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A health care reform lesson in the problems with Toyota’s Prius – American Thinker Blog – March 12, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

Prius owners have a unique opportunity to drive a gas efficient car while making a statement on behalf of environmental consciousness. Prius drivers tend toward the type of people who likely drink organic apple juice, wear Birkenstocks and come to the grocery store with cloth satchels coldly staring down shoppers grabbing extra plastic bags.

Driving a Prius is like being an itinerant preacher with a Bible, sending a message without a word.  A Prius is a sermon on wheels, a verbal lashing on the open highway. Prius drivers love the environment, are conscious of all things natural, eat quinoa and as an added bonus, at 50 miles to the gallon, have more money to send to Moveon.org.

One particular Prius owner in my life is a liberal who spends very little on gas because most of the time his small green car is on the side of the road on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, or in the shop being repaired.  I tease my friend asking, “Why don’t you do a Fred Flintstone, cut a hole in the floor and buy a good pair of sneakers? You’ll get farther.”  And that was before self-determining Toyota Priuses began deciding the speed and direction vehicles would be taking, with or without a driver behind the wheel.

What a bummer. Prius title-holders were self-righteously tooling along, listening to the Grateful Dead, staring down gas guzzling drivers who smoke and eat McDonalds, while listening to Heavy Metal when what happens?  The Prius starts freakin’ out like a hybrid on a bad LSD trip.

On Monday it happened again, but this time with a heroic outcome.  James Sikes was driving a second-generation Prius on an eastern San Diego County freeway when, after nudging the accelerator to make a pass, the car took off despite his jamming the brake pedal the vehicle reached 94 miles per hour at one point.

It makes one wonder whether a beanie with a wind driven propeller sticking out of a sunroof could power cars without an accelerator pedal?

Leftie tree huggers should pause from taking the earth’s temperature long enough to take note of a disturbing pattern.  The Toyota Prius was sold to America in the same way health care reform is presently being peddled by Barack Obama, who of late, with open collar and rolled up sleeves, could easily be mistaken for a car salesman. Prius health care is being promoted for efficiency, savings, economy and choice.  Once behind the wheel, the Obama medical mobile is poised to smash America directly into stonewalls, like Anthony Maracchini driving a Prius in upstate New York, “after a stuck accelerator pedal ‘shot’ the vehicle forward.”

Before the gas pedal gets stuck on a faulty floor mat and America is totaled in a wreck, car salesman Barack Obama should just be left holding the promotional helium balloons standing alone in the middle of the lot.

Why? Because it’s only a matter of time before the assurance of lower emissions, gas efficiency and low cost translate into lives being threatened by a substandard product.  Like Toyota Prius, the shoddy health care policy liberals are peddling includes all kinds of promises, but after gathering speed, in the end, could be responsible for killing us all.

Emperor Obama and the Kamikaze House Democrats – American Thinker – March 11, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

“I am not going on this mission for the Emperor or for the Empire…I am going because I was ordered to.” These words were spoken by one of Japan’s first kamikaze pilots, Lieutenant Yukio Seki, after being compelled to volunteer for a suicide mission.  Though apprehensive, the pilot maintained the insight to comprehend, “Japan’s future was pale if it was forced to kill one of its best pilots.”

So it is in Washington DC as a “divine wind” blows through the nation’s capital. Although in the majority, Democrats are experiencing decreased capacity to successfully wage political war.  Disregarding plummeting polls and lost elections, which comprise a formidable opposing armada amassing on the horizon; Barack Obama remains resolute in his reluctance to surrender.

During WWII Takijiro Onishi, Vice-Admiral of the Japanese Navy faced down a huge invasion in the Philippines.  Anticipating crushing defeat, Onishi requested suicide Thunder God Corps be utilized as a surefire tactic to assure Japanese bombs made contact with American warships.  Human being guided, bomb-laden aircraft on a volatile suicide collision with enemy targets, is a tactic bomb thrower Obama may employ if he passes health care reform by detonating the “nuclear option” of reconciliation.

Presently, when it comes to health care reform, the future of the Democrat Party is as pale as Japan’s ability to prevail with 100 operational aircraft confronted by an American flotilla. In response, Obama has decided to implement a similar last-ditch effort in an attempt to “snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.” Under the command of Vice-Admiral Obama, and in an attempt to avoid a rout, Democrats are being coercively recruited to take part in assault death units.  What’s the mission?  Prevail in the President’s policy war—even if it costs political lives.

