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Beer Pong Health Care Policy Tournament


The White House Beer Pong Festival plans to unfurl the red, white and blue in the form of what’s on tap.   You have the White House, a frothy Blue Moon for Sergeant Crowley and a Red Stripe brew-ski for the ever patriotic Skip Gates.   Barack Obama, thrilled with the prospect of a new found circle of drinking buddies, will break with the red, white and blue theme.  In an effort to quit smoking, the President will likely be inhaling Marlboro Lights, in lieu of  his usual Marlboro Reds, while pounding down a few golden hued Bud Lights.

Michelle Obama will intermittently be on the outskirts of the festivities toting a fabulously chique dry martini, shaken not stirred, with Jean-Marc XO Vodka and a splash of Cinzano Dry Vermouth.  While passing through to attend to her organic garden, Michelle’s martini glass will be adorned with three green olives, honoring Crowley, Skip and Barry, skewered on a gold toothpick, adorned with the Obama logo.

The President initiated this reunion between friend, and Reverend Wright aficionado, Skip Gates and the blatantly bigoted Sergeant Crowley before he realized that his pseudo attempt at racial harmony cut into his campaign to cajole Americans into accepting universal, government administered death care.  Ever the pragmatic Executive, Obama saw the conflict as a perfect opportunity to display extensive administrative experience by coming up with a way to weave together the need for a dialogue on race without losing stride in ordering a wary American public to mindlessly accept dogmatic health care options.   Privately, Obama views the meeting as a means of arm wrestling America into submission over a couple of cold ones.

Obama began preparing for the event by dismissing UAW Union workers and Rahm Emmanuel for the evening.  Obama also felt it was prudent, following the visit of the Blue Dog Democrats to the White House in recent days, to ask White House staff to conceal tire irons, empty bullet casings, ball peen hammers and battery cables returning them to the “special room” in the White House basement for the duration of picnic table gathering.  Obama realized after testing out the Gymboree that at the top of the slide and on the upswing some of those items could be seen strewn on the topside of the Resolute Desk.

In order to stay on track and in the spirit of bias, ambiguity and end of life counseling Obama decided to hold a short press conference prior to the event.  The plan is to have both Crowley and Gates at the President’s side while he chugs a beer in one swallow from the bottle. Obama will  then address alcoholism counseling and how it fits into his health care initiative.  He will proceed to demonstrate the evils of smoking and drinking by downing a another Bud Light, while smoking a few cigarettes on camera.

Obama plans to thank America for the gold star Presidential Health Insurance policy and to outline the type of limousine health care he receives on a dusty barroom type chalkboard.  He will follow up with a request for forgiveness from smokers and drinkers across America after explaining that in order to foster fairness; they will be denied care because of self-centered, self-consuming habits.  He will encourage them to continue with their habit, publicly thanking them a second time for their sacrifice in helping to keep health care costs down by continuing to smoke and drink.

Obama will also take this historic opportunity to show how “change” has truly come to Washington DC.  He is hoping the picnic table summit will provide him a vehicle to propose an innovative way of deciding whether or not the controversial health care bill will ultimately be signed into law.   Aware that there will be no apologies at the beer summit, Obama feels the issue in Cambridge, though still unresolved, can work to the benefit of the nation as a whole. Rather than have Congress and the Senate decide the particulars of the health care controversy, Crowley and Gates, after a few beers, can work it all out in a barroom style beer brawl.

Crowley will not be allowed to bring his gun or his Billy sticks to the summit and if a broil should erupt, both Obama, Michelle, and her well-toned biceps, will be permitted to assist Skippy Gates in the fray.  Obama feels this is an equitable balance as Democratic majorities persist in both the House and Senate, Michelle has slavery in her lineage and, as the President so aptly pointed out at his press conference, Blacks in America have endured a long history of injustice at the hands of law enforcement.

Early on the day of the event, Obama proposed thrashing out the health care issue on the basketball court but decided against it when Crowley protested citing both Obama and Gates are well aware that “White men can’t jump!” If Crowley and Gates are able to control their ire Obama, in an effort to settle this health care issue before the August recess, may be forced to resort to darts or possibly a friendly round of beer pong as potential policy determinants.

