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Hey! Doesn’t Barack Obama Care About Brown People?

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In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, George W. Bush’s second term was tainted with accusations of racism.  The former president and his government’s slow response to Katrina fostered comments in the black community that Bush later said were the “the most disgusting moments” of his presidency.

At the center of the debate was rapper Kanye West, who publicly declared that the government’s slow response to the hurricane’s damage indicated that Bush, the president with a solid record of positive involvement in African policies concerning Sudan and South Sudan and HIV/AIDS and malaria, “[didn’t] care about black people.”

Bush later said, “I faced a lot of criticism as president… But the suggestion that I was racist because of the response to Katrina represented an all-time low.”

Nine years later, in a June 2014 GQ interview, Austin Powers comedian Mike Myers, the man who stood beside West when the rapper accused the former president of racism, defended his friend by saying that after watching Katrina news coverage on television, he too believed that “had that been white people, the government would have been there faster.”

Now there is a similar controversy crying out for attention from the likes of those who implied that G.W. Bush was a racist.  This time it concerns not black, but brown people from Central America journeying illegally over the southern border.

White House Press Secretary Josh “Not So” Earnest announced that, because the president receives his information from a chain of senior advisors, he will not be traveling to the border, nor is there a need for him to drop by detention centers to visit with warehoused “unaccompanied” brown children.

Mr. Earnest reassured the White House press pool that notwithstanding his avoiding places like Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio like the proverbial plague, the president is being kept up to date from afar by a “whole range of senior officials in this administration [who] over the course of the last three or four weeks have spent a lot of time in the southwest border.” 

Yet even as Earnest claims that the president, who had no idea what was happening in Benghazi the night four Americans were murdered by terrorists, “has a very good sense of what’s happening on the border,” the silence is deafening from those who vilified Bush for not touching down in New Orleans sooner.

So, according to “Not So” Earnest, between golf games and confusing law-abiding immigrants by shilling for amnesty at a July 4 naturalization ceremony, Obama gets “regular reports about what [officials are] seeing on the border and how resources that are being devoted to processing those who have appeared at the border are being used to effectively administrate justice.”  Administrate justice?

So here’s a question that maybe Mr. Earnest, who also seems very concerned about justice, might be able to answer: why wasn’t the senior advisor “chain” that is good enough for Barack Obama good enough for George W. Bush?

And where is the justice in the guy fomenting the border crisis having planned neither a flyover nor a drop-in while attending three Democrat fundraisers in Texas – one in Dallas and two in Austin?

Remember just days before the 2012 election when, despite his tight schedule and regular updates from advisors, Barack Obama somehow managed to fly into New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy to hug lots of white people, including RINO Governor Christie?  Now, for some reason, Obama the “fundamental transformer” can’t find a couple of hours or muster up the desire to accept conservative Governor Rick Perry’s invitation to come to the border and hug brown people.

Meanwhile, according to reporters who did stop by, besides detention centers stinking to high heaven, illegal children are being warehoused like animals and segregated behind chain link fences according to age and gender.  If Bush were in the White House, those conditions would be conveyed as abuse, racism, and gender and age discrimination.

But fear not!  FEMA is on the scene, as well as swine flu, head lice, and whooping cough, plus a few culturally-diverse Third-World favorites like MDR-TB, scabies, and Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

With those types of communicable diseases being spread, Barack Obama could certainly remediate his sagging poll numbers if he suited up in a mask, gown, and gloves and visited with sick Border Security agents infected with the swine flu and TB they caught while changing the diapers of unaccompanied children they were warned not to turn away.

As the chaos continues, the president will travel to Texas to fundraise, but don’t expect to see photos featuring a detached Obama flying over the southern border looking out the window of Air Force One like the one of Bush flying over post-Katrina New Orleans.

Wait!  While Obama is fundraising, maybe Hollywood will save the day, just as they did with Bush, and host a primetime “Shelter from the Storm”-style telethon for the little urchins wrapped in aluminum foil blankets, housed like those in the Superdome after Katrina.  While liberal activist Ben Affleck mans the phone bank raising money for bus tickets, Kanye West and sidekick Mike Myers can rant and rave.

The telethon can feature brown stars such as Hispanic comedian George Lopez, actress/Border Security brainstormer/Obama adviser Eva Longoria, actress Jessica Alba, and Latino White House Super Bowl Party Guest and Insatiable “I Luh Ya Papi” Jennifer Lopez.

By expressing outrage over the president’s unwillingness – even though he was in Texas already – to personally evaluate the state of affairs at emergency shelters, Hollywood Obama acolytes will have a chance to repudiate their reputation as out-of-touch liberal fantasists. 

