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McDonald’s, tossed salad, and toilet paper

Diovan Hct Coupons Discounts Originally posted at American Thinker

http://stoneworksap.com/?meds=How-To-Get-Prescription-For-Periactin&cc3=b4 Americans are encouraged to embrace diversity and be culturally sensitive to those who have flouted our laws and invaded our nation.  Meanwhile, illegal aliens arriving in America have no such requirement.  Instead, trespassing tribes relocate, and when they do, rather than assimilate, they transfer habits and activities indigenous to the countries from whence they migrated.

Rx Health Drugs Viagra Thus, Americans suffer from illnesses that are easily traceable to third-world bathroom habits (TWBH) and lack of hygiene in the developing world.

Generic Cialis Reviews Forum It’s not news that illegals work in restaurants as food-handlers.  These restaurant workers migrate from countries where, prior to kneading tortilla dough, post-toilet hand-washing is not required.

Price Prandin Once they’re here in America, lack of hygienic practices translate into filthy hands arranging peaches in the produce rack and hombres with God knows what under their fingernails placing the apple slices in the see-through plastic containers stacked neatly in the Starbucks display counter.

see url Simply put, not only are illegals infiltrating our culture, defying our laws, and costing us oodles of money, but they are also infecting America’s food with foreign-born, albeit culturally diverse excrement.

click Let’s face it: pooping outdoors is cultural diversity at its finest, and because poor people are usually the ones doing the illegal migrating, with them come elimination practices better left in the Andes.  Remember the E. coli-laden cilantro and romaine lettuce that had human waste on them belonging to farm workers who relieved themselves in the field while harvesting the crops?

Buy Flagyl Online With Paypal Nonetheless, if by chance cilantro does make it from field to factory without the addition of feces and toilet paper, raw food always makes its way to restaurants staffed with individuals who, rather than flush, toss dirty Charmin into the corner of the restroom.  More disturbingly, by and large, those doing the toilet paper-tossing are mostly non-natives who cannot read the sign written in English that clearly says: “Employees must wash hands before returning to work.”

Order Lexapro Side As a result, at Illinois and Iowa McDonald’s restaurants, 90 people were recently infected with the Cyclospora parasite.  For those who don’t know, the most common symptom of cyclospora is watery diarrhea, appetite and weight loss, intestinal pain, nausea, and fatigue.

Buspar Reviews While Pregnant After the outbreak, health officials alerted the public, saying that “people can become infected [with cyclospora] by consuming food or water contaminated with the microscopic parasite.”  Good to know.

What health officials haven’t admitted is that the only way for that particular parasite to end up on the veggies is through the hands of workers contaminated with the contents of plague-ridden intestines.

That’s why, based on its ethnically diverse staff, when McDonald’s raw salads are infected with cyclospora, it’s not a surprise.  People “deserving a break” venture to McDonald’s, and rather than eat a hamburger and fries, which burns the feces off on the grill and in the hot oil, they choose a salad because it’s supposedly a healthier choice.  Wrong.

Unbeknownst to the 90 customers currently hugging the porcelain throne in Iowa and Illinois, the “crisp … full of flavor” menu item they ordered was probably seasoned with the feculence of workers handling the “chopped romaine, baby spinach, baby kale, red leaf lettuce, ribbon-cut carrots and grape tomatoes.”  Yummy.

Americans who oppose the ongoing invasion currently sweeping over the nation like a bacteria-infested tsunami have many reasons for how they feel.  Meanwhile, the issue largely ignored is how illegal immigration ultimately impacts the health of Americans eating food handled by food service workers who come from motherlands who toss the salad after tossing the toilet paper.

Maximum Mexican Multicultural Madness

Originally posted at American Thinker

Navigating the maze of cultural diversity in America is beginning to feel like gingerly crossing a melting lake, fearful of any moment falling through the ice.  This is especially true on college campuses, where cultural diversity is celebrated and where students are taught that sensitivity is more important than sanity, and that every culture – except American culture – is worthy of respect.

That kind of skewed mentality backfired when, after hosting their annual “Maximum Mexican” night, where Mexican cuisine was served by the university dining services, South Carolina’s Clemson University was forced to issue a mea culpa to offended students.

What’s confusing is that besides Clemson being über-thoughtful when it comes to multiculturalism, according to the university’s cultural ambassadors, Hispanic Heritage month, thus far, has been a smashing success.

At the start of the fall semester, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Monterrey’s of Clemson even hosted a night of Mexican dancing and free Mexican food.