At the first race/health care/policy summit at the White House, Crowley and Gates may end up laughing hysterically, snorting beer out of their noses and hugging each other while proclaiming, “I love you Buddy.”  And, Obama may think he pulled another one over on naive Americans by offering up beer, fraternization and artificial bipartisan affability.  Obama, hosting his beer and bull dung tournament, should force abstemious Americans not to fall in line at the nearest health care clinic, but to rather snap out of the obsequious stupor generated by the false rhetoric foisted upon them for the last year.

Clear thinking Americans need to recognize what is going on, pack up their portable darts, reject the disingenuous manipulation, snap the American flag table cloth from beneath the Blue Moon, Red Stripe beer bottle and peanut shell littered White House picnic table, and resolve to discontinue participating in the ridiculous national sham this presidency has devolved into.

Obama’s 66.6 Elder Deathscare Initiative


Packing and cracking open a second package of Marlboro’s and in the spirit of bias, ambiguity and end of life counseling the President is stumping to gain support for his insurance reform initiative in Nursing Homes, geriatric wards and Senior Centers across America.  Traveling with him is a cheer-leading squad of 18 year old Obama girls who perform the buoyant, catchy tune “I…Rely on you to die.”

Obama has come up with some interesting possibilities to insure America remains young and vibrant.  His intent is to incite participation for the elderly to jump on-board his cattle car of rationed care and limited access. Before kicking back on an August vacation, to a $20 million dollar retreat in Martha’s Vineyard, with his own personal attending physician in tow, Obama unveiled life-ending, cost saving possibilities for elderly America

One prospect he called for is the “66.6 Initiative.”   This innovative plan includes end-of -life counseling, which will begin for everyone reaching the age of 66 and six-months.  Every American one year and six months after retirement will be granted  eighteen months to tie up loose ends, say goodbye to loved ones, put  affairs in order and come to terms with the two or three options that will insure a fairer and more equitable country for everyone sixty-five and younger.

Obama is traveling the country promoting his “sharing the wealth” ideology with seniors encouraging them that as non-useful eaters, and for the benefit of the common good, immediately following retirement they should consider buying the farm or kicking the bucket to show their commitment to hope and change and promoting events like Granny Goodbyes, where Grandma gets to say goodbye with balloons, cake, fun and frivolity.

Obama is also in the process of unveiling plans to revise the Constitution in hopes of changing the voting age to exclude anyone over the age of forty. He also announced that as an extra incentive to check out, the government, in order to help pay for health care, will be revoking senior citizen social security benefits.  This will be called the Illegal Alien Olive Branch Provision Proposal. This pitch will designate social security benefits, once funneled to those who earned them, now be reabsorbed by government to provide health care for illegal’s residing in the US.  Obama’s hope is that this will accomplish an even greater end.  He is confident that the world community will witness American empathy and understand our desire for world peace.  Obama shared in an interview,

“Let me be clear, uh… ah what better way for America to extend to the world our apologies for our relentless warmongering ways?  The monies senior citizens have earned will be the first of many olive branches of empathy, in the form of health care, to all those who come to America, albeit illegally, for a better life.”

Obama’s objective is to let seniors know that they will be contributing members of society, even after death, paying for  health care for those younger and more able to contribute to the collective.  Obama said, “Uh, um…ah seniors need to be reminded that change requires everyone’s skin in the game.  The fact that seniors have false teeth, which will no longer be covered, is a clear sign that it’s time their piece of the pie to be given to someone who can chew.”

Obama highlighted that death should not mean that seniors have to stop contributing resources to his historic vision for America.  He stated that jewelry, personal property, stocks, bonds and large jars full of loose change is always welcome.  He mentioned Michelle Obama will be sponsoring retro-fashion drives where classic fashion pieces from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s will be collected from the deceased to help raise money for those in need.

Obama proposed options to consider for anyone 66.6 years old.   He explained in a poignant, eloquent way that at 66.6 it would be in the national interest for seniors agree to depart life enthusiastically.  Choking back a tear Obama shared the story of his own grandmother Madelyn Payne Dunham who died at 86.  He shared had she decided, at 66.6, to leave this life  she would have spared his family extensive expense.  His wish was that she had been less selfish.  Obama stressed that Granny Dunham could have provided additional funds to assist his presidential campaign if she would have agreed to forgo natural death.  He recounted the things like the inconvenience of flying back and forth to Hawaii, leaving her on ice until he could bury her and the nuisance all this was to his busy schedule.  He shared that in his opinion her life lacked value, though her heart was still beating he didn’t consider her a human being and ending it 20 years earlier would have certainly been the better and less selfish “choice” on Granny Dunham’s part.

