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BILL CLINTON: Friend of Pedophiles

http://talkaboutlasvegas.com/?pot=What-If-Cialis-Doesnt-Work&a37=f6 clinton-liel-peres-partyOriginally posted at Clash Daily

http://hollyhockclothing.com/?fvn=Cymbalta-Epocrates-Online&768=6a Bill Clinton has been named in a lawsuit against a onetime billionaire “Friend of Bill” named Jeffrey Epstein. That means there may be another vast right wing conspiracy afoot. Accused by over 40 women of being a sexual predator, American financier Mr. Epstein is a man who, in a way similar to Bill Clinton’s weakness for White House interns, has a weakness for female jailbait.

see Before Epstein admitted and was convicted of pedophilia and, thanks to his political connections, sent to jail for only 13 months, Clinton, who probably only has an affinity for the juicy fruit native to the Virgin Islands, was a frequent guest at the Caribbean playground.

Why Is Vermox Off The Market No one is accusing Bill of participating in the “regular” orgies that were held at the ex-billionaire’s Caribbean compound. And even though flight records show that the former president visited Epstein’s private island, Little St. James, between 2002 and 2005, two or 20 or 200 times, that doesn’t mean the supporter of the Children’s Health Fund was doing anything untoward with the little ones on the private compound.

source Humanitarian that he is, Slick Willy was probably in the Caribbean raising money for charity and sipping Cruzan Rum. Or maybe Bill was on a mission hoping to encourage his good pal to seek out age appropriate women as sex partners.

http://daronkrueger.com/?xol=Do-You-Need-A-Prescription-To-Get-Viagra&797=bd In addition to Bill Clinton, Epstein was also chummy with former Governor Eliot “Black Socks” Spitzer and Prince Andrew, the latter of whom recently was also accused of underage sexual abuse. British royal Prince Andrew even stayed at the ex-con’s New York City mansion months after Epstein was released from jail in 2010.

go site The lawsuit claims that in the early 2000s, while working on his philanthropic endeavors and while a distracted Hillary the Carpetbagger was busy clawing her way to the top of the New York State political heap, hubby was off consorting with a pervert who hosted orgies featuring young girls who were shipped to the island to service older men.

Imodium Wear Off Epstein was investigated and ultimately convicted after a woman reported that the former billionaire paid her 14-year-old daughter $300 for a massage and sex. According to the women, Epstein hosted orgies attended by two young girls from New York and a least one young girl the suit identifies as Jane Doe 102 who allegedly was being kept there unwillingly.

It was reported in the National Enquirer that Jane Doe 102 was forced to live as one of Epstein’s underage sex slaves for years and had sex under duress with “politicians, businessmen, royalty, academicians, etc.”

According to the lawsuit, when Epstein was busted in 2008 for diddling around with underage prostitutes, Bill dropped him like a chewed-on cigar butt.

Far be it from anyone, let alone a Clinton fan like myself, to imply that the beret-and-blue dress connoisseur visiting Little St. James was one of the politicians serviced by a youthful sex slave. And anyone that would even suggest such a thing would likely be part of the same “vast right wing conspiracy” that Hillary says has been dogging Bill Clinton ever since his brilliance and charisma burst unto the political scene 30-something years ago.

Accusations of teenage prostitution aside, the lawsuit does reveal that Bill did have a grownup female friend who photographed young girls in sexually explicit positions. That friend provided Jeffrey Epstein with those photos as a kind of shopping list. In fact, Clinton was so friendly with this particular shutterbug that she took an afternoon off from distributing child porn to attend Chelsea Clinton’s $6 million 2010 wedding.

Still, there’s no proof of Bill Clinton’s guilt. However, as past history has proven, the likelihood of the ex-president visiting the Caribbean sex island and choosing not to participate in the festivities is about as probable as a cigar aficionado visiting the Gurkha $1,000 cigar factory in Miami and taking a pass on the hand-rolled stogies.