According to the Clemson website, part of their yearly cultural celebrations includes Latin Fest, a “campus-wide event that started in 1996 [and] celebrates Latin American cultures.”

Clemson’s Latin Fest “celebrates the culture and heritage of students, faculty and staff descending from Spain, Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean … and …  includes traditional Latin foods, music, dance instruction and more.”

With that level of all-inclusiveness, who would have thought that Mariachi music and a chalupa would be the tools that unearthed latent bias and ethnic tactlessness within the ranks of an institution of higher learning that for almost two decades has prided itself on being culturally sensitive toward Latin Americans?

Here’s the problem with the liberal left’s futile effort to make sure no one is ever offended: like six disgruntled patients in 27 years and 15,000 surgeries complaining about retired John Hopkins pediatric neurosurgeon/Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson’s alleged lack of neurosurgery skills, two students deeming Mexican food #CulturallyInsensitive gives unmerited credence to picayune factions that deserve to be ignored.

The simple truth is that there’s no end to the possibilities presented by this sort of craven attempt to mollify every imagined affront.  This is an arena where, if you serve Mexican food as a salute to Mexican culture, you end up insulting the supercharged egos of those who can never be appeased.

In like manner, at the whites-excluded yoga classes taking place in Oakland, California’s East Bay Meditation Center, discriminating against white yoga enthusiasts is justified as a way of “finding a path to inclusion through exclusion.”  This sort of reasoning is oddly similar to the logic that offends Mexicans when honoring Mexico.

Meanwhile, back at Clemson University, culturally themed dining is a tradition where, to honor international and ethnic food, the cafeterias are decorated to reflect the origins of the cuisine being served.

Take for instance a Palmetto State favorite, the “Low Country BBQ Bash.”  On Low Country night, Southern food enthusiasts are invited to “[p]ick up a plate of mighty fine fixins.” Then there’s the thus far non-controversial St. Patrick’s Day-themed event where, in addition to the White House dyeing the fountain on the South Lawn green, Clemson serves “corn [sic] beef, fried fish, and Irish grilled cheese.”

According to senior Austin Pendergist, the recent Mexican event did not exclude scented hair products.  Instead, the night included “a couple of balloons, sombreros, and some tacos.”  Apparently, those three things, either as a group or individually, stung a couple of students’ fragile sensibilities, which resulted in them immediately airing their wounded feelings on Twitter.

Rather than tell the students to “lighten up” or “grow up,” in response, Clemson University’s senior associate vice president of student affairs, Dr. Doug Hallenbeck, swiftly responded to the unintended microaggression by conveying regret over the “balloon…sombrero…taco” event’s “flattened cultural view of Mexican culture.”

Either way, a regretful Hallenbeck stressed that “[i]t is the mission of University Housing & Dining to create supportive and challenging environments that enrich and nourish lives. We failed to live out our mission yesterday, and we sincerely apologize.”

“Supportive…challenging environments…nourish lives”?  Sorry, but to apologize for serving Mexican food during a month-long celebration of Hispanic heritage suggests a level of endemic foolishness that is mind-boggling.  Moreover, for fried hamburger meat in a cornmeal shell, a helium balloon, and a straw hat to offend anyone or cause a college administration to kowtow to such blatant nonsense is symptomatic of a nation reeling in multicultural madness.

For the rest of us, as we tentatively attempt to tiptoe across the melting ice sheet called cultural sensitivity, what has fallen through and is trapped, gasping for breath below the surface, is what little is left of America.

FIRST POOLS, NOW FOOD: Illegal’s Intestinal Sewage and Other Delectable Treats

nausea-300x180Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Of late it seems fecal matter is everywhere. First it showed up in public pools when Cryptosporidium, a hard-to-kill bacteria, made an appearance across America. Ironically, this nasty parasite is the same fecal-to-oral microorganism travelers to Mexico are regularly afflicted with.

According to an article written in the year 2000 entitled “Prevalence of Cryptosporidium Parvum Infection in Children along the Texas-Mexico Border and Associated Risk Factors”, “Cryptosporidiosis [was] endemic in developing countries, such as Mexico, as a result of poor sanitation and crowded living conditions.”

Since the year 2000, along with the highly-touted cultural diversity the left insists all Americans, like it or not, should revere, the influx of illegals from all over the world has delivered to America’s shores and infused our public pools with bacterium from individuals with bathroom habits typical of countries with poor sanitation.

And public pools aren’t the only place harmful pathogens have been showing up.