Obama explained to silent crowds that elder citizens can make final arrangements at senior friendly Elder Expiration Offices.  Patriotic seniors will be issued paperwork and can set a date to depart the planet in a dignified, self-sacrificial manner. Senior citizens have always felt that they wanted to be contributing members of society after retirement.  Obama stressed that they can bequeath to humanity by acknowledging better days are behind them and bid adieu at a local Elder Exit Office.  Obama designed leaflets explaining that each Elder Expiration participant will be enshrouded in an American flag and given the option of a free military funeral at sea or burial, saluting and standing erect in a Citizen Compaction Cemetery of their choice.

This option provides family member’s valuable tools for convincing their elder loved ones that it may be time to pack it in by adding  generous tax credit provisions. Obama highlighted the added benefit for families of senior citizens, in the form of a two year tax credit, if the older person decides to take the first option.  This choice drops cumulative tax responsibility for families of departed loved ones from 65% to 62%, which in Death Valley, California received a standing ovation.

In the Hippocratic Hemlock Option elders relinquish demands for medical care.  Everyone 66.6 years old is given open ended prescriptions for end of life drugs.  Prescriptions would be filled free of charge and without question at the time of the persons choosing.  Pharmacists will be given pay raises according to the percentage of elderly persons they persuade to fill the prescription within 30 days.  Self-sacrificial seniors will be comforted that the well-being of those they leave behind have been positively impacted by forging the option to extend their lives through tax credits and reprieves. Families of those who opt for the HHO choice will receive a small tax credit one year following the filling and fatal imbibing of the government provided prescription.

Sidetracking a bit Obama felt obliged to define “shovel ready” jobs.  He encouraged seniors that end-of-life decisions will provide shovel ready jobs for Americans who will be digging graves in the Citizen Compaction Cemeteries.  Obama assured seniors that shoveling will be done with decorum honoring those who cheerfully forfeited life for the welfare of the nation.  Obama said, “Let me be clear, what better way for seniors to leave this realm than providing shovel ready jobs for the unemployed?”

Obama, wearing a black ribbon on his lapel explained that he did so in solidarity with nationwide educational initiatives presently underway.  Obama explained scholarships will be made available for the new Dr. Kevorkian University.  Outstanding, patriotic citizens, who plan to attend, will be given many options in government funding that will cover many of the costs of their education.  Dr. K. University will have campuses in every state and will be offering degrees in very exciting fields.  End-of-life Counseling, Elder Expiration, Hippocratic Hemlock Administration, Shovel-Ready Grave Excavation, Misconstruing Medical Care Technology, Government Social Security Spending and Nursing Home Re-utilization Engineering will all be available.  Choosing a career in any of these fields will be met with government support in the form of grants, high interest loans for White students and race and ethnicity directed scholarships.

Unpatriotic seniors, who insist they don’t want to expire just yet, will be given an opportunity to live a little longer with the Obama Life Extension Option.  This option extends five years to every senior that signs over their estate, in total, to the government.  All seniors concurring transfer of life savings, property, life insurance policies and remaining pension to government control will be given five years before they will be asked to select again from the Elder Exit or the Hippocratic Hemlock options.

Obama pledged to bewildered crowds all across the nation that his intentions and concern for all Americans are pure.  Asked by a local reporter in Eerie, Indiana what his plans for twenty-years down the road were when it comes to his own 66.6 year old decision.  Smiling a large Cheshire grin and softly chuckling Obama replied, “At 65 I am planning to retire to Mombasa Kenya, land of my birth, where none of the laws I’ve foisted on all of you, apply to me.”

[This is parody]

“Barry’s Kids” Boomer Health Care Telethon


“If its pity, we’ll get some money.  I’m just giving you the facts. Pity.” Jerry Lewis, 2001

Every baby-boomer alive can probably recount the exact moment they saw  â€œcrippled” children emerge from behind the curtain on the annual Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.  Seared in our minds are visions of handicapped children in squeaky, wheel chairs haltingly struggling across stage on crutches and clanking along, before the cameras, trapped in antiquated metal and leather leg braces. In the 1950’s the impression this imagery left on children across America served to be shocking and ultimately politically formative.