By speaking out against Barack Obama for ignoring the border crisis, Hollywood can prove it’s really all about the people and not the politics, because according to Kanye’s standards, Barack Obama doesn’t care about brown people.

Obama’s Choom Gang Tour of the Gulf Ports

enhancedbuzz10964133711-300x227Originally posted at The Black Sphere

The level of criticism being leveled against Barack Obama because of his alleged gaffe concerning his geographic ineptitude concerning the Gulf Ports is unfounded.

In one sense, it could be that our president has bigger fish to fry than mastering a geography lesson.  However, what is more likely is, that in light of Barack Obama’s level of vision and super human intelligence, it is possible that he understands and see things that mere mortals do not see nor comprehend.

The source of the most recent snickering is rooted in the president’s casual banter while on the Jay Leno late night talk show.  After discussing his stray grays, his singlehandedly crushing al Qaeda, his obedience to Michelle, as well as casting aspersions toward super spy G.W. Bush and homophobe Vladimir Putin, the conversation ambled over to the economy and infrastructure.

While there, Leno mentioned that he lives in a town where the bridge is falling apart and isn’t safe when he tools around town in his antique automobile.

In response to Leno’s complaints, the president said: “I don’t know.  As you know, for the last three years, I’ve said, let’s work together.”  Obama would fix Leno’s bridge but, unfortunately it will remain in disrepair because, although he just canceled a conciliatory one-on-one discussion with Vladimir Putin, Bipartisan Barry just can’t find anyone to cooperate with him.

Betwixt lighthearted chuckles and affectionate chitchat, Obama told Leno, “Let’s find a financing mechanism [that’s a fancy term for taxes], and let’s go ahead and fix our bridges, fix our roads, sewer systems, our ports.”

In other words, let’s stimulate more shovel ready jobs that four years after the first stimulus are still not shovel ready.

Moving right along, the President endeavored to enlarge the understanding of inexperienced Americans when he revealed that he and his Choom gang traveled in that rolling Choomwagon to places the rest of America didn’t even know existed.

The president told a spellbound Jay Leno:  “The Panama is being widened so that these big supertankers can come in.  Now, that will be finished in 2015.”  Thus far, pretty good. Then the president said:

If we don’t deepen our ports all along the Gulf — places like Charleston, South Carolina, or Savannah, Georgia, or Jacksonville, Florida — if we don’t do that, those ships are going to go someplace else.  And we’ll lose jobs.  Businesses won’t locate here.

Dear Lord, we don’t want those supertankers heading for Charleston, Savannah, and Jacksonville to go somewhere besides the Gulf of Mexico because of constricted ports.  Neither do we want businesses relocating, nor the loss of any additional jobs. Therefore, it’s best to get to work deepening those three ports.

Remember Sarah Palin’s revelation to ABC’s Charlie Gibson that Russia was Alaska’s next-door neighbor, and that from an island in Alaska you could see Russia?

Saturday Night Live comedian Tina Fey had a ball implying that, as evidenced by her geographical illiteracy, Sarah Palin was intellectually-challenged.

Yet, in retrospect, Sarah’s comment certainly gives credibility to Barack Obama hinting that while on his famous “57 states” Choomwagon tour of the United States, he actually perused the narrow gulf ports of Charleston, Savannah and Jacksonville.

Obama Offers Africa Air-Conditioned-Limo Energy Conservation Talk

Air_Force_One_and_LimoOriginally posted at Clash Daily

Barack “Colossal Carbon Footprint” Obama ratcheted up the hypocrisy another notch on his $100 million, cargo-plane-polluting excursion to sub-Saharan Africa. While Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Bush were in Zambia renovating a cervical cancer screening clinic, Barack was announcing his Power Africa energy initiative.

Power Africa includes the distribution of Soccket soccer balls that create and store kinetic energy during play. After the balls are kicked around a bit, they can be taken home to the grass hut to plug in a lamp in hopes that grateful Africans will use the light to look at pictures of their hero Barack Obama, who plans to invest $7 billion in energy access programs he approves of in Tanzania and across Africa.

But wait! The African people shouldn’t get all excited, because when the president was speaking in Johannesburg, South Africa at a town hall function, his lofty plan to bring dependable energy to the second largest continent on the planet came with an interesting caveat.

Obama, who spares no expense when it comes to his own comfort, told people who subsist in poverty that if air conditioning in arid, scorching Africa and automobiles and large houses were the norm in places that don’t currently enjoy such luxuries, “the planet will boil over.”

