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Obama Says Climate Change Contributes Terrorism…But What About THIS?

http://dustycartridges.com/?kas=Doxycycline-100mg-Cap&819=6f Barack Obama has definitively stated that he is of the opinion that climate change contributes to terrorism. But thus far, what the president has failed to address is whether the cause and effect relationship between climate change and terrorism works both ways

http://brigittadau.com/?online=Where-Can-I-Get-Nolvadex-Uk&a9f=24 And who better to marry the topics of terrorism and weather than the one who implied he had the Messianic ability to “slow the rising oceans” and “heal the planet?”

source link In the wake of the COP21 the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, one can’t help but wonder why the president didn’t address the carbon footprint that results from ISIS incinerating humans beings for sport.

follow In fact, while the president was in France blaming terrorism on global warming, jihadists were in Syria hanging people upside down on spits and roasting them like pigs.

can you buy liquid zantac over the counter Here the president was center stage at an international climate change conference in a city that, after being attacked by ISIS, has barely buried their dead. That’s why; Paris was a fitting place for Obama to explore whether ISIS burning people alive in metal cages pollutes the air.

Viagra Tablets Cheap Before jumping headlong into the subject of human bonfires, the president could have begun by examining more benign topics such as exploding metal implants and hot ash, both of which are spectator safety concerns affecting curious bystanders at public executions.

http://ncnaglegemsandbeads.com/?medz=Existe-Il-Du-Viagra-Pour-Femme&dde=50 Granted, when broaching the subject of environmentally friendly killings, even crucifixion and beheading can get a little tricky.

Cheap Neurontin 300 Mg Shipped Overnightbuy Nizagara Online Uk For example, who would have thought that there’s an ecological downside to beheading dozens of people on a beach? Clearly, ISIS is unaware that once the blood starts flowing, pristine oceans are polluted with human blood that contains concentrations of environmentally hazardous chemicals.

Oxytrol User Reviews That’s why, because blood kills wildlife, and makes the ocean unhealthy for swimming in full burqua; it’s always a bad idea to spill rivers of blood on a beach.

Nonetheless, right before discussing how cremating Christians in a furnace with properly ventilated flue benefits the environment; the president could have said that, as a group, terrorists really could be ecologically savvier and a little more green-minded.

For example, because it takes a couple of hours to turn a 150-pound person, made up of 65% water, into a pile of ash, in the future, ISIS should really look for more efficient ways of disposing of Shia spies and Jordanian pilots.

Another point ISIS is probably unaware of is that when you place an adult male into a cage with the intent to burn him alive, after the flame licks its way up the gasoline trail, and after the victim is fully engulfed in flames, the compounds that are present quickly decompose and calcify.

For that reason the president had a moral obligation to explore the topic of crematory science.

If America’s green president surmises that ISIS is even remotely concerned about leaving a carbon footprint, short of granting them carbon credits, his duty was to apprise the terror group that after a person is fully ignited, and the gut wrenching screams start to wan, air quality is quickly compromised by human cremains blowing into the atmosphere.

According to a faculty research source at the University of Virginia: “Both the fumes expelled during cremation and the mineralized remains of the skeleton … are possible sources of toxic waste.” Not to mention the carbon footprint produced by the noxious ash that results when a dyed flame-resistant orange jump suit goes up in flames.

Looking back, Obama squandered an opportunity to convey in a dispassionate, non-judgmental manner, details about some of the more offensive contaminants that are spewed into the atmosphere when human flesh is exposed to extreme heat.

For instance, whenever a body is burning, things like lead, lithium, and arsenic all waft into the air. In turn, the residue from charred flesh ends up leaving a footprint larger than the late Jihadi John’s lace-up boot on the back of a person he’s about to behead.

By not broaching the subject of gaseous emissions that form during cremation, Obama missed an opening to scare ISIS green.