For a year now, winning the health care reform battle has been a difficult hit-or-miss undertaking for Obama.  Blue Dog Democrats and conservative Representatives in the House and Senate, aware constituents are opposed to the cost and control aspects of the sweeping health care reform bill, resist supporting Obama’s legislation.   Thus the war drags on and on as Democrats portend the scope of defeat.  As a result, Obama Onishi has requested Democrats transform themselves into health care reform “smart bombs,” sacrificing all for the cause.

“Senator Lamar Alexandar (R-Tenn) said that if Democrats push health care through under the majority only process known as reconciliation, it will be a ‘political kamikaze mission’.”  Obviously the senator uses the word “kamikaze” in a “hyperbolic or metaphorical fashion to refer to non-fatal actions which result in significant loss for the attacker, such as injury or the end of a career”—and career ending it will be!

Yet Obama considers the goal of reforming health care critical enough to warrant the sacrifice of seats in November and apparently even the Oval Office in 2012. Encouraging a pervasive self-slaughter mentality, daily Obama reminds indecisive liberals, “[t]o maintain a strong presidency, we need to pass the bill.”

President Obama pushed wavering House members to OK health-care legislation for his own political standing and for theirs, as the battle came down to a bare-knuckle brawl for votes. Obama met with groups of liberal and more conservative Democrats in the White House to try to assemble a winning coalition.

Well aware first-term presidents typically suffer party losses; the President continues to pressure Democrat troops on a mission of self-destruction saying, “I don’t want you to feel discouraged. I want you to understand that we’ve got to push that much harder.”  And so, Thunder Gods in the House and Senate strap themselves to a poorly constructed bill resembling a rickety, wood kamikaze plane, built solely to crash and burn.

Obama demands Democrats disregard generic ballot poll predictions and constituent sentiment and willingly sacrifice political life and limb for what is deemed honorable partisan death.  The result–Democrats are presently being subjected to “brutal training” similar to that of a WWII kamikaze pilot, whose preparation for death was “justified by the idea that it would instill a soldiers fighting spirit.”

Volunteering to “fall on the sword,” a nonverbal proclamation has been issued by Democrats similar to that of 24th kamikaze pilot, Commander Seki who said, “It is better to die, rather than to live as a coward.” Why is the party of Pelosi and Reid responding in such a dramatic way?  Because in an attempt to rouse pusillanimous politicians to make the ultimate sacrifice, reverberating through the hallowed halls of power the virtuous voice of the Speaker of the House can be heard.

Nancy Pelosi, whose seat is not in jeopardy, is of the opinion “[i] t will take courage to pass health care.” Pelosi posed and answered her own question saying, “But why are we here? We’re not here just to self-perpetuate our service in Congress…Time is up, we really have to go forth.”

Emperor Barack contributes further inspiration to Democrats reluctantly adjusting rising sun hachimaki’s on clammy foreheads.  Obama claims to, “[k]now some … might feel discouraged because changing the ways of Washington is hard. It’s harder than a lot of [Democrats] thought it might be. Sometimes [Democrats] feel… that it’s not possible. You might want to give up.” Obama pleaded please, “Don’t give up.”

It is not surprising discord prevails within Democrat ranks. Japan’s special suicide program was a divisive matter within Japanese military circles as well. Veteran field commanders considered the notion of one-way death missions a colossal waste of valuable lives. Nevertheless, many naysayers were eventually convinced because the kamikaze “sure-hitting attack crafts,” delivered “virtually all late war losses.” In like manner, as die hard Blue Dog ideologues refuse to self-destruct over issues like abortion language, it is probably only a matter of time before Bart Stupak (D-Mich) is persuaded to relinquish opposition and shout “banzai,” on behalf of the Democrat Party.

WWII winded down with the Japanese steadfastly believing “because they were fighting for their Emperor God, the Kamikaze would bring them deliverance at the darkest hour.” Twenty-five hundred dead human torpedoes and a lost war later, the faithful were the misguided ones.

Pausing for a moment from memorizing the inspiring health care bill and slamming back socialist warm sake while shouting “Hissatsu” for the cause—it would serve Democrats well to reacquaint with history.  “On the eve of the Japanese surrender, Takijiro Onishi ended his own life, leaving a note of apology to his dead pilots – their sacrifice had been in vain.”As Election Day draws near, the suicidal harakiri that Obamacare demands from the Democrat Party will likewise be proven futile, because in the end—it’s the American people who will eventually win this war.


Emanuel Exposed

Not since Paula Jones suggested Bill Clinton proudly possessed a “distinguishing feature” have things in Washington DC gotten tawdrier.  Why?  Because when the curtains were removed from the Congressional showers more was exposed than Rahm Emanuel’s bare butt?

