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Behind the anti-Trump Disruptors, the Fine Hands of Alinsky and Obama

Ciprofloxacin From Mexico obama-teaches-alinskyOriginally posted at American Thinker

Viagra Online Pay With Paypal Recently, when disrupters showed up at a Trump rally in Chicago, the first thing that came to mind was that America’s most notorious community organizer could be the wizard behind the curtain orchestrating what was being sold as an organic occurrence.

enter In Saul Alinsky’s 1971 book Rules for Radicals, the late author could have been describing Obama’s last seven years in office when he wrote that an efficacious organizer should be “an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; to fan latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expressions.”

Tadacip Cheap Xbox The father of community organizing taught that once people are “whipped up to a fighting pitch,” the agitated could be directed to participate in rowdy demonstrations. By employing those techniques on the international level, Alinsky’s star pupil, Barack Obama, has successfully managed to whip up global chaos.

here Back in Chicago, in the early 1980’s, Greg Galluzzo taught student Barack Obama to avoid the spotlight because the fundamental goal of a grassroots activist is to lead “indigenous” communities to believe they were taking action independently.

go site As 2016 election protests continue to gather steam, it appears as if Galluzzo’s street-smart pupil is having trouble hiding his preoccupation with the Republican candidates.

http://wsicycling.com/?sopa=Evista-Discount-Card&e2e=5a Granted, thus far, Obama has not acknowledged Weather Underground bomber buddy Bill Ayers protesting Trump in Chicago.  In addition, the president has been low key about Black Lives Matter Chicago leader Aislinn Pulley visiting the White House for Black History month a few weeks before #BLM shut Trump down in Chicago.

get link Obama has even managed to remain mum about his associations with Soros-financed MoveOn.org, Chicago’s Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and the Communist Party USA, all of whom have also caused disruptions at recent Trump rallies.

Ventolin Buy With Paypal In addition to some of the president’s dearest friends, the motley crew of community-organizing characters on the march also includes like-minded Bernie supporters who have promised that if Donald J. Trump wins the Republican nomination, mass civil disobedience is scheduled to take place that will make Chicago’s 1968 “Battle of Michigan Avenue” seem like a block party.

That’s why, despite a poor attempt at keeping a low profile, if Obama believes that Alinsky-style “direct action” possesses the power to keep a Republican billionaire populist or a “tea bagging” Constitutionalist out of the White House, it’s doubtful he will be able to sit back and let the skills he honed in Chicago go to waste.

After years of observing this president’s partisan bullying, one thing is certain, try as he might to hide it, over the last two terms, Barack Obama’s intrinsic dedication to Alinsky tactics has never wavered.

Remember when the New Black Panthers intimidated white voters with billy clubs at a Philadelphia polling place during the 2008 election?  Then, remember how the Tea Party was targeted and harassed by the IRS prior to the 2012 election?

In 2008, Saul Alinsky’s son L. David Alinsky wrote the following about his father’s most dedicated former student:

Barack Obama’s training in Chicago by the great community organizers is showing its effectiveness. It is an amazingly powerful format, and the method of my late father always works to get the message out and get the supporters on board. When executed meticulously and thoughtfully, it is a powerful strategy for initiating change and making it really happen. Obama learned his lesson well.

That’s why, if America is fundamentally transforming into an Alinsky playground, and if prior to a public demonstration Black Lives Matter Chicago just happens to suddenly drop in on the White House, Barack Obama is a suspect.

Think of it! Every time Obama disparages a Republican candidate, he’s merely exercising the Alinsky tactic of ridicule that served him well on the Southside of Chicago.

Recently, at a St. Patrick’s Day gathering Obama had this to say:

The longer that we allow the political rhetoric of late to continue, and the longer that we tacitly accept it, we create a permission structure that allows the animosity in one corner of our politics to infect our broader society. And animosity breeds animosity.

By choosing to forgo nibbling on Irish Soda bread and discussing his Moneygall roots,  Obama turned a luncheon into an opportunity to fuel street-level strife.  By doing what comes naturally, Alinsky’s charge purposely contributed to the “vicious atmosphere” he claims to reject.

And for those who tend to compartmentalize, those St. Patrick’s Day sentiments came from a verbally vindictive pol who, when not busy stirring up international turmoil, breeds domestic animosity by depicting white Americans as religious fanatic gunslingers looking to express “antipathy toward peoplewho aren’t like them.”

In keeping with that line of thinking, Barack Obama habitually panders to African Americans, Latinos, young voters, and women.  By doing so, this president confirms that the principal objective of everything he says and does is directly related to organizing communities to take action on behalf of the left’s interests.

Yet despite those and other not-so-well-hidden attempts to practice street activism, Obama does seem somewhat uneasy.

Recently, at a DNC event in Austin, Texas, Barack expressed apprehension when he pointed out that “Change doesn’t happen overnight…we never get 100 percent of change.”