Nonetheless, just because he poses with prostitutes from the Nevada Bunny Ranch doesn’t mean Slick Willy would venture into the dark netherworld of pedophilia by having sex with underage girls against their will.

As for Hillary, in the run-up to 2016 a sex scandal comes at a very bad time. How will Hillary accuse Republicans of not doing enough for the children if her husband is suspected of statutory rape? That’s why only time will tell whether Bill Clinton’s affiliation with a pedophile will impact his chances to park his humidor back in the White House.

In the meantime, if Bill Clinton finds himself in another sexual pickle, so to speak, he can always wiggle his way out by reminding his accusers that when it comes to these tawdry, illegal accusations, “it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘pedophile’ is.” If that doesn’t work, irreverent liberal comedian Bill Maher can always deflect on Hillary and Bill’s behalf by placing added emphasis on Catholic priests molesting little boys.

Still, whether the man with the unquenchable libido had sex with little girls or not, what is undeniable is his friendship with an admitted pedophile and his time spent cavorting at the scene of the crime. Not to worry though, because when confronted with the topic of underage sex slaves, all Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky’s totally believable grandpa has to do to clear his name is swear that he “did not have sexual relations with that 15-year-old girl.”

Did Toe-Sucking Spitzer Muck up the Hot Tub?


Originally posted at the Blacksphere

My, my, my, it seems we’ve traveled back to the days when former Clinton advisor/current political pundit Dick Morris was caught sucking the toes of a prostitute named Sherry Rowlands.

This time, the story was that the still married Eliot Spitzer, aka Client #9, who was previously thought to prefer romping in black socks, was caught sucking the sock-less toes of his mistress in a hot tub in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

As rumor has it, at the Half Moon family resort, in close proximity to a pool filled with children, an unidentified 10-year-old spotted former governor and Mayor de Blasio’s purportedly bare-breasted former spokesperson, Lis Smith, frolicking in a hot tub at 4:00 in the afternoon.

The poor kid got so scared he ran back to his parents and shouted, “Mom there’s an old guy in the Jacuzzi with this girl and she’s topless and she’s got her legs wrapped around him.”

When junior yelled, “He’s sucking on her toes!” other resort guests sauntered over to check out the view.

One witness who described the scene said that in addition to toe-licking, the couple, oblivious to those around them, fooled around as sleazeball Spitzer whispered God-knows-what into Smith’s ear.

Now the story is being debunked because based on a receipt showing the time and date the couple checked out of the hotel, it would be impossible for the whole seedy scenario to have taken place.article-confphotos8f-97-0107

Nonetheless, Spitzer’s penchant for raunchiness is certainly well documented.  In 2008 after being caught with his socks down,Spitzer was  forced to step down as New York’s governor after citing “personal failings” in the form of cavorting with working girls from the Emperor’s Club call girl service .

Spitzer’s “private failings” included him spending over $80,000 for prostitutes over several years, first while attorney general and later as governor.

The most prominent woman in the scandal was a prostitute named Ashley Alexandra Dupré.

After Ms. Dupré’s tryst with Eliot at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC, future encounters allegedly included dropping in on  call girl Rebecca Woodard  who claimed in a book entitled “Call Girl Confidential,” that Eliot liked to choke her (dear Lord, hopefully not with those black socks).

Fast-forward five-plus years, and after announcing his divorce from long suffering Silda, Mr. Spitzer immediately took up with Lis Smith. Please note: Lis with an “s” is not to be confused with the “The Grand Dame of Dish,” 90-year-old gossip columnist Liz with a “z” Smith.

Besides being an assumed human pacifier, Smith is also a 31-year-old former aide to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.  Because of her undying fondness for black-sock wearing Client #9, Ms. Smith forfeited her chance to be de Blasio’s top spokesperson.

Not for nothing, but if this whole hot tub thing really happened, Lis must have really been caught up in the heat of passion to disregard small children being traumatized over the sight of a topless woman having her toes double as lollipops.