Imagine your first eight weeks in Congress, in order to familiarize yourself with the territory you decide to work out in the collegial Congressional gym.  After working up a sweat you go to the locker room to find the curtains curiously removed from the shower stalls.  Looking past groups of naked men milling around in various stages of undress, you make your way toward an empty stall affording the greatest measure of privacy.

Midway through your shower you realize that standing behind you is a nude man.  Slowly you turn to see who it is.  The hot misty steam reveals the outline of Rahm Emanuel’s ballet trained frame.  Stunned, you utter the polite words, “If you would like this stall, I was just leaving.” Grabbing your soap and wrapping a towel around your waist you attempt to push past Rahm who proceeds to ram his way into the cubicle trapping you inside.  Pushing you against the tile, Emanuel screams spittle laden obscenities chiding you for daring to vote against Obama’s budget.

Sound impossible, well Eric Massa (D-NY) describes such a confrontation with Emanuel: “I am showering, naked as a jaybird, and here comes Rahm Emanuel, not even with a towel wrapped around his tush, poking his finger in my chest, yelling at me.”

Apparently, if scalding hot water, soap in the eyes and pounding half a middle finger on a nude man’s chest doesn’t do the trick, Rahm Emanuel appears willing to revisit Oliver Reed and Alan Bates wrestling naked in Women in Love to get an agenda passed.

Massa, a Democrat, claims Emanuel is the type of political animal so ferocious he “would sell his mother to get a vote. He would strap his children to the front end of a steam locomotive.” So, for Emanuel, it’s no big deal to spend afternoon’s perusing congressional locker rooms, in the buff, intimidating politicians to see things Rahm’s way.

Eric Massa charges he is being forced out of office before the health care vote because Emanuel and Obama know the Democrat, from New York’s conservative 29th district, will vote against it – whether true or not–remains to be seen.  Supposedly unbowed by the initial freshman encounter with Emanuel over the budget, Massa believes that because his is the deciding vote on Obama care, “this administration and this House leadership…will stop at nothing to pass this health care bill.” Thus an ethics investigation into allegations Massa sexually harassed one of his aides recently emerged spearheaded by individuals who climb into shower stalls with sudsy, naked men supposedly to discuss policy.

Evidently, the man at the top “with a mop,” Scarface Barry deploys underling Rahm, aka Frankie Rio to do the dirty work and to clean up loose votes vulnerable to bullying if ambushed in congressional showers.  A nude Rahm Emanuel may think he intimidates members of Congress uncomfortable with being forced to shower in curtainless stalls.  But Emanuel’s unseemly behavior exposes more than what Rahm looks like sans ballet tights– it exposes the Chicago thuggery presently at work in Washington politics.

Barry Channels Motown

Plummeting in the polls and on the precipice of losing the battle for health care reform, Barry has suspiciously been  missing from the Oval Office for hours at a time. Famous for retreating to the Southern Portico for a nicotine fix, the President couldn’t even be found under what he has renamed the Tobacco Road arches.

The mystery was recently solved when muffled music could be heard coming from the White House  garage.  Secret Service surrounded the structure and stormed the building happening upon a surprised and embarrassed Barack Obama.  Seems as though the President had been hiding in a man cave dressed in a snappy aquamarine velvet suit, a ruffled tuxedo shirt and shiny-white Vic Damone shoes practicing songs and dance steps by Motown kings like the Four Tops, Marvin Gaye and of course, the Temptations.

Depressed and unable to cope with rejection, America would be shocked to find out that when Barack Obama feels  faklempt he works through nervousness and anxiety by revisiting familiar Motown tunes.

After the President’s peculiar Motown predilection was exposed and hoping to spare the leader of the free world humiliation, shocked Secret Service personnel reacted to the discovery by spontaneously breaking into applause, which over the last year has proven to consistently soothe a savage Barry.

After a final French inhale, crushing a Marlboro on the oily garage floor a revitalized “Renegade” asked the men in navy blue if they wanted to be the first to see what he planned for the next press conference to convey to the American public innermost feelings billions of spoken words failed to express?


Stumbling around for a response, awkwardly looking at each other and uncomfortably chuckling, the stunned security detail took off dark sunglasses, removed communication earpieces, loosened dark ties and said, “Sure Renegade.  Let it rip.”

Excited to share innovative ways to communicate with the nation, teary eyed Obama first expressed confusion over the nation’s flailing opinion of him.  Then, the President solicited  affirmation shyly asking, “You guys love me, dontcha ?”

After a round of Kleenex and a long lingering group hug, uplifted the President disappeared behind a makeshift stage curtain. Changing into a tuxedo jacket Barry, who can’t quite figure out what has changed over the last year accompanied on the bongos by Eric Holder, emerged singing an apropos “What’s Going On?”

