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WHITE HOUSE INDIGNATION: Did Bibi Spit In Obama’s Face?

عکاسی-با-سرعت-بالا-11Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Pay attention! Barack Obama, the autonomous, Constitution-defying president who pretty much does whatever he wants is livid because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to coordinate his March visit with the one who consults with no one.

That’s right – White House officials, on behalf of a man who “spits in everyone’s face”, have said that Obama believes that Netanyahu’s plan to speak before a joint session of Congress to address the dangers Iran poses to Israel and the world is tantamount to spitting in President Obama’s face.

In case you forgot, Benjamin Netanyahu is the guy who was left sitting in a White House meeting room when he failed to submit to Obama’s diktats concerning construction in East Jerusalem. Not only that, but talk about double-standards: Obama skipping Paris wasn’t “spitting in an ally’s face”, but Bibi accepting an invitation to address Congress is being likened to spitting in Obama’s face?

For years now, Obama has been looking for any excuse to publicly place Netanyahu in the same category that he’s placed the rest of his enemies. That’s why the president continues to regularly try to push the Israeli Prime Minister’s buttons – most recently to demand that Netanyahu tone down his rhetoric calling for sanctions against Iran. Bibi is smart and surely recognizes Obama’s attempt to set up a scapegoat to blame when the negotiations, which would never have worked with Iran in the first place, completely break down.

The problem for Obama is that clearly Bibi Netanyahu fears no one and is proving again that a fraidy cat like Obama does not intimidate him, and so, thanks to John Boehner’s newfound boldness, Bibi graciously accepted the invitation and has no intention of submitting to the president’s unreasonable demands.

According to a White House spokesperson, by accepting the Speaker’s invitation, Mr. Netanyahu did something “you simply don’t do. [Bibi] spat in our face publicly and that’s no way to behave.” Then, after calling out the Israeli leader’s behavior, Obama’s mouthpiece, on behalf of the president, issued a customary Chicago-style threat: “Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency, and that there will be a price.”

Thus far, there’s been no price, or only a minimal price paid, for ISIS beheading Americans, no price for al Qaeda spilling French and Jewish blood, no price for ISIS gunning down 14 year-old boys for watching soccer matches, and no price for Boko Haram allegedly slaughtering 2,000 people. But Bibi Netanyahu agrees to come to the US to speak about a threat Obama refuses to confront – for that, “there will be a price”?

Based on the president’s conduct, all his foot-stomping has accomplished is to prove that tyrants simply can’t be negotiated with. Yet Obama continues to warn both Bibi and the Republican Congress that a sanctions bill would negatively impact negotiations with Iranian leaders.

What’s different here is that Boehner, who has talked tough and then summarily backed down with predictable consistency, must have gotten the loud and clear message at the SOTU from the cocksure Obama and decided to take his job seriously. Realizing that negotiating with the one who plans to negotiate with Iran isn’t going to work, Boehner extended an invitation to an authentic world leader.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, the camaraderie between Bibi and Boehner is probably infuriating for someone used to always getting his own way.

What’s funny is that Obama can taunt, sneer, snigger, and abuse whomever he pleases, but let that be aimed back at him and Barack “I won twice” Obama throws a public hissy fit. Barack Obama’s unique governing style came back to bite the haughty one in the butt, and lo and behold, he can’t take what he dishes out.

How dare the Israeli leader speak truthfully about the all-but-nonexistent US-led nuclear negotiations with Iran? And how dare Netanyahu, whose country is surrounded on all sides by enemies, urge US lawmakers to ignore Obama’s threats to veto and impose a new round of tougher sanctions on Tehran?

In response to Netanyahu’s plans to bring just that sort of message to the joint session of Congress, officials in Washington – who it was is unknown – said that the “chickensh*t” nickname an anonymous administration official gave Netanyahu several months ago paled in comparison to the salty language used in the White House when the real “chickensh*ts” got news of Netanyahu’s planned speech.

Meanwhile, citing “departure from… protocol,” Obama, who parties in Gwyneth Paltrow’s backyard, invites Beyoncé and Jay-Z to the White House and grants interviews to individuals who thank him on YouTube for raising taxes to provide them with free healthcare, has refused to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu. That’s actually a good thing, because it deprives Obama of a second opportunity to be spiteful by leaving the Israeli leader sitting in a room somewhere in the White House by himself.

The NFL, the GOP and a Postponed President

Recently, an unpopular Obama decided the best way to exercise presidential authority was to put off golfing for a day, request that a Republican-controlled Congress grant him a joint session to introduce his long-anticipated jobs program speech, and do it in the same time slot as the next GOP presidential debate.

