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HAS FRANCE REWARDED Pedophilia by Electing ‘President Oedipus’?

Originally posted at  CLASH Daily

In April of 2015, on an ABC ,20/20: A Barbara Walters’ Special Barbara allowed a child molester and her victim/husband to explain: “How Mary Kay Letourneau Went From Having Sex With a 6th Grader to Becoming His Wife.” With that in mind, maybe Barbara would agree to come out of retirement to also explain how a woman named Brigitte Trogneux went from having sex with a 9th grader to becoming France’s First Lady.

In 1993, Brigitte Trogneux-Auzière was a married 40-year-old mother of three, teaching French literature, Latin, and drama in an elite private school run by Jesuit priests. It was during her tenure in Amiens that Brigitte did the unthinkable and seduced a 15-year-old student performing in “The Art of Comedy,” the school play she directed.

Now a 64-year-old grandmother-of-seven, Brigitte Trogneux’s sordid love story is not unlike that of the ten-years-younger Mary Kay Letourneau who, as a 34-year-old married woman, with four children, started helping 12-year-old student Vili Fualaau “develop his drawing skills”.

Unlike Vili, whose proclivity tended toward illustration, Trogneux, the daughter of millionaire chocolatier/macaroon-makers, thought Macron had an “exceptional intelligence”. Trogneux has said that she was so impressed with Emmanuel’s brain power, she felt as if she “[w] as working with Mozart”. Perhaps Auzière slept with the boy because, in his presence, she was overtaken by the sound of violins and a harpsichord?

Either way, in France the age of consent rises from 15-to-18 if the older party has authority over the younger victim. Whether or not France’s new first lady was actually having literal sex with her youthful understudy remains unclear. However, when asked for details by Anne Fulda, a journalist, and author of Emmanuel Macron: A Perfect Young Man, Brigitte replied, “Nobody will ever know at what moment our story became a love story. That belongs to us. That is our secret.”

Whenever the crime took place, rest assured, Macron was still a schoolboy, which is why Brigitte’s “secret” is so disturbing. One would think that even in Sexuellement libéré France, teachers shun sex with their students.

Nonetheless, at the start of the relationship, Macron, the son of two doctors, spent so much time with his middle-aged paramour, “rewriting the play’s script”, his parents thought he was pursuing Brigitte’s daughter Tiphaine Auzière who was in Emmanuel’s class.

Unlike Mary Kay Letourneau, whose in-laws reported her affair with Vili to the authorities, which resulted in Letourneau’s arrest, and a charge of second-degree child rape, “Emmanuel’s parents … did not lodge a complaint against Brigitte Auzière for corruption of a minor.”

Displeased that his son’s after school activities included things other than script revision, Macron’s father asked the seductress who was the same age as the boy’s mother to stay away from his son at least until he was 18. Brigitte refused and tearfully told her lover’s father, “I cannot promise you anything.”

Emmanuel’s father and mother’s false belief that sending their son away to college would end the inappropriate relationship was probably the only reason Brigitte escaped charges of statutory rape.

On the other hand, sex-offender Mary Kay Letourneau was less fortunate.

Immediately after Letourneau’s first release from prison, on condition that she stay far away from her underage inamorato, and in direct disobedience to a court order, police found the demure pedophile in the act of being impregnated a second time by Fualaau in a mini-van with steamed up windows. As a result of that encounter, and before being reunited with the teen-of-her-dreams and finally settling down to raise their two daughters, Mary Kay ended up serving 7.5 years in jail.

With plans for more children and hopes of returning to private schools and community colleges to help other children “develop their drawing skills”, Letourneau was released from jail in 2004, married 21-year-old Fualaau in 2005, and now works as a legal assistant.

Anne Bremner, an attorney who met Letourneau in 2002, said of the star-crossed lovers “Nothing could have kept the two of them apart.” In like manner, Brigitte also romanticized seducing a child, destroying her marriage and family, and devastating her husband of 33-years as merely “Love [taking] everything in its path.”

At 16-years-old Macron vowed to make the married mother of three his wife. So, after carrying on for 14-years while her dutiful spouse worked long hours; the year after Mary Kay married Vili, Brigitte divorced her shattered husband, Andre-Louis Auzière. Then, in 2007, at 54-years of age, a menopausal Brigitte, dressed in a short, white mini-dress, married her 29-year-old protégé in the same town hall where she wed her first husband three years prior to her groom being born.

