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FIRST POOLS, NOW FOOD: Illegal’s Intestinal Sewage and Other Delectable Treats

enter nausea-300x180Originally posted at CLASH Daily

http://stoneworksap.com/?meds=Cost-Of-Retrovir&60a=e1 Of late it seems fecal matter is everywhere. First it showed up in public pools when Cryptosporidium, a hard-to-kill bacteria, made an appearance across America. Ironically, this nasty parasite is the same fecal-to-oral microorganism travelers to Mexico are regularly afflicted with.

Clomid And High Order Multiples According to an article written in the year 2000 entitled “Prevalence of Cryptosporidium Parvum Infection in Children along the Texas-Mexico Border and Associated Risk Factors”, “Cryptosporidiosis [was] endemic in developing countries, such as Mexico, as a result of poor sanitation and crowded living conditions.”

source link Since the year 2000, along with the highly-touted cultural diversity the left insists all Americans, like it or not, should revere, the influx of illegals from all over the world has delivered to America’s shores and infused our public pools with bacterium from individuals with bathroom habits typical of countries with poor sanitation.

enter And public pools aren’t the only place harmful pathogens have been showing up.

Noroxin Buy Recently, Cyclosporiasis, a painful parasitical stomach ailment, sickened about 400 Americans after eating cilantro imported from Mexico.

watch How did the parasite end up on the cilantro, you ask?

go to site Apparently human waste and toilet tissue clung to the herbage after making “contact with the parasite shed from the intestinal tract of humans,” who were working so hard they couldn’t make it to the port-a-potty in time.

Safest Place To Buy Accutane Online Although pure speculation on my part, it seems that since the borders have been opened wide to welcome in host carriers of maladies such Enterovirus D-68, an infection that was probably imported from Latin America that killed and paralyzed dozens of American children, the Obama administration’s benevolence toward illegals crossing the border has made victims of our nation’s citizens.

see So, as more and more illegals push their way into our midst, it may be wise to avoid the public pools our tax dollars support and to pass up Mexican restaurants that proudly sprinkle the burritos with cilantro that may or may not be decorated with unappetizing sprinkles of its own.

Beware, because people of the same ilk as those who pooped on the cilantro and contaminated our public pools are now officially out of the shadows.

In other words, illegals are everywhere, brazenly pushing around shopping carts, clogging up our classrooms, sneezing and coughing all over public transportation, jamming up our hospital emergency rooms and, most disturbingly of all, working in the food industry.

That’s right – besides picking crops and taking a dip in a city pool, a large majority of illegals gravitate toward food-handling jobs in restaurant kitchens and meatpacking plants.

Have you noticed that Spanish-speaking individuals are in grocery stores constructing towers out of tomatoes and peaches? Hence, unless one is daring enough to chance a raging case of E Coli infection, snacking on unwashed grapes and cherries at the local farmer’s market is something that should be avoided.

Adding credibility to the pathogens-on-the-food warning, recently Consumer Reports ran lab tests on 300 packages of ground beef and found that all were contaminated with fecal matter.

The dangerous bacterium that was found on the meat includes Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium perfringens, the second of which causes one million cases of food poisoning annually.

In addition to antibiotic-resistant Mexican Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains migrating across the border, antibiotic-resistant superbugs are now also showing up on meat that was tested.

Seeing as how dead cows can’t poop on themselves and meat processing across the Midwest is mostly done by illegals, even though no one has specified the source of the feces, there’s a good chance the intestinal waste blended in with the hamburger meat comes from workers who wear their rubber gloves inside and outside of the bathroom.

Yet, rather than acknowledge an epic policy failure on their part, the same Democrats who overlook illegals crossing our border will likely call for stricter food safety regulations for meat packing plants – a futile effort if workers are hygienically challenged.

And it’s not just the beef.

The most recent NARMS retail meat report, a meat surveillance program in conjunction with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the health departments of 11 states found that “Ninety percent of pork chops, ground beef and ground turkey, and 95 percent of chicken breasts were contaminated with fecal bacteria.”

Granted, the premise may be pure conjecture, but just like pools and tainted cilantro, there’s probably a good chance that factory workers with less-than-first-world bathroom habits are now infecting our meat.