Children of the fifties were insulated by fantasy.  Sitting in front of RCA television sets watching Bozo the Clown, Captain Kangaroo and Romper Room.  The most spine-tingling event was Miss Nancy looking through her Magic Mirror and calling out your name. “Romper, Stomper, Bomper, Boo, tell me, tell me, tell me do. Did all my friends have fun at play?”

Unlike today’s generation, baby-boomers were sensitized to tragedy because of lack of exposure to it.  Once a year, when Jerry Lewis hosted his telethon, boomers were made to believe handicapped children would rise from their wheelchairs and walk if they would unselfishly surrender penny rolls designated for a month’s worth of Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy.  To a generation unexposed to reality the telethon was a shocking jolt out of Leave it to Beaver land, into reality. Unbeknownst to Jerry, his telethon successfully cultivated in baby-boomers a pity response that has benefited modern day politicians.  Children born in the fifties were Jerry’s Kids too, and he taught them well.

Replete with dupe-able naivety boomers have always been a malleable bunch.  Unable to comprehend a human being staying up for 24 hours straight, the fact the Jerry Lewis willingly did so marshaled heart-felt compassion. Moreover, the telethon was personal to boomers. Sammy Davis, Jr.’s intermittent waving to the camera, while manning the phones, convinced Romper Room fans he was waving directly to them.  When harangued parents finally responded to the endless phone numbers beckoning donations, children across America experienced pride in knowing they personally were responsible for Jerry reaching his annual goal of a million dollars.

To this day, if baby-boomers hear the words, “Look at us we’re walking, look at us we’re talking,” they instantly respond with, “We who’ve never walked or talked before.” Though no one admits it, everyone anticipated the parade of children in leg braces hobbling across the stage at a Dennis James, cerebral palsy telethon, while Jane Pickens sang the remainder of the song, ” Imagine walking to the candy store! But the fight has just begun. Get behind us everyone! Your dollars make our dreams come true. Thanks to you.” Baby-boomers were transfixed as they accompanied the lovely Miss Pickens, and in the process, empathy cohorts were birthed and pity politics were born.

Fifty years later, politicians continue the custom.  They sponsor policy telethons attempting to garner support for their initiatives by using Jerry Lewis’s tactics on a pliable electorate.  Currently, a Barry’s Kids Health Care Boomer Telethon is taking place and Obama is channeling Jerry Lewis to appeal to the inner child in all of us.  Obama is well aware that with proper marketing and pressure our overly kindhearted culture could easily be convinced that government-funded health care could enable a legless bum, to successfully haul himself through a Manhattan subway directly into a six-figure job on Wall Street.

Barry’s 24-hour telethon endeavors to transform America into Cuba, Canada or Europe.  He is counting on empathetic Americans buying the lie that thanks to socialistic style medicine wheel chairs have been totally eliminated in Great Britain and Canada and none of Cuba’s los Niño’s mutilados require leg braces. “Look at us we’re laughing, we’re happy and we’re laughing.” Barry’s telethon appeals directly to baby-boomers encouraging them to offer unfettered political benefaction for universal health care with the same enthusiasm they sent crumpled dollars to Jerry’s kids.

Obama’s efforts are not about money, his telethon is a national endorsement referendum.   Waving to us from Capitol Hill is a call bank staffed with left wing, liberal Congressional and Senate Democrats.  The tote board goal isn’t a million dollars for MDS but instead majority approval for a health care initiative that is poised to devastate our economy, raise taxes, destroy quality, lessen options, ration care, slay senior citizens and be detrimental to the same kids Jerry raised millions to help.

The president needs to rally a sympathetic response in Americans in order to persuade the nation of the validity of a massive health care initiative that large portions of Americans don’t want and don’t need. Baby-boomers require persuasive convincing in the form of over-the-top cultivated telethon-type compassion.  Time to summon Barry’s Kids, a heart wrenching, minuscule sample of Americans who have experienced health care horrors.  Obama needs to parade the medically challenged before the telethon generation in hopes of moving them to call in, relinquish disbelief and parrot the “Yes We Can” health care chorus! Even though their hearts tell them they’d rather not

Obama has slammed the donation can on the counter demanding loose change.  He is overtly attempting to engulf America in pity.  The goal is to ratchet up poll numbers with people who believe they are culpable if Sally, from East Jabutchnick departs life prematurely if denied “free health care.” The target audience are those who earnestly believed the crutches of the kids with their pictures on the can would miraculously crash to the floor if buffalo nickels were sent to Jerry.