To this day, Emmanuel Macron credits his wife with shaping him into the man he is. And so, the object of France’s president-elect’s mother fixation gave up making macaroons and, instead, has spent 20+ years making a Macron into a president. Thus, Brigitte Trogneux progressed from wife to mother to teacher to lover of a political Mozart who the new world order hopes will be the progressive remedy for European populism.

Think about how strange it would have been if Barack Obama had brought Marian Robinson to the White House as his wife instead of his mother-in-law. Meanwhile, France’s May/December couple affectionately refers to each other as “Manu” and “Bibi”, the latter of which means “grandma” in Swahili.

In the end, Mary Kay Letourneau gave birth to the second of Vili’s daughters behind bars.

But for Brigitte “Mme Robinson” Trogneux things have turned out quite different. After being part-and-party to a decades-long sex scandal, President Oedipus’s wife won’t be going to jail. Instead, Trogneux will be rewarded for her indiscretions with the title of France’s First Lady and will live with Manu like a queen in Élysée Palace.

GOOD LUCK WITH THAT: France Accepting 30,000 Additional Refugees

Screen-Shot-2015-11-19-at-1.04.03-PM-300x180Originally posted on CLASH Daily

One week after ISIS fighters, some of whom pretended to be refugees, stained the streets of the City of Lights with blood, French president François Hollande extended his concern for his people’s safety by granting 30,000 additional “refugees” admission into France.

Here’s why François made that choice — evidently, before fake refugees gunned down 128 innocent people in cold blood, in his plan to institute the type of “fundamental transformation” Barack Obama is busily establishing in America, Hollande made a commitment to accept migrants and refugees from war torn Syria.

In other words, socialist utopia-builder François ushered unvetted ISIS warriors with a craving for blood into the hen house and now after the flying feathers have settled, the blood is barely scrubbed off the sidewalk, and as ISIS sits sucking the marrow from the bones of it’s kill, to teach the devourers a lesson, instead of closing the borders, France’s president has swung open wide the gates to the hen house.

Think of it sort of like a security guard welcoming a band of rapists into a girl’s dormitory – only a million times worse.

In France, just days after 128 people ended up either in the morgue, on the autopsy table, or face up in a freshly dug grave, Hollande felt moved to address a group of mayors telling them “Life should resume fully” and that, despite the recent carnage, France would be accepting 30,000 additional refugees.

Maybe someone should inform France’s president and the mayors that gave him a standing ovation that life will never “resume fully”, or even resume at all, for the victims who, thanks to François’s irresponsible attempt at benevolence, were the latest bunch to be carried away in a hearse.

The argument among many of these deluded, pie-in-the-sky political empire builders is that not all refugees are terrorists, which is true.

However, in order to prove the French people have nothing to fear, and that the president believes the odds are against being killed by ISIS, François Hollande should lead the way by agreeing to eat a handful of gumdrops out of a bowl that includes ten unidentifiable candies coated with cyanide. That way, if François manages to survive the stray poisonous gumdrop odds, he’ll have made his point, and can then pass the bowl to Barack Obama.

After all, who cares if the president ferries ISIS onto the streets of Paris, what matters here is the larger issue, which is: “What would France be without its museums, without its terraces, its concerts, its sports competitions?”

Hollande contends that even if stupidity costs lives, “France should remain as it is…[and]…carry on with their lives.” Based on what the world witnessed last week, and as disturbing as it might be, “remaining and carrying on” might involve pregnant women being lowered out of windows to escape being shot with an AK-74 Russian Kalashnikov rifle.

Nevertheless, Hollande stressed that over the next two years, “30,000 refugees will be welcomed.” Why? Because the person whose vigorous security checks did nothing to stop ISIS’s ability to murder dozens of people believes “France has the duty to respect [a] commitment” that entails giving ISIS speedy entry onto the battlefield where they can maim, kill and destroy soft targets populated with harmless people.

Hollande did note that “some people say the tragic events of the last few days have sown doubts in their minds,” but called letting in even more wolves in sheep’s clothing a “humanitarian duty,” which Frankie Boy vows will be balanced with France’s “duty to protect [the] people” –- a minor point that, based on the body count, François Hollande has thus far failed to do.

According to Hollande, the excuse for such reckless imprudence is this: “France will remain a country of freedom.”

