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Another High-Priced President’s Day

Slide1It’s become pretty predictable.  With no concern for the cost to taxpayers, if it’s Christmas, the Obama family make their way toward Hawaii for an extended vacation – sometimes even on separate flights.

In June, July or early August, or maybe all three, Mrs. Obama indulges in annual vacations and pre-vacations, visiting places like Marbella, Spain or “fried fat cakes” South Africa.  If it’s not an election year, despite the occasional presence of fecal coliform bacteria in Tisbury Pond, the Obamas traditionally spend the end of August in Martha’s Vineyard, splashing around in the  (ahem) saltwater lagoon.

Then there’s a few trips to Chicago, long weekends in Maine, or BBQ in Asheville, North Carolina, and for Michelle there’s even an occasional New York City food and theater tour.

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The Slaughter in Aurora

Originally posted at Renew America

Another day, another mass murder. This one took place in Aurora, Colorado and was carried out by a lunatic doctoral candidate outfitted in full tactical gear. Twenty-four-year-old aspiring neuroscientist James Holmes, toting a number of semi-automatic weapons, crashed a midnight screening of ‘The Dark Knight Rises.” And oh what a ‘dark night’ it was, especially because the shooter murdered 12 people and wounded 58 more, some small children.

As a rule, it’s never a good time to politicize a national tragedy. Yet, in response to the largest mass shooting in US history, Barack Obama responded to the crisis by extolling the value of life.

The President was so shaken by the event that he actually skipped campaigning for the day. Instead, at a prescheduled stop in Florida, he took the time to advance his image as a protective father, a compassionate American, a prayerful/reflective Christian, and a somber individual who values life.

Based on Obama’s reaction it’s apparent that for pro-choice liberals the loss of innocent lives is deplorable — but only some lives, and only if the ones doing the dying are wanted, breathing outside the womb, and the carnage is covered on cable news.

And while the President’s remarks were admirable, it’s hard to ignore the hypocrisy of those who support the choice to exterminate unwanted human beings in a morally dark abortion clinic publicly lamenting the loss of life in a darkened movie theatre. Therefore, as the coroner is assigned the grim task of dealing with the dead, what better time to discuss why it is that America is afflicted with the disease of murder and mayhem?

At present, there are few who would argue that there is a generation among us well aware that prior to birth their lives were subject to the whims of women supported by political enablers who made abortion on demand accessible for reasons as trivial as convenience. Now, after 40+ years of sowing a lie that insists privacy includes the right to slaughter the unborn, society finds itself “reaping a whirlwind” administered by a lunatic whose vicious act proved that James Holmes was successfully persuaded that sanctity does not apply to life.

If pro-abortion advocates refuse to acknowledge that an ideology which undervalues life within the womb also has the power to impact life outside the womb, then maybe it’s time someone pointed out the hard truth that America’s pro-death culture could be partially responsible for the loss of life in Colorado.

A good place to start is with the disconnect of radically pro-choice President Barack Obama responding to the tragedy by stressing the preciousness of life while speaking to an audience of “Women for Obama,” some of whom were sporting pro-Planned Parenthood buttons.

In the aftermath of the “Dark Knight” massacre, instead of “having a fun conversation…about some really important matters we face as a country,” Obama appropriately chose to cite the slaughter in Aurora. Stressing the tragic nature of the incident, Obama mentioned that “Some of the victims were being treated at a children’s hospital” where those who were “born alive” are saved, not left to die.

Exhibiting generosity of spirit, Obama even broke with “Fast and Furious” stonewalling protocol and offered the city of Aurora the federal government’s assistance in bringing “whoever is responsible for the heinous crime to justice.”

Then the President said, “Now, even as we learn how this happened and who’s responsible, we may never understand what leads anybody to terrorize their fellow human beings like this. Such violence, such evil is senseless. It’s beyond reason… we will never know fully what causes somebody to take the life of another.”

It’s stunning that those poignant words came from the mouth of a man who condones crimes against his fellow human beings, albeit human beings yet unborn. And while the sentiment that we may “never know fully what causes somebody to take the life of another” is sincere, given the fact that 60 million Americans have been aborted since 1973, maybe Barack Obama should pose that question to himself.