Unfortunately, the president is no longer in Paris. Therefore, his chance to warn the Islamic state about some of the more troublesome secretions that come from incinerated corpses, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride gas, hydrogen fluoride, and mercury, has vanished like dissipating vapor.

Barack also muffed the chance to fulfill his prophetic calling to “heal the planet.”

Instead of talking about how contaminants from barbequed bodies react with volatile acids to form, please God no, carcinogenic polychlorinated dibenzodioxins (PCDDs) and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs), the president chose instead to dine on a menu “fit for a king” at L’Ambroisie’s.

By failing to give equal time to how extremist ideology impacts climate change, and by not presenting a contrasting view, the ecologically-sensitive guy whose flight to France expended enough fuel to gas up 72 cars for a year, wasted an opening to “level the eco-friendly playing field.”

In the end, when the smoke clears and the toxic dust settles, it’s likely that Barack Obama will continue to blame climate deniers for worldwide jihad, and secretly applaud anyone, including ISIS, for helping curtail air pollution by eliminating humans who exhale CO2.

CO2 Versus “Communities of Color”? Are Climate Change Skeptics Racists?

climate-change-co2Originally posted at The Clash Daily

The White House has released a “Fact Sheet” and entitled it “What Climate Change Means for Regions across America and Major Sectors of the Economy.” The outline details the third U.S. National Climate Assessment, which is part of the President’s Climate Action Plan.

The White House claims that this is the “most comprehensive scientific assessment ever generated of climate change and its impacts across every region of America and major sectors of the U.S. economy.”

Is that sort of like when the country’s best doctors and health care providers helped come up with comprehensive healthcare reform?

Whether the assessment is the “most comprehensive scientific” yadayadayada may or may not be true. However, setting veracity aside for a moment, what is striking about the fact sheet is that it recycles the same urgent words and warnings that, in his efforts to advance a progressive agenda, Barack Obama has used over and over again while pushing detrimental policies that have proven to be born of bogus must-haves that largely do not exist.

According to the President’s serious “fact sheet”, currently there is “the need for urgent action to combat the threats…protect American citizens and communities today, and build a sustainable future for our kids and grandkids.” Why, that sounds an awful lot like Obama’s gun control routine. Change a few key words and the “climate disruption” warning could have been referring to both the need for healthcare reform back in 2009-2010 and the ongoing call to rout the Second Amendment.

Nevertheless, the U.S. Climate Assessment was “developed over four years,” which means that as soon as healthcare disruption was underway, the Obama team turned their attention to climate disruption.

Yet, out of all the climate scientist talk, references to carbon pollution, eco-systems, ice melt, bio-diversity climate-change impacts, and global challenges, probably the lowest and most despicable suggestion showed up in the Climate-Change Impacts on Key Sectors of Society and the U.S. Economy in the health section.

After saying that “Climate change threatens human health and well-being in many ways, including … threats to mental health, and illnesses transmitted by food, water, and disease carriers such as mosquitoes and ticks…Climate change … absent other changes” (such as the unaffordability and inaccessibility of one of Barack Obama’s other pet projects) will “amplify some of the existing health threats the Nation now faces.”

The mental health part is true, because studies show that children are suffering from eco-anxiety disorders thanks to global-warming alarmists scaring the wits out of kids by telling them the poor furry polar bears are dying thanks to Dad refusing to ride a bicycle to work.

Doesn’t the president realize that it isn’t excessive rain or melting ice or incandescent light bulbs that “amplify some of the existing health threats the Nation now faces”? It’s the disruption posed by illegal immigration, which is threatening lives by introducing MERS and leprosy, as well as long-eradicated diseases like measles and polio, into the American population.

Whether Barack Obama does or doesn’t understand what he’s saying, and although he’s “informed by thousands of inputs from the public and outside organizations gathered through town hall meetings, public-comment opportunities,” the fact sheet included some of the most manipulative statements issued by the Obama administration thus far.

