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Kaci Hickox: Ebola’s Sandra Fluke

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Two perfect examples of bleeding hearts choosing a cause and then demanding that the cost be exacted from the hides of others are two liberal women who have made national news despite caring little about the expense of their personal wants.

The first woman is Sandra Kay Fluke (pronounced fluck), an attorney and women’s rights activist who, in her last year of Georgetown University Law School, used polycystic ovary disease as a rationale to denounce the Catholic university’s refusal to comply with an Obamacare insurance mandate to provide women with free contraception and abortion.

Fluke was unabashed in her demands, citing $3,000 in birth control expenses as one of the reasons Americans should be forced to finance contraception for women who feel others should fund their sex lives.

After well-deserved criticism and much controversy, with the help of Democrat handlers, Sandra became the left’s spokeswoman in the fabricated “war on women” and was elevated to the status of patron saint of polycystic ovary disease awareness.  The epitome of liberal activism, Ms. Fluke made it quite clear that her desire for free birth control took precedence over the religious convictions of those she felt should be forced to foot the bill for her contraceptives.

In other words, Sandra Fluke was unwilling to sacrifice her own money, yet she had zero compunction about citing polycystic ovary disease as a way to force others to absorb the cost of her birth control pills.

In order to raise awareness about the “war on women,” Sandra was more than willing to  wage all-out war on religious liberty and oppress anyone who disagreed with her personal views.

Now we have Sierra Leone Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox.  While defying quarantine requirements instituted by the state of New Jersey and the CDC in her home state of Maine, Kaci, who seems unconcerned about the welfare of her friends and neighbors, was concerned enough about herself to don a bicycle helmet while out cycling with boyfriend Ted Wilbur.

In West Africa, Kaci was concerned about West Africans, but back home in America, Kaci is more concerned about Kaci than the safety of those she could expose to a fatal hemorrhagic fever.  So, unlike Sandra Fluke, Kaci Hickox’s message does not involve the “war on women”; rather, it focuses on the futility of a mandatory “self-quarantine” even though it is now being reported that her roommate in Africa is infected with Ebola.

Kaci Hickox cared so much for West African Ebola patients that she was willing to risk her life.  However, once home in the U.S., when asked to inconvenience herself for 21 days by participating in a cautionary self-quarantine, self-sacrificial Kaci refuses to comply.

Leaving aside arguments about the dangers and ramifications of asking a free people to submit to government-mandated quarantines, or whether the Ebola crisis is fabricated or not, there is a huge measure of hypocrisy that needs to be pointed out on Kaci Hickox’s part that is typical liberal modus operandi.

Liberals like Kaci love for government oversight to be enforced on everyone else, but when government tries to dictate something they would rather not do, like pay for their own contraceptives or stay indoors for 21 days, liberals cry the loudest.

Then, in a stunning example of stupidity trumping science, in a statement that encapsulates the negative impact that moral relevancy has had on America, Kaci’s boyfriend Ted said, “We don’t believe that we can get anyone sick.”  That’s because in Obama’s America, a regime Kaci and Ted both proudly identify with, declaring one’s belief places that belief on par with the truth, even if it’s false.

That’s why just like Sandra Fluke, Kaci Hickox may portray herself as altruistic, but as it turns out, her type of progressive philanthropy comes with a price.  Because when Kaci’s hypocrisy is factored into the equation, just like Sandra Fluke, she embodies the high cost of liberal double standards.

LotsoFluck if Sandra Fluke Goes to Congress

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After 40 years and 20 terms, 74-year-old “ferocious liberal” and unique-looking individual Henry Waxman, one of the key architects of the disastrous Obamacare healthcare reform bill, announced he’s packing it in because of Tea Party extremism.

Speaking of packing it in and extremism, one name being bandied about as a possible replacement for Henry the Waxman’s congressional seat is none other than Sandra Fluke (appropriately pronounced F-Luck).

Announcing his retirement, Henry had this to say:

After 40 years in Congress, it’s time for someone else to have the chance to make his or her mark, ideally someone who is young enough to make the long-term commitment that’s required for real legislative success.

Could that “young enough…someone else” actually be Sandra Fluke? Because if über liberalism is the primary criteria, Fluke certainly qualifies to occupy Henry Waxman’s vacated seat.

Speaking to a California radio station, Sandra, who once placed birth control on an equal par with blood transfusions and represented Emerge California’s class of 2014, a training program for Democratic women who want to run for public office, sounded surprised by the suggestion that she should seek public office, saying this:

I’m flattered that I’m being discussed as a potential candidate. A number of folks I respect very deeply have reached out today and encouraged me to run. I am strongly considering running.

As luck would have it, Sandra is engaged to Adam Mutterperl, son of a big-time Democrat Party donor. So it would be fair to assume that future Dad-in-Law was “the folks I respect very deeply… [who’ve]…encouraged me to run,” that wannabe congressperson Sandra referred to in her radio interview.

Ms. Fluke made a name for herself with Democrats by demanding free contraceptives, and likes to come off as poised and soft-spoken.  But don’t be fooled by the pearl earrings; Sandy’s just as rabid a left-wing partisan tool as Henry Waxman.

Sandra Fluke is the women’s rights activist who brought national attention to a female sex hormone scourge called polycystic ovary disease, inspiring Rush Limbaugh to provide a colloquial description of what a girl publicly admitting that she uses $3,000 worth of birth control a year is actually admitting she is.

As a result of the outrage that followed, Sandra got a personal telephone call from Barack Obama.  The president took the time to commend her for her bravery and implied that having a daughter willing to reveal her prolific sexual activity in front of the whole country while soliciting free contraceptives, is enough to make any parent proud.

After her House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee appearance, rising star Sandra moved up to speak at the Democratic Convention, and after introducing Barack Obama at a campaign rally in Denver took to the road on behalf of the president’s re-election, which, in liberal circles, is all that was necessary to prepare Sandy to take a seat in the House of Representatives.

However, despite possessing the political ambition, Henry Waxman-level liberal endorsements, and Barack Obama’s soon-to-come blessing, serious concerns remain.  If Sandra Fluke’s claim to fame is that she can’t come up with a budget that includes a year’s worth of birth control, what is it exactly that qualifies her to manage the fiscal responsibilities of the nation as a Member of Congress?

UPDATE:  Sandra changed her mind forgoes her bid for Congress and  is running for state senate.

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