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Does Obama’s Half-Brother George Qualify as a Refugee?

obama-brotherOriginally posted at American Thinker

Once again, Barack Obama is attempting to heap condemnation on Americans for being concerned that ISIS, as promised, will infiltrate the U.S. and do it by exploiting a humanitarian crisis.

That kind of blame-the-vulnerable tactic is exactly what the president used when he insisted on bringing thousands of “unaccompanied minors” into America from Central and Latin America.

For months, as border agents did double duty as nurses and nannies, at the mere suggestion that the youthful invasion might not be in America’s best interest, Obama responded by bludgeoning the wary with his trusty “that’s not who we are” club until the prudent skulked away whimpering in frustration.

As a result the Obama-sponsored charitable “unaccompanied minor” crisis delivered to the American people Third World diseases that caused dozens of children to be infected with Enterovirus D-68 – some of whom died.

Currently, the president is sponsoring another crisis.  This one involves Middle Eastern refugees.  As ISIS salivates at the thought of ‘tasting of American blood’ the latest influx is poised to deliver to our citizenry ramifications far worse than viral infections.

Nonetheless, Obama, who ordinarily has no trouble working in tandem with Planned Parenthood to ensure the surplus children are disposed of, is again depicting refugees, 62% of whom are military-aged males, as parentless youngsters, and accusing the cautious among us of being “scared of 3-year-old orphans.”

For the moment, after listening to eight years’ worth of words that are completely detached from any corresponding action, Obama maintains that he’s concerned about foreigners in need.  If that’s true, instead of worrying about 60 million refugees, maybe he could lead the way by putting doable action behind his own sanctimoniousness lecturing.

And what better place to start exercising those “My Brother’s Keeper” values he keeps talking about than with his own half-brother, George Obama, who despite his famous sibling’s desire to save the world from destitution, barely survives on but a few dollars a month.

Face it; the president has zero qualms when it comes to bullying all of us about what he thinks we should be doing unto those he thinks we should be doing it to.

Yet when Barack “My brother, your brother, our son” Obama visited the motherland in the summer of 2015, rather than embrace his family heritage, not only did he refuse to visit his ancestral village of Kogelo, he also chose to ignore his penniless half-brother.

Now, a few months later, while addressing the G20 summit in Turkey, a clearly irritated president pontificated about the American value of embracing an influx of 26-year-old male Muslim fighting age orphans.

And while Obama berates Americans for not doing enough for Middle Eastern refugees, in Kenya his drug and alcohol-addled brother George continues to live below the poverty line in an illegal tin hut in Nairobi’s filthy Huruma slum.

So, with that as a basis of comparison, Barack has zero right to lecture anyone about lack of empathy towards those in need.   Not only that, but how about his audacity while in Malaysia? In the midst of the raging refugee debate, an insolent Obama vowed that despite his allowing bands of blood thirsty barbarians free access to America’s throat, “as long as [he’s] president we are going to keep stepping up.”

Granted, Barack will continue to fight hard for the right to dump boatloads of indigent refugees, some of who are planning to kill us, at the feet of weary American taxpayers.  However, in the interim, no one has stopped him from assisting his Kenyan brother who, rather than follow his dream of being an author and playwright, collects trash off the street.

That’s right, while one of his father’s many sons thrives in the lap of monarchial luxury, George Obama spends his days gathering up foul smelling waste and delivering it to a centrally located Kenyan dumping ground.  For that, Barry’s baby brother earns 100 Kenyan shillings pay per ‘shovel ready’ bag, which in U.S. dollars comes to a rousing $.97 per sack.

Clearly an environmentalist, green-leaning George sounds like his older brother when he insists that collecting garbage in a slum is his attempt at “job creation and keeping our environment clean.”

Sadly, familial needs have been unable to stimulate a helpful response from the president.  Instead, on a grander scale, Barack Obama is directing his attention toward attempting to persuade unwilling Americans to yield to an altruistic value he fails to demonstrate in his own life.

For lack of a better option, Barry should at least encourage his younger brother George to mingle in with the throngs of refugees currently being beckoned toward America for a better life.   So far he hasn’t, and based on his past track record, probably won’t.

OPEN BORDERS: Is Obama Educating Child Suicide Bombers in America’s Classrooms?

Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Last year when Obama opened the border to beckon Central American children into America’s midst, those who were against seating “unaccompanied minors” in our classrooms were viewed as anti-child, mean-spirited and unloving. The question from the left was: “What are we supposed to do, turn these children away?”

