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OBAMA: Won’t ‘Police the World’ – But He’s Teaching Kenyans to Put Condoms on Cucumbers

1075711_com_cucumbersOriginally posted at CLASH Daily

Coincidentally, just one month after President Obama visited Kenya, the National Institutes of Health, the Bethesda, Maryland-based biomedical research facility whose parent organization is the United States Department of Health and Human Services, has announced a study in which they plan to teach Kenyan youth, among other things, the ins-and-outs of condom use.

It’s true! In an effort to recreate the customary condom-on-a-cucumber tutorial that has become a tried-and-true tradition in American human sexuality classes, the NIH is investing over $237K of taxpayer monies to come up with a mobile game that will expose 60 Kenyan children to the proper use of prophylactics.

What’s perplexing about all this is that on more than one occasion Barack Obama has made it exceedingly clear that the US is no longer the world’s policeman. Yet when it comes to the sexual mores of foreign countries, as long as it’s not a Muslim nation the president feels it’s his duty to personally influence the sexual practices of those who reject his liberal stance on things like teen sex and homosexuality.

In fact, a few days after the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, Obama, heady with LGBT pride, landed in his “home country” of Kenya and, during a press conference with President Uhuru Kenyatta, apparently felt that since he couldn’t force them to raise a rainbow-colored flag it was his duty to openly crusade for gay rights in a country where homosexuality is considered a crime.

In response, Kenya’s president politely made it clear to the sex-life-obsessed Obama that in Kenya the gay rights issue is “generally a non-issue.”

Obama’s lack of deference to his hosts is what motivated Senegal’s Macky Sall to smack down Obama after the 2013 visit of America’s “first gay president” when he first attempted to further the cause of same-sex marriage in West Africa.

And now, prior to Obama’s most recent visit, Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto courteously requested the US president “respect Kenyans” and their religious belief that homosexuality is a sin.

Ruto stressed:

No one should have any worry about Kenya’s stand as a God-fearing nation. President Obama is a powerful man but we trust in God as it is written in the Bible that cursed is the man who puts trust in another man.

“Those who believe in other things, that is their business, but as for Kenyans, they believe in God,” Ruto further elaborated. The deputy president also added that Kenya rejects “alien mannerisms”, which are not in line with African culture.

Someone should have told William Ruto to save his breath, because Barack Obama respects no one, and to get what he wants he can be counted on to find a way to sidestep everyone from the US Congress to the Kenyan government to Jesus Christ Himself.

In the end, none of Ruto’s preemptive remarks mattered, because when Obama arrived in Kenya he was eager to publicly admonish President Kenyatta because of his views on homosexuality.

That was when Obama’s gracious host informed the American busybody that unlike Americans, some of whom spend their time thinking up absurd acronyms to describe themselves such as “L.G.B.T.Q.Q.I.P.2S.A.A.” (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Pansexual, 2-Spirited, Asexual and Ally), Kenyans “want to focus on other areas.”

In other words, Kenyatta pretty much told Barack to butt out and mind his own business.

Problem is, Mr. Obama can’t butt out.

Now, all of a sudden the NIH has been enlisted to find another way to sexually educate Kenyan youngsters concerning things like HIV and “harmful gender norms,” which Ruto called “alien mannerisms”.

That’s right – in a nation where 83% of the population is Christian and homosexuality is considered both a sin and a crime, our government is investing $200K in grant money to fund a study that makes guinea pigs of 60 Kenyan children with cell phones.

According to the NIH grant:

The overall goal of the proposed project is to contribute to reductions in HIV incidence among youth in sub-Saharan Africa. The objective of our proposed study is to advance that goal by developing, building and pilot-testing an interactive electronic game for pre-adolescents that will be informed by socio-behavioral and pedagogical theories, evidence-based practice, and unique formative research on youth sexual culture in sub-Saharan Africa.

Translation: By pretending to “focus on increasing age at sexual debut and condom use at first sex,” it’s likely that the principal goal is to “design and develop a mobile phone game for young Kenyans ages 11-14” with the potential to digitally circumvent the Kenyan moral code and open the door to promote something other than the Biblical teachings on fornication and homosexuality.

Researchers believe the game could reduce unintended pregnancy, which is a problem in Kenya, and most importantly the hope is to “challenge harmful gender norms and HIV stigma, and foster dialogue with parents and guardians.”

The “harmful gender norms” to which the NIH will alert the preteens are actually about the societal conditioning of genders that liberal social engineers believe determines sexual risk-taking. Researchers are convinced that in Africa masculine and feminine sexual stereotyping increases unintended pregnancy and contributes to sexually-transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDs.

That’s why, in the guise of a grant-based NIH study, instead of learning abstinence, Kenyan adolescents will be encouraged to use condoms and to reject gender roles that those hosting the study believe to be harmful to both mental and physical health.

Reinforcing safe-sex warnings to a HIV/AIDs-ravaged nation sounds like a magnanimous goal. But what’s more likely is that under the tutelage of a Barack Obama-approved phone app, Kenyan children will eventually learn exactly what President Kenyatta prevented Obama from sharing.

