

Michelle believes that “unless you [have] a thesaurus, a calculator, a microscope, or a degree in nutrition, [you’re] out of luck.”  Talk about “confused and bewildered,” would someone please explain what in God’s name this woman is talking about? Wouldn’t one assume that if a grownup veered down the snack aisle toward the Snyder’s Bacon Cheddar Pretzel Pieces they would be fully aware of what they were about to do?

Not according to Michelle Obama! She thinks Americans buy junk food because we can’t understand what the labels are telling us. 

That’s why, according to the first lady, shoppers feel “defeated” and give up and go back to “buying the same stuff” that we unhealthy Americans bought before Michelle Obama took it upon herself to harangue the living daylights out of us about our food choices.

Mama Obama says: “As consumers and as parents, we have a right to understand what’s in the food we’re feeding our families. Because that’s really the only way that we can make informed choices — by having clear, accurate information. And ultimately, that’s what today’s announcement is all about.”

Dollars to donuts, oops, sorry, greenbacks to gluten-free crackers, Michelle Obama doesn’t feel that way when it comes to women understanding and then making informed choices with the help of a sonogram prior to having an abortion.

So once again, duplicitous double standards reign supreme as another progressive know-it-all attempts mind control by planting the idea that without the direction of the woman in the $12K party dress, grocery shopping makes American women “confused…bewildered…[and]…defeated.”

‘Better Homes’ and a Shake Shack Burger

Originally posted at BIG Journalism

Americans are notorious for pointing out hypocrisy, especially when a religious preacher falls into sin.  Who can forget televangelist Jimmy Swaggart being caught frequenting prostitutes after crying, sermonizing and calling fire down from heaven to consume the adulterous.   After Swaggart confessed his infidelity, secular America gloated with satisfaction over a sanctimonious person falling from grace and having to endure public humiliation.

Yet, despite it being a similar type of duplicity, thus far Americans have not reacted with the same level of indignation if a public figure establishes him/herself as a lifestyle preacher and then fails live up to their own edicts.

That trend may change as Michelle Obama continues to man the pulpit as the Vicar of Victuals promoting herself as America’s authority on healthy lifestyles.  The problem Mrs. Obama faces is that, like Reverend Ted Haggard who preached against homosexuality on Sunday and played with boys on Monday, the first lady fancies herself the face of organically grown salads and then makes fried potatoes her vegetable of choice.

One would think a supposedly smart woman like Michelle Obama would know that after being chosen as the first female public figure ever to grace the cover of Better Homes and Gardens in a “fresh and healthy” interview, it might be wise to resist indulging in public food lapses.  The magazine, due out mid-July, pictures a sunny Michelle sitting at a picnic table next to a basket brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables.  The caption says:  Ideas and inspiration to help American families eat right.

The cover shot and interview were done in May.  However, since May Michelle has eaten fried fat cakes in Botswana and scarfed down 1,700 calories worth of Shake Shack fare in Washington DC.  A week prior to appearing on a magazine cover touting healthy eating and the first lady doesn’t have the sense to realize that passing on the humongous Shack burger, fries and chocolate shake might have bolstered her credibility in the “Let’s Move” Away from the Greasy Spoon campaign? Then again, Michelle did attempt to redeem her backslide by washing down globs of artery-clogging saturated fat with a super-sized Diet Coke.

In addition, Mrs. Obama is also in the process of convincing restaurants to list nutritional information on menus.  With that in mind, it’s more than fair to review Michelle’s Shake Shack lunch menu, which consisted of 1,700 calories, 98 grams of fat, and 163 grams of carbohydrates.

Seeing as how the first lady indulged in that fat-laden gastronomical Xanadu, maybe before Better Homes and Gardens hits the newsstands the editor should take precautionary measures by adding a disclaimer to the Michelle Obama health and fitness article.

At least Mrs. Obama admitted her clothes are tighter than they were in 2008 when she took up healthy, organic kale promotion as her signature issue.  In Better Homes and Gardens Michelle Obama said “that after moving into the White House she was not as active as she had been—and her clothes began to get tight.”