For those who tend to think logically and can set aside misplaced sympathies cultivated by master manipulators to focus on reason, the primary motive of the objectors to avoid taking in these children hinges on the dual dangers posed by both disease and terrorism.

For starters, as was attested to in the receiving areas on the border, many of the “unaccompanied minors” were infected with various Third-World illnesses that Americans and more specifically American children have no immunity to. As a result, innocent schoolchildren died from an imported Enterovirus that has not been seen in America since the 1950s. Although not a politically-correct fact, according to a Virology Journal article from 2013, Enterovirus D-68 is very common in the countries from which the illegal immigrant children migrated.

And while Third World diseases are indeed a risk, what is more frightening is the potential for children with more nefarious intent, and whose ethnicity is impossible to detect, finding a way to slip over the border and into our classrooms.

Let’s face it – while Americans are busy defending the right to abort their children, in other parts of the world children are being born for the specific purpose of training them to be suicidal terrorists. Instead of thinking like a terrorist and grasping the totality of how far the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) will go to export terror to the west, Americans will likely learn the hard way when little Ahmed comes to school with a backpack stuffed with something other than a Halal-approved hummus sandwich.

What’s already apparent is that right under our noses ISIL likely has training camps where adorable little boys who could easily pass as Latinos are being groomed for suicide missions. Let’s not forget that mini-Palestinian suicide bombers have become a common threat in Israel.

In Turkey, after the recent twin blasts in the capital of Ankara killed 102 civilians and injured hundreds, Turkey ramped up their anti-terror police operations against ISIL militants in the country.

Then, lo-and-behold, in the Pendik and BaÅŸakÅŸehir district of Istanbul, after ISIL penetrated the Turkish border from Iraq and Syria, an ISIL child-training camp was discovered. Now what pray tell would 24 cute little, sweet little, giggling children be trained for in basement apartments in Istanbul?

Well, according to surveillance collected by the Istanbul Police Department Counterterrorism Unit, it seems the suspects that were arrested were using the apartments as militant training camps.

In other words, the Cubs of the Caliphate are in Turkey training to utilize or export a very innocent-looking form of terror. America had best beware that if Abdul Aziz got the chance he would gladly blow up an elementary school with something that has more bomb and less clock.

Think it’s impossible?

In Northern Syria, pubescent 14-year-old Mar Hadid Al-Muhammadi killed over 50 Kurdish militants in a suicide bombing mission. While American kids are taking selfies and figuring out ways to build self-esteem on the soccer field, in the Middle East the “Cubs of the Caliphate” are requesting martyrdom missions.

In the Iraqi town of Heet, which is 31 miles from Ramadi, mothers who refused to give their sons over to ISIS to be trained for suicide missions were torched alive with their sons.

With that kind of commitment to training “baby bombers” and a militant camp filled with suicide martyr wannabes located in an apartment building in Istanbul, how long before ISIS figures out that if they want to export an army of cherubic novices on a mission to America all they have to do is drop them on the southern border?

Imagine how the caliphate trainees giggle at the Great Satan when they learn that if you have a Muslim name and you bring a device to school that looks like a bomb you’ll get a Tweet from the president, an invite to the White House, and a scholarship to NASA space camp.

Once the pint-sized ISIS fighters are picked up by the benevolent border patrol, they will be ferried into a public school classroom where bringing a clock-bomb to school is easier than smuggling in a box of evil Oreos.

Obama leaves the border open and embraces refugees from war-torn areas where ISIS is burning, butchering, and crucifying as a form of recruitment motivation. Meanwhile, the ultimate goal for ISIS is to first infiltrate Europe and then gain access to the US, which is the ultimate prize.

Once here, as liberals continue to chide the wary and educators teach our children about diversity and to accept all cultures, sitting alongside little Ashley learning Common Core mathematics may be a militant “newcomer” whose sole purpose in life is to be martyred for Allah.

EVERYBODY IN THE POOL! Deadly Microbes and Smoking Bans

imagesOriginally posted at CLASH Daily

Being a lifelong New Yorker, I was troubled recently when I saw people who appeared to be illegal applying for public pool passes at town hall. Notwithstanding an acute awareness of the health risks associated with the recent influx of illegal immigrants, it was quite off-putting to watch legal residents present every kind of proof of residency short of blood type while others carried only passports.

