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Liberals celebrate a deadly fire on Twitter

http://kariewilliams.com/?rqa=Celexa-40mg-Oral&8e7=f8 Originally posted at American Thinker

Buy Diflucan India A word to the wise: If one wants sympathy from a liberal, try to die in a shooting committed by a white male with an AR-15, not in a residential fire in a high-rise owned by a conservative president who supports the NRA.

Current Price Of Exelon Stock Recently, a mental health counselor perhaps in need of mental health counseling named Jeffrey Guterman and an aging hippie atheist/sperm donor for lesbian rock stars, David Crosby, allegedly took to Twitter to cheer on a four-alarm fire that took the life of 67-year-old art dealer Todd Brassner.

http://beereading.com/?order=Zantac-Price-Comparison&133=51 One would think David Crosby, who spent time in jail for weapons and drug charges, and who nearly died without the liver transplant rocker Phil Collins paid for, would be more compassionate.  Instead, after hearing about the fire in Trump Tower, Crosby posted and then deleted a disco-themed Tweet that read: “[O]h boy…burn baby burn.”

Viagra Pedir Delivery Unlike David Crosby, Florida mental health counselor Jeffrey Guterman, who on occasion does exhibit compassion by publicly condemning domestic violence if a gun owner committed the crime…

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http://brigittadau.com/?online=Healthy-Man-Viagra&3c7=d6 …wasn’t as bashful.

http://itsaboutthyme.com/?order=Prevacid-Lowest-Price&16e=9e At first, Guterman tweeted: “There is a fire in Trump Tower.  I hope everyone is safe, but I am excited.”

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Question for the wise counselor: What are the chances that everyone would be safe in a fire in a 68-floor building that houses office and residential space?

Evidently, if a building belonging to someone of a differing political persuasion catches fire, the prospect of human beings burning to death is cause for Mr. Guterman to get “excited.”

Nevertheless, after being called out on Twitter for his unreserved joy concerning Trump’s Manhattan property burning, Guterman felt compelled to defend his original statement:

I got excited when I heard there was a fire at Trump Tower while also hoping there were no injuries.  So what.  I am human.  These #tRump supporters need to get a grip.  I am less excited now, but still glad.  Hoping there is major damage.

After the flames were doused and after the “major damage” was assessed, Jeffery had just cause to be delighted because four New York City firefighters were injured and the coroner removed a civilian from Trump Tower in a body bag.

Maybe it wasn’t said outright, but what could be gleaned from Guterman’s and Crosby’s public expression is that for the sin of purchasing an apartment from Donald Trump, occupants of Trump Tower deserved to have their lives threatened and property destroyed.  If Trump Tower had burned to the ground and killed everyone inside, would Guterman and Crosby have danced in the street like Muslims in New Jersey watching the World Trade Towers fall on 9-11?

The situation is sad, but selective compassion isn’t exclusive to liberals on Twitter.  It’s pervasive to progressives on the whole.

Typically, liberals cry if a catastrophe advances their agenda, but they often ignore the tragic demise of those who oppose their viewpoint.  So Guterman’s and Crosby’s opinions are symptomatic of what is probably the consensus on the left.

Take for instance the slaughter of 3,000 innocent unborn babies every day.  While innocents die, rather than weep, liberals march in pink hats and get as “excited” as Guterman at the thought of death and destruction.

If some babies miraculously make it out of the womb alive, survive until high school age, and then sadly die at the hand of a white male with an AR-15, the liberals who once marched for the right to abort those killed by the gunman publicly mourn.

Moreover, if a vegan animal rights activist Muslim female with a registered 9mm handgun shoots up and wounds three people, and then commits suicide in the food court of YouTube HQ, the culprit’s political profile determines whether or not people like Guterman and Crosby acknowledge the event on Twitter.

On the other hand, if a white madman with an affinity for the Confederate flag should happen to shoot black churchgoers, a liberal president who usually mocks Bibles and Christianity will gladly turn a funeral into a racially charged anti-gun rally by singing “Amazing Grace.”

Motivated strictly by agenda, liberals like Crosby and Guterman disregard gun deaths in an anti-gun zone like Chicago, where innocent children are laid out in coffins in numbers too high to comprehend.  Meanwhile, if shedding a tear defames police officers, those of Guterman’s and Crosby’s ilk replace professional mourners on Twitter by paying tribute to thugs killed by police in self-defense.

Even though illegal aliens murder Americans inside sanctuary cities and kill 3,000 Americans a year in DWI-related road accidents, those who think like Guterman and Crosby either downplay the sorry state of affairs or try to find a reason to speak out on behalf of the perpetrators.  However, if illegal aliens die sneaking into America, left-leaners are frequently the ones to post links to articles that memorialize the fallen by displaying skulls like saintly relics.