Taking a bow even  the Prince of Motown Marvin Gaye would be proud of, Obama moved on to a special sympathy inducing performance choreographed specifically to “beg” wavering Democrats to vote for health care reform. Exhibiting vulnerability Obama admitted he’s a desperate man who  “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.” Leaving  no time for a response, the President emerged in a gold outfit in memoriam of the late David Ruffin complete with over-sized, gold-tinted aviator glasses breaking right into…


Obama skilled at left hand clap and fancy left dance spins prepared to segway into the next number. Stopping only to share with befuddled observers a song he felt fully embodied the sustained downward spiral the presidency has experienced since Election Day.  Bearing a striking resemblance to Soul King, Jimmy Ruffin and being a recipient of  “love that has now departed,”  Barry asked the poignant political question, “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?”


Turning and whispering loudly behind the curtain, followed by the sound of shattered glass after which Obama said, “All right…all right calm down!” Smiling a discomfited half smile and turning again to face his audience Barry rolled his eyes, regained composure and introduced a very tall woman claiming to represent Obama supporters donned in a Mary Wells pageboy wig.  The woman pledged loudly that at all costs  she’d remain true to the man she affectionately referred to as “My Guy.”

Vowing disagreement will no longer be tolerated, Obama shared a Nancy Pelosi inspired proposal for an officially mandated national response to everything he says henceforth, called the Barry Bravo.   Calling up four reluctant Secret Service men, Obama did a run through of the “The Clapping Song.”  To set the tone, Obama insisted, whether in agreement or not, everyone enthusiastically clap along.

After retiring striped T-shirts and clam diggers the security detail backed slowly toward the door, put on sunglasses, adjusted earpieces, tightened ties and left behind Peaches and Herb under a disco ball “Shaking Their Groove Thing” — fully assured the Motown connoisseur, still crooning away in the garage, was not the one in need of protection.

This is fictional parody.

The Democrat’s Daring Dozen – American Thinker Blog – March 6, 2010

Originally posted on American Thinker

Oh the irony, Barack Obama’s health care reform baby may never reach full term.  Bart Stupak (D-Mich) is one of twelve House Democrats opposed to abortion who are willing to “kill” the bill if language isn’t changed to bar federal funding for the grisly procedure.

When asked if the Stupak“daring dozen” were willing to accept the consequences for bringing down healthcare reform over abortion? Stupak stood firm and said, “Yes. We’re prepared to take responsibility.Let’s face it. I want to see healthcare. But we’re not going to bypass the principles of belief that we feel strongly about.”

NARAL must be proud. The Michigan lawmaker epitomizes a tenet choice enthusiasts espouse; “NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Choice Action Center helps pro-choice Americans back up their beliefs with action.”

This is not the first time Rep. Bart Stupak has “backed up belief with action” when addressing abortion language contained in a health care reform bill.  Last year the Michigan Democrat stalled legislation in the House until satisfied that federal tax dollars would not fund abortions.

Listening to Obama talk, it’s clear to see that as far as Barry is concerned the health care bill is done gestating and its time to rush across the hall from labor to delivery. The President is positioning himself to make a final push for reform by “urging Congress to vote on the plan in the next few weeks even if it means passing the measure with a narrow Democratic majority and no Republican support.”

As a supporter of partial birth abortion, Barack Obama is in a difficult spot because up until the last minute, Stupak and eleven other Democrats could choose to exercise choice over party affiliation and abort a fully formed bill Barack views as perfectly healthy and viable.

Wasn’t it candidate Obama who said, “Now, part of the reason they didn’t have [the health exception for partial birth abortion] was purposeful, because those who are opposed to abortion – and I don’t begrudge that at all…they have a moral calling to try to oppose what they think is immoral?”  Which is what the Stupak dozen are doing Barry, “opposing what they think is immoral,” by submitting presidential progeny to an abortion, just prior to birth.

Politically picketing outside the Congressional clinic, the White House claims the bill does not “intend” to change current abortion laws, and “does not believe” the Senate bill, which Obama’s plan emulates, “would change the status quo.”

Health and Human Services Secretary and avid abortion rights supporter, Kathleen Sebelius, said, “This will not change the status quo on the policy of abortion. There will be no federal funding for abortion.”

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs lent support to Sebelius’ statement contending, “The president is not and will not change current federal law in dealing with abortions and healthcare.”And Stupak should accept that statement because people who advocate killing helpless babies always tell the truth?

Somehow Stupak along with other Democratic anti-abortion lawmakers remain unconvinced and worry “that legislative language will follow the blueprint of the reform bill passed by the Senate,” which Stupak claims,”Does not provide sufficient safeguards.”