Rest assured, in Rose Garden ceremonies and Town Hall meetings Obama will be dragging a bedraggled procession of poor souls before the camera, referring to them on a first name basis, mustering a choke up and emoting lower lip bites in an attempt to foster support the same way Jerry wrested allowance from tight-fisted seven-year olds. Everyone knows the drill; Obama refers to urgently needed health care reform and then calls on some feeble person from small town USA.  He holds up a concordance sized medical record.  An invalid unsteadily leaning on a walker held together with duct tape is asked to stand.  Michelle helps them regain balance, turning, she raises a perfectly toned arm, waving and blowing kisses to weepy, blind, disabled children seated between two nurses in the gallery.

Obama is betting that the sharing of health care melodramas, coupled with standing ovations by those wearing Obama T-shirts and AMA balloon hats, will garner public backing for a single payer, government controlled system. The intent is for Barry’s telethon tote board to light up when easily stage-managed baby-boomers, caught up in emotion, shatter their piggy banks and agree to submit. American baby-boomers need to be reprogrammed to understand that Barry isn’t Jerry Lewis and we’re not his kids.

A nostalgic revisiting of Farmer Grey cartoons reveal the extent of the frustration, coercion and fantasy awaiting Americans in the form of Barry Health Care. Obama, crooning You’ll Never Walk Alone, on the Health Care Telethon circuit, promises things he can never deliver. It would be in our best interest to turn off the misfortune telethon and instead Sing Along with Mitch. Between refrains, clear-headed children of the 50’s should thank God Jerry’s kids weren’t subjected to Obama Health Care, and say a prayer that with a smidgen of serendipitous, good fortune, neither will anyone else.

Red Flag Repercussions Circa 2019


The year is 2019 and a once great nation is now a distant memory. For those who witnessed the death of Lady Liberty, reminiscing only adds additional pain to an agonizing realization that her glory was forfeited when America refused to identify obvious red flags.

In 2008 a “historic” election transpired that plunged the United States into the darkest hour in human history.  Little did her citizens know, when they were ferried along on a wave of propaganda, that its result would encumber a free country with restrictions, taxes, regulations and limitations hurling a powerful, advanced civilization backward into a primal, repressive state.

A liberal, left wing media, an articulate, crafty president and a power hungry Congress and Senate used slogans and catchphrases to intrigue the youth of a nation and captivate an easily convinced electorate. Political correctness, the race card and environmental guilt pushed an entire nation headlong into an undertow that, once drawn under, was inescapable. Like sand through open fingers the people relinquished egalitarian power.  It was then gathered and fashioned into a moat protected fortress, which King Obama entrenched himself in and refused to evacuate.

As each month passed following the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama, Americans refused to acknowledge obvious red flag caveats.  Gradually a socialistic, soft tyranny crept over the nation like a stupor anesthetizing the masses to the implication of their own apathy and inaction.

The result, negative impact on every aspect of American life.  Families suffer losses due to stringent health care policies; neighborhoods stand desolate due unbearable tax burdens. Parents point out obsolete paper money to children in museums.  And insupportable environmental policies snuff the life from disheartened inhabits who occupy streets, searching for solace in a world without comfort.

Over a decade, bit-by-bit, liberal policies were enacted while most Americans were otherwise occupied, disinterested or distracted. The nation was lulled to sleep, force-fed into a policy coma, while the president, Congress and Senate bankrupted the nation and enslaved citizens.

In 2009 politicians urgently persuaded Americans to accept government intervention as a remedy for fostered crises that they were convinced threatened their lives.  At that time, Americans were diligently laboring in a besieged economy. They were too busy to focus on the ramifications of policy initiatives being foisted upon them in the name of “change.” In down time, Americans escaped through reality television and surfing the Internet, repeatedly articulating they, “…were not into politics and their vote didn’t count!”

Liberal politicians seized the opportunity and intervened in bailouts and stimulus packages. As a result, America was ferried into a socialistic style of government before they realized what befell them. Barack Obama’s Marxist platoon of political power whores absorbed the means of production in auto, mortgage, banking, pharmaceuticals and ultimately health care.  They added “insult to injury,” by saddling the American people with a yoke of severe environmental policy.

In 2010, tax rates skyrocketed in order to cover the exorbitant cost of Obama’s government programs and budget.  Inflation from the printing of money and the national debt forced taxes to be raised to 85%, initiating a program where no one receives a paycheck.  Funds go directly to Washington DC and each family is given an equal portion of the common pot in order to further Obama’s Equality and Fairness Pay Code.