According to the climate change fact sheet, those who dismiss climate change hype don’t care about children, old people, the ill, indigent, or “communities of color.” Per the National Climate Assessment (NCA), changes in the climate impact health. And even though people of every age, income level, gender and race breathe the same air and drink the same water, the NCA insists that “Certain people and communities are especially vulnerable” to falling ill from climate change, and they include “children, the elderly, the sick, the poor, and some communities of color.”

What a coincidence. Climate change negatively impacts the very same groups Obama dragged out when pushing healthcare reform.

So there it is! Those who challenge the pseudoscientific claims of the White House climate report are obviously the same ones who were opposed to healthcare reform. These are the individuals who are already waging war on women, pushing granny off a cliff, and wanting to see hungry children starve without free school lunches. So for good measure, why not throw racism into the mix?

With the proper measure of guilt and manipulation, Barack Obama will almost certainly get his way by pushing bogus climate change hysteria. And when he does, the left will yet again accomplish their goal by insisting that climate change “deniers” are all racists because they don’t care if people from communities of color get sick – from too much CO2 and disrupted weather.

The Ecological Incorrectness of 54 Christmas Trees

WhiteHouseChristmasTrees12-11JewelSamadgtyafp_600.jpg.cmsOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

The thing about liberals that never ceases to amaze is how the high standards they espouse never apply to them.  Take the president and first lady for example.  How can you call yourself a green president, allow a group to call themselves “Environmentalists for Obama,” rail on and on about climate change…and then, while planning to be away for 21 days in Hawaii, commission 54 Christmas trees to be displayed in the White House?

In the meantime, America is starring in a breathtaking fiscal cliffhanger.  With that in mind, is it appropriate to waste taxpayer money on the merciless slaying of 54 oxygen-producing trees?  Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Obama should be more like Al Gore; at least Al’s concerned about “rising tree mortality” and habitat destruction.

Way back in 2009, Michelle addressed the Environmental Protection Agency and expressed the following sentiments: “Your work will not only save our planet and clean up our environment; it’s going to transform our economy and create millions of well-paying jobs.”

This year, as unemployment hovers around 8 percent and clearly oblivious to the ecological impropriety of chopping down trees, the first lady told White House visitors, “We have 54 trees in the White House — 54!  That’s a lot of trees.”  Yeah, and in a recession, four million are a lot of dollars to spend on a three-week Christmas vacation that could salary 80 unemployed Americans at $50K for one year.

Debuting White House holiday decorations, Michelle Obama told visitors that “[t]his year’s theme…’Joy to All’…celebrates the many joys of the holiday seasons: the joy of giving and service to others; the joy of sharing our blessings with one another; and, of course, the joy of welcoming our friends and families as guests into our homes over these next several weeks.”

Judging from the size of the 300-pound gingerbread house on display and based on the scarcity of the Christ-mas Christ, “Joy to All” has zero to do with the joy of a Savior coming into the world and everything to do with the joy of a sugar high.

Nonetheless, if it’s true that “[a]n average size tree produces enough oxygen in one year to keep a family of four breathing,” from an “Environmentalists for Obama” point of view, wouldn’t it be better to keep 216 people oxygenated and skip the 54 trees?

And what about the Obama family dog?  Thanks to the indoor thicket of evergreens, poor Bo is now burdened with the undue stress of having to resist using the tree exhibition for purposes other than barking at “Bo-flake” ornaments.

Even still, as a rule, Barack Obama does advocate for decreasing CO2 emissions.  Yet, based on the tree extravaganza, it seems as though the climate change-conscious Obamas are unaware that cutting down foliage contributes to larger concentrations of carbon dioxide in the air.

According to the Global Tree Registry, “[i]f every American family planted just one tree, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere would be reduced by one billion pounds annually.”  That means that the “Joy to All” host and hostess, not counting carbon emissions from jet fuel, have left 54 billion pounds of toxins in the atmosphere this year alone.