Although it would be generous to give the woman the benefit of the doubt, it’s unlikely that lack of exercise is the only culprit making her haute a little snug around the couture.  For the past three years the first lady has eaten her way through a NYC tasting tour, various and sundry BBQ spots, and a panoply of international cuisine. And all along the way she hasn’t failed, wherever she is, to tuck into any nearby hot fudge sundae.

Eating unhealthily and not finding the time to exercise while insisting that busy Americans working more and making less do what Mrs. Obama (with chefs, maids, 24 personal attendants and child care) supposedly doesn’t have time to do places Michelle in the same category and is as disingenuous as a preacher who decries adultery, leaves the pulpit, and meets with his paramour.

Bottom line: Mrs. Obama can eat whatever she wants.  However, she should practice what she preaches before she turns into the Jimmy Swaggart of healthy eating.  After being caught prostituting herself with a double portion of fried fat cakes, Michelle Obama should take a break from calling down upon the heads of the American public fat-free fire and Brussels sprouts brimstone.

Moreover, instead of  a reputable publication like Better Homes and Gardens swooning over Michelle’s heirloom tomatoes, which are ultimately destined to end up on the first lady’s 200-lb Hypocrite Burger, maybe the magazine should pick a cover girl whose ‘better home’ isn’t the White House and whose ‘garden’ provides organic arugula that she actually eats.


Michelle Obama’s ‘Piece of the Pie’-Chart

Posted on Renew America

Michelle Obama seems fixated on pie:  Pizza pie eaten both in the White House and outside the White House, apple pie, Thanksgiving pie, the Crust Master’s’ “dangerously good” pie, other people’s pie, and now the pie-obsessed first lady may be responsible for dismantling the food pyramid and changing it into….? You guessed it, a pie chart.

What a coincidence.  Remember when Michelle said: “The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more?”

Could it be that Mrs. “share your pie” Obama is behind purposely associating food and health with a logo that coincidentally symbolizes what Michelle suggested all Americans volunteer to do for the greater good?

The new symbol was designed to underscore a central mantra of the federal government’s healthy eating push: make half your plate fruits and vegetables. And it is expected to be a crucial element of the administration’s crusade against obesity, which is being led by the first lady, Michelle Obama.

Dr. David Kessler, a former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, called the pie plate a “major improvement over the pyramid.” Dr. Kessler is confident that “It conveys the message simply in a way that we all can understand.”

Apparently, the Food and Drug Administration, along with Mrs. Obama, are concerned that adult Americans are so nutritionally ignorant they’re unaware that squash is healthier than Twinkies.  The belief must be that without input from the federal government a large portion of Americans are destined to be victims of “Death by Chocolate.”

Kudos to the FDA for courageously saving lives by divvying up dinner plates into triangular shapes. The new pie-chart plate “consists of four colored sections.” On behalf of color-challenged adults, the hope is that the four sections are designated to be familiar primary colors.  There is one section each “for fruits, vegetables, grains and protein… Beside the plate is a smaller circle for dairy, suggesting a glass of low-fat milk or perhaps a yogurt cup.”

Referring to everyday Americans, Michelle once said: “They don’t want the whole pie,” which raises a serious concern: Is there at least room for a hunk of cheesecake on the dairy circle?

Maybe I’m overly suspicious, but the first lady’s fingerprints appear to be all over this pie – sorry, the pie chart initiative.  Last year, right around the time Mrs. Obama was busy sluicing salt and dictating portions on restaurant menus, a “group of public health experts, nutritionists, food industry representatives and design professionals were invited to a meeting in Washington where they were asked to discuss possible alternative symbols. One option was a plate.”

Because the pyramid was “widely viewed as hard to understand…several participants at the meeting said it would be better to create an improved version.”  Brought to Washington to “discuss” options, one healthy-eating professional claimed an unidentified administration official “rejected the [improved version] idea,” allegedly telling the group, “We can’t go back.”

Requesting anonymity, the pie-spy was convinced the “Marching orders were obviously to come up with something new” and the something new just coincidentally ended up being shaped like Michelle’s all time favorite:  pie.

Everyone agrees that eating healthier is a laudable goal. However, should Michelle Obama, a “tasting tour” fan who flies pizza chefs from St. Louis to the White House and whom Obama says “can afford to have as many tamales as she wants,” be the one dictating food choices and portion control with a symbol used to promote the “piece of the pie”-sharing cause of Obama-style socialism?

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