Bart Stupak’s commitment to aborting Obama’s health care bill-gives new meaning to the concept of Obama supported “freedom of choice.” The irony is, a Democrat may ultimately be the one saves many unborn children from being unjustly slaughtered, and in doing so, rescues the elderly and sick from being destroyed in the future by Obama’s insidious health care reform policy.

Saints versus the Taints

If Mary Landrieu (D-La) had any influence in leading New Orleans to victory the Colts, not the Saints, would presently be in possession of the coveted Lombardi trophy.

The New Orleans Saint’s Super Bowl XLIV championship was built on the type of discipline, vision, commitment to ideals and unwavering strength Louisiana senator Mary Landrieu relinquished in the health care debate.

Viewed as “underdogs” Saints head coach Sean Payton expressed liking being in a spot where “a lot of people where picking against us.” During the health care debate Landrieu and a few other moderate Democrat senators were in a similar position. Rather than rising to the challenge Landrieu’s squad lost the game succumbing to the pressure of the majority.

Senators like Landrieu, Nelson (D-Neb), Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) and even Joe Lieberman (I-CT) were poised to block Obama, Pelosi and Reid’s attempt to make a health care goal. Running up the sideline waving to a cheering crowd Lieberman vowed he would “ultimately vote to block a floor vote on the bill if it isn’t changed first.” Lieberman was tackled and even he dropped the ball.

Mary Landrieu could learn a lesson from the team she represents.  The Saints, like little guy “blue dog” Landrieu, were “underdogs” in the midst of MVP football players.  Landrieu possessed an edge the Saints didn’t have, but rather than refusing to “abandon the city” Landrieu relinquished winning principles.  The senator yielded to bribery, back room deals and intimidation tactics administered by powerful political players locked in an impenetrable huddle.

When the game started Landrieu and company refused to acquiesce to pressure to accept a bill that included a public option. During the Senate health care debate, “few outside of Louisiana saw a victory” possible in defeating a bill no one wanted.  At that time Landrieu, part of a small team of Blue Dog Democrats, seemed willing to assume the attitude that ultimately benefited the Saints in the Super Bowl. The Louisiana senator and conservative Democrat team mates took a page from the New Orleans football champs and pledged to “rebuild together…leaning on each other” to defeat the opposing team.

Defending against the run Landrieu held the line saying, “”I am not open to a public option, however I will remain open to a compromise – a full compromise.” Rushing the passer, Landrieu continued the defense saying, “A public option is not something I support I don’t think its the right way to go.”

At halftime, rather than deciding on completing a play that would have insured a rout of the challenging team Landrieu, mere inches from the goal line, handed the ball to rivals.  Someone ambushed the diminutive player during halftime cornering her in the darkest corner of the locker room.

Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., won between $100 million and $300 million in additional federal aid for her state’s Medicaid population. The deal, secured before she cast her critical vote in favor of bringing the health bill to the floor, was immediately dubbed the “Louisiana Purchase,” though the actual Louisiana Purchase was considerably cheaper.

At one point during the Super Bowl New Orleans was behind and a “blowout” seemed inevitable.  Instead of going down in defeat the “Saints mounted a comeback.” As a representative of her state as well as having the whole nation as a cheerleading squad, Landrieu too had power to “turn the [health care reform] tide.” Unlike the indomitable Saints, Landrieu submitted to political ploys offered by a team who otherwise was easily defeatable.

Threatened by levees breaking and suffering a Super Bowl XLIV defeat at one point during the game the Saints astutely recognized a huge flaw in the Colt’s alignment. Democrats, pushing healthcare, also realized Landrieu was not championship material with an “alignment flaw” of her own. If Landrieu had delivered a well-placed Morstead onside kick, the Louisiana senator could have accomplished a legislative field goal—Mary chose to sit on the Astroturf, selling out victory for a pseudo trophy stuffed to overflowing with dirty money.

Instead of exhibiting New Orleans determination by sending Barry, Harry and Nancy “spinning awkwardly to the turf at midfield…returning an interception” and “clinching the score,” Mary Landrieu surrendered, walking off the field handing the ball and the game to the liberal team.

After winning the Super Bowl in Miami, quarterback Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints said, “We believed in ourselves, and we knew that we had an entire city and maybe an entire country behind us.”  So did Landrieu when she stood against the Democrat health care proposal.  While the Saints delivered Landrieu disappointed. The Saints, “long derided as the Aints for their futility” won the Super Bowl passing the Louisiana uselessness baton to Senator Landrieu, who henceforth bears the name Queen of the Taints.

Senator Landrieu invited humiliation instead of confetti down on her political reputation. Big Easy, Landrieu tearfully defending herself told the Senate, “I don’t need this job badly enough – maybe some people do, I don’t – to throw the people of my state under the bus to protect myself politically.