Recently, Cyclosporiasis, a painful parasitical stomach ailment, sickened about 400 Americans after eating cilantro imported from Mexico.

How did the parasite end up on the cilantro, you ask?

Apparently human waste and toilet tissue clung to the herbage after making “contact with the parasite shed from the intestinal tract of humans,” who were working so hard they couldn’t make it to the port-a-potty in time.

Although pure speculation on my part, it seems that since the borders have been opened wide to welcome in host carriers of maladies such Enterovirus D-68, an infection that was probably imported from Latin America that killed and paralyzed dozens of American children, the Obama administration’s benevolence toward illegals crossing the border has made victims of our nation’s citizens.

So, as more and more illegals push their way into our midst, it may be wise to avoid the public pools our tax dollars support and to pass up Mexican restaurants that proudly sprinkle the burritos with cilantro that may or may not be decorated with unappetizing sprinkles of its own.

Beware, because people of the same ilk as those who pooped on the cilantro and contaminated our public pools are now officially out of the shadows.

In other words, illegals are everywhere, brazenly pushing around shopping carts, clogging up our classrooms, sneezing and coughing all over public transportation, jamming up our hospital emergency rooms and, most disturbingly of all, working in the food industry.

That’s right – besides picking crops and taking a dip in a city pool, a large majority of illegals gravitate toward food-handling jobs in restaurant kitchens and meatpacking plants.

Have you noticed that Spanish-speaking individuals are in grocery stores constructing towers out of tomatoes and peaches? Hence, unless one is daring enough to chance a raging case of E Coli infection, snacking on unwashed grapes and cherries at the local farmer’s market is something that should be avoided.

Adding credibility to the pathogens-on-the-food warning, recently Consumer Reports ran lab tests on 300 packages of ground beef and found that all were contaminated with fecal matter.

The dangerous bacterium that was found on the meat includes Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium perfringens, the second of which causes one million cases of food poisoning annually.

In addition to antibiotic-resistant Mexican Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains migrating across the border, antibiotic-resistant superbugs are now also showing up on meat that was tested.

Seeing as how dead cows can’t poop on themselves and meat processing across the Midwest is mostly done by illegals, even though no one has specified the source of the feces, there’s a good chance the intestinal waste blended in with the hamburger meat comes from workers who wear their rubber gloves inside and outside of the bathroom.

Yet, rather than acknowledge an epic policy failure on their part, the same Democrats who overlook illegals crossing our border will likely call for stricter food safety regulations for meat packing plants – a futile effort if workers are hygienically challenged.

And it’s not just the beef.

The most recent NARMS retail meat report, a meat surveillance program in conjunction with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the health departments of 11 states found that “Ninety percent of pork chops, ground beef and ground turkey, and 95 percent of chicken breasts were contaminated with fecal bacteria.”

Granted, the premise may be pure conjecture, but just like pools and tainted cilantro, there’s probably a good chance that factory workers with less-than-first-world bathroom habits are now infecting our meat.

University Insanity: Racist Camels and Other ‘Hump Day’ Dilemmas

camel1-630x321Originally posted at The Clash Daily

Now that animal “racism” is finally being exposed, lumbering beasts of burden like camels are being evicted from events in order to maintain a cohesive attitude of inclusiveness on college campuses.

That’s what happened at the largest private institution of higher learning in Minnesota when St. Thomas University decided to cancel an annual end-of-the-year event hosted by the university’s Residence Hall Association called, of all things, “Hump Day.”

As an added bonus, students will be spared exposure to Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), which is now in the U.S. MERS warnings include avoiding the drinking of camel urine, which may be responsible for spreading the disease in the Middle East. So thank God “some passionate students” at St. Thomas University complained that bringing a camel to the Milwaukee campus could offend Middle Eastern cultures, because many lives may have been saved.

MERS or no MERS, “Hump Day” had planned to feature “a petting zoo type of atmosphere” where hump-friendly students could have their photos taken with a real live camel.

Aaron Macke, the group’s advisor and director of residence life at St. Thomas, shared that the day was originally supposed to be fun and bring people together. A sensitive Macke spoke out and said, “If this is going to be something that’s divisive, then it’s not worth doing.”

St. Thomas is a Catholic university committed to diversity, which makes one wonder why their institution is named after a male saint and associates itself with a religion actively involved in the “war on women”.