Speaking to African youth, Obama managed to send an energy conservation message to selfish energy-using Americans while simultaneously tamping down the expectations of African children hoping to one day have what Americans take for granted when he said: “Ultimately you think you [sic] about all the youth that everybody’s mentioned here in Africa, if everybody’s raising living standards to the point where everybody’s got a car, and everybody’s got air conditioning, and everybody’s got a big house the planet will boil over – unless we find new ways of producing energy.”

Allow me to translate: “I have everything, and you have nothing. However, if I have my way you’ll continue to have nothing while I continue to enjoy everything, and do so while hypocritically advancing an energy policy that won’t impact my comfort level in the slightest.”

Then he said, “And tomorrow, or the next day when I visit Tanzania, I’m actually going to be going to a power plant to focus on electrification,” which sounds more like what they did to atomic bomb spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg than Power Africa.

Nevertheless, Barack Obama is a man who lives in that big White House in America, the one his wife considers a prison. Mr. Obama and his tag-along entourage, although concerned about emissions, travel in luxury, guzzling gas in limousines and “the Beast,” and burning up jet fuel for Air Force One and flights for the hangers-on, plus helicopters and huge cargo planes.

Energy hog Barack Obama has the audacity to touch down in Africa, suggest that everyone embrace gay marriage, and then proceed to tout an energy program that includes kinetically-powered soccer balls with built-in outlets as one answer to Africa’s problems.

After that, he motorcades over to a town hall event and informs the youths, most of whom live in abject poverty, that air conditioning, automobiles, and large homes are out of the question for them because if they indulge in so much as a fraction of the energy use he gobbles up all day every day, they will cause “the planet to boil over.”

Will Nelson Mandela Help Justify Obama’s 100 Million Dollar Vacation?

images4Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Even while President Obama, the wife, kids, mother-in-law, and niece are on a $100 million de facto vacation masquerading as a trip to Africa to promote “investment, development and democracy,” back in America, children still cannot tour the White House during summer vacation thanks to the sequester.

On his trip to Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania, Obama has three generations of family in tow.  The objective of the trip, besides sightseeing and squeezing in another summer excursion, is to see if a man mistakenly identified as a son of Kenya can get back in Africa’s good graces after China has replaced the U.S. as the trading partner of world’s second-largest continent.

G. W. Bush will be in Africa at the same time as President Obama.  After addressing the HIV/AIDS issue in Africa and, as acknowledged by Bono, helping to save nine million lives, G.W. is forging ahead with a new philanthropic mission: a global initiative to refurbish a cervical cancer and screening treatment center.

Laura Bush is with her husband in Africa and plans to attend, as is Michelle Obama, the African First Ladies’ Summit in Tanzania hosted by the G.W. Bush Institute next week. However, unlike Michelle Obama, Mrs. Bush will not be found sampling fried fat cakes, nor will her new granddaughter Mila Hager be accompanying grandma and grandpa on the trip. The primary purpose of the Bush’s trip is to extend charity to others, not sneak in a freebie vacation.

Due to return home on July 3rd, regrettably, Barack Obama may be in South Africa at just the right time to insert himself into Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nelson Mandela’s funeral.  Mandela is still alive, but currently the 94-year-old former South African President is in a hospital in Pretoria in grave condition with a recurring lung infection.

And Mandela passing away while the Obama family grifters are pretending to be on official business would be sad.  But wait! Actually, it would come just in the nick of time to justify spending $100 million during the sequester.

If Nelson complies and expires by July 3rd, the president could write off his extended family’s African adventure expenses as a necessary result of their burning desire to pay homage to a great leader by attending a state funeral.

After all, Mr. Mandela is the “patriarch of racial equality” in South Africa, and much like Mr. Obama was South Africa’s first black president. Moreover, a sure-to-be grief-stricken Michelle, Sasha and Malia, Grandma Marion and Mrs. Obama’s niece, as well as a nephew, met with Mandela on Mrs. Obama’s last African trip in 2011.

So while closing down the White House tours to save money during the sequester is justifiable, apparently so is spending $100 million to take in a cultural performance of the Baba wa Watoto troupe (which translates to ‘father of children’ in Swahili) – if the Obama ladies can pull it off by pretending to be mourners at Mandela’s funeral.

The ‘100th Day Ongoing Misadventure’ Press Conference

0430-obama-press-conference.jpg_full_600-300x200Former President Bush has been back in Texas for four-plus years, but for the last approximately 1,500 days, America has been listening to President Obama pass the buck and shift the blame onto GW for everything but the fly that keeps landing on his nose in the East Room.

