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Obama’s Politicized Indignation

081009_obama_budoffOriginally posted at American Thinker

America is still waiting for President Obama to share his insights on Kate Steinle. Kate is the woman murdered by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal felon who, after being deported seven times, managed to find his way back to San Francisco where he shot the 32-year-old in the back with a stolen gun.

To date: “No comment.”

Conversely, much as he does whenever there is a mass shooting, Obama nearly tripped over his wingtips sprinting to the podium to blame Second Amendment advocates and the Republican-controlled Congress for the mass shooting on a community college campus in Roseburg, Oregon.

Yet every day, 4,000 babies expire in abortion clinics and dozens of people die at the hands of inner city thugs and illegal immigrant criminals, none of which the president responds to with grief or concern.

Unlike his indifference to the deaths of Americans killed by illegal aliens or the dismissive attitude he has toward the 60 million human beings who have been ferried from the abortion clinic to the incinerator, and much like the way he portrayed 9-year-old Tucson shooting victim Christina Taylor Green jumping in heaven’s rain puddles, while exploiting the Umpqua Community College victims for political expediency the president sounded like he was describing DREAMers:

In the coming days we’ll learn about the victims, young men and women who were studying, learning and working hard with their eyes set on the future, their dreams, on what they could make of their lives.

What’s so disconcerting about all this is that from 2010 through 2014, 121 incarcerated immigrants released by the Obama administration went on to commit “homicide-related offenses.”

Moreover, being lectured about states with “the most gun laws tending to have the fewest gun deaths” by the person from a city with high body counts despite extremely stringent gun laws or being scolded by a guy who handed a genocidal Iran a nuclear bomb reveals somewhat of a dangerous disconnect in the mind of the person doing the reproving.

Speaking of minds, the president who usually doesn’t wait for the facts did point out that “We don’t yet know why [Chris Harper Mercer] did what he did. And it’s fair to say anyone that does this has a sickness in their minds.”

Meanwhile, people with equally sick minds have presidential carte blanche to run amok.

Take for instance those who sneak over the border and then go on to sodomize children, rape women, and murder American citizens. Nary a word. In like manner, Obama never questions the mindset of Islamic radicals who kill in the name of Allah or thugs who shoot police officers with wanton abandon, nor has he condemned the evil mentality behind federally-funded organizations that abort and sell babies’ body parts.

But after another mass shooting, the otherwise apathetic Obama is quick to speak of common-sense gun safety laws, bemoan mass murder becoming routine, and accuse America of becoming numb to gun violence. In addition, he does not hesitate to dredge up references to “Columbine and Blacksburg… Tucson… Newtown… Aurora and Charleston.”

In his comments concerning UCC Obama portrayed America as barbaric while citing stricter gun laws in more civilized countries like Britain, where shootings have been replaced by stabbings and beheadings. Obama even predicted his adversaries would be accusing him of politicizing that which he openly admitted he was politicizing.

Then, on behalf of worldwide terrorism, like Carly Fiorina challenging the left to watch the Planned Parenthood videos, Obama dared news organizations to report on the numbers of Americans that have been killed by terrorists as compared to numbers of Americans killed by gun violence.

Now that’s an excellent idea!

In fact, while the media is at it, maybe they could expand that public service by also comparing deaths resulting from illegal immigration with gun fatalities, gang violence, or better yet, abortion statistics.

During his UCC comments, Obama implicitly passed the blame on to the American voter for the carnage, saying, “This is a political choice that we make to allow this to happen every few months in America. We collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones because of our inaction.”

If that’s true, then Barack Obama is individually answerable to those who lose loved ones as a result of his multiple examples of inaction, like say for instance the family of Kate Steinle.

Then, despite Americans dying from imported diseases and our borders remaining open, and although ISIS threatens to use a refugee crisis to infiltrate America, Obama used the UCC shooting as a stage to tie saving lives through strict gun laws to the federal response to natural disaster, mine collapses, potholes, and seat belt laws.

Problem is, Obama’s liberal policies are responsible for much death.

Still, the president called on Americans to “get our government to change [gun] laws… to save lives. And to let young people grow up.” Obama must mean young people that are not aborted, or murdered by illegal immigrants like Prudencio Ramirez, who killed his girlfriend and burned her three-year-old son alive, ISIS style.