Didn’t this same President recently send a message to America that nationwide joblessness did not take precedence over his saving or creating jobs for ice cream stands, bookstores, and tony restaurant owners on Martha’s Vineyard? While the unemployment line grew, Obama bided his time golfing, dining and beaching.

Now that vacation is over, Barack went back to work by attempting to elbow his way into the House chamber on the same night as the Republican debate. President Obama’s inconsiderate timing coincided with a long-planned Republican debate set to take place at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, thus the speech “we have been waiting for” had to be rescheduled.

Allegedly, Boehner’s polite denial of the President’s ill-timed request is going over about as well as it would if Maxine Waters were forced to attend a Tea Party rally.

Yet the White House did not see [the scheduling] as an obstacle… A White House source said ‘With all due respect, the POLITICO-MSNBC debate was one that was going on a cable station…It was not sacrosanct. We knew they would push it back and then there would be a GOP debate totally trashing the president. So it wasn’t all an upside for us.’

“With all due respect,” does the White House source know whether Obama has ever made a public appearance where he didn’t totally trash the GOP?

Historically, joint-session presidential speeches are typically reserved for State of the Union addresses and other pressing, momentous issues such as the start or end of a war.  Obama’s joint-session jobs speech request may indicate the President equates a Congressional impasse with war.

It gets better. In a stunning admission of cluelessness, White House staff claim to not know exactly what Barack Obama is “going to say in his major jobs speech.” Earth to staff – neither does the President, because he likes to leave the ‘what’ to the Teleprompter.

However, what the staff does know is “where and when he [wants] to say it.” The ‘where’ will be in the chamber of the House of Representatives, but not on the day America’s Job Creator thought the nation would be riveted to his every word.

Reportedly, the controversy started when Bill Daley initially followed protocol and phoned up House Speaker John Boehner, asking that a joint session of Congress be called for the President to inflict more empty liberal blather on America on the same evening as a major Republican debate.

A number of Republicans in both the House and Senate told Boehner they would agree to a joint session because “it was hard not to for both historic and political reasons.” However, “the timing had to be on their terms, which meant it could not conflict with the Republican debate.”

The White House put its own predictable spin on the Republican response: “This was a political thing, a tea party thing, a Rush Limbaugh thing. They were all giving Boehner gas.”

It was later revealed that, even though “No one in the speaker’s office – not the speaker, not any staff – signed off on the date,” without official approval from Boehner an arrogant White House circumvented protocol and announced the speech would go forward.

Boehner responded by recommending that Obama “push his speech back a day.” Unfortunately, the day “just happened to be the evening the Green Bay Packers was [sic] meeting the New Orleans Saints in the NFL season opener.”

Truth is, while Barack Obama may fancy himself spellbinding, for most Americans a one-hour Teleprompter session watching the President imitate a bobble head cannot possibly trump NFL football. Hence the President, after grudgingly stepping aside for his political adversaries, was first forced to change the day and then to schedule his epic speech around a politically incorrect pigskin ball and big guys in padded helmets.

If the jobs speech is so pressing, why wasn’t the Teleprompter just set up somewhere else? Because, as a White House source argued, “You can’t speak for 40 minutes from the Oval Office.”  Especially “after a month of world chaos” – interrupted only by golf and vacations – “the setting had to match the topic.”

Obama could have addressed the nation from the East Room.  A White House spokesperson said “No.” “He’s [not] going to speak to an empty East Room with just the Teleprompters and staff there.” On second thought, with the brazen fly situation in the East Room, choosing another venue was probably a good idea.

Either way, the White House is so committed to a joint session that Barack Obama agreed to acquiesce, reschedule his monumental speech around a Gipper-hosted debate, and relinquish the post-speech political pom-poms to two squads of NFL cheerleaders.

A White House source with private knowledge of what took place between the House and the President said “It is a big deal that the House said ‘no’ to the president from our end…This confirms what we all know: They will do anything in the House to muck us up.”

Not so, it’s just that Obama’s attention-getting maneuver backfired; as a result, he’ll have to patiently wait a whole day to portray Republicans as the sole thwarters of economic recovery. Obama overstepped his bounds and John Boehner and the Republicans, in the spirit of football, pushed back, denied the President’s request, and now Barack the Bully is peeved that the Speaker stood up to manipulative Chicago in-your-face political abuse.

Joint-session jobs speech or no joint-session jobs speech, Obama is learning he cannot do whatever he wants, a reality that is viewed negatively by the White House as a “very consequential” matter. “It is a big deal,” one source said. “It shows the House Republicans will do no outreach, nothing.”