The genial George W. is still getting blamed for Obama’s worsening economy, growing national debt and ongoing recession, not to mention stagnant unemployment, a continuing fiscal crisis, and bad feelings in the Middle East toward America.  There’s no doubt, if asked, Obama would say that President Bush is the author of the “extraordinary times” he keeps referring to whenever he’s confronted with his own ineptitude.

The president would have us believe that, rather than chopping away at those golf balls he shoots into the hazards, he spends every waking moment digging out of an “incredible hole that [he] inherited.”  In other words, when it comes to other people’s mistakes, if he needs to point them out Barack Obama doesn’t limit himself to measureable time frames.  If the president can twist what was done 10 years ago into an excuse for the multi-tiered “train wreck” he’s authored, he will.

However, any mistakes attributable to Obama are treated quite differently.  No long-term looking back for the Obama Administration, oh no.  Bygones are bygones and what went before is now part of history and deemed inapplicable to events of the day.  Like water that has passed under a bridge, sand through the hourglass, past issues are gone and never referenced again.

Take for instance the stimulus debacle, Obama’s big pull out of Iraq, and the ongoing war in Afghanistan.  When was the last time we heard about how the healthcare plan could bankrupt the nation?  What about the rapidly expanding food stamp rolls, or the sequester-cancelled White House tours disappointing children?

Even though Obama “jumps to conclusions” himself, especially on issues of race, and plays on racial tension every chance he gets, is any of it ever brought up?  What about the ‘Israel is our ally’ muddle, or Obama disrespecting various world leaders and inappropriately bowing to dictators?  Not a word!  Then there’s the oil spill/green energy mess, the president’s partiality toward Muslims, and open-arms attitude toward illegals.  Not to mention “Fast and Furious,” funding terrorism in Egypt, ignoring the Syrian “red line,” and having 12 domestic terrorist attacks on his watch.

Read the rest of the article at the Blacksphere

Obama and Der Führer

hitler-and-childDaring to suggest that there may be even a remote similarity between Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler is considered by many to be a comparison that is extreme.  But ever since the president acted unilaterally and chose to push through his $500 million anti-gun package with its 23 executive orders while surrounded on all sides by young children, there is one parallel that makes Barack Obama’s interaction with youngsters similar to that of Germany’s Führer, Adolf Hitler.

In their nearly identical fondness for staged expressions of compassion about issues affecting their citizens, both men posed with children in one location while sanctioning their murder in another.  Therefore, when it comes to the exploitation of little ones, it should not be considered irreverent to weigh the president’s calculating tendencies against those of Der Führer

In fairness, it must be said that it is common for most politicians to use children as accoutrements to advance a given agenda. Notorious totalitarian dictators like Mao and Stalin did it, and Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro still do it too.

On occasion, former president G.W. Bush was known to include children in policy-based photo ops – but he did it to advance pro-life policies that supported the dignity and sanctity of life. Adolf Hitler’s intent was quite the opposite. Germany’s leader exploited certain children for propaganda purposes, and did so while other children he believed were subhuman were being executed.

Therefore, during the first phase of the dismantling of the Second Amendment, when Barack Obama pretended to take counsel from four schoolchildren, in essence what he was doing was chillingly similar to what Hitler did.  Why?  Because at the White House while the President was advocating for child safety, in abortion mills across the nation clinicians were carrying out the grisly work he supports.

After the Sandy Hook shootings, as well as at the White House signing of his two dozen Executive Actions, NARAL 100-percenter Barack Obama shared with Americans the following words: “This is our first task as a society, keeping our children safe. This is how we will be judged.” Adolf Hitler said similar things; in Mein Kampf, Der Führer declared that the “folkish state…must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people.”

The problem with both those statements is that during the height of World War II, while Hitler posed for photographs with tow-headed liebchens, his minions were busy “grabbing the legs and smashing the skulls of living babies” against the sides of cattle cars.  For Adolf Hitler, his young targets were Jewish children below the age of 12. For “Above My Pay grade” Barack Obama, it’s pre-born, partially born, and born-alive babies of any race, creed, or color.

At the White House signing of his anti-gun executive orders, while Obama passed out awkward hugs to children who, no thanks to him, somehow managed to get out of the womb alive, abortion providers across the country were sucking the brains out of living, partially-born infants.

According to Ian Kershaw, professor of modern history at the University of Sheffield, Adolf Hitler initiated and demanded the killing by gassings, shootings, and beatings. Yet much like Barack Obama, Der Führer managed to keep his hands clean by remaining “aloof from the dirtiest work of his regime.”