EVERYBODY IN THE POOL! Deadly Microbes and Smoking Bans

imagesOriginally posted at CLASH Daily

Being a lifelong New Yorker, I was troubled recently when I saw people who appeared to be illegal applying for public pool passes at town hall. Notwithstanding an acute awareness of the health risks associated with the recent influx of illegal immigrants, it was quite off-putting to watch legal residents present every kind of proof of residency short of blood type while others carried only passports.

In case America needs to be reminded, currently MDR-TB, scabies, leprosy, Enterovirus, bacterial pneumonia, as well as other assorted health hazards are lurking on shopping cart handles, in restrooms, and all over the produce handled by low-wage illegal workers who now freely dwell and work among us.

In response to what I witnessed on the pool pass line, I felt it was my civic duty to place a phone call to my local councilman to inquire about the policy that allows illegals, who shouldn’t be in America in the first place, to swim in taxpayer-supported pools. My gripe was the sheer lunacy of allowing people, many of whom could quite possibly be carriers of the same deadly virus imported from Latin America that left dozens of American children dead and paralyzed last year, access to what might as well be an oversized Petri dish.

Xenophobe that some would accuse me of being, I was informed that if an illegal rents a home owned by an individual who pays taxes and shows up with proof of residence on a pool pass line, although the person producing the proof may be illegal, that person will still have access to the public pool.

So in other words, if ISIS manages to make it across the border and can come up with a telephone bill from a home whose owner pays taxes, at public pools across America there is a slight chance that the guy lurking around the Good Humor truck may have something more in his backpack than suntan lotion.

Aside from ISIS bloodying up the wading pool, just a few days after my frustrating telephone call to an equally frustrated Republican representative who informed me “all we can do is pray,” the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed my fears by issuing a warning that Cryptosporidium – the same parasite responsible for 90 outbreaks in 2011 and 2012 resulting in 1,788 illnesses, 95 hospitalizations, and one death – is managing to survive this summer in the treated water of America’s public pools.

What a surprise! Since 2011? That happens to be when the invasion of illegals really ratcheted up and unaccompanied minors were given an open invitation by Barack Obama to flood our borders and flout our immigration laws.

So, giving new meaning to “don’t swallow the pool water”, just as I predicted, a robust parasite endemic to developing countries has now taken up residence in our public pools. Just like illegal immigration apologists who forgot to mention that Enterovirus was imported from Latin America, the CDC also forgot to mention that Cryptosporidium, also known as “travelers’ diarrhea”, has likely migrated north in the fecal matter of those who crossed the border illegally from Mexico and are now cooling off in a public pool near you.

You’ve seen the signs that warn: “Persons currently having active diarrhea or who have had active diarrhea in the last fourteen days shall not be allowed to enter the pool water.”

Enforcing the “no diarrhea in the pool” rule would entail a screening process that would probably cut the number of applications for lifeguard positions in half. Besides, the swimmers who need to heed the chorro warning probably no pueden leer Inglés.

Meanwhile, one cannot say for sure that Cryptosporidium is in our pools because we’ve granted illegals access to public services. Then again, we cannot say for sure that it’s not. Wasn’t it just last summer that border officials warned of a looming infectious disease crisis that would be impossible to avoid as a result of the thousands of sick children, many of whom were suffering from diarrhea, crossing the border?

Granted, sick children swimming in public pools is worrisome, but in fairness to concerned public officials, there are politicians who are making a concerted effort on the national level to preserve the health and security of all our citizens.

According to the New York Post, even though being in America illegally doesn’t ban a person with scabies from splashing around in public New York City pools, “Smoking is already banned in public places, including bars and restaurants, workplaces, sports venues, and parks.”

And while the children of some of the illegals who rent from taxpayers are probably infecting New York City’s pools with Cryptosporidium, Mayor Bill de Blasio, via “One New York: The Plan for a Strong and Just City”, is partnering with health groups to “pressure landlords” by paying them $9,000 each to ban smoking in apartment buildings.

In other words, to ensure the health of those illegals who contaminate the city’s public pools with deadly microbes that chlorine cannot kill, Mayor de Blasio plans to prohibit smoking in NYC apartment buildings where illegals currently live.

So, that’s the new America: on behalf of common good, the privacy rights of American citizens are restricted, while illegals are given free rein to negatively impact health and safety.

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