Bringing up the tried and true topic of values, Hollande reminded the French people that, “We have to reinforce our borders while remaining true to our values.” Sorry to have to say it, but the French president bringing up values sounds vaguely like Michelle Obama who, while doing the Conga three days after the French terrorist attack, also talked about “values.”

Gloria Estefan conga lines aside, is that how it works? Socialists like Obama and Hollande value leveling the playing field and fostering freedom even if the cost of those values includes murder, a dose of mayhem, and ongoing butchery.

Taking into consideration those and other sorts of attempts to use “values” to bludgeon humanitarians into submitting to the brutality of the inhumane, let’s not forget that revolution plays a prominent role in France’s history. That’s why, rather than allow themselves to be victimized, the French must once again call upon a national sense of brotherhood where “common people” stand together against a monarchial government to forcibly wrest from the fist of insanity the “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” many fought and died to preserve.

In the interim, America should take notes!

Defying Laicite’

In an insolent public display of religious solidarity, Muslim worshippers jammed the streets of Paris to pray. The group was shielded by a private security force and although public worship is officially illegal in France, French police had “been ordered not to intervene.

An ordinary citizen, whose life has been threatened for exposing Islam’s influence in France, concealed a hidden camera in an attempt to broadcast to the world how huge crowds of Muslim worshippers blockaded free access on Paris’s streets.  The goal of the documentation: illustrate how French society is caught in the throes of self-inflicted Islamization.

According to alias “Maxime Lepante,” Muslims prayed in the streets of Paris after erecting barricades and “during those prayers” cordoned off “inhabitants of the district,” prohibiting anyone from leaving or entering personal property.

Lepante claims the French government articulates toughness, like a recent attempt to ban public wearing of the burqua.  However, a.k.a. Lepante contends that parts of the French government, while supposedly making an effort to address Islam’s societal infiltration, “continue to give Islam a privileged status.”

The French undercover videographer explained that secularism law says “People have the right to share any belief they want, any religion. But they have to practice at home or in the mosque, synagogues, churches and so on.”

Any reasoned individual would agree that the type of favoritism displayed by failing to prohibit mass street prayer by a self-professed secular French government indicates discrimination against other religions and is just another illustration of a growing and pervasive, worldwide bias toward Islam. Maxime contends, “The Muslims in the street have been granted unofficial rights that no Christian group is likely to get under France’s Laicite’, or secularism law.”

Apparently, France’s Laicite’, whose goal is supposedly to “promote a civil environment where no one can intimidate any other person due to their religion,” goes unenforced if Muslims, en masse, decide to occupy the streets and bar individuals access to their homes.

Defenders of illegal public prayer contend that Muslims must “pray in the street because they need a larger mosque.” However, Lepante, who has been monitoring the growing Islamic influence in Paris, said he “observed cars coming from other parts of Paris,” and believes it is becoming “a weekly display of growing Muslim power.” Could it be that barriers to private property, prayer mats and prostrated prayer warriors are purposeful provocations hoping to incite criticism which, in turn, result in preferential treatment?

An incognito Maxime shares the belief that “They are coming there to show that they can take over some French streets to show that they can conquer a part of the French territory.”

Years of political correctness have had powerful jurisdiction over the French people, as it does over both American and British society.  As a result, Muslim leaders have become adept at exploiting inclusive language.  Concepts such as community, diversity, tolerance, opposition to extremism, and female participation are integrated into the language of Imams proposing mega-mosques in the style of the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre, and more recently the 9-11 Cordoba mosque struggling against public outcry in New York City.

Forced political correctness has contributed to the situation French citizens presently endure as Islamic prayer services impede Parisians’ free passage from home to street and vice-versa.  The predicament has evolved because, “From the 1980s until recently, criticizing or opposing Islam was considered a social taboo, and so the government and media effectively helped Islam spread throughout France.”

American apologists for Islam contend that large community centers and even massive prayer sessions are merely expressions of the religious freedom most politicians deny to everyone except Muslims. French philosopher Radu Stoenescu accurately articulates the crux of an issue which most government simply refuse to acknowledge.  Stoenescu maintains, “The problem is the people who follow Islam; they’re somehow in a political party, which has a political agenda, which means basically implementing Sharia and building an Islamic state.”