In America, eighty years after Germany was defeated, national teams of well-funded Planned Parenthood SS squads scald, dismember, and suction pre-born infants to death. As with Hitler’s “Final Solution,” the ongoing American Holocaust has Barack Obama’s political and financial support. That is why, although the hand that recently high-fived an 8-year-old girl in public is a hand drenched in innocent blood.

In pursuit of an Aryan race, it took Adolf Hitler six years to exterminate six million Jews, millions of whom were babies and young children. Barack Obama, on behalf of freedom of choice, endorses and funds the mass destruction of 1.2 million pre-born infants per year.

In the end, despite the harsh nature of the Hitler/Obama comparison, when it comes to the simultaneous exploitation and extermination of tiny children there is not much difference between history’s most famous master race-maker and America’s master guardian of state-sanctioned genocide.

Harry Belafonte Suggests that Barack Obama Jail Political Detractors

harry-belafonteOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

The “King of Calypso,” Hugo Chávez enthusiast, and “Banana Boat” crooner, octogenarian Harry Belafonte is so thrilled with the reelection of Barack Obama that he’s taken to cable “news” network MSNBC to share his views on how President Obama should deal with political nemeses.

In addition to singing, acting and songwriting, throughout his career Harry “Viva la revolucion” Belafonte has also promoted himself as a civil rights advocate and humanitarian.  In addition to issuing indictments like: “Our foreign policy has made a wreck of this planet,” Mr. Belafonte also heartily endorses the ailing Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s socialist revolution.

Once, when addressing the Venezuelan people, Harry Belafonte told his audience that George W. Bush was the “greatest terrorist” in the world. Another time, sounding more like he was describing the current president, Mr. Belafonte made the following statement about the former president: “I think [G.W.] Bush has a very selfish, arrogant point of view. I think he is interested in power, I think he believes his truth is the only truth, and that he will do what he wants to do despite the people.”

Leaving aside Belafonte’s hatred for Bush and his fondness for dictator-style governing, it’s still kind of alarming to hear that ole’ Harry suggested President Obama incarcerate American citizens who speak out against him.

The topic came up when Belafonte appeared as a guest on Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation.  Belafonte was on a panel with global human rights/social justice activist Kerry Kennedy, daughter of the late Senator Robert Kennedy and former wife of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. During the interview, Harry, who passionately and stridently exercised his first amendment rights throughout the eight years former President G.W. Bush was in office, shared some stunning Hugo Chávez-style advice for Barack Obama.

Sharpton began the conversation by asking Belafonte:

Ah… ah…you’ve fought for decades for some of the ‘quote’ entitlements that the…ah… right wing wants to try and balance this budget… ah… balance the deficit off of.  As you look at this Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security…You’ve been an activist leader from Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, to Dr. King through Mandela to Obama.  How do you view this and what is the challenge for those that are on the field today?

Belafonte replied, “What I think has most attracted me to this whole process is watching the political maturity of the American people.” Clearly, Harry Belafonte defines reelecting a president who is in the process of establishing a socialist-style government as “political maturity.”

Nevertheless, Harry continued to elaborate:

Because there was a great question during the first election as to whether or not Barack would even be elected.  And after the turn out so emphatically put him in the presidency it was interesting to watch the second turn[out] when everybody really didn’t quite know what the game would be.

Without referring directly to the looming fiscal cliff and oblivious to the fact that Obama voters had no clue what Obama was really talking about, Harry came to the conclusion that the American people “[i]n their maturity declared themselves fully: ‘We want what Barack Obama is talking about.  We want the country to go in that direction’.”

Then, the celebrated humanitarian shared the inhumane sentiment that Obama’s political rivals are a “[l]ingering infestation of really corrupt people who sit trying to dismantle the wishes of the people, the mandate that has been given to Barack Obama.”

In the past, Belafonte has accused the Obama-loving American media of falsely portraying Chávez as a “dictator.” At the time, the singer/activist also shared the opinion that in Venezuela there is “democracy and [the] citizens are ‘optimistic about their future.'” What Belafonte failed to mention was that Hugo Chávez regularly imprisons political dissidents, calling them “common criminals.”

Hence, to deal with the threat of political dissension here in America, it’s not surprising that Harry Belafonte would suggest that the “only thing left for Barab…Barack Obama to do is to work like a third world dictator and just throw all these guys in jail [Sharpton/Kennedy nervously giggle] for violating the American desire.”