Maybe Landrieu could explain why she forfeited clear access to the goal line and failed to send the opposing team to the lockers in defeat? Now after forfeiting a very doable “fourth-quarter thrashing,” Mary changed jerseys and assists President Obama’s continued commitment [God help us all] to, “fighting for legislation…to bring more stability and security to folks who are in our health care system.’

Landrieu told critics singing in unison “We Won’t Get Fooled Again” to “Keep their mouths shut.” Battered and defensive Landrieu justified poor decisions to constituents seated in bleachers all disappointed by a star player’s lack of good judgment–booing rather than waving  “World Champ” banners.

“Who’s Dat?” is the only remotely valid question to ask about a senator fallen from atop the Mardi Gras float.  Mary Landrieu, the advocate who months ago emerged from below murky Gulf waters in defense of the American people, has since transformed into someone more at home working Bourbon Street than bearing the title of MVP in the big on-going health care reform game.

Dr. Yank-US is in the White House

Three_stooges_doctor_smallIf America is wondering what health care will be like under the Obamacare overlords this is a small sample of what to expect.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcELyKkOAak [/youtube]

Three Socialist Stooges, Barry, Harry and “Born Dizzy” Nancy are imposing policy on America that can only be likened to Moe, Larry and Curly pulling a tooth out of a cataleptic America intoxicated with Obama rhetoric like a patient high on nitrous oxide.

On Election Day we were knocked unconscious by the mallet of “hope and change” and promptly relegated to a dental chair in Dr. I. Yankum’s office.  Since day one, an anesthetized America has been systematically worked over by a crew of vicious amateurs, pretending to know what they’re doing.

America willingly submitted to a window washer fronting as an oral surgeon because of perceived pain. And now “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Larry and Curly,” Obama remains hell bent on pulling teeth, but doesn’t know which one to pull.   Disregarding his own lack of experience, Dr. Yank-US continues to do what he deems necessary catching a tiger by the toe and although America hollers a determined Obama just won’t let go.

Aware they are out of their league, Big Boss Barry, Harry and Nancy stand over the patient thinking, “Go ahead take a chance – whadaya got to lose?” One day Barry stands on the patients chest and Nancy does the pulling. On another day, Nancy or Harry do the holding and vice versa.

The treacherous team yank out healthy teeth in the form of policy proposals such as the revamping of health care. The threesome forge ahead while Obama marks time filling an unconscious America’s oral cavity with quick drying concrete.  The Stooges throw caution to the wind and  strategically place a bomb in America’s mouth in an attempt to correct the incompetent mistakes they’ve made.

The sizzling sound America groggily hears in the distance is a lit fuse slowly making its way up to the explosives.

Before you know it Dr. I. Yankum’s dental office will be like paradise compared to 7-11 colonoscopy centers where patients get complimentary Big Gulp’s and drive-by sigmoidoscopies from smiling illegal immigrants with names like Habib, Vasu and Mansur-Khan.

Truth is, all that matters to Dr. Yank-US is Three Socialist Stooges getting health care done in time to do the peacock strut at the State of the Socialist Union address.  The three bumbling stooges will be headlining in a prime time  preen parade  scheduled for February 2nd. 

“Bossy” Barry, “Dizzy” Nancy and just plain “Scary” Harry will claim health care victory, while disregarding the fact that kidney transplants are slated to be done behind the deli counter at Stop and Shop right next to the machine that slices bologna.  Or that, by the end of the decade, America will have not one person living, within out borders, sixty-years old or over.

Hey America, maybe its time for the window washers to take the scaffold down to the first floor and leave the clientele and the building in competent hands and do so before the cement bomb placed in the nation’s mouth blows up and kills the patient.

Santa Barry’s Christmas Snow Job


Usually prior to the holiday season children make up a list, and if well behaved,  brightly colored presents are found stacked under the tree on Christmas morn. 2009 is the first-year America celebrates the birth of Jesus with Barack Obama as President of the United States and although across the fruited plain Americans have been very, very good–this Christmas America is slated to receive nothing but a huge lump of black coal in our national stocking.

Sorry, but diabolical takes on new meaning when Obama, fully aware that America not only rejects, but fiercely opposes the health care bill, gives a thumbs up to vote on the bill on Christmas Eve.  Barack Obama is an in your face, over lord who can only be described by two words: sadomasochistic dictator.

Not only is Obama instructing Senatorial elves to make sure the Christmas Health Care bill is passed, the President plans on sliding down America’s chimney and placing coal under every tree in the nation so that on Christmas morning tears, not joy, fill the hearts of all Americans.