In case America needs to be reminded, currently MDR-TB, scabies, leprosy, Enterovirus, bacterial pneumonia, as well as other assorted health hazards are lurking on shopping cart handles, in restrooms, and all over the produce handled by low-wage illegal workers who now freely dwell and work among us.

In response to what I witnessed on the pool pass line, I felt it was my civic duty to place a phone call to my local councilman to inquire about the policy that allows illegals, who shouldn’t be in America in the first place, to swim in taxpayer-supported pools. My gripe was the sheer lunacy of allowing people, many of whom could quite possibly be carriers of the same deadly virus imported from Latin America that left dozens of American children dead and paralyzed last year, access to what might as well be an oversized Petri dish.

Xenophobe that some would accuse me of being, I was informed that if an illegal rents a home owned by an individual who pays taxes and shows up with proof of residence on a pool pass line, although the person producing the proof may be illegal, that person will still have access to the public pool.

So in other words, if ISIS manages to make it across the border and can come up with a telephone bill from a home whose owner pays taxes, at public pools across America there is a slight chance that the guy lurking around the Good Humor truck may have something more in his backpack than suntan lotion.

Aside from ISIS bloodying up the wading pool, just a few days after my frustrating telephone call to an equally frustrated Republican representative who informed me “all we can do is pray,” the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed my fears by issuing a warning that Cryptosporidium – the same parasite responsible for 90 outbreaks in 2011 and 2012 resulting in 1,788 illnesses, 95 hospitalizations, and one death – is managing to survive this summer in the treated water of America’s public pools.

What a surprise! Since 2011? That happens to be when the invasion of illegals really ratcheted up and unaccompanied minors were given an open invitation by Barack Obama to flood our borders and flout our immigration laws.

So, giving new meaning to “don’t swallow the pool water”, just as I predicted, a robust parasite endemic to developing countries has now taken up residence in our public pools. Just like illegal immigration apologists who forgot to mention that Enterovirus was imported from Latin America, the CDC also forgot to mention that Cryptosporidium, also known as “travelers’ diarrhea”, has likely migrated north in the fecal matter of those who crossed the border illegally from Mexico and are now cooling off in a public pool near you.

You’ve seen the signs that warn: “Persons currently having active diarrhea or who have had active diarrhea in the last fourteen days shall not be allowed to enter the pool water.”

Enforcing the “no diarrhea in the pool” rule would entail a screening process that would probably cut the number of applications for lifeguard positions in half. Besides, the swimmers who need to heed the chorro warning probably no pueden leer Inglés.

Meanwhile, one cannot say for sure that Cryptosporidium is in our pools because we’ve granted illegals access to public services. Then again, we cannot say for sure that it’s not. Wasn’t it just last summer that border officials warned of a looming infectious disease crisis that would be impossible to avoid as a result of the thousands of sick children, many of whom were suffering from diarrhea, crossing the border?

Granted, sick children swimming in public pools is worrisome, but in fairness to concerned public officials, there are politicians who are making a concerted effort on the national level to preserve the health and security of all our citizens.

According to the New York Post, even though being in America illegally doesn’t ban a person with scabies from splashing around in public New York City pools, “Smoking is already banned in public places, including bars and restaurants, workplaces, sports venues, and parks.”

And while the children of some of the illegals who rent from taxpayers are probably infecting New York City’s pools with Cryptosporidium, Mayor Bill de Blasio, via “One New York: The Plan for a Strong and Just City”, is partnering with health groups to “pressure landlords” by paying them $9,000 each to ban smoking in apartment buildings.

In other words, to ensure the health of those illegals who contaminate the city’s public pools with deadly microbes that chlorine cannot kill, Mayor de Blasio plans to prohibit smoking in NYC apartment buildings where illegals currently live.

So, that’s the new America: on behalf of common good, the privacy rights of American citizens are restricted, while illegals are given free rein to negatively impact health and safety.

LIVES LOST: The Blood on Barack Obama’s Hands

bloody-hand-300x180Originally posted at Clash Daily

Barack Obama’s hands are covered with quite a bit of blood. Actually, as harsh as it may seem to say, Americans are swimming in oceans of blood thanks to this president, and although he hasn’t been, he should be held fully accountable.

Time and again Obama has proven that when it comes to gun control, child safety arguments are powerful tools to assist him in his mission to dismantle the Second Amendment. However, bloodbaths are not nearly as disturbing to the president if guts and gore assist him in the advancement of the left-wing agenda.