In the end, it took fire at Trump Tower for Jeffery Guterman and David Crosby to reveal the attitude of liberals who laugh at misfortune and shed tears – not over a lost life, but in joyful anticipation that tragedy can help advance an agenda or prove a point.


Photo credit: NYC Emergency Management.

‘Out for Obama’ and Other Outlandish Campaign Slogans

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

On behalf of advancing equality, following the “evolution” of Barack Obama being made public, the President’s campaign almost instantly added a line of 2012 products to store.barackobama.com that appealed exclusively to euphoric homosexual supporters.  A few hours after the President ‘came out’ for same-sex marriage to Good Morning America news anchor Robin Roberts, who struggled as Obama spoke to contain her uncontrollable “chills,” the campaign’s website was awash in lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender wares.

The White House claimed that “President Obama’s decision to reveal his personal position on gay marriage was not political – and it was not planned,” which means that some ambitious silk-screener churned out those gay friendly t-shirts on incredibly short notice.

Therefore, in answer to Obama’s poignant extend-the-payroll-tax-cut question “What does $40 mean to you?” for $40 dollars those who are “out” for Obama now can procure for themselves a party pack that includes an “Obama Pride” t-shirt, poster, car magnet, and bumper sticker. It’s hard to imagine how an “LGBT for Obama Party Pack” can possibly compete with the wildly popular “Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Obama Party Pack.”

In addition, the Obama/Biden campaign is so committed to inclusion they’re even offering “onesies” for babies that say “My two moms support Obama” and “My two dads support Obama,” which makes one wonder whether those two dads had anything to do with helping those two moms, a la Melissa Etheridge and David Crosby Generic Link Propecia Propecia6 Viagra , produce Obama-supporting offspring.

Either way, one would think that when marketing race/ethnicity and sexual orientation products, it might be beneficial to consider the potential for innocuous innuendos when marketing merchandise like ‘can’ holders and a “Got His Back” poster to gay males, not to mention two Obama “Golf Balls” and a “Tailgate Set.”

Thank God the kitchen collection only includes items like martini glasses, a Cup of Joe Biden coffee mug, and a spatula – all virtually useless in assisting lesbians in the fine art of becoming mothers. As for the aggressive “I’m Out for Obama” t-shirt, that item seems like it might be more suitable for supporters of Mitt Romney.

Nevertheless, the already-established “Fired Up and Ready to Go” line must certainly appeal to those unemployed Americans who, thanks to Obama, were ‘fired’ and are ‘ready to go’ to work, but still can’t find a job.  The “I Meow for Michelle” cat collar had to be inspired by sartorialist dog owner Michelle Obama’s undying affection for kitten heels. And kudos to whoever came up with the idea of putting Barack Obama’s mug on the “Change Is” mug – that was a design concept nothing short of pure genius.

No one would dare suggest that the Obama 2012 online store isn’t committed to diversity. However, while it does offer items for nurses, environmentalists, African Americans, women, and Hispanics, the campaign apparently overlooks American Indians, Alaska natives, non-resident aliens, and white males. Come on, white males should at least get their own baseball cap.

Moreover, why hasn’t the campaign drilled down to a level that would appeal to groups like homosexual Alaskan natives, who should also be able to show support for Obama in an “LGBT Alaskan Natives for Obama” t-shirt?

What makes up for those insensitive slights however is store.barackobama.com featuring the “Greater Together Obama Band Set” a trendy group of items that includes a black, blue, and white wristlet. For those searching high and low for an outfit that aptly memorializes the late Trayvon Martin, the black and blue bands do pair nicely with the “Obama U Hoodie.”

Nevertheless, after purchasing an “Obama Accomplishment Card Pack” and a gender neutral “Obama Baby Bib,” one can only hope that between now and November the campaign will continue to pay homage, not only to homosexuals and individual racial and ethnic groups, but to all of the President’s faithful followers.

Hopefully, as Election Day draws near, Barack Obama supporters will be recognizable by t-shirts emblazoned with things like: “Another ‘Fast and Furious’ Fan of Obama,” or “Illegal Voters Vote 2X for Obama.”  There is little doubt that even the most ardent Mitt Romney supporter would appreciate Obama 2012 campaign t-shirts that say “Vladimir Putin for a ‘More Flexible’ Obama,” “Dead Voters Vote for Barack Obama,” “Partial Birth Abortion Advocates ♥ Obama,” and the always-popular “Billy Club-Toting Cracker-Hating Poll Watchers for Obama.”

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