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Moses the Unaccompanied Minor and the Ten Plagues

192837_5_Originally posted at American Thinker

On behalf of illegal unaccompanied minors flooding our southern border, liberals are currently citing Jesus in Matthew 19:14 saying, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

Using that particular verse is problematic because America is not the “kingdom of heaven,” and regardless of the age or economic status of the children, Jesus would never approve of the type of lawless chaos the left is currently promoting.

Nonetheless, that has not curtailed the sermonizing of Biblical scholar/House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Continue Reading →

Decorating Tijuana Bridges

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

While Americans deflate blowup Santa Clauses and remove Christmas decorations, according to the Baja California state attorney general in Tijuana, the drug cartels are decorating Mexican border bridges with bullet-riddled heads. One ingenious decorator hung a cranium “using a metallic ring and a nylon rope,” shot through with creatively placed “bullet wounds.”

The decapitated head was accompanied by a hostile message and was discovered a few hours after a thirty-ish woman was “found shot to death in another Tijuana neighborhood,” also accompanied by another drug cartel-style ominous note.

The gruesome sight was just miles from downtown San Diego, home of Edgar Jimenez, El Ponchis (“The Cloak”), the 14 year-old hit man who was arrested recently for busily removing “heads and genitalia” for “one of Mexico’s most powerful trafficking cartels.”

Over the past four years, more than “30,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence.”  Some corpses retained their heads, but others weren’t as lucky.  In fact, the day the ornamental head and the dead woman were found, Erasto Ortiz Valencia, Sonora state’s prison director, was shot to death outside his home 10 days after assuming the interim position.  In addition, the assistant police chief of Empalme was cut down by “gunmen who fired an assault rifle from an SUV.” Two boys ages 14 and 17 were shot to death with assault rifles and the bodies of four young men, killed with “guns and knives and….found blindfolded and their hands or feet tied,” were bound and dumped on a “main boulevard.”

But there is no need to fret.  Arizona residents worried about their necks can rest easy because DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano assures America that the border has never been safer.  The Mexico/US border is so secure that, despite headless bodies and random bloodshed, Barack Obama kicked back and extended his Hawaiian vacation to avail himself of multitudinous portions of artificially colored shaved ice and did so while the border conflict raged on.

Truth is, the Obama administration is wise not to worry; it was probably coincidental that on the same day the bridge was adorned with the bullet-riddled head, Mexican police also found an “unfinished tunnel under a house in the city of Nogales, across from Nogales, Arizona.”  While the tunnel does appear nefarious, it is possible Obama might interpret the hidden access into the US as merely an attempt for well-meaning parents to make their way to an Arizona ice cream parlor to purchase a cone for a kid without being harassed or troubled for identification.

According to the Mexican “Army’s 45th Military Zone command…the tunnel was dug about 5 feet (1.5 meters) beneath the surface and stretched almost 100 feet (30 meters), apparently just far enough to reach US territory.”  If ice cream wasn’t the driving incentive, Arizona residents can breathe a sigh of relief because luckily, the bridge beheading distracted workers mid-project, causing excavators to abandon the effort before it was complete.

No one knows for sure who’s to blame for the uptick in carnage, because “one of Mexico’s biggest and most brutal drug gangs” recently announced a “ceasefire” for the month of January.  A truce could mean that for a season La Familia has decided to forgo contributing to the mountains of dead bodies.

Nevertheless, assault rifles aside and in an effort to retain respectability, Mexico’s “most flamboyant” cartel obviously remains devoted to the act of adorning Tijuana bridges with an eye-catching array of severed heads, in an effort to reaffirm for doubters who actually wields the power over the US/Mexico border.

El Ponchis’s First Job

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

While most 14 year-old boys were playing baseball and practicing soccer, in Mexico 14 year-old gang member Edgar Jimenez, at the behest of Mexican drug cartels, was busily cutting off “heads and genitalia.” Little scamp Edgar, also known as El Ponchis (“The Cloak”), in lieu of after school sports spent his free time collecting skulls, playing with guns, smoking weed, frequenting strip clubs, and digging holes to bury freshly slaughtered corpses.

On more than one occasion, Jimenez was picked up, but was promptly released by military forces that were “duped” by the boy’s childlike appearance.  In fact, wily Edgar managed to “dodge capture by authorities four times … including a narrow escape…[in a] Mexican army [raid] at a strip club called Fantassy,” where “The Cloak’s” escape was likely achieved compliments of a skateboard.

Recently apprehended by Mexican authorities, the “American-born teen calmly admitted …he’s a contract killer who committed four drug-war decapitations.”

Much to the surprise of Mexican authorities, Jimenez and his family call San Diego home.  The close-knit clan consists of breadwinner Edgar, two sisters, and Mom. Evidently, American born children of Mexican descent feel comfortable traveling back and forth across the border earning a living at $3,000 per hit, acquiring surgical skills, figuring out where to dump bodies, and being introduced to the dark side of Mexico’s drug subculture.

Edgar obviously didn’t listen to his mother when she insisted he seek out wholesome friends.  El Ponchis’ gang was originally an arm of “one of Mexico’s most powerful trafficking cartels.” The leader, Arturo Beltrán Leyva, was killed by Mexican Marines in a “lengthy gun battle,” after which the drug kingpin’s replacement, Julio (El Negro) Padilla, became Edgar’s new boss.

Mexican drug gangs are notorious for pulling very young people into drugs and violence.  In fact, recently in Palomas, Mexico, 20 headless bodies, possibly the result of Edgar’s handiwork, were bound for “unmarked graves in a section of [a Juarez] cemetery known as the narcofosa or ‘the graves for the headless.’”

According to El Ponchis, his sister Isabel’s boyfriend plied him with drugs and told him to either kill or be killed himself. Edgar must have gone on one helluva binge because the youngster enthusiastically contributed to the bloodbath and agreed to lead “El Negro,” a gang named after Julio Padilla.

After being intercepted boarding a plane en route from Cuernavaca to Tijuana, Edgar apologized to authorities for participating in three years’ worth of butchery. The teenage boy confessed that he “regretted all the murders he had committed” and maintained that “I didn’t join [the gang], I was pulled. I got high on weed and didn’t know what I was doing.” Jimenez also told Mexican law enforcement that if released, he plans to “go on the straight and narrow,” and pursue a career path that doesn’t require burying cadavers that could double for headless horsemen.

Jimenez was only caught because the youthful offender, together with other machismo suspects, “allegedly confessed” on the Internet that they had “killed several men [who were] found hanging from bridges in Cuernavaca.” Nevertheless, after escaping multiple times, a number of south-of-the-border craniums were given a reprieve when El Ponchis was detained and placed under the watchful eye of Mexican authorities who, thus far, have somehow managed to keep their heads.

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