Obama is an evil Santa – with a minor adjustment to the letters in the name ‘Santa’, the President’s source of inspiration can be clearly identified.

The night before Christmas; what we call, ‘Christmas Eve’ is a night full of expectation and excitement. Last minute preparations are being made for the big day. The turkey and ham are in the fridge; the potatoes and vegetables have been prepared for the sumptuous feast on Christmas Day. The shopping is done. The gifts are wrapped. The house is tidied in anticipation of receiving guests during the holiday. All the plans have now come to fruition. No expense has been spared. It’s a costly time. What a night that first Christmas Eve must have been in heaven.

Not anymore!  Obama plans to turn Christmas Eve in America into hell on earth!

Barack Obama can’t wait to force health care down our throats washed down by curdled egg nog.  The President looks forward to subjecting America to chewing and swallowing candy canes made out of glass and ecstatically anticipates doing so on Christmas Eve.  Dropping a health care bomb on the night before Christmas sends a symbolic message to a representative republic about who decrees the direction the country takes–trust me, right now it isn’t “We the people.”

To Obama, America’s Christmas list means nothing, nada, zilch, zero – in fact expect a Presidential press conference where Barack approaches the podium donning a Santa cap on his oversized head.  After kissing himself all over, under mistletoe hanging from the ceiling, the President will show the audience a Christmas list scribbled with America’s wishes in one hand.

In the other hand, Obama will hold a lit Christmas candle and not as a symbol of the birth of Christ and His renewing light force guiding His followers along the path of righteous.  Oh no, quite the contrary, smiling broadly into the camera as only President Obama can, America may very well choke on a national gingerbread cookie as America’s Christmas list burns in effigy as a testimony to how little the citizens of a democratic nation actually influence the socialist Santa-in-Chief’s policy choices.

In a nation of 300 million people, the only Christmas wishes being fulfilled this year belong to left-wing, liberals in Washington DC who, together with Obama, are determined to control life and death and subjugate American citizens to a tyrannical time bomb presented in a gift box decorated with red bows, glittery paper and holiday tinsel.

The ‘new’ Santa paradigm is this—Obama pretends to be St. Nick while taking independence, individuality and Constitutional rights from the American people, while at the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Presidential workshop,  socialist elves craft Marxist policies to place in stockings hanging on mantles all across America.  America better rouse herself from the “long winters nap” because at the top of Obama’s list  is the wish to ruin America’s hope for a Merry Christmas for decades to come.

Americans should purchase Barry the Snow Job a one way ticket to the North Pole in 2012, ensuring the nation’s future remains merry!

So, in honor of anti-Santa Barry, on the lips of every patriotic American this Christmas morn should be a little ditty written by Jeannie  entitled:

Barry the Snow Job (Sung to the tune of Frosty the Snowman)

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Barry the Snow Job was a nasty, angry troll

With an ACORN pipe  and a stuck-up nose

And two eyes without a soul

Barry the Snow Job is a socialist they say

He is made of ice but the children

Know how he came to life one day

There must have been some Marxist dust in that

Old red hat they found

For when they placed it on his head freedom no longer could be found.

O, Barry the Snow job

Was a lie we all could see,

And the children say he would laugh

And play for fools citizens like you and me.

An excellent cartoon from an outstanding political cartoonist Toby Dials that says it all:


American Thinker October 4, 2009: Asinine Amendments

uncle-sam-cartoon-pelosi-reid-obamaAsinine Amendments

Shylock Style Sacrifice


When Americans hear President Obama express his belief that national “sacrifice” is required from all citizens “in order to preserve a brighter future,” it receives agreeable acceptance. The President has asked for all encompassing civic-mindedness stretching from educational policy to day-to-day living. The popular inclination is to disavow personal objectives and goals to benefit the hope and security of the greater good.

Is “Sacrifice” the answer to the apprehension Americans feel about impending unemployment and nationwide financial default. Banks and private industry are leaning like dominoes about to topple in the direction of government regulation and nationalization. Even so, loss of private autonomy is virtuous and necessary, in return for government’s altruistic generosity in a time of need.

Oftentimes the progression of events that follow any handout by the government are overlooked. What ensues is falsely defined “sacrifice,” but in reality is a loss of freedom at the “behest” of governmental jurisdiction. Any recipient of government largesse is in danger of becoming an Antonio to The Merchant of Venice’s Shylock. Government, like the tormented Shakespearean moneylender Shylock, exacts “a pound of flesh” as settlement for monetary assistance, translating into the unwilling capitulation of rights.

