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The President’s Water-Guzzling Golf and Other Grifter Activities

ObamaGolf071113_2Originally posted at The Clash Daily

After discussing the urgency of drought conditions in California, in a move that could be likened to hosting a televised banquet where Obama and his friends frolic in giant vats of caviar after promoting food rationing to famished people, the president went golfing on a desert golf course.

For those who don’t know anything about desert golf courses, they’re what Zeke J. Miller of TIME magazine, in an article entitled “Obama Plays Water Guzzling Desert Golf Courses Amid California Drought”, called “water hogs.”

Talking about a water shortage and then golfing on a water-guzzling golf green is certainly not out of character for the president. With Barack Obama it works like this: he issues an edict and then instantly defies it.

This is a man who cares deeply about the well-being of the middle class, healthcare reform, and income equality. However, that caring stops if he wants to golf in a place that just so happens to be suffering from a water shortage. In that case, as long as the golf course is green he couldn’t care less if everything else withers and dies of dehydration.

Before hitting the links, the environmentally-concerned president with the 41,000-ton per-year carbon footprint traveled to California to speak to drought victims about the scarcity of water.

His message, in short: “Shared sacrifice”.

Then, moving from what RNC spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski called a “soapbox [that] doubles as a tee box” Obama spent President’s Day weekend golfing at two exclusive golf courses in Palm Springs with three of his high school buddies: twice on the nine-hole course at late billionaire Walter Annenberg’s Sunnylands estate, and one round at a course owned by billionaire non-golfer Oracle founder Larry Ellison, named Porcupine Creek.

No one would guess there’s a water shortage while golfing at Porcupine Creek. The property is 246 acres and features an “80-foot-diameter fountain ringed with 90 individually lit jets that shoot water up to 80 feet high.”

In such a hot and dry climate, each one of the 124 golf courses in the drought-stricken Coachella Valley soaks up about one million gallons a day for irrigation, which is 3-4 times more than the average golf course.

That little tidbit of information makes one wonder why, out of the 15,500 public and private golf courses in America, Obama didn’t choose to chase his balls around on one of the 15,498 other greens that require less water?

What’s important to know is that before hitting the links, Obama did tell the water-deprived with great conviction and heartfelt passion that “It can’t just be a matter of there’s going to be less and less water so I’m going to grab more and more of a shrinking share of water.”

Translation: Keep your thirsty paws off the water because my billionaire friends need to irrigate their 200-acre golf courses and supply their fountains with 80-ft water jets.

Barack Obama stressed, “What we have to do is all come together and figure out how we all are going to make sure that agricultural needs, urban needs, industrial needs, environmental and conservation concerns are all addressed” – but not until after he’s done golfing at water-saturated Sunnylands and Porcupine Creek.

Common courtesy aside, as in all things, Obama’s hypocrisy almost always provides a silver lining – for him.

For instance, if by chance the water table is lowered by keeping golf courses green, that could work in the Duffer-in-Chief’s favor.

The president could set up another photo op in the dry desert sun and then fly to Fresno where he can propose investing federal monies to help alleviate water emergencies. On the way back to Washington DC, he could make a pit stop in Palm Springs and do some golfing on a 200-acre golf course somehow kept verdant in a hot dusty valley short on water.

In other words, this is how Barack Obama defines “shared sacrifice”: Forcibly propelling one quarter of the water from the endangered underground water aquifer to the surface of his billionaire friend’s property so that when he decides to fly out and goof around on the green it’s lush and cushy under his golf shoes.

Ginning-up an income equality crisis while hanging out with billionaires and lamenting a drought in front of an audience of scorched, dehydrated people before immediately retreating to a man-made oasis in the middle of an arid desert to play golf – this, thirsty pilgrims, is how Barack Obama rolls.

Opportunity Obama-style – American Thinker – July 13, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

It’s no secret Obama can always squeeze in time for a few rounds of golf.  In addition, the put-your-feet-up President is also an aficionado of extended weekends relaxing and availing himself of what he perceives as frequent well-deserved breaks.

Yet, the President whose administration has chosen to sue the state of Arizona has set nary a wingtip on the border of the Grand Canyon State to assess the illegal immigration dilemma.

Obama eagerly motored on into Nevada to campaign for “fighter” Harry Reid who is about to turn over the title to Republican Sharron Angle.  While in Nevada, Barry chose to forgo the opportunity to fly AF1 over one state to visit some of the trouble spots between Mexico and the U.S.

Rather than venture toward the border to evaluate the area where 21 people died in a drug-related gang war, Obama chose to spend precious time slamming Republicans, whining about the mess he was left with and blaming Bush.

Obama had loads of time for snow cones and shrimp on the Gulf Coast, but can’t seem to find a second to meet with besieged Arizona law enforcement.  It seems Barack is more concerned about people being inconvenienced in ice cream parlors than the ever-increasing pile of dead Arizona police officers, murdered at the hands of illegal immigrants.

If priorities were appraised according to importance, Obama’s next scheduled event reveals everything America needs to know about how Obama evaluates criteria and sets precedence. Just prior to flying up to Maine for a little Mt. Desert Island R & R, Obama will be attending a groundbreaking ceremony for an LG Chemical plant in Holland, Michigan.  Ever the opportunist, it appears that the new plant will manufacture batteries for the electric vehicle Obama has plans to jam every living breathing American into in the coming years.

Barack Obama is a master of pick-and-choose crisis concern.  Obama Express whistle stops are not chosen based on what benefits America, oh no.  In between vacations and Republican demonization tours, the President rearranges the calendar to fit in public appearances at venues that make statements about what Obama deems important and what he adamantly dismisses. Arizona is a perfect example of a dismissal.

Frequent stopovers to the beleaguered Gulf Coast are merely Obama pushes for cap and trade. Racial profiling is unforgivable in Arizona, but Obama can overlook racial remarks by Harry Reid. Obama needs Reid to maintain his Senate seat, so look out Las Vegas, here comes Barry.

In the meantime, murder and mayhem overtake a state a few hundred miles south of Las Vegas. Rather than act like a leader and attend to a serious issue, the President chooses to diss Governor Brewer, criticize the effort of the state to impose the law, and stunningly drag Arizona into court to justify self-defense.

The state of Arizona is being forced to stand up against drug traffickers, gangs and illegals as well a Chief Executive who hopes to use the death and bloodshed on the border between Mexico and the United States as a vehicle to transport new voters to the polls in 2010 and 2012.

Obama continuing to disregard Arizona is as much a ploy for promoting policy as visiting LG Chemical Plant is a strategy to ensure resistant Americans end up stuffed like sardines into little battery-operated cars.

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