According to the man whose legacy is fast becoming “continuing death for innocent people,” seeing the gun issue his way “will require a change of politics on this issue” and should determine who Americans vote for. After all, Obama, the very person who dismisses the views of the American people on most every issue including gun control, feels voters — except in his case — should “expect… officials to reflect [their] views.”
The president then portended that before he leaves office, gun violence will provide him with additional opportunities to offer condolences to bereaved families, a gesture Barack Obama doesn’t bother to extend to the families of murdered victims of illegal felons, executed cops, unarmed military — or aborted babies.

In closing, the president called on the God he said couldn’t help with the gun violence problem, but not before dissing the NRA and promising that in addition to Tweeting children who make clocks that look like bombs, he will henceforth harp on altering gun laws and, as long as no illegal immigrants are involved, will continue to exploit gun tragedies to benefit his progressive political goals.

Josh Earnest blames Vester on Congress’s failure to pass legislation that would have a ‘tangible impact in reducing gun violence’

alison-parker-vester-flanagan-adam-ward-640x480Originally posted at American Thinker

A cold-blooded murder has rocked the nation.  In Virginia, 24-year-old WDBJ-TV reporter Alison Parker and her 27-year-old cameraman, Adam Ward, were doing a live interview when a former anchorman named Vester Lee Flanagan II, aka Bryce Williams, gunned them down at close range.

It was reported that both Parker and Ward succumbed at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds.  After fleeing in a previously arranged rental car, Flanagan drove for hours before police closed in on him, at which point Flanagan, in a final paroxysm of self-pity, shot himself in the head and died shortly thereafter at a hospital.

Based on the content of Vester’s hate-filled, racially charged manifesto/suicide note, rather than taking to the streets of Baltimore to vent his anger or marching in the gay pride parade, the disgruntled minority gay man decided to kill two ex-coworkers.

Ironically, the former news anchor took out his aggression on the very media whose agenda includes reminding blacks and gays that they are being mistreated by a homophobic and racist white society.

In turn, after helping to spur a situation they probably thought would never affect them directly, media racial-grievance agitators lost two of their own.  In other words, Alison and Adam became frontline collateral damage.

Moreover, despite politically correct pot-stirring by race- and gender-baiters being the likely catalyst that made Flanagan feel justified in gunning down two people, once again, the White House is exploiting a tragedy to advance an anti-gun agenda.

Let’s not forget: the Obama administration has ignored the murder of Kate Steinle at the hands of a five-times-deported illegal felon in the sanctuary city of San Francisco.  Moreover, the White House has chosen to say little or nothing about the undercover exposé of Planned Parenthood, an organization that murders babies, with the president’s approval, and then harvests and sells their organs.

It stands to reason that Obama would avoid acknowledging immigration- and abortion-related controversy, because neither the shipping of severed heads nor the murdering of American sightseers speaks favorably for a progressive agenda.

However, when two victims happen to end up riddled with more than a dozen hollowed-out bullet holes, rest assured that the opportunist in the White House will eventually weigh in.

That’s why, after picking and choosing which murder best benefits the suppression of the Second Amendment and making sure that Vester the Second was not an illegal alien or a former Planned Parenthood employee, White House press secretary Josh Earnest spoke out about the Parker-Ward murders.

Earnest stressed that Congress has yet to pass legislation that would have a “tangible impact in reducing gun violence in this country.”  Therefore, based on those comments, what is clear is that the White House was implicitly trying to place the blame for Parker’s and Ward’s assassination at the feet of a Republican Congress.

And frankly, in a way, the GOP deserves to be blamed.  Here’s why: the right refuse to defend themselves against absurd liberal indictments.  In the same way that Alison and Adam were attacked by Vester, Republicans in Congress allow themselves to be ambushed and assaulted by an administration whose bombast is responsible for the ongoing racial unrest – not guns.

Rather than wrest the conversation away from Obama and use this opportunity to point out that politically correct liberal policies and the president’s incendiary rhetoric incite violence – Republicans just stand there and take it.

Flanagan wrote that he had “every right” to be angry over the sort of race and gender injustices Barack Obama relentlessly insists are still a problem in America.

With that in mind, isn’t there at least one GOP member of Congress who has the temerity to direct the accusations toward those responsible for goading an unstable person like Mr. Flanagan to seek out a gun and then use it to snuff out two young lives?

Sounding like he was quoting from the liberal bible, in his 23-page manifesto, Vester Lee, who was reprimanded for wearing an Obama button on air the day of the 2012 election, lamented being victimized by racial discrimination, sexual harassment, and bullying.  Then the former anchorman said he felt attacked, by black men and white women, for being a gay black man.