Thus far, “Environmentalists for Obama” have not made a public statement about what they would normally consider an ecological and environmentally irresponsible decision to cut down 54 full-sized evergreens, including the 18-foot-6-inch Fraser Fir, brought in on horse-drawn carriage, currently on display in the White House Blue Room.

Typical environmentalist hypocrisy aside, this Christmas, Americans can all breathe easier knowing that the real reason most people are suffocating has nothing to do with air quality, or even White House-sponsored deforestation.  Instead, this holiday season, America’s asphyxia is due to Barack Obama’s policies sucking the oxygen out of every corner of the political, social, and economic atmosphere.

Respiration Restrictive Job Initiative


CO2 is not just a natural result of the respiration process, but CO2 could hold the answer to jumpstarting the job market as well as providing a faltering world economy with reinforcements for the future.

Obama, presenting excess CO2 as an environmentally friendly vehicle to improve the economy, could help skeptical Americans see the error in dismissing global warming hype and persuade national capitulation to Copenhagen’s suggestions for preventing impending planetary doom.

A breathlessly burgeoning job market is but an exhale away if Barack can successfully convince America that a CO2 Containment Campaign is the answer to global CO2 issues, climate change and worldwide economic malaise.

CO2 may very well be the CPR Obama’s presidency needs to inject life into the cutting edge proposals the inspiring, but severely misunderstood leader, has been promising for the last year, but has yet to implement.

The President can commence with promoting the idea to America that breaking ground nationwide on factories and pioneering manufacturing products that curtail CO2 emission, may be the long awaited stimulus the American job market has anticipated

Possible Presidential proposals to quash CO2 could include:

  • Mandating CO2 containment suits that resemble space suits, but perform the dual function of capturing and recycling hazardous chemical compounds. An unintended result would be a virtual explosion in the design industry if fashion forward icon Michelle Obama went public with the first CO2 containment outfit designed by Thakoon Panichgul.  The splashy statement Michelle would make could very well leave the entire nation eager to be part of the trend.
  • For the thrifty, recycling air helmets complete with tubes and facemasks, could lessen emissions at reduced rates for consumers on a budget or those who cannot afford haute couture containment suits.
  • The economy will receive a fiscal shot in the arm when discharge centers start charging fees for CO2 tanks to be dropped off, like gas grill propane tanks.
  • Naturally, CO2 will need to be dispersed into a larger system containing and refiltering noxious gases without emitting them into the atmosphere, requiring CO2 Quarantine & Filtration Plants be built and manned with skilled workers.
  • Or, how about meter factories making Rolex knockoffs that monitor CO2 output?
  • A proposal to redesign Breathe Right Strips© to close nostrils instead of opening airways can provide jobs in the nasal constraint industry. Prior to Breathe Less Strips hitting the market Breathe Right inventor Bruce Johnson can be recruited to assist in cutting down national airflow by filming prime time commercials encouraging Americans to “Save the planet by breathing less!”

Yoga studios will be boarded up and Breathing Technique Reprogramming centers held in CO2-Free zones.  Minimal Breathing Masters can be trained to instruct unwilling class members to cut breathing rate in half.


Did you know that reprogramming your natural breathing technique would not only help in preventing these problems but also help in the “reversal” of several such harmful conditions?

You may ask, how can I alter my natural breathing process?

“Well, astonishingly as it may seem, it’s true. By training our body to breathe in a particular fashion, we can re-program involuntary system to adopt this new way of breathing.

Without wasting time, Americans can plunge right away into the technique followed by its overwhelming benefits—to the planet!

Following a season of intense breathing indoctrination, blue can either become the new black or Cover Girl can promote an anti-CO2 line of cosmetics addressing the color of oxygen deprived skin. The campaign could have, as Climate Friendly Cover girls Nav’i from Avatar replace the African-American Queen Latifah and bluer Caucasian Cover Girl Drew Barrymore.