The truth is, if Mr. Obama spent less time reassuring Planned Parenthood that the work they do is commendable and more time convincing the country that all life is precious, his words could potentially have the power to heal the nihilism that has taken up residence in the hearts and minds of twisted individuals like James Holmes.

In his brief statement, Barack Obama reminded America that those who were killed in Aurora were “mothers and fathers; they were husbands and wives; sisters and brothers; sons and daughters, friends and neighbors. They had hopes for the future and they had dreams that were not yet fulfilled.”

One can only pray the President felt the sting of conviction from his own words and comprehended the vast resource of human potential that is squandered daily in abortion clinics he supplies with federal funds.

Furthermore, hearing a man who approves of the slaughter of 3,700 unborn children a day say that “It’s what we do on a daily basis to give our lives meaning and give our lives purpose,” is another vivid example of this President’s gross hypocrisy.

Hopefully, Barack Obama followed his own advice and spent the rest of the day in “prayer and reflection.” If he did, maybe he came to realize that devaluing human life at any stage devalues all our lives at every stage.

Whether he did or he didn’t doesn’t change the fact that adhering to the belief that the senseless murder of 60 million viable human beings — or 20% of the US population — has had no effect on the psyche of a nation is, at best, just another form of psychosis.

Either way, as politicians and pundits continue to contemplate the motivations behind public massacres, the truth is that the blame for the cheapening of human life and the random bloodshed we’ve been enduring is at least partially attributable to those who have systematically convinced a generation of Americans that some lives have worth and others do not.

Student Loans and Yogurt Splattered Trousers

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Barack Obama was in Boulder, Colorado giving another sermon-style “I believe in you” speech, this time to college students at the University of Colorado. On occasion, when he’s on the road without Michelle to monitor his food choices or share his French fries, the President has been known to partake of unhealthy fare at greasy-spoon burger joints.

Such was the case in Colorado. Before expending preacher-like energy instructing college students to turn to somebody and repeat “Don’tdoublemyrate,” the President instructed his entourage to stop so he could fuel up at “A Boulder Burger Institution” called “The Sink.” Featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!” the Sink’s menu features foods the President’s palate might naturally gravitate towards.

Take for instance Obama’s recent affinity for Cuban-style guayaberas. Just thinking about his Colombia wardrobe might have caused the hungry man to choose the “El Cubano” sandwich for lunch.  Anything on the menu with turkey in the ingredients requires no explanation, and with the way things are going in the polls lately, although he’d never admit it, the “Sink Burger” might have been the most apropos choice for the President to make.  To keep his spirits up and to feed his ongoing delusion, the menu touts a beverage the narcissistic Obama might be attracted to called “Rock Star Energy Drink.”

According to Barack he settled for a mundane slice of pizza.  However, what the usually pressed-and-primped President didn’t anticipate happening but conveniently provided a laugh line for his University of Colorado student loan speech was that, while shaking hands with fans outside the establishment, a young woman in the crowd “got so excited” she splashed yogurt all over his trousers.

The President pointed out that “more hazardously she [also] spilled yogurt on the Secret Service,” a remark which, after the Secret Service hooker controversy in Colombia, probably should have been omitted from his humorous repartee, especially since the pool report described “The Sink [as]…a divey kind of place that seems more about the beer than the food.”

Nevertheless, some of the pro-biotic-infused concoction did hit the President’s pant leg, requiring him to clean himself up with a towel, after which It’s-All-About-Me Obama told the excited Kolbi Zerbest, “Getting yogurt on the president, you’ve got a story to tell,” to which she politely replied, “Well yeah, I’m very embarrassed of the story now, but it’s a pleasure, the pleasure is all mine.”

In the end, the whole incident not only provided a chuckle for the college kids, it also diverted the Secret Service detail’s attention, if only for a few seconds, from the controversy surrounding the Hilton Hotel and the Hotel Caribe in Cartagena.

But most importantly, although she didn’t realize it at the time, the splattering yogurt incident in Boulder confirmed Michelle Obama’s prophetic insight. At a campaign event just last week, when referring to her husband bringing America “out of the dark and into the light,” Mrs. Obama exhibited an excitement level rivaled only by the woman with the flying yogurt as she reminded America that when it comes to Barack Obama, “We have an amazing story to tell.”

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