That theory is confirmed by Obama’s lack of outrage, or even interest for that matter, in the deaths resulting from initiatives such as “Fast and Furious,” where his administration purposely put weapons in the hands of drug cartels. Obama’s failed gun-walking scandal resulted in the blood of Border Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata being spilled, as well as hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens whose deaths can be tied directly to the U.S. government, which means the blood flows directly to the Oval Office and is the reason Barack Obama’s hands are stained ruby red.

Speaking of bloodletting, it’s common knowledge that Obama is a committed supporter of abortion, is enthusiastic about destroying partially-born infants, and is an unabashed fan of leaving babies born alive in botched abortions to die in hospital laundry rooms.

Those types of radical pro-choice beliefs are the reasons why the president also has the stagnant blood of unborn babies on his hands.

Barack Obama’s rationalization for such barbarism centers on his claim that he doesn’t want to undermine the original intent of an abortion, the primary goal of which is to have the procedure result in a dead baby. Therefore, if a baby is born alive, denying warmth, oxygen and hydration ensures the original intent is fulfilled.

As for the unfettered slaughter of 3,000-4,000 babies a day, the president, who is known to view the U.S. Constitution as a “flawed document”, would likely argue that despite the carnage, at least in this case, Roe v. Wade is settled law.

Then there’s Benghazi; Hillary Clinton’s outburst of “what difference does it make” exposes the indifference those liable for the murders of four Americans have toward the blood that spilt in Libya on September 11th, 2012. Why? Because if the details surrounding the loss of life were exposed in their entirety, the truth that would be revealed would undercut Obama’s real Middle East agenda and possibly put a damper on Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations.

That sort of indifference is deadly coming from an administration that refers to terrorist attacks that result in the death of thirteen troops as “workplace violence.”

Then there’s illegal immigration, which is causing Americans to die from imported viruses and resulting in Americans being killed or maimed by violent illegals who freely roam our nation’s streets with Barack Obama’s implicit approval.

Look around. The tide is rising higher each day. To avoid getting his pant cuffs stained with the blood he’s responsible for spilling, Barack Obama may have to shorten his pant legs by pulling his Mom jeans up tightly under his armpits.

Mom jeans and bloody hemorrhagic viruses aside, thus far, there is no argument that Enterovirus 68 is directly responsible for 796 Americans in 46 states being sickened. Some of Obama’s victims have suffered to the point of needing breathing tubes; some are paralyzed; and seven are now dead and buried. Absent from within the U.S. for 50 years, Enterovirus D68 originated in Latin America, and was delivered via minors who crossed the border accompanied only by a contagious virus that the U.S. government was well aware existed in Latin America since 2010.

So suffice it to say that despite the knowledge that unaccompanied minors could cause American children to fall ill, Barack Obama still encouraged the influx of illegal children and has plans to usher in thousands more who could be harboring a whole new breed of Third World diseases.

And, even more disturbingly, some of the blood on the president’s hands belongs to tiny infant Lancen Kendall, 4-year-old Eli Waller, 21-month-old Madeline Reid, and 10-year-old Emily Otrando, all of whom died from an Enterovirus they never should have been exposed to in the first place.

And all that bloodshed doesn’t even begin to broach what the release of hardened illegal criminals who are rapists, pedophiles, and murderers portends for America’s future.

In the coming months, Obama granting amnesty to 34 million illegals will not only make America unrecognizable, it will also contribute greatly to the deluge of blood to which we will all be subjected.

ISIS members will be granted amnesty, MS-13 gang members will be granted amnesty, and thousands of criminals who were let out of prison will be granted amnesty. All this despite the blood spillage that has resulted from illegal immigrants killing Americans, killings that include more recently two sheriff’s deputies in California being shot in the face by an illegal alien who was deported twice, had a long list of aliases and a drug conviction and who, if not arrested, after the midterm elections, would have been among the millions slated to be granted amnesty.

Scarier than diseases, murders, illegal criminals, open border permeation and much, much more are the “lone wolf” terrorists who, thanks to Obama, have crossed our border and could be wandering the highways and byways of America right now, looking for police and military to hatchet to death and unsuspecting grandmothers to behead in the name of Allah.

After all is said and done, there are many more examples of how, as a result of Obama’s diabolical quest to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America, innocent blood is being spilled.

That’s why, whether he recognizes his culpability or not, the river of blood currently drenching America flows directly toward the White House into both of Barack Obama’s hands.

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