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CONTRADICTORY VIEWS: The Democratic Party’s Policy On Abortion Doesn’t Fit With…

Originally posted at CLASH Daily

If it concerns illegal immigrants, Democratic National Committee Chairman, Tom Perez, strongly believes in sanctuary cities making sovereign decisions. On the other hand, Perez also strongly believes “That [abortion rights are] not negotiable and should not change city-by-city or state-by-state.”

Judging from their 55-page, pro-abortion manifesto, the Democratic Party platform officially thinks that the right to kill the unborn takes precedent over human rights. That’s why, henceforth and in perpetuity, every candidate who runs as a Democrat must now stand on the side of abortion because, according to Tom Perez, “every woman should be able to make her own health choices. Period.”

As the titular head of the most progressive pro-death political party in American history, DNC chairperson Perez also demands from party members “absolute ideological purity.” Thus, pro-life Democrats (which is sort of an oxymoron) are not welcome in the party. This sentiment comes from a guy who criticizes Trump for alleged dictatorial tendencies.

Nevertheless, if given the opportunity, litmus-test Perez would likely argue that besides feeling that the unborn are not human life, abortion is “settled law” and settled law should not be superseded by emotional, personal, or religious belief. In other words, there is zero room in the Democratic Party to discuss the rights of the unborn, scientific evidence, or what ultimately constitutes God-ordained humanity.

Yet when it comes to justifying the presence of illegal aliens, Perez diametrically opposes the argument he uses to defend killing human babies in the womb.

For instance, the Democratic Party rationalizes abortion on demand by stressing that baby killing is a Constitutional right that must be protected. If they really believe that, why do those on the left likewise fight to help break immigration law?

Tom Perez stresses that abortion rights are “not negotiable and should not change city-by-city or state-by-state,” but then changes that opinion if a city or state harbors illegal felons. All in all, if a city or a state decides to defy the law and shelter illegals, a non-negotiable Tom Perez and the Democrat Party encourage them to do just that.

Recently, at a May/Labor Day rally outside of the White House, Mr. Perez, who sees Trump and the Republican Party as a threat to having carte blanche to cart 3,000 dead fetuses to the incinerator every day, told illegal immigrants and hordes of labor party representatives that “The Democratic party will always be here, fighting for you.

Perez emphasized that “our nation’s diversity is our greatest strength,” which means both he, and the party he represents, do not view “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” our nation’s greatest strength.

Shouting to the crowd in Spanish, Perez spurred the gathering to new heights by reminding them that the Democratic Party and the illegal community share the value of diversity. Not for nothing (as they say in Brooklyn), but judging from the news of late, some of the other assorted values Democrats and illegal felons share are fraudulence, thievery, law flouting, and, on occasion, rape and murder.

Moreover, if this dispute were truly about furthering diversity, why would the Democratic Party help illegal alien women gain full access to abortions that extinguish the lives of those Perez claims, if born, would add to the shared cultural mixture he so highly touts?

Besides not mentioning Trump by name, and before broaching the topic of big labor, bi-lingual Perez had a poignant message that epitomizes the hypocrisy that resides within the Democrat Party and this is what he said, “No human being is illegal, we must treat everyone with dignity.”

That’s right, according to the head of the Democrat Party, guilty humans cannot be illegal and despite breaking the law still deserve dignity. Meanwhile, according to the same Democrat Party head, although fully human, innocent, unborn beings do not even deserve the right to life.

Michelle Obama, ‘Queen of Park Avenue’

310x229_priscilla_queen_of_desertOriginally posted at ClashDaily

At the end of May, right before Michelle Obama will likely head off to Ireland for her pre-vacation vacation, the Democratic National Committee is holding the LGBT Leadership Council 2013 gala on Park Avenue in New York City. Bravo TV network executive, the man behind The Real Housewives, former go-go dancer, and author of the memoir Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture, Andy Cohen, will host the fundraiser.

Not only will Andy be among a few thousand of his closest friends, he’ll also get to introduce the realest housewife of Washington DC and headliner for the event, part-time “single mom” and full-time first lady, Michelle Obama.

In order to reach out to the full spectrum of all the colors of the rainbow that will be represented at the affair, Michelle should either wrap herself in the gay pride flag or pull out a Priscilla, Queen of the Desert outfit she probably has stashed somewhere in the closet, oops … in her section of her husband’s wardrobe. At least with the boys, Michelle coming to the celebration dressed as the “Queen of Park Avenue” would be a real hit.

Many of the New York Observer’s “NYC’s Top 50 Power Gays” will likely attend. The glittering evening is bound to feature one-percenters from every corner of the LGBT community: artists, playwrights, journalists, stage and screen actors, politicians, lawyers, and famous fashion designers.

Therefore, Michelle should just forget the Priscilla outfit and wear something by “power gay” designers Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs.

But regardless of what Mrs. Obama decides to wear, make no mistake about it – this is a big-ticket event. Very few, if any, LGBT couples and singles from the 99 percent will be seated in the ballroom at 583 Park Avenue.