Apart from the personal satisfaction this subversive enjoys from the extensive damage he’s already done to America, if ever there were a reason to drag into the middle of the Oval Office the infamous chalkboard young Barry used when marshaling the Chicago multitudes, fear that “Hope and Change” will be toppled by someone like Trump would be that reason.

Unconvinced? Let’s remember that prior to the failed Arab Spring it was Obama that helped to organize the Arab street.

So, as the “largest civil disobedience action of the century” looms on the American street, there is little doubt that deep in the bowels of the White House Barack Obama is organizing Democrats to usher in the Democracy Spring.

The High Price of Saving a Disaster

obamacare_hindenburgfeatured-300x157Originally posted at The Blacksphere

In the Obama inner circle, good stewardship is defined as spending billions to come up with ways to save money while executing the disaster of the Obamacare scheme. 

Hundreds of millions have already been spent on a website that doesn’t work, and now millions more will be frittered away coming up with antidotes to help market and rebrand a healthcare reform bill that currently has a worse reputation, has done more harm, and has squandered more of other people’s money than Bernie Madoff.

It began when $600+ million wasn’t enough compensation for Michelle Obama’s classmate from Princeton to get the Obamacare website up and running. Now we find out that the man and his administration, who obviously don’t understand the value of money, have awarded another $1 million grant to a “national nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans” named Families USA (FUSA).

FUSA is so committed to healthcare reform that they host an annual Health Care Action (HCA) conference. Coincidentally, FUSA’s president, Mr. Philippe Villers, is also Secretary and Treasurer on the Board of Virginia’s Herndon Alliance.  Politico once said was Herndon Alliance  was “the most influential group in the health arena that the public has never heard of.”

It goes downhill from there.

The Herndon Alliance is allegedly also connected to – who would have thought it – George Soros and his Open Society Foundation.  The Alliance’s claim to fame is that they came up with the now infamous ‘tell the simpletons what they want to hear’ lie: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”

The liberal web is woven so tightly that non-partisan “patient’s rights advocate” Ron Pollack, co-founder and executive director of Families USA, admitted in a 2010 interview that he was going to help found the Barack Obama Inc. subsidiary, Enroll America, and raise millions of dollars to assist in the herding (with the eventual intent of culling) toward Obamacare.

In another kooky coincidence, it turns out that the non-partisan Families USA and Enroll America are located in the same office, in the same building, and employ many of the same people, some of whom have even worked in positions of power in the White House.

According to the unbiased Mr. Pollack, Enroll America’s goal is to “raise tens of millions of dollars for state groups to work with the state to try to create the most effective systems to apply and enroll.”

Independent thinker/non-partisan Ron, pragmatist that he is, once said that even if you’re one of the 11.3 million Obama-created unemployed, “You shouldn’t have to take the day off of work” to enroll in a healthcare system you don’t want.

Now, three years and $600 million after Ron shared his Enroll America vision, working people thrown off their insurance who need to sign up for Obamacare, can’t.

That’s where FUSA and the $1 million grant come in.

For the paltry fee of one million dollars, FUSA has been commissioned to assist the president in majorly hoodwinking dubious Americans into believing Obama’s healthcare endeavor is both high-quality and affordable, two things everyone but the http://centralcoastsurfschool.com.au/?fv=Xenical-To-Buy&c7d=d5 New York Times knows is untrue.

To earn the money, FUSA must convince the skeptical and frustrated that the problem isn’t Obamacare, and that millions of ecstatic Americans are overjoyed with the speed and ease of the enrollment process.

Clearly, the goal of giving FUSA $1 million is to compensate them for resuscitating the horrendous healthcare law in the minds of easily duped people. To do that, FUSA will have to gather Obamacare “success stories.”  If satisfied customers are hard to come by, the organization can mimic the Herndon Alliance, who promised that if ‘like your plan…keep your plan.’

From Barack Obama’s point of view, a million bucks is a small price to pay for FUSA to track down deluded people like the Obamaphone lady or the woman who voiced her relief that ‘now I don’t have to worry about filling up my gas tank or paying my mortgage.’  Then, after people are dug up from obscure and unlikely places singing the praises of Obamacare, FUSA can pass the propaganda baton to the media, who will gladly help disseminate the hype, as always.

Trickery has worked very well for liberals. After all, wasn’t it just six short years ago that an inexperienced, mediocre senator from Illinois imposed his left-wing self on the American people and managed, with two Styrofoam Greek columns, a smoke machine, and everything but a disco ball, to convince millions that he was the long anticipated redeemer?

That’s why Townes-Whitley, Soros, Herndon Alliance, OFA, and Enroll America, as well groups like FUSA, are all committed to laboring together to convince the nation that Obama’s signature legislation – and by extension his entire presidency – is a panacea it is not.

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