Now, after the fact, a Spitzer spokesperson   denies the account. “These assertions are totally untrue,” she said, “The couple both understand the scrutiny they’re under. That’s why they’re even more careful about their behavior. It makes [the rumor] even more ridiculous.”

What’s suspect is that for a short time on Saturday the day before the alleged incident took place, Spitzer and Smith take a dip in the poolside Jacuzzi.

What remains to be seen is who is telling the truth and whether or not the mistake was that they really were “spied frolicking” on Saturday when Eliot and Elisabeth were still on premises, instead of  Sunday, when the romantic duo had already checked out.

So in the end, Eliot Spitzer, the notorious lying cad, and his caddish love interest, a woman who has zero compunction assisting in the betrayal of Silda Wall, are maintaining that they did not partake in the hot tub caper, and instead claim that they already left the resort when the alleged sexcapade took place.

Another one of Spitzer’s pals pointed out:

This is a place where you have to wear long pants to dinner at the restaurant. There are, in certain areas, families with children. It’s inconceivable that any adult would behave that way.

Wait one minute! This is Eliot Spitzer we’re talking about here.  Does anyone really think Client #9 would let long pants get in the way of a good toe-sucking?

In the end, it matters little whether what took place was in a Jamaican Jacuzzi with Smith’s floatation devices floating free, and her lower digits stuck in Eliot the Lover’s maw,  or whether the couple were innocently lunching in Robbie’s Kitchen drinking Red Stripe beer and watching the Cincinnati Bengals.

Either way, the extramarital aspect of the notoriously lecherous Spitzer and the libidinous Smith romance, with or without the sordid Jacuzzi episode, is still scandalously indecent.

Is there a Big Weiner-Spitzer in the Big Apple’s Future?

Business-leaders-arent-laughing-about-Weiner-and-Spitzer-300x225Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Everybody, don your commemorative black socks and get ready to wave to the Weiner float as it passes by in the parade of political weirdness, because “tabloid twins” Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer are number one in the polls in their respective races.

Who’s responsible for catapulting “Client Number 9” and Huma’s horndog husband to into the lead?

Why, it’s African-American voters. A new Quinnipiac University poll says that support among African-American voters is pushing both men, who clearly on occasion have been over the top – to the top – of the polls.

Oh no!  If the liberal African-American community’s newest media sensation and spokesperson for liberal intelligentsia, Rachel Jeantel, has anything to say about it, in order to be ‘new school’ all the newly minted campaign buttons may have to be changed to read “Vote 4 Weina’ and Spitza’!”

Nevertheless, black socks and pussycats aside, Harlem resident Preston Price said, “I give everybody a second chance. A person can learn from their mistakes, everybody deserves a second chance.”

Harlem residents are generally forgiving like that. Remember when America’s first black president, Bill Clinton? After cheating on Hillary, disgracing the office of the president, lying to the American people, and perjuring himself under oath Bill was welcomed by Harlem with much fanfare to set up his Clinton Foundation office at 55 West 125th Street, where he showed up exactly twice?

About Weiner and Spitzer’s tawdry past, another Harlem resident, Grisel Estrada, added “I know it was a dark time in their past, but I feel they came out and apologized for the things that happened. They should have a second chance at running for office.”

Sorry Griesl, no disrespect intended, but the darkest part of the disgusting Spitzer affair were those dang black socks “Client Number 9”  refused to take off when visiting Ashley Dupre. And based on one of Weiner’s more revealing pictures popping up on the Internet, the “came out” part has nothing to do with apologies.

In the meantime, Anthony the Weiner wants to assume the title of esteemed Hizzweiner and Sir Elliot of Spitzer, who obviously has troubles comptrolling himself, wants to comptrol the whole city.

Among all voters, Weiner is three hotdogs ahead of his lesbian/anti-wiener opponent, Christine Quinn.  But among black voters, who typically reject the gay lifestyle but apparently accept adultery and perverse exhibitionism, Weiner is at 31 percent while Quinn is at 16 percent.