For $32,000 a “power gay” couple will be recognized as LGBT co-chairs; they will sit in the preferred viewing section and get to have a picture taken with Michelle Obama which, to be fair, unless she has something she’d like to share, is really a LGBTH (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Heterosexual) photo.

For $15,000 per couple, you get the same package except you’re downgraded from a co-chair to a host. For $7,500 per couple, there is no distinguished acknowledgment, just a cheesy photo with the headliner.

A silly question: if a transgender is in the process of transitioning from one gender to the other, is she/he or he/she considered a couple? That’s important, because for a measly $2,500 you get one dinner seat (Sorry – no sharing) in the preferred viewing section, no photo with Michelle, and zero recognition. The same is true for $1,250, which puts you in the general viewing section and basically just buys you dinner.

As if the evening could get any more spectacular, appearing with the first lady will be special guest and newcomer to the coming-out scene, NBA basketball star Jason Collins. Jason was formerly known only for dribbling, albeit poorly, on the hardwood; now he’s moved up and become a gay pioneer in the professional sports community. Adding to those credentials is the prestige that comes with joining the likes of Sandra Fluke, who is also the proud recipient of a personal telephone call from “couldn’t be prouder” free contraceptive/gay-pride supporter Barack Obama.

Anyway, it sure seems like those Obamas really want to mix it up. While Barack was out bestowing God’s blessing on Planned Parenthood and putting his stamp of approval on giving abortifacients to 15-year-olds, the first lady is preparing to grace the gathering of the one community on the planet that doesn’t need birth control.

Pelosi Fertilizes the ‘Astroturf’

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Graphic credit to American Elephant at: americanelephant.wordpress.com

Last year Nancy Pelosi dismissed the Tea Party movement, insisting Republican headquarters had orchestrated anti-healthcare demonstrations at town hall meetings.  Then Speaker Pelosi, unabashed in her disparagement of Tea Party protesters, maintained that many of the “opponents who [were] shutting down civil discussions [were] organized by out-of-district, extremist political groups, and industry-supported lobbying firms.”

When Pelosi said: “Many of these opponents … shutting down civil discussion are organized by out-of-district, extremist political groups, and industry-supported lobbying firms,” Ms. Nancy could have been describing the present state of affairs in frenzied Wisconsin.

Before opening her mouth, Nancy Pelosi should monitor what goes on inside her head.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that those suspicious of others are usually projecting their own tactics onto the people they accuse.

Partisan Pelosi maintained, “The Republican Party directs a lot of what the Tea Party does, but not everybody in the Tea Party takes direction from the Republican Party.  And so there was a lot of, shall we say, Astroturf, as opposed to grassroots.”  Astroturf’ is a DC “euphemism for a corporate public relations campaign disguised to look like a grassroots citizen movement.”

When it comes to campaigns “disguised to look like grass roots movements,” Pelosi should look no further than the DNC and the political arm of the Obama campaign, Organizing for America, both of whom have their fingerprints all over the busing of rowdy protesters to the Wisconsin capital to voice resistance to Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to balance the budget.

It is easy to see the fracas is a formally organized effort, especially when listening to demonstrators who, other than getting a day off from school, don’t know why they’re on a spur-of-the-moment field trip, wearing a red T-shirt or storming the Madison Bastille.

In an attempt to remedy fiscal disaster caused in part by supporting entitlements, Obama and Pelosi seek a fix by penalizing innocent Americans and placing the nation under the weight of undue tax burdens.  Moreover, if a Republican attempts to save the sinking ship by throwing unsustainable weight overboard, rather than accepting responsibility for the mess, ‘Astroturf’ politicians demonize the people attempting to prevent disaster.

Thus, Nancy’s sentiments about opposing the Wisconsin governor’s effort to address a $3.6 billion budget shortfall are quite different from her criticism of Tea Party activists expressing opposition to Barack Obama’s healthcare reform.  Rather than acknowledging the “Astroturf” aspect of the coordinated Wisconsin Revolt, the House Minority Leader, along with the President, side with an unruly mob that refuses to do what Obama demands of everyone else, which is “‘to give a little bit‘ to solve the nation’s fiscal problem.”

Tea Party activists rejected Obamacare and were labeled a “mob scene” by a gavel-toting Nancy Pelosi strutting forth in brazen defiance of popular opinion.  However, in Pelosi’s view, Democrats walking out of work, swarming a state capital, carrying hateful, uncivil signage and rejecting modest proposals to address crushing budget deficits are all laudable qualities and “an extraordinary show of democracy in action.”

Chief union /community organizer Barack Obama continues to make rules liberal constituencies are not required to follow.  Obama and Pelosi’s unflinching support for union thugs and defiant protesters can be directly traced to who “shares” and who “pockets” wealth.  Democrat supporters refuse to relinquish even small percentages of income to balance the budget.  In turn, Obama-style wealth sharing is automatically taken off the collective bargaining table and in return Democrats purchase power through what Nancy Pelosi defines as “Democracy in action.”

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