Expunging Truth from the 57th Inauguration


Originally posted at American Thinker

Christians from all across America are outraged that popular evangelical pastor Louie Giglio of laminin fame has been banished and will no longer be delivering the benediction at President Obama’s second and possibly even more historic inauguration, due to take place on Martin Luther King Day.  For daring to speak truth, Pastor Giglio, after being marked with an anti-gay branding iron and summarily booted from the dais, is now pretending to have willingly backed out of the function.

The controversy concerns a sermon Giglio delivered in the 1990s that endorsed the 5,000-year-old biblical teaching that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice displeasing to God, ergo a sin.  After learning about the inflammatory dissertation, the White House, whose stated desire is to have an inaugural that reflects diversity, immediately distanced itself from Mr. Giglio.

Supposedly, Louie was chosen initially because of his work combating human trafficking.  If the ousted minister had prevailed, Mr. Obama would have surely found a way to exploit the pastor’s involvement in the global mission by tying human slavery to the plight of those Obama believes are enslaved by a system that denies social justice to poor minorities.

Nonetheless, on behalf of the president with the mysterious past, Presidential Inaugural Committee spokesperson Addie Whisenant said that “at the time of his selection.” the committee was unaware of Giglio’s 20-year-old comments.  Ms. Whisenant went on to remind affronted gay activists that Giglio’s sentiments do not “reflect [Obama’s] desire to celebrate the strength and diversity of our country at this Inaugural.”

Therefore, it appears that if a Christian dares oppose secular society’s effort to accommodate a radical homosexual agenda, after a public excoriation, he can expect to be exiled to life beyond the city gates.  Tolerance and inclusion can now be officially defined as the rejection of traditional values and the forced acceptance of aberrant sexual behavior.

In her prompt response, Ms. Whisenant reassured Mr. Obama’s gay supporters that the committee is working to “select someone to deliver the benediction” whose “beliefs reflect this administration’s vision of inclusion and acceptance for all Americans.”  The term “all Americans” apparently excludes Christian-Americans, who, with the exception of saccharine pastor Joel Osteen, are neither included nor accepted.  For that reason, anti-bullying bully Dan Savage would be a more suitable candidate to consecrate the gaieties.

Either way, in the wake of what Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, called “the new moral McCarthyism,” Christian leaders are pointing out that in order to be a true reflection of diversity, the inauguration should include the full spectrum of opinion, including viewpoints that may be disagreeable to homosexuals.

Furthermore, as if time gone by could somehow change God’s established truth, other Christian leaders are suggesting that Reverend Giglio’s “homosexuality is bad” comments lack relevancy because they were expressed way back in the Clinton era, when Barack Obama was tithing to Jeremiah Wright’s anti-Semitic, black separatist Trinity United Church of Christ.

What’s most disturbing about the Giglio affair isn’t so much that he’s being scorned for what he said twenty years ago, but rather that for two decades, liberals had no problem with the content of his sermons.  Frankly, unless the reverend was planning to rebuke the masses gathered round the Capitol steps, it’s just as well that he remains hunkered down with his colossal “indifference is not an option” skyward reaching hand back in Atlanta, Georgia.

Not only that, but Louie Giglio should also be grateful that his anti-gay comments were exposed prior to the event.  If, God forbid, the Presidential Inaugural Committee had caught wind of his opinion midway through the invocation, Louie might have instantaneously disappeared through a trapdoor built into the floor of the inaugural platform.

In a way, Louie Giglio being “honored” to accept the president’s invitation to pray over his swearing-in is worse than the Atlanta minister getting the bum’s rush by the predictable left.  What, pray tell, was Giglio thinking?  What was he going to ask God to do on Obama’s behalf?  Which politically correct Bible was Louie going to be allowed to use while praying — the Sodom and Gomorrah edition, or the Queen James version?

Was Louie planning to entreat the Lord to bless another four years of Barack Obama funding abortion, sanctioning gay marriage, handing out free birth control to promiscuous college coeds, limiting God-given freedoms, spurning Israel, covering up crucifixes at Catholic universities, and decimating America’s constitutional right to religious liberty?  (And that’s just for openers.)

Was the Passion Ministries pastor whose words influence many of America’s Christian youth also willing to accept the responsibility for putting verbal and visual approbation on the second term of a Scripture-quoting president whose first term stopped just short of mocking everything “pure, lovely and of good repute?”

Historically, rejection from the world proves that a disciple of Christ is on a path to righteousness.  Thus, it should be the goal of every Christian to be “despised and rejected” by the likes of men like Barack Obama.  After all, offending heathens was Jesus’s forte — so much so that the leaders of His day nailed Him to a tree for speaking truths they didn’t want to hear.

After “respectfully [ahem] withdraw[ing his] acceptance of the President’s invitation,” Louie Giglio promptly changed his focus to preserving “the collective right to hold differing views.”  It would have been much more impressive if, rather than “withdraw” after the fact, Louie Giglio had chosen to “decline” in the first place.

Either way, if future opportunities arise, Pastor Louie Giglio’s Christian witness will have a far greater impact if he outright refuses to sanction any secular leader whose personal and political choices flout the Word of God.


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