Green policies even require bedding be regulated; women are forced to collect rainwater in garbage cans to wash laundry on washboards to save water and energy.  Environmental policies demand eco-friendly appliances installed in every home along with  windows and solar panels on green-shingled roofs, which bury Americans under crippling debt.

Under oppressive financial burdens large portions of the working class have been regulated into public housing, where lights are out at 8:45 pm and communal toilets are programmed to flush once daily. Crowded, dirty, cramped, smelly and dangerous these shelters are overseen by armed Housing Czars.

Emission standards facilitate government to confiscate cars made before 2011, while regulating the number of vehicles on the road.  Since 2013, most people walk or slowly ride bicycles!  Running is fined and strictly forbidden because it causes elevated CO2 levels in the atmosphere, due to increased respiration.

Paper money is outlawed and all citizens are tattooed with a bar-code in order to buy food at designated communal co-ops.  Food allocation incorporates government-approved dietary standards.  People with chronic health issues, smokers and addicts are placed in camps, are monitored and deprived of health care. Cameras are installed everywhere and if diabetics are caught partaking of prohibited food, they are denied insulin injections.   Fines for food infractions are calculated, when the limit is met, the result is denial of services, pharmaceuticals and sustenance.

Under the Government’s Right to Choose Act, families are allotted two children and are required licenses to conceive.  After the birth of a second child forced sterilization is promptly administered. Without exception, all unauthorized or at risk pregnancies end in compulsory abortion.  Gay married couples are given credits because of their inability to reproduce, which has encouraged many adolescents to accept and acclimate themselves in response to governmental reimbursements for homosexuals.

In an effort to provide health care to “useful eaters,” the government provides limited palliative care and unlimited end of life drugs in order to save money on the elderly.  Social Security and Medicare were eliminated in 2010 with the enactment of the Obama Healthcare Hygeian policy. 

Granny Goodbyes have become more popular than birthday parties and have become part of the national fabric of life.   At age sixty-five all Americans are required to retire to Conclusion Compounds where they are forbidden to leave the premises under threat of termination.

The First Amendment of the Constitution was edited in 2011, in order to quell talk radio.  After the Fairness Doctrine was enacted free speech was eliminated, the right to peacefully assemble was forbidden and the only religion permitted is the one that recognizes Obama as a type of mortal god who provides for the public need in accordance with government largesse.  Citizens caught with sentimental relics, crucifixes, Bibles, Mass cards, yarmulkes or participating in the environmentally unfriendly nerot are penalized, fined and imprisoned.

In 2013 citizens were forced to relinquish arms after the liberal judges on the Supreme Court amended the Constitution.  Obama Civilian Commandos, who are armed now heavily patrol streets and have permission to shoot whoever is deemed a threat to the common good.

In 2014 we were absorbed into a global organization, our military was dismantled and our nuclear arms surrendered to the international community.  In an effort to demonstrate our desire to be part of the Global Equalization Agenda Obama volunteered as the titular head of the colloquium of worldwide colleagues.

In 2016 the election was canceled and democracy officially ended in the United States of America.  Barack  took full control of the government with the large band of civilian revolutionaries who were trained in the hills of Montana four years prior to the overthrow.  At that time, Obama commiserated with dictators and put his approbation on similar constitutional crises and illegal elections, an ominous red flag that Americans should have recognized, but were too busy programming the iPHONE to notice.

So, in 2019 as Barack Obama rules and reigns from the throne room of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue the memory of what our nation once was has dissipated under a cloud of wretched dogmatic tyranny.  The heavy hand of dictatorship has imprisoned an entire nation within a reformatory atmosphere of misery and hopelessness.

Oh, that we had paid attention when there was still hope for change.  Oh, that America had reacted appropriately when Obama was slowly running a “red flag” up the flag staff in place of Old Glory.

The Socialist Stoning We’ve All Been Waiting For

history_geromthumbslg4Large masses of class warfare groupies, who think those guys at the top are “making too much money” are cheering today that those wicked bank executives are finally going to be restricted from making large salaries. I’m sure many of them are hopeful that those immoral physicians are next in line to get knocked off their high salaried horses and know what it feels like down here to be a regular Joe. However, I wonder how deeply they have thought about how this situation might eventually impact their own lives?