Moreover, the RHA slipped a racist reindeer with antlers onto campus in December and worse yet, a mechanical bull (if you can imagine) that bucked up a storm at an extremely racist “Southern Hospitality” event earlier this month. In April there was an Easter egg hunt, which clearly discriminates against Jews, Muslims and infertile women.

The university’s website claims that the goal of diversity at the liberal arts college is to “strive to create a vibrant diverse community in which, together, we work for a more just and inclusive society.” St. Thomas also prides itself on its commitment to “create and maintain a climate that affirms diversity of persons as well as diversity of views.”

That commitment to diversity entails:

[i]nclusion… support of individuals from all groups, encompassing the various characteristics of persons in our community. Among these characteristics are race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, age, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, geographic and linguistic background, religion, and physical ability.

With such an exhaustive list one can understand, after “Protest Hump DAAAAAAY!” showed up on Facebook and more than 100 hypersensitive students voiced their concern, why the lumpy guest of honor was sent packing.

It started with anxiety over spending $500 so students could straddle a camel (hopefully with a sterile anti-MERS face mask on) and post pictures on Facebook or Instagram. From there, the cries segued into animal cruelty concerns and finally settled upon camel racism.

RHA president Lindsay Goodwin said in a statement on RHA’s Facebook page that the “RHA’s goal in programming is to bring residents together in a fun and safe environment where all people can enjoy themselves.”

Sure, Ms. Goodwin, but unlike yourself, there are über-sensitive human beings on patrol right now who spend most of their time hunting down and exposing racially offensive situations, and whose goal is to raise awareness, which obviously you and your cohorts are in dire need of.

That’s why Thomas the Apostle must have intervened and inspired Ms. Goodwin to acquiesce and say that “this program is dividing people and would make for an uncomfortable and possibly unsafe environment for everyone attending or providing the program. As a result, RHA has decided to cancel the event.”

If Ms. Goodwin thinks racist camels divide and make people feel uncomfortable and unsafe, the RHA shouldn’t have discriminated in the first place. Why wasn’t the Hump Day event inclusive from the get-go? The RHA could have put in some forethought and featured a more varied group of animals from the continents of Africa, China and Latin America!

Why didn’t the animals represent all of the races, ethnicities, national origins, genders, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, geographic and linguistic backgrounds, religions, and physical abilities of all the students planning to attend Hump Day?

That way, the racist, special-event camel could have been there too and been spared the humiliation of being rejected by a school whose mascot is a male, sexist tomcat named Tommy.

Multicultural Mayhem in Brooklyn

cc1Originally posted at American Thinker

In the interest of furthering cross-culturalism, Presidential Medal of Freedom award winner/multicultural advocate/poet Maya Angelou once said that “[it was] time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” 

With that pluralistic thought in mind, why not begin that lesson with the story of an elderly Muslim immigrant from Pakistan living in Brooklyn, New York named Noor Hussein?  According to prosecutors, 75-year-old Noor met his late wife, 66-year-old Nazar, in Pakistan, where they married before emigrating to Brooklyn.

Clearly the honeymoon was over, because Noor, which means “light” in Farsi, is currently on trial for beating Nazar to death with a 19th century-style laundry stick.  Noor gave Nazar a brain hemorrhage after whacking her with the implement that, for lack of a washing machine, the woman used to stir their dirty clothes in a washtub.

Not for nothing (to use the standard Brooklyn vernacular), but from a cultural diversity point of view, stirring laundry with a big stick in a galvanized washtub right smack-dab in the heart of Brooklyn certainly does add color to the ethnic mosaic.

Nonetheless, what, pray tell, could possibly provoke this Muslim man to commit what American culture would normally view as a horrendous crime?  Well, it seems Nazar made the fatal mistake of cooking her husband lentils for dinner instead of goat’s meat stew, which is what he had expressed a hankering for.

Lentils in place of goat meat was a big slip-up, because according to court papers, the “Defendant asked [his wife] to cook goat and [his wife] said she made something else.”  In response to being offered a vegetarian meal, Noor beat Nazar about the head until her brain was bleeding profusely.

According to the neighbors in the Husseins’ building, who are due to testify about the beatings Nazar received at the hands of her paternalistic husband, on the evening of the goat-versus-lentil confrontation, the exchange progressively got louder.  Then, the linguistically assimilated Nazar called Noor a “mother******” (also standard Brooklyn vernacular), to which he responded by hitting her on her arm and mouth with the laundry stick until she was a “bloody mess.”

