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A Backroom Bisexual Visibility Day

BisexualVisibility-300x157Originally posted at The Blacksphere

In keeping with its reputation for transparency, the inordinately sex-focused White House, rather than concentrating fully on fixing the dilapidated website they’ve saddled the nation with, chose instead to help bisexuals be visible by holding a secretive “Bisexual Visibility Day.”

The Obama administration’s Office of Public Engagement covertly invited poly/omni/pan/bi-sexual activists to attend top-secret roundtable discussions.

According to the Washington Post, after finally making up their minds to attend, the sexually conflicted attendees ‘came out’ to the clandestine sessions to talk about the concerns that people who swing both ways feel are both significant and insignificant.

What was not reported was whether or not the bisexuals were too conflicted to agree upon what was noteworthy to discuss, or whether both a hot and a cold buffet were served.

Luigi Ferrer, program and grants development director for Florida’s Pridelines Youth Services, received his invitation last month, probably right around the time Stage IV cancer victim Edie Littlefield Sundby found out she was being kicked off her insurance.

Nevertheless, Luigi said, “There really hasn’t been a strong national organization speaking out for bisexuals.”  According to Mr. Ferrer, not having a “strong national [bisexual] organization” leaves those who can’t make up their minds “out of important policy conversations,” which, quite frankly, is probably a good idea.

Nonetheless, Luigi Ferrer is relieved that people who are attracted to all gender identities are finally able to bring their input, or if they prefer, output, to the policy table.

With all due respect to Luigi, LGBT and heterosexual policymakers have already covered all the bases. Interjecting the views of a community that sometimes leans one way and other times the other would likely be redundant.

That’s why, if President Obama has a hankering to seek feedback from another whatever sexual group, someone should tell him that the White House is long overdue for an Asexual Distinguishability Day.

Either way, as the volatile Middle East teeters on the edge of war, Michael Cole-Schwartz, spokesman for Human Rights Campaign in Washington, laid accolades at the feet of an administration that certainly has its priorities in order.

Mr. Cole-Schwartz gushed, “It’s a testament to this administration that they are focusing on all elements of the LGBT community and they should be applauded for hosting an event focused on some of the specific issues impacting bisexual people.”

So there you have it: in keeping with the bisexual tendency to be ambivalent and non-specific, the über sensitive Obama White House invited bisexuals to surreptitiously come out and make their voices heard at a top-secret visibility day.



Is Abortion at the Root of the ObamaCare Chaos?

imagesOriginally posted at American Thinker

Since October 1, a health care law that was promoted as necessary to insure 30 million Americans has suddenly morphed into an all-out effort to un-insure those who had health care policies they liked and could afford.  The excuse given for the cancelations is that certain policies are not meeting health care reform bill criteria — a minor detail the president has been well aware of since 2010.

What is criminal about all this is that despite his knowledge of the unstoppable cancelation tsunami headed our way, Barack Obama continued to stress that “if [Americans] liked their insurance they could keep their insurance.”

Weeks after the ObamaCare “train wreck” began hurtling off the tracks, the president finally “apologized,” albeit halfheartedly, for not doing a “good enough job in terms of how we crafted the law.”  Meanwhile, the liberal focus remains steady on the goal to ensure that women are properly outfitted for casual sex and that should the accoutrements fail for whatever reason, the means to deal with the result will be readily available.

Liberals like to portray themselves as empathetic, yet Barack Obama and his posse of progressives remain disproportionately focused on birth control and abortion.  That’s why, despite the caring rhetoric, abortion rights may be the reason why, since October 1, even those with advanced-stage cancer have had their health insurance plans canceled in droves.

It’s sad, but not surprising that Obama’s “war on women” victim list includes ladies with polycystic ovary disease but excludes a California woman who suffers from stage IV gallbladder cancer named Edie Littlefield Sundby.

Remember when a hysterical House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), in response to a GOP-backed Protect Life Act (H.R. 358), which passed in the House on October 13, warned that for lack of ObamaCare abortion funding, “women [would] die on the floor”?  What Ms. Pelosi chose to leave out of that warning was that thanks to the Affordable Care Act, the very sick, be they male or female, will die on the floor.

The Protect Life Act that Nancy was so upset about seeks to amend “the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) by prohibiting federal funds from being used to cover any part of the costs of any health plan that includes coverage of abortion services.”

The bill also demands that “any qualified health benefit plan offered through an Exchange that include[] coverage for abortions to also offer a qualified health benefit plan through the Exchange that is identical in every respect except that it does not cover abortions.”

President Obama vowed that if the Protect Life Act makes it to his desk, he will veto it.

Not to be outdone, Congress is also complicit in all of this for failing to write any comparable language into the health care law referencing the Hyde amendment, which specifies that except in the case of rape or incest, “federal funds cannot be used for abortion services and plans receiving federal funds must keep federal funds segregated from any funds for abortion services.”

That’s why the Affordable Care Act could end up allowing large taxpayer subsidies to be directed toward health plans that cover elective abortion, entangling reluctant Americans in a web that funds general health plans that include abortion coverage.