Isn’t there anyone in Congress who possesses the intellectual honesty to point out that Flanagan’s “Suicide Note for Friends and Family” included virtually every buzzword used by liberals to incite turmoil?

The White House can accuse Congress and censure guns, but to do so, they’ll have to ignore the fact that Flanagan confessed to killing Alison and Adam in reaction to the racism associated with the same church shooting that Barack Obama, in an effort to keep the fires of racial unrest alive, milked bone-dry.

It was the killer who admitted what incited the bloodbath. “Why did I do it?” he asked.  “The Church shooting in Charleston happened on 6/17/15 … I put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15.”

Clearly a bona fide black racist, Vester bid adieu to the tortured existence that was his life by citing Dylann Roof’s whiteness and an impending race war.  He praised the Columbine killers and then, for successfully murdering 33 people, including himself, paid homage to the Virginia Tech mass murderer Seung Hui Cho.

That’s why in the wake of yet another senseless heartbreak, Congress shouldn’t allow the White House to shift the blame for Alison Parker’s and Adam Ward’s deaths.  Instead, someone with some resolve needs to point out to the president – and the nation at large – that this has more to do with the race war that Obama and his minions are hoping to provoke than background checks and the availability of a gun.

Chicago Children Inform Barack Obama ‘We Want to Live!’

9168567_448x252-300x238Originally posted at The Blacksphere

It was the South Side of Chicago — city of meat slicing machine mishaps, 9½-fingered mayors like Rahm Emanuel and childhood home to Michelle “Hadiya Pendleton was me and I was her” Obama.

The Chicago children were given a lesson plan that is sure to add even more drama to Barack Obama’s ongoing effort to wrest legal firearms out of the hands of law-abiding American citizens.

At Freedom Schools National Day of Social Action hosted by Trinity United Church of Christ, the church that Obama’s former minister Jeremiah “America’s Chickens are Coming Home to Roost” Wright once headed, Chicago children spent the day telling personal gut-wrenching death and destruction stories.

In a city where gun laws are strict and gun-related deaths are at unprecedented levels, dead cousins and aunts were mourned and heartbreaking tales of woe told.

The program coordinator, Minister Jasmine Taylor, maintained that dragging out vulnerable children whose lives were touched by gun violence to assist liberal politicians in furthering progressive policies, in the end, helps children heal.

Minister Jasmine shared:

“I think they’re able to connect better when they’re in a group of their peers, learning and talking about the things they’ve had go on in their families and their experiences.”

And if at some point these stories can be woven into an anti-Second Amendment speech delivered by a quivering-lipped Barack or Michelle Obama, all the better.

The day of social action was chock full of anti-gun-related activities.  The children were read poetry, and then were given a drum demonstration, which was an odd choice.  Wouldn’t a piccolo concert have been better than subjecting already-spooked children to a rat-a-tat-tat that sounds a lot like the pop of a gun?

Then, although purely as a cathartic experience, in the style of the children who wrote to the president about gun violence and then attended the signing of 23 executive actions establishing stricter gun control, these children also gave Obama additional fodder for… er, I mean, explained to the Protector of [only] Wanted Children their desire to live.

As an aside, it’s too bad unborn babies can’t write similar letters to Obama expressing their desire to live.

Nonetheless, looking to President Obama to ensure that they do get to live, the children expressed future hopes and dreams, if, and only if, Barack Obama does allow them to live.

Some of those dreams include becoming a doctor (shackled like a slave to the Obamacare system), a police officer (castrated by the DOJ), the President (if, that is, by the time they grow up Obama has lifted Martial Law and finally left office), a princess (like Michelle Obama), and a man of God (like Liberation Theologist/anti-Semite/America-hating racist, the ex-reverend Jeremiah Wright).

So America now has something to look forward to.

In the future, sure to be woven into the next anti-gun speech, will be excerpts from letters written by Chicago children to the President of the United States demanding that elected officials “protect children” (who could have been, but miraculously were not aborted), “not guns,” nor the Second Amendment.

Michelle Obama’s ‘Plan B’ Gun Control Effort

largerOriginally posted at American Thinker

Plan B is not just a controversial morning-after pill; it’s also an effort on Michelle Obama’s part to paint anyone who doesn’t agree with her husband’s restrictive gun measures as people who are willing to force children to live their lives in terror. Michelle attempted to paint that picture during an interview with Lee Cowan on “CBS Sunday Morning,” when she dredged up sob stories from her gun violence visit to Chicago last month.

