HE’S BACK! Phil Robertson Calls Out the Legislation of Perversion

Originally posted at Clash Daily In America of late, legislating morality is a big no-no. How dare the law impose antiquated religious standards of morality on a society where individuals get to decide what’s acceptable for them based on personal perceptions of right and wrong? Well, once again provocative Duck Dynasty patriarch …

Duck Dynasty Critics are Ducking Up

The ‘Ducks’ are back and thank God they are.  That’s right – Duck Dynasty  Season 5 has finally premiered and squirrel-brain-eating Phil, Willie, Jase, Jep, Uncle Si and the camouflage gear, as well as fidelity, faith, family, and the type of common decency sorely lacking in today’s culture are back …

Duck Dynasty Calls Attention to a Dangerous Time in America

Robertson, who is anything but bitter and is unapologetic about clinging to ‘guns and religion,’ spent the lion’s share of the interview expressing his views on God and His creation, sin, repentance, and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Duck Dynasty Happy Patriarch Makes GLAAD Mad

Originally posted at The Blacksphere Phil Robertson, currently on extended hiatus from A&E’s Duck Dynasty is my kind of guy!  Phil tells it like it is. He’s uncompromising in his convictions, unashamed of his faith in Jesus Christ, and he speaks in a way most people, whether they want to …

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