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Energy hog Barack Obama has the audacity to touch down in Africa, suggest that everyone embrace gay marriage, and then proceed to tout an energy program that includes kinetically-powered soccer balls with built-in outlets as one answer to Africa’s problems.

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Originally posted at The Blacksphere Even while President Obama, the wife, kids, mother-in-law, and niece are on a $100 million de facto vacation masquerading as a trip to Africa to promote “investment, development and democracy,” back in America, children still cannot tour the White House during summer vacation thanks to …

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During the ‘100th Day Ongoing Misadventure’ press conference, things got dicey when the president was prodded and probed by Ed Henry, who had the audacity to suggest to the president that “there are some survivors of that terror attack who say they want to come forward and testify – some in your State Department – and they say they’ve been blocked.”

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For Adolf Hitler, his young targets were Jewish children below the age of 12. For “Above My Pay grade” Barack Obama, it’s pre-born, partially born, and born-alive babies of any race, creed, or color.

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Emerging from between two armored vehicles, Obama approached the podium and spoke aggressively about how he and his Administration have successfully curtailed the “Taliban’s momentum.”