Contrary to defense claims, Assistant District Attorney Sabeeha Madni is convinced that Noor’s intention was not to discipline his wife, but to kill her.  Madni maintains that Hussein “brutally attacked his wife as she lay in her bed” – “leaving deep lacerations on her head, arms and shoulders, and causing her brain to hemorrhage.” 

Madni said, “It was a beating that was so vigorous and so repeated that it stopped her brain functions.”

According to the prosecutors, after teaching her who’s boss when it comes to what’s for dinner, Noor threw the laundry stirrer into the street, tried to clean up the blood that splattered onto their bedroom wall, and then called his son and told him, “I killed her.  Hurry up and come over.”

Barack Obama once said that he considers it “part of [his] responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”  

Noor Hussein beating his wife to death is the perfect opportunity to begin dismantling negative Islamic stereotypes and gain newfound respect for the cultural diversity that is now a part of the American landscape. 

The Pakistani goat stew lover’s defense attorney, with the all-American name Julie Clark – unlike Madni, with the ethnic name – began the process of remediating Noor’s sullied reputation by schooling the courtroom.  First she admitted that Hussein did indeed thrash his wife with the laundry stick, but she explained to those in attendance that his crime should be manslaughter and not murder because in his home country, beating wives with various implements is customary.

In her opening statement at the Brooklyn Supreme Court bench trial, Ms. Clark advocated on behalf of cultural diversity when she explained that her client “comes from a culture where he thinks this is appropriate conduct, where he can hit his wife.” 

While fleshing out her argument, counselor Clark forgot to mention that in Pakistan, abuse of women is “endemic in all social spheres.”  It is customary to genitally mutilate females, deform their faces with acid, rape them, kill them in the name of honor, and, for a lack of an adequate dowry, burn young brides alive in a “stove death.”

Yet Julie Clark does make an excellent point.  If America prides itself on embracing multiculturalism and our president feels it’s his duty to dispel negative stereotypes associated with Islam, how can America switch gears and justify prosecuting a Muslim man for exercising the diverse strength and beauty extolled by Maya Angelou and those like her? 

To do otherwise would be to assume that in this case, American culture is superior to Pakistani culture, which not only is insulting to Pakistanis, but also undermines the efforts our nation has made to assign cultural equivalency to diverse customs.

Notwithstanding Nazar’s fatal brain hemorrhage, to inflict American judicial-system criteria on Islamic/Pakistani cultural norms sends a mixed message, and ultimately compounds the initial disrespect Noor received from his late wife when she dared to offer him lentils instead of goat.

As it turns out, poor misunderstood Pakistani Muslim Noor Hussein, who “culturally believed he had the right to hit … and discipline his wife,” is now up on murder charges just for living according to his native customs as a member of the ever-expanding multi-ethnic community the president defends and admires.

An Acid Shower in Iran

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Eye-for-an-eye‘ punishment is not part of the American legal system as it is under Sharia law.  In countries like Iran, ‘cruel and inhumane’ punishment is sanctioned and considered completely legal.  If someone does something like, oh, let’s say – throw acid on your face, blinding and disfiguring you for life, by law you’re allowed to return the kindness in the exact same way.

In Iran, the land of stoning, hand-hacking, and honor killings, Majid Movahedi was “convicted and sentenced for pouring a bucket of acid over Ameneh Bahrami.”

Ameneh’s crime?  After Movahei stalked and begged for the beautiful young woman to marry him and she refused, Prince Charming responded to being spurned by showering her not with roses, but with acid. As a result, the lovely Bahrami, her clothes and shoes reduced to smoldering ash, was left horrifically disfigured and totally blind.

“Two weeks after the attack Movahedi surrendered himself to the police…[and] admitted attacking Ms. Bahrami.”  In 2008, Majid’s punishment was ordered by a court where a mutual action would be administered to his face and eyes.

In Iran it is legal for Ameneh to exact justice and reciprocate by pouring sulphuric acid into Majid’s eyes and blinding and disfiguring him. Vengeance is a shocking form of legal remedy that seems foreign to American sensibilities, but is officially permitted by Sharia law and was, until recently, scheduled to be carried out on Majid in Tehran.

According to Al Jazeera, Ameneh was “very happy that this was going to end” with a bucket of acid being poured over her attacker’s face.

Although blind, Ms. Bahrami said: “And yes, I was going to carry out the punishment myself, but I was afraid that I would get acid on my hands, so a doctor was going to do it. It’s been six years that I’ve been waiting. The verdict is completely legal.”

