Socialized Medicine Even Kills Socialists

Yet, even after all that, Chávez insisted on going back to Cuba for a third surgery. That type of allegiance can only be likened to Americans going through a disastrous first term with Barack Obama and then, rather than refusing further treatment, inviting the Mad Dr. O to continue administering high doses of the wrong medicine for another four years.

Castro’s Cathartic Conversation

Originally posted at American Thinker. blog Somebody alert Michael Moore.  Please — deliver an urgent communiqué to Barack Obama: former Cuban president Fidel Castro admitted the “communist economic model doesn’t work.” In a rare moment of honesty, Fidel came clean with American journalist Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic magazine. Goldberg …

Elian Gonzalez 10 years later – American Thinker. Blog – April 6, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker. blog Elizabet Broton, Elian Gonzalez’s mother, was so determined to ensure her seven-year old son live in freedom that at four a.m. the fraught woman ushered her child toward a rickety boat to join a dozen people for a trek across dark, choppy waters from …

Castro Praises Obama Care – American Thinker. Blog – March 27, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker. Blog Fidel Castro lauding Barack Obama’s successful passage of a U.S. health care reform bill is like the late serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer offering kudos to Michelle Obama for her “Let’s Move” healthy food campaign. Castro is the architect of a health care system where …

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