In the comptroller’s race, Spitzer leads Scott Stringer by 15 points overall, but among blacks, the black-sock-wearing, prostitute-purchasing, hopeful owns a commanding lead of 61-26.

What’s also interesting about the poll is that by huge margins, voters of both genders and voters of all ethnic and economic strata are of the consensus that financial impropriety is much worse for an elected official than sexual misconduct, except if they’re a Republican – then any hint of sexual hanky-panky is absolutely unforgivable.

In other words, if politicians make http://otterpaintball.com/?led=Xenical-For-Sale-Uk&a0b=02 suspicious bank transfers to fund illicit rendezvous at the Emperors Club VIP with high-priced call girls and blow $80,000 on hookers, that’s not considered financial impropriety.

As for Weiner, black voters must feel that sexting a picture of his bare chest, his engorged namesake, and his pussycat while his pregnant wife Huma was tending to Hillary Clinton isn’t something to hold against the man.

And so at this juncture in the race, at least for blacks living and voting in New York City, a Big Weiner-Spitzer win is rife with exciting possibilities for the Big Apple.


Online Abilify UPDATE:  Quinn takes lead in mayoral race.

Manhattan Madam Hustles her way to Albany

After witnessing the success of politicians like Mary Landrieu (D-La) and Ben Nelson (D-Neb), “Manhattan Madam” Kristin Davis recruited GOP strategist to Roger Stone assist in her bid to run for governor of the state of New York.  If selling yourself equals political capital, than who better to be on the ballot than a woman “rumored to have the largest and most prominent black book in this country?”

In a quest to occupy the Executive Mansion, Davis has recruited backers and secured campaign contributions from victory party hopefuls like 50-Cent and his G-Unit, Northern California pot growers, as well as sex industry workers and wealthy, former clients. Aptly announcing her gubernatorial candidacy at the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, assisted by a bevy of Penthouse Pets, Kristin Davis plans to petition herself onto the ballot with 30,000 more signatures than the required 15,000.

Unlike Landrieu and Nelson’s sudden windfall, this savvy madam takes credit for slowly building a “multimillion-dollar business from scratch.”   At $4,300.00 a tryst, tens of thousands of those millions allegedly came from former governor Spitzer’s campaign funds.

A pro-gay marriage, gun-toting NRA Libertarian set to run as an Independent, the Manhattan Madam brands “taxation as confiscation.” Employed in the field of finance for ten years and at one point serving as vice president of a hedge fund Davis is convinced New York State’s budget could be shored up by legalizing prostitution and marijuana, which she believes stands to add $2.5 billion in revenue to state coffers –campaign supporter and Candy Shopper “Fif” heartily agrees!

Kristin Davis, aka the Manhattan Madam’s true claim to fame was tipping off the FBI that visitors to Spitzer’s Washington DC‘s Mayflower Hotel room were arriving for reasons other than meeting in a convenient location to discuss policy.  Davis blew Client 9’s cover after years of providing Eliot Spitzer, whose aliases also included names like “James” and “George Fox,” with unlimited access to call girls.

Kristin Davis’ initial foray into politics began with a gripe against former Governor Spitzer. After pleading guilty in Manhattan Supreme Court to charges of promoting prostitution, Kristin spent 4 months on Riker’s Island, while the man in the black socks retired to a tony 5th Avenue apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  Incarceration incited the madam to run against Eliot, “But now that it looks like he won’t run, Kristin still wants to use her celebrity to highlight a reform agenda.”

Exemplifying diversity when it comes to qualifications for governorship, Davis attests knowing more about Eliot Spitzer than she “could ever divulge.”  The Manhattan Madam’s intimate exposure to the ex-governor could make a hooker eligible to run New York state in the same way laying down for political pimps is believed by some to garner favor for Democrat senators in Nevada and Louisiana.

In a state abounding with criminality and corruption and where lately, truth is much stranger than fiction, having an authentic prostitute run for governor is sure to elicit a cynical Empire State response like, “Oh yeah, so what else is new?”

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