In preparation for the inevitable, savvy world citizens will be given the option to purchase Obama logo emblazoned water wings and inflatable rafts, providing a way of escape for the coming tsunami and offering the anxiety-ridden the desired peace of mind that only Obama policies provide nervous Americans.

The building industry stands to also inhale a breath of new life when government mandates waterproof shelters be erected on the top of every roof in America.  The motto, “When the waters rise America has a place to go,” can be emblazoned on standard wear Fruit of the Loom© T-Shirts in factories across the nation.

Let’s not forget the huge potential for “shovel ready” jobs that have the potential to be created when cemeteries are forced to dig graves to bury millions of Americans, so committed to the cause, they died after failing to breathe even after the expiration of anti-inhalation time limits.

Opportunities are limitless and Americans should look forward to President Obama presenting another exciting presentation of planet-friendly initiatives in a primetime address that will leave the country breathless for more hope and change.

If timed correctly, the President could coordinate the CO2 Campaign with a Minimal Methane marketing campaign initiated by Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, where Beano/H1N1 combo vaccines are mandated for legal and illegal residents living within the open boarders of America. Synchronizing such an endeavor would cover all potential pandemic gas issues.

As a security measure, the President and House of Representatives remain exempt from CO2 hot air curtailment standards and, unlike ordinary Americans, emit as much CO2 and methane as deemed necessary for survival in Washington DC.  Thus, Barack Obama and a Democratic Congress and Senate continue to enjoy inhaling well deserved deep cleansing breaths earned preparing to single-handily save American jobs, the world economy, the environment and the cost of health care, while offering redemption to the larger global community.

To curtail costs, prevent glutting the atmosphere with perilous gas and to alert the undisciplined of new limits being placed on exhalation, the Democratic leadership intends to further compliment the CO2 Containment Campaign by instituting peer reviewed Less Breath Panels.

The LBP will require citizens submit intermittently to breathe less counseling sessions, where Americans will be asked to pledge to adhere to strict respiration regulations.  Failing to comply will result in further consequences being suffered when continued pressure, exerted by the oversized governmental heel residing in the White House, fully obstructs all remaining airflow to America’s national oxygen supply.

Is it CO2 Late for US?


When I found out that the EPA is expected to regulate carbon dioxide emissions into our atmosphere I couldn’t help but contemplate the potential for the American public being given another opportunity to participate in government generated gratuitousness. Once again as a nation we can occupy ourselves with a sacrificial initiative to rectify a problem plaguing not only our nation, but the greater global brotherhood of man. The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to act for the first time to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that scientists blame for the warming of the planet, according to top Obama administration officials” (NYT, EPA Expected to Regulate Carbon Dioxide, Broder, Feb 19, 2009).

Prior to the housing crisis we presently find ourselves in, it would seem impossible for anyone to believe that hard working tax payers might be penalized by being asked to shoulder the mortgages of deadbeat home buyers, but we are! Historically, there has always been a natural rhythm to home buying and it all seemed to work as naturally as breathing. Now, the EPA under the direction of the Obama administration is presenting us with another issue that can actually be impacted by very act of that breathing. Simply put, when we breathe we inhale oxygen and exhale out the waste in the form of carbon dioxide and water. When we exhale carbon dioxide returns to the atmosphere around us in the form of waste. Monitoring what is perceived by environmentalists as a threat to the environment has become a political power grab that Obama officials are planning on availing themselves of, “…any source emitting more that 250 tons of a declared pollutant would be subject to regulation” (NYT, EPA Expected to Regulate Carbon Dioxide, Broder, Feb 19, 2009).

With the way that the government has addressed the housing crisis what do they have in store for us as they attempt to regulate CO2? Are we going to be asked to “sacrifice” again but this time for the well being of the environment, the nation and the global community? It the implementation of CO2 policy going to present our nation with the opportunity to fulfill our calling “…as citizens — proud citizens of the United States and a fellow citizens of the world” ( Fox News Obama Casts Self as World Citizen, But Will It Play in America?, July 24, 2008)?