Harry Belafonte, who has always enjoyed the freedom to voice his oppressed/oppressor point of view, obviously never considered two-term president G. W. Bush a man whose reelection reflected a mandate, let alone an expression of “American desire.” Yet, suddenly, with the reappointment of Barack Obama, the singer feels emboldened to openly call for nonconformists with differing opinions to be imprisoned?

Even still, rather than expressing astonishment, Americans should thank Mr. Harry Belafonte for not only giving us that snappy Caribbean “Day-O” banana song, but more importantly for lending his voice to express the true heart and soul of the progressive left.


Kabul or Just Plain Bull?

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Barack Obama flew all the way to Afghanistan to surprise the troops, sign a pact with President Hamid Karzai, have his picture taken giving a speech at Bagram Air Base with flag-draped armored military vehicles as a backdrop, and give himself a ‘We’ve got me in the house’ shout-out. Only God knows how much it cost the American taxpayer, not counting staff and security, to fuel up AF1 and fly 14,000 miles roundtrip to Kabul. At approximately $181,757 per AF1 hour, flying to Afghanistan for what amounted to a campaign speech tallied up to cost much more than if Obama stayed home and just used his $1.1 million dollar 2012 campaign bus, “Ground Force One.”

Once in Afghanistan, the President stopped just short of donning a fashionable Hamid Karzai-style Karakul hat and bomber jacket with his Nobel Peace Prize medal dangling from a ribbon around his neck.  Speaking from the bowels of a war zone in Kabul, international peacemaker/part-time poet Barack Obama regaled war-weary Americans with lofty images of “sunlight glistening off soaring new towers in downtown Manhattan,” and the “light of a new day on the horizon” in Afghanistan.

To some, traveling 14 hours one way to review his successes may seem a bit much.  However, the mysterious middle-of-the night trip provided the perfect milieu for Obama to read his victory list before taking the first of many planned victory laps.

According to the President, his Afghan victories include “devastat[ing] al Qaeda’s leadership, taking out over 20 of their top 30 leaders,” and of course that ‘gutsy move’ when, one year ago, he allegedly remained on the golf course to avoid being blamed if the bin Laden assassination, carried out by Navy SEAL Special Forces, somehow went awry.

Therefore, on the anniversary of ridding the world of Osama, without mentioning the specifics of his future objectives Obama felt it was appropriate to fly to Afghanistan to reassure the people of America that the goal he “set to defeat al Qaeda, and deny it a chance to rebuild – is within reach.”

Emerging from between two armored vehicles, Obama approached the podium and spoke aggressively about how he and his Administration have successfully curtailed the “Taliban’s momentum.”  Evidently, when not in discussions with the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt, Obama took time to be in “direct discussions” with Islamic militants from Afghanistan, which is how he successfully impeded the Taliban’s momentum.

With a huge notch on his imaginary gun belt, tough-talking Barack Obama declared that “We have made it clear that the [Taliban] can be a part of this future if they break with al Qaeda, renounce violence, and abide by Afghan laws.”

On the next campaign stop, someone should hold up a cue card to remind the President that asking Taliban fighters to renounce violence and adhere to Afghani law would be like asking the Muslim Parliament to place US foreign aid to Egypt ahead of their affection for the newly proposed “Farewell Intercourse” law.

Nevertheless, at least for the length of the President’s live broadcast from Afghanistan, wary Americans were able to relax knowing that “Many members of the Taliban – from foot soldiers to leaders – have indicated an interest in reconciliation.”

Unfortunately, the Taliban’s ” interest in reconciliation” must have been short-lived because less than two hours after Barack Obama headed home from his multimillion dollar campaign stop, militant suicide bombers bid him adieu by disguising themselves as women and blowing up a foreigners’ housing complex in Kabul, killing seven people.

So what happened to the successful negotiations Obama cited in his Bagram Air Base speech?  Well, it’s likely the Taliban, who regularly stone women and hang 10-year-old boys for allegedly spying, changed their minds.

Either way, when it comes to the war in Afghanistan it does seem that Obama is unofficially keeping score. Yet, despite tooting his own zurna, there is one success he keeps forgetting to mention. If election-year one-upmanship is Obama’s goal, he should at least share that when it comes to the question of who racked up the highest number of American body bags and flag-draped coffins in Afghanistan, he’s the hands-down winner.

Obviously, President Obama wants full credit for accomplishments that far exceed President Bush’s. Therefore, besides stomping all over eight years of GW’s foundational work that made killing Osama bin Laden possible, it should also be mentioned that in just “39 months in office, 69 percent of the U.S. military fatalities in the more than 10-year-old war in Afghanistan …occurred on [President Obama’s] watch.”