The government, after responding to a need, gains control and then cleverly contrives loss of freedom as “sacrifice.” They present imposed constraint as moral and honorable, masquerading repression as something it is not. Sacrifice is willing surrender not forced restriction. If you follow the succession of government benevolence, the sequence from request-to-response, acceptance-to-dependency, and control-to-loss of freedom is easy to track.

It is highly improbable most individuals have given serious reflection to the liberty and self-respect they will forfeit if an encroaching government continues to influence vital, life-impacting decisions.

Witnessing the pattern in the recent banking and auto industry bailouts assures us that government rescue of a perceived healthcare crisis will result in the same type of dictatorial limitations being enforced in the lives of private citizens. Neediness garners response and soon after domination ushers in strict directives.

Government fiscal intervention in American International Group Inc. cost the banking firm the ability, right or wrong, to run their enterprise as they saw fit. In response to the persuasive urging of the President, AIG’s executives put their own “skin in the game” and return $165 million in legally earned bonuses. Obama repeatedly underscored that the high cost of the bailout demanded, “… everybody needing to sacrifice,” especially those who he alleged, “…helped to precipitate this crisis.”

Gaining control of the scandal, Obama became the figurehead CEO and began setting salary limits and announcing forthcoming plans to absorb all national banking institutions into his expanding empire. The President, accentuating the banking industries culpability in a world-wide crisis, laid a solid foundation for future edicts of required sacrifice from all entities receiving aid from Uncle Shylock be they human, corporate, or industrial.

Next in the queue was a floundering General Motors that, after receiving $9.4 billion from President Bush, was poised to request another $26 billion from the new administration.  Obama responded to their request for additional aid by saying he was “… prepared to give struggling domestic automakers more in aid if companies make more sacrifices.” Similar to AIG, at Obama’s “behest,” Rick Wagoner, a thirty-plus year employee of the conglomerate, was condemned for poor business decisions and asked to present “a pound of flesh.” Willingly, relinquishing his tenure as Chairman and CEO and mandated to step-down, tied to the woodpile, and offered up as a “sacrificial lamb.”

Both AIG and GM found out that making a pecuniary deal with the devil requires“…very tough medicine…be imposed by the government.” The long drama, played out on the national stage, resulted in both diminished dignity, and weakened self-governance.

This same fate could negatively affect Americans if the march toward collectivism continues to advance. On the horizon, government funded health care is part of Obama’s Utopian vision. The projected ten-year cost anticipated to be upwards of $1.5 trillion dollars.  With that in mind, it wouldn’t hurt to pause and consider current events and the reparations harshly exacted from any private enterprise that solicited and accepted high-priced public provision.

Everything the government “manages” goes bankrupt, is limited in service or largely inefficient. The past performance of federal programs and agencies should alert us to potential deficiencies, which will assuredly arise, if government administers health care. A quick review of Social Security, the IRS, Medicaid, and Medicare tells the story. The United States Postal service is in need of a bailout and is rationing mail delivery from six to five days a week, a 17% decrease in service.  Similar types of gross inadequacies will undoubtedly require some form of compensation from health care recipients for shortfalls and overhead.

Soon after nationalized healthcare is enacted it is highly probable politicians will begin to frenetically address out-of-control operating costs and the exorbitant expenditures of caring for an aging population. Trillions of dollars in expenses will require a deduction from somebody’s bottom line. The harsh reality of what lays ahead is that reining in the cost of health care will not be as benign as the revocation of bonuses or the imposition of premature retirement on corporate moguls with $20 million dollar severance agreements.

Very expensive outlay for care will require Americans, presently offering enthusiastic approval to the public flogging of powerful executives; unwillingly surrender significant health related services themselves. Don’t doubt it. Obama has already hinted at the need for sacrifice when addressing health care reform: “Each of us must accept that none of us will get everything we want, and no proposal for reform will be perfect”

Might the “tough medicine” we would be required to swallow involve quality, access, or the ultimate threat of rationed care? In gratitude for government altruism, who or what, will U.S. citizens be willing to “sacrifice” at the directive of the political moneylenders? Will it be husbands or mothers, how about a terminally ill child?  “The biggest change in the last 40 years is that there are no limits. But we can’t go on this way. It’s unaffordable… there’s no good way to deal with it other than saying ‘no’.” Which one of us will withstand the worst of the cutbacks? Who will be portrayed to the public as a system stresser and made liable for “…precipitating the crisis?”

It may be too late when health care is requesting “sacrifice” as payment through the regulation and limitation of lifesaving treatment. When routine prescription of cost saving euthanasia drugs becomes the norm, will Americans wish they had paid closer attention to the ominous signs when it was just executives and corporations tossing a “pound of flesh” onto Shylock’s scale!

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