French publisher Jean Robin warns that, in the name of diversity and bridge building, all modern societies will eventually be forced to deal with creeping Sharia and mass societal Islamic infiltration. The problem arises as Muslims flock to urban centers vowing to adapt to modernity, but once entrenched slowly impose theocratic rule over government, society and law.

Jean Robin said, “We were expecting Islam to adapt to France and it is France adapting to Islam.”  For the world to believe it can or will be any other way is denial, and is treacherous for Western societies because just as one veiled woman on the streets of Paris recently declared, “the veil is in the Koran” and “we only submit to God and nobody else.”

On the issue of shrouded women, Jean-Francois Cope, president of the Union for a Popular Movement political party maintains that “We cannot accept the development of such practice because it’s not compatible with the life in a modern society… this question is not only a French question. You will all have to face this challenge.”

Public wearing of the burqua is an issue the French should have thought of long before large numbers of Muslim women chose to defy the law by refusing to remove the chador.  The French naively believed Islam would assimilate into European society; brazen Muslim resistance is proving that the Islamic objective is quite the opposite.

Thus, it is not the first time an illegal Muslim prayer service has managed to shut down a whole district in France’s supposed secularist society. Worldwide, Islam continues to claim the aspiration of “enhancing community cohesion.” Yet, in city after city, Muslims brazenly flout law and stir up controversy.  Islam audaciously imposes symbols of an ancient religion wherever, whenever and on whomever without the slightest hint of opposition from a “secular system.” The world is on the precipice of being held captive to a future that, in due time, promises to deliver the devastating ramifications of political correctness making exceptions for Islam.

Berlusconi Bans the Burqua – American Thinker Blog – May 6, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

In the spirit of being more open and accepting to cultural diversity, one day I purposely chose to study a woman endeavoring to read the ingredients on the side panel of laundry soap in Walmart.  The unique thing about the whole event was the woman was dressed in full burqua sporting a trendy pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.  Needless to say, the experience was difficult for the both her and me.

That eye-opener was not only matched, but topped by another Muslim woman, also in full burqua, attempting to drink an iced Starbucks caramel macchiato.  That poor dear struggled for quite a while trying to figure out how and where to snake the straw. Suffice it to say the whole scenario was similar to witnessing a car wreck –it was impossible not to stare.

So you can imagine my glee when it was reported that the northern city of Novara, Italy, fined a woman for wearing a burqua.  Apparently, “City police ticketed [the woman who] will have to pay a 500-euro ($650-dollar) fine,” for the crime of appearing fully veiled on an Italian street.

The town of Novara is located in the Piedmont region, which is apparently a “stronghold of the anti-immigration Northern League, a key party in Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative government.”

Although “Covering one’s face — with a veil or a motorcycle helmet — in public has been banned … since 1975,” fining a woman for being out and about in a burqua is a “first [for] Italy.” Regardless, one has to believe that under all those yards of black material the woman must have been secretly thrilled!   Six-hundred and fifty dollars is a small price to pay for freedom.

Novara “City hall adopted a decree in late January banning the burqua in public places and their vicinity.” Apparently, the woman and her husband were unwilling to comply because the Tunisian national was apprehended, not in an espresso cafe or even an Italian version of Wal-mart, but under the ever watchful eye of a looming husband at the local post office.  Forbidden to speak on own behalf, the husband, “refused to have her identified by male officers,” so a female patrol officer, sans burqua, was promptly called in.

Banning the burqua is not new to Europe.  In France a proposal to prohibit “voile integrale” – which means “total veil,” is presently being introduced by lawmakers.  If adopted, appearing in full covering, in “public places like hospitals and schools, and on public transport,” would be forbidden.  In other words, showing up on the street and even shopping for laundry soap fully veiled would be permissible.  However, trying to board a bus would be illegal.

The bad news for Muslim husbands living in Sarkozy’s France is the French may have plans to “jail and impose huge fines on anyone who forces a Muslim woman to wear a full-face veil.”  According to a pro government newspaper, “The law will create a new offence of incitement to cover the face for reasons of gender.”

So there is hope for America as our country is presently in the process of adopting all things European.  In the meantime, this summer, when fully covered women show up at the beach, I’ll do everything in my earthly power to be respectful and avoid staring.  However, if Muslim women should decide to throw caution to the wind and swim in a burqua, I request to no longer be held to my original promise.

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