Comparing who’s done more, according to icasualties.org  there were approximately 1,234 U.S. military personnel mortalities related to Operation Enduring Freedom from January 20, 2009, when Obama took office, until December 31, 2011. Less than half that number of military deaths occurred in Afghanistan from 2001 through 2009 when George W. Bush was in charge.

While eager to share his successes at a podium at Bagram, somehow Barack Obama left the war-torn country without mentioning that one of his most notable presidential accomplishments since 2009, when compared with GW Bush’s last three years in office, is ownership of a whopping 233% growth in U.S. military fatalities.

How about that for a banner to unfurl at the next self-exalting Barack Obama-sponsored campaign event or inevitable “ticker-tape parade?’

And so, it seems that besides burning up expensive jet fuel by flying to Kabul, in anticipation of the 2012 election Barack Obama hopes to begin repackaging himself as a great wartime leader.

Most importantly, while in Afghanistan and on behalf of America’s dead war heroes, part of the President’s speech requested that Americans assist him in creating “a nation worthy” of those who gave their lives in fighting a decade-long war. Barack Obama’s chosen method to accomplish that goal?  Grant him another four years to rebuild a country whose three-year list of domestic catastrophes, much like the U.S. military’s mounting body count in Afghanistan, has also grown by 233%.

Barack’s Bankruptcy/Birthday Bash

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

After struggling with noncompliant Republicans over the debt-ceiling debate, in what appears to be an effort to soothe his “agitated” self, President Obama has scheduled a high-priced 50th birthday bash in honor of the day he graced the planet with his greatness.  The news comes just days after Obama was lamenting the burden of having to keep “hundreds of thousands of [unnecessary] dollars in additional income.”  The President encouraged people to take the extra money that would otherwise provide stuffing for the worn-out mattresses Americans haven’t been able to replace in a recession and look for an opportunity to help a brother or sister in need.

Barack’s Birthday Bonanza has been scheduled for August 4th — the day after the United States of America is due to officially downshift from the black into the red. The festivities should be a pleasant albeit bizarre distraction from the weeping and gnashing of teeth taking place outside the walls of the concert hall, if the nation actually defaults.

Either way, the elaborate Chicago event will serve as an all-in-one Obama 2012 campaign fundraiser, concert, and birthday celebration.  The affair comes complete with celebrities, crooning, swooning, and singing praises to the man who just needs more time to usher in the Hope and Change he’s yet to deliver thanks to obstacles like former president G. W. Bush, the intractable Eric Cantor (R-VA), and the perpetually pesky Fox News.

Still, Obama exhorting self-sacrifice one day and then charging to attend a function in his honor the next is where this party thing gets a little dicey.

The entry fee to get into the Aragon Ballroom for Barry’s big day will cost well-heeled couples a large pile of the type of “additional income” Obama just the other day suggested they should give to the needy. Without having to win the “Dinner with Barack and Biden” raffle, donors willing to part with $35,800 get to enjoy a private dinner with the President and VIP seating at a birthday concert rumored to be featuring native Chicagoans.

Spending thousands of dollars worth of “additional income” to see Obama blow out 50 birthday candles isn’t exactly the type of altruistic endeavor the President promoted when he mentioned parents struggling to pay college tuition.  Nevertheless, at least the President is doing a good deed by helping ease the burden he suffers daily of having to keep “additional income” that could be put to better use.

Heaven knows most people can always manage with a little less, and even if they can’t, the President is convinced that most Americans, regardless of their situation, have more than they actually need. In fact, the real reason behind the President hosting a function where he’ll stuff disposable cash into his campaign coffers, contributed by anyone willing to cough it up, is to reaffirm his commitment to training the nation to make do with less.

President Obama is even making sure, regardless of economic strata, that “shared sacrifice” is truly shared.  At the birthday show, there’ll even be a limited-availability $50 “neediest among us” section for those who view the cost of admittance as an investment in an Obama second term, where he’ll have another chance to fulfill his promise to provide free gas and monthly mortgage payments to those still having trouble making ends meet.

General admission will be more costly for the wealthier devotee who would rather splurge on a $200 glimpse of Barack Obama across a crowded ballroom than contribute “additional income” to a family in need of groceries.  For those who don’t consider a party a real party without access to adult beverages, the evening will cost $1000 worth of “additional income” to clink glasses with likeminded people in between rounds of party games, which could include Pin the Tail on the Donkeycrat.