No it doesn’t. It just shows the GOP can emulate the President’s signature “I won” leadership approach and, despite a reputation for being disagreeable, agree with our esteemed leader’s opinion that after winning an election, they too can do whatever they please.

Counterfeit Cupbearers


Throughout history, the position of cupbearer was earned as a result of a reputation for faithful service.  The title was highly valued and given to only a select few because along with the oath came the primary obligation of putting self last. Cupbearers were upright, conscientious, diffident and based on their readiness to sacrifice their life, considered valiant.  The job of defending rulers from harm made cup bearing a position of high esteem and worthy of confidence by those subject to their protective service.

The cupbearer’s responsibility was to guard against venom being mixed into the King’s goblet.  Self-sacrificial in nature and willing to suffer death a cupbearer insured that sovereigns remained unscathed by deadly conspiracy.  Firmly committed to the protection and well being of those served a cupbearer would voluntarily take the first sip of every drink before allowing a King or Emperor to partake of even a drop.

Atop the dome of the US Capitol in Washington DC Lady Liberty or Lady Freedom is perched as a symbol of the foundational tenets of American ideology.  Of late, Lady Freedom, though not a living, breathing being is in need of a cupbearer to protect her from a noxious governmental cup filled with proposals threatening her “…life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”

Who better to be America’s cupbearers than those who occupy seats in the same US Capitol Lady Freedom adorns and inspires?  Who more able to assure her safety from harm than those trusted with the revered position of defending our liberties?  Those who swore to solemnly “…defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;” and who affirmed that oath, “…without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.”

A dilemma arises for Lady Freedom when those taking the pledge to accept the mantle of cupbearer become menaces to the freedom they swore to preserve.  Democrats in Washington DC are insistent that Americans imbibe policy libations, which they as cupbearers refuse to sample beforehand.

Take for example the toxic health care cocktail being prepared in our nation’s capital.  Like a rank cup of wine Congress plans to serve up the deadly drink but refuses to swallow a drop. The reaction of Democratic cupbearers, those who are supposed to safeguard our national life, indicates danger contained within the governmental goblet being lifted to our mouth.

Recently, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, a Nehemiah in the midst of cowards, proposed a bill that would require every member of Congress sign onto the health care plan proposed to the American people, and in doing so “…demonstrate leadership — and confidence in the system.” In cupbearer terms, Coburn challenged the leaders in Congress to, “Take the first sip to show those they protect that there is nothing to fear… they are safe to accept what is offered.”

The Senator believes if the goblet’s contents are good enough for Lady Freedom those who pledged her protection should be willing to knock back a mouthful before affirmatively passing it along.  Coburn said, “…if Congress decides a government-run health plan is good enough for the American people, it should be willing to put itself under its care.” Democratic reaction to Coburn’s proposal included a decline to sample the offering,

Obviously, many members of Congress — who are used to a generous and flexible set of health benefits — have no intention of letting the Coburn mandate become law. They will … strip it from the bill … between the two houses if necessary.

Then, another loyal cupbearer Representative John Fleming, of Louisiana asked, “… if public health care is such a great idea, why don’t members of Congress who vote for it actually sign up their own families?”

Fleming offered H. Res. 615 with 53 Republican co-sponsors, which stated:

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that members who vote in favor of the establishment of a public, federal government run health insurance option are urged to forgo their right to participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) and agree to enroll under that public option.

In a good faith effort, Congress should be willing to vouch for the quality of what they offer by taking the lead, reassuring the nation that our welfare comes before theirs.  Up till now, they seem disinclined to do either.

Congressional cupbearers avoid the taste test, while concocting a deathblow to Constitutional fidelity in the form of a lethal health care bill. They do this while excusing themselves from the public version of the reform they propose. Like cupbearers in service to our nation, those who represent us should be guided by the principle that American citizens are unilaterally exempt from any swill those in leadership don’t swig first. Instead Democrats, hiding behind a curtain of rhetoric, lips sodden with obfuscation and half-truths continue to press the nation to swallow their caustic “solution.”

Democratic representatives have zero compunction when it comes to leaving the Lady vulnerable to poisonous policy don’t they know that, “When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan?” (Proverbs 29:2)  By proposing laws they are free from, President Obama, and the House and Senate leadership serve themselves the finest wine, while forcing Americans to choke down plonk. In response, the Great Lady slapping aside the bitter cup and its foul contents must promptly dismiss counterfeit cupbearers who refuse to taste legislative libation before passing it to her. Disregarding, without exception, the party of impostors disguised as guardians prowling and stalking the halls of power.

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