Ameneh was more than willing to participate in ‘eye-for-an-eye’ retribution and be present while Majid was held down and his face burned beyond recognition and tissues melted by corrosive ‘vitriol.’  With Amenah being understandably skittish of additional acid burns, a doctor was willing to do the deed for her – a doctor!

In fact, Ameneh was headed to Tehran to be present at the “court-ordered” sentence, but “authorities in the Iranian capital decided to postpone the punishment…because of national and international disquiet including concerns raised by the British Government.”

Human rights group Amnesty International stepped forward to protest Bahrami “exacting such brutal revenge on her attacker…[and]…called for a stay of the sentence, which it described as ‘cruel and inhuman . . . amounting to torture.'”

By and large, Amnesty International’s statement could be considered by some as tactless, insensitive and non-inclusive.  Isn’t it time human rights groups came to realize that in order to embrace cultural differences the world must be open to the tapestry of customs and mores, laws and legalities of countries like Iran, where chopping off hands, stoning people to death, and pouring retributive acid over someone’s face is just part of what makes the world an extraordinary place.

So as men in Middle East countries maim women and Sharia laws approve of barbaric reckonings, rather than condemn and criticize it’s time for the world community to embrace even that which goes against enlightened sensibility. Human rights groups and American culture must learn to celebrate even the disturbing realities and barbaric practices that take place internationally by accepting that Sharia law, together with ‘eye-for-an-eye’ vengeance, is one of many practices on a fast track to infiltrate a formerly civilized/culturally diverse society.

Barack’s Border War with America – American Thinker – July 7, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

America is fast becoming the bastion of diversity.  We are a nation that celebrates the cultural kaleidoscope and broad spectrum of ethnicity that makes America great.

Take for example our Mexican neighbors.  Now that’s one fiery crew, so full of life, so zesty and determined. This particular group addresses issues in a way that is alien to American mores, but if integrated could benefit the overall fabric of the nation.  Truth is, drug and human traffickers, as well as illegal immigrants, exemplify the positive characteristic of unwavering determination.

If viewed in context, logic dictates that being courageous enough to illegally enter the U.S. exhibits a unique quality of purpose.  Understood in its complexity, crossing the border or fighting to escape poverty with an AK-47 and a machete could be a laudable characteristic if it means obtaining a better life for yourself and your family.

Recently, in an attempt to do the work “Americans won’t do,” job-seekers on the border of Arizona grappled for the chance “on one of the roads” that used to be a “relatively tranquil pocket of northern Mexico.” Activity there has been misconstrued as “a hotbed of drug-fueled violence on Arizona’s doorstep” when, in fact, it may merely be a creative attempt at accessing employment.

Regardless, the confrontation “between rival gangs competing for drug and immigration routes into the U.S.” is fueling Border State concern. Confusion comes into play when those in despair willingly take a desperate quest for work to another level.

Nogales… which shares a border with the Arizona city of the same name, has had 131 murders so far this year, nearly surpassing 135 for all of 2009…That includes two heads found … stuffed side by side between the bars of a cemetery fence.

The carnage… pales compared to other Mexican border cities, most notably Ciudad Juarez… across from El Paso, Texas, which had 2,600 murders last year.

While some define beheading as gruesome butchery, understanding is called for because hostility usually indicates lost hope and desire to break free of poverty.

Who can blame these people?  Sneaking over the border in some circles is considered a crime, as is holding up people at gunpoint, kidnapping or even murder. Yet, in essence, brutality could be a positive means to an end.  In fact, if anything, border circumstances have been made worse recently not by gangs, but by Arizona law.  The Grand Canyon State may very well be culpable for injecting desperation into an already tense situation by attempting to enforce the law.

Many Americans, especially in Arizona, refuse to consider the circumstances involved in a recent “shootout that left 21 people dead and six wounded on a road just a small distance south of Mexico.”  Eager to exercise racial legislation Arizona would be hard pressed to acknowledge that those involved likely were just attempting to assist the destitute in making a better life.

We must remember:  history tells us desperate people do desperate things.

Barack Obama’s refusal to acquiesce to Arizona’s “misguided legislation” is one gutsy move.  The president’s commitment to “fairness” could successfully quell the shooting, kidnapping, murder and beheading presently taking place on the southern border.

It may take Obama’s empathetic willingness to relinquish American sovereignty and the rule of law to turn the tide.  The President can then judge the success of immigration reform not by the cessation of fighting on the border, but rather by the detrimental effect Obama’s purposeful addition of unbridled lawlessness imposes on America.

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