Just as our dollars are contributing to the bail out by requiring a donation of currency from each and every one of us, will we be constrained to contribute in some way to our growing CO2 problem? Entreaties to share and to sacrifice are being portrayed as a gracious means of rectifying a very large economic problem. Are we going to be asked to make a contribution to the planet, as it relates to our own personal CO2 output, and if we’re not why not? I’m sure if our articulate, convincing President would only take the time to stress the “catastrophic crisis” we’re in, as it relates to carbon dioxide emission, he could get the multitudes to take action and volunteer to do whatever is necessary to insure that they aren’t personally responsible for emanating excess CO2.

We have to be honest with the American public and confront the fact that just as some people have too much in the material sense, there are people who selfishly breathe too much and should learn to do with less for the benefit of others. In the spirit of handing over 50% of our income on behalf of “fairness”, maybe we can take half the amount of breaths we presently take for the good of the atmosphere. Breathe one, hold one, breathe one, hold one…we won’t die and we’ll cut the level of carbon dioxide emitted by the people living on this planet in half. In addition, this practice would add color to our national palette in a lovely shade of oxygen-depravation blue. This is a worthy, patriotic cause just as bailing out our neighbor in the mortgage crisis is. We all need to pitch in and do our part even if it means national respiratory restrictions being implemented to insure the well being of the planet.

Fifty-percent breathing cutback could be called the Carbon Dioxide Reduction Program where credits can be awarded to individuals who conserve the greatest amounts of carbon dioxide by curtailing their breathing activity. An average human breathes some 10 times per minute, which computes to 600 times per hour, 14,000 per day. We exhale on average 1150 liters of carbon dioxide per day. Cutting that output in half by mandated breathing restriction could impact the ozone layer and global warming in a massive way and is something the EPA should be seriously considering to sign into law as soon as possible.

The new heroes of our society can be those who willingly make it a practice to breathe as little as possible in order to cut down on carbon dioxide waste being emitted from their lungs. According to calculations, if we breathed half as much we could reduce CO2 emissions by over 1 billion tons per year or about 4% of the total 25 billion tons of global output of carbon dioxide. This would be decidedly difficult for those in Congress and the Senate who are themselves responsible for doubling their individual CO2 emissions as compared to the average citizen. However, they would be exempt from all breathing restriction policies and would be given hot air credits as a way of extending public respect and adoration.

Maybe the government can outfit every American citizen with carbon dioxide containment space suits that we’ll all be required to wear under threat of either death or imprisonment? Or maybe we can all have monitors like the meters we see in taxi cabs implanted under our skin, which can take a constant measure of our carbon dioxide output. This instrumentation would measure and monitor our carbon footprint for the common and greater good.

The CO2 restraint policy initiative will work especially well for Barry’s ardent “Yes We Can” voters. This is a perfect opportunity for Obama supporters to demonstrate their commitment to their leader. Physiologically our metabolism slows down when we exercise less, sleep more and meditate, all of which are practices Obama supporters are adept at. These three actions slow our system down, which means we breathe less and thus exhale less CO2. If 53% of the voting population already indulge in these activities they are already doing their part to lessen their carbon footprint and as a nation we’re already ahead of the game. The bailout package that was passed will help contribute to this voting bloc being able to continue to sow to the slowing of their metabolism while the rest of the country supports their noble endeavor.

This plan could work to the benefit of the deficit too…if we reach our quota and can’t control and conserve carbon dioxide output for those who breathe too much, they can be instantly terminated, reducing their carbon footprint while at the same time conserving government provided health care dollars that would be needed to care for them in the future. A government funded, “killing of two problems with one government proclamation” all in the spirit of socialistic sharing, caring, patriotism, as well as the preservation of “hope and change” policies for the collective, planetary “common good”.

Cap and Trade will do what to this nation?

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