Which brings the discussion back around to the debacle that has dogged the president since October 1.  Insincere as it was, Obama must have felt compelled to offer up a mea culpa to millions of Americans who suddenly find themselves without health insurance.  His defense?  “I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me.”

Sorrowful sentiments are lovely, but for Edie Sundby, the woman suffering with stage IV gallbladder cancer, and others like her, that mini-confession is akin to Obama saying he regrets people being mangled by that train wreck he caused, especially after he himself tied them to the tracks.

Nonetheless, although his work to get Sandra Fluke an adequate supply of free contraceptives is no doubt still cutting into his schedule, Obama did manage to find time to finally admit that “we” — not “I,” mind you — “didn’t do a good enough job in terms of how we” (not “I”) crafted his signature legislation.

Poor craftsmanship and a screwy website, as well as data security issues, together with three years and billions of dollars to craft a law destined to impact 300 million lives, and the whole mess smacks of something a bit more malevolent than just Barack Obama’s increasing ineptitude being revealed in the rollout.

Not only that, but due to an ongoing lack of transparency intrinsic to both Obama and his health care law, it’s literally impossible to determine which marketplace exchange plan covers abortion services and which does not.

So, all things considered, is it unreasonable to suspect that information is purposely being obscured by an administration that vowed to veto a bill that would prevent federally funded insurance plans from covering elective abortions?

Could it be that when the president talks about “better coverage,” he’s really referring to insurance plans that include abortion?

Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) must think so, because Smith introduced the Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act (H.R. 3279), which demands that ObamaCare-approved health plans provide “full disclosure” of whether or not abortion is included in the policy.

Add to those issues the millions of Americans being dropped from adequate/affordable health insurance policies, and it’s a short leap to conclude that the loss of catastrophic care policies may hinge directly on whether a particular policy includes coverage for elective abortion.

In the end, few can argue that the emphasis on access to abortion services has proven to be central to the president’s political philosophy, so why would it change now?  Who knows — in what the president calls a “tough position,” if health care policies don’t comply with Obama’s radical pro-choice mandates, cancer patients like Edie may be the ones who end up “dying on the floor.”

Barack Obama’s Pants are on Fire

ObamaPantsOnFireOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

More than 40 days and 40 nights after it was revealed that what President Obama repeatedly promised wasn’t true, at last count 52 million Americans will lose their health insurance, mainly because Barry apparently believes that when it comes to choice, he knows better.

Based on the millions being unwillingly dropped from health insurance policies they chose and were perfectly happy with, Barack Obama must feel that Americans are incapable of choosing correctly. Not for nothing, but if the president is right, that conclusion casts a whole new perspective on his being elected twice.

Irreparable damage on the national level aside, after hawking the Affordable Care Act like a snake oil salesman, barking “Step right up, if you like your insurance plan you can keep your insurance plan,” some gravely ill Americans are finding out that the cure-all the merchant of “Hope and Change” peddled was pure quackery.

Now, after a panicked realization has set in, the president, doing what he does best, decided he should at least make believe that he’s sorry and that he’s diligently working toward rectifying the catastrophic situation he caused.

Appearing remarkably serene, Obama chose to share his remorse with NBC anchor Chuck Todd.  In an on-air interview the president said that he was sorry about people with cancer who, because they can’t afford the Obamacare premium, have decided to “let nature take its course.”

Feigning regret, the president acknowledged that people like Edie Littlefield Sundby, a woman with Stage IV gallbladder cancer who was dropped from her insurance, are “finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me.”

After talking about how “we didn’t do a good enough job” in crafting the law (note the use of “we” instead of “I”), and unable to fall back on his usual scapegoat, G.W. Bush, the president, who modifies everything he says after he says it, first put the onus on evil insurers being responsible for modifying their plans after the law was passed.

Moving the conversation along, the president, who is gaining the reputation for being a liar around the world, said that “we” are doing “everything we can to get it fixed,” and that “we” are “looking at a range of options.” A “range of options” to do what, compensate for the disastrous results of three years’ worth of the president’s blatant lies?

And although it’s too little, too late, Obama’s on-camera façade of contrition was, at best, mildly amusing.  Then, predictably shifting into full-blown victim status, Barack Obama came out with something downright stunning.

Having lost his head for a moment, the Barack Obama we all know and recognize emerged when he bemoaned his having “been burned …[by] a website.”

Whoa! After spending three years actively conning the country into buying a product he knew the whole time was bogus, and after millions of insured Americans laid aside their cynicism only to find themselves without healthcare coverage, blame-meister Barack ‘Hey, Don’t Look at Me, I Didn’t Do It’ Obama now dares to say that a poorly-planned healthcare rollout burned him?

Yes! Constitutional arsonist Barack Obama, the man who advocates the saline-scalding of unborn babies, the person who regularly blowtorches the First and Second Amendments, ignites racial unrest, has turned the economy into burnt toast, inflamed relations with America’s allies, and set afire just about everything America holds near and dear, actually had the effrontery to utter the words “I’ve been burned.”

The only thing missing from the interview was Barack Obama having to have his smoldering pants be doused with a fire extinguisher.

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