The first lady said that after delivering her speech on gun violence in April, she was amazed at the extent to which Chicago’s children were forced to live in subjugation to the fear of being shot. Thus, the unspoken premise of Michelle Obama’s comments is that the cure for children in Chicago being dominated by the fear of being killed by a stray bullet is to subjugate the entire nation’s Second Amendment rights.

Michelle shared that students at Harper High School in Englewood, Illinois told her, “Every day they wake up and wonder whether they’re going to make it out of school alive.” Mrs. Obama said, “I mean, every single kid worries about their own death, or the death of someone, every single day.” Michelle Obama uttering those words is a prime example of liberal duplicity. This is a woman who supports 3,500 babies a day being aborted, and she’s preaching to us about teenagers who, no thanks to her or her husband, miraculously made it out of the womb alive — not making it out of school alive?

To add insult to injury, Mrs. Obama then said “we” have an “obligation to these kids” to try again. When Mrs. Obama uses words like “obligation to these…” anything, it’s a clear sign that hubby, on behalf of some victimized group, believes he is bound to a higher authority than Congress and is probably out searching desperately for some way to circumvent the law.

Michelle Obama, savior of America’s children, then pointed out, “We have millions of kids living in these kinds of circumstances who are doing everything right.” What she forgot to mention was that, despite restrictive gun laws already in place, children living in Chicago “who are doing everything right” will still be victimized by those in Chicago, children or otherwise, who will continue to do everything wrong.

Bordering on tears, the first lady went on to say: “And we, as a nation, have to embrace these kids and let them know that we hear them, and see them.” Disregard that “we as a nation” part, because rest assured, Mrs. Obama believes that no one except her and her husband hear and see the fearful children of Chicago. And only those who adhere to the liberal vision have the power and authority to quell anxiety by finding a way to restrict the ability of the nation’s gun owners to exercise their right to “keep and bear arms.”

Ratcheting up the sympathy factor yet another notch, Michelle then shared with a sycophantic Lee Cowan that “One kid told me he felt like he lived in a cage, because he feels like his community is unseen, unheard and nobody cares about it.” What that caged kid probably hasn’t realized just yet is that the first lady of the United States comes to Chicago regularly to use the “unseen, unheard” and uncared-for children of the Windy City as stage props to help push a progressive gun agenda.

Speaking of guns, Barry visited Mexico where, thanks to him and Eric Holder, it’s even worse than Chicago when it comes to gun violence. Careful not to mention beheadings and machetes in his speech, Obama did suggest to a rapt audience of Mexican students that gun control would save lives on both sides of the border. Ohhh… so that explains why the president decided not to control gunrunners taking illegal high-capacity rifles from one side of the border to the other.

In a rare moment of honesty, Obama did acknowledge his own involvement in supplying Mexico with guns when he said, “Most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States.” No Shiite, Sherlock.

Then the president gave the crowd an impromptu refresher course on the U.S. Constitution, saying, “I think many of you know that in America, our Constitution guarantees our individual right to bear arms. And as president, I swore an oath to uphold that right, and I always will.” While pushing amnesty in Mexico, what he didn’t do was explain how United States immigration law works. Trawling for future voters, the president chose to conveniently skip that particular lesson.

Instead, immediately following the mini-course on the Second Amendment came the ‘but’ portion of the president’s speech, which is also known as the unofficial ‘Obama clarification.’ That’s where an unspoken ‘but’ cues the president to insert an addendum that corrects what he perceives to be one of the fundamental flaws in the Constitution.

Obama then said “At the same time (which is really a ‘but’), as I’ve said in the United States, I will continue to do everything in my power to pass common-sense reforms,” (which are really ‘Barack Obama-approved modifications’) “that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people,” (that would be law-abiding Americans) “that can save lives here in Mexico and back home in the United States. It’s the right thing to do.”

Sorry, Mr. President, it’s a little too late to ‘do the right thing.’ Why wasn’t that option proposed prior to illegally arming drug cartels with AK-47s? Who knows, maybe some of those guns have even made their way up to Illinois where your wife is now claiming we need to make an effort to “embrace… hear and see” Chicago’s terrified children who live each day in fear of being shot.

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