“Fairness” and “class equality” have become the new buzz words of an Administration that believes that everyone should be meted out equal portions of provision, regardless of station or status. The Utopia of economic justice that lays ahead for all of us is long overdue. Why should some people make more money than others? Why should there be wealthy people at all? It’s just not “fair” and finally we have a President that promises hope and change, which will ultimately serve to even out the inequities that have plagued us as a malevolent, merciless nation for so long.

Bailing out troubled banks and then capping their pay serves them right for being selfish, greedy, upper class blue bloods that care only about their own bottom line. They’ve been voracious in their appetite for more-and-more, higher-and-higher salaries and that avarice has put them in a position of bankrupting themselves. It serves them right! In comes the Dudley Do-Right of economic salvation the United States Government, at the expense of the taxpayer, with a bail out that “saves” these irresponsible organizations and the fat-cats that run them from going under. What could be better then a government that saves the drowning banking system from disaster and, in turn, salvages the common citizen from catastrophic calamity?

There is a catch to all of this that the cheering proletariat’s seem to over look following on the heels of the bailout, which is the swift implementation of government regulation. When banks decided to take the bailout, they opened the door of control and Uncle Sam speedily placed his over sized spat over the door jamb, and once in, is preventing it from being closed. Desperate executives went to the government with hat- in-hand and the benevolent bestowal of bailout money filled their pots to the point that now they have no covering to protect themselves from the brow beating they are about to receive from the same assistance givers. That brow beating is about to come in the form of “…compensation reform as part of a package of stricter regulations on the financial industry… restrictions are a first step toward a larger effort to overhaul pay practices” (Earle, NY Post, 2-4-09).

No one would argue that the governments guiding principle is anything other than appropriate.  You take the money you are now compelled to follow a whole new set of rules. You join the club of government dependency and you have to follow their strategy and are then restricted by their margins. Think of it this way, the government has now become the new CEO of the companies it rescued and they get their bonuses from us, the American tax payer…fair enough!

It should be seriously well thought-out by us common folk that if government intervenes in our personal life, would they become the new nanny and we be converted into a dependent, submissive child? No climbing on the monkey bars– you might fall, no eating sweets before dinner, don’t run too fast, limited TV, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, a daily multivitamin and the proper type of friends. Would every decision we made for ourselves as an individual be relegated to the government for final say? For example, in the area of proposed universal health care, these same bureaucrats who have come down with the edict that bank CEO’s salaries are to be capped based on the government’s contribution of revenue to save their sorry asses, would they be deciding for us restrictions on our yearly health care allotment? If so, this is where “free” loses its meaning and personal costs skyrocket in the form of lives and well being.

If anyone believes that government funded health care would provide an unlimited amount of treatment, visits, drugs or procedures, if that nightmare scenario came to pass and it became a reality, these same people are in for a terrifying wake up call. The class warfare cheerleaders that are championing the capping of salaries on bad, bad bank CEO’s will be the first ones to be bewildered and flummoxed as to why their life-saving open heart surgery would not be covered and that Lipitor would be a more cost effective alternative to the price of a by-pass, which would add years to their lives.

The identical way that taking funds from government for bailouts, accepting the government’s benevolence in the area of health care assistance would carry with it the threat of restrictions, limitations and ceilings, only in this case lives are in jeopardy instead of an inflated yearly bonus package. What the boisterous crowd of proletariat, giving the thumbs down to the CEO’s, aren’t thinking through is that as elderly people themselves, they might one day be in the same arena as those CEO’s getting the thumbs down from a younger more thunderous crowd. It would make sense for the youth to feel that with limited money available for health care they would be more entitled to the funding, based on their ability to contribute to the “common good” or the perceived privilege to be granted more years based on their age. This is where Big Brother, being the Caesar, decides to rule for or against the aged crowd of “useless eaters”.

So as the gathering throng of unruly people encourages the stoning of the bank executives and welcome the government control that they believe is justified and long overdue, it would be wise to contemplate the future choices we make concerning how much power we want to relinquish to the federal government in our own lives. As we stamp our feet yelling, “Stone them, stone them” remember that sitting on the side line lies the potential for our own demise being spelled out in the sand by a system that says, “If you take from me I own and control you.” It would be prudent to consider that our loss of self-governance, in return for the perception of receiving something for nothing, may be the ruin we are encouraging for others brought headlong upon ourselves.

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