Finally, one semester’s worth of tuition monies that could assist a struggling family with college-age children will purchase birthday celebrants a photo with the guest of honor.  Funny, wasn’t it just yesterday that Obama hammered away at top earners and corporate jet owners who, ironically, are the only ones with the money to plunk down $10,000 for a $5.99 prom-photo-quality souvenir featuring a smiling President with pockets full of evil rich people’s “additional income?”

As Barack Obama tries to decide whether or not to have Jennifer Hudson sing what is fast becoming the perfect Obama Victory Fund 2012 theme song – “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” the President’s insolvency/$35K per couple birthday party will provide the perfect milieu to juxtapose against the monetary mayhem wreaking havoc across the nation.

However, there remains one glaring contradiction surrounding the expensive social event, which is that the festivities are being financed with donations gathered from the very people Barack Obama has just criticized for hoarding the “additional income” they need to afford entry into a high-priced shindig like the one he decided to throw for himself.

In the end, the Barack Bankruptcy/Birthday Bash, which will likely feature a 10-tiered “Yes We Can” birthday cake, turns out to be another opportunity for the President to illustrate to the American public he’s dead serious about his refusal to bow to spending cuts, and he’s willing to pull out all the stops to prove it.  In addition, Barack can use the event to clarify his recent comments concerning Americans giving money they don’t need to the needy and explain that the only time charitable “shared sacrifice” gets a pass is if those with extra funds decide to shower those extras on him.

‘Better things to do’ Obama goes to NY to fundraise

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

In an effort to raise awareness for Wounded Warriors, former President George W. Bush took a 62-mile Texas mountain bike ride with combat soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Current President Barack Obama doesn’t have the luxury of leisurely bike rides. Obama has “better things to do,” like laying to rest birth certificate controversies and exposing the “silliness” of  “carnival barkers.”

Lucky for the President the missing birth certificate showed up in time for him to move on to more pressing issues, such as “helping his pal Oprah Winfrey wrap up her syndicated talk show in style.” Three years after being elected, Obama and Michelle chatted with the talk show queen free of the “sideshow” distraction of having to prove the President is eligible to hold the most powerful office in the world

While G.W. spent days bonding with American heroes, Obama did “better stuff.”  Referring to the birther controversy, Obama said “We’ve got big problems to solve, and I’m confident we can solve them, but we’re going to have to focus on them, not on this.”

It appears that one of the more pressing problems Obama is concentrating on is raising a billion dollars’ worth of billboard, television ad, and backup Teleprompter re-election campaign money! Since becoming a re-election candidate, “Obama has embarked on an aggressive inaugural fundraising tour that included three events in Chicago … and six events in two days last week in Los Angeles and San Francisco.”

To hell with $4 a gallon gas prices, the debt ceiling, Middle East wars, unemployment, and a humongous deficit. Such minutia was placed on the back burner as Obama headed to New York City to jam up the Big Apple and attend three Democratic fundraising events. “Obama 2012” galas were “scheduled across midtown Manhattan, including…at the home of financier and former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine and … at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel.”

“Attendees at both events were asked for the maximum contribution—$35,800, a Democratic official said. The first $5,000 goes to the Obama campaign, with the rest to the Democratic National Committee.”

Continuing with his “better stuff to do” trek to New York, Barack will leave the Waldorf-Astoria and head to a “concert-style event at the Town Hall Theater where, in honor of America’s native son, hip-hop band The Roots will entertain the President and a throng of youthful supporters.

With Obama’s entourage clogging up Park Avenue, G.W Bush and a troop of injured soldiers probably got through a 62-mile bike ride and parked the Cannondales in less time than it took for NYC commuters to make it nine miles by car to College Point, Queens. After two days of raising money and his Presidential profile, “Better things to do” Obama was not “due back at the White House until the wee hours” of the following day.

Meanwhile, former President Bush said his “three-day ride on the desert trails of Big Bend National Park, on the US-Mexico border in southwestern Texas, was ‘real cool, unbelievable.’”

While Barack Obama was busy doing “better things,” Tour de France champion/cancer survivor Lance Armstrong, 15 wounded soldiers, some with prostheses, joined the 64 year-old former president on the final leg of the bicycle ride

Far from the glitzy set of Oprah and light years away from Park Avenue, while Obama was busy doing “better things,” G.W. expressed heartfelt appreciation for the bravest among us, saying “As a commander in chief, it was my decision to put them in harm’s way in the first place. I feel a special bond toward